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Idle Bubbles Cannon: Aim & Tap

Idle Bubbles Cannon: Aim & Tap for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Pedro Navarro located at La Roca del Vallès, 08430. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So many of the features of this game are completely ripped from Zen Idle and I played for 10 minutes and it got boring. I would give 2 or 3 stars if it didn't have features taken from another game.
Good basic game. Shame about the monetization. Anything you touch prompts you to either watch an ad or spend premium currency. "Level up, wanna watch an ad to get more coins?" Immersion totally gone. There is also a "cards" mechanism, gambling for kids... No forced ads though!
Fun game but not that much stuff please put more new stuff so i can chage my number of stars. But any way it preeety fun but only four stars
This game is the best it's a simple game but helps you pass time I would definitely recommend you playing this
If you like watching ads, this is perfect for you.. everything in this game requires either an ad or x8 longer to achive.. why not doing a premium version?
I like how you put cannons which made me think of mideval times and when you thought how to break blocks it was bubbles which are weak in irl and you made them the things that break the blocks which makes it ironic. Thanks for creating a entertaining game . I love it.
I would leave zero stars if I could. I can't even play the game, as soon as I enter it all I see is a grey screen. Sound effects in the background, but no actual game. I can't even tap anything. I have even tried installing the game again. If this was fixed, I would give more stars.
I think this game is very very nice for an idle game. It's a bubble shooter turned into an idle game.
Another greedy idle developer. The income are absolute garbage because you only get them from 5% of spawned bubble. Even then you only get 1 x prestige multiplier. Most of your income are from level up and ads, which usually nets you level x 4000. There's no real reason to play it further unless you're fine watching ads every 2 minutes to advance the game or slowly getting idle money every 6 hours, which nets you the same amount of 1 ads.
Cute little game. Would like to see more free gems. I know you're out to make money, but free gems would help keep more players
Just started playing but it seems pretty fun! I just hope the mission where you restart doesn't go away for like a week (what I've seen from other games like this)
This game is so fun! It kills soooo much time! I love it! I especially love the 24 hour challenges, cause then i grind and have fun for hours.
So my good review was deleted it seems... brief re-review: ads. If you like ads, this is an adpaloza for you. More ads than you can shake a stick at. Forced ads, optional ads that stop game play for several seconds, and as many as 8 other optional ads buttons that fill your screen all the time. Watch ads until you forget there is a game, then watch more. Shower bubbles out of 10, game seems fun but it quickly goes away.
Solid idle game without a bombardment of ads. Prestige systems, tech trees, all kinds of little goodies to keep you checking in.
INSTANT DELETE: Cannot claim ANY "rewards" without watchinG an ad. The game pushes you to buy the overpriced(almost £13) "No Ads" pack by locking all the rewards behind video ads. Why are you calling them rewards if i have to pay for them with ads?
A simple game... Feel free to try and see if you last more than 5 minutes (full disclosure: I didn't). It has ALL the classic ads, login rewards, and cash baits. Feels like more coding went into the shop than gameplay, it's impressive. Ads to double earned rewards, flying chests for more ads, special blocks with ads, boosts activated with ads, and more. You can spend 13 and some euros to remove them (I obviously didn't). Going that route there is an impressive array of ways to spend more.
This is the greatest game I ever played but there's a few things that I wish didn't exist like the things that are so expensive and you need to make a boss level in this at least me to 100 boss levels that was really make this game awesome I'm still giving it a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐rating But please make boss levels game please And that's all I have to say and make music 🎶🎶 okay bye
This is fun it gets one star for its monetization system. they should have a blanket $3 to get rid of ads but they offer so many different monetization choices it's just ridiculous they need more of a game before they would offer that. Very basic
Not sure if there's a contest of the dumbest/most meaningless game of the year. Because Idle Bubble could definitely win.
It only lets you buy 1 upgrade at a time, when you are upgrading to level 400 500 or 600 across many differnt guns.... you can see how dumb that is. And it makes you rest too zero all the time.
VERY fun and one of the reasons why it's fun to me is because it's 90% anti ad and some other reasons is because it starts you out with 50 gems. It offers you some pretty good offers for an add. And because it's free. Free games are the best! Its because you don't have to spend your phone money on it but sometimes in free apps there can be some purchases in the game but you don't need it to even play! And you don't have to! (accept for other types of games) and that's why it is fun in my opinion
Good game ruined by the fact to progress you need to watch the abundance of adverts that constantly pop up on the screen. Also, this is the only game on my tablet that freezes constantly, prompting the pop up from Android "Idle Bubble isn't responding". Both this and the constant ads makes me give the game 1 star.
over all 4 stars, interesting concept but implementation is nothing special for the genre. would be 3 but its nice that there are no mandatory ads but the UI does get a bit cluttered with expensive special offers.
Fun idle game. Only downside is the game pauses itself with it's in game offers and store which is mildly frustrating if for no other reason than how often it does this.
Very aggressive with ads, and I'm uninstalling because I just got a notification that mimicked a phone calls vibration.
Interesting visual concept for an idle game or more likely an ad serving platform. Rewards are 5 min boosts and if you don't watch the you end up with at least 3 prompts on your screen that can't be dismissed.
It became apparent rather quick that you'll have to watch ads in order to gain a substantial amount of stars. Level gains are miniscule in comparison. As an idle shooter it's okay. Upgrades make sense, though I had to play around to see the other upgrade tab, I don't remember it being pointed out.
So far im loving it i haven't had any ads pop up unless i want to claim extra stars then i have the choice to watch the ad or not, and if chose not to it doesn't play one anyways. So yeah thats awesome im tired of games that force you to watch ads and im glad this one doesn't. So thank you!
Terrible, ad-filled cashgrab. Fun for 2 minutes, until the screen begins filling with ad buttons, and various p2w garbage. Do not install.
Mediocre idle game. The idea is good but lack of progression motivation. And you have to watch tons of ads if you want to progress because the currency given by ads are far greater than what you can farm
I was impressed to find 9 different popup things that I could watch add for at a time, plenty of pay for enhancements, and no real gameplay! This truly is a labor of love for money, but sadly not for making good games...
Greedy and lazy there's a lot of ads plus it needs a lot of info bc it sells you info and its a basic lazy design
It's a fun but whenever you get a golden tree seed it gives you a hat but they are pretty short ads so if you don't care about short ads pretty much good
I enjoy this game alot, once im bored i come to this game and level up my cannons and reach my goal but despite the videos not popping op when i want a 2x stars it dosnt work but overall i ha e fun aying thid and i hope you come to consideration to play the game also.
This is the best game I have ever played. I don't know how many things I want to add tho. First, you need boss levels for just the concept. And make some music for it I don't likde the silence. Thats all I gotta tell for now. Bye!
its nice but.. holy cow is everything an ad? it has SO MANY ADS i legit checked to see if there was an ad remover. i never do that also there was no ad remover. want gems? ads. want stars? ads. want roulette spin? ads. ads is the currency of the world. oh you can get stars without seeing ads? trust me you get more out of seeing ads than idling. even the offline is slower than the ads.
It's a pretty nice idle game, honestly. My only real gripes with it are all the different little banners for bonus things you can get by watching ads. It wouldn't be an issue if there was only one or two of them, but there's about four or five at any given moment. They don't ruin the game, but they're definitely distracting.
This game is SOOOOOO fun! Honestly I didn't expect this game to be so fun! You shouldn't not get it. You are welcome!
Should be called idle ad watcher. You literally can't progress without constantly watching ads. I get supporting devs, but this is too much. From the start, there's 5 buttons in the way of the game screen that require you to watch ads.
Blasting tons of bubbles at your foe's, even though your foe's are squares and cricles. It's always a good time when your cannons are just blasting away.
The game commits every sin of mobile games monotizstion in just 5 minutes of gameplay. It makes no attempt to pretend to be anything other than a skinner box of microtansactions and advertisements.
Its very good! but when you spam click on a upgrade it the sound replay's the sound it makes but very fast please fix that if you can. 🙂
Newest update wasn't just error fixes, but forced ads being added which just killed this game. Would have recommended it but these DEV'S always adding forced ads is complete greed. If people like your game and have money, they will show support with options being offered. Forcing is a support killer and trust breaker.
An incredibly addictive game, though once you get far enough, you kind of lose all purpose, and insanely enough you are not rewarded for maxing out all weapons in a single playthrough before prestiging.
It's a great way to pass the time, and it rewards the time you spend on it with leveling systems, making this game all the more worth while to play.
Only a few hours so far, bug a fun game to open and upgrade cannons. Scratches that perfect idle game itch.
I like that there's different colored cannons and the multi color is really interesting everything about this game is relaxing soothing and satisfying.
Wow to be honest I thought the blocks will move in and kill you if it touches your turret but it's all good.. BY THE WAY THIS GAME IS AWSOME Love the game keep the good work going. :D
It's a good game and it doesn't force you any ads but it's very hard to progress the game without watching like 30 ads so 4 stars
Seems very fun and lots of potential. But i am getting about 2-3stars/second. Ad views give quite fast 100k stars. This breaks the game as it makes no sense to earn stars normally as an ad view is worth a day of waiting. So what is the point of playing if its just ads? Bad progression and no real unlocks to keep me addicted.
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I love that it doesn't give me ads every time I load up the app like other games like this good job love the game.
The reason why I gave this game a 5 star is because we don't even need to stay on the same level and we can keep upgrading I think.
It's really fun, simple, satisfying, and strangely mesmerizing. The ads let you double your currency and such, but you can skip them pretty easily if you want.
Its a realy good time killer, and its satisfying, but only 4 stars because it takes a little bit to save up the currency because its only on some cubes
It's so relaxing all you do is shoot it's pretty satisfying and most of all it can be on auto mode this game is full or satisfying and relax I love it
Once at block level 300 it's too slow to be enjoyable, not worth prestiging just have to watch tons of ads to progress, it was fun at first.
I like this game because it is kinda satisfying and it's very fun! and btw please fix the spinner because one time when I spun it and the ad was over my screen turned black and did not get a reward please fix it.
The core mechanics of the game makes it very good. However, it's riddled with ads. Every single action that does not cost stars, will require you to watch an ad to get the reward or more of it. Also there isn't any Ads remover in the shop. Most expensive thing you can buy is 170$
The game is a constant ad watching experience. Literally the first thing that pops up in game is a "value" offer for 40$. The cash grabbing effort is almost comical.
A fun game to play while outside/inside when bored! Break bubbles and upgrade tank(s)! Upgarde your tank(s) and break more! The more you break, the more you get! Try this app didn't like it? It's ok, they may have other fun games! I tried one and didn't like it but i like this one more! Play this game for free!
A fun game. I wouldn't say it's a 5 star game and most reviews of this game are complete bs since you get bonus rewards later for giving the game 5 stars which is a bit underhanded but still a fun easy going game.
This game is better than almost every single Idle game out there because it is addictive and satisfying plus most things in this game are easy to do however despite the fact I still gave this game five stars my least favourite thing about this game is the railguns but they do not effect the rating I gave because they are the only things I do not like and they are very minor.
Pretty good idler. I can see the influence of the Zen Idle idea, and honestly, I like it. I'd pay for an ad remover. As it stands, watching ads is more than game play time, honestly. If I can buy an ad remover, I'll happily give a 4th star. Good game, but needs some tlc.
Absolutely littered with adds. And yeah you can get rid of them for 159sek the issue here is that i wouldnt pay 25 sek for this game. Keep dreaming devs
You know what. This game actually is FUN. I kinda came into this game thinking that this was just going to be another painfully slow and boring experience. But no! It's such a simple concept that is executed in basically all the ways right. Keep up the good work it's just amazing so far. (Just PLEASE don't turn this game into AD HELL... PLEASE)
Gameplay is okay for an idle BUT the ad rewards ALWAYS crash the app AFTER you watch so you cannot claim it, looks like its orchestrated to get ad revenue and force players into an over priced no ad service! Unless they sort this ad scam out do not play
So remarkable satisfying! Ads are kept low, and its easy to play! You don't find many good games like this one these days!
Almost no ads so far only the ones I want to watch and I've been playing this game for about an hour and is still entertaining to play! 5 Star highly recommend!👌
Its a great idle concept but it really suffers by slowing The progress to a hog unless you watch ads. The upgrades are very pricy and you won't progress very much if you don't watch any ads. Adding to that, it really uses a lot of battery. Other than those problems, if they remove The ad progression, it would bê a really good game.
Usually I hate ads with a passion. When I can choose an ad to get a reward, it's much more bearable. This game, however, has managed to frustrate me with the LACK of ads. I get constant offers to watch an ad for a reward, but 9 times out of 10, I get a message saying there are no ads available. Add to that the constant $30 and $50 boosters... this would be fun idle game and turns it into a steaming pile of UNINSTALL.
simple and no forced ads as far as i saw. but theres no offline progress, i dont get much of a sense of progression aside from a tiny blue bar, and the shapes hp doesnt even update properly when they are shot.
I love this game this is the game ive been looking for. Its really fun and addictive, theres rebirthing, and also the best part they have no force ads, they use rewards for ads but dont make u watch em i think every game should do that. ;)
Hi, this is my opinion on this game, so you don't have to agree. The first thing I want to talk about is the cost of stuff, it's just to, expensive in my opinion, this is why i rated this game a 4 out of 5. The rest of the stuff on this game though is completely fine and I like the game 🎮. I know the creator won't see this, but i still want to say this game is amazing and thank you to the creator(s) for creating this game. That's all I had to say, I hope you enjoy the game, too. Bye! From, Eli
Every aspect of this "game" is designed to do one thing: get the user to watch advertisements. Every single reward is predicated upon clicking a "watch ad" button. Every "bonus" that you're awarded comes with those strings attached; don't watch the ad, no reward for you! At one point, I ha no less than *six* different buttons on the main game screen whose sole purpose was to bring up an advertisement. Absolute abomination of an app.
Ok, first if all the game has NO forced ads. You can either play the game legit or watch ads for bonuses. I watch ads because the devs actually made it so theres no forced ads. Also made the ads optinal. I think thats great. I would like to see a watch ads for skill points, the gameplay is good and its overall an AMAZING game. You should definitely try it!
Game that shoves ads in every crevace and then has the nerve to crash when you watch one and take your reward with it. Don't play it this one is a cash grab
It has a lot of ads it's super fun you could prestige prestiging is like rebirthing when you prestige you get better multipliers
this app is so cool I like it I would like the balls at those blocks because number one it gives us like so many stars number two I'm a prone this game and number three this game I gave it five stars
I turned off notifications, you still sent them. In qddition to this the gem purchases do not require confirmations so it's extremely easy to press them on accident. I have uninstalled the app.
Advert and cash grab aimed at kids emptying their parent's Google wallets in a few minutes. There is also a game in the background, but it is utterly idle and pointless with lots of upgrades.
It's a fun little game to help pass the time. I enjoy playing it to wind down for bed or to destress.
It's a fun game. They dont overwhelm you with ads. Its not pay to win. Its a simple game that's fun and easy to play.
It's fun but the only problem is to progress fast in the game you got to watch a whole bunch of ads but you don't have to.
I like the pleasant progression in the game. Isn't short but doesn't take long either. Overall nice look and feel of it all.
I got to play this ONCE. It told me to clcik something but i the prestiege thing blocked and now it keeps crashing.
I was having fun until I leave the game and play tomorrow then all my progress was LOST! The game is good and fun but all my hard work meant nothing.(Also if you gave a 5 star rating ingame you get rewarded smh)
I find it incredible that a game can crash 5 times in a row within 10 seconds this game I thought would be fun but in reality it doesn't work
It has the potential, but there are too many ads. You are supposed to get stars when you gain a level, but only if you watch an ad for 2x the amount. Unfortunately, this is another game where they burden with a ton of ads.
It is what it says it is good idle game I played for hours to kill time and watched zero ads. The ads are only in the game if you want the bonuses or multipliers.
This is so good I wish there's a thousand button so I can do a thousand star I am so happy that y'all made this game so I gave you a five star instead of a thousand I'm sad I didn't put a thousand ☹️ because this is so fun 😁
I dislike this game. There's nothing to it except for advertisements and them trying to get you to waste money on it for absolutely no reason. I would recommend playing another game, but you're likely not as picky as I am, so you might even like this crud.
Pretty fun but as others have said the UI gets Abit clustered and I have also noticed that it drains my battery incredibly fast(80~% to 10~% in about 1 hour).
I would give it a 5 star if you lowered the cost for the canons. Otherwise I would recommend it for everybody!
Idle Bubbles Cannon helps me remove stress and calm down. I recommend this game if you need to calm down
Excuse me? Yes please, I love this game, it's addictive it's gets harder as you upgrade things which I like, it also doesn't take and ad and shove it up your face unless you want to to get free gems or something like that, other then that it's very fun, It's like any other brick breaking game, lots of cannons and powerful things, it's one of my favorite apps probably, If I could give it more I would.
It's incredibly rare that I find what appears to be a smaller dev team or individual who so brutally fails to allow their players the ability to exist within the game for more than.. maybe a second without shoving ads in every shape. Upper left? +Ad Prompt x2 Upper Right? +Ad Prompt x2 + Ads w/ Levels Right Side? +Ad Prompt x1 - 3 & $$ Packs Floating "Present" w/ Ads? Yep. I literally laughed out loud when after all that, a massive block went down the center w/ ya guessed it. Ads.
Freemium minefield. Half the screen is comprised of ways to either show ads or try to get you to purchase bonuses.
Within one minute of playing, i had 6 icons on screen all of them relating to watching an ad and one card purchase for 33€??? Are you kidding me? Instant uninstall!
Social media has a corporate tax return of it will remind me to pulling up 6our is my logo and watch multiple times oe is a whole new level of vintage
This game is an addictive game with plenty things to do, it's a good game to play in any occasion. There are ads only if you want to gain something, overall a great game!
Other then the amount of gems you need to buy passive perk points and how hard gems are to get even after scoring high in the event but still wanting to buy cards and card slots. Game is not bad just two things that would draw someone here just sit there unused
It's a good game,I like the idea of the different colors and their purposes, though I do recommend that you add a epilepsy warning to the game.
For an idle game of this quality, I really enjoy how unobtrusive the ads are. You don't get an ad unless you specifically want to, and all the rewards from them are clearly marked and skippable with in-game gems. It's a fun little game to whittle away the time. Great job devs!
It might be good but it's so littered with ads and deceptive clicks that's it's not playable. Buttons that give boosts don't ask you first, they just launch into an ad that you can't back out of. This won't last long on Google Play.
The fact that the new player "deal" costs $30 says it all. This is just another Chinese ad app. Watch an ad for 2x income for 5 minutes. Then watch an ad for 2x income for 30 minutes. Then watch an ad for 2x income for an hour. But they're not done yet! Watch an ad for 2x speed. Then watch an ad for 2x power. Now watch an ad for a cash bonus. Now watch an ad for a gem bonus. Now it's time to watch ads again to restart 2x speed and more ads to restart 2x power. WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very good game bc when the main cannon shoots fast it is cool looking. Also there is a glitch where is you watch an ad (also there is no ad spam) the text can glitch once you close the ad. Over all very good and I hope becomes very popular.