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Idle Dungeons

Idle Dungeons for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by PotatoPlay located at 602 Keyun Road 12-1, Tianhe District Guangzhou Guangdong, China. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm gonna sum up this whole experience in one sentence..."Network error, reconnecting..". Fix this issue already and this would actually be a decent game
For now, the game is good... but it surely needs a lot of work. For example, things that I would suggest to make the game more rpg like are: •Equipment Rarity: Coomon Uncoomon, Rare, Legendary, Mythical (stronger equip, coomon weakest and mythical strongest) •Equipment Mods: Equipment can have mods (example, +8% Attack, or +2% Defense.) •Stat Management: When you LV up you get stats points, with which you can distribute to make your self stronger Those are some of my ideas..
Great Game, But please fix the "Network Error, reconnecting" that part is making me mad. But still i will give you 2 stars. Fix it please.
Great game! Honestly what I have been looking for in a mobile idle game for sooo long! I just wish clans were a option and or bringing characters to new servers. The server I play in is 18 and it only took me a month to get top 3 on leaderboards and now I have no more competition at all. We need something cross server or a way to fight all players in the game in general. Great game though! Does need updates to keep us hooked! Will rate 5 stars once I seen some updates minus new servers..
Fun and Competitive, this game is not about Pay to Win, but the developer need to add more features from now onwards, to keep all the players active and not get bored with this idle gameplay
I just got this game last 5 minutes ago and I went to play it but it won't respond so I deleted some of my games and even snapchat but nothing happened so sorry to say this game is horrible if you fix the game soon that will be really really appreciated thank you. I'm sure this game would have been really fun but it won't work some people had it working and you got great feedback from those people I hope you guys or women make the game better thank you very much.
Disappointed its just another not good game i see need to uninstall fast. its another waste of time and data.
Omg . about the connection do something. I created a caracter on every server. When i try to log in again i wait and wait and nothing .
Hard to understand what is going on and how to do anything. Incredibly cute and runs fast, great for not really paying attention, but has a lot of interaction flaws.
with the new update. need 5min to watch an ads and collect only 20gems. this game will be dead in 1 week. you guys just kill the game TBH ! its to hard to grind with out that .. REALLY TO HARD. make no sense.. you guys should keep the 50gems per video and not 5m cd. need to be fixte or no one will pay for this game anymore. Dead game on the way.
I love this little game, as it's a great time killer when I need to kill a few minutes. however.... I wanted to buy VIP 1, and i cant figure out how to. i dont think it works
This is not an idle. idle games progress without you. this is a "stare at your screen amd watch" game. which makes it a bad movie. offline "progress" is limited to reaching the next boss. which means a couple of stages . so unless you can leave this on somewhere or you have NO life, this game is not for you.
Fixed a MAJOR bug so is better to play, downside is that there is still no ability to auto progress through boss stages and when you are talking about watching it idle and clicking to fight the boss past stage 150, it becomes very tiresome.
This game is one of the best game I have ever played! Thanks for making this amazing game. Hope you can add online party member display, thank you!
really cool game. would habe played it alot if they didnt push the pay to win so hard. based on mechanics of the potions your going to watch an ad every 5 mins for the bonus. which is cool. but why push the pay to win so hard when you already force us into your ad revenue. would have been a lot of fun but its just another cash grab.
This game has a lot of potential. It just needs to improve its connection. Its crashes a lot. Potions doesnt do what they supposed to do. The character do random pauses before attacking monsters. The diamond ads seems to be broken. But the gameplay is awesome.
Not an idle game. Saw comments was going to give the game benefit of the doubt. But they are wrong game is far worse. Ran out of basic mats to upgrade weapon within minutes of playing. Waited to see if i could look some. As far as i know i got nothing. Reason this game isn't idle is because you HAVE to watch ads to play this game. It's ads with poor reskin of another game that was done 5x better.
first af all im seeing comments about the game being too easy and what people dont realize is that they r the the type of people who make devs make ftp games pay to win cause they dont get challenged. If u people in the comments r reading this, leave the game if u dont like how easy it is
I love the game, its just my type of rpg, and I really wish there was more than just this one, and or others like this one, I finally found a game that I love, and will keep playing for quite some time.
I would rate better because I like this kind of game but seriously it's an idle game. Why does it need to send packets for every step. I have no signal at my house and my wifi sucks at best. I see no reason this game needs to send and receive as much data as an mmorpg. It's an idle game.
Hangs, crashes, loses connection. Not a bad idle grinder overall, but with so many issues I just cant recommend it in its current state.
I really like the game a lot, have played around 2 weeks so far but, I lost access to my character after the latest update and want to get back to playing it asap. The game won't start, it hangs before it gets to the server login stage. I've sent an email to the contact email provided already, awaiting a reply.
I really like the game but a bug/lag has me kinda wanting to delete it as I am now out $20 for a gift pack purchase and have not received the gift equipment and 1000 gems
With how dependant this game is on watching ads for the free resources, it is painfully annoying that after watching an ad I can only get my reward from it after closing and reopening the application every single time
Crashes frequently. Far too many ads. You lose paid buffs with crashes. Fix these issues, and this game would receive a far better score, as it is a fun game.
Installed game without reading too much into the reviews/ratings and have to say that I am blown away by how smooth everything is. I haven't encountered any of the issues listed in other reviews such as inability to load in or ads not closing. The simplicity of the mechanics and the ability to get sucked into this world will keep me coming back. Pat on the back, guys.
I really wanted to like this. They don't require any permissions, choke you with ads, or nag you to spend money. The simplicity and poorly explanations are forgivable in a new game. However, you simply can't progress by playing. Over 5 rebirths, pouring resources into combat, I maxed at lvl 201 every time. Zero progress for several days of play with very high resource earning upgrades. Progress is easy by watching ads or buying upgrades, but you get nowhere by playing.
Hey Patato :) Well the game if funny but the lag or the freeze screen make me sad. Hope you guys fix. Thanks ;)
I really wanted to like this game, and believe me I tried. It looked like a game just up my alley. But this game got issues, and oh boy are they significant. The first and most important one is the inflation. After just 10 minutes you'll be earning millions and millions of gold and you'll have tens and thousands of hitpoints. After 15 minutes of playing you'll be around level 20. Everything loses it's meaning because it's so inflated. On my first prestige I earned around 2 million rebirth currency. With numbers like these there's not any feeling of progression. As a new player I'll say this. Big numbers aren't always good. The second issue I have with this game is that you can watch ads for rebirth currency, I mean, really? What is the point of a prestige system if you can skip it and watch ads instead? Other than those points, there's some spelling, grammar and coding errors when it comes to text, but nothing significant. I'd vote this two stars but it seems like the devteam is actually working to make this game better, and not just have it as a cashgrab, so two stars for the game and one for the devteam. I'll check back in a few weeks to see if the game has shapened up.
1. balance is major issue. for 100 gems, which you can get from paying 99 cents you can gain 1.4 T books which will save you 100+ hours of play time, and makes restarting levels feel like you are doing zero, since again the gems in treasure box gives so much. 2. levels boring, no effort put into the maze. 3. having lots of servers means more cash flow for devs and worse play experience, people see they cant compete just move to next server over and over.
Good for about 30mins then I got bored because for idle game this one is WAAAAY TO FAST! to play just in 30mins im at top 1 in bronze division for a newbie this is way to fast. Take note i didnt bother giving this game a single coin and yet i achieve that.. TOO BORING
you have a generic hero that runs in circles defeating the same enemies with different color. you don't control the hero... you get 5 spells that cast at random, you can upgrade the spells, some of which are useless, every few levels you get weapon/armor upgrades, same for everyone. the only thing to do in the game is watch ads for gems to upgrade your useless hero. only goal is to be a top player, but its pay to win.