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Idle Gold gem clicker

Idle Gold gem clicker for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by HighTreeGames located at Russia Krasnoyarsk 660013 Lvovskaya str. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It has a great potential, but there are a lot of flaws currently. there is no tutorial and many game mechanics have little to no explanation which makes it confusing.
I love the game and it's definitely something them I'd suggest first people like them like love kids and adults who have nothing to do
Very persistent on the watch ad offers, but only forces you to watch them whenever you prestige, so no big issue (the prestige ads are mostly a simple popup you can skip instantly)
I used to be able to play this, but now it just won't open. It freezes my screen, I'll see the game services open. Then it just crashes, I've uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times, same thing happens.
Simple gameplay. Ads are optional to make the game go slightly faster. Idling continues at 100% for unlimited time, removing anxiety of being away. Good game for relaxing.
I had planned on giving this 5 stars until I found out it was broken. The game doesn't save after a few levels. It keeps rolling me back and I lose my progress. I am thinking of clearing my data cache and starting from scratch again, but I think I should just wait for them to fix the problem.
I made it to a certain point in the game (green gems. Then the game kept crashing when i tried to prestige.... good idle game. Not happy with the crashes though
Game was working great up until I gathered around 2k pearls. Since then it has been crashing. Now I cant get past the play/perestige screen. From there it force closes. I would give the game 4, even 5 stars if it wasnt for that.
You should add a skill where you can have rage and get millions of jewelry for 15 seconds and plz make sure to not put adds Everytime you buy something cause when I like buy a pickaxe I will get an add if I upgraded anything I get an add so plz fix that and keep up the good work
is a good game to play wen you are travelling bicous it doesn't require any sort of on line activitie
No display for game. Hear sounds but all I see is a green thin line at the top of screen. Also why does this app require access to my photos? Sketchy
this is just an AMAZING game but if you dont like clicking i wouldn't be playing this but its a AMAZING game , AMAZING πŸ‘Œ
I could've rated it 5 stars before, but not anymore. Progress is good and fast at beginning and then it gets extremely slow.
I absolutely love clicker games and this one is very fun and a little adicting there is lots of upgrade in this game it is in my top 5 most favorite clicker games 5 stars on everything
The game is great but can you update it and make it that you can fuse all your enceness at once like 10=1 so you could do like 100=10 if your getting whatvi mean plz update it im tired of having to keep click fuse i just wana do it alΔΎat once to the max number
A bit heavy with the ads. Combining essences is almost impossible due to a wait timer or ad for each 1 you want to make.
It is one of the best games I have ever played ( idle clicker ) an ice played roblox and loads of others and this is amazing, the maybe add more pearl upgrades
I give 5 stars on everything. Great game play and time killer. I recommend anyone who wants a good clicker game... this is the one to play! Also, I can say that so far this is the best clicker kind of game I have played... Could play this all day... Just love it! To the makers of this game... Awesome Job on creating this game!
The game gives really good rewards for watching ads and there are no pop-up ads everywhere, how it usually happen with idle games.
Although the graphics and layout could be improved upon. This game does adds the correct way and should be used as a model for the bigger games out there
I love this game because I'm a type of person that likes to keep on taping things and if your like me I recommend you get this app
Game is normally great, however the last update must have botched my resolution, the game only displays on less than a tenth of my screen and is currently unplayable (on a note 9)
Seems to be a lot to do and get. Game progress has some low points with peaks when you get to the next progress point. Which I like because it makes progress feel more worth it. It is mostly tapping at first but you get nice automation later. I haven't encountered any IAP's yet, it has all been just ads. Which is great for me. My one gripe is I wish they had another system besides tapping. Maybe mine by holding your finger on the mine? Upgrade the speed with resources?
Good game the only downside is it doesnt scale to my device so I'm stuck playing in a small corner of my screen.
Was an okay 3 star game. The new ad service sucks. Have to sit through what amounts to 2-3 ads every time you have to see an ad is trash. As soon as I accidentally click something that causes an ad, I just quit the game.
Wow! this game is purr-fect for me because i got more than a quintillion pearls and its getting easier. Is there a update to make it harder?
For those who have a problem with the game opening and running it's not your phone it's not your device it's the new Android 10 updates that keeps it from running. The game still uses your phone data instead of Wi-Fi, even after you instructed not to.
Ive played the game before, but when i redownloaded it and when i tapped on the game it started than it kicked me out and said the application closed and it constantly did that pls fix
Really fun game getting far in it fast but it keeps crashing had 10 crashes in the last 4 hours not sure what's going on but would like it fixed
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
Simple, non complex and fun. Had to edit my review. It does force ads on you. Purchasing upgrade, ad, prestige, ad. No bonus with it, just shoves them at you. I uninstalled.
Literally no direction on how to get essences. Pretty much no tutorial for anything. You just have to learn as you go. Apart from that it's a nice time sink.
If you lose all of you gems there is a option to turn off auto sell so you don't lose you gems you turn them in and it gives you money
Awesome game it has expensive jewels,54 pickaxes,and a presteige tab,So cool that you must hire Workers that help you and mine all jewels (INCLUDING DIAMOND πŸ’ŽπŸ’),so cool you should install it on your phone πŸ“±it also has auto sell to jewels for money πŸ’°πŸ’΅πŸ’΄πŸ’ΆπŸ’· πŸ‘‘
It is a very good game because I love that we failed upgrade and can you make more things we could by with pearls like pickaxes ok
I love the fact that once you Max everything out you can uninstall it and try a different tactic to Max it out.
I see it constantly updated on here, and says i have thr newer version but my pick axes have been the same for about 6 or so months. Same with the essences and no new ones.
Here are some suggestions (prepare to read): -More essences should be added, especially considering after you've played for 5 days, the essences are just far too easy to get. (Also part of the prestige problem). -at least 46 more pickaxes should be added, and along with them, 45 more jewels/gems and double the upgrades that require pearls. -there is a bug with the prestige system: every time I reset and buy something with the newly spent pearls, the prestige gives me even more back so I could essentially go infinite. (This might change the previous notes, bear that in mind if you fix this). -the upgrades to the mine, without watching hundreds of adverts (which stop working, run out and/or crash the game after a while), is impossible to get without waiting forever. Please shorten the timer on the contract production. -the jewellery factory needs to be tweaked a lot: (1) The levels for the factory get extremely slow at lvl40+. (2) 10 machines is not enough, idle games are about big numbers, tweak it and add more of them (along with the essences to buy them with). (3) Having upgraded the machines to lvl 100, I can safely say that I have never once used the 2 hour upgrade, it takes too long and is far too expensive, and with the ad glitch it became much easier to upgrade everything. Tweak it to your leisure. -The meteorite upgrades are far too expensive, make them cheaper. I've barely gotten half of them to lvl 50 before it starts asking for billions of meteorites, which take ages to get due to the lack of meteorite production (Maybe add a new button and upgrade system for meteorite mining). -Please! Add a buy x10 and buy x100 feature, that would save me and everyone else so much time. Great game, can't wait to see the new update. Thank you for reading. ❀
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As a idle game hater, this game sounds good to me. Pretty addictive, easy to play but poor design. Has original features such as the essences system. But apart from this, that game is pretty bland. Get a new pickaxe, mine a new gem, sell it for more cash, get a better pickaxe. One of the things that kept me playing was to discover the next gem, as I admire their design. Very good point, there are no pop-up ads (you can still watch some ads for rewards) and no in-app purchases.
More fun and depth than many clickers out there. My only con is the ads, far too many of them to progress at a decent pace. If the ads werent so integral for saving time on every little step, it'd be perfect.
LOVE IT!!! One thing you should add though, how fast the miners you buy work. As in like upgrades, the more you buy the faster they work. And if you get to a certain amount of upgrades, it's start going instantly. Other than, I love this game
This has kept me busy for hours! Although it's getting sorta old now that I've unlocked all the pickaxes, maxed out all the amulets, My factory at level 52, the mine level is like 400, and a ridiculous amount of pearls.. Other mines to max out would be nice :) still a good game just the same.
Landscape! Not appropriate for an idle game in my opinion. I want to be able to quickly play for five minutes on the train or in front of the tv. Using two hands is very much not ideal. Uninstalled.
Great game, the problem is that it seems to crash randomly on my new phone when trying to play this…
I was enjoying this game, steady progression through upgrades and prestiges, but now the math seems to be all wrong. I had a mine level of 2000% so I increased it greatly to 4 million% to get past the wall at pickaxe #46, but now my progression is even slower than it was at 2000%. This needs to be fixed or a drop in stars and deletion beckons...
Overly simplistic graphics combined with no instructions on what literally anything in the game does. Also, 1.53 e +13 is how much money? I have no idea. So the money display itself makes no sense.
Beginner levels are fun. After a while advancement crawls to the point I just sign in every few days to check my very small progress and it's just not fun now. I have tried starting over by clearing my data and cache. Doesn't work. Deleted and reinstalled. Doesn't work. Wrote to the dev weeks ago. No response. In the game the dev solicits emails but does not respond. Game is worthless and unfun in later levels with no way to start over.
This barrely gives me any cash when i upgrade it just bugs out glitches and then after that i get no cash this game is useless
really interesting gameplay with lots of potential. (coming from someone who's played almost every idle game ever)
Sorry, it's an eh game, but it's literally a copy... this ain't cool bro, 1 β˜† from me, better luck next time. Would've been a 5/5....
This is one of my favorite games but I now have it back and I'm trying to get some help cause it wont let me in. So I am eating on when I played it in the past.