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Idle Civilization: World History

Idle Civilization: World History for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by kodoo located at Russia, Saint-Peterburg, b-r Serebristii, 9. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
One of the best in it's kind. The developer managed to explain difficult to understand things in a very easy way. Thank you for the experience.
I only started playing a small time ago, but I have to say that this is the most wholesome and fun game I've seen in a while. Not only does the gamer enjoy actual gameplay but they aren't forced to watch an ad every 10 seconds for no reason. The only problem I see is that the game isn't already famous. With a game like this, I'm reminded of the golden age of mobile games. Would give 10/5 if possible.
really like the game, and clearly a lot of effort has been put into this. The game is quite difficult and sometimes I don't have the patience to restart all my progress just to slightly change the outcome of a communist revolution lol. Love the idea though, and cheers comrade 🍻
I absolutely love this game. It is idle but it progresses so fast. Players can fast forward the game and all the resources add up pretty fast and efficient. Not stressful at all. I finished the game in 2 days and I absolutely love it.
I like a lot of things about the game, so i bought the supporting thing for 1 bucks, but something bugged and i'm told i already bought the thing, (i paid twice and got refunded once, but i still don't have the anti ads) I want to keep playing but ads are pretty annoying, especially when you spent money to keep them away, can something please be done ? ): thank you. i appreciate the pacing of the game and the stories it tells.
It's incredibly charming and has a true indy game vibe which I like. It's also not a pay to win game and progress is fast
Im not too far in, but this game is really fun, especially if you have interest in the cultural evolutions of humans. A joyride through the history of man. Fun and informative! With unique visuals and gameplay you would expect from a classic incremental.
Selection is too less and events are less too. Then the problem is that I am obedient to choose socialism!Nonsense!Especially when the choice of religions are too less. Moreover,those choice to develop resources shall not only decide how much resource we have but also decide what kind of society and models of economic we want. When I played it,I wanted to make difference and this game definitely failed my wish.
I think this game is really good however I think that you should be able to select what country or landmass you play and have different focus trees or decisions depending on which one you play
So i dont really like idle games but i will admit that this is suprisingly engaging which overall is just, once again, suprising.
Idle clicker strategy as conceived of by dialectical materialist/Marxist-Leninist historical theories. Very nice and original artstyle and quite good historical progression. Clearly under development and could use more options but the fact that you lead a society from stone age through multiple periods of historical development in a clicker game is fun. Probably the most interesting idle clicker game I've played.
I love it, amazing game and a good time waster and even a fun game to go to overall. Would love to try the Demo, though this game got tons of potential!
Great Game, you can go grow you're civilization and the stories are really interesting, and if you're bored just head to modern war! One of the best games I played so far.
Literally EVERY 5 minutes I'm interrupted by an ad... EVERY 5 MINUTES. LITERALLY. Otherwise an ok game but not nearly worth the ads. I was forced to delete in less than a couple hours playing
This was fun back in the day, before I researched everything. And I really appreciate the Christmas gift! But the game offered me once to use the time machine and, thinking I'd get the option again when I chose, I declined and now I'll never have a chance, I'll never know what happens and don't have anything else to do. That bugs me.
Good game! A well deserved 5 stars, currently it's a little meh in terms of short term entertainment, however the system of wars is incredibly entertaining. Would live to see more wars, other than that, great game!
Amazing game but is this a demo I mean there is still a scenario that is still incomplete and I feel like there could be so much more added but other than that it is one of the best games ever.
There is not much to the game right now, but from what is there I can tell this has potential. I've had this game for several years and I have watched it grow. This dev 100% should keep working on this as this game is something amazing.
It's an ok idle game, apart from the fact that it is not IDLE! If i close the game and come back to it in a few hours, my income has sometimes done nothing. Most of the times i come back and it seems like it have been running in the background for a few minutes only, even though its been an hour or more since i played... weird
I've had to delete and reinstall this game a few times because it hasn't worked and every time I've had to buy no adds again.
I liked the game but sometimes options are not really options. Like the option where we can get help of foreign friends to save the kingdom or to choose red party. It seems you are just trying to make us to choose red party. I don't like that option. I wanna be king.
Having played only the first campaign I can already say it's a great game, I would say it needs more options and mechanics but you're already working on that so keep doing great.
This isnt a game. This is propaganda. Its little red book. Not only the gameplay narrows your choices, it gives you false sense of having choices in the first place. This is classic USSR propaganda, telling Communism/Socialism is the best system there is. Select events it mentions is ridiculous eg, it mentions Karl Marx books but not Stalin, Mao genocides. It twists around facts & concludes Socialism works. It mocks the concepts of democracy & republic. For a Communist game, It shows lotsa ads
I love it. Thats that. Sure the gameplay may be a bit boring but its worth it for me. Unlocking new stuff and new discoveries is fascinating.
Still a work in progress but is a very useful tool to visualize how material circumstance leads to historical decisions and how real life played out systemically. Some areas of it are more bare bones but it recognizes that and improves with every update. A very humbling experience and I learn something new every time I play. Definitely recommend this game.
I didn't encounter any bugs, the overall kindness of the dev did make me want to watch adds with the whole Christmas gift thing, the heart shop was a great idea Aswell as the games idea, I'd love to see this game progress and the war scenarios was really fun, I wish there was more to it though as I had completed the earth part within 5 hours or so and having made up scenarios past 1911 would be nice like 2020s pandemic and such.
Play the game for several hours and enjoyed it until I started seeing the Communist propaganda communism was not this good and it was not feasible this is an accurate and it's mostly propaganda go read a history book instead of reading the red book
Very fun game but also pretty confusing it took me awhile to understand it and I still struggle getting past 1000 but I've made it to 1300s
So I wanted to spend some time playing the game before I review it the reason why is because usually if I don't spend enough time I end up not liking a game and I just stop playing I never rated so here's the thing the game is good I think it needs more scenarios but I still leave five stars because I'm not going to lie does teach a lot about history teaches when things happened and what things happened at that time so I really enjoyed the game
Thought it would normal historical games but to happy surprise it was good example of historical materialism.
Very much enjoying this game. How can I restore my in-app purchase to remove commercials? Upgraded my device and shows ads again. Please help!
Love this game! The little messages are awesome! Translated well in English to! Follow the story line and take the time to read it is 100% worth it!
Great app. It's a pretty good idle clicker game as compared to the others that are like ripoffs of RPG games that need so much irrelevant design. The game is very objective on what the focus is, and so it's quite educational as much as it is a fun time killer. Personally wouldn't mind clicking for ads since it gives rewards in return and has a nice storyline before having you press the button to display an ad. Keep it up dev(s).
Love it man, ive completed the world and kindur. So I have nothing to do except to keep raise the percentage. And I think ive dound some bug. When I changed betweet world, its price is changing, its getting cheaper. Keep the good work man, love ur game
I quite like the idea behind the game, and the art is really, really good. My main problem is that it's a bit hard, I guess, in that events that reduce ownership seem way too common and I would like for production to increase in already-bought things rather than just the new ones. Also I'd like it to be easier to abolish slavery. I'm a couple of games in and it's quite noticeable that I'm always behind the historical development of technologies and social models.
Review of idle civilization world Ideal civilization world is a free and fun game. It brings a historical twist to the I admit stale idle genre and makes it fun and cleaver. It encourages multiple play throughs and with the art you can tell much care was put into this game. And with more content coming I am for Shure to come back to it Verdict With simple but fun gameplay amazing visuals and decent comedy the game presents a fun time.
Amazing only thing you could do is make the years go by a bit slower i might edit this but so for so good
Good game, but it needs more content. I beat the main story and every available scenario in less than a day
Just finished the game, It's really great that I want to restart it again with different choice but then the game recommends me the demo and It looks promising. Hope I can try it myself.
Fun game, good potential. Only problem is upgrades aren't retroactive and only effect future purchases
This game is still work in progress, but it's already great! Especially needs some improvement and more content from year 1900 onwards.. Looking forward to see this awesome game evolve! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ€πŸ•ŠοΈ PS: please make it possible to pay a small fee to get rid of the ads!
This game is nothing but a clicker game used as communist propaganda. The historical events are all about Karl Marx and the USSR, and no matter your choices (which are few and far between, and never have real impact), it leads straight back to socialism for the 'utopian society of the future.' Just scrolling through the creator's replies to comments complaining about this, you can see they don't even bother to hide their bias.
I have enjoyed playing this game even this early on. You all have a good thing going keep it up. One recommendation would be in the war mode have an option for setting up defensive positions to maybe reduce the damage your troops would take when the enemy attacks. Just my opinion but it won't stop me from enjoying the game.
Russian propaganda. No matter how many times you play it it forces you to either choose russia or lose.
This is the best game I have ever played. I am utterly shocked that there aren't more people playing this game. The game mechanics are amazing, time doesn't go too fast or too slow, no matter what speed you choose and the design is flawless. I will definetly play this game and download it on all my devices.
A few ads I can't exit after watching because the pixel 4 has this stupid rounded screen at the top. Not your fault.
I'm not sure why this game gets trashed on for having ads... They're all 100% optional. I didn't see any in the first 20 minutes of playing which was very rare. I poked around and noticed that donating $1 removed them. I did it because this game has a lot of potential! A little short at the moment, but super fun and unique none the less. I really hope the developer keeps working! I would definitely recommend this game and to support this developer. :)
Great game with a good bit of fun for free but the reason for 4 stars is that when you conquer land it is really annoying that you can randomly die.
I really enjoyed this game. Enough that I paid to remove ads, which I rarely do. The watercolor art style was cool, the story was interesting and the progression was balanced enough to keep me engaged until completion. They promise to flesh it out with more content later. Looking forward to that. Great job devs.
Really solid game! Thoroughly enjoy playing so far, with no bugs. I would like to have more control over the movement of the state, especially early on in the game - and different scenarios could occur based on location, for example defense against Romans if you settle in Europe, etc. Amazing game, and keep up the good work!
The game has huge potential to entertain and teach for weeks. I particularly appreciated the consequences of my choice, although they don't seem to quite fit in a perfect timeline of causality. The idea for support and monetization is also fair and not abusive. Great game.
There's one tiny bug: after you research "gasoline engine", it seems like you have to wait a bit for the next technology. Other than that, good game.Oh, also, something happened once: the game had a glitch and almost broke. (Not negative, just really funny that it happened)
Good game, I don't where I did the mistake, I feel whatever path I take reaches same feudal age. Is is designed like it? How about adding feature like achievement for new path discovered
It's an amazing game, it kept me occupied for hours and hours, I highly recommend this game to everyone, it's way better than the ADventure games.
I purchased the $1 option that removes ads and gives users 100 hearts, but never received my hearts. Otherwise it's a fun game.
Very cool game, one of my favorite idle games ever. It can be a bit confusing when you start, but try different things, or just AFK for a bit, and you will find a solution! I can't wait until the next update! Keep working hard on the game!
Super fun idle game with a unique perspective and fun story. Different game play modes as you develop and no forced ads! I chose to spend a dollar to buy the dev a "cup of coffee" but it was totally optional and in zero way impacted gameplay. 10/10 would recommend
A very promising and interesting game with great potential. I adored the art style and donated a dollar to the project. The English translation needs a bit of work but that would be an easy fix. I would love to see more choices for your civilisation in future but this is a great starting point to build on top of.
I totally loved it other than the fact that the end game area needs a little development I would say that I play it a lot I mean a lot thank you
There are advertisements as often as 10 seconds apart. I was enjoying the game until there was almost more time watching ads than playing the game. 5 to 10 times the number of ads than any other game I've played. Awful.
It's a very easy game to pass the time with. I love the handdrawn art and it's a fun way to learn some history too.
Fun little game that's educational too for history. Found one bug as the Modern war scenario you start off with no resources so you can't buy anything. This might be because it changed the resource and the wrong one is selected. Also suggestion that existing production is improved by upgrades rather than just future. There's also a lot of ads that popup. But paid the guy a dollar as it's a nice time waster.
How can I restore my in-app purchase to remove commercials? Upgraded my device and shows ads again. Please help. (Edit: THANK YOU!!!)
The timeline text has some typos with the English version, but this fame is perfectly balanced in my opinion and free to play. I LOVE IT
This game is actually not based around making a profit and is an actual game compared to everything on the top charts I would recommend abit wordy but once you understand easy as I would highly recommend
Boring as batsh!t. Standard mindless idle game with plenty of ads in between. Don't understand how people actively enjoy these games.
I would do 4.8 stars because you have not implemented the new features into Kindur. Also you need to add the 9/11 Event. Otherwise great game. Highly Recommend.
Except the bad quality english translation, (seriously, it was so bad i thought i was reading mtl) everything is great! The developer doesn't charge money, just support for ads. Unlike some developers who charge money for every single move.
This is a fun little civilization/political idle game that develops from the pre-historic times of humans up till the modern era. My only contention is that it seems to imply that idealism is inherently authoritative, approves of slavery, and believes people are born in their positions which idealism does not supporter. There are and were many idealist who were not supporters of slavery or authoritarianism.
Completed the standard scenario and moved on to Kindur. I was presented with a "choice" that wasn't really a choice at all, as after making it, I was told I could either respawn (presumably to select the other option) or restart Kindur entirely. Will check back later to see what's changed as development continues.
The game has plenty of potential, although with the current mechanics it lasts very short, but its undoubly unique
Hilariously one-sided view of historical determinism, but great game play and congratulations on the overall look and feel. I look forward to seeing the development of the how options change paths to destiny.
I appreciate the effort, but it's not really rewarded or optional ads if the only option is to watch an ad from a pop up I didn't trigger, just have a production doubling mechanism, and an option on the pop-ups that show up, like you have it now, but the important part to make it fun is to always have it optional.
An encouraging start to a many layered isle game. The first time I was surprised to get 'killed', the second time I was surprised to get so far.
I was warned that probably something is lost in the translation. But the whole take on life is as written by a true believer in the cause of Soviet Union. I disliked the point of view.
It's actually pretty good. The ads you see seem to be optional and they're really short ads so you can get to the gameplay faster.
I love this game the only thing that confuses me is when your on planet kindur it would say on earth the first state was created shouldn't it be talking about planet kindur anyways its still a good game
This was cool for what it offered. Now, in the future versions, if we could have a more interactive experience, that would make it so much better.
Ads done right! Donate a cup of coffee. Developer has unobtrusive ads and are also short/skippable, doesn't lock functions behind a paywall, and specifically does so to keep the game fun and engaging. It's great to see developers who are more interested in providing the best experience over profits. The water color art is quite beautiful. Highly recommend donating a $1.
Really liked the game! It would be better if there would be saved files for different attempts... and additional arts for each advancements.Some tooltips lack information.. ex: Irrigation shows condition of prod. concentration, but there is a hidden condition for it to be unlocked as it is inaccessible despited reaching the prod conc. requirement.
If you are into idle games I highly recomend this. It's very basic yet deep and at times very hilarious. Ad rewards are implemented in a fun way that isn't annoying and is actually apart of the game. 4 stars because of lack of play time and the need for some fine tuning. Otherwise a great game that had me pleasantly surprised.
I like it so far I'm up to 19 BC and the game, needs strategy and good thinking skills. The thing I don't like is nothing its a good game I will update this soon and give feedback great game!
Neat game and way to go on handling the AD situation. Developers should learn from this. Very happy to see more being added and even happier the community help with the translating and more. Please continue and thanks for the game play.
Good game could use more detail and should have more than one out come no matter what your choices are really overall fun ,interesting, and different 3***
probably some of the least intrusive ads i've seen in a game; most of them are optional, and no game functions are locked behind them - they just give you currency for aesthetic items. overall an entertaining little game, although i'd like to see some more information about the alien world and the creatures that inhabit it, as well as more ethical options in the early game. (editing to mention that there is, in fact, an option to pay to remove ads. try looking for it before leaving a review πŸ’–)
I can't believe how fun and time consuming this game is I just completed the normal mode and I can't believe how good it was. I lost like 1 time but I kept going until I was done. Great job I can't wait until the game is final and out of beta.
I really hope the dev's continue to work on this game especially on planet kindur which for me was really fun and interesting. Also I want to ad that they should make the game go into the future instead of just stopping at time travel. Also also I think there should be more choices that lead to drastically different settings. Those are pretty much my only complains apart from that the game is really fun and sets itself apart from the other tycoon type games. 4 out of 5 stars
Overall really charming. Amazing pictures really detailed situations I really like it. I had no hesitation to spend the dollar for no ads. Unfortunately, it didn't go through and I ended up paying for it, and yet I still have ads.
i love this game but i cant figure out the proletariat power balance and how to raise it after getting revolution. it keeps saying revolution supressed and making me restart. edit: got past it. now at good ol Socialism. just wish it was easier to get that product concentration to 100. ive got all the techs but now i find myself waiting an absurdly long time just to buy a single factory
Cool game I like the world history bullet points. Toturial replay should be introduced. Or maybe info tabs for in gameplay, otherwise pretty cool game. Im not sure how much battery usage yet. May check back here later for better rating.
I love that ads aren't mandatory to make progress, instead of hiding essential in game program they instead hold fun tidbits of information about the world. I love the world building in all the texts. I also like how the ads are presented, I keep imaging the stranger who tells a story as some weird dude trying to sell you toothpaste haha
An okay game, but you get a lot of stars for making the ads optional in settings. I also don't mind that this game is basically Communist propiganda as its still an okay game. Its subtle, but yeah I noticed.
Excellent game - simple, engaging and informative. Watching key events of world history unfold as you play at your own pace and choose the flow of events at crucial points is a great way to learn about the past. One of the best games I have seen here.
Very Immersive and interesting to play, it's great how you can make choices that effect the gameplay and the ending. I enjoyed playing it. Please download this game!!
I love this game there is multiple ways of making different stories and different out comes BUT the spelling is bit off but it still good I love the game and I support it a lot this game is worth a lot time and fun.
I found it very interesting but at one point I got stuck. I did not think 'dialectic materialism' and a 'military conflict' were going to do any good to my civilization so I did not get into them. As a result in my civilization World War I and II never happened, I ended up with lots of money and most people satisfied. I guess I won the game? Otherwise improvements are not available if you don't select 'dialectic materialism' and 'military conflict' and you can't move on. I suggest fixing this.
Great game, beautiful art and nice music! Strange & limited large numbers notations and very limited political choices. Russian influence prevails any alternative. Confusing translation alters judgement.
Pretty good so far a bit confusing though. Edit it gives you in game currency whenever you watch an ad I love that
Excellent combo of nice art and edutainment, just saw one typo of 'using' in early 1700000000 or so. Keep up nice work
This game is simple and gorgeous. The artwork is stunning and remains beautiful after hours of staring at it and the text is well translated and highly enjoyable. I didn't expect this to be this wonderful but here we are. I highly recommend this.
I've left the game idle after playing for about an hour and it didn't do anything. Sad because it's a pretty decent game, but false advertising gets an automatic 1 star from me. Edit: Dunno what happened but apparently it fixed somehow? Glad that wasn't a problem cause I do like the game lol.
I really like the idea and the concept of the game. I hope there will be future improvements and additional content as well (I donated 1€ for the coffee :)). It would be also interesting to make it possible for a player to choose between various ideologies and mix them together into something completely new. Keep up the good work, looking forward for more. Cheers
While it is short, this is a really great idle-type game with a lot of branching pathways you can take, and the alternate military game mode is an extremely neat concept. I look forward to future updates (such as medieval siege game mode), and its always a pleasure to support Russian devs. Keep up the good work.
This game in incredible. You need to translate some things from russian in english and develop it a little bit but for now is incredible. Great job and I want to see some updates soon!!
Superb game. But needs more work Absolutely loved the idea. Stays true to its name... It is a nice idle clicker game. No forced adds however you can pay to remove them. But I recommend do 'pay for coffee' as this developer clearly deserves our support. I do believe the gameplay needs more work and I guess you guys are working on it. A lot of options aren't really options & a future where the kindur civilisation meets us is going to be a hell of an update to look fwd to!.. Cheers!
You know what? Probably the first of its kind that I actually enjoyed. I finished it and genuinely enjoyed it! The art, the style, the rate of progress. I didn't feel like I was constantly being begged for money, either.
Great game and all but, I fell like there are improvments that are missing. Because after nanotech(2000s-2010s) tech it's just time travel. I hope you could add more improvments to the future.
Super interesting and I'm very much enjoying it. There's definitely a room for improvement and I think it need more branching decision. Still, I greatly enjoyed it.
I enjoy this game. The only problem I've seen so far is that you seem to instantly get taken over by the socialists. I was able to stop them twice before they instantly had a coup then replaced my capitalist society. Should by able to crush them unless the whole society goes against me which includes the "petty owners".
Not progressing? I start the game, get the stick...and due to the pop up, find myself back at the beginning. Only I can't see any of the graphics.
Game seems decent, good even, but there are mandatory ads so I will not continue with it. Up to you if this is a deal breaker, since you can pay to remove them.
Great idle game with a hell of a lot of potential, I'm a huge fan of how its everything but a play to win. Don't give up on this one
Great idea game. Visually pleasing, cool options to choose your direction, run to check back on my civ twice a day or so. Can tell dev took pride in product
The art in this game is excellent. It's well done but sometimes the choices aren't very clear, as the developer already knows. Either way, I have enjoyed it.
The game is great. It's simple to get the hang of it but fun to play. I would like there to more territory grow and taking land
Sorry, hate to leave a bad review, but my game was completely erased with the new update. Beware users, you might experience the same.
This game I find to be a great experience, going back to the dawn of humanity and reaching all the great acheivements of mankind. Though I find the additional scenarios either rather unengaging, or simply broken. The Kundar (Auto-Correct) scenario at the beginning gives you no choices, no industries, and no product. So now it's sitting there, collecting dust, and probably will be until 5890.
This seems like a much better idle game than any ibe ever played. If anyone wants a good idler game, this ones worth a try and the developers seem to care about their players
Game not complete, bit in all honesty i am addicted. It is not like any other gMe i have played, simple but a challenge.
Not innovative in terms of incremental game mechanics. Seems to be a slapdash vehicle for the makers' to obnoxiously push their political views.