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Idle Cooking Tycoon - Tap Chef

Idle Cooking Tycoon - Tap Chef for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Codigames located at Edificio Lanzadera Muelle de la Aduana S/N Marina Real Juan Carlos I Edificio Lanzadera 46024 Valencia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The time travel did NOTHING!!! Just made me start from the beginning. Give me another cook or something dont just make me start from the beginning. I have lost all interest in this game now. I was enjoying it until the time travel. I just dont understand the point. Discovering and cooking the new item already made me start over, then the time travel BS erased all that too!
I was excited to find an idle food game, but am disappointed in the aesthetic of it. the look of a game is a huge part of me continuing to play a game. The look of the setting takes place in a factory type setting. more of a mass marketing and distribution. inside the factory are gas tanks in one corner, a science set up in the other, along with two workers at a conveyor and truck. that all being said, I like the mechanics of the game play. it's pretty easy to work with so that's it.
Advanced pretty far in the game. Completed all tasks. I get to the achievements list, reached the achievement goal but I am unable to claim the prize. It's not just 1 level but all levels. Please, release the purchase where I can claim bonus without watching the ads. That's the 1 upgrade I would not mind paying for.
I love this game, it's probably the most addictive game I've played in a long time. I love the simple idle gameplay with the 3d graphics, and it doesn't waste a lot of my phone's data! Definitely a must download.
Best game by codiscam yet but always same problem as with all idle scams you get to certain point in game and unless spend hours offline or spend real cash you hit a wall where it becomes pay to even bother playing
Game has major bugs. Completed one challenge mission but didnt allow me to claim reward. Started and completed another mission and again not able to collect reward. Issue initially reported but several weeks on nothing has changed. Developers seem very keen to make you pay for things in the game but have no interest in correcting major issues. Waste of time playing the game.
It's fast paced fun, good time killer , ads are optional , not intrusive , all in all , pretty good game .
The game is good I like it. But it has a lot of purchase it would be great if we can more buy stuff chefs with money or gems . Also the upgrades are so expensive. If you would add some more machine or stuff or some entertainment it will rock. Overall it was not bad.
Easy to do. Not really a lot of action but it does keep you playing. Only one problem it does explain how to do different things in game
An interesting game that passes the time however... when you time travel back it does nothing. If you sit and do the maths it doesnt work out correctly... Currently im supposed to gaining a 1380% increase on my earnings on a 0.25 chocolate bar which is about 3.40 then the amount im making so lets say ive made 30 chocolate which should make it 102 a second. Instead im earning 12 a second (With boosts) ive tried this each time ive reset and there are no differences. Please sort out your time travel mechanic.
Basically a redux of all the different kinds of egg Inc game really. I give you props for thinking of different ways to give it a twist specially since it's about chocolate. But I'm giving this a 3 star rating simply because it's that buggy. Finished the regular chocolate bar bakery, got the 67 mil needed to start the sponge chocolate cake which is the second bakery, was halfway through with it and the game froze on me. Closed it out and went back to it and it froze twice in the loading screen. The third time I went to open it, I find out that it deleted my progress from the second bakery, therefore I have to restart completely upon the second bakery.. I'm not even gonna sit here and waste any more of my time if that's how this game is gonna go half the time. Uninstalling for now. Great game yes, but it needs much improvement on lag, saving your progress and perhaps finding a way to keep it from crashing. Wasn't on it but an hour maybe when it crashed.
Very addictive game! Played for 2 days before giving review. Really like the mechanics. Hope there are events later down the road.
I love this game best idle game hands down. When I had a problem with losing gems the support team get right on the issue and compensated me my l9st gems. Thanks for the awesome game and support. 12\16\18 - DO NOT MAKE PUCHASES ON THIS GAME on 12\15\18 I made a purchase of $10.99 and was charged twice which put my bank account in the negative. I also made a purchase on 12\5\18 of $5.49 and was charged twice for that also, I didn't know this until I checked my bank account on purchases in the Google play store. I'm very upset about this because I'm on a fixed income and being charged twice for a single purchase is madness. I don't even know if I will get my money back, I have proof of all my purchases in the play store and my bank account. I expect too be refunded the double purchases. I will update my review if they refund the double purchases.
Fun for the first 10 minutes. Then you realize that the game is just about pushing upgrade, waiting, pushing upgrade again for higher numbers. In addition to this the only decent amount of money comes from ads and...
Game is okay but my god the amount of ads are unreal. And pretty much everything you have to pay real money for. New chefs, new heat tank for offline gains, boosters, multipliers. You name it, costs real money. Uninstalled after finding out you can't get new chefs or offline gain increase without paying. Horrible practice.
This game is really fun and can be played without the internet. The graphics are amazing and have nice, bright colors and fun movement. It urges you to save money instead of spend it all (actually a valuable lesson). Overall, this is an amazing game and it had great graphics and bright colours as well as a nice game story.
You need an internet connection to open the game. The game's boring so if you're thinking of downloading this game and you don't have wifi at home, don't download it cause you'll regret it. Don't spend your data on downloading this game. Have a nice day
Played for a few hours one day, came back the next day and watched a video to double my cash. Bought 1 upgrade and it took all of my cash away. This game is not fun if I have to lose all of my cash after an upgrade.
Nice graphics, easy to play. Pretty fast paced game, doesn't get boring from lack of progress, AND there's no ad pop-ups that flash in your face! I love the little ATM in the corner out of the way so if you do wish to watch an ad, you can without it in your face every 5 seconds! 10/10 would recommend if you like idle games.
Well I did love the game... Until it started saying oops you appear to be offline and not letting me play. The same kind of thing happens to my girlfriend's one however it just sits at the loading screen. I will raise my rating once this is fixed
Game is fun, but the pastry chefs costing 10k diamonds is rediculous. The only way some can get that many diamonds is to spend real money. I think the chefs should at least cost like 2k. The is reasonable I think. Overall cute game, just get boring after a while.
The inventors of these games are geniuses! A simple, low quality game that depends on the players clicking advertisements to get small rewards that eventually become necessary! The ad companies must love these guys! As far as gameplay goes, you will get addicted to the small rewards and satisfactory feeling of running a business with simple clicks. This game takes the term "idle clicker" and adds necessary ad watching to the mix. Easy money for the game creators. A lot of wasted time for players
I love how there's no forced ads like they just pop up in the middle of gaming but there's none of that. I love how the machine gives you great amount of money by watching a quick ad to help you in your upgrades and everything. I haven't had any trouble with the app since I downloaded it. It's a great tycoon and you should download it!
It's a really good time killer! Though I think the game bugged out and now the prices and cash are jumbled? It's just confusing mostly. Quadrillions get spent on Trillions, THEN I see how much I actually have-- Then Quintillions get turned into QUADrillions? Yeah it's gotten a little funky.
Takes wayyyyyy to long to progress. Over 2 weeks now havnt gotten anywhere. This game relys heavily very heavily on ads. Went back in time multiple times thru the portal see no difference in profit. Time boosters cancel your ad multiplyers and boosters only idle game that has this issue. If u dont constantly watch ads at the atm machine you wont progress.
I had 232 gems saved up. Upon opening the app I wanted to spend 20 to further increase my offline profits. However, nothing happened after pressing the button. I pressed it a few more times to be sure nothing was actually happening before giving in and continuing in normally. As it turns out I've been charged 220 gems for this, leaving me disappointed that a bug the developers had missed had conned me.
A good game. Purchases are bit expensive but doesn't matter too much. Time travelling is broken though. Just travelled back with 117% extra for the next go but got absolutley no boost at all. Probably won't play again until it's fixed.
At a certain point you hit a massive wall after choco phone that takes weeks of constant log in log off effort to pass. Prestige dozens of times and it's still miles away. Get to the highest point multiple times and prestige and still weeks to go. What's next? Another huge wall?
The game is great, I love it. The only problem I have is that when a millionaire comes by and gifts money, when I watch the ad and it ends, it always sends me to the google play store before I can leave the ad. It sends me to the store when the ad hits 0. The X doesn't even show up, it doesn't have enough time to.
I attempted to open the game the music started playing it asked me for the regular permissions that most games have. Then the screen went black the music kept playing and none of the controls on my phone were responsive at that point. It went on like this for about 5 minutes I could not even turn off my phone. Finally I had to remove my phone case and just pull the battery out I would not even try to open this game a second time. It is terrible and not worth it. I wish I could give it zero stars.
DO NOT MAKE PURCHASES IN THIS GAME!!! I made an in game purchase and ever since then the game will not open. I requested a fix or refund from their support team (which take between 2 - 4 days between responses) and today they sent me an email saying they will not refund me the money. They made no mention of trying to fix the issue and dont care that I received zero benefit from using my money to make a purchase in their game. CONGRATULATIONS CODIGAMES FOR MANAGING TO STEAL MY MONEY!!!!
The good: -graphics, controls, fun factor (for an idle game) The bad: - pay structure, only 2 hours of offline time for free players, chefs in the gem shop cost over $60 USD each (the price of a AAA game on console and PC in the USA) Conclusion: Pretty cool idle game but costs way too much time and or money to get useful in-game items, and can only idle offline for 2 hours. Worth playing, but not worth paying for most gem shop items.
tap idle game not surprising I was kind hoping you could do more like find recipes and do other thing instead of that you tapping for speed up and rather its pass time then gain fictional funds. Not sure what goal it was to get famous in game narratives but there no agenda driven story in this...
Love this game but I'm not getting money from investors and I can't activate the power up and now the game won't come on
i love it! i loce the graphics, especially the characters! i love anthropomorphic animals! this game is awesome!. its cute, sinple amd addictive! the ads reward you very nicely too! its hard to find for me to find a game that i like a lot, this one i definetly like.
It's like a so fun game you just have click and upgrade stuff inside that is so easy this is why I gave it a five star review.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I give it one star solely because the broken ad system, I tried over and over watching an ad to get additional bonuses but everytime I tried to watch one, it always stop at the middle of the ad, and I can't receive any rewards what so ever. Nothing wrong with the game. It's just a reskin of other codigame idle games.
UPDATE 15/12/18 FAO DEVS.. I'm level chocolate smartphone. I've just noticed that (in the last 48 hours) when I power up to my 14.5 hours and come back 4 or less hours later the power up is back to zero!? Please could you fix this, I'm desperate to get 1 nonillion to unlock the next cafe 🙄
The new challenges do not allow you to collect rewards. Why add them then? .. Wasted all these diamonds on the bank interest and the rewards are still basic. The game is wayyyy too stagnant once u get pass the choco guitars..
pretty good. ads aren't forced but they give soooo much cash you pretty much have to watch some. levels go pretty quickly but i have this feeling ill hit a block soon... would be nice to see stats like chocolate and boxes per minute
This app requires Internet. This info should have been included in the description. Have I known about this, I would have never downloaded this. What a waste of time and bandwidth. Is it hard to put a "This app requires Internet connection" warning on the description? I hope that the developers were happy about their downloads count. I'm now uninstalling this app. @review
It is okay. After a while it becomes boring and repetitive. It says you progressed in the game but when you start a new restaurant because you progressed everything is the same. The restaurant that looks the same and you have to start all your skills all over again you have to rebuy all your trucks and everything. So I don't really see that I am progressing it's just that I am starting over doing the same thing again.
This game is cute, but nothing ground breaking in the way of graphics, or game play. The game can be played without needing to purchase microtransactions, which is good, since these are expensive. There is always the opportunity to watch ads, and there are no pop up ads.
Hard paywall as you progress. The prestige mechanic does not work as it should when you calculate the multipliers. As a result, you will hit a limit on what you can produce/make and if you prestige; you will end up even further behind at the exact same stage that you were before. Buying extra chefs etc will not help as the increased expenses, plus the broken prestige multipliers will keep you locked in at the same key stages over and over again.
Would be much better if each individual in app purchase didn't cost so damn much. Lowered the rating because the prices get worse the more you look into it. Time machine mechanic doesn't work after the first time. Or a specific amount.
Best graphics forthis simple tycoon game. Fun controls. Nice gameplay mehanics. The only setback I have: why does it have to be a tycoon game if it needs to be played ONLINE? If my Internet connection is not turned on, a message will appear: "It appears you don't have Internet connection..." The message keeps popping up until you reactivate the Internet connection. Was this intentional, or is it something that's yet to be fixed? I do appreciate your response. Thanks...
The idle collection is locked behind a paywall. By paying you get a maximum offline time of 10 hours but without paying - only 2 hours. I don't like idle games that make me revisit them this often to progress at a reasonable pace. Other than that the game is great but that paywall will probably make me leave at some point.
Very similar to idle airport tycoon not surprisingly. It's a ok idle game in theory you don't need to spend much money on beyond the double lifetime profit but the cost of upgrades in the diamond store get rather steep sooner rather than later.