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Idle Landmarks

Idle Landmarks for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by ZPLAY Games located at Room 1501(682) 15/F.,SPA Centre,53-55 Lockhart Road,Wanchai . The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Nopity nope in a Nopeland. The numbers aren't calculated in a player-friendly manner, they grow too high too quickly and stop being engaging. In addition, a forced ad every ten seconds? You've got to be kidding. Even the overall art and design isn't attractive.
Mining button is a small selection in the bottom corner, not really conducive to having your whole screen usable for the game. Also, I'm always good with ads playing for large achievements, or spread out reasonably, but this just plays them when you upgrade, while you're mining, etc. The number of ads is insane. Uninstalling.
I loved the game. There are a lot of ads but I don't mind because they get you extra coins and perks. I wish there were more landmarks because I finished the entire game in a little less than a week. Good game to waste time and while watching TV.
I loved the game until it glitched to where my cash began going negative, after I finished the effiel tower my cash went negative and I ended up at negative .1DD, it's very annoying cause I would have to spend days getting back to where I was in the game from my waiting for offline currency, I hope the developers can add a feature where your currency cannot enter a negative amount so this dosent happen again.
Good concept. Uninstalled after about 5 minutes due to ads though. Couldn't upgrade more than a few times before a non-closeable, 30 second ad popped up. To make matters worse, about half of these ads were for Isle Landmarks, the game I was playing!! Tone these down and I would love to reinstall.
Game is crippled by too many ads, plus the ads provide minimal rewards, or no rewards at all. Even if there were zero ads, it's pretty boring. There are no characters, and nothing to get better at (no skills for the player to learn or master).
It's an idle game so I don't expect to make huge progress in any load of the game, this being said this is a slow as heck idle game, everything is crazy expensive to the point you HAVE to rely on the ads and stuff for any progress. Not to mention it decided to stop registering the log on idle bonuses which didn't help. I'd say it was at least fun but 1 and a half completed landmarks really isn't a good gauge for that...
This game is amazing! The only 2 reasons why I didn't rate 5 stars is because 1: Too many ads and 2: Not very many buildings. I had the idea to add 3 more buildings 1: Pyramid of Giza, 2: Sydney Opera House and 3: The White House. Thats all I have to say about this game.
Its an ad generator. There's ads to boost gold earned to x2 for a short time, ads to speed up time for short durations, ads to "level up" the tap to mine gold feature, ads that randomly pop up while you're leveling up the structure, and crates hanging from parachutes that very frequently fall from the top that have ads to collect the gold thats in them. The game is simple enough, exept that the "completed" objects are ugly and some are even missing sections! This shouldn't be on the play store.
The game was fun, the landmarks chosen are cute. But now I'm on the last landmark and when given the option to watch an ad for 3x the currency earned while offline, the buttons go away and then i get neither the base currency nor the 3x that's promised. So i can't build anymore because I'm not accruing any currency.
About 4 stars. The game is great, ads are bugged and I dont like how it forces them every few minutes. After I finished all the landmarks, there was NO message, pop up, rebirth, prestige, new landmark, nothing. That bothers me very much, uninstalled. Danny
i would have gave this game five stars because i love the idea behind it but every minute or two the game forces an ad to play without any choice. i don't really mind a banner ad or the choice of an ad for a reward but this is just greedy and is the reason that most current idle games on the app store are just plain terrible now. if the developer were to remove the forced ads i would rate five stars but since that is almost guarenteed to never happen i'm uninstalling this.
Downloaded this app while craving some idle clicker games. Let it be known, the only way one can play this is on airplane mode, as otherwise you are hammered with ads constantly. Clicker progress his locked behind ads, and it is virtually impossible to progress without manual clicking. The dropoff is incredibly immense, it took a few hours to finish the first few items in the FIRST Landmark, followed by a few hours to make even a dent in the last item. Uninstalled as devs clearly don't care.
Great way to kill time, I like that you can build famous landmarks, and I really like idle games, because you can earn money while away, over all I would rate 4.5 just because of the ads, but still it is a really good game
I'm still waiting for new landmarks to build. It is very frustrating that there are several new updates but no new landmarks.
I would give this 5 stars, despite the insane amount of ads, but I can't open the app anymore. Had the game for 3 days. Last night went to open it and the loading screen bar nearly fills up then freezes. I've restarted my phone, checked for updates. Not my phone not working, it's the app. Please fix & I'll change to 5 🌟.
This would be a fun little game if not for the constant ads. I fully understand ads for rewards, but having your game play interrupted every 30-40 upgrades for a compulsory ad is brutal. For reference, landmarks require several thousand upgrades to complete. I will even go so far to say that I like this game enough that I would be willing to pay a small fee for no more compulsory ads.
As others have said, this game is drastically crippled by the number of ads. Every time I click to upgrade something, I'm hit with a random pop-up ad. I dont mind banner ads or being required to watch ads for rewards, but being bombarded with ads that I get nothing but annoyance from isnt worth it for any game. That being said, the premise here has potential. I may revisit in the future; but for now I'm uninstalling.
Would you like an advert with that advert? Oh, you didn't press a key for a nano second so I thought you wanted to see an advert. What, you want to play the game? Well press that annoying balloon that gets in the way so I can show you an advert....get the picture???
This app is not only a waste of time but a lot of frustration and many minutes gone waiting for the coins. I got it and I couldn't complete the FIRST LEVEL after 5 days....complete waste of time and complete trash.😤
Got it just because of 4.7 stars, don't even know how that happened. The game is great. A very good one for its genre. I've played a lot and this could definitely take one of the top spots. But the game is bombarded with ads. Upgrade taps? Ad. The box that usually carries money and can be opened by tapping? Watch an ad. "We also have 2 other features on the left. They're both ads too tho." Even while playing a skippable (after 5 seconds) ad pops up. It feels like "watch an ad to play".
I cannot give less than a star. I would say I liked the gameplay but that would be a lie. I understand that ads help the developers generate revenue which I am totally fine with. But what the freak? This 'game' should be retitled as idle ads because there is one every minute or so because why? Greed the developes are greedy. If you to upgrade you have to watch and ad. Finished the first puzzle and I uninstalled Idle Ads. Not worth my time.
downloaded this game, because it looked interesting. TOO MANY ADS, having to watch a 30 second forced ad every 30 seconds is ridiculus. Some developers go overboard with the ads, you know what happens to those games? They get deleted! Everyone plese complain to google play about this game. Google should remove this trash! Completely unplayable because of constant ads!!!!
I completed the game in under 6 days, making the daily reward utterly useless. However, my journey has proved most fruitful. My fingers have transcended simple human function and become lightning-speed clicking machines. My mind has ascended into a revenue optimizing supercomputer, as I constructed the wonders of the world. Unfortunately, my social life has suffered, but it is but a small price to pay to become a CLICKING GOD.
I love the idea for this game. It's fun, satisfying, entertaining. However. The ads, I wish there was at least an option to purchase no ads because they are extremely annoying. Also (I have only just started so I don't know if it is a feature or not) I would like to prestige. Where you reset the game but you make a little more money each time you reset. Like I said, I love this but those changes would make the game way better for a lot of people. And add more landmarks!
Ads pop up all the time! I would be randomly clicking the miner and then an ad would happen and I would accidentally click it. This is so annoying. I played for maybe ten minutes then uninstalled. I've never deleted a game so fast before.
It's okay, but tends to get a bit boring and is not really doable without watching ads. Also got really frustrated at times by how tiny the mining button was. 3 stars for an average experience
Your landmarks are correct in place but some landmarks like Piza Tower is not Egypt it have to suppose to be in Italy. And where are the other countries? New Zealand is not there Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, and Island of Australia is not there. You should add Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, Taj Mahal in India, Colosseum in Italy, La Sagrada Familya in Spain, Arch De Triumph in France, Luneta in the Philippines, Kizki in Russia And Sydney Opera House in Australia.
Would be a good game if you weren't being spammed with ads, every 20 seconds or so you get hit with a 30 second ad and can't do anything about it. I'd give this 0 stars if I could, it's that bad.
Would be a great game if it wasn't so heavy on the phone. Phone runs hot, battery drains like crazy, and there's lag once there's too much going on on the screen. Also no settings to adjust graphics to help with this issue.
It is super good but the only problem is that you can't restart the game you should add a restart button on the settings. Ok.
Seems like the developers dont care avout their users. Nothing is being done about the ridiculously small space to tap - I will not play this game anymore due to hand cramping because of the ridiculously small space to tap. And lately, it's been disgustingly ad heavy. We already have to watch ads to upgrade the pick and to get the crates, etc. But now you wanna throw in random ads when we're upgrading items, etc so we end up tapping on the ad? Disgusting.
Annoying and frustrating. Seriously the amount of ads is disgusting and the lack of progress you make. The developers obviously didn't care that there are only a few landmarks to complete.
This game is decent but you shouldn't make it that you can only upgrade the mine after earning a certain amount a second. Also, make sure the daily rewards actually correspond with how much you're earning. You may thing the amount you get tommorow will be great, but by the next day you earned so much that the amount is insignificant. Plus, I'm tired of having to play Ad-A-Mania every 30 seconds, and there's not enough locations. Everything else is decent
The game is fun but it takes FOREVER! I'm still building the Eiffel Tower and your saying I have to click 2106 times for the ground to finish. And I have to click 1001 times to finish the grass. Are you INSANE!!! But it is a fun game. And also when a crate drops from the sky, it never let's me claim it. And there is SO MANY ADS, don't be greedy developer. There are so many people Uninstalling the game, so please if the developer is seeing this, please stop the ads. Thank you.
Well I think this is an interesting concept. And I don't mind the "watch ads to level up" in this as much as I usually do ( most of the ads are only like 15 seconds) but it's extremely broken. Every single time I go into it it just shows me this frozen screen.
Its an alright game. Despite its quality, the mass number of ads that popup every minute or so annoys me! I wouldn't mind having to watch ads but at least make them less frequent. It's really frustrating trying to upgrade something but an ad pops up. It overall ruins the gaming experience and I probably won't be playing this for much longer. Not worth the grind unless you want to have 2/3 of your gaming experience to be ads ads and more ads..
Not a game! A game always has a way to progress even if it is difficult. This app does not allow you to progress without watching an ad. You must upgrade your miner about every 30 seconds to progress, the only way to upgrade is to watch an ad. There is no option to purchase the upgrade. This means that with the popup ads and the required ads that is almost all you do. So no, it's not a game, it's an ad.
Well, it's just an average clicker game, if you never played one you probably don't know how it works. It is not just "clicking", this kind of games is basically: intrusive ads, repetitive (of course, since you gotta click to play.) But it also is a slow progress, it would take days to fully build the Eiffel Tower and the other monuments. We can't do anything about it (though I loved the concept) but at least the developers of this game could make the "clicking space" bigger or just get ridof it
nice work on the edited!!! everything is great! but the only problem is that i tap with eight fingers very fast and an ad comes up.
Love the game. I don't personally mind the ads, but I do I agree that there are quite a few. Plus, I don't really understand why you need ads every few upgrades when there's so many other parts of the game driven by ads (ex. mine upgrades, falling boxes, etc). I would also love more landmarks to make. There's so many more in the world you could do. Fix those two things and I'd give it 5 stars.
DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!!! Was loving this app, despite the ridiculous amount of ads. I got the point where I complete the Redeemer and all of a sudden my money is reading -.3AA. and, it won't let me do squat. Can't upgrade can't complete. Can't do anything!!!!!!!!!! Now, I am uninstalling. Cause I WILL NOT start over!!!!!!
Fun, but needs more content. I cleared the game in seven days. Would have been even less if the afk collection mechanic wasn't buggy. Sometimes you don't even get the coins. I lost 8 hours of coins twice because I turned my screen off while the popover was on the screen. This counts as going afk again, and a new popover for the shorter timespan comes up, overriding the other. The coins from the first one are never collected.