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Idle Diner - Fun Cooking Game

Idle Diner - Fun Cooking Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Idle Cook Games - Cooking Games located at FLAT/RM A 12/F KIU FU COMM BLDG 300 LOCKHART RD WAN CHAI HONGKONG. The game is suitable for PEGI 16 (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'll play this game for weeks, the game will get ur attention to play it, in a first day it will drop $20 up then suddenly i reach 87 dollars a couple of weeks, i open it and play everyday because im excited to reach the 100 dollar but one day Im shock because theres no paypal on the screen anymore.it was disappear and I try again and again to open it, but nothing happened! no more paypal and rewards to receive.wasting my time and data to this game.
Don't play for payout, you won't get it. I played for over a month and got to $96.62. Then it just stops offering you money payout ads. No way to earn more to reach the $100 cashout minimum. It's been a week and still no payout ads even though I played every day. Multiple games from this company that all do the same thing. They have no intention to ever pay anyone!!
I have been playing this game for 2 months now and its all fake please dont believe this.I only got till 96€ and then it just stopped i hate this dont download this game,disgusting.
boring game.. I played it to see if I can cash out but like everyone else who played it, I got stuck in $90's... THIS HAPPENS WITH ALL IDLE GAMES... YOU GET STUCK JUST BEFORE CASHOUT AMOUNT.
Would give more stars but this game is a rip off been at $96.62 for a month now and havent got anymore pay pal and i play this game daily hope you fix this if not a class act law suit for false advertisement will be next game still sucks still havent made it to 100 still at 96.62
If there was an option to not give any start, I would. This game is not only boarding as waiting in the line at the bank, but also full of false ads, saying you can make money, but there's not even a display for the cash you're suppose to make while playing, you have one way to connect to your PayPal, it's just to send the app Owners money from your PayPal account. Shame for making people believe one thing, while you do the other. You're boring and your game is too. At least pay up.
It was interesting at the beginning. When I was 2 USD to the target, I would not get money again. It later stopped working.
Waste of my life... I gave a go I knew it might take forever but once I got to $96 three months ago no more money big time JOKE I tell u... I knew it might what a waste of 10 month and am watching ads for no reason better to do surveys 😡
SCAMMM,SCAAAAMMM,SCAMMM.The really make money is only develover.they give so many Ads when you don't need it.but when ever need to claim reward the were no Ads available.if you play game to earn money,forget about this game.developer don't care about etic.its BIG FROUD AND BIG CHEATER PEOPLE.The made they are own money by cheating the people.so sad.
Although I gave it just 1 star, I do love this game. 1 star is because it doesn't deliver on promises. The most obvious is the "cash payout" when you reach $100....you never get past $96.36 Then for me it hasn't updated to give me new restaurant or area in over a year....always coming soon. Feels like the developer got bored and never finished the game.
It is a very nice and addicting game. But when I play the ads sometimes the reward doesnt get to my credit. It is also hard to earn paypal credits here because I got stuck in $20.67 and never rise up. But it is a very nice game. I recommend to the developers of this game to fix it now. There are many ads so I am sure that you earn a lot in this game. Dont make it too hard for us.
It is fun but the same as others concern the playstore card stuck at $96. Every now and then the playstore card will pop up but everytime you click to watch ads it will only say fail to play ads. It's almost 1 year that I am playong this but still haven't receive real cash. If people looking for real money they should try Toluna instead and just answer surveys because I have done it and earlier is my 2nd time to redeem money to my paypal account.
I do like this games but since the last played I don't received the reward it's seems just a fake!!! Once I try to open again, all my reward 96,64$ are gone. Until now I can't open again the games
Unhappy The game itself if fun. However it's very frustrating when you need $100 to cash out and they stop you at $96. I have been playing the game for a few months and keep hoping they will improve and pay out as they claim in their ad to get you to play
Ad simulator. That's what it is. Look, I understand the concept of viewing ads to earn PayPal cash, but seriously, every single tap will take you to an ad. Whether it is upgrades, or even if tapping the settings menu and research menu. Like, I see ads for 5 minutes, play for 10 seconds, then ads again for 5 minutes. I don't want to see an ad everytime I tap a button. Even worse, these are video ads that load another static ad after video ends. Will remain 1 star until fixed.
I was enjoying playing the game but I've had a few issues with getting rewards. At first the developers were helpful and told me they will look in to the problems. However I am now stuck on £96.62 and have not got any rewards for weeks.. I have sent numerous messages over the past few weeks but I am getting no response from them. .. Total waste of time I've spent a lot of time playing this game over many months.... DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME IT'S A MAJOR SCAM
same as everyone got to 96$ and it stopped giving the adds to watch for cash. It has soooooo many ads I coulda made this on a site giving 1 cent per add literally, there's an add for everything press a button go to map boost etc this apart for the ones that give *bucks* . I didn't mind I love Idle miner but the fact that it got stuck at 96$ made me feel scammed especially since soo many have the same issue which gives a feel that it's not a bug
At first it was great, but after you get to $70 earned, it becomes almost impossible to get ads to earn money. I watch the ads quite a bit to boost game play, & after months I'm finally almost to $97. I can no longer log in daily & get ads for money, but instead have to wait for a few days to a couple of weeks before I can get ads that earn me money. I'm not the only one who has experienced this. The goal is set to $100 before you can get paid. Fix this issue for 5 stars please.
Very cute, entertaining way to educate how to own and run a diner. You start out doing the work yourself (reality) until you've earned enough to be able to hire a manager (reality), until you've earned enough to hire cooks to prepare new dishes (reality), learn what it takes to prepare these dishes (reality), and you earn not only $$$ for the diner, you, as the player, are rewarded with an actual PayPal balance until you're there long enough to cash out. A joy to play.
the game is decent, but the prize money is misleading, got to $90 in 3 weeks (after $90, only got 5 cents and lower per ads) and 2 weeks later $96.62, after that the ads just stop, and need $100 to redeem it. but the force ads still there though, the stars are for the gameplay without the force ads and prize money, thank you for the lesson, "there's no money for watching 50+ ads per day for 5 weeks" uninstall
Got to about $93-$94, and now a majority of the time either PayPal doesn't even show up at the top or the ads won't load to give me any sort of money at all. I was TRYING to be positive thinking it'll all add up. However, after going back through other reviews, this all seems to be a very common theme. I MIGHT try again, but I'm not going to fully put my faith into getting the money.
I was at $96.62 and now i have no money at all!!! What happened...grrrrr....i was really enjoying this game but uninstalling now. Was bad enough payouts dwindled to nothin..false advertisement. Yet another no payout game..
I think this is a really cool game the only problem I have is that the cash rewards get very few and far between the longer you play. I have been playing now for I think over 6 months I am on about 75 dollars and now you very seldom get rewards and if you do they are very little like 15 cents. At this rate it's going to take about a year if not longer to cash out, or I will probably get bored and delete the game lol
It is fun but I'm also with everyone else on the matter of only reaching around 96 dollars and not getting any more than that. Also what amount needs to be reached to unlock the following kitchens? A price on them would be helpful so we know how much we need to save. I think it's definitely worth playing even for just the fun of it.
I started playing this game for paypal credits but then I began to enjoy it. But then, a lot of problems come up, such as 1. I have internet access but I couldn't play the ads for game advantages like the boost or activate all or claiming of paypal credit. Idk if it's my internet but please check for problems! 2. The paypal credit does not seem to really reach $100 3. I have already gained a super rare cook twice, but all of a sudden they disappeared both times!!! Pls Fix Immediately!
Game has been fun, don't ever expect to get any money,You won't. It stops at 95 9r 96 bucks and ya never make it to the 100 to redeem. I've kept playing cuz I enjoy leveling up the characters,even started paying for it though as of late none of the ads load so makes it mostly impossible and frustrating to play. I'm giving it another week or so to see if it gets better, if not I'm unsubscribing and deleting it
Games are good, I worked with faith, I wanted to make PayPal income, so I saw this app, PayPal can be earned, so I do too, but there is a problem.The ad fails during the rewind so PayPal Reward is not available. Please fix the ad problem.
I loved this game but recently upgraded my phone downloaded the game again been playing it I had to restart from the beginning. But also I noticed my pay pal money I have earned is gone. And not showing back up even if I have to start over it's fine. Why? Why is it not showing up again
i was about to like this game, but when i checked out all the ratings, i feel so disappointed. . yeah, its all true. it was like the game was focused on the ads. and no more paypals money given. i had only 33 and i was stuck up. better to uninstall. just a waste of time.
For a idyle type game it's ok, but I started this game for the awards at first the game sucks you in with dollar amounts then when you get closer to the trade in amount the awards get smaller and smaller like a penny here two pennies there, and by this time you are so close to that hundred mark you just can not let it go. So unless you really like this game and you are not playing it for a award I would not recommend starting.
So this was fun when started. Not good $$ game. When you start yes. Once you get into the game and almost cash out they start giving a penny n no more than 5 cent at a time. When at the beginning was alot more and much more frequent. Been more than a month with play almost daily and have not made cash out amount.
Not a bad game but don't expect to : a... Be able to transfer your progress to a new phone b... Ever build your "earnings" to that golden $100 minimum cash out target, when you get to about $70 the cash not only significantly drops but opportunities for cash are far less forthcoming
I have been playing this game for few months now, stuck on $96.62 for two weeks. so if you're looking for a good game to played n cash out early. DON'T INSTALLED. By begin of next year I will be able to cash out n finished the GAME. wish me luck guys. NO STAR.
As usual from unity games🗑️.. They will ever give you any pence! I reach 96.61 and never across it, like anyone play this game.. Be careful!! The terms of use don't have any garntie to you to give your money.. You will waste your time for nothing.. Please be careful
Liked the game but its a lie / scam. You can claim paypal only at $100. I have played this game everyday for more than a month. Make one cent a day sometimes while watching hundreds of video clips. Now it is stuck at $96.42 for the last week. I have waisted my time....
My experience is very bad with you people , I was stuck on 96$ for few months I can't able to get any amount further, in my experience players can't able get any money by playing this game, if your interested in money kindly avoid playing this game, but for fun and time pass you can try this game
Whata dissapointment. Took me about 2 months to get to 96,62 and it just stopped! Total waste of time. Play if you enjoy watching ads, you will NOT get rewarded. Very false info you receive
Recently downloaded and played this game. When clicking on paypal its says FAIL TO PLAY ADS. Tried so many times to collect paypal but same error. Uninstalling it. Not recommended. Up to you if you want to waste your time. 👎👎👎👎
You guys are not been fair at all. Someone won't sleep because he/she wants to meet up with the tasks, all other ads will play but when it's time to claim rewards, you'll make it difficult for someone. That's wickedness. I use my data, my time and my strength to play the game, only for you to make me regret I ever believed you and downloaded the game. You better make things right and make people happy. Thanks
Terrible game! The only person really making money out of this is the game developer! They throw zillions of ads and make money from tons of ad impressions. You'll reach certain level and then the growth just stops. You'll never make it to a level where you really get paid. By the time you get frustrated and uninstall the game, the developers will make their fortune, they won't care about ethics and won't care about user's experience. Total scam!
Not giving real money.. They made it easy for you to reach $85 to $90 and after that rewards are getting less like. 01 and after I got $96.32 it stopped giving rewards even after unlocking. Disappointed here but I guess people behind this game doesn't really care😥
if i have option to rate this app zero star? i rate it that way. it is a fraud, a tradenark of unity paypal paid apps. i didin't got any penny fron any games that develope by unity. from idle train, idle bowler, etc. i played this app for 3 months and stuck at $96.62 same what happened to any player that try to reach the required amount to cash out. they are all stuck at $96.62. the games doesn't already give any paypal card so it obvious that they dont have any intention to pay the player.
This app isn't showing any PayPal cards since last 3 months, I decided to wait and check if it's going to be available, but isn't, I had more than 90 in my account. This app appears to be more of scam. As we approach cash out the cards stop displaying. I just want to check if they live up to their promise..
Don't install & play this kind of stupid games... It just waste of time. After $90, the price money will be decreased like $0.02.. But that is not only one reason it also stop adds when I earn $.. It shows "failed to play adds".. If you didn't play adds you got nothing... That's not fair. We spend lots of time for this game. I ask you one question if you don't want to give any $ for this game why did you show that we will give $100?? Plz block this kind of games..
Was really enjoying the game and would've given 5 star rating if payout had happened. However on nearing the payout amount, ads are not loading anymore for rewards. Either get the message of loading ad and it never loads or for the paypal amounts it states failed to pay ad. Very disappointed, as I was really looking forward to playing this game further. ☹️☹️
At the beginning of the game is smooth. Every day can get a maximum of 10 dollars. But after reaching 60 dollars, it will be difficult to get up to 10 dollars per day. They say "failed to play ads". That's just strategy! even though my connection is stable
As irritating as it gets with adverts. Then there's the music, tried turning it off in the settings.. Once an advert comes on the music goes back on. Then there's the monetary rewards.... Far too small to be worth bothering with. Been playing the game for a week and amassed a total of $36... Not even in £s! Lame at best.
This could have been a great and cool game if it didn't get stuck Everytime you wanted to play an add in order to claim your collecting money for exchange. Unfortunately it just wore me out so I ended up deleting it because I lost interest in playing for a reward and ending up not getting every time. The game is inviting though if you would like to just play for the sake of playing and not for rewards.
Total rip off!! I've been playing this game for 56days approx the first 7days it was paying out $1-$2 then it went down to 0.05-0.01 it won't pay out until you get $100 I was on $96.50 approx 7days ago it stopped paying anything and today it's wiped everything off no money is on the game now! I'm so annoyed 😠 why has this happened? I would like answers! I've put hours into this game. If it's not resolved I advise and definitely recommend NOT TO BOTHER WITH IT!!
Really bad experience... This feels like a scam. You watch all the videos and play well. The game offers frequent rewards to start with but when you reach closer to the withdrawal limit, it does not offer any money. I am stuck at approximately $95 but it has stopped giving any money now. Not worth your time unless you like to watch ads and benefit the developers only.
SCAM!!!! I'm currently on $96.62 and it's been a month now there's no progress because they dont give anymore paid adds. So basically this will stop at $96 that you can't withdraw because the minimun withdrawal amount is $100. Fake game.. Hope karma hits the developer of this game you all freaking SCUMBAG!!!!!
Initially I enjoyed the game and was earning daily. You can only withdraw when you hit $100 and thought I'd hit that easily. It slowed down in the 90s, but then it stopped earning money at $96.62. A friend said he'd been stuck on $96 for months and was going to delete the app. The app no longer earns money and it's been 8 days. Don't waste your time on this. It's a scam and I just deleted it.
Had to see it myself. And yes, this is a scam. Don't play if your intention is for the cash. But for fun, its fine. All those ads, the just gained so much from us but none has been returned.
I am really enjoying this game, it would get 5 stars if every time a video plays the in game volume stays off! I play the game on silent, but every time I have to watch an advert, the volume comes back on automatically! So annoying!
This game was created solely to make the developers money from all the ads forced upon anyone gullible enough to play it. The sad thing is it's not that entertaining, just repetitive and tedious. I actually make the mistake of going back in and trying to complete a level, it's set up so the player has to constantly hit on upgrade options then forced to watch numerous ads! The game is so unbelievably rigged a player could do this for hours and basically get nowhere! It deserves negative reviews.
Let me save you some time and tell you right now this app is a scam and will make it Impossible to cash out. I stuck with this app for 3-4months and religiously played until I wracked up $96+. Then the game just stopped doling any money from there so you can't cash out because you need to earn $100 in order to cash out. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS APP. Google should ban these developers seriously.
Good at start but when you started to reach 50 it hard to earn cash even if you view all of the ads. I have a feeling that it is impossible to earn 100. I'm at 90 and i am patiently viewing all of the ads, but its been 3 days and i earned no points. I remember when I'm between 60-70 i would only earn .01 maximum of .03. I looks like they are the one who's gonna earn. Oh well, my fault. I fell for it. 🤷
😡I had not played in a day and just now logged in and all of my progress is GONE!!! It has started me back at the beginning. Just another Internet scam. 🟥🟥UNINSTALLING🟥🟥 and am posting in my social apps and blog about Unity. It's companies like Unity that should be banned from doing any sort of online business.
Why the google allows this kind of game?if i can choose any downloading apps rather google playstore i will chose another downloading apps.. that there is no fake adds and games like this..
They give you lot of cash for the first few times and later they lower ,its such a smart scam,since you have high money you wouldn't wanna throw it away so you stay longer but the cash generate is so low. Maybe lower the payout .Make players feel rewarded.
I have experience every time the pay pal will pop up and trying to click. It always say failed it more 10x this happen to me. What's wrong. That cheating.
If u have any intention or hopes on this game drop it ooo it's just for fun and to waste time you'll enjoy it on a big screen phone or PC it's just time waster that's all I play it to waste time
This game/app is a total SCAM!!! Do not download it and do not fall for it. You will never reach the "minimum" $100 required for a withdrawal. It is designed to stop close to the goal and no matter how many thousands of ads you may watch you are making money for the creators of the scam-app only. Also, you give acces to your info on your phone which most likely would be sold to third parties without you knowing. Fake, fake, fake! Google should be held responsible for allowing such SCAM apps!
Big issue keep missing out on PayPal payment as the video just dose not load. This is so disappointing as it is a paid game. Please look into this as you are letting the game down with this issue of payment not being added.