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Idle Boxing - Idle Tycoon Game

Idle Boxing - Idle Tycoon Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by APPLICATTURA Michal Walaszczyk located at ul. Ceramiczna 2J 98-220 Zdunska Wola, Polska. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pretty fun when you wanna see blocky KOs. Does the job, smooth too. Maybe have a speed or foot work upgrade slot to accelerate the player. Could make bosses tougher too. Great game.
I really am enjoying this game. There is a small amount of lag even on the current phones but my main question is if it's an idle game why does it stop idling after two and a half hours? If I stop playing the game and I'm idle and I come back in 18 hours that should be 18 hours of idle. But it's not and it never is it's always showing 2.5 hours of idle time so that would mean I would have to play every two and a half hours to get back into the non idle or active part of the game.
Beautiful game the bosses are hard but the game was good and I think lots of people should play it this is why I give it five stars it has an approval from me
I thought this game was going to be garbage but I was wrong 5 star worthy game!! I love the fighting style 😁
The game is good i like it ,the ragdoll is fun to watch and its simple even my youger brother can play it, maybe just pressing
Game is great, there is some thing which I want in the game and that thing is to have multiplayer player mode which is unlocked at lvl50 and 5 rebirth and raids:raids are unlocked at lvl 175 and 10 rebirth you an make friends, send friend requests which is unlocked at lvl51 and 5 rebirth. I love how it can do the game for you while your back and the characters gloves, hats and shirts.
The best fighting game umm I don't really like how u can still punch while ur not playing but other than that it's great
You're prompted to watch ads at least twice a minute. Progression is too slow without ads so you end up watching more commercials than playing the game.
This game is ok but the gameplay is something that needs work you do the same thing every level just the opponents get stronger very simple game
This game is amazing you don't even need to spend money to be good at the game and it's got everything you need in a game so you should download it so good work to the people who made this game but there could be whon improvement to make it so you could play online against people and to go against your friends
THE VEST FIGHTING GAME.... Its so cool and fun and also not that much ads also u can get much coins... I like the graphics rhe characters too and do some updating with it... There is a star that when u press it it makes u to level one plz plz dont keep it.... keep the food work i like it
Okay game. Always close when forced ad shows up. Incentives for ads appreciated: forced ads are greedy. Not the worst, but certainly disruptive. Otherwise, decent time waster.
The best game ever, when I first started to play it, it was cool and I loved it so much if your love punching games are like boxing games, this is the game for you
I would say Idle Boxing is a pretty good game. It's a great boxing game there's no problems at all when I. Played it so I like it!
It's a pretty nice game, Of course it isn't built on graphics or Graphically amazing, But, it's a good time wasrer when you're bored.
So far the too days I've been playing have been great I recommend this game for people who like whacky physics and ragdolls
Bad experience, have a great phone and game still ran like garbage. It's just an excuse to watch ads for everything with a terribly programmed game.
I'm only eleven but this game is trash and I hope that this helps you with your future choices of choosing games. I recommend WWE Mayhem. Were it's not laggy or alot of ads and were you can unlock over 100 people like Big E, John cena, Sting, Kofi Kingston, the rock, Andre the giant and many more. There is like 1000 people you can unlock!
Best game the best thing about it is that every time you get knockd down by a boss you can keep getting adds to beat bosses
Its a great app i love it you can upgrade wear coustumes its just amazing i highly recomend it for boredom.
It a very great app that it's so easy to upgrade ur everything tip if u defeat a boss u get lots of money and next won will be like 2xbetter or 1xbetter it's all about upgrade also rebritb
OMG THIS GAME IS AMAZING LIKE LITERALLY...HOW'D U DO IT MAN I WANNA KNOW...anyway I like it because I like boxing and I like the characters and it even has BOSS FIGHTS!!!!!
Its a good game it has odd arms it has bosses you can level up if u dont like any type of action this probably wont be for you but you should try this game great graphis controls are simple and it is like tap tap titans but with mo swords and it punches and u can miss when u tap and this game is a relaxing game and doesnt make u rage
Stupid bloody app resets my progress while giving me an ad. The developer must have a massive hole where their brain should be. Retarded app, retarded developer.
This thing takes out all my stress stress and anger that's why it's a very good game because it's just from typing on my screen and when I tap on my screen them fighting and is very fun game
This game is so so so fun! This game should have 100 Million downloads! Please add sandbox or zombies, i would be happy if you put it in the game
Fix this goitch im really really enjoying this game so much but there is a glitch the game sometimes like lag and i have a good phone too but thats it fix the lag for five stars
My new favorite game. I'm a fan of clickers an this one so far is awesome im not far into but i think it just gets better the faether u go. Great gameplay,graphics,design, simple to play
This game has a surprising amount pf effort put into it, but is still a repetitive mess and loses its charm after a few days. Some variation would be nice.
Fun. Lots of optional ads. Very few intersectional ads. I rated 5 stars but changed to 1 star. Why? Because even though I reviewed this game it's still spamming me asking to review the game. This is something apps on my HTC Evo when smartphones first came out was able to not have as a problem...
This game is fun and i love it but the only problem is that everytime you rebirth it takes away all the upgrades that you got like the health and damage and critical upgrades and i have a game idea put a button at the bottom of the screen to where u can use all the unlocked skills at once
If there was an option to remove all ads and enjoy a premium experience, I'd be more than happy to support the game. As is, it's a fun game but more of an ad generator, with gaming mechanics in between. Sorry, I can't play a game that keeps shoving ad options in my face. I'd pay to be able to just enjoy some downtime with a chill game. Uninstalled.
This game is really awesome, but really needs some improvements, I could only stay on this game for about 40 minutes.
Now for an idle game this is good. I like the simple mechanics and the storyline I just hope that when you fight in the backyard you don't fight in boxing ring in the backyard. And maybe you can add heavy attacks. And please fix the vibration it doesn't work.
I give it a 4 because it had a lot of lags so that is why i gave it a 4 it was fun geting 💪 but it is really hard to hurt the bosses.
this game is a joke, yeah, I have 100% accuracy Glove and All my punch misses, I click 10 times only 4 of them land, What kind of Joke is this game?
Too many intermissions. And right now the Idle Chef intermission ad locks up the game. The only ad I have issues with. Get that ad out of the rotation you get 4 stars. Lower the intermission rate and you get 5 stars. The game is actually enjoyable.
One of the best games i ever played but on problem stop forceing to watch adds i wil rate 5 if you stop it
It is a fun game but there is some things to improve. After rating this game I still get the do you like this game pop up. That is so annoying. Another thing is the level up thing where I can triple my money. I rather not gave any money pop ups at all. And finally the last thing I want improved is removing clutter on the screen. There is too much especially with the annoying pop ups that appear on the right side of the screen. If you can either add a minimize or hide option that would be great.
Played on the OnePlus 7 Pro Optimization is bad, constant fps drops, forced ads that play every so often unless you turn off your data and wifi, and the game keeps asking you to rate it every 5 minutes so here is my rating.
The game is awesome it's surprisingly on addicting you need to make sure you can level up and there's a whole bunch of cool costumes and powerups overall it's a pretty good game
I've enjoyed this game but knocking down to 2 stars based on the fact i rated this game originally to stop the annoying prompt popping up asking me to rate the app, but even after rating it its still popping up asking me to rate?!
Might be good if you're 12 yrs old or less, but don't bother otherwise. Clunky controls, no skills or thinking required, bad optimization ( I play on galaxy tab A 2019), just boring. If you like tapping your screen to see spaghettis moving randomly, you might like it. Hard pass for me. 1/10
I wish there was no auto hit on some gloves especially on the ones with 100 accuracy Cause auto hit in my opinion slows your killing speed significantly
Decent game, but clickbaity advertising. I changed to one star because even though I dont have ads, or the game telling me to rate although I did, I will believe the people who do.
Game play is cool, fun to watch. It'll keep you tapping for awhile. The Ads are very intrusive though, I don't see any purchase option to disable ads...guess I'll just play offline.
Cool and fun game loved it, overvall I'd give it 8 out of 10 you couldn't do much but fight people and get new costumes but it was fun. The controls were easy tap the left side of the screen to punch with you're left fist and tap the right side to use you're right. The graphics were great and I loved the costumes.
I find this game really fun because I like idle games and I like to get achievements on Google Play Games and one tip is after you get a rebirth the game gets easier.
Good game I'm not gonna give it 5 stars but it is a good game and the way they put ads in is nice and there is not ads every 5 seconds
This game is a fun idle game and most adds are optional and when the adds are not optional the are fast great game 10\10
Ad heavy. No way to get rid of it either. Its not a great game. Graphics are low quality. Hitting is moronic. I mean really you tap left and you miss even though he is right there. And it's not even necessary just tapping should be fine. Can't do anything without gems so you HAVE to watch the ads. I hate ads. I don't even watch TV I hate them that much. It not really worth the hassle and on top of that it asks for ads all the time. I'll review when I'm ready.
Great clicker/idle game. Not too many ads and when there is ads, what you gain from watching them is worth it.
It's a great game the ads dont come on every second the bosses are sometimes hard but still good that's why I give five stars
Fun but lag is too much and I have a good phone there should be no reason for any lag and yet it's still slow
Such a fun game the upgrades the punches the gamplay itself really one of the best games ive EVER played