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Idle Heroes of Hell - Clicker & Simulator

Idle Heroes of Hell - Clicker & Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Red Machine located at 115114. The game is suitable for PEGI 7 (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
My full review is longer than allowed so ill try to summerise it. Chest dont drop enough. Unlocking new equipment is annoying because of the lack of chests and duplicate puzzle pieces. Adds are very annoying, need a chest per add as a reward for watching. Proffit bump doesnt work. Buying chests and upgrades are very expensive. The boss increases your proffits but not by very much. Addictive game at first, frustrating later.
The in game contact button does not work. It says I am logged in through Facebook, I am online, but any option in the game that requires online functionality, such as watching ads, does not work. One of the "quests" I have is to invite 3 friends through Facebook, but there is no option to do so. Otherwise it is a good game to kill time with. Entertaining.
Fun game but you're killing me with ads. Edit, understood that ads 'help your project exist", but seriously, this is overkill. You should not spend more time watching ads then playing the game. So far, you all havent motivated me to want to pay for the upgrade. We are given an opportunity to double are profits in the beginning, watch ad, then you're given a number of souls that dont even get added to your total! You have no explanation of how the game works. More to say but not enough space.
Great game, very addictive with an attractive look. My only suggestions for improvement would be to make the upgrading system clearer by putting each work place's number next to the workplace image on the main screen so you know which one you are upgrading and to include an option for adding in-game friends so that if you don't have any real life friends who wish to play then you can add other people who are also playing the game so you don't miss out on that aspect of the game.
I emailed the developer a couple of days ago, I am still waiting to find out since I had to switch phones if I am out of luck. it had taken me a long time to unlock EVERYTHING and now it is all gone and still have heard nothing. I will update if I ever hear back and will uninstall if they tell me I'm out of luck, not worth doing it again since then at the next phone change it would be starting over all over again.
fun game, I love it!! and people complaining about summoning the boss dont understand how the game works. you're supposed to restart your progress in order to build faster and faster.
Can NOT get anything if it requires watching a video first. Game ALWAYS says there is no internet connection!! Missed out on a LOT of extra staff and bonuses because the game is faulty. Would give 5 stars if this was fixed!!! Not worth playing because you NEED the staff you cant get due to the "no internet" fault in the game!!!!!
Recent update has wiped everything... its complete pants now. No where near what it was just 5 days ago! I've just logged back on and it's all gone again. What is going on!?!?!
I love the concept and animations. But even if you pay to remove banner ads, you still spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Perhaps that's part of the dev's plan, to put the player in one of their torture stations, Ad Hell!
Great game, good graphics. The only reason im giving it 2 stars is because, i cant watch ads to get my rewards!! This has been going on for a week now!! Cant double the souls to get extra ones. I have no dealers and i cant do the inspection!! And i have a very strong internet signal!! So fix this issue please, and i will up my rating and leave better review!! TYIA!!
I really enjoyed this game until the last update. A mostly unskippable ad popping up every time you click on something was just too annoying. Requiring you to watch one for the security guard or the supervisor was acceptable, because I could choose to not use them. But now they are obnoxiously omnipresent, you decrease the number of ads and I might consider coming back.
Really fast passed, pretty amusing clicker game. It's really amusing, haha. Of course there's apps but unless you pay to remove them it's just like any other app, you're gonna have adds unless you buy it. It's not overwhelming adds like some though. It's worth downloading just to fiddle with and it works offline too
I like to play a game for a day or so before giving my review. I really like what they've done with it! Are there ads? Yes but no more than similar games! Is it ftp? Yes! Then expect ads to help the devs cover expenses so they can keep making it even better! If you don't like ads then go purchase the product version for less than $1 and quit whining!
this has the potential to be a really great game except for some really bad flaws that ruin the experience. when buying items with gems there is no confirmation window so if you accidentally touch the wrong place, you might accidentally spend all your gems without meaning to. simply needs an "are you sure?" box to confirm before spending gems update: aparently the "no ads" pack only removes pop-ups. not really very clear
The game is pretty good, except for the math. Like for instance 2 hours ago I got a notification saying I earned 17,1 trillion but when I opened the app it said I earned 8 and I could double it so I did. But it didn't give it to me like this game has done this around five times and it is kind of annoying, I'm not sure if it is something wrong I'm doing on my part. But otherwise this game helps consume time.
Interesting game, new concept on the idle games market. But I have an issue with how there's only middle age chubby guys in hell, and no diversity other than skin color and bear. Not an SJW point, by any means, but game needs diversity, unless you think it's only guys that go to hell.
uninstalling if not fixed. i currently have 749.9 trillion souls. i earned like 184 bb and it didn't add them to my "bank" I've had the same amount every time I play it wont give me more since the last boss click that reset it. it's getting stupid fast
This game is ...OK....a few things are annoying....like the constant adverts that seem to appear when you do anything or click on anything, and the game maths for the guard is well off...if I double 11 hours by watching a video how does that equal 15 hours? and if I double that again how can that be 19 hours? But I love the cartoon style graphics and the game play is easy....will I be playing this in 1 or two months time.........probably not...sorry
It would be better if I could add friends but it keeps saying to contact the dev's. I click on the contact dev button and it freezes and shuts down. Also the ads every 5 seconds is just ridiculous. Most of them cant be skipped and freeze up. **UPDATE** I uninstalled this game for a few months and tried to reload it today unsuccessfully. It just says that it is unable to be installed, I am now giving it a 1 star. I would give it zero but alas it is impossible. 🤷‍♀️🙄
it starts as a really interesting game. However after awhile you reach a ceiling because you need to get puzzle pieces that are extremely expensive, and constaintly duplicate, so they are no good. It takes forever so for awhile you are just restarting over and over with no real advancement. This is the only thing holding me back from a 5 star reveiw.
I WAS enjoying this, until the update. Lost 8 stations, all leveled up over 200 earning about 100bb/day along with 400K apples before summoning. Had fun abusing the sinners but at this point I'd like to see Red Machine tied to the whipping post! :) I'll give it a day or two to see if they fix the issue then I'm done.
I want to play this game but the random, forced, unskippable ads make this unplayable. I have missed countless bonuses, advancements, and fun because an ad will randomly pop up and I can't get back to playing the game. This isn't a game this is just a shameless ad revenue generator. The game isn't cute, fun, or enjoyable enough for me to keep playing. More Google Play trash.
Absolutely inundated with ads. Every few times you want to upgrade your stations, it shows an ad. Later on, you can even watch an ad to purchase an upgrade instead of spending souls. Basically everything in this game can and will trigger an ad. This is an obvious, shallow, cash grab at best that doesn't even try to do anything with the idle clicker genre other than to see how many ads they can get away with. I'd be surprised if even some of the 5 star reviews are real, quite honestly.
To begin with, I loved the game and have played it most of the day, everyday for the last 2 months....but today, you showed your aim...ads ads ads ads ads ads and gues what, more ads. You've ruined a perfectly good game by allowing player to add levels to each pit as often as they like if they dont have the souls. So what is the point if collecting souls. You just defeated the object of the game, thinking ppl will click to view more ads to level up. There is no goal anymore. Will be uninstalling
Cool game, not the best but not the worst. Its a bit annoying having ads pop up and you end up on the play store because you're in a tapping frenzy and didn't stop in time. Also having the game reset when you summon the devil is a bit unfair considering the price of the apple ugrades.
This isnt for me, sad because I love the potential humor, but if i wanted to manage resources like this, I would just play any of the millions of MMO wannabe games. Click, wait, upgrade, wait, click, wait longer, upgrade and wait even longer! They took the worst bits of idle/clickers and made a completely uninspired game. This is what clicker/idle games were before clicker/idle was a thing. If you can't click as much as you want or idle without clicking, your in the wrong genre!
Fun game until you play for 10 minutes and then the pop ups are every minute. It takes the fun out of the game, if you want people to keep playing then take the pop ups out. The pop ups cause lagging, it's annoying
A lot of people are having a similar issue. I have a Galaxy Note 9. I downloaded the game because I love idle/clicker games. Went to open the game. It wants me to "Equip a workplace" I tap on the square where it says to tap.. nothing.. random taps all over the screen? Nothing. Lava? Nothing. Options menu? Nothing happens. Nothing opens. Y'all got a screw in the code somewhere. I'll keep the app for about a week but you're gonna lose people real quick if a fix is not implemented. UPDATE: The game works now. Trying it out before i give a better review. Thanks for the quick fix.
Excellent game! just make sure u get the upgrade to get rid of ads and you're set to play.... forever. .and ever... and ever.... Graphics are excellent just wish I had a bigger device to play on. This is the kind of gem I open the play store for. ...and yes Christians can play it too.
I bought the on screen "great offer" for $2.99 but did not receive anything. It's still there but clicking it again just makes it flash. My account shows that I purchased it. I either need to receive what I paid for or a refund. The dev does not respond and you dont receive what you pay for on this glitchy and boring game. Dont waste your time or money on this garbage.
Somethings gone wrong. I love this game, helps a lot with my anxiety being able to just focus on my tiny phone demons, but tonight (in the last 2 hours) I've had the boss summoned randomly and not being able to click off or cancel it. I've started from scratch 5 times in the last 2 hours and it's ridiculous. I tried the contact us button in the app but it just freezes my game.
ARE YOU HAVING A F***ING LAUGH?! I downloaded earlier, had it a few hours and was actually really enjoying it! I got up to the "Heavy Lottery" section, was told to summon the boss and after doing it, I lost f***ing everything! I had billions and billions of souls, was finally getting somewhere and it's just gone! Sort it out and get my data back or uninstalling!!!!
Started off as a funny game. Became glitchy after a couple days. At least once per day the doubling feature would fail. On day 26 or 27 the game wiped out all my current progress and I had to rebuild the pits, annoying and I lost over 80PP souls..... On day 31 it completely wiped out ALL info and put me back to the tutorial screens. Lost everything, including the purchased upgrades. Thanks for the rip off. Now deleting.
I have played this game for nearly a year. Last week it had an update. The update changed the name of the game and the playing format. That was fine, I didn't lose anything. Two days ago it updated again. Changed back to the original name and format. This time I lost all progress. It wanted to take me through the tutorial. I deleted the app. Get your act together.
Income is wildly inconsistent. I leveled my 8th place to 98, with the guard enabled it's bringing in about 500-600bb. A couple moments before I didn't have the guard enabled and was a couple levels lower and was bringing in 2cc. It also frequently doesn't give the full amount of what it said I accumulated while away after clicking on each spot. This could easily have been one of my favorite time killers if it wasn't for this flaw.
I was enjoying this until the game suddenly and unexpectedly reset itself right to the start, as though I hadn't played it before. Not the boss apple reset, but complete reset causing me to lose all my progress which had taken me ages to get to. Not happy. It just reset itself randomly overnight. I opened the game today to find my progress has all gone.
Tried many times to contact support with issues and the menu doesn't work. On top of that had to reinstall and logged back into FB account and it still starts over like I've never played. Been trying for over 24 hrs to contact support via in game and it freezes. Cute game but way too many issues at this point.
well from what i can tell its a clicker game. tho i knowtestest it is kinda gutted i never got a woman character or that hellish hit deal witch ill be honest tgats probably the biggest reason why im even here. so if google forced you guys to do that. my condolences. so gutted game i grew board i had nothing to look forward to aside from whats the next thing at the trillion mark. and im not to into clicker games anymore because ive played so many so you need to catch my attention. so mediocre
This is a fun game and great time waster. Although I am down to the final 4 puzzel pieces but I am unable to get the chests I require, even with buying the ultimate chest it just uses the gems and I get nothing!! Very disappointing. I am also wondering how is it possible to open the final plot (special offer)?
I purchased the second bundle pack that is offered. It is supposed to come with 3 whole puzzles (12 total unique pieces). I never got any of them. I wrote 2 emails over the last week and have gotten no response. Customer support is nonexistent. Update: 2 months later still havent heard anything back and my chest spawn rate is now 10% of before I bought 2nd pack. I used to get 10 chests for watching all my daily videos now I only get 1. I'm done. Uninstall.
Not a bad little idle clicker type game. The little demons are adorable, and the "punishments" are kinda funny. My issues are that there isn't really anything explaining -how- certain mechanics work (E.G. how many apples you get from calling the boss...is it based on money, upgrades, number of stations?..) and the contact button is flat broke. I purchased an option where it's supposed to keep me from losing equipment when I call the boss, but I have no clue what it is, and no way to ask.
What kind of garbage app won't let you turn off notifications while spamming you with constant ads any time you click anything or look at it wrong? It was like someone came up with a fun idea then some db decided to do this instead. 0/10 would not recommend
beginning to wonder If half the buttons dont work on purpose... have tried adding my other half and a few friends who play, and it wont let me. tried sending gifts, and it says it can't. partner has sent me invites daily for a month and only one came through and clicking it gets a popup saying it's not available on my phone.... which is where I have the game.... and the contact us option doesn't work... is this my own personal hell!?!
Read the reviews, knew that the boss was a game breaker, blah blah blah... played for like a minute and uninstalled. why do people say this is fun? click. wait. click. wait. oh boy new torture... wait longer to click. no boss, not one ad, still uninstalled.
Very good clicker game. I don't know how I feel about the 24h hours to restart factor, but other than that, the puzzles for upgraded collectors, the entire theme, really good. One of my favorite clickers.Edit: Now the upgrade menu is glitched, and doesn't work when I opem the app up. Leaving and coming back fixes it, but thats not what I want to do everytime just cause I can't buy upgrades.
This is such a simple game but it will hook you from the start. I love that I can reset every 24 hours to increase profits but if I play on my kindle fire i don't seem to be able to get the bonuses like guards or inspections as it says in not connected to internet which I clearly am, spent £5.47 on an upgrade and it took the money immediately and guess what? 1 month on and still no upgrade or bonus. Works fantastic on my phone though so have given up on kindle. Would be been 5 stars apart from this
Love the energy the games puts off its addictive and if need be you can quit and come back. Not a hard game but a enjoyable one!:)
I tried this game. and i kinda like it. i summoned boss 2 times. but now whenever i try to summon him it says check your internet connection. i have working internet connection with good speed. but still it doesn't allowing me to summon the boss. please fix this issue.
The game was a good time passer. The ads that would pop up every now and then we're annoying but not terrible since you could imstantly close them. Since the latest update the ads couldn't be closed but you had to sit and wait. I gave it the benefit of a doubt but after it happened 3 times in a row I hit uninstall. Not going back. Stay away.
doesn't save progress. played for quite a while yesterday and when I came back to it today it lost all progress. there are time-wasters and there are wastes of time. this is the latter. glad I didn't spend any money on this (though they did get paid for all the ads I watched).
I really like the game so much so that I gave it three tries of it deleting everything I had and working my way back up to where I was before ultimately I started to feel like they threw this glitch in here to put me in my own personal hell I'm about to uninstall I can't stand this glitch anymore love the game but the game don't love me
Too buggy to be a great game. Especially when spending gems. Spend 100 for instance, for speed up of four hours and nothing happens. Your soul count is exactly where it was before you spent gems (which cost real world dollars) When you watch video to double a soul count, half of the time, the count does not go up or only adds SOME of the souls you claim.
it used to be fun. was working in the "jj" level of collecting souls and had 150Trillion apples. something happened that froze my ability to open any chest. so thinking it was a glitch or bug. i uninstalled it and reinstalled. i lost everything and now to summon the guard, or to do anything it requires you to watch an add. for the bonus gems i didnt mind at all. but for everything you do???? uninstalling and not recommending to anyone at this point. its too bad honestly. it was fun.
ok but not quite as epic as others big issue of mine is no confirm button on clicking on gem spends, accidently clicked on a 150 gem chest,games in this day and age have a are u sure it confirm button just in case of a misclick. other issue is upgrades, some are not ordered correctly and am shocked its not been corrected yet, so u buy a plot upgrade at say level 4 and the next upgrade misses out level 5 and goes to level 2, this isn't accurate but I'm sure u get what I mean. 5 star if corrected
This game is way to heavy on ads. You will literally spend more time watching ads than clicking. Shame that because this could be a great time waster. Instead you will waste time spending 30 seconds waiting for the clock to countdown while watching yet another ad for another game. Yawn.
I honestly love this game. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is cause I had decided to splurge a little and get the "Great Hell Offer" for $19.99, only to get nothing but a charge to bank account for it. I figured maybe it's a glitch and gave it a couple days, still nothing. When I go to settings and click "Contact Us" the app just freezes which means I can't contact anyone about it. In short, the game took $20 from, gave me nothing in return, and this is the only place I can report it.
I regret paying the money to get rid of the banner ads. I didn't realize the large requirement to open "chests" to get cards to unlock new stations. The game becomes very tedious very quickly. I enjoyed playing it for the four or so resets, then it is a boring snore fest. I don't know what idiot would watch a 30+ second ad to get a 2x bonus for literally six seconds.
the boss would show up and the game would ask if you wanted to watch a video for extra apples, mentions nothing about resetting your progress. did this to me twice before i figured that out. frustrating and killed my desire to play anymore. uninstalled.
And the Point of the Game Is? The graphics are amusing and the game is fun to play for a week, but then I'm just left wondering what the point is. Sure, most games don't have a point to them, but there are at least there are some clear goals. It seems all you do is unlock new areas, going round and round the same set of clicks. Maybe that is the point, you create a personal hell, repeating the same actions every day with no goal or reward.
pretty fun to torture people, and make a living off it. satan must the best job second only to GOD! Its a really fun game not really addicting but definitely worth the download
Was a good game until everything stopped working. Upgrade page keeps disappearing, I have to keep restarting phone just to get it back. The ads don't always work and the guard keeps disappearing after an ad if the ad works. I'm not the only person that has stated this is happening yet you the developers do nothing. How do you expect people to play your games if you don't listen to them and rectify what is wrong when informed about it. This games needs to be fixed and checked properly before you put out updates
It is a really fun game. I like the click and swipe instead of strategy. I have enough of those games already. sometimes a Dom just wants to spank someone in stocks damn it.