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Idle Galaxy Miner

Idle Galaxy Miner for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Exystem located at Exystem UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Rosenheimer Landstr. 21a 85649 Brunnthal. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A modern twist to Asteroids. So many asteroids to click on to get resources and many plants to discover. Pirates come to steal what have earned but you can fight or pay them off. Easy game play with good graphics.
Cannot get above a certain amount (credits), even though the cost for some things is higher than the max.
Ok...love it, however...GAME DEVELOPER PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS!!!! when your transport ships go past level 27 they will only pick up 2 million units, regardless of how much the planet is spewing out. Please patch this glitch. You mostly fixed the 2x ad engine, but when you save up hundreds of trillions of points to upgrade your mines, the transport ships shouldnt glitch and give you less. Please fix. Also, a good portion of the ads crash the game and make me lose all the accrued 2x gameplay.
I got all the way to the last system, took 10 months casual play, wasn't fully upgraded on mines or ships but was getting there. Then phone upgrade. Mmmm lost everything. Game wouldn't transfer no matter what I did. No save option or cloud save. Devs u need to seriously consider this!!!! Overall good time passer, easy to level up once u twig on how. Can rapidly open all systems within a week or less time depending.
This game is unique among idle games in that it doesn't feel like an idle game. You can tell that it is, but it makes it feel removed from idle games if that makes sense.
Think pretty good straight forward mine make money. Not sure what they have as a point need something to do with the money. Right just buy. More mine.
Was ok to start with, the usual time sink type of game. But as other reviewers are saying the initial first log in x2 bonus no longer works, always get an error message. Even with cold reboot before opening the game. Looks like once you start to get good mines, you stop getting the double bonus.
It started out ok kind of a lame time waster. But then when I would log in it would say watch video for 2x bonus but then I'd watch some stupid ad and got short changed. Glad they made some money off me but I'm uninstalling.
There not must to this game but I do enjoy it. It would be better if you were able to build other stuff around your bases to supply power, defence etc and make it so that the pirate attacks happened at random locations, not always where the mother ship was ☺
I like the game, but I wish you could also mine the asteroids so we have a sense of depleting something. Adding a bit of trading to it as well too would be excellent.
great game if you like bug ridden apps that the devs will not fix. update 2 days ago fixed nothing. its not the game thats idle it is the devs. this game could be the worst game ever for android. do not waste your time. this is just total garbage.
Every thing grows exponentially and slows as well until you might as well just not look at the game for a week till you can afford the next thing
the best graphics iv seen on a mobile game. accurate trailer! and better then i expected! simple mechanics smooth play and i havent seen an ad yet. almost to good to be true!
I like it. But it needs a other goals to work to acheive. Maybe upgrade for attack squads and then assault to aquire planets
There is a bug that gives you nada when you should receive the "sensational" bonus. Another problem is that sometimes you don't get the 15 min 2x bonus after the ad.
heres my problem. the only real way to earn money is to leave the game open. idle cash is in no way comparable to real time cash earnings.
Good game. You made me write a review, because your a spoiled little boy. You keep nagging me till I wrote this review. If you wanted a better review. You should act like an adult, and wait for the review. Instead of acting like a four year old constantly staying " are you there yet". If you don't like this review, grow up.
I like this game. A new level of casual. I don't know if there are instructions. I didn't read any, but it's self explanatory. I don't like that it hits me up constantly for ratings and the chime when you log in is much too loud but that is the complete list of things I do not like about this game.
Such a good game but can you please make another game like this I think the strategy version sucks but that's just my opinion but like I was saying do you think you guys could make a game like interstellar pilot a fun game by pixelfactor because interstellar pilot has been abandoned but I think you guys could make a game like it please and I think it would be a big success
I'd love to of rated this differently but it won't run on a cubot max, shame After upgrading to a note 9, it runs flawlessly, great game to kill some time with
I enjoy this game quite a bit, its very well balanced and doesnt make me want to delete it. My only problem with it is theres no sound effects in the options, after a while the noise it makes when leaving a solar system causes my ears to bleed a little, but the rest of its fun! :D
Overall a fun take on a casual game. Only thing there are a lot of asteroids. You could lessen the amount but increase their pay out. This game is a keeper. Look forward to see how you guys improve it.
The later level of capacity for transport ships from planet to station is bugged as production on planet for example planet produce much more points but ship take up nly 2,147..(capacity is much biger) , and when it take points..planets reset and start from 0 pints instead accumulating points more and more,.. serious bug problem
Get very boring quickly. Unreal amounts up to the trillion, and boosting ads are not available when you have too much credits. Disappointed, time waster
For some reason every plants 'mine', is at the same level (24 my current max) producing exactly the same resources for every individual mine too eggs. Planet a1 mines 1. 2 and 3 are level 24 producing 610k and all cost 1.6mil to upgrade the same as planet e4.......... The amount of patients I have put into this game for it to break now Is bloody ridiculous. Edit: I upgraded my max level, and was able to upgrade everything to the new max (27) for cheap and still hardly producing resources. Great... /sarcasm
I love this game its easy to play and relaxing. The only problem I have is that majority of the times I start the game up and it asks me to watch a video to double my mining when I click watch add it says sorry video cant be displayed right now and I don't get the x2. In the beginning it was fine but now when I log in and get 332000000000 points yea I kind of want that to be doubled
I enjoy this game about how about a sandbox/open world version of this game? Yeah there's the other idle Galaxy miner game, but this is far better
Lvl 27 mining is broken on some Planets, it goes to minus. Pretty desdaining after all the hard work to get there to see that it is broken.
I Think its a good game & I also appreciate to its developers that its a Creative gaming. But it must be both online or offline. Then It becomes one of the Cooolest game ever. Well,I hope it maybe improved.
Eh, didn't have high expectations, I'm usually fine with whatever, just don't care. But Christ good luck trying to get anything done, actual playability is awful.
I wish there were more things to do, or a way to zoom in or better upgrade paths. It's fairly basic and probably has a few hours worth of upgrading things.
Great game. Needs more statistics. The idle revenue rate doesn't update with x2 output, or when shuttle capacity is lower than mining rate.
Enjoying the game so far. It would be good to have a tutorial. Once you get going the coin starts coming in fast. It would be nice to know how many stars you get for clicking each asteroid in each system so you can judge whether to expand or not. Early on I was just paying the pirates but now I fight. Not sure if you gain anything from beating them but you don't loose anything if you win.
The mother ship transport system stinks, they group together and hit the same stations at the same time. Please please fix this. Otherwise very enjoyable.