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Idle Cat Cannon

Idle Cat Cannon for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Mediawork located at 29-17, Gyeryong-ro 141beon-gi, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i can't give this zero stars or i would. Played game for a few hours on a night, got the save icon every 5 minutes, logged in this morning and voila - brand new game, no save. Total waste of time, well done for making me do that. Deleted PERMENANTLY grrr
Good start, but needs tweaks. For example, the cannons DO NOT aim. Even when the last enemy is way at the back, the cannons DO NOT aim there, really frustrating. Also, the gem rewards are insignificant & the cannon upgrade drop is too steep. Good game in all other aspects.
I love the game,reminds me of "cannon king dave",wonder what happened to it. ||| Edit: I see , awesome thanks for the response 👍
Good game very good idle game. Problems: If watching ad for king cannon it gives you 1 hour instead of 5 minutes and doesn't take time when offline, put timer for fever, add multiplayer/online with friends option, add quests and daily rewards, add forging armor and buffs for cannon, add more cannons so you have to get the correct one to buff. And that's my ideas and problems(most are ideas) Love the game it's amazing and I'm not a bot/robot to let you know. (Not like the bots who say free money)
I actually like this game, The only reason its a 4 star is I can't find out how to get rid of ads. I'll change my rating after I get this.
Oh and the gem upgrades are very over priced for the amount of them you're rewarded. Seems the only of actually getting a good amount of them is through ads, and thats 200 a day for one part, and 50 every 4 minutes if u watch an ad, for idk how long. I can't imagine its infinite.
This is an amazing idle game designed to not be boring, a perfect example of what all idle games should be. Plz install this
A vary good game i like the way you gather catnips. Catnips are like gems in diffrent games but esayer to get i have one reccomendashine plz add a catnip upgrade that does +1% cannon accurisy but 5 out of 5 game
Very satisfying and interesting game. I really like it. The one very small problem is its name on the Play Store... It called "IDLE CAT CONNON".
OudomPP and we will have some time on Monday for the final meeting 🙌 😀 💪 😄 😊 if we have the right ✅ and we can get it out and the other way around this is for me
Boring. Only one type of cannon that just simply changes in appearance as you level it. Other than the "special" cannons that, you guessed it, require special currency that you need to buy with real money. Zero balance in the game as well. You become significantly stronger than the enemy very easy and very early. So you end up skipping stages to just TRY and find the right level where you dont win in .2 seconds. But even thats a pain because skipping stages isnt free. Just a poorly executed game
I love it 😻 but I accidentally used gems can you make a undo butten were you get the gems back but you lose the upgrade
Really fun game. Got two seconds city now and find it fun to just pickup and play after a while. It's starting to feel a little stale now as progression feels dull after first city. Possibly implementing a prestige system and changing gems upgrades into prestige currency upgradesand making auto cannon upgrade and that stuff paid vis gems. Look forward to the updates coming.
Played the OG cannon king dave, loved it. Now trying out this new one and haven't been disappointed yet. Very fun game just wished the mouse game would get a max ticket upgrade, maybe like 5 from catnip and some for the premium currency.
I absolutely adore this game, it got me hooked from the start and has kept a solid progression speed for a few days now. I'd love to see a few things implemented though. 1. Add a timer so we know when the next daily missions will be ready, 2. Increase battle rewards because right now they are pointlessly small even with the upgrades, 3. I'd love a way to upgrade how long fever lasts. 4. Maybe an upgrade under Cat Nip that let's you increase the blast size of cannons. That's all, thanks!
This is a great game...it is now my go to game and keeps me up all night and you can choose to watch ads or not.
Suggestion to developer: hire a real translator, please. The spelling in this game is atrocious, pay somebody if you need to. Edit: "No matter how much I can fight alone. Where... Shall we draw the big picture". That is a sentence of garbage literally in the first minute of opening the app. After purchasing the first item, you get another error: "Are you tired of clikcing buttons" I highly suggest contacting your translator and demanding a refund. You were ripped off. Then hire a real one.
Idle cat connon is a funny name i get that it is idle cat cannon but damn man please change its name idle cat connon for me please
It reminds me of Cannon King Dave... Which is now gone... Rest in peace, Cannon King Dave but your cannon builds will live on! It actually has some things i like here.. Like the used to be wind up mice are now running toward me! But i will always call general "Dave" from the first one :) hm.. Thank goodness i still have it! Thanks for the new replacement for the old one, Media Games! (I still hope Cannon King Dave returns)
I want the old story back. That is the main thing I do not like about this game currently. It used to be named canon ling dave and this story felt a lot more in depth than then the current one. The new main character "mr.cat" does not seem very interesting or unique. And also the old story where you were the bad guy. also yea I understand so have fun
Really really really really fun and addicting like summon dragons yall people should check out that game btw
Its a pretty good game but the fact that the you misspell cannon to connon or i think its actually designed that way