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Idle Factory Tycoon: Cash Manager Empire Simulator

Idle Factory Tycoon: Cash Manager Empire Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Kolibri Games located at Kolibri Games GmbH Hallesches Ufer 60 10963 Berlin Germany. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
These are the best idle games. You don't have to spend any money to progress. Second time downloading too. Keeps pulling me back in ;)
It's fun I love idle games and I finally found the perfect one you will absolutely love this one the only complaint is make it to were we can choose to spend the max we can afford or 1x
This game is fun, but I ran in some bugs. First when the works run back and forth, I just freeze, second there is time where I push something and nothing is doing anything, third there is time where I get a black screen and I can't do nothing at all. Now I can't even play the game it's just a black screen.
Used to spend HOURS on this game. The new update that came out COMPLETELY ruined the game. There's no way to manually change the item you want to produce. Now it's just a game you have to wait hours for for what? To not have any control of what you are able to produce? Before I receive the generic, auto-response saying to email you regarding what can be done to improve the game, what can be done is to remove the update. Completely atrocious update.
I really like this game! Its very entertaining and helps time fly by. While playing another one of their games, Idle Miner Tycoon, I stumbled across this one, and can say it's just as fun! Thanks for the awesome game!!!
It's a great game but if you don't like a game where you have to have a lot of patience you probably should get this game most idle games take a very long time to get any progress at all so I think that this game is better than all other idle games it's so easy to get progress it's a great game the graphics need to be better and the controls are amazing well there's just one thing about it that's not very good I'm pretty sure I think that the stuff that you have to actually buy with real money s
Good game when I first started, excellent way to but time, but (As with all Tycoon games.) after a while it just gets super boring. Uninstalled the game as it was taking up lots of room. Otherwise decent game, though. There aren't many adds (Or there are no adds.). When you first start and are grinding your way up, it's a good way to kill time. After a while it gets boring.
Good game, love the update, I used to play old version however u should be able to change managers for collectors and miners
That is a great game ..i have played many Tycoons and this one is superb... I just have issue that everytime i have to spend cash there is confirmation ...i think there should be an option to ignore this confirmation because when you have some extra cash ....you dont want that confirmation...otherwise a great deep tactics...
I love this game is absolutely fantastic I've pay it for a couple of days and the first day of started it I loved it absolutely very much and even more days outside play more more and the best game everything on my phone
I love this game so much, this game is a great way to kill some boredom and time. If you just need a break, and want to kill some time, download this game, I highly guarantee that you will enjoy it.
Pretty fun So far really like being able to get money while I'm not playing may upgrade if I like it. But so far pretty good
The worst thing about this game is that if we go offline it produces very less cash and it's irritating that's why I'm giving this 2stars.
Haaaa. Good graphics, but asked not but after few min love or hate it. Five or zero stars? Really haven't played it. Then checked prices $1.99 A WEEK!! Are the Developers NUTS?? A WEEK!!! NO WAY
I would of gave it a 5 stars if I could actually PLAY the game!When I try to play it.It loads when it hits 74 it goes to 72 and it won't let me play and I played this game when I was very young and it was really fun but know it won't let me play and I really wanted to play this game...πŸ˜”
5 star for a great offline tycoon game! Man I've been hunting for offline games cuz u can see offline games often deez days thanks for the good game hoep you guys make more legit stuff and updates! πŸ˜€πŸ‘
I love this game,this is the best tycoon game in my life!!!. That make me feel good if i play it,if i play other game like battle royale that make me angry (i get rare weapons and i get killed). But this game make me feel good,fun,happy and other. And thx because u already make us a awesome fun game!!!
Great idle game I just got 6.3 billion From 1day and 2 hours that's a great achievement for me I recommend this game to ppl It may seem boring at first but then u can have fun Really cheap upgrades and cute work ppl Isawalot of bad reviews on this game but then I played it now I'm hooked! So in conclusion I highly recommend this game to all Even if ur afk for awhile you can get booster's for free and bucks for free like I got 50 bucks for free for unlocking 5 work stations your sincerely ET bye!
Love the game, although its pretty hard to earn super cash. I have paid in the past and can be pretty expensive considoring the ammount needed to spend. Purhaps you could introduce super cash achievements or challenges so we can earn some? Would certainly be 5* without this issue
Too many ads this game was amazing without ads but no you can't get past any level without add really stopping the hungry money money company fix all your bugs you've got the money to do so unless leave the game makeing to the professional
REPLY TO DEV: The game purposely cheating isn't a BALANCE issue, in fact, in a game where upgrades can be purchased with real life money it's actually fraudulent. ORIGINAL REVIEW: The payouts are not correct. If I purchase a 1 hour instant cash the payout is over 4 times more than I get if I leave my game idle for over FOUR hours. The game cheats you when you are idle. What is the point of an idle game that doesn't keep running fully while idle?
I agree with every updated and new review added for this game. I've previously loved the challenge of choosing and organizing my workstations to earn the best income in each factory, and had been saving my event tickets to get the Production assistant for the events as well. The recent update has taken all of that away, and while I still play the game; it is certainly not as enjoyable or challenging as before. I sincerely hope you take everyone's consideration and revert the most recent update.
THIS GAME IS REALLY FUN!!! I just started this today and it's already fun. You got a lot of stuff to upgrade and all of that. I also play idle miner from the same people and that's fun too. Thank you Dev for making this and idle miner you guys are awesome. Also people that don't like idle games try this one
I love this game im so close to the midevil factory and its so simple and yea its basicly just a simple and easy game and like the other games this person has made some pritty simple games and not to mutch ads, ok this is my opinion , l think you should try it out for yourself!
This is an great game and even though it does top there Miner game it is almost as good. They nail everything and you get addicted easily. Also can you do a theme park tycoon again because that was nice and I'd like it with animatronics and more creative control on the rides.
Huge rip off!! Game only generates idle for 2hours unless you pay money. The whole game is excessively priced. You are vultures!!!
The game is great. Good time spender. The last update is making me slow down on playing it though. Have to wait 24 hours or spend cash to unlock the next level seems like a bit of a cash grab. Especially since it wasnt that way last week. As a fix you could severely reduce the amount of time needed to unlocl new levels, and if you were going to charge dont charge 50 bucks just to reduce the time. Mayne suggest a less amount to get rid of the time that didnt exist last week. Still a cash grab but a far less greedy one.
Hello developers. Ive been a fan of your creation like the miners and this factory. I hope you can make kolibre version of idle supermarket full offline. I will be waiting for that chance. Thank you. And by the way. Great update to this amazing game.
This is a great game cus in other idle games you have to click alot and I dont like that and this game you can just sit there and it will do the thing for you.
I enjoy this game, because I like idle games but I have a few suggestions that if you added them I would make this five stars. Firstly make it so you can update the amount of time you are idle for free, at least make it more than two hours. And secondly please add a free way to convert other currencies into super cash that is proportional to your idle rate. Thank you for making this game, would recommend to others.
Now i love this game. When I first install this game there is only a black screen and after a few seconds it automatically closed. Then i think on this company mobile can't install this game (my phone OPPO). So install this game in my mother's phone. It properly opened.Oh no!What a fantastic game you should try this game on the spot.You made only two games.I love the both games.One thing it is very tough to visit all factory/land when there are many lands so when we slide left we have to visit.
Good game. I have only just begun my adventure but I have played games made by this developer and I have always enjoyed them. Looking forward to this one.
:-) Thanks for replying my review this is the first time I got reply of my review in the play store games now it starts after connecting to google play games but in the first downloading of the game it takes me back to my home screen every time and it takes much time to complete the downloading process then I think that it takes less time because it is kolibiri games game please make it more smoother like idle miner :-[
This game used to be the best! I would play every night before bed. But the new update is awful and just turns the game into every other mindless clicker game. I used to have a big part in the operation of my factory, and now I just feel like a useless ad-watcher. If the developers turned the game back to what it used to be, I would gladly give the game 5 stars. But for now, I'll have to find another game.
The game is fine but it has too many ads and every time they will send for you all the time come take your daily reward we are working hard boss that's what it says every time when I sleep I will not sleep becouse every second my phone will ring and I have stayed all most 4 or 5 days not playing it and it will not stay you should repeat every thing you did the game is not fine.
This game is worth the download its really easy to get started and a really good game for people who are board!
Really nice game just don't like you have to upgrade it and the scale of the work they do so you have to upgrade them to go faster because if you don't they won't go down to all workstations
I love everything about! Except for it takes you a long time to get to the event factory. Other than that it`s an amazing game. I reccomend, and I'm picky about games but this is a Bob Ross original of games!
Murrrr. I liked it for a while then I got really bored. I don't know is it missing something? It felt too easy I guess. (I'll keep it at 4 stars as to not hurt the rating. I'll come back in a few months to try it again.)
Wow. Worst. Update. Ever. Of all time. Almost finished unlocking all the areas/benches/products in the first factory and now I pretty much have to start over because of this stupid "quest" system. What adds insult to injury is having to wait EVEN LONGER after completing the quests for the next AREA to unlock. This is B.S, I'm deleting this. If you haven't played this yet, go ahead and play it. It's an interesting and fun game, but they just really screwed over everyone who has already been playing.
Its very nice. Alot of grinding to do. Its very impatict its so nice its from hard ones its leaderboards.factorys,:leveling up endless money. Im alredy good at the gane i just played 4 weeks im already good a pro, thanks for this game. Rating of 5 very good good job belzike i forgot it sorry.
four times I've been told to contact support with regards lost progress and purchases. Every time I do, I'm told the same generic response "don't reset the game" and "we don't support cloud saves". Which is fine, but after spending quite a bit on this game, the fact that you can't restore purchases is ridiculous. I mean, really? Spent well over $50 on this game to lose it all is a ripoff.
When I first played this game, the item produced was a matter of your choice, it wasn't fixed. That raised the game above other idle games in my opinion. Then it was changed so that each workstation produced only one fixed item. This made the game more dull and I eventually uninstalled. I came back in the hope the game would have reverted to the original format and am sad to see it hasn't. Still a reasonable idle game with some good features, just sadly reduced from what it once was.
Pretty addicting game. Simple enough that you dont have to spend hours setting thing up, but complicated enough that you could if you wanted to. the only issue i really have is not being able to turn off the delivery of resources to a workstation so they can work through what they have instead of wasting resources by switching to making a different product.
Really good game I really liked it the one problem is too much ads if that could be fixed then that would be good
I really enjoyed this as a time killer before the quest update because you weren't limited to how much time you could spend playing and could use it as little or as much as you wanted. The new update has totally ruined it for me because now I have to wait however many hours for things to be upgraded so I've had to find a new game. You should get rid of the quests or make them an optional extra if you want to, it ruins the point of the whole game. So disappointed :( I didn't mind watching ads for boosts and the double cash but this is a ridiculous update. You've forgotten the whole point of your game. I'm deleting the game if this isn't fixed soon.
I like this game but I can only phone yesterday but my progress never saved on mail phone I never was able to transfer from my old phone to this phono I'm using now let's expend another 2 years on this game
Great time waster. However, there are 2 issues I have: one, after buying a new work station you get a ad. Ik devs need money but it should be either pay in game cash or watch a ad for a free unlock. Two, after the second product upgrade it takes up to 9 hours for the upgrade to complete. But besides that it's a great time waster.
I like this game but I don't love it because I've played these types of games and I use to like them but not anymore because I've played them for hours that's why I'm giving it a three and I'm sorry for any down rates.Thank you
This game is fun and entertaining. Something that doesn't take months to finsh, but takes enough time. But the ads will sometime aggervate me, but they're not that bad. (Btw im not a bot lol)
This has been the most relaxing attractive game I ever play!Its nearly the nest game and I hope the creator of this game provides the game so it can be more then a average game
I give it 4 star because I really love this game but the booster is so hard to get you need 50 or 75 cash to get it and it has to many and and verry slow to open but I give it four star
It is another fun game from these developers. The premise is similar to idle miner but different style of game play. Minor close issue with the upgrade window. Other than that, the game works great and is fun too.
I installed the app, and I opened it but theres nothing! Just a black screen.. Then after a while, it just exit out the game. Then I tried it 5 times again.. Still nothing! I dont know if it was my phone or it really was like that but please fix this because I really want to play this game. Hope you reply. Sincerely,Mia.
Nice casual game. I've been playing this since 2018 and just the other day I completed all the upgrades in Furniture Factory. I'm happy with my progress although it is slow. It's really fun.
This was a fun game until the recent "update". They took all thinking out of the game. You no longer have the option to decide how or what your production stations produce. In essence, they throttled the game to suck more money out of you. Not only that, but now it lags to the point of being unplayable after a few minutes. Deleting unless they rollback their changes. *Update* As you can see from the many canned responses, they have no intention of reverting the game to it's previous state. Bye!
I really love this game, but can I ask one thing? Because I play Idle Mining too can you change the song in the different zones because 1 song for the whole area is just a killer and very monotonous. Especially in the event factory. Like a cool midevil song or cool space song. It just really kills it to have 1 song for every area.
This game is abandonware. Company is no longer updating, won't fix playability issues with buttons, color blind issues, balance and nerfing. Don't bother. Update 8/19/2020: Still no response from Community Management on any of the playability issues. Game uninstalled due to lack of player focused positive fixes.
It was ok to start with then just became really boring. Its obvious the only pay to make the game playable is to spend a fortune. There are games out there that amass coins and the sort while you are away that you can then use fora period of time to enjoy the game. This is not the case here. 1 skill point costing billions and you need several in order to "spend" them and even then they dont make a massive difference. It should be renamed as 'Boring Factory'.
There is no ad free purchase available. I won't watch ads. I don't want them in the game. I have money. If you want it, offer a no ads version.
This game was phenomenal until the last update. The previous version easily deserved five stars. I feel like I am being generous by giving this one a single star. The game has lost all of its fun and there is no more challenging aspect to it. Before, it made you use your brain to fogire out how to beckme the most profitable. After the update, you have no control over anything. The last update was a major downgrade. Hopefully they can go back to the old style.
Love the game and how simple yet involved you feel. Only thing I would like to see is possibly different themes/color schemes to choose from! (: (I usually play idle games when I get ready for bed so a darker theme would be nice and relaxing on the eyes)
This is an awesome game. I really recommend this game. good graphics you could play this for a long time and not get board. and this game runs smoothly on anything so go play this game really fun.
Nothing says a nice relaxing idle game like forcing someone to either pay you, or login every two hours to continue earning idle money. Also I'd love if I could just once and not see ten offers to give you more money. Edit: Once the game is closed for two hours you no longer earn any idle cash unless you pay real money for an upgrade. That is where you are forced to login every two hours
It has kind of a slow reaction time but still really fun. It's great for a while but quickly gets very very hard to progress. It lasted a few days which is about the same as my app attention span so it served its purpose for me. Absolutely fun to play while it lasted and I liked the ability to change workers and optimize with a single click. Did not care for the barrage of events and sales and blinking arrows. More good than bad if you want to try it out.
Played this game for months, enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. A good casual game with a real sense of doable progression. Now, the latest update has thrown all of that through a loop. I can't choose what each table makes? Really? As in a function I've always had until literally this update? So now all I can do is upgrade tables and watch ads. Not nearly as engaging as it once was, the latest update is a serious downgrade. Fix it or you're going to lose players, myself included.
Seems fun. Only played fir 20 min before getting here if it's really good I'll improve this review. If in three months this is still up then the game didn't stand the test of time
This is still a very good game for anyone to play but only reason i gave 4 star is that it need a little bit upgrade on the work stations. they feels like its not a factory it makes me feel like a list of a work sheet but its still a good game hope you make it better 😁
I actually enjoyed this gamr for a very long time.... This is coming from a person who works in manufacturing and can relate to what this game used to be. I enjoyed it ao much I decided to take my hard earned money and spend it on helping speed up the game a bit. Now the feature I bought is no longer available and I'm SOL. Used to play this game multiple times per day, watch the Ads and enjoy it. I've probably opened the game 3 times and closed it very shortly after since the update. Disappointed ***Update - I received a response from the developers saying that I would be receiving a refund for the features I purchased that are no longer available. After weeks of waiting, I have yet to see any refund to my account. ***
I love this game because you can take your time it's fun and you get a lot of moneyand it's hard and easy at the exact same time
The game is nice but add some more fun after some time the game was boring so do some extra fun for more playing the game your games are nice kolebre
When I installed the game some years ago it was fun and strategic you could change your products and production.. It was way better than it is now where it is basically a clone of a lot of other games.
Previous boost purchases and progress did not sync when switching phones. Forced to watch adds when unlocking factory areas. I liked this game when I first started playing but these 2 issues really killed anything I liked about it. Edit: Kolibri worked with me to resolve the lost purchases and assist with lost progress. The only reason for not giving 5 stars is certain things like unlocking a workstation force you to watch an add if you have not watched one during that play session.
I love this game but it is not like that I think improve it more and more has you possible but the game is STILL SUPER πŸ‘πŸ˜Š I hope you will improve it 😎
I will give 3 stars, Good graphics. Good game tbh. Defo helps pass time during lockdown. Problems, I'm just prestige my village/warehouse over and over. Starting from level 1. Having to wait minutes or hours to unlock sections I'd already unlocked. The event. Hmmm I think its very good idea every couple days new event BUT I play event 12 hours as it starts, I completely level up in 1 day, then I have 2 days were I have bc money and nothing to do. Let us restart or something? Thanks
It's a great game. Been playing in and off on my tablet for just over a year now. It can get boring at times (hence the 4 stars) but it's a good game. My tablet is beggining to die of natural causes so I thought I'd install it on my phone too. Started off with idle miner on my phone then got hooked to idle factory haha. Its a good game to be able to just picked up and play, and it's a good time killer too :)
I absolutely love the music for this game. Bizarrely it's the main reason I have re-installed it - it's so evocative of a busy factory. The game ticks all the brain calming boxes of repetiveness and low pressure. But as others have been saying the 2 hour manager limit is very stingey compared with other pay to win games, and that ask less money for the managers etc. In the end that will end up putting far more people off that would otherwise probably have paid more real money to the developer.
Idle games are kinda bar at the start when you have to press them, but when you buy manager's or worker's it becomes excellent 10/10
I really love this game it's fill with fun but afterwords it gets bored because we have to do only one thing in it only to upgrade that all workers but fantastic game πŸ™‚
Honestly, this is a great game and I like it. The app is easy to use and really love the gameplay. I was addicted during the start and later I feel bored and I uninstall it. I rated it 4 stars because this is not your fault, maybe I'm not into clicker game. I just don't want to pull down your guys rating. BUT, there are a lot of people who feel bored after playing this game for days.
Loved this game until the most recent update. It now forces you to play in cookie cutter ways - you have to raise x amount of cash through building certain parts in order to progress. Removes all player agency. Uninstalling. EDIT: Would like the "quest" aspect removed. You shouldn't have to build certain parts to move forward. I'd like to be able to progress in whichever manner I prefer - whether that means making only one type of item, that should be up to the player. Just my opinion. Thanks.
Nice music. Great guidance. And they smile like they actually love their jobs! πŸ‘Good work on the game.
I like this game and would give it 5 stars but I think it takes to long to unlock new areas. I also think the event times are too short and it takes too long to get to a decent point before the event ends.
This game is awesome, my kid loves it now I can't get him out of the phone, he is too addicted to this game, I am going to wait for 5 more years until he gets his own phone and play with it, Good luck son!!!
Nope! This game creator must have lost their damn minds. You have to go through 4 permission screens before you can even access the game. Including one that gives them full access to your private Google account info/credit card info. Beware your giving sensitive info to play a dumb game
I just downloaded but when I opened the game there was just blank screen.. Tried few more times but it was the same
very good, nice, but when I turn on the flight mode I am not getting the prize randomly, so please , make the prize come randomly
Really fun game! I made a lot of progress playing on my phone, but for some reason when switched to my tablet on the same Google account, I could not load my game :/
I can't open the game😠😠!! Black screen and then out of game.....To angry with this I want to experience this game pls fix this!! I'll give the game 5🌟 I play all your games, They are all awesome...but only this game I can't open 😠😠😠
It's all nice and all, but I want more games similar to this from you guys, and in idle miner tycoon, I dont like the music, it sounds off from the game, so can you make more games like this for example, idle restaurant tycoon, or idle hotel tycoon, or stuff like that, but I love it and keep making mor games like these, if you have no ideas, use mine, thanks for knowing
The developers are getting more greedy as they release new games. The maximum idle time shrank from 16 hours to 8 hours and now 2 hours before being forced to purchase an item for an exorbitant fee. I will uninstall and blacklist this developer from now on.