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Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon - Game

Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon - Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Codigames located at Edificio Lanzadera Muelle de la Aduana S/N Marina Real Juan Carlos I Edificio Lanzadera 46024 Valencia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've attempted to download this app on a Pixel 3 and now a Pixel 5. I love working out and tycoon games so this is a game I was looking forward to trying. However, everytime I open the app, it closes out immediately. Disappointing.
I love this game sooooo much its good if you get bord.olso if you get to turn on airplane mode there is no ads if you hate ads like a lot of people hare ads.!!!!☺and if you dont have internet TURN On YOUR Data!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It a good game to pass the time but when I decided to pay so that I no longer have advertisement... It will show up...
good game but when you feel like you are building money and getting somewhere you have to upgrade gym to continue meaning you have to start all over again. Got to second gym upgrade then got bored.
I LOVE this game it is so fun and engaging. But I feel like some of the upgrades are a little far fetched. Also the athletes should be real people in my opinion like people in the Olympics.
I love this game you can save money to make a gym empire I just think they should lower the prices to expand your gym more and lower the prices to get more gym activities so its easier to get it and if you are not a patient person DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME you would have to wait like 3 weeks to get the money for something but over all I love this game.
The game is good i have played for along time but the problem is that when ever want to get a reward from the adds it resarts the game and i dont get the reward please fix it i like the game
Used to play this game all the time, but haven't been able to even open it in months. The game opens to the loading screen, the bar mostly fills up, then it closes. I've tried reporting it multiple times but no one has responded. I wouldn't care so much but I've spent actual money in this game and now I can't even access it.
It was fun until you unlock all places and exercises. Then... No point to play. You just sit there and watch. No more content. And it was fun in the beginning. I hope that dev team will ad more content. If not, uninstall for sure. Oh yeah, if you don't want to buy no ads, do not install game at all. It's unplayable.
Cant even play game wont get past loading screen i want to play this but since it wont stop crashing i guess ill wait for a hopeful patch/update using Samsung galaxy s20 ultra
This game is amazing!! πŸ‘ 😍 πŸ™Œ πŸ’™ πŸ‘Œ ❀ Only downside is that the third renovation takes FOREVERRR 😫😩😣😞 At this rate its going to take me maybe 1 to 2 days to get it πŸ˜ͺ Other than that this game is great πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘ πŸ™Œ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜„
I actually like this game. But recently did a format on my phone and now when I try to reload all my perks I bought it says I already own them. Then the connection says failed and nothing restores. Please can you fix this .
This game definitely kills time. It is a very fun game, maybe a little to much ads but not to bad. Good game!! 😍
Great game if im being honestπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ BUT I have one issue with it, why is it so hard to earn money? Like they should make it so you get 1million dollars each month you play. BUT ITS STILL A GREAT GAME AND I LOVE IT
What a bad game. Out of all the tyccon type things, this is the worst I've cone across so far. The money is to slow on it, just a totally boring game.
Good game the best played it for hours but makes you feel sick after playing as you have to do the same thing and watch the people do what they do
Honestly it's a little good because there's ads it's a little bit something but that's disturbing the game that I'm playing you know cuz that's only problem please take off the ads at this game
It is so easy and I love to play it and you get stuff really easily and I completed the game in about 10 seconds
It is fun! I love the game because workouting is the best game i've ever seen! Download and install this game because you love too!
Fun pastime but limited places to go. You need to spend money on it if you don't want to spend hours watching ads. After that it's better, but once you get to a certain level it's SO slow moving it can take months to actually do anything. Also recently it won't even open. It crashes each time.
Its my first time playing ang only played for maximum of 5-10mins (including the tutorial and the ads) but just after 2 ads, it would not present any ads. I already tried to restart na the 2x but it still doesn't play ads. I tried ur other idle game, the prison tycoon, ads there works just fine. I even like the game... such a shame.
I rate this game 5 stars for 1 of 2 reason firstly this game is a great time killer secondly it takes a long long time to actually complete which will fill in those moments of boredom. It's a great game download it NOWWWWW
Ausome game love the upgrades and how theres realy funny punching bags and bench presses like the cow ,but the only thing is the man always selling gems hes really anoying if he wasent there i would give five stars but i give it four
HEEEEEYYYYY!!!! Tell me... This is an "OFFLINE" game right? Then why must i have an Internet connection when i want to start up the game? So basically when i one day go to a place and want to play this game, then i must have internet? This required internet connection to start up the game has made this the most useless idle game EVER!!!!! Remove the tag that says "OFFLINE" This might as well be an ONLINE GAME!!!! I give it ZERO STARS!!!! I'm deleting this kak!!!
Great but once it finishes cant play anymore. Has said coming soon for a new level for like a year. Shame.
The game crashed for me upon the initial loading process, and failed before the loading screen ended. It loaded when using mobile data, and allowed me to start a gym. After a few min. I can enable Wi-Fi, and I do enjoy most Codigames. I posted an initial review complaining about the technical issue, and it gave one star. It is unethical to delete customer reviews, but either Google is allowing it, Devs are hacking, or the G-cloud is failing. What does Google have to gain from removing reviews?
i love it it fits for me coz i really like tycoon idle games. But sometimes when i play it something pops on the screen and on it it said "log in error" something like that but overall i really love it
So it's really a cool game but the problem is that the upgrades and revenations are kinda too expensive but overall this is a good game.
Realy really fun game easy to play no ads that I have seen just a really fun game and I would recommend 5 stars!!
I think its a good time waster I think it'll be a good game if you have lots of times to have time on electronics :D
Amazing game! I cant stop playing it! The functions are explicit! I wish that when people get mad it would tell you why, but other than that there is nothing wrong.
It is the best game ever I have been playing this game for 2 months straight because of how much fun it is I love the way you can get new things.
Started playing over a year ago, was enjoying the gameplay and decided to drop $10 on one of the upgrades. A week later I've finished all of the content in the game and a year later there has been no new updates. Abandoware. Very disappointing.
Fun game. Upgrades a little expensive so it takes a while to make that much money. You will want to buy the no ad version for 10.99 or you will watch hundreds or more ads. As long as you buy that, it's fun to play. What happened to the ice skating? I liked having something new to upgrade.
I really enjoyed playing this game and have for many months, but recently it stopped working completely. Every time I open it, it loads the bar but then just closes. Very irritating.
Great game I know the others reviews will say bunch of ads and stuff like that and there's other that are just nosensory like when the ones where it tells you to renovate your gym it says you'll keep upgrades like the trainer but not upgrades like the styles for the treadmills Great game and I'm excited to see what you do with it next
You should make a autumn event.And add a new update for the elite athletes so you can upgrade them.And new costumes before you update them.The ads don't work!
Gets you interested up to a point where it's now taking me hours and hours to just build enough money to get one level on one type of workout. Waited 3 hours for money to build, enter the game, spend money on one level, wait another 3 hours and do the same.. Just no fun after a few hours of playing even after paying money.
It cool there is very few adds and it is a tycoon so the conclusion is that I like the game β™ͺ(β”Œγƒ»γ€‚γƒ»)β”ŒπŸ‘πŸ’¨
I loved this game before i did a system update on my phone, after that the game wont even get through the loading screen is there anyway to fix this issue?
This game is really fun. It keeps your progress and you can still make money while your away. Graphics are good and so is the rest of the game quality.
The game will not even open ending up crashing have not even gotten to play it yet I really wanted to but it keeps getting so close to fulling loading but then it crashes.
This game is very nice in the starting but after reaching a high level it is a watch to earn. Like come on u need like sooooo much more money to unlock attractions so that u can level up so they will give like see an ad of 30 seconds and earn little apfter sometime everybody will not like your gym and u will go in great loss so u will have no option except of watching looong ads and earn little money. Like every minute u will get an option of watch an ad and earn...
The game is is fun but it gets repetitive and near the end the upgrade are way to costly. It sucks when you hit max levels for the gym building little to no reason to play for the player afterwards. The upgrade are way to expensive you spend days just trying to full upgrade sections of the gym. Wish I didn't spend money on the game to progress maybe would of been funner and lasted a bit longer. The game does have potential but because when you hit max gym level there's no reason to come back
Cute game. I've purchased some of the other ones from this developer as well. BUT, with this one they "break" the adds in order for those shortcuts not to work to manipulate you into purchasing the add free version. It's a game worthy of a price, however, not the insane prices added to features. Why do you have to be like the rest of the world?
Severe lack of content. You will quickly hit the progression cap and the game has been abandoned. Zero content updates for months now. Very disappointing considering how easy making a new gym level would be. Don't waste your time, especially don't waste your money. The developers are clearly not interested in supporting this game anymore. I'll change my review if the developers decide to start making content for their games, not just making as many games as possible for money.
It is an enjoyable game BUT once you get to the last gym there is nothing left to do, and there is no option to restart the game while keeping any purchases for trainers etc.
The game was working great but, I would go on the game and it would say the isn't working. Now I can't play the game.
I love this game but you can't progress without watching a ton of ads. The gym itself barely gets you money. It would be better if the equipment actually paid. Even not playing for a few hours helps.
this game is actually really good, like you might leave for a couple days because moneys being slow but its really fun imo, great gaphics, you dont have to watch adds 24/7 unless you want too plus they have different icons when u upgrade the equipment. (coming from someone with a chromebook it might be different on your device i have no clue tho)
The game crashed for me upon the initial loading process, and failed before the loading screen after that. I turned off my Wi-Fi, and tried once more. It loaded, and allowed me to start a gym. Now I can play with Wi-Fi enabled, and enjoy this as I do most Codigames. I posted an initial review complaining about the technical issue, and it gave one star. It is unethical to delete customer reviews, but either Google is allowing it or Devs are hacking. What does Google have to gain from reviews....
It's a great time wasted adventure. The glitches with coming back to money being gone when your supposed to have an out of game allowance. It kicks me out after watching ads for money rewards. Graphics are great and the method is great. I do love this game.
I love all these tycoon games by this game designer of course. I wouldn't spend real money on any other game. These are awesome games to play very relaxing and enjoyable also very addictive. Hours would go by without you even knowing. Keep up the awesome work.
I watched a lot of ads to improve my gym and upgraded a lot of facilities etc etc. Then the next time i opened the app, it prompted me to upgrade the gym design to double my income. I did so and all my previous facilities were gone even though it specifically said that my previous upgrades wont be gone lol
POV you are looking to see if this game is good or bad . Don't worry its a great game defently recommend. And no ads unless getting a reward
I think, and im being honest, that this si the best game ever. Sure the other rateings are true but it makes the game unique as well, i think its ovios when you see the game that its gonna be fun and i hope you thinm its as vood as im trying to say right now, but there are way too many things poping up on my screen, must saying u might have to change that
A lot of fun until you do the final renovation and unlock the last piece of equipment, then there's little point to play. The game needs more content, regardless of wether that's seasonal events, like the winter sports event, or more upgrades to the main gym, but this way you reach a point where it no longer makes any sense to play. Unlike games like Egg.Inc where there is no ceiling and you can play forever if you like, this game maybe has about 20 hours of playtime until you're done.
I loved playing this game. Graphics and design is good and leveling up is okay too. I noticed for some machines, they didn't level up to other machine types after a certain limit while the treadmills had unlimited different machines. Good play and good game. I didnt spend a single cent for it.
Amazing game. So fun! I spent money on the game and a lot of time but now the game won't even open..... Fix and I will change back to 5*
It's boring. Also, don't include the "offline" if this wasn't playable offline. I'm searching for "idle offline games" and this one appeared yet I needed to be online to be able to play this. Dude, I don't have internet connection everyday.
Good game this is fun but so long to upgrade but it's super cool this game is a true tycoon and idle I wish this is Have 2 this is so so so fun I'm not gana dealet it its so fun thx for made this game its cool its a normal game but it's super cool
I love the game but I've been playing it for weeks and on the ads, I only get up to 6 Sextillion when I upgrade. It's ridiculous! I hope the people who made this game will make the ads give you more money, like 150 Sextillion.πŸ™ I'm trying to get to level 1,500 on the running machines to times my money every min by 5,555 and I only need to level it up two more times!!😲😲
Love the game. But the permanent upgrades went away with my recent renovation. There went all those diamonds wasted. Plz fix.
I would put 4 1/2 but it won't let me. All round great game could have a few more different people but as I say amazing game and I am really pleased about the ads no ads! (Unless you want to) So pleased it plays on it's own for 2 hours!
The game is really awesome. It is also a short slow game but not to slow to make it a bad game. And nor to fast either to make it's a boring game. There aren't many ads which is nice. I would definitely play again if I finish it. 5 star!!
That was fun my problem is this.. I upgrade runner i think for the next 100B how!?!? It will take YEARS!!
Spent a lot of money on 3 of their games and wish I hadn't. There is very little to do and then they end and are pointless because the replay value is 0. The amount spent is way beyond what you get. I never play phone games but tried these games and now it's taught me to never do it again. Seriously don't bother. If you don't pay you'll have to watch ads 90% of the time, but if you pay you don't get much in return for high prices.
It's a perfect game. Not to many adds, not many bugs, Adorable, I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a stake for time.
The game depends on ads too much. If you want to excel in this game you need to watch ads. You will find yourself watching ads more than playing the game. Other than that, the game is good. The graphics are good and the feel is nice.
I like this game when I start this game I can't stop playing. It is so amazing game.i think you should install and play this game your view will also as I have written.
Too ad and micro transaction heavy, plus some ads crash the game. Progress is too slow after 2nd renovation too.
Very short game. Been playing for 2 days, now theres nothing left to do. Was having fin, but certainly not enough longevity to the game. Bummer. Update: almost 6 months later and still no new levels. Seems devs forgot about this one. Dont wast your time.
Great experience but there's a thing. If a event comes out, there will be a special limited gym. When Introducing the new event, it didn't show up the money I have earned and didn't give me the Idle money. Simpler is when event comes for the first day, I don't get my Idle money
I'm putting a 1 star at this game right now Is because I can't even play the game. I just start the game up and it crashes every single time.
Its A pretty solid mobile game with no ads to randomly interrupt you. But when you do watch an ad to get a reward a good 75% of the time you just won't receive the reward
There are so many ads and if you want to go ahead you have to click it. However, there is no huge difference between new level. Waste of time
Hi, The email below to contact you didn't work so... I've been trying to play this game for some time now. It always crashes on the loading screen. My phone is up to date, I've restarted my phone. I made sure the app was up to date. Checked the permissions. Went into Google play to check everything. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app three times now. I really like your games (except the prison one) and would love to play this one. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks for your help!
Game starts up with loading bar gets to 100% and then crashes πŸ˜‘ I see alot of other people having the same issue, and it still hasn't been fixed.