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Idle Island - City Idle Tycoon

Idle Island - City Idle Tycoon for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by RSGapps - Idle Tycoon Games located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pretty decent for passing time, and I like the option to watch ads to speed things up. No push ads when ya dont ask for em either so thats *chefs kiss*
as soon as I gained citizens the game kept lagging and glitching like crazy, not like slow fps lag, I mean half the screen being in a menu and the other half being green and black. I thought my phone was somehow damaged but, when I closed the app everything was fine.
It would be such a nice game if I am a newbie of this kind of game. The graphic is good, though all levels are built up with the same experience. No surprise, no difference is waiting for me in the upcoming upgrades. It is just ok for me.
The game is really nice, why didn't I give 5 stars? Because there two things that I think may be inproved. After you open any screen, for deliveries or any other. If you don't tap on the "X" and tap somewhere undre to exit, you may open some other tab. The second thing I would like to see is more people on the streets. It's like a city under quarantine no one is out. Overall the game is amazing I really like it. Keep up the good work guys!
Great little game to dip in and out of and the ads are optional and not forced like similar apps, my only issue is with my current mission which is to watch 4 TV ads, I've watched at least 15 and made no progress towards my reward
it's ok I have not had any glitching issues, and the graphics are decent. However, my problem is that the game is too easy there is no risk reward, no consequences, or any opportunity for mistakes. it's just tap tap tap until you fill up the population then on to the next city.
the ads crash my tablet about 20% of the time. i don't have this issue with other games. It is especially annoying when the ad to double up upon login crashes. When that happens I don't even get credit for my idle time growth. This problem is turning my off to this game. Not sure how much longer I'll last.
Love the game! It's really the graphics and animations that makes you want to stay in the game even though it is an idle game. I hope the developers add more cute or funny animations!
This game is so good. There are barely any ads which means more time to play. The best part is really all of it. I might even recommend it to my friends! If you consider installing you should really install it. Forgot to mention it does not take up much space! Thx for making itz!
I think things are way too expensive. I do not like that I can play buy a certain amount of cars, but more houses and stores. It's not like other Idke games I've played. I'm just not a fan.
COMPLETE ripoff of the game Egg Inc. which I love!! This game uses the same mechanics(when I mean mechanics, the upgrades and literally everything is the same but the theme is different, for example in this game, the upgrade which allows 2 people to be produced in each house, is the same as the one in egg inc where they add 2 chickens per henhouse!) but its just people instead of chicken and eggs! If you wanna make your own game dont copy other people's idea 😡
that feeling you get when you have maxed out everything you can possibly do on the Second City and you're still 20 billion short to get the third City you can't upgrade citizens or Tech or research watching ads gives you money that's useless because you can't build anything yeah this game was good but incredibly short because it's unfinished. either that or my game is just bugged either way it's a bug large enough for me to say hey I'm uninstalling the game good luck to you next time.
Got past first city just fine. When you've completed every thing on the second city you still 20 bil short to get to the third city. Your stuck on the second city can't progress further. Was good until I got to the second city n stuck in the same predicament as the other guy. Uninstalled this.
not a bad idle, seems alittle bland, you build houses, stores and parking capacity(I think that's what it is) but there is no option for you to pick its location or its style, there is an AR mode where you lay the city down in your living room floor, or on tour bed or table or wherever you like, kind of neat, never really explored it. if there was more customization, leaderboards and some sort of events, then I would give it a 5⭐, as it sits now I would give it a 3.5 ⭐
The all time best idle city game is Bit City, this one has potential but it has a ways to go. The city's are all landlocked, where's the water? All cities are the same concret jungles, they just get bigger. All that white concrete hurts the eyes after awhile. The buildings are all identical, there's no city services, parks, schools, PD, FD, etc but there are cops running around. And what's with no bank unless you pay real money? Every city/town has a bank, that needs to be rethought.
It's a fun game but it has a serious glitch, whenever the hold down button feature is used to add population it will pop up random screens and not allow the pop to increase like it should. If the developer fixes it, it could be really fun.
your game is the most interesting game ive ever played you never know when you well be able to move to a new town and be able to get a new house or shop or car for you town. I hope you make a part two or update it that will make me so happy say if you update it or make a part two i will tell all of my freinds to try your game.
Awesome app but my S-pen on my Note 9 does not work for interacting with the map, moving through the city, or buying cars, shops, and houses. only for interacting with the invite button and hovering features. Surely just a bug, that being said I'm a huge fan of tycoon games and this one really stands out. It has a new concept for leveling up through different cities and still offers a fair prestige system. The concept was definitely a welcome surprise and overall very enjoyable.
i love the fact that you can use ads for almost everything incase your as impatient as i am and want to progress quickly. Well put together and an all around good game! I only wish there was more of a storyline to it or just add people/citizens to talk too. Character customization or unlockables (different from the epic upgrades) could also be cool but like i said I love the game as is.
i wanted a game like isle but it was getting boring so i thought maybe there could be other games if i typed idle games and once i searched it there were a a bunch of games that were so cool! i tried at least 3 games from them. the people who made this app deserves a big hug and a thank you!😊😊😊😊
i really love this game cause whenever your bored or doing nothing you can just hop on to idle island and play its soooooooooooo fun and really entertaining.
It's fun to play and it's great to play when your bored and don't have anything else to in my opinion.But yeah I think it's fun and entertaining.
I love this game this very good game it's graphics was amazing the mechanism of a new people and cars
nothing going on. pointless progress. gameplay doesn't change what so ever. first city is the same as the rest. why even bother progressing? it doesn't get more fun. what a waste of time. the ads were more fun than the game.
Gave it a shot but was not impressed. Once you finish a town you just move on to the next but can't move back once you move forward. It feels like there is missing something. I may try a later version but... meh.
I've finished all the missions already? I feel like that isn't something that should happen on an idle game. Now it feels like there's no real direction in playing which makes it boring. I was really enjoying it until that happened
Hey! Nice rip off of egg inc. you can't notice it at first but, ohmg, the game so slow, people won't show up, and why do you need cars to work a city (i get it, transportation and all, but just why? it's so small you can call it a town, just walk, there's no logic for getting cars if everything is so close). it was fun, but i noticed it got boring fast, it's so tedious just tapping it,I expected more from this game. play egg inc. and you'll see the difference. (They're the same)
Have you ever seen one of those cringy ads that want you to play a dumbed-down version of their game for 30 seconds? This whole game plays and looks exactly like one of those ads.
Fun little game that helps pass the time. Played other games like this and enjoyed them. Basically a great time waster game just pick up and continue playing.
Very casual, relaxing and fun game with cute graphics. Easy to play and progress. However there are many different visual glitches, some of which can even break the game. If those were fixed, I would definitely give the game a better rating.
Please add more cities. I'm able reach the last city within 15mins after prestige. And the population or store capacity would be maxed out after couple of hours. Then I'm stuck as there's nothing else to do. I have also bought some packs as well. In 27 of the global leaderboard
If you got nothing else to do, then go ahead. Game's okay, doesn't overwhelm you with ads - in fact, I haven't encountered any ads yet. Graphics cool too... so, yeah. 8/10 would open app again
Just a little more variety would be awesome in the things that you're building (hospitals maybe to increase birth rates). Besides just little additions to make it more interesting it's a really well animated and relaxing game.
the game itself is fine. but the amount of ads that buildup along the side of the screen if you play for any length of time is borderline obnoxious and the incredibly loud horn noise that plays when you launch is annoying.
the game force you to watch their advertising in order to make it your next level. waste of time, sucks design.
Maybe I'm just slow but I bought the 2nd town and I am not earning money. It didn't transfer over my money from the last one either. When am I doing wrong?
If you like idle games, get this one. It's slightly better than other idle city games, but the difference between 1 and 2 pennies isn't very large. The standard tapping mechanism is now crucial to the game, which I like. Bottom line is, if you like idle clickers, try this one.
This game can be pretty heavy on low end phones, tons of polys than Egg Inc. Gameplay does not differ a lot than Egg Inc, which rewards more for active play than offline play. To see a fair progress, u need to purchase a bank with real money. Nothing very special than other idle games. Most of them are simply ads, copycat, same progression.
Fun and a good idle game. There are lots of upgrades to keep you busy for a while, a good balance between using time and money.
I love this game. I love games like this, please continue to make more games. Would love an idle mall to see the people shopping. Haven't noticed anyone coming out of the stores on this game. This game is cool, eveything about it is perfect. Best time of my life! Keep it up.
This game is so much fun! The little people are adorable and the upgrades are awesome! This ge is great, install this game because you wont regret it.
Couldn't get pass the third city because it glitched and I can't upgrade my city cause it's all upgraded .. rip
Good idea but far too bugy at the moment to do much at all. Pixels bug out when inviting people, looking at the objectives or looking at the upgrades making it unplayable. I'm sure that it could improve with more work.
Most idle games I have played usually felt almost exactly the same, but with the rarity system for the epic bonuses, smooth visuals, and the satisfaction of growing your city, this one stands out!
I installed this game because I have a long coach trip and I didn't think I would love it but it is an amazing game I have posted it on my Facebook,insta,Snapchat and I have sent the link to all of my freinds also it doesn't have many ads so it's fine for everyone you should definitely feel like you need to install it xx
Interesting idea, but it's just another boring idle game, where you amass resources to unlock the next stage. Nothing intuitive or creative for the user to do. The good point is that it can be played entirely offline, so worthwhile if you want something for those times when traveling and you might not have internet access.
The game has ads, and sure they make it faster, but you can choose not to watch them and be ok. The game lacks an end-game though, as the missions stop pretty early, and after that you are just collecting the powerups from the time unlockable chests. I feel it lacks variety, but I kind of like it, so I am giving it 3 stars.
This game is great! If you want a calm, casual, simple yet addictive game, this is what you should get. It is so easy, you get money effortlessly, yet there is still a sense of challenge when you play the game. I do not know how to put it into words, but the game is great. I would give it 6 stars if I could. I honestly do not have any recommendations for an update, but I can't wait for a newer version. Definitely download this app.