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Idle Civilization: Civ Builder & Idle Clicker Game

Idle Civilization: Civ Builder & Idle Clicker Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Freeplay Inc located at 6799 Collins Ave., Office 1602 Miami Beach, FL, 33141. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Mild Language, Crude Humor) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Every single thing you do means a new ad to watch. Got me too annoyed to keep trying in minutes, nor worth the time.
The amount of ads is honestly ridiculous. I get promoting companies, but this is horrible. And no, its not a bug issue, you're just greedy.
I actually love the game but I've finished through the French civilization and am waiting for more levels to play. This is one of the best Idle games around. Please get more levels soon!
The game is good, but it's so hard to upgrade. After some time, you lose all your willing for upgrade the houses and people as well. When you start the next civilization, the game play don't changes, it's so disappointed.
To get rid of all the ads just use airplane mode. Besides that.. I would say the game is not good which is to be expected as every good civilization game is on pc and like most idle games its boring
Great update with optional ads for greater rewards, smooth clicker with cute graphics, far far better. Will keep on playing for a while before updating to 5 stars.
For the last few days (maybe a week) my buildings havent been upgrading when I click on them, they just take the Pearl's but dont upgrade? Also the game has started to not give me any offline income. Please fix as I really was enjoying this game
I like the game but the problem is whenever I select an item it is not opening So I need to restart the app every time please fix this issue, it's happening for every 2-3 minutes
WOW... it's a good apps to watch ads. Ads are every where, especially the intrusive without consent ads is very amazing. It's mind blowing idea, to have randomly ads appears when player doesn't expect it at all. This ads apps also have a mini game, when user is boring and feel sick enough watching ads, user can play it to releasing the tension of watching to much ads. This is a perfect ads watching apps that deserved a Trophy [The best watching ads apps] of the year. Good job dev (4 thumbs up)
So far so fun... Agree with a few comments about ads and that they are almost forced... Upgrade costs mean it often takes longer to get the cash to upgrade a building than it does to watch the ad... Thus almost forced... Apart that, not bad so far (lvl11)
The game itself is cute and looks like it might be interesting as far as idle clickers go, but you need to watch ads constantly to make any progress in the game. It's very annoying.
Fun little idle, cost to remove ads was a bit high... Later levels are impossible as you don't make enough to progress On reinstall my ads are back and I don't even have the option to rebuy the no ads feature
Ads, ads, ads, too much ads, using ads to gain bonus 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 money making game, not for the sake of playing, 🤮🤮🤮
Played the game for 5 minutes. Had to stop because they basically re-created horrible pop-up ads with boost buttons. One boost button will darken the time nature screen with the only way to reverse it being to watch the ad or wait for it to time out. Horrible implementation!!🤦
From reading the comments, sounds like a tonne of ads, thanks for the warning. I will not be installing this game. Will the dev respond or read this? Probably not, even if he does it bet he won't do a thing to fix it. Pretty stupid honestly
It's a fun little game, but I have a bug where the 2x bonus is counting down too fast. 1 minute lasts for 1 second
Updated - they fixed the crashing and added some fun, cool stuff, including not being ad locked to upgrade buildings. Now it's just a fun little game
This is only getting two stars because I like the concept. Idle Civilisation? More like Ad Civilization. I spent more time being forced to watch ads than looking at the game screen, horrible experience.
This is one of the best games I have played it, I like because you don't get stupidly high amounts of money and when you do by earning it the hard way it awesome! , pay this game!!! Who ever is reading this.
Game ignores your choice not to watch ads and makes you watch them anyways. Played for 20 minutes before I decided I had enough of the bs and uninstalled it.
The game is like any other idle game until you hit level 23. I bought everything you can and saved up 20 billion and still at level 23 after 7 days
Whenever I run the app, it lags, makes my phone hot and makes it unable for me run any other app. It stopped responding at a point. Not cool👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾
This game is fun and cute and a great way to to pass the time when you have nothing to do. I am really glad that I found it by accident. I hope that I can complete this game but I also hope that it takes a while as I am enjoying it very much. I also hope that you keep adding levels to it as that would make a great game even better. Thanks for a wonderful game and I will recommend to my friends and family ♥️😁
They actually changed things and got rid of the compulsory ads. I'm not used to developers actually listening, what is this?
The biggest issue with this game it's the insane amount of ads. Only after a few hours in this game I literally, and mean literally, have to spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Every 5 upgrades I have to watch an add for any structure. For an idle game that's insane. This aside from the regular idles normal requests of ads. It prevents the getting hooked into the game. The way to remove the adds is $6. It's too bad cause the game did seem interesting. Sadly uninstalling...
Fantastic game! An adorable idle game. What has impressed me the most is when this developer says no ads after unlocking (paying) they mean it. The ad free experience has been great!
It's sooo fun to unlock new civilizations and to develop them! Hey developers add more nations! Little humans are so cute! It's very simple but sooo addictive!
Calling this a free game is kind of a joke. You need to watch an add to upgrade anything, and I was able to do so six times in the first 20 mins of play. You also need to click exactly on the MOVING people for them to go fast for TWO steps. The deal breaker was ZERO offline progress when not playing. Literally, the people froze in place and you earn nothing. It's not an idle game unless you pay for it. Cute, though.
I loved this game up until now where. it freezes and closes no matter where. I open this app , kind of sucks to have to start over.
Love the game it's a nice idle game. Will give 5th star after some time passes just so I can see how often the updates come in.
Fun. New from all the rubbish games. But theres a bug when your advertisement to get money to get rid of you bad ads you I and probably more people dont get there idle money.
Game is awesome! Thank you for letting us click the road! Is there any way you can set an appropriate respawn rate to go with said tapping on the road? If you tap on the road fast enough, there is only two people on the screen carrying pearls. I'm not asking for it to be overpowered, but only two people at a time is defeating the point of being able to tap on the road. Other than that, its a wonderful quality idle game! Best I've played on years!
As enjoyable as the game is today twice I went into the game and saw that l'd lost levels first I had got it to lvl 20 the game cutout so I loaded it again and I was at lvl 11. I got it back up to lvl 21 stopped playing for abit went in again I'm back down to lvl 18 again, I'm really not happy about this so please fix it.
There might be a nice game here, if only if could be found under the layers and layers of adverts... 80-90% of 'gameplay' time will be waiting for adverts to finish playing.
Simple, but fun. Lots of ads, if you want to take the fast way, so I actually bought the ad remover, and that honestly shortened the game almost too much! Looking forward to more levels.
Just another tap game. Its alright, very very repetitive, with just longer progression over time. Stopped playing after a week
I paid for no ads and now i still have ads. what the f***. stole $ from me. If i paid to not have ads then, thats what i want.
Most miserable experience I've ever had with an idle game. You can't progress without forced ads to upgrade your production. I understand developers making money is important for the time sunk into developing a product, but not when the product forces you watch an ad for the games base function, or pay a one time fee to skip the ad upgrades. It doesnt feel like a full game. It feels like a giant advertisement for a in app purchase.
Watching videos is MANDATORY for this game. It's not just speed ups and boosts. You have to watch videos just to upgrade your buildings. Watching advertisements should give bonuses, not be required just for normal gameplay.
Not a bad game runs well pretty easy to play I do like the fact the ads help level up buildings but I don't like the forced ads you shouldn't force to many ads on games it spoils the fun and makes people not want to play I suggest keeping the ads for upgrading buildings and thats it.
Amazing i love it it keeps me relaxed. when im bord i remember this game and i play it. It is an amazing game. get it
Very boring early on with not a lot to do, anytime you choose to watch an ad to make the game playable at all it won't load one. But will toss in ads randomly that give you absolutely nothing in return. Save your time, money, and mobile data for a better game.
Boring. Just another generic idle game that forces you to watch ads to progress or spend 6 DOLLARS FOR NO ADS. This game is just a bad money grab for little kids.