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Idle Heroes of Hell - Clicker & Simulator Pro

Idle Heroes of Hell - Clicker & Simulator Pro for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Red Machine located at 115114. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Nudity) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game but i bought an extra pack that i can no longer access after having to get a new phone. Theres no restore purchases option and when i click on the pack i bought before the game glitches. I sent an email but got no response. I just want my guard bonus x3 that i paid for.
it keeps resting the hole game on me and it takes for ever to load and it freezes up alot and the supervisor neverand after you get so many apples it takes forever for the big boss to build apples up again and when the game resets on me it only partially resets so I can't do anything to fix it so as of now on on downloading this game and as to the main reason I gave it one star is because I had to pay for this games and I know there's absolutely no way I'm getting a refund.......goodbye
Played for 60 days straight and still no 30 day bonus. And supervisor never resets. constantly at 90 clicks in 8 seconds which I have trouble reaching. Email devs and no replies.
Nice game but no point playing F2P for too long. Classic - exponential growth of price for upgrades, but increase in production is linear. So you'll hit the wall inevitably. I have 2.5bn apples but prices of everything skyrocketed. Frequent restarts would give me chest with puzzle pieces, but all the duplicates are making it quite boring grinding procedure. Fun at the beginning, nothing to enjoy after 2 weeks.
This game has been duplicated by another game maker... On load up it they even left the named of the app created in it from this game. Just thought you guys should know, it's 'Evil Clicker'.
I really liked this game and thought it was fun at first but then I purchased the X-mas bonus to summon the boss without discarding my equipment for 350 gems and it took my gems but didn't give me my reward. in fact it still looks like an option as if i never even clicked it. When i summoned the boss all the equipment i had (which was all of them) dissapeared. Sooo....... can i get my gems back... or some souls.. or the reward i bought. Either one will make me happy and content. sooo 1/5
Got some bugged experience here. The inspector does not reset. When you got any torture type in 2nd area while having all enhancements for corresponding torture number acquired, you got this new torture unenhanced. When you got 8th torture in 1st area when having all speed and income boosters activated, they will not be applied to this 8th torture, making it a waste of money. See no point in playing, and definitely no point in paying.
since the last update (i believe) u do the tutorial mode and it tells you to update the first station to level ten. But u end up with not enough souls to update to level ten and can do nothing at all. It keeps u stuck at that point forever and is unplayable. So at this point in time i dont reccomend downloading its just a waste of space because u can only play for three seconds and its done. Also deletes progress and hard work and rl money if not played for a week. So i dont rec spending ur $here
One great idle tap game, torture those souls. Only reason I give it a 4, is there's no where to collect the bonus clocks you get as daily log in bonus. Along with the inability to switch between levels without cycling the whole way through with animation screens.
Please update this game. There are many issues with it , all stated in the reviews. Read the reviews.
Haven't been able to open chests for a couple months now since I upgraded everything to diamond. Sent multiple emails with no response, devs obviously don't care.
This game needs work. I've come across a bunch of glitches that make the game frustrating. When opening the app after a while, your accumulated profit is much less than what it should be. The supervisor and the security guard disappear randomly during gameplay. You don't get the promised amount of apples when resetting it sometimes. Also, since you guys decided to have one manager per station, sometimes the game doesn't recognize it and will not accumulate the souls idly in the unlocked stations
I got the PRO version for free best deal I found. Ad free for free stuff like that makes me feel greedy. I don't have to waste 1.00$ on this game. You saved a lot of money for the players of this game. players will more likely buy more jems in stead of getting 5 free for WATCHING an ad 5 times.
lost my progress but still a fun game. I played it daily was slowly getting more and more rooms. One day a glitch hit asking if I wanted to buy a auto clicker. I couldn't get out of this glitch and I couldn't get online help. I had to start from scratch. I still play daily.
I uninstalled and reinstalled it due to the fact it had stopped auto collecting souls WHILST logged into Facebook and I lost EVERYTHING?!?!? This is an absolute joke! This is the paid version and I've lost all my progress?!? Complete scam...
completely stuck, it randomly half way through has come up with a thumb telling me to unlock new stuff but i cant click anything. reset the game and tried everything so guess its game over. unfortunately the aet work was pretty good too.
It's a very cute idle/clicker game. The design is cute and the "punishments" are very creative. It doesn't lag even on high levels. It offers some boosters in exchange for watching ads. It's one of the nicer clicker games out there but well, I don't really see myself playing a clicker game for a long time.
it keeps me entertained enough to be worth it, however there appears to be a bug that is quite annoying. it seems that demon speed upgrades and profit multiplier upgrades dont work for all stations. its strange and it doesnt happen all the time. would love to see this fixed as it makes it so i lose apples summoning the boss again to fix it.
multiple bugs: half of the time speed is not increased after leveling up and gets stuck on the lowest payout level even after paying for upgrades. auto collect does not register pretty making the game unplayable. a shame as I really enjoyed this game.
Don't buy the extras. Paid a few bucks to triple income but the ability to use it disappears randomly but probably 95% of the time after you get well invested into it. Not sure if it is a bug or intentional, but I started over once and it happened again at a different point. It seems like a bug as another icon disappears at the same time but the icon for the next level of microtransaction is still right there. As a game, well its a clicker. One of the better ones I have tried.
I love the game! But: 1) if I try to contact by using the link in the game, it crashes my phone. 2) slot 8 makes much less than the lower slots. 3) how can I tap 100 times in 7 seconds?
Not a fan of idle clickers, I thought this would be different, it's not. Also not a fan of an app that costs money and then ends up having premium currency. IAP in paid games, imo, should be for added content like new big areas etc, not to pay for a freemium game which then sets you up to get things at a reasonable speed by buying more currency, it's this kind of model that's ruining mobile gaming and is, imo, a slap in the face to consumers. That's not to say the game has a pay wall or energy system, but, imo if it's going to be a freemium game, it should be free to download, not just marked down to $0 from $0.99. I can see its benefit for someone who likes idle click games and wants to pass some time though, the micro transactions aren't forced, thankfully, nor are they shoved in your face. So, there's good there. Just be forwarned that even if you purchase the game, it's going to have them.
So I never write reviews usually but this time.. I got this game and I was fascinated by it. Problem? I sacrificed few dollars, you know, supporting developers, being adult, so on... It happened few times. I get in the game and it resets to very start. As if I installed it fresh. I contected - they recovered my progress, but it happened again and again. Can't play like this. Sorry. One star for lazy.
Unfortunately there's a really bad bug in the endgame. After you found all puzzle pieces of every building the boxes are bugged forever as soon as you try to open a premium box. After that the open button won't work any more neither for normal nor for premium boxes. The main source of gems is blocked then. Apart from that it's an ok idle clicker game. The upgrade mechanic with its duplicate puzzle pieces is annoying. One of the torture areas can only be bought for real money. Very bad.
Problem with the supervisor !!! The number of taps is increased each time , so after a few times you just cant use the supervisor any more! Please bring back x5 souls for the supervisor. "5 stars for the fix"
Punishments of hell and number of times was an incredible idea. I played for a whole day and I saw only 1 location. This is bad, bad, bad. I hope there will be a way to unlock some new. The thing that disappoints me the most is the "summon the boss" mechanic. It is so frustrating to wait time to build punishments and then be forced to wipe them out and rebuild them just to gain bigger numbers. "Summon the Boss" should allow you to add new punishments, keeping the old ones and offering new places.
I love this game so much I bought it. It is simple. Collect souls. They make it so fun to do so. The only thing I'd add would be volume control to the music of the game which, by the way, is also awesome. I would like to make it my ringtone.
thank you for the reply, as I said will change the review once fixed, stage 3 work place 9 almost never gets any benefits unless unlocked first, auto collect sometimes doesn't work after purchase for all stages and sometimes works before purchasing, some upgrades dont apply to some workplaces randomly, the friends % benefit doesn't add anything at all.
It's a good game but the screen is way too crowded, you don't earn many gems, the tapping guy gets insanely difficult. 10 taps more each go around. I'm stuck at 150 in like 6 seconds. The gameplay is casual and this honestly shouldn't be a paid game.
Love the graphics, laughter & choir chanting. Swiping in a circle can collect souls - much easier than constant tapping all over screen. Drum & tapping sounds are appropriate for the theme. Collecting puzzle pieces is Hellish (worse than 3DS puzzle collection - with so many duplications). I played for hours, summoned Boss about 30/40 times and can't get past 50bb max (did to increase apple profits). 800 bb for 9th section would take triple the time I've spent playing each round. ★★★★½
Not my cup of tea, but it runs smoothly and is built for the gamer instead of just trying to take your money. The game is very simple, but maybe too simple for me. It feels too repetitive without much satisfaction for accomplishing tasks. However, after only about a day of playing, you can get 4-8 chests for free in about 90 sec. That means you can unlock a lot of stuff and get a lot of gems quickly without paying any real money. The game runs well and is built without only the $ in mind.
I've played for over a month now and as much as I've enjoyed it, I'm equally as disappointed in it. The torture station marked "everyday bonus" did not unlock at the end of my month of daily logins. Instead, I simply received extra pieces for locations that I had already paid to have open.
solid amount of bugs I notice are also referred to in reviews. one, the supervisor never resets. two, if you purchase the torture chamber number 6 in area two while already having all the upgrades for torture chamber number 6 in area one, you wont also get those upgrades for area two, they are permanently unavailable until summon boss. (this is the same for all corresponding numbers as long as they are in different areas) also would be a good idea to have guard stack up to 24 hours.
This flat and garbage-y game is one of the thousands flooding the play store. I played for a half hour and was so bored that I uninstalled it immediately. There was no depth or fun to it at all, just repetitive animations. I downloaded it because it was free, but it isn't worth any actual money.
It's kind of addictive, and I've put more hours into it than is like to admit, but it's also got a few bugs. For example, if you leave it running for several hours to collect a ton of souls, then decide to use apples to upgrade some locations, when you return to the main screen, the souls counter has returned to 0. This keeps happening, meaning you can't do much other than quit.
Tapping supervisor and pass the test to get a chest does not reset each day!!!! it keeps saying try tmr!! does not work. so hard to unlock the new station by getting puzzle
I love this game. It actually tracks your "spirit" gain while your not playing. i come back days later and be able to double my cash gain and apples in less than 5 minutes . 5 stars all day. Doesnt push "pay to win" on you and is fully accessable without it. Have fun!!!
Well it's another idle-clicker and promises to be different but in reality it's just the same as so many more in the Play Store, and for a price-tag of 1€+ I don't think is good enough to be considered superior to so many others like I just said, it's not bad but because it's not free I don't give it more stars, well I guess it's like buy a no ad's from the majority of the others. Hey don't forget that it's exactly like a F2P game with micro transactions and everything the only difference is the ad's.
I'm am sorry. But it is impossible for me to click 110x could you please go back to the 50x. Also if you could make it able to stack up the time on the guard again and the supervisor x5. A couple of updates back it was a OK game but now it will take forever. Off-line mode for week ends and holidays? Please update.....
Its alot easier to make progress when reaching higher levels of the game, definitely my favourite idle game.
it's a good game but with a few glitches, one major glitch is that the numbers on the slots turn negative for 1 second and then back positive and happens frequently. I rated 3 stars because after getting 'zzz' souls there aren't any letters after it and just appears like '1,5' or something
Whilst the game is a good idea, in practice it is very buggy. I'm giving this two stars because although I find it unplayable, one can play if they can deal with the glitches.
The game deleted all of my progress, which was a lot. It reset everything but the shop so going through the tutorial it wants me to buy something worth "50gg" when I have about 1k. So in order to continue I need to get my money 50 nonillion times what it is, without collecting anything. Epic game
Best construction & management simulation, it's the best ever. I had fun to be honest I play every day. Between managing my different firms and consultants.and going to beach to surf. This game is full of depth, complexity, integrity and great Mechas ; ) 10 out of ten
Same old clicker experience. Boring from the get go. Plus the pit boss is rigged. He just keeps getting harder and harder. Now they want me to click him 170 times in 7 seconds. Thats 24 taps per second. Right then guys. What a waste. Money grab app.
It was an ok (just ok) idle game, up until it suddenly started wanting me to log in to Facebook to upgrade any of my stations. I deleted my Facebook account, so this is not possible, which means I can not upgrade my stations. This means there's no point in continuing to play this if everything is stuck at level one.
Ive played many idle click games. Love this one!! The music and the setting is really nice!! Only problem is it frequently shuts down when you click too fast, a bad thing for a clicking game, thus 4/5 to a 5/5 game!
Uh big numbers are cool. (To devs: the reason only one star on gameplay is well there is no gameplay its a clicker app. Open app every x hours tap the screen 'no thinking required' repeat for big numbers. ) but this is 2nd time i have installed and wasted time with it 👌😊
Great! It amazing for the price of the pro version, but there is the downside to it, can't explain all of them because I have to go 🏃. The game itself is thrilling to play! Hope to see more games like this on the play store 😊😁
I downloaded the game and it was ok but after few days when I went on it says i have to click the fire logo / the shop I did it because I had no choice I couldn't do anything else then it says I have to buy something but I didn't even have enough ghost to buy it and I couldn't click anything else . I can't do anything in the game can you please fix it :D
got the paid version free on sale and wow... you're really charging people for this?? no events or special slots. nothing. just basic and bland.
I am a well raised white christian. This game has scarred me for life. It needs to be banned from the earth and set to jupiter because of this demonic brainwashing game all of my friends have become emo. I will just stick to angry birds. With love, Angry priest.
The only reason I give this game a 4 out of 5 is because it still has some glitches in it. Just now I bought the 100 Million apple item and the second plot that you unlock glitched out and was no longer giving me the proper amount of souls. I thought I had noticed something like this last time but hadn't paid enough attention, this time I did. That being said it is still an amazingly addicting game and I love playing it. Would also love if the glitches got fixed 😁
There seem to be a lot of versions of this game. you can only get so far on this one before everything stops auto collecting. no point in even playing this one.
A very polished idle game. The inspector doesn't seem to reset every day (or at all), but that's a rather minor bug.
They're are thousands of other games like this so nothing new. Animations are mildly amusing the first time you see them. Problem comes with the normal idle clicker game function where you reset for a bonus. Instead of being cumulative, It literally resets everything. The only real incentive for doing this is that you hopefully saved up more Apples this time to re-buy the same upgrades you already did and then the next one. By doing so, however, you lose the bonus from having apples available. The end result is that you do the same thing you did on the last reset but just don't bother opening the game for several more days to allow it to accrue more. **Note to developer: Make the resets cumulative. Done.** Huge complaint is the method of advancing. It is a complete lottery. It is entirely possible that you could spend $100 in this game and not get the correct group of pieces to unlock another spot. I've been resetting and using accrued gems to buy chests in 3s or the guaranteed for 2 months now and have only been unlocking "speed ups" for ones I already have. I can open this have every day or once a month and there is zero incentive or difference either way. Last thing is the two bonus guys on the screen. The "Supervisor" is the guy with the clip board. Each time you access his bonus you have to tap on him an increasing number of times. Starts at like 30 times in 7 seconds, easy. Goes up 10 taps every time with the same 7 seconds. I challenge the most talented, most agile person with legendary fine motor skills to complete this bonus more than 5 times, yet this option is still there, unwinnable. The other guy is the "Guard" at the desk. He gives you a 2x profit bonus for tapping on him 50 times. No really that's it. No time limit, no strings attached, just some stupidly arbitrary number of times that you tap on him. Why 50? Who knows? You could do this in 6 seconds, a minute, or conceivably the entire life of your phone if you kept this screen open, just so you tap 50 times. Why?!? Great ideas and visuals, exceedingly poor execution, easily the most worthless idle clicker game ever once you realise there is no incentive to keep wasting time on a hopefully lucky draw. **Edited my terrible autocorrect mistakes**