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Icarus M: Riders of Icarus

Icarus M: Riders of Icarus for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by VALOFE located at 서울시 금천구 디지털로 130 남성프라자 601호 (601, NAMSUNG Plaza, 130, Digital-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea). The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Can't log in, Vfun is a novice company with inexperienced programmer's. You have to start somewhere though so I start you guys off with one star, if I could go lower I would. You guys suck on any platform. Pc, mobile. From day one I seen nothing but incompetence. They still trying to migrate ppl from steam, they never even replied to my friend. Don't spend money on vfun games. You have been ⚠️
Bad experience. Not a decent mmorpg, just running around and doing quests all the time. No events, no central city, no way to communicate with other players.
Definitely not your typical P2W game. IMO it's F2P friendly. Lots of content to keep you busy. Should have discovered this game earlier. Only down side is lack of players which on other hand is good. Less toxicity LOL
I have registered my account via your in-game gmail connect feature, but after this new patch my account is lost and not detected on your server. my last id was located on the Asian server with the username mosesss
I think its a nice game. Hoping for more classes or gender in unlock so I can be a male hunter at least. But I like the pet and gear details.
Come on!!! The game plays itself!!! Remove the auto-combat completely if possible. Im the cross ane your game is the vampire. "The power of Christ compels you!"(while spraying holy water that i found in Castlevania.)
Stuck on character selection, keeps getting error disconnected from server ... Tried relaunching and everything but the same issue.. please fix the problem
Everything is excellent, superb and well-planned; except for that there's no gender selection of the characters. Sorry for I have to take a star off for that.
Very laggy even though at all medium quality of graphics and FOS at best. Other than that it's all good.
I've just notice.. i can only play it by morning from 7am to 11am... But playing it from 12 noon until night, can't connect anymore.. it keep saying disconnected from the server from character menu screen.
Please fix the problem.. I can't input name to the new character, so i can't play the game with nre character..
Good game but few latency issues and glitches need sorting to many dialogue scripts try to open at once which causes the game to freeze for a few seconds every few minutes
You know what? I am impressed by this game, so far i love it. The gameplay and Characters, i hope you can improved this game better. Fix the issues and Improved Players Concern.
This is a lowkey yet amazing game I like how they really support the players through gifts and familiar I always look forward login in and receiving egg since I really like taming monster cute and cool ones. Costumes are affordable if you're patient with your spending, it might feel like you're so strong but you can't say that unless you can face dragons by yourself or can take one on with a party at level 50. So I've been looking forward to level up and the updates of the game. ❤❤
For now 1 star. Most of the time I'm getting disconnected from the server. After being disconnected, relogging in, and attempting to start game it always says I got disconnected from the server and even attempting to reconnect can't help and now i'm stuck at the character selection page. All of these happen in spite of having a good internet connection.
i will give you 3 stars for now there are a few things in this game that could be changed if there is a way that i could send my feed back to the compeny i would give out some pointers of what i think can change its not big changes it will also bring more to the games charaters. but over all i think the game is pretty good so far i am at lvl 11 now and i will still play the game to see even more but from me this is pretty good i like it
So far I like this game, I understand it is still improving and from what I can tell it is new, throughout the adjustments and improvements in this game I would love to see more familiars that we can freely choose and tame ourselves like the pc riders of icarus. I'm sure it will take time but I will be willing to wait! Also not a fan of the auto, but that is ok I love I got a dragon pet in the beginning. I will add more reviews in the future :)
xD very best mmorpg I love it ❤︎ and I give this four star because the grapics and game play is best but flying controls I don't know that Why I don't control it and walking controls was hard for me or there is not any jump option (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ why. The main story was very interesting I really like this story line
Great game story rewards graphics plz add the voice of chars properly sometimes it talks rest time it doesn't n those who r complain abt auto play go switch off the option it's there it's not complete auto Play but it's good fingers less pain .plz can u add emojis to the chat function in future updates ❤️❤️❤️ plz add some extra buffs to the event costumes brought with real money in the next update and increase the gold from missions a little bit
The game is nice but the probability of getting super familiar/equip is near to zero. And the progression is quite slow. Frustrated players would probably quit the game after some time, well even now the number of players are shrinking. Devs need to rethink the gameplay experience.
The graphics are amazing, the world is beautiful, and the skills are super cool. I love everything about it.
Still pretty new to the game, so far so good. There are some glitches when I'm flying where I'm yeeted into the abyss, but the other mechanics seem fine. The game looks gorgeous, try it out!
Shiny weapon?..ok! Your weapon is just a white shiny color? Really! It hurts my eyes! Whay this game doesnt changed it equipments appearance? What the hell is that?
Game is good. But what i dont like is the fact that its file is huge and such file should've been allowed background download.Imagine there sitting for like 4hours waiting for it to finish Downloading SMH
Overall it is a great game to play having good graphics and controls . But some glitches are there which can be solve . Please introduce more classes and updates
It pretty good game but their no gender choices so upgrade the game and their is less player but enjoyable for the gameplay it amazing cause it have auto battle and auto quest but you cannot off your phone and reli release some new hero like gunner or a druid or a summoner like hero And reply to my rating, thank you Hope many people play this game and became popular That all thank you for reading this
Fraquent game freeze in s10+. Horrible graphics quality. Milking the mindless grinding concept. I expected more. Clearly I was mistaken.
It's awesome. Some of the familars are kinda scary lol but over all it's a great Play to win. You don't get many advantages if you pay so it's very equal on poor peps like me lol.
Decent graphics, lots of cutscenes, overall loving the game so far, I recommend trying this game if you like a good RPG with good battle systems, nice customes, good character detail, and decent character creation tools!
have been playing game now for a while enjoying storyline still playing game live the interaction with other players
Ilove the graphics and the gameplay it's easy and lots of mounts and pet..what I notice is lack of armor and weapons hope you will add more but ilove it anyways
graphics is good..hope there will be a mode on battle Royale or base war or crystal war or sort of something
Icarus M needs more classes but it's a great game overall. The graphics are good, the reward system is interesting. Armor doesn't change but leveling is very fast and you get free costumes from questing.
Final Update: Every game has a paywall, and after months of no updates they finally patched in "content". New dungeons, areas, and gear that is impossible to obtain unless you dump literally thousands of dollars. It was a fun game for a while, but it's now dry and lifeless, and pvp is trash.
Waaaaay better on PC, but this is understandable, overall no issues, runs well, no game breaking glitches so you guys did a GREAT JOB.
Port from PC to mobile. Using one of the more powerful mobile to play but keep freezing at random times. Please check
funfact: a low quality graphics game attract more people than high quality, keep in mind so you can do better too, i said that because not a lot of people have a very powerful device, the are sticking with their old one, but also they wanna play this game, what will they do? yeah your wrong, they will proceed to download an emulator. what they find ? game crashing
After playing a few MMORPG's, I can tell this is quite good, especially for a mobile version. I like the overall graphics, plenty of detail but not crowded, the leveling up is well paced and there are plenty of events. Of course I'd like more content 😁 And I will join the choir that says: "please add an option for semi-auto or manual combat"
So played for few days now along with it being major laggy. The devs keep trying to fix things not good for a new player starting this game the daily events dont seem to work. Also trade and currency exchange don't even work so don't see the point in them. The game has a good vibe but lacks in customer service I know they respond to reviews if you leave a 5 star. But I've yet to see any response from in game customer support. Until I see better progress in this game I wont give more stars.
Great gaming experience. It also lets you have many mounts that you can tame and cool costume is free and you can obtain as well without spending real money.
Was a good game. Now saying it needs updating via play store when there's no update available. Can't play the game now as a result of that. Uninstalled it and tried again but still won't allow me to play as saying needs an update when none is available
This is a cool game farily easy to play and has Awsome graphics think maybe one of the best MMORPG found for mobile device. Just think could use a litte more Customization options and/or other costumes etc, by maybe adding options to dye or change colors of weapons and/or outfits. And maybe choices on races and/or other classes.
I can't take give it a fair rating because I never got to play it. It kept telling me I had something installed that I didn't and wouldn't let me start the app 🤷🏿‍♂️
I love this game, it's understandable that the servers don't have many players, but I'm cool with that. There's no one to attack you and there's no one to spam chat with annoying content. It helps me focus and have a fun gameplay time. I honestly enjoy the level up process being somewhat time consuming, means there's more to do. My assumptions on the game not having many players is the fact that it's a heavy game. (A lot of space.) But hey, that's their loss, not mine. 😅 #TrueFanzOnly
the game is best but i m not able to play pvp i have tried it many times but not even once i was able to get in match and also there is no option to ask questions about game .......
Great game, good graphics, a lot of content, but it's pretty much dead, there very few players, which makes it impossible to do any group content especially as a begginer
Game is was good until I cannot play any longer. Samsung Note 10+. Cannot close the rock paper scissors screen to get into game. Can use back arrow to close that and following screens then game hangs on loading symbol.
This is games and NC graphics.. But the normal skill of the characters are simple.. Try to more Interesting effect to next update..
This game is great but hey learn one or two things from the Korean Version devs they're super generous when it comes to new players to get good tier Equipments right from the start what do we get a blue tier where in the Korean Version we get RED tier Equipments!! Not after completing certain quest not after reaching certain lv but from the lv1 itself!!! LV1 DAMN!! 🔥 YOU GONNA LOSE SOME PLAYERS TO KR VERSION IF YOU KEEP MAKING THIS GLOBAL VERSION A PAY TO WIN MMORPG okay that's it peace out 🤙
It's not the worst of its kind but the gender lock is a disappointment. If you're not into role playing as female, then the only option would be warrior or assassin class. I also dislike that you can simply buy skill points. Servers need optimization because it is pretty lag even in the lowest settings. The lack of player base is a blessing in disguise.
Would give more stars, but I can't see other players. And every guild I find looks dead, players haven't come on for 100 to 200+ days, what the heck? Is anyone playing this at all anymore?
Automatic one star for no dark caster and all classes gender locked. Boring as hell and gear is super basic with no uniqueness at all. Click and watch quests. Everything is way too shiny just to hide lack in detail rendering.... not worth the time
I think the time from the server is not accurate it's 9:39Am in my country but in the game it's already 5:39Pm.
Im excited to play this game so Ive waited patiently for it to be downloaded on my phone. Ive created my character but I cant get passed thru the select character screen. An error msg shows that im disconnected from the server even though my internet is running well. Ive tried to select other server and yet still the same. Pls fix this!!!
Fun game but can you make traveling easier by adding a mal with all the places you can go in the game with a list of monsters that are found there and can you make it were we can fly were ever on our mount because I can only go were the orange track g uids me
Need help, sometimes hard to open the app, stack, not loading. My internet is good. I like the game, graphics.
Devs need to merge servers. This game is dead, which I do not understand. This game is the best! Always a lot to do. Never board, not all about who spends the most. But it's not fun to play by yourself.
wont even let you create character cause you cant type in your preferred name or any letter to be exact. not worth the time downloading the game
I shall give no rate cauze it's keeping downloading files in wasteful way and restart the downloading from the beginning i can't play it.. i will delete it
Can't create a name for any tipe of characters on any servers, is like when i type my name in the character name window it doesn't write anything.