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Idle Defense: Dark Forest

Idle Defense: Dark Forest for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Loongcheer Game located at Unit 04-05, 16th Floor, The Broadway No. 54-62 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 8.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So many ads. Literally the only way to progress as a f2p. Im not kidding. I mean hundreds every single day if you watch all of them. I dont mind but some definitely do. Also, I personally hate games that have the 'reset your progress for (x) amount of this resource' model. As soon as i see that this game is an instant uninstall. Instant 2 stars.
Nice idle game. However, there are 2 issues I have with the game. First, the rummage spins only ever lands on one of two options(lowest rewards), out of a possible 8, odds of landing on anything else is significantly lower. Second, the promise of getting between 1-100 diamonds for watching ads is false, you only ever get up to 10. Again, the odds of getting more than 10 is significantly lower.
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
Starts getting really annoying. I've been playing a few days now and the lag in the game starts to become unbearable once you start getting more towers. I constantly need to restart the app to get good performance, even with low settings. I'm at the point where I can barely pass 1 level without restarting the game, which when you close the game you restart at the first stage of the level. This issue needs to be fixed immediately as it makes the game unplayable and unenjoyable.
for start it takes forever to get a character and also the game is full of add deals and this is the hardest game to play so thats my complains of the game
Sweet ... Advertising ... Jesus ... so many ads! This one felt like an app that just shows you ads and sometimes breaks them up w/ a really fun tower defense mini-game. I wish they'd make a game of the the part of this app that isn't watching ads, that would be really fun.
Edit for version 1.1.2 I got to say this game is definitely worth a 5 star rating which is probably my first one. They devs took the time to listen to what I had to say about lag and it took time but they fixed it! This game doesn't push you to watch ads for pretty much anything early game but demons. Everything else is great! My last question for this game is the daily login rewards...is that truly only going to be a one time thing? Cause I've logged in the seven days already?? 5/5!!
Pure adbait, plain and simple. The game play was decent, reminiscent of Kingdom Rush, but imagine if every wave of kingdom rush you were asked to watch an ad. It could be worse, as it never forced me to watch an ad, but, the pop up between every wave (and for every achievement) got on my nerves pretty quick. I deleted it before I got to level 2.
I thought this would be a standard idle tower defence game, but like most other mobile games, it is plagued with ads that you are required to watch or you won't get any progress. Want to get a new character? Ad. Just finished a wave? Watch an ad to double rewards or wait 5 seconds for it to go away. No option to just skip this, you need to go through having the option to watch an ad every 5 seconds. Uninstalling and not going anywhere near again.
I cant even get past world 1 level 1. It keeps crashing. I can play the game normally offline,and it is a lot of fun. But if i go to play the game online, the game will crash and my progress in the game will be reset.Im not saying i hate the game, i love playing it, it just really anoying when i play the game online. Please update or fix it.
Your game is buggy as a hell. Lets not even start with the crashes that happen just about anytime you run an ad, which are way to frequent compared to most similar games that actually work. The biggest bug is the black screen. The UI loads 100% but the playing field is completely black, and the game is still playable. If you dont even need to see the game to play it whats the point. Not worth the download in its current state.
First, the tutorial says to build and it seemed simple enough. Then when gameplay starts, the submenu changes without explanation. There's a long ad for EVERY "bonus". And they even have a gift box show up during the battle which is yet another ad for a bonus. So I didn't even finish the first wave and uninstalled. Too many interruptions. Not enough intuitive interface.
Theres no place i can use the code in the ad i consider that FAKE ADVERTISING so instant 1 star as go my rules.
First; I agree it isn't a *true* idle game. When you are offline, there is no advancement. However, you do continue to get money which is nice. Currently there doesn't seem to be a cap on how long you collect offline earnings for. But haven't really looked into it. It is a very simple merge/tower defense game. You buy towers, place them on plots that you've purchased, level towers and then merge them with another same level tower to evolve them. Graphics are cute. The demons are a nice touch, but not a unique idea. Ads are well.. just like any other game out there. Not horrible.
LOVE IT! I've been playing this game for a long time. My tower levels are in the millions! I have over 900q, but I have difficulties spending it because of the upgrade options. You have 1s, 10s and MAX, witch is 1000. We have to tap the upgrade 1000 times for 1,000,000 levels! My highest tower is over Lv. 10,000,000! It is very time consuming. If possible, a higher upgrade option would be Amazing! Thank you!
I'm sure the game is very fun, given that I could actually play it. this is the only game I have come across that seems to not be optimized, as as soon as I boot up the game it crashes google play, followed by the game freezing, Samsung keyboard crashing, system ui crashing, and basically just hard crashes your phone. I'm very disappointed that I wasnt able to even play after multiple attempts.
Game is pretty fun and a good time killer. The auto battle however has a glitch where the boss of the stage you are on will not load in, as the boss warning screen will glitch out. What's more there are no "accounts" so if you uninstall to fix the issue you have to start over from the beginning. Also work this bug each individual stage will no longer give you rewards until you get to the boss. If not for the mindless fun this game provides I'd have given it a 2 star rating.
I like the gameplay and the storyline. I cannot get past lvl 32 because the game keeps crashing. Made sure it was updated and even on low graphics, still crashes. I know it's new, hopefully the developers can fix this bug because I would like to keep going. Edit"" After told to delete and re download the game. My progress was saved but all of the towers I had disappeared. It seems less laggy now but it took a while to catch back up to where I was...
Love the game but I notice a few issues. The longer the game runs the worse it performs, closing and reopening the app fixes for it a while. Also the wheel prizes are super rigged. Over 500 spins and I only get gold, sometimes large gold reward mostly small gold reward. Would like to see some balancing there. Other than that I love this game. Really fun to pass the time. Edit : I did get a key from the wheel so the odds are not zero, would still like to see some changes here.
Are you ready to sit down for a play session comprised of 20-30 30 second ads some of which are followed by an additional 15 second ad? I don't think I've ever seen a group undervalue ad time like this. Ads and their low value in their game aside it's just annoying 😡 you can't even open your bag without the wave being paused. Pay close attention to this ads situation right from the start and remember I told you it only gets worse.
Pros- Cool idea, nice artwork. Cons- Ad Simulator. Want to speed up the sluggish gameplay for 10 minutes? Ads. Want Fragments for summons? (An ad for 1-3 random Fragments, there are many types, and you need 20 of a set to use) Lots of Ads. Want gems(average is 4-5 per ad, and you need hundreds for anything decent)? Ads. Want to spin the wheel for an insultingly high chance at junk? Ads. But wait, there's more! Do not encourage devs like this. Save your time.
Great blend of TD and idle mechanics. Progress is a bit slow and ads are prominent but at least not forced. Some systems are underdeveloped e.g. Demons, and looking for the right combination to make some new towers was frustrating. Still worth playing if you like TD
This is a nice simple idle game. If your looking for a deep game with a lot of content, look elsewhere. This game has a few big issues. Even on the low graphic settings the game lags after a while. There are a lot of grammatical and textual errors - for instance "Evolve" is used in many places to describe several different mechanics, leading to a lot of confusion. Can't write a review without mentioning ads. There are a lot of ads, but you only have to watch them if you want the cool stuff.
Pretty fun Idle Tower defense game. Im kinda having an issue with a purchase. It keeps popping up a message saying 'abnormal purchase'. Im reinstalling now and hope my everything is saved..
I like this game, but it needs a lot of work and there are way to many ads. I don't know if the devs will ever read this, but here is some suggestions. Reduce the cooldown of the roulette wheel from 1hour to 10 or 5 mins, 5 normal summons and 2 rare summons should be free and the rest could have a cooldown. A sub option is good to have but I feel that a one time payment to remove ads should also be provided.
It's a good idle game. And I really wanted to like it. But, it's super laggy. Like even when I put my current gen phone on low It's still laggy... it's mostly around the reward screen that pops up after EVERY wave. Fixing it would be easy... but money right?
Ok so none of the top reviewers are telling the full truth or know nothing about their devices. The ads malfunction when your phone or device overheats. Other then the poor english everything else I read was false prior to download. It does not lag, mind you I'm using an old phone so if their was lag it would be noticeable. Graphic could use some improvement though. Even so it's a great game as a time killer plus you can pause the enemy anytime you want.👍👍
All about ads. Any kind of advantage in the game requires you to watch ads. The amount of ads you watch doesn't equal the advantage you'll get. I saved 600 diamonds for a legendary summon and received 1 token... 1/60 tokens. After that I quit. It could be a fun game but it's obvious the developer really wants to make money off this. I understand wanting some income from your work but this is a bit too much. Also at the end of each wave you should have an auto claim. Not worth my time.
No new content in months. How hard is it to add a couple monsters, a new demon or two, and maybe one or two more turrets? Still no rankings or achievements. The other things wouldnt matter to much if you actually did any work on the game. Kingdom of Candies has been coming soon since I installed the app. How hard can they be working that they are losing 5 lbs overnight and still cant make 1 dungeon? I could learn how to do it from scratch faster than your team. Fire your team and hire a new one
Greedy, ad-centric gameplay. Your screen is bombarded with ad options. This isn't a game at this point, it's just an opportunity to watch more ads. There are atleast 18 different ways to watch ads. The roulette almost always lands on small gold. Demons take lots of time to get. You even have to watch an ad to speed up gameplay, or buy "VIP" for a month. There os no permanent option. This game had potential otherwise, disgustingly greedy..
Liked the look of the game, but after opening the app and watching the opening cinematic, my game froze and crashed. When I attempted to open the app, it would load, the loading bar got about half way, and froze yet again. I attempted to open it a couple dozen times before giving up. I never actually got to play the game, unfortunate honestly.
Screw this game and screw the adds. They are intrusive and max out the volume on my phone while I had it on mute! I don't care if you have a button to turn that off because the moment you try to turn off volume it freezes the ad and forces you to quit the game. Not going to waste my time further if these bugs haven't bothered to be fixed in all this time!
This game is really fun for starters, the towers are fun, finding all the upgrade paths, the game is simple at it's core, and the reset mechanic isn't confusing or complicated. However few things holding this back from 5*. There becomes a very bad lag issue after you play for around 40ish mins in later chapters, the reset mechanic feels very highly taxed, you get so little unless you spend gems to double it. Third, the spells feel very underwhelming at best, no real reason to play and spam them.
I give it a 4-star because I feel like the skill shouldn't be so high when you level them up cuz it takes a lot of a lot of killing to do isn't there but other than that I read it at 5 summary this at 5 stars
So, the game is actually a nice idle game, BUT the ad situation is horrible. Everything you do is hidden behind 20-30 second ads. Want in game cash? Ads. In game anything else that doesn't require gems? Ads. I paid for the monthly subscription ($10, which is dang expensive) that allows you to get EVERYTHING normally behind ads without out watching the ads. After this, the game is extremely fun to play and your progress skyrockets quickly. I plan to quit once the month is up, unfortunately.
Downloaded the app since do thought it looked like a nice game. Opened it and looked through the cut scene before the tutorial. But when the game actually started, all I saw was a black background. I could press things and I could pick the buttons on the bottom row, I could even see the amount of money and gems I had. I dont know how this happened but it isn't making much sense.
NOT an idle game! Videos everywhere, if you miss them you won't get anywhere. Everything gets gradually more expensive, and at certain points you'll need to tap the SKILL button like a maniac because the towers are too weak. The sounds are toggled together, no way of turning off the BGM only. I've been playing for an hour and I'm already tired. This game is not worth the yime and taps.
This game is not worth downloading. It is filled with ads that you need to use unless you want to die over and over. I played till stage 17 and not once had this game intertained me.
Enough ! This is my third review after spending time with this game. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME, UNPLAYABLE. This game is so full of bugs it is unplayable. Once you get to around level10 you cannot play for more than 10 minutes without the lag literally freezing the game Random regular enemies get to zero health and will not die forcing you you reset the entire zone. ABSOLUTEY DO NOT BUY IN GAME ITEMS AS THE GAME BECOMES MORE UNPLAYABLE THE FURTHER YOU ADVANCE. By level 20 (still quite early) you simply cannot advance due to the bugs. May review again if these bugs are fixed, but for now AVOID !
You're purposely rewarded with very little so you'll watch advertisements, and important upgrades are also behind advertisements. You're going to spend more time watching advertisements, than playing the game, just to keep up with progression.
For everything you do you need to watch an add. Takes 50% (if not more) of your playtime. Cool game but it's unplayable
when online to long game just become lag. game speed just to slow make hard to progress when lag. no offline progression, and u lost progress when restart game when lag. no tower info on place hero/demon just dump.. its make game lag much. just not use them and skip stage its bad too, to slow to use. it take 10sec or more to use. bad code?
The amount of ad watching I've done over the past week is just... Too much. Grinded gems by playing and watching ads. When I finally got 600, I was excited to do the legendary summon. I only got like 3 epic hero pieces... Not even any legendary pieces. You need 60 just to form the epic hero. If you want to waste your life watching ads because that's the only way to get anything in this game then this may be for you. Gameplay is stable, other than that there are way better TD games out there.
Game is locked behind paywall. Your gold income is stupid low. Your main income is from watching ads to get resources. All RNG is rigged low, example there's a ad that claims 1 to 100 but rigged 1 to 10. Lotter wheel is rigged to lowest money very spin. You start with arrow tower and thats it. Combine, get new towers, pay money to get advance towers or restart from arrow tower. Oh, towers also locked behind levels. Don't waste time on thus game. There isn't any strategy involved.
2 stars because of the ads system in this game is absurd the devs made a nice game but they are too greedy. for any boost instead of just a cool down timer u also have to watch an add its too much and annoying. Uninstalled.
Every time I switched to another app for even a moment, when I went back to the game it'd restart itself. Watching ads could be a gamble, because if I got one that automatically sends you to the app store I'd get no reward and have to sit through the load up again. The game's fun, but that problem ultimately made me uninstall.
The game itself is pretty good. But it has 2 main problem. 1. This game have way too many add for you to open. Open free chest? Adds. Get free gold? Adds. And many more. You got the idea. Well i did play many game with adds, im fine to open it. But this game have way too many thing to open, which also necessary thing, making not open add is delaying your progress. 2. Most of your actions stop the game. Not crash but the stop the monster progress. Which make everything slow.
Okay at start. Upgrading tower max is only 1000 so it takes forever when your tower is in the millions. Lately can't buy regular towers so can't level up center gem. So now stuck on level 60.5 so quitting till you fix it.
The game is fun and all but seriously there needs to be some new content... another upgrade amount, pressing the button thousands of times to upgrade things is tiring... Also a new map layout would be nice as well. :) as well as leaderboards/achievements because it says they are coming soon but it has said that since I downloaded the game last year. And it would help if when I bought extra turrets/defenses if I could put them straight to my pack. Thank you!!
Very laggy even with every setting off or the lowest it can go, my guess is all the unneeded animations. Low prize rates so it forces you to watch ads, most the ads are of games to distribute more ads.. I'm thinking this game is the same. Great character design tho!!
As it is, the game is roughly 80% watching ads, 20% actual gameplay. The core mechanics are fine for a tower defense, but the balance is set up so that if you don't watch ads, you'll get nowhere with the level progression. Towers also appear to get increasingly more expensive, without any guide to what combinations make what towers. The solution, of course, is to watch more ads to generate gold and supplies. There's a summoning system as advertised, but that too is tedious and requires ads.
Fun game but too monetized. You basically have to watch an ad every 30 seconds to play for free successfully, and if you ever get the bug where the ads no longer load (you get a message which says "failed to get ads. Use diamonds instead"), the game becomes basically unplayable. This is where I'm at and I'll try the game once a day for a week before I quit it entirely due to this problem. I enjoyed playing this for the first 8 hours until this started happening.
Basic tower defence and not an adventure game. Not a true idle game, no advancing while logged off. There is no need to lower your graphics to reduce lag. The code does not properly manage memory. When it slows down you have to close the app. Of course then you lose your progress. Holy adds Batman. I spent 5 hours straight to see if I could claim all the adds for the day...nope. Adds are 30 seconds. You can watch two at a time but each add has a 60 second cooldown before you can watch another one. If you want to know a tower's DPS you have to guess. It lacks details descriptions and some of the text is hard to read and the UI can be challenging. This would be one star if I didn't slightly enjoy playing.
Amazing games with slot of good content but I wish there were more demons that you could summon other than that I loved the experience
Excessive amount of ads. This is not a game, this is an advertisement delivery app claiming to be a game. 75% of your time will be spent watching ads.
Seems to be a good game. The only problem I am having is unlocking towers. There should be a guide that tells you how to unlock each tower as this is frustrating and makes me want to move onto a different game. Is there a site I can view that would give that info? Would have given 5 stars except that the only way to speed up the game play is excessive and the tower unlocks are a little confusing. Specifically I am having trouble with two, tower # 6 and the last one #10 Any help with this is appreciated,
The problem to the game form my experience, it may not happen to other players, but whenever I get the game and get into it. All the text are blacked out and I cant read the information, and also the game is backed out and I can't see what's happening and such. That is just my prospective on how my game went. P.S when I uninstalled it and download it again the same situation occurred so any if the devs, please hear me out and fix the game, the game looks very fun and enjoyable