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Idle Frenzied Hospital Tycoon

Idle Frenzied Hospital Tycoon for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by CASUAL AZUR GAMES located at Dubai. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I would have given the app more stars but the game keeps crashing and I deleted and reinstalled it and now it's making me start all over again and I lost my $14.99 to get rid of the ad's I figured that Google would have save my game but it didn't I hope that the makers of the game will try and fix my $14.99 please q
Sounds effects would add alot of character to the game and would be very appreciated. Ways to earn more money in game would be favorable as well. The game far too slow paced with very little to hold the attention of players. I will rate higher when the game has more content.
nice game but 3rd device is too expensive and no where to go after second level so will probably uninstall
I like this game very much!it is very easy and cool!wpWhat doesn't make sense is the illness , in the next update please ad real illnesses
Spent 19.99 on a gold pack then never received my package. The game glitched and won't show it. Plus is took the money from my account. Very upset.. 🀬😑
App has a total black screen now after the most recent update, if this is fixed I'll change the rating. First few days was going fine then all of a sudden total black screen and 'cheats' all in Russian. Please fix as I enjoy the game thanks
This game.... Is amazing for me. Why? Well, I have depression and the game has a lot of weird funny upgrades that chear me up when im alone. Rating 5 stars because this game has so much stuff in the game that you cant even imagine seeing in the real world. This game is awesome. Highly recommend
Prob one of the best idle games. Alot of idle games you progress too fast and run out of stuff to do and upgrades available. This one takes time and that is how it is supposed to be. Love the characters and how i can zoom all the way in up close. Thought the psychiatrist making the patients watch the tv with the spinning brainwashing thing on it is funny. πŸ˜† Good job Developer or developers.
Its a good concept but you are mainly watching ads with 30 seconds of game play. That's if you want to get anywhere at least. I feel if you were to buy the ad free thing for 15$ it would be worth it in a way but then you would probably go through all the levels quickly. Good concept and graphics just could use some work
Just started playing...cant tell if it's a nice game...but played for 15 mins, 10mins were wasted watching ads...boring!
This game is iffy for me. While there are no ads coming across my game play, the game also does not earn money when offline as most idle tycoon games do. O.o Edit: Thank you!
No instructions, nothing is balanced...the times are to long and thr prices are way to high..no way to make extra cash...add an ad thing, balance the game out..make it worth playing or more interesting...add instructions....i give it ZERO stars
Been trying to play this game for 3 day's now, I'm sick of it crashing everytime I login. 3x on the last attempt and still wouldn't load, I give up now I gave the game a try it seems ok when you can actually get on the game.
Absolutely love this gameπŸ’―β€ you can make your own hospital and is dosen't force you to watch ads but if you want to earn more money you can watch ads⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars
This is a very fun idle game. The graphics and characters are very cute. The controls and gameplay is easy to understand and it doesn't ambush you with ads. The only thing you must do to make this the best idle game ever is u have to make sure that the game itself is not progressing even If I dont close the app, because if I just get out of the app to do something else, the game doesn't progress which isn't really what you call an idle game.
Keeps crashing when I upgrade treatment room to level 150. I go back in and have to do it again then it crashes again
It was a fun experience, but it is totaly not worth for 18$ no ads purchase, seeing how you reach maximum current relocation within a day with no ads purchase. I am going to refund my 18$ purchases because of this. Will be back when there are more levels and features. Pretty disappointed tho
It crashes more than a blind grandparent driving on ice. I have spent real money on this game and it's been wasted Edit. Sent email as they asked and no response
It wont let me play. Game is crashing as soon as the first car pulls in right at the beginning of the tutorial. :(
This is a very nice game it is a very nice game to spend time. We could learn about diseases and the works done in hospitals i love this game keep it up guys keep making games
Don't download. You watch more ads than you play... No option to pay for ad free either. Not a good game unless you enjoy the same 30 second ad every 30 or so seconds
I have been enjoying the game so I paid 18.99 for no ads which is much more then I usually pay for this feature but like I said I enjoy the game...so as I sat there happily playing with no ads for about 3 hours all of a sudden the game glitches and I had ads again and it wanted another 18.99... Would be nice if this could be fixed...its a good game...18.99 for no ads is too much though.... :)
Game was more balanced then most part I've played a bit of idle games an this one is honestly the best hopefully you ad more stuff soon otherwise it'd be boring an no reason to keep it on my device 2 weeks nothing added still so changing from 4 star to 1 star ducks was fun uninstalling now
Its probably the best tycoon game out here! I love the design of the characters and how we can zoom up to them really close. Also, the symptoms are very unique. I hope you can add more maps and more things to increase the income.
This is the third time I've opened the game all week, it keeps pushing me back to before I started the candy hospital. I'm uninstalling, it's too frustrating. The saving feature is messed up.
I'm giving this 2 star because its very slow I've lost so many patients. I will give it 5 star unless this gets fixed
It keeps crashing and changijg language and saying random things, after watching the ads its been saying error, this only started after upgrading to the alien hospital though! All of the tasks and ads say 'upgrade the parking'
Interesting game, but not enough content to get all 5 stars. Ads are completely avoidable and money is fairly easy to get, but a lack of in game goals makes it difficult to understand what to do next if you're not already familiar with tycoon games in general. As said, shows promise, but falls short.
The game is great, just can't get advert at the started to double my money I have made when away. Game looks good.
Been trying to play this game for 3 day's now, I'm sick of it crashing everytime I login. 3x on the last attempt and still wouldn't load. Update 23/1/21 been playing a few days now its not as bad as it was but still crashes from time to time. Ok so if you don't mind watching adverts then its an ok game, if you extra income to upgrade things then watching the adds helps. Although some of them only offer little amount, but you can just ignore it.
upgrade too expensive. its not normally for spa electro and surgery its too hard to reach the money need more receptionist and parking space
Very good game only downside is the bonus cash time I'd like to see it upgraded to 36 to 48 hours for people how don't have a lot of time to check there game every day but still a very good game I highly recommend this product.
Absolutely love everything so far from sound to graphics.good game play .Great way to pass the day .Great job all involved πŸ‘ πŸ‘
Could not play, my screen keeps flickering, unless there's a dialog. Tried to restart the game, still the same.
I was excited to play it, can't get past the first 5 minutes of play though because the ads get glitched and never finish so I have to close out than when reopening it shows a beige screen.
Fun game at first, but trying to open and play it the second day, I get a black screen and the game crashes. Tried opening it over 10x before giving up and un installing.
Please to use gold coin like permanent upgrade and restart game make the money multiple and fix earning and upgrade
This game is a bit chaotic for me and I expected it to be a relaxing game but not so much. However, I still enjoyed it because it's fun to play and I like the design of the game and the characters. There hasn't been any problems so far so it's good!
Games keeps crashing every time I try to click on something or even few seconds. Only downloaded today and having trouble with it already. If not sorted soon just deleting the game
It was fast paced and fun but you have only one level to pass and that's it ? When are you adding more levels? And a faster way to earn money, it takes so much to get a third device πŸ€—πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
Fun game in concept but reached a point where I can't truly advance without spending a lot of money. Upgrade costs are way to high and game has just turned into a real money hungry grabbing pit.
Stopped working, I even paid for the double money and after a day the game won't even load. Annoyed (samsung s20)
Another one of the games that play slow the videos don't want to load then when they do low they don't want to play or they played but they don't want to pay out always a problem with the videos being deleted the same night it was put on due to crashing edut - you couldn't pay me enough to fool around with that thing to try and fix it it's not my job that's yours
It is repetitive and unbalanced. I love the idea but it needs alot of work. I will not give you 1 star as i always do when i dont like something. You get 5 stars because of graphics and gameplay. Since i am a dev also i can see how much effort you put in it. Balance it and try to make it less repetitive and more original, there are alot similar games but this one have HUGE potential. <3
I actually love the game, unfortunately it won't open the majority of the time. I even paid the fee to get rid of commercials. Very annoyed.
I like the concept, but its very poorly executed. However if you like pay to win games, this is for you. You have multiple ways to dump your money into this game. Permanent multiplier? 5 bucks. Disable ads? 15 bucks. Don't want to dump money? Don't worry, the game will constantly bombard you with offers. All you have to do is watch an ad. I got two back to back. Personally I like games that doesn't constantly annoy me as I play. Thats just me.
Gutted to see this game in mod sites with unlimited everything. Shame devs don't protect their servers. Could have been good game otherwise. Will there be more locations as I have reached final hospital within 2 days with no purchases? I don't believe in using modded games otherwise probably completed in hours.
Just downloaded and cannot open the app without it crashing before getting through the opening animation.
Some of the ads cause the game to freeze making you have to close the game and relaunch other than that the game is awesome
Game is ok, but since yesterday, every time I click on a room to try and upgrade, the app crashes. I can get earnings just fine, but click on anything and it crashes.
This is solid, you can tell when good devs are behind an app or game. The artwork and symptoms are amazing for a free app in progress. The new upgrade was awesome. Love spending money on games where the devs put in work and actually deserve it. Looking forward to another new location.
I dont like that its mandatory to relocate the hospital and loose all your progress in the previous locations, there is no way to go back.
It's very very very very AMAZING GAME! Nice graphic and interesting gameplay. There's and ads on it but not forcing us to watch it. The progress actually quite fast but i'm ok with it as long there's no annoying ads that suddenly pop up. Please keep it up and make many update with other fiture in the game.
You did an update and now I've lost everything and have to start all over again. Forgot it. I'm uninstalling the game. Not worth the headache going through it all over again
It was fine until I purchased the no ads feature, now it keeps going back to the tutorial then crashes, or doesn't even load, only a black screen. Emailed the Dev's and they refunded my purchase. Shame it still doesn't work as I enjoyed the game.
I played this game and paid for the upgrade. The upgrade stopped working after a few days. I contacted support repeatedly and they haven't replied. The game is fine, but support is poor.
This is an amazing game. Please don't give up on it. The graphics are amazing. It has so much potential. There needs to be more things to do. Allow us to watch adds for x2 profit. I understand its under development. Let us send our the ambulances to collect people. Love it. Keep it going. Rating will keep
When I started it was really good but it keeps restarting me from the beginning please can you fix it
Fun, but some issues. So to start, it's supposed to be an idle tycoon. Which means that money continues to accumulate even if you're not playing. It doesn't do that. Second. It resets the patients in the hospital if you go out of the app and back in, say to check a text. You come back, and the hospital is empty and no money. You keep using the words idle tycoon. I do not think it means what you think it means. πŸ€”
Game has definitely improved since I last played it, but the price for getting rid of ads plus all the upgrades is well over what the game has to offer in comparison. Plus there's still no feature to recover past purchases, so even though I paid for ad-free in the past, I had to pay again if i wanted no ads and even more than before. As such, my rating for the game does not improve. Do better.
Pleas keep updating I see great games like stis start off strong and stop but your potential is amazing please continue ( although upgrading the builds shouldn't be a lose in income I'm spending more to upgrade to make so much less?)
Most amazing game but only one issues while opening this game I get some brown with white screen I think it's some error in this game and I need a cloud backup for this game so can u pls give these features pls pls
I have fun, but there should be a rebirth system, giving increased in income and resets all data, including hospitals
It is a good idle game. Lots of bugs to work out. I had to Uninstall after only 1 day cause it stopped loading during start up.
I'm loving this game and I can't wait to see what the devs do from now. The art style and animations are unique this this game. It's similar to other idle games but it has its own unique flair. Very cool. Can't wait to play new content in the future. Much love <3
It's overall great, if you're willing to watch ads for boosting. I feel like the income and upgrade ratios are a bit too steep and can be expensive late game. It doesn't feel very balanced. But the looping animation is pleasant to look at, it reminds me of old games like restaurant city. I look forward to the next location.
I'm giving it 3 stars because I like the game but it's very laggy and it would be cool if the ambulances left and came back with patients or you could get a reward from them instead of them just sitting there. Overall it's a good game just needs a little more.
Will not load after 2 minutes of game play I did the earn more coins and played another game to get them now it won't load again
I had it at 1 star before but they fixed the bug! Super happy to be able to play this idle hospital game. As for people complaining about ads there in every idle game and game that's free so I don't know what they were expecting, they have to earn money somehow too! The bug they fixed and my old review *I was excited to play it, can't get past the first 5 minutes of play though because the ads get glitched and never finish so I have to close out than when reopening it shows a beige screen.*
Game itself is very good. No ads cost 14 EUR. For that money I can buy Valheim. Get real. Ads are for the most part optional and you don't need to click every one of them. All in all it's a fun game with cute graphics.
This is an entertaining game, and I'm not having any of the crashing issues others are describing. HOWEVER, since the latest update or two, I'm not receiving any earnings while "away," so it's impossible to advance beyond my current stage. Active earnings are so low I can't get the upgrades I need.
Cute game, there should be extra videos for making money, also side quests for sending ambulances to bring extra patients to the hospital. When will new areas be open in the relocation section... Plus, the video never works when I open the game to I assume multiply earnings.
Just purchased NO ADS why am I still seeing them? I love the game but am still seeing ADs please solve this issue thank you. If not fixed I need my money back ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate games like this where if you move to a different location and they reset all your progress. So you have to do it all over again. Waste of time.
it's a fun game but it's not truly idle when I come back yo the game I have only made a little bit when I should have made alot more then I did
Ripped off, paid for no ads. Charged money but still ads. Edited to 5 stars after devs fixed the problem. Great game, responsive team.
Will give it three stars for now as there are still a few bugs but I have to say I do love the game wish we had a Facebook connection so it would save our progress and also it would be good to see it come onto iOS devices
This game was great but the last two days none of my progress has saved. Otherwise it would be five stars
A great game the grafics are amazing and I know that the creator must have taken days or probably weeks to create this game so I'm going to give 5 stars and not 2 or 3 stars and there are no adds unlike other games.
Unplayable. The app crashes before you can play at all. What a waste. *reply* my phone is up to date, and the app doesn't work. I'd say it's the app that doesn't work not Android. I've uninstalled.
Run of the mill more or less. Which isnt bad or good, it just is. The main reason for me only giving 2 stars is because nothing to do after second location. No reason to play after only a couple short days.
I paid for the cleaner to get rid of ads and the marketing expert, I had also progressed to the tropical Island. Now I'm starting all over again? My progress is supposed to be backed up by Google Play. I just need my purchases and progress restored and I'll be happy and keep playing. I'll give the game five stars, too. It's a fun game, I'm just unhappy with being reset.
Well im not going to wait for added content. Pretty boring once you unlock everything and all you have left to do is get money.
Fun game. The reason I gave it one star is, it needs more levels and cities to discover the game....need upgrading...
I really want to play this game. It looks really fun. But it keeps crashing at the initial "Wow our first patient!" I've tried clearing data and cache and uninstalling and reinstalling. :(
Yes!!! I love this game... But why after update new map (alien map) , this game lag???? Btw i love this game....
Love the game but hate the ads! I would be willing to pay to get rid of the ads that play every 15 seconds..but there's no option to.
Ran out of game! I don't play games for long periods but really liked this whole I was playing it. I have run out of game and there hasn't been a content update as described. Would love to play more!