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Ice Cream Paradise: Match 3

Ice Cream Paradise: Match 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by RV AppStudios located at 848 N. Rainbow Blvd. #5467 Las Vegas, NV 89107. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very fun game! Liking the graphics too, they're nice. Unexpected in a match 3. Hope to find more in similarity.
This game does not allow coins to be won. The only way to gain coins is purchasing which is really bad compared to other sites. Keeps freezing has a glitch on certain levels. I keep restarting game and losing lives and hours when award 24hr playing times.
Was at the stage where I needed to win 5 games in a row, I did not have enough coins & didnt want to purchase. Fun game but uninstalled because I couldnt go any further without purchasing.
God promise. I just addicted with your game. I played many games of many genres but by heart i love it because of its coolness. make trillions of levels for us so we continuously enjoy it.
I love this game. It challenges me in ways i win or lose. bm Other than that,It's the latch on the freezer got siged.
I had it very long. I like graphics but the rewards and choices aren't their. it's fun but needs more options.
wouldn't have even gave 1 star, but will not allow u 2 give ZERO STARSπŸ˜’! installed game logged in w my Facebook acct tried to play 1st round tapped play bought me to board tapped the 1 brought to the next page with green and an orange item that said tap to explode those items in ur game waited for page to load to start playing kicked me out tried again noticed I lost a life when it kicked me out tried again same thing happened kicked me out took another life without me ever even getting to play
An awesome game! Great graphic designs which is A+ for me. Great job you guys! I will introduce my family and friends to this fun puzzle
This game is great to play,keeps me busy for a few hours as I can't seem to stop.i have to see what is next and then I'm hooked to play the next one.sure you will get hooked on it too.
Very disappointing... Way too childish, runs choppy ...obviously not much thought was put into this one, wouldn't even consider trying any more games by these devs!!! πŸ˜£πŸ‘Ž
I reached to level 1115 then I contacted Facebook and all achievements had been deleted !!! Worst game ever πŸ˜’πŸ˜€πŸ˜ 
What's happened to level 11? Please explain why there's no matches nearby. It's unplayable as a result.
FUN. Relaxing , but it keeps cutting off my I πŸ’–RADIO. I only play games that let me listen to my music while I play. 😦
This game has possibilities and it is quite cute and I enjoy the ice cream for something different but it's rather confusing. It's nice when games are a little bit more complicated but it's hard to make sense of this one. I'm not interested in taking the time to figure out what looks like a kid's game.
Its beautiful and nice and yes at times it freezes but not alot, my prob is why wen we pass the levels we dont get money? ,ive been playin this game and i reach quite far in it and frm the very start i got prob twenty dollars and dat was the end of it after dat no more money its sayin i hav to connect to face book to get money smh. Sometimes it get so damn crazily hard i need more moves to fin the game and not even dat i can get easily plus no damn money either to help out!!! R u crazy?. Smh
Don't like the bear, to much to do hitting him! Need to make it easy to get rid of. Facebook don't need to know everything I do please quit popping up connecting to Facebook it's none of their business what games are play.
Am giving this one star. A couple of days ago it would have been five. The Mistplay ad every other game is really p!ssing me off so much I'm not going to play anymore as I'm in danger of throwing my phone at a wall.
Very good and nice to have been trying for you to the right now and then the other day and night in the next day delivery on all of us, but I have a great time, and the cockroach, and I am not sure about anything on my way to the new year and the cockroach, and I am not sure about anything on my
I downloaded again! Really like this game! Maybe you could increase the size of game play? I feel for those with large hands trying to move those ice cream pieces.πŸ˜‚
Just started this game but so far it's great, wonderful sceens, color, in joying the whole go about in this game. Great so far the makers of this game. Enjoy the game people you will find it very relaxing, & entertaing.
it's a good little match 3, some stuttering in graphics but this could be due to the fact that we're in the middle of a snow storm πŸ˜‹
Very confusing game. Instructions not very good. As soon as you start to read the instructions, they disappear.
this junk of a app been broken for a while and it's still freezing can't even play this piece of a game because you want fix it update game seems to be playing ok for now i hope it stays that way πŸ˜‹πŸ‘ŒπŸ’• if game counties to play well without freezing I'll change my rating to four are five stars I'm going to see how it goes update game is doing okay now it's know issue except seems to heat my phone a little
This game does not work I downloaded it and now I am going to Remove it from my board because nothing works maybe you should fix your games before you post them on Google apps store and check to see if they work or not because this game surely doesn't work at all!! please fix your game so we can play it! Thank you
Does not allow coins to be won at all it got boring so I'm afraid to say deleting i would give zero stars game freezes you lose life's when u get kicked of u have issues with game and u should let ppl win coins
It's a really nice game, but like most match 3 games it gets harder as you complete each level, I know that's by design though. The animation is awesome!
this junk of a app been broken for a while and it's still freezing can't even play this piece of a game because you want fix it update game seems to be playing ok for now i hope it stays that way πŸ˜‹πŸ‘ŒπŸ’• if game counties to play well without freezing I'll change my rating to four are five stars I'm going to see how update game still freezing legs really bad
This game is so different. Coloring is bold. Love the different ways to score. Very addictive. Great way to pass time.
Time waste game .Everytime after 40 to 50 levels the game stucked over. Samething has happened justnow also
I have this game for over 7 years and I'm still playing it everyday I love it number one on my list thank you
I am having difficulty with the volume with this game right now and also as well as it freezing on me in the middle of a level but it usually always happens right after I have beaten the level.... Please fix these issues and fast, especially the volume situation.... Thanks!
Little girl creeps me out. Love that you can double tap your power ups! Fun little challenges and great ad watching to get power ups before a level! Can change your user tag and picture without logging into Facebook. Don't personally like the graphics but it is a good game
Initially, I loved this came! 3 days ago I noticed all my coins & power ups I'd earned had suddenly disapppeared. Also, thr game freezes or doesn't properly load. I sent an email to your team yesterday, with no response thus far. Please look into this issue and replace my lost coins & power ups!
Liked this game at first and then the mole games appeared. Too many and very hard to win tired of them! Will probably delete and find something with a bit more variety
l would have rated this game higher because it is fun to play. The maln reason that l do not is that l have a lot of trouble with the videos that they have you watch for gifts. Some times they do not play right & sometimes when they do play you still do noy get you bonus or gift. lt is for this reason l am unistalling the game until they can show me they have corrected this problem. Sorry 😞😟😒😀😭
I've been playing this game well over a year now. Was one of my favorite match 3 games. Yet, all the 1st few reviews I totally agree with and have had other negative issues with this game as well. One of which when I went to open to play, it wouldn't open. Had to shut down my tablet and restart several times, time to time. Or would freeze or black out and would lose game I was almost winning and lost completely. I've deleted the game and re-downloaded & will be last time if not fixed.
I know its fun for everyone i like this game so much it reminds me on a hot summer day it's not that hard at all cute animations great job
Addictive, fun, but can get spendy - some levels are nearly impossible to get past without having to buy coins for additional moves or to buy "tools" that help when regular moves get you nowhere.
Wish this game would stop crashing on high levels and now it won't let me move certain pieces get hope they sirt it out are I will be uninstalling I have hade to reinstall it twice because of it crashing on high levels I used to love this game now i am fed up with faults on it
I really loved playing this game but it keeps freezing up on level 967. It was a great way to pass time but now I guess i will have to uninstall
this is excellent game and it is challenging. I enjoy this game so much with my family and friends. It need to be more games like this one that you can enjoy with family and friends.