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Idle Food Empire Tycoon - Open Your Restaurant

Idle Food Empire Tycoon - Open Your Restaurant for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Codigames located at Edificio Lanzadera Muelle de la Aduana S/N Marina Real Juan Carlos I Edificio Lanzadera 46024 Valencia. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Recently moved to next area, but it has bugged out and reset my progress. Please fix! EDIT: looks like a failed migration of supermarket assets, rushed implementation!
I took a break for about 25 mins the app was closed but when I re-opened the app is got 0 offline earning this only just happened. so I closed and opened the app and still 0 offline earnings. other than that great game you progress much quicker beyond small village area.
It would be nice to have an option to get rid of the ads. Also after a period the ads stop working. Will give 5 stars if the problems are sorted.
I love this game! Almost as much as I love their other game, Idle Supermarket Tycoon™! Great graphics, Great gameplay and also just a great time killer! I rate this 8 billion out of 10!
This is a very good game to play. I would recommend this to anyone if they like idle-type games. I love that it's not 'those' types of games you always see on ads. I have progressed much more then I thought I would just because these types of games are SO GOOD. The only problem I have is, there is something that is not letting me progress through the game. I need 6.400 Decillions to go to another country but I have MORE then that. 10 Decillions to be exact. I may be wrong but I'm not sure. Sad.
Game WAS so much fun - till they tossed in an update that now has Idle Supermarket (?) ad running constantly in game!! The screen is filled up enough with unnecessary icons - last thing we need is another annoying one, that I cant make go away. Wont be putting another penny into this game, till ya clean up the clutter. Getting a bit crazy...
I really like this game it' so fun and kinda adictive. It's got really awesome grapgics and never gets bugs and always gives you your rewards when you watch videos. I love it.
Love all of these CodiGames games but am getting frustrated with the ads not working. When trying to watch for the profit multiplier or VIP rewards, the playable ads just crash and stop further ads working so have to keep rebooting the game every 5 minutes. Over the past 15 minutes I clicked the VIP car 14 times, but only received the reward once as the other ads didn't work. I had 4 ads for Smashing Four, 3 ads for Idle Factory Tycoon and 6 ads for Game of Thrones Conquest. All didn't work.
I lost all my progress on upgrade 4. I no longer have any urge to play the game despite initially enjoying it.
li played the supermarket one and this one seems a lot smoother than the other one, were i did get at one point in the game were it seemed impossible to advance, hope this doesn't happen here
I was doing really really really well and then i bought another village and i wanted to go back to my old village and i couldn't and i started Crying plz can u put an update on if you buy another village and then if you want to go back to your old one plz cause im really sad
Well I couldn't quite play this game because it wouldn't download but I saw you tubers play it and it looks amazing plus idle theme park and supermarket tycoons were brilliant games still I can't quite give it five stars because I never played it. :( UPDATE I can play this game now because I have got more storage on my device and it is great so 5 stars
Good game overall.. But to many glitches...You get to town four and it resets your progress multiplayer back to x1....Also it said I have 15 towns to open, checked again and it now says 3. Not happy as I paid for the £5 card !
I love this game but I don't like it when they bribe you to get custermers by waching a video or people spending loads of money
Wow these games are amazing. first i started playing idle supermarket then idle harbour then idle food and now idle airport and i think all your games are amazing but just saying i got to the coffee shop and it was so expensive but overall an amazing game please make more
fun game but i feel like all I'm doing is watching ad after ad in order to progress. will probably uninstall
games okay as a time waster but whenever i get a playable ad it crashes and no ads work at all for hours
The concept is good, the game run smoothly and I enjoy it, bur again the game have a lot of ads and that ruins the gameplay. Vip cars and extra things get annoying as well. Overall 3 stars the game is not well designed and ads ruin the gameplay.
Good game this is one of the best games I've played I like idle supermarket tycoon too they are really addicting when you are bored and I really like this game
I enjoyed playing the game and it is still good. Have stopped playing though as reported an issue to the developer a couple of times and they only replied to the 2nd one but a year later nothing has changed. It also seems that they have abandoned the game as there has been no updates for around a year now. Disappointed as it was good which is the only reason it gets 2 stars instead of 1
great game but am I the only one that has noticed that the Simpsons house is in this game on the first level lol🤣
I always have a great time playing this game its really fun and you can play it any time anywhere if i worked at google i would put this on editors choice although you have to watch an ad to get VIP guests other thab that its great! If i had a choice to rate and recomend a game for the world i would choose this game.
While I enjoy the games by Codi.... the tutorials are to heavy handed and need a skip option. Further, is have given it more stars but being bugged to review it means I give fewer. Want a better review from me? Let seasoned players of Codi games skip the tutorials and don't bug us for reviews.
I LOVE THIS GAME, I AM AN IDLE EXPERT WITH OVER 15 IDLE GAMES AND I HAVE TO GIVE CREDIT WHERE IT IS DUE, THIS IS THE BEST IDLE GAME OF THE LOT. With fantastic graphics, gameplay and controls the main reason why this is the best idle game is because it is much easier to progress in unlike all the other idle games where you have to wait DAYS to get enough money to make progress which makes this game super fun!! Highly reccommend!!
This is amazing!! I love it. of I have any spare time or am bored, I just come to this and play and I love it and can not get over it! if I'm upset, mardy are anything like that, then I just play this, it will 1.calm me down and 2. make me happy.
so much fun i get soooo hungry while playing this game because it looks so deliecios. i love this game and i hope other people like it too.
Overall a good start to a game, almost seems pointless to level any of the first few shops past 500. Once you get the burger shop in the 3 cities currently available thats it.(despite an achivement for building in a 4th location which doesnt exist) also you get the same multiplier for the second and the third city so almost no point leaving the second one. so far only a few hours of gameplay available but I will keep an eye on this one as it has been a good game thus far. needs balancing though
When you hit 'Miami Beach' you hit a wall. (Feels like a premeditated pay wall.) The adverts you WILL watch a lot of, auto click themselves so it opens in Google Play without consent. (Which must look great for their click through stats) Their response to this "sorry for inconvenience". Was a copy/pasta brush off. Shame really as love the art and some bits are genuinely fun. Also, the missions run out way too soon. Nothing to engage you for more than 2 mins. Even Idles need more engagement.
I like these kind of games. I've had this one for a while but it takes forever to earn enough money. I'm tired of waiting and watching videos just to barely get a boost. I'd rather use my memory on something more fast paced.
i know a new tycoon idea! an aquarium (in this type of game design) so, at hgh levels you could have sharks! at the beggining, just a fish tank is this a good idea?
Very good game will recommend to others however if u don't want to watch the same ads over and over again have gaps between watching the ads
This Game Is So Addictive,I Recomend It Along With Idle Theme Park Tycoon! Basically You Just Tap Things To Upgrade It,Ive Had It For 4 Minutes And 36 Seconds And I Already Have My Coffee Shop,Its To Addicting To Stop Playing,Though It Crashes Ever Now And Then. I Recommend All Their Idle Tycoon Games,They Can Be Crashy And Laggy But There Very Addictive,Thank You So Much For Making This Game!😁
The graphics were so bad it was ... DISCUSTANG...I like idle shopping tycoon though so play that instead of this and don't do the 10 hour manager.😠😠😠!!!!!!!!
Good experience; casual and relaxing. However, one of the ads (Idle Miner Tycoon) causes the ad videos to no longer play.
these Idle games are amazing I love all Idle games because we can seee what business development we want to do thank you for these games
Its not too bad but in app purchases are constantly thrown in your face and they're very expensive for a little idle game.
i love how its just like the idle supermarket that you guys created. i so excited to expand into the next towns. there was a small glitch. after i got to the third town i was able to expand to miami beach but wont show up on the expanding town page.
Codigames, your Idle games, i found the mall game, loved it, found the theme park loved it now im here, great and fun idle "farm" games
can you make realistic people.Also can you put celebrities into the game like demi lovato,miley cyrus or could you make a celebrity singer arena and gym ,village game as a full game.
I love this game! It is so much fun seeing how the restaurants themselves change. I would love to see more restaurants in the future x
Love the game .. relaxing ... fun etc but I love the " V.I.P" cars so u will get more money and gems . To buy things with ur exural money, they are pretty cheap and good for what u want to buy .
awesome but same ads also i wanted a food empire not a ad empire 3 stars be careful when down loading
the game is fun but there are no refunds for some odd reson because i bougt the 10 hour manager and I thougt after it was not worth it so i told the creaters about it and they still did not give my refund.☹️
I really enjoy this game however sometimes I try and click on the VIP car but the reward screen goes away and the VIP car leaves. This has happened multiple time and I had to restart the game a couple of times. Other than that I really enjoy this game!
Good but could be better. A bit tricky to figure out. After a few videos to get the perks, like the VIP cab, the videos just stop playing and I have to reset the app to continue to get the perks. Not as good as the idle rollercoaster Tycoon game
whenever I try to watch an ad it crashes literally 99% of the times. I can never get x2 profit or any other bonus rewards through ads
So... I mean, all your games are great but... on all of them, I feel like restarting because there's no hope for me once I reach a certain point, so once I reinstall it, it usually does not restart, even if I sign out! But ur games are great.
good game in general. but far to many bugs which is a shame because spend hours on the game and then i decided i couldnt upgrade anymore or having enough money to go to next place and going from 50x back down to 1x is pointless. please sort this game
it's a good game but it just costs so much to buy a ice cream shop ect other than that it a really good game
i love these tycoon games unlike some you can easily earn money and diamonds the vip cars and buses fullnof extra really help. you need plentybof data if you want to really sucsees though
just installed the game twice now and have only managed to reach the part where you can add an extra parking meter. the large blue triangle does not work for me and freezes the game. what a shame as I was looking firward to playing it. Idle Supermarket is great.
5 stars. mmmmm,MMMMMMM!!! all full quality,NO lag, great graphics, TOO MANY COMPLIMENTS TO COOOOOOUUNTTTTTTTT!!!!! 10/10 or 1000/10. Best,game,EVER
Tried this because I like the supermarket version, but this one looks worse, and for some reason all the ads are twice as long. All i do is sit through ads.
I just got a glitch when I got up by watching the video randomly a truck was driving on the on the path and then went to the road when parking I don't know why that happened in might be a glitch but it's really good games don't just a little bit nothing much
Very fun game! I have another one of these games and I love it! This game is extremley addictive and it's a super fun game! I think anybody should get it!
A good game to pass the time and works well for it. My only issue seems to be that I am on city 5/3 and it keeps bugging in new city upgrades that are worse off than my current ones. I have also ran out of objectives to do. Any update coming soon?