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Idle Gun Tycoon - Gun Games For Free, Shoot Now!

Idle Gun Tycoon - Gun Games For Free, Shoot Now! for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Machbird Studio located at 251 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Horrible. The ads start coming in around rank 10 which is 15 minutes of playing. Every single stage has a 30 second ad. Every. Single. Stage. It's so annoying and it isnt even that good of a game to spend money on. I know you have to make your money but jesus stop throwing ads into our face. Deleted after the fourth stage in a row with a 30 second ad. Also. There is an option to watch an ad for 4 diamonds. If you say no guess what happens.... YOU GET A FULL AD. wont be coming back.Fix your game.
So it is really fun actually really like it and I never played it before so newbies if you download this you're going to love it and the reason why I gave it a five star is because first of all there's a marksman rifle second of all all the guns are really interesting once you've discovered them in third of all this game is my favorite I've been playing it for like two years
Quite the fun game. More interesting than I expected, and not difficult to advance progress. Shooting gallery type firing range that can be a bit of a bore if you have to wait for 1 or two unfinished items to come back around. Definitely a time passer for moments when all you have is a phone and a wait.
This game is hype and little substance, endless ads even before you get into the 'GAME'. Yes a mind numbing game to play if your trying to get to sleep. Dissapointing.
It plays an ad literally almost every time you press any button and half the time it wont let you skip, you have to watch the whole thing. I understand having some ads, but not to the point where I spend 10 minutes watching them and 2 minutes actually playing it. Otherwise the game itself is pretty entertaining, just impossible to play
Ad literally every 10 seconds. I have NEVER seen so many ads initiated so quickly in all my years using Android. I'm a developer myself, and I'm surprised the ad network is serving them new ads that quickly to the same user - it's that bad. The amount of ads gives old Windows XP adware from 2005 a run for its money. Just make it a paid app ffs. Edit: downgraded to 1 star due to fake reviews.
I think its a great game I spent hours on it last time I played i just thought about it and im so happy that I dont need to re-download
This app not only fails to have any similarity to what it advertises, it takes in app ads to a whole new level. I mean...a stupid waste of time. Unless you really enjoy watching commercials at the rate of 2 to 1 over playing a monotonous shooting game, then don't bother with this loser. Maybe the wide array of guns will have a value in some other game at some other time, but this app makes me want to take one of them and blow my brains out. Hope this constructive criticism helps.
I'm not against ads in games and apps. It's expected if it's a free app.... But this is ridiculous. You go to the "Shop" to look, back out and get an ad. Go to spin... Back out and get an ad. Play a round, get an ad. I think the ads are using my screentime with this game more than actual playtime. Do you want anyone to actually play your game more than a day before they get so tired of the ads they uninstall? Or is that your angle... To put out a game that will get traffic just for ad revenue?
I played this game a while ago and it's the same as it used to be, bad and boring. I recently saw and ad for it and basically all of the ad was gameplay from the VR GAME boneworks that's coming out. I thought that was pretty funny but the "idle gun tycoon" is really horrible. On the other hand if you want to check out boneworks it like looks very good vr game.
This would be a fun game if it weren't for the constant ads followed by after ad "demos," neither one of which you can back out of until 5-10 seconds, if at all. The mechanics are also so painfully, obviously money grabbing, where after the first 10 or so weapons you're given obstacles that are impossible to destroy with that gun, or the next 5 or so guns, without spending gems on extra time, watching ads for more gems or weapons, spending gems on weapons, money on gems, or a combination of all.
Its really good game man nice guns everything set very good you always wanna unlock next gun amazing man
Overall the game is good. But the quantity of ads that pop up is too much. Play a round ad. Merge a few guns ad. Daily reward ad. You will spend more time watching ads than playing this game.I get it the ads generate revenue but seriously this is pushing it a bit too much. If it was dialed back this would be a much better experience for the user.
The game itself is great. Its exactly what it says, with a variety of weapons and a rewarding system. My issues are with the ridiculous amount of ads. When i run out of money, it offers more by watching an ad, I decline, it makes me watch a 30 second ad anyway. I cant leave it. I have to restart the app. I like this game but its riddled with ads that make it almost unplayable.
I'd like to play the game, but the ads are relentless. I understand ad-supported games, but geez. Seriously, I would trigger plenty of ads on my own to get the bonuses, you don't gotta force them on me literally every 2nd level I beat or when I switch to different menus. Plus when I'm prompted for an optional ad to get a bonus and decline, I get one anyway???? So now, what I'm going to do instead is uninstall the game, and you're going to get zero ad revenue from me. Great business strat guys.
Pretty good game to pass time but once you get to around level 20 guns it starts getting a little irritateing
Game ok pretty basic, But the adds just kill it 1 game takes 20 to 30 seconds Then it a add game, add,game, add F$$k me 5 minutes and uninstall time
So if you like to watch ads get incorrect numbers and play the most boring ga.e ever download but if you have a brain don't waste the memory on your device
Too many ads! An ad plays for nearly every press of a button. If they were scaled back quite a lot then this game could have many 5 and 4 star reviews because under the ads it's a good idle game. Don't believe me? Install and find out for yourself. You'll spend more time watching ads or trying to avoid them in the first 5 minutes than actually playing.
First of all the game is sooo awesome and the graphics are amazing!!!! But there is a twist, theres way to many ads and and the one I least like is: When you upgrade a gun every time it pops up: Upgrade gun to a higher level. Its sooo anoying and if they removed it I would give the game a five star.
I am not kind of person not use it and it just practicing my way to learn more about it but I'm not sure how to do this as well.LolšŸ¤ 
Ad after ad after ad after ad! Not just that, but when you watch an ad to get an award, half the time you don't get an award! This game is trash. Highly recommend y'all find a different game. I understand that this is a free game so therefore I cannot complain about the ads, but compared to other games, this game FAR too many. If you feel like wasting your time and giving a company that does not update their game or listen to their players, do not install this game.
This game might be malware. Every time I turn on my phone's wifi, this game starts running in the background and whatever it's doing causes most of my other apps to crash. Even if I manually force stop the app, it starts itself back up. edit: After looking into it, I can confirm that there is a good possibility that this app is malware. One of the permissions that the game has is "draw over other apps", there is no reason for an app like this to request this permission.
Really really really stupid !! One level type of targeting and its so unrealistic from any guns i own and i own a lot of them, this is stupid and boring.. Im thinkiny unity got it
This has got to have the most ads in game I ever seen. The opening games are like shooting at duck in a carnival, and gun is dodgy at best. TWOT. No where depicts the teaser ad for the game. Could not delete it fast enough.
Was having a great time until I realised the sheer amount of ads shoved down your throat. There are already enough options to watch ads for rewards as it is, dev is just very greedy. Finish a level? Watch an ad, merge a gun? Watch an ad. I even watched an ad after a level for a few diamonds only for it to be followed by another back to back ad. Uninstalled. Had potential too.
Could be a 5 star app but there are too many ads! A common complaint among freemium gamers I know but, an ad EVERY time you go to a different screen in the game is excessive, and when you unlock a new gun, and when you finish a round of target practice ... It just goes on and on with the ads, you literally spend more time watching ads than playing the game. I would be much more willing to watch the optional ads for bonuses if I wasn't forced to watch an ad every 10 - 15 seconds!
This is extremely misleading. The ad I got was on Instagram and in the ad it showed you putting parts of a gun together to build it. I wanted to learn the mechanics of firearms. But in this game all you do is tap things together and earn cash. We are being used to watch ads so they make money. The team behind this deserves to be arrested and fined for false advertising. I curse the team behind this, may your lives come with as much disappointment as you gave to others.
This game is nothing like the video described. I thought this was a hunting game. What the fudge. Plus dont forget the illegal forced 30 second ads. If you decline to watch an ad to get something from the game, you'll end up watching another ad. I'll be they will reply as everyone else saying "oh sorry where did you see that commercial? We dont know anything about it"
My expectations were low but damn, this has managed to be completely unplayable due to the sheer amount of ads in it. Opened the shop? Watch an ad. Out of money? Watch an ad. Want to play the minigames? Watch an ad. There's literally 4 buttons in the main screen that take you to watch an ad. Good concept, cool graphics, completely unplayable.