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Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Codename Entertainment Inc. located at #9 625 Alpha St Victoria BC V8Z 1B5 Canada . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I loved it, I really did. The game was a fun simple grind and it was a great time killer. I didn't mind the reset after each level cause it gave you a permanent upgrade. I don't like that I keep losing my save and it keeps telling me I'm not connect to Play Games even though I am logged in and I even tried launching from the Play Games app. So yeah.
Not playable for me, font too small for my phone. Everything too small for my phone. Could not see hardly anything even with my eyeglasses! Which sucks, cause I really wanted to play it 😞😓😩
While I like the Forgotten Realms setting, I'm not a fan of this style of game. It is an "idle" grind game, not really an RPG and nothing like D&D
Very enjoyable game. In game purchases are helpful but not required for advancement like you get is so many mobile games.
Fun, but not designed for mobile at all. This game is pretty bad on mobile, no real continuation unless the game is running, which is bad for an idle game on mobile. It was clearly made and is clearly still developed for desktop-first users. If there was any ability to link between desktop and mobile, that would be okay, but there isn't.
As a DM and player I live the idea of this game, pulling characters from iconic stories, but where is strand?
According to the in game information ( and only in game) this game was made for tablets, not phones. Not sure why there is nothing on the app store description saying this. Would really like to play it to it's full potential but unable to as I don't have a tablet. The game also locks most content behind a paywall or some convoluted participation in events that I have yet to be notified of. Have to uninstall.
No cross save between pc and device. Bloons TD manages it, don't see why this app can't. App is telling me I need to update but no update available.
Im a simply a d&d lover and this game never crashes and is a nice idle game...but i recommend playing on tablet not on phones because on phones the text is a little small but still readable. Other than that great game...
Sooooo a have a bug...i never played this game...download it and a have the whole party already unlocked and im at stage 33....how is that even possible? XD
Its a fun game but can't progress become the gem button is behind my camera linse and it won't let me bush anything till I hit that button mabey if the button was a bit bigger or lower i could progress but as it stands I can't
It is a fun idle game but I think 1 of the characters is bugged in a bad way. Having K'thriss in my party causes the game to crash after a certain period of time.
I love this game so much but I wish it was optimised for phone players. I don't own a tablet sadly and can barely read the words!
This game is overall an incredibly fun game...that is until a couple of updates ago when I suddenly started experiencing severe lagging when loading my game up because of some coding or something in it that says %prog or something like that and I thought these last few updates might fix it but it did absolutely nothing...come on dev's fix this so your game can be good again...
I really hope they put in the effort to make this more mobile friendly, there's huge potential for this to be a big success of it was less of a direct pc/tablet port
All these people complaining about font size when the app literally tells you it is optimized for tablet, not a phone screen. It's a nice little idle game, but it doesn't tell you that you start in the tutorial. I used items for gold that didn't roll over after the tutorial was over. Completely wasted.
Would have rated 4 stars becouse of 1 minor problem but this game deserves 10, Would love to be able to transfer progress from my Xbox to my mobile device. But other then that amazing game.... update the support team is amazing they transferred my game save within 2 days of asking
Just downloaded the new update, and now the game won't even open, just keeps telling me I need an update and to check the playstore
Remember the magic of a child? Remember when myth was a reality? It still is, as it always was, and forever, shall it be.
UI is too tiny even when played on the recommended tablet. Fix resolution scaling or make a phone UI option.
While I give this great game a 4 star rating, I'm very enthusiastic and eager for this game to get a UI scaling update. Cuz my GAWD is it small right now on my phone. Glad it's at least addressed. The nice and funny thing is this game is FTP on PS4, so I'll have another platform to play this game. So I still give it a good rating, since I know how it plays. Very nice game, just needs that UI scale fix for all devices.
Good fun, slightly addictive. I like to have it open on my desk whilst going about my day! Plenty of content, not pay to win. Love it.
Fun an addicting. No ads, other than premium purchases which you don't need for a good time. Plenty of free chests and content.
Keeps shutting off when it turns on since the recent updates. I've shut down the tablet, shut down the game completly, and went as far as uninstalling and reinstalling it.
Very fun game, I'm not sure why people are complaining so much. I've played on and off for years now without having to buy a single thing, and it's very high quality! 10/10
Absolute garbage piece of software. Crashes every ~2 hours. UPDATE: Still plagued with frequent crashes.
Great so far. I have some trouble hitting bats flying behind the UI. Is there a way to minimize the UI on top? The game is very grindy, but I expected that, and I am ok with it. You don't really have to spend real money unless you want to. You just have to commit to some grinding to level up your group. The gameplay is that you watch your group do everything, while you click to help them. It's pretty simple, but, again, you do need to grind levels in order to progress as you go along.
Downloaded an update on 7/22, but as of this afternoon (I even played this morning without issue), the game now prevents me from progressing past a screen that informs me I need an update.
One of the only not scummy freemium "games" for phone no ads AT ALL. just a store with completely optional stuff that are NOT required to enjoy the game. I CAN NOT explain how amazing it is that a game like this has EVERYTHING i want from a mobile game. Something which literaly every other game ever simply does not have.... I hope this game stays the way it is and wont become a freemium game but untill then this game is the most amazing app in the entirety of this playstore. Ty ty ty ty
I love this game. There are so many things to unlock. I had a purchase problem and it was fixed within 24 hours. They seem to really care about the community.
Really great, I'm a huge fan of R. A. Salvatore's work and some of his characters pop up in the game. Overall it's fairly addictive, but not so much so that I'm wasting all my time on it. I reccomend a tablet, I use my phone, but it can be done. The controls shrink considerably so if you have bad eyesight definitely use a tablet, or something with a larger screen. It's also a great game to show to others, some of my family has even hopped aboard the "Idle Champions" train
I love the game but... i dont think i would play it on mobile... since its available on devices like xbox. If we had the ability to play the same save game across multiple platforms... then I would play on mobile
I quite enjoy this game, though it is not letting me open it without an update, and there is no update in the store. Edit: Got it fixed!
Games fine but definatly not opimised for phones. Can barely read the text and pressing the small buttons is finicky. Would try again if it gets an update.
Not for mobile. Might try this for something with a bigger screen. How do you expect me to see what the hell is going on????
I would rate this game a lot higher because i like it but after every level it erases all your progress from the previous level and gets increasingly hard like i just spent at least 2 hours on the tutorial and got my DPS to 3.25 billion because i thought it was an actual level and i thought it would save my progress but instead it was a major waist of time and a disappointment please change this.
It's one of the better idle games of this style. As others have mentioned the UI is very small on phones but if your eyesight is decent it's doable (I have a Pixel 2).
I reinstalled this after (according to the game) 500+ days, and it's running way worse now than it did back then. It's very slow, choppy, and everything doesn't respond right or it takes a while for it to load. Not sure what happened, I don't remember any of these issues lasted I played. Hopefully it'll get fixed, it's a good game and time killer.
I've tried to love this game I've came back to it numerous times on mobile and pc but I feel a review is necessary and with it one star. I've been on the same quest transporting imps which is less damage output by 2 characters, for almost 2.5 years. There's literally nothing I can do but wait to progress while events and such pass by regularly and I feel like I'm missing out on what could be a fun game, it didn't take lifetime to finish a quest...and I'm honestly ok with the character upgrades.
Pretty well made Flash game. I just installed this because I liked D&D from the 80s cartoon, Neverwinter Nights 2 series and Pillars of Eternity. I wish they could add more diverse characters like Cassavir, Khelgar, Neeshka, Elanee, Okku, Safiya, Ganneyev, Hank, Bobby, Sheila, Diana etc to get nostalgic fans excited. There needs to be a complete character and creature encyclopedia/strategy table room in there so player's can plan ahead their formation strategy.
Say hello to Boo. They really need a version for phones and i would give it 5 stars and spend more $$ on this game. I cant read anything, can't press/select things i need too. Plus need a better tutorial it took me forever and by accident to find out how to swap characters.
Love this game to kill time. That said, I would do just about anything to get a one time transferr from my old Playstation account now that I finally got a tablet and can play on mobile.
Game crashes constantly. Exitting and reopening in the "Splitting the party" quest caused half of my champions to be disabled each time. Uninstalled.
This game is probably one of the best Idle's around, especially if you're a fan of DnD. It takes a little while to progress, after a few events you'll have pleanty of champions to play around with and mess with new formations and fun abilities. If you have the patience for it, this is the game for you. If not, you might not have a great time. Personally, it's my favorite app right now. At least give it a week or two before you think it's not the game for you.
Honestly id give it half a star if I could becuase the creator had the brilliant idea of easy or "deadly" but here's the kicker when you try deadly you get stuff dropped on you for no reason one shooting you before you get to do anything even level. So don't waste your time go down load AFK your better off there not spending the time playing some incompetent retard that had plenty of dndsourcematerialbutcould onlyprogram zombiesratandboars. Not to mention "let's drop rocks on them" is a challeng
Awesome recent addition, Torogar. This gives us an alternative to zorbu, and also gives new life to Arkhan. Exactly what the game has been needing for a long time!
Enjoying the game. A lot of characters to collect with good gameplay. Also a lot of challenging events.The only problem is the controls. I'm using a phone so its smaller and hard to click on things.
Fantastic idle game iv wanted for ages if only it could be sized up for phones, cant really read it very easy, still love it tho n.n
Amazing idea... however haveing to start at lvl 1 with1 chatacter and unlock the same characters every new quest takes away alot of the fun. The characters you unlockk should carry over so you can continue to unlock and build up. I have never seen a app that takes away your progress like this. Makes the time you spend rage clicking a waste of time.
Played this on the PC, would love if a dynamic UI scale or something similar would be implemented so you can actually use this on a normal phone. There are other idle games out there that can be played on PC and Android, without the UI size issue. The notice you get at the beginning of the game that it's intended for tablets is nice and all, but seems like the lazy way to "fix" it.
I am really loving this game so far. To relive and see all of those characters from the forgotten realms is truly nostalgic. I cant wait to see who else Wizards puts into this game.
Spend time unlocking characters and leveling them up, only to have it all undone and have to start from scratch every single new adventure. This is made worse by the adventures being so short that you never get to really enjoy what you've done.
Text too small, and no cloud option...? Not to mention lootboxes, meaning you are throwing money down the drain should you remove the game. Otherwise OK for what it is.
Fun game but for the love of Boo, can you optimize the game for smartphones? Eye strain is a MAJOR issue here as well as accessing all the menus properly.
I really like the multi-party system. Though it frequently loses a few levels from what the other parties display shows when I switch over to it. That second core cost though... geez just let me spend $20 to grab it instead. Sheesh. Gonna take me a year to save up enough gems for it.
Excellent dnd game. Premade characters plays while your not. For those who dont have people to play dnd with thia is a good substitute
Just aggravating. Whether you have auto-progress on or off, it will progress you characters through the levels while you're not playing. And don't get too invested in building your team, because they will soon be starting a new campaign (with very little input from you) and as soon as that happens, you have to start building your team from the beginning all over again. I honestly don't feel like I did anything more than get annoyed about not getting to play myself.
Not ported for the mobile screen. Could not even read the initial promts with terms and conditions. Uninstall again
I don't know because the UI is so incredibly tiny, making it impossible to tap on one button and not another. Looks like a fun game? But can't play it. Fix UI scaling and I'll try it again. I'm on Pixel 3a.