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Idle Dice for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Lutsgames located at Lutz Schönfelder Scanbox #06604 Ehrenbergstr. 16a 10245 Berlin - Deutschland. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its very easy to get use to and its actually fun i would recommend this to my friends and you guys :]
Liking the basic mechanics so far. Only done a few prestiges, but I'll keep playing to see what else this game has to offer. QOL I'd like to see is scientific notations.
Fun game, but no volume option as far as I can tell. Which makes it super annoying when wanting to play while watching YouTube at the same time.
Game is really good but lag really needs looked at when you get more that a few dice fps go right down the drain
Optional so fun so optional like you can buy different guys different cards all kinds of different stuff and also it goes while you're gone too and that's why I love this game so much that's why I'm going to give it up five star right and people who don't do it should play it's so fun
I really liked it at first but game progression has slowed way down after a couple of days. 3 days now I haven't been able to do anything unless I watch a countless number of ads, which have stopped rewarding anything helpful.
Best idle game I've played, having some bugs with trying to watch ads for rewards but the ad doesn't show up immediately or sometimes at all. Also after purchasing the starter pack and the epic pack or whatever I really feel the ad free option should be added to the 30 dollar pack. Also there is a typo in the card menu what is supposed to say "gold card" says "gild card"
Don't get me wrong, I love this game. It's simple to learn and fun to sink time with, because you just roll dice! The reason this gets three stars, though, is because of the insane battery drain I get while playing this, even when disabling screenshake and turning quality to minimum. I can only get around 15 FPS when playing this game on my device, which sucks, because it's a neat game. 😖 If you could make it not so battery-intensive in the future, that would be epic. 😀 Thanks!
Fun and easy to zone out with. Only a little into the gameplay but look forward to playing more and the other features.
Honesty, pretty good as far as gameplay and addictive ness, it slows down at some points but i would reccomed it to some friends.
The game is fun and interesting, the gameplay is a 5 out of 5. However the game is optimised terrible. It only runs at around 55 fps on a high end midrange phone. It used 35%of my battery in 1hr15mins compared to youtube with used 35% in 5 hours and 50 mins of use. If the game gets optimised I shall update this review.
Overall it's a fun game, but it only takes a couple hours to get all the dice going once you figure out the cards and the roulette wheel. Also, 'die' is singular and 'dice' is plural.
The best idle game ever!! No ads, and replayability is infinite, until a certain point, which you can still at least play. I've only been on a few hours s day though, because if you work on the game too hard then you reach the "end" pretty fast.
It used 30% of my CPU while IN THE BACKGROUND on a samsung galaxy note20 ultra. If it weren't for this I would rate 5 stars. This may be caused by me messing around with developer options when I was trying to get a game I made onto my phone, so it is possible this is exclusive to me.
Turns phone into a portable heater. Don't know if you guys need tips making a game with minimal graphics or if you have malicious software running in the background but either way this is a dumpster fire.
This is the best idle game I have played so far, it just keeps going! You do that, get a thing, get a lot of those things and surprise! There is new content! Oh you got a lot of the new stuff? Here's even more stuff!
Fun and interesting gameplay, but I have to turn the graphics down for it to run smoothly and even then, it makes my phone hot.
I play a lot of idle games, this is definitely at the top of the charts as far as replayability goes.
Its well made. It does have the tendency to crash but all in all its pretty good. Only thing i can say is maybe make the ultimate pack cheaper.
This game is great but it's a little hard to buy some dice after you get a lot will you please decrease the amount of the the amount of the cost to upgrade and to get a new one when this is fixed I will give it a five stars
Amazing game, It is just like the online version, and I love it! and the sounds when you get special rolls are really super duper funny!
Would give 5* but the words that describe the combo will not go away. I've try to export my game reinstall my game nothing works. I don't like it because when I get 4 or more dice I can see the first one any more.
Surprisingly addictive. Looks very simple and graphics are super simple, when I first started it, I thought it looked like it might be lame.. But it is super addictive for some reason
For some reason this runs really poorly, it's basically the most simple app but it eats battery and heats the device like crazy.
Been playing for a day and it looks like there's lots of content still to go, pretty fun as a casual thing
Fun-ish but it takes waaaaaay too long to make progress. I am having to wait multiple days at a time just for tiny gains and i am still way early into the game. Prestiges on add small amounts of multiplier even though i am only at x55. 2 weeks later and i can gain a whole x10 more.
This is a great game. Simple concept, yet addictive enough to keep you coming back. One major negative however is that it seems to struggle with frame rate. A game this simple should not be grinding at under 20 fps, even with quality settings set low.
Fun game, could use a few fixes. Ads stopped loading instantly, it takes anywhere from 1-5 minutes for ads to load after selecting to watch one. At times the game becomes unresponsive and has to be reloaded. It seems to be random after selecting a menu, an ad, or opening the game from recent apps. I tried to export my save and reinstalled the game after to see if it'd fix the ad issues. It wasn't able to successfully import the code and lost a few days progress.
Perfect time killer, and the ads aren't intrusive or forced, they're entirely optional even without paying anything.
Second game of his Ive played, first didn't need money in any way to bet we will see with this one but seems super promising
Its a nice and interesting idle game, the only problem is that it progresses too slowly. If you could speed up the prestige bar a good amount, that would be great, thanks 😊
Honestly, the inclusion of a hard reset button was great, but the fact that clicking it breaks the game entirely, no matter how many times you uninstall and reinstall the app. Restarted my phone 3 times, uninstalled and reinstalled the app 5. The fact that it still won't load past the percentages without immediately giving me a black screen is frustrating. This may be a game worth playing again, since they can figure out that problem. Also have cleared Cache and data twice each time
I usually don't comment on games but this is an exception. I never in my life played better idle game. Graphics are good animations are great, progress is not too slow but not too fast either. You can earn points easily and just getting points is really satisfying. One of best games I played so far 5 stars from me.
Idle dice is a fun game, but on my samsung galaxy a10e it has caused my phone to crash twice and get stuck in a loop of rebooting, failing to reboot and then rebooting again
It's fun for a bit, but gets old very very fast. Yes it's another idle-clicker with the a simple implementation of a dice theme. (please note that I don't see any ads)
Love the game, the pacing is perfect, the gameplay is unique and you are not required to watch any ads whatsoever. Definitely one of the greatest idle games out there
- Fun to play, - no unwanted adds: they only appear if you ask to see one in exchange of a bonus - many times, when I thought I was getting close to the end of a gameplay element, a new one appeared and added a whole new layer to the game bugs: - add skillpoints are lost when you gain a skill point multiplier increase. - when a auto-buy buys a multiplier dice level, it doesn't change the dice type (ex: end up with a level 8 d2 instead of it becoming a d100) - Tend too lag from time to time
I was having a great time with the game, and had very nearly completed everything there is to do in the game, but it's suddenly stopped opening for me. Galaxy s10. Closing the app and resetting phone haven't worked.
It's a great game but i have it on the lowest graphics settings and i only get 10fps. Also i was on 40% when i started playing and now I'm on 15%, I've been playing for about half an hour. It's a great game but please fix the issue with the graphics and make it less battery intensive
The game is great until you get to the duels then the game becomes frustrating due to the user interface. It's ridiculously hard to select the right dice for that part of the game,plus the positioning of the dialog is often off screen, which doesn't help.
Surprisingly fun and addictive idle game, however the visuals are less than impressive and there's some visual bugs which prevent you from reading some of the text.
Fun, for the most part until you get to casinos and golden cards. Takes way too long to get all of the golden cards to lose them in the casino.
Pretty fun but pretty sure rerolling cards are rigged to get you to buy in-game currency. Out of a 52 deck of cards I try rerolling and always get the same card I have an no new ones.
An interesting take on an idle game, after the first couple prestiges it slows down majorly and gets very repetitive, the game isnt to heavy in its ads (which is rare) and overall has decent sound and visual quality, besides the slowness it is overall a unique concept and i enjoyed it, i would definitely recommend it, but after the first couple prestiges my attention really drifted and the game slowed nearly to a hault, thats why this isnt 4 stars.
The only bad thing was it was very laggy at even half graphics But its not that big of a deal So 4 stars!
Slight irritation w the roll button but overall a very gratifying game. As a newbie I'd like to have all of my options in menu optionally described to me, but thankfully that's not my case. Great game!
Game doesn't work offline - it just says failed to connect to the server. Which is odd considering this is listed as an offline game.
A nice little game. Just needs more explanation on the cards and things that are locked. Played for a while now, still enjoying it, but seriously how do you unlock stuff?
I would love to give this 5 stars. It's addicting and very fun to log into every couple of hours. I've enjoyed playing the game so far. However as soon as I unlocked my first gold card the game slowed down so much that it's unplayable. It is extremely laggy and half the time when I try to press something it just doesn't work. Fix the giant lag issue and it's 5 stars for sure.
Great game love the take on the idle games but one problem you can only get 5 number dice that roll points not multiply them but other than that great game good job.
Good, it is simple yet addictive game. Its fun. I used to play this game in my computer at flash. I was happy to know that it was in the playstore.
Its alright i guess. Simplistic, straight forward, and very bare bones. Also light on the ads which is important, but it doesn't do anything to make it better than average.
Great game. It has a really creative concept and also has a great way of dealing with ads. My only problem is that it gets slow at times.
I enjoyed playing on a computer. However, it takes a while to get there on my tablet. Also, I suggest an option to remove the text that says "Pair" or "Double Pair" or anything like it mainly because the "FOUR!" and the "FIVE!!!!!!!!" scare me easily... May you add that option? I would appreciate it. I will call the option "Disable Combo Text". Also, I got two triplets in a row with three dice while playing.
This game is really fun with the many tiers of upgrading and just from playing the game for 5 minutes your money goes up quite a bit I played this game all day for 2 days one time and I played it actively for a month it's a great game.
Changed to 5 stars, I'm addicted and I'm enjoying it a lot. Got to casinos, I like how trivial things get automated as you progress.
I think this is a great game. I have been playing it for a day and i already have over 100B coins the only downside is the wierd text on the stuff when you click something but i give it a 8/10 😊
So far its been enjoyable but I've found a bug, once you get to the billions price for upgrades the upgrade you buy takes double if not triple its value so progress has slowed to a standstill
No ads pack stopped working after the first update. Now I have to watch ads anyway, despite it said it works forever.
Game is super addictive, I love the concept of it. Would be an easy 5 star if there wasn't a recurring bug that happens at random when I boot the game up. Sometimes I don't collect any of the points I got while AFK and it acts like I only closed the game for a few seconds
Have really enjoyed my time playing it but there are two stand-out issues for me. The first is the horrendous slowdown once you have gilded the majority of the cards and the second is lack of dark mode. I tend to play this before going to sleep as a way to clear the mind but it's hard to do so for more than a couple of minutes with the lights off because it's so bright. Please give us a dark mode, Devs! Almost a 5* - will definitely be if they improve performance and give UI options.
Fun idle game, but I've prestiged multiple times where the bonus was not added, its frustrating, also they put flashing words under the shop icon that are pretty visually annoying, If you enter the shop they dissappear but reappear a few minutes later urging you to visit the shop again
The game is a very fun time waster. The idle genre of games is open quite stale, but the random dice factor and upgrade organization make this game a stand out. While it's very solid, I feel the game would benefit greatly from a vertical aspect ratio (though I understand that would take a ton of work). I also wish the locked options would tell you the prerequisites to unlock them. Overall, game has serious merit, but a few kinks could be ironed.
Nice little time waster, got the point where you can get a casino but the game is starting to drop off now, I think the casinos need buffing because the game slows down massively for what seems like not much benefit.
Fun and simple. You dont have to buy anything, if you watch the 10-30sec ads. Tho, if you did want to buy anything, its expensive asf. $30 for anything meaningful, and $10 for no ads. I'd probably buy something, if it was half that price.
Good game , excellent variation on the idle genre whose gameplay is typically stagnant after a couple resets My only gripe is that sometimes the game doesnt calculate idle points at all. I'll go to bed with a certain amount and wake up with the same amount. Pretty frustrating when it happens lol Doesnt happen all the time, but definitely indicative of something to fix.
A very fun game, passes the time well, but, on my tablet it is slow unless I turn the quality to minimum, but then I can't see the numbers. If you play on computer, it is fine. Edit: the game isn't optimised for my tablet.
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It lags a bunch when I open it. Really dissapointed, it was always one of my favourite flash games...was hoping to have it on the go. Ah well.
This is a fun idle game I like the dice rolls and the sound effects when you get a big roll. It's fun to have running as I work at my desk. There's no need to pay to play but good priced options if you're into that.
The idle part of the game didn't always seem to work. I was at a point where I was earning several trillion a roll, but when I went to sleep and woke up, my points were only at 700T and there was no notification for my idle point gain. Ultimately, this made the game very hard to progress without watching a lot of ads to gain multipliers or free points.
Dice games are usually quite the far and few between. Mostly I enjoy dice working in with the card game suite's. Thank you for the enjoyable idle dice application user interface (AUI).
Want to give my kudos to the dev and their amazing support. Had an issue today that rendered my game impossible to play, and they immediately responded and updated the game to fix the issue within a few hours. On the gameplay side, a clean and polished game that ramps up at just the right speed to keep you interested. The controls are simple enough that you can play the game one-handed while thinking about other things, but there are tons of little tweaks and choices to earn points even faster.
A fun and addicting game, but it needs battery optimization. I can only get about 2 hours in a session when my phone can last all day with other games. Dark mode would also be a nice feature.
Good core incremental game mechanics, relaxing music, nice sound effects. If you like incremental/idle games, try this out
Super fun. Enough said. Update: Started playing again over half a year later. Started from scratch and still loving the experience. Even spent money to play without ads. Fantastic game.
Decent idler no unwanted ads.. the only reason I didn't give 5 stars, is the prestige multiplier is all lies. I had a 80% prestige and when I prestiged, it was with 178% and it went to 81%... Which is extremely annoying and makes you think your getting more than you are.
Game appears to have an incredible ability to zero out offline progress and reset "time in game" achievement progress every time it's closed, which is the one thing you'd think an idle game would want to get RIGHT.
Really good and fun game only on thing you could maybe add a better tutorial I did not know what all buttons did
Good game, but once I had to reset my phone. It changed all my cards to ones I didn't have before. Again, a good game, but please fix this.
This is by far the most unique and fun idle game I've played. The multipliers give the game and extra twist, and make playing actively more fun than most other idle games.
Very simple and fun time sink. Ads are optional and limited as far as I've seen, but feel rewarding to watch. Getting 5 dices and playing like it's Yatzy is very satisfying!
While it is a direct port of the PC game and therefore quite enjoyable a multitude of bugs and glitches ruin the overall experience some are minor like the controls and interface being a bit slowly, the game constantly crashing after 30 minutes of continued use, slow downs and freezes being common (although usually solved by a forced restart.) The biggest and most frustrating issue for me however, was once I finally gilded my entire deck the button to invest in a casino wouldn't work!
Not a single ad plays unless you specifically push the button to receive one, the game relies greatly on RNG which can make for some sad times but it overall is extremely satisfying to watch those numbers go up in sudden explosions. Overall a very good idle game would recommend
This idle game is all about the data, rather than fancy graphics. There are a few bugs or things that don't seem to work perfectly, but I can live with that.
Pretty good time waster, liked how the dice was a good aesthetic, but also made the maths behind the game abundantly clear. It does feel like it runs a touch sluggishly, and the input delay is noticeable, however. Definitely worth a try though.
Changing review. I won't play this game now. I finally got one single thing to unlock. Don't know how still cause there are so few instructions. My prestige was ready at over 500% and when I bought it w/o reset, it put my bonus at 11%. All that playing for nothing. Now I'm never going to be able to afford anything. And my phone gets so hot playing this that I have to stop. I really wanted this to work cause of the cute simplicity of the idea and the on and off capabilities. Wish you the best
Nice enough. Not a fan of the GUI/color scheme (didn't notice if there were unlockable alternatives.) Also, "dice" is plural, "die" is singular.
Good mathematical play, but roll curve could be explained better, and the invest button is always stuck (nonresponsive, every other button is fine).
It has my attention and it's a nice time waster. The air horn always gets me to smile when I get a big dice roll. I'm fairly new into this game, so I don't know how much more depth is in it. Hopefully they add more stuff to keep it interesting.
A pleasnt idle/incremental experience with fun probability based mechanics. Ads and in app purchases are completely optional.
Love this game. Its like the fidget spinners of apps. When you think your almost done... bam. They introduce a new mechanic. Good game. =)
A really easy and simple Idle game to get into. It's a bit slow for a while but the progression isn't over the top or complex to understand. The graphics could do with a fine tune, they're a bit low quality, but still completely serviceable! You get plenty of bonuses and boosts for free, but I feel like the No Ads purchase could be a bit cheaper. Overall though, a good and thoroughly enjoyable idle game which you can play actively too!
There is virtually no balance whatsoever and not even much progression to look forward to. The gameplay is equally terrible, requiring you to be there at all times. (I quit after casinos, 1 week in) its exponentionally difficult without corresponding rewards. To get a casino, you first have to get 52 gold cards, which you have to have 52 cards to get 1. And to get the normal cards, you spend ~ a minute each even with many many upgrades. And you know what you get for that? A 1.1x modifier.
Honestly a really good game. The rewards for ads feel fair and I especially enjoy the bonuses for rolls such as a staright, fullhouse, two pair and so on. I would absolutely recommend this game.
I was honestly skeptical when i first downloaded this, but its actually turned out to be a pretty good idle game. The prestige system is not to generous but not too minimal, which gives the player a little more incentive to continue. Also, the card system is a nice touch, giving a little more variety everytime you prestige
For some reason i have troubles breaking 10 fps. Usually it's fine, but it can get kind of annoying. It might just be my device, though. Overall, it's a functioning idle game. I'm not too far in but it seems pretty OK.
I love every bit of the game, just that the game REALLY likes splitting my offline progress in 50 messages of 2 minutes.
Love it buuuuut the game now crashes on my samsung galaxy s8 each time I play. I made it to the casinos and Ive got 16 of them, but now playing the game causes it to crash after a few minutes. I think it needs a way to turn off more graphics options because even my phone will heat up while playing which sucks because I love the game and I bought the ad remover. Help!
One of best idle games i've ever played! Its simple yet fun. At start its really boring but later after prestiging and going further becomes more and more fun. I really love prestige system aswell as card system in game.
Roll the dice. Great game with loads of layers. No ads are forced upon you, which is rare theses days. My only two problems are: 1) Ads take ages to load, talking about minutes not seconds. 2) The game needs a tutorial for beginners. 5*
Honestly it's a well made game although I wish it was a little more fast pace because the progression is pretty slow to start. There is a bit of lag but you can fix that by going to the quality slider in the settings.
Simple idle incremental game with lots to do, it's one of the only games on my phone that's stayed in use for more than a few weeks. The only thing that's annoying is how small the text is. I would love a vertical layout with larger text.
This is a great idle game. The progression is solid and feels impactful. It is a bit more active than my liking but I've had a good time. The only issue is it crashes for me quite a bit and it's slow to open sometimes. If that wasn't the case it'd be a 5. It doesnt bother me too much since its typically around the time I'd need to go idle anyway.
Its a really good game for passing time and if your wondering. The ads are not that bad, I started for a hour and yet to see ads.
I love this game but let me tell you, there was way too much grinding in a few different spots. After spending a few days gilding my deck I got a casino, and would have to regild all my cards? That's more grinding than I'm gonna do. 10/10 game, but just too much for me.