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iMonster-Roguelike RPG Legends,Dark Dungeon

iMonster-Roguelike RPG Legends,Dark Dungeon for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by DreamSky located at Rooms 05-15, 13A/F., South Tower, World Finance Centre, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel:00852-22060092 Fax:00852-30030133. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really good game BUT too many bugs. Ads do not work and once in awhile the game crash and the screen become dark (need to kill process then restart the game). I dont mind paying if the game are stable.
The art is beautiful and I'm sure I would enjoy playing the game but I only made it out of the first dialogue. Upon trying to go into the tower my game continued to crash after restarting a few times I just gave up, I would love to know why it didn't work. The idea of playing as a monster intrigued me so I hope this can be solved, Thank you for your time.
great game so far. leveling is a little slow, and gems arent super hard to get (for free).. but you NEED them. 7 day collection quest doesnt work however after first week, so you feel like you're missing out. dungeon crawlers are always the best though so hard to mess up. pretty solid overall.
the gameplay experience and game storyline is great. every map is new in every stage gives a better experience.the only problem is that the adverts had stop functioning and yet many upgrades require diamonds. that makes the only cons in the game or else youll get five star.
Overall it's a good game, unfortunately the translation is borked. Spelling errors are numerous. And it's hard to follow the storyline because of things like: "There maybe relationship between those fighting on front." And "If there are green hills ! I'm unlucky!!I'll come back for revenge!" If the translation was fixed it would be fine stars, but it's so hard to tell what is happening that it breaks immersion and hampers the enjoyment.
Everything is optimal. But, when everyone hates ads, here I am frustrated to read on my screen everytime i click that three-eyed blue bird with diamond on its beak: "No ads ready, please try later." I hope you can fix this. MOST IMPORTANTLY, please lower the cost for opening chests that requires diamonds; I'd like to open them with gold even if it costs too much. Lastly, please give higher chances of dropping COS MARKS. TYVM. great game.
Great game! It will be even better when cloud saving is implemented and I can continue from other devices. The auto walk to stairs feature is a life saver. The hidden portals keep things interesting with great loot. I find myself exploring every tile to try to find them. The hardest part is gearing up after each boss so that you can take down the boss in the next zone.
So. I've barely made it past the beginning. The first thing I've noticed is that the character customization music is copy/pasta from the old Square soft game Legend of Mana. I was unsure if they had permissions for the music. It's almost exactly the same outside of very few notes.
This game Is very addictive. Instead of uninstalling after 5 minutes like I usually do with games, I uninstalled after a few hours. It's good but kind of annoying how when you die you have to start that floor all over again. Also (where I'm at in the game) I'm unsure about where I can buy potions since I run out too much. Good game would probably play again.
Towards the 4th, to 5th floor. You'll realize that you'll have to start grinding more and more and more. The skill tree is amazing. I've made such unique builds. But it doesn't help you get pass the bosses faster. The game involves a upgrade system where you're allowed to; enchant, refine your weapons and armors or even craft your own.. but you'll only be able to level it up to "+2".. that is.. if you're not using gems. Make gems more easily obtainable. Just a bit more till you get a good game.
Decent game, nice story, bad grammer... but. Seeing as a lot of this game revolves around diamonds, I'd suggest to the dev to reduce the amounts the diamonds cost, or if ad servers are going to continue to be down, plz change all diamond costs as gold costs with the option to buy diamonds for a reasonable cost.
Extremely buggy; took 4 attempts to clear first tutorial because an effect or filter isn't transparent so the screen is covered. If I am lucky, i can blind tap to a stairway but most of the time I can't really do anything. Closing and reloading the game and choosing the option to 'continue' doesn't work; all xp, gold, items and quest progress are gone. It's like grinding for nothing. Really need to fix the bugs!
I like the game and this style of rogue-like game. The graphics are fun and it's got a decent difficulty to it. English translation needs a little love. Mad about buttons not being receptive enough when you hit health potions (died twice due to it) and that even after you buy gems cause you died, it wont let you resurrect with the Soul Contract, losing all you progress. (Keep receiving 'You need to recharge, teenager' message)
It's amazing. I like how it's got it's cool look but with a hint of adorableness? Can't really put it into words lol. But I have a few suggestions: cloud save would come in handy, companions/pets, and while playing through the game we can unlock more looks for our little critter (new tail, hair, ears, horns, etc.) Heck, unlocking wings would be a nice touch. But so far it's a great game with great potential. Doing good, keep going.
My kind of game. Dungeon exploration. Easy and simple but only issue i have is the health bar location. It is small and place where your hand (if right handed) would be covering it for thr entire duration of you clicking on the map. Only way to see health bar is if you remove your hand which is a little annoying and made me die a couple of times as well. Its a good game but needs improvement on this issue. Seriously please consider placing health bar at the top corner atleast.
This game is a perfect example of how pervasive microtransactions can become in a game. Almost all aspects of gameplay or blocked behind the in game paid currency (diamonds). Few examples: Best loot can only be gained through diamonds, upgrading weapons past +2 can only be done through diamonds, expanding storage?... Diamonds. They could have atleast made it so you have the option between spending tons of game money or diamonds. It's an enjoyable little dungeon crawl but at what cost you will ask yourself after reaching lvl 15.
I love this game. But I hate how you lose everything when you die. It was literally 2 hours of grinding gone.poof now I'm terrified to try that boss again. Lol your adverts why aren't they working anymore. Worked fine for the first week. But since it's been no ads try again later. It's been 2 weeks I'm still waiting......... You would of got a 5 star if not for these 2 issues.
I wrote a great review for this game less than an hour ago, and it got deleted. The game is perfect for me. Graphics are phenomenal, gameplay is pretty smooth except that it freezes the game every single time I play, sometimes freezing the phone and preventing me to turn off the device. Played the tutorial about dozen times and wondering if there is a way to skip or clear the tutorial since it restarts the tutorial everytime I play the game. Would give 5 stars if the freezing bug is fixed.
This game is great great gamplay, good graphics, and the story is decent too. One of the best mobile games I have played. However its not without it's flaws. Gems are needed for a upgrading equipment past level 2, inventory starts off small as well requiring gems for more space , (but you can watch ads for gems so it gets a pass). Would have been five stars but since the most recent app update all items don't work, (xp books, resistance potions, ect) and gem ads do not work as well it's not.
I will start with the positives, the game play is actually fun and it's pretty easy to progress through in the game. For the first 3 bosses, I actually will give 4 stars, one star knocked off for poor english grammar. Now....after you hit the 4th boss, that's when it drops to 1 star. They make it nearly impossible for the boss to beat, when you drop the bosses hp to less than 50%, it suddenly hit you with an unavoidable one hit kill. It suddenly become p2w with the ridiculous revival costs.
Great game. I like the skills upgrade system where you get to choose what skills you want to have, and you can actually get both (right and left side) of the skill tree. Just one thing. I dont like the blank screen you get after you defeated some monsters. It totally blind you and can only depends on the map (if only you remember to tap on it). Overall, this is good game. Thanks devs team. Hopefully, there will be sequences, eventhough Im not finish playing the game yet.
Such a good game. It should really get multiplayer though because I can see myself aventually getting bored of this. Apart from that, I love the art style and how the game works. One issue though. When you scroll from the town to the bit to the right, every now and then there are goblins riding a beast thing which has a QR Code on it. It passes by too fast for me to take a scannable screenshot. Make this secret more clear? Thanks! (still, great game)
This game has a really great aesthetic and the progression is pretty fun too. However, over-dependence on gems makes it really hard to stay motivated. Especially when you have to pass up on a rare chest because you ran out of gems which you used up upgrading your gear. Mechanics like that and paid ressurections feel really bad to play with. The game also suffers heavily from localization/translation issues. Overly ambitious and greedy IAP tactics that over-step their bounds make this game a pass for me. Unless you love watching dozens of ads for little-to-nothing!
Holy tutorial dialogue! The text never stops in this game. Every time I think the rampant story interruptions are over, another bubble pops up. For such a simple game, it sure likes to complicate itself. Not to mention the translation is really poor. If there were half the interruptions from text in this game, it would go a long way to improve it. I just couldn't keep going. I just wanted to sell my junk items!
I love this game! But the ads stopped working for the last week and i don't know why please fix this please thanks.
1) This game is not a roguelike RPG, please understand the definition of a roguelike before you confuse users. 2) Game feels very p2w with the equipment upgrade system only allowing in game currency to upgrade up to +2, +3 and above all require gems to roll. Upgrades are not guaranteed as well, there is a chance that the upgrade fails, even with gems. 3) The helix skill tree looks nice, but a skill reset costs 600 gems, which is a ton. The devs do allow users to earn gems by watching ads, but only awarding 20 gems per ad is asking far too much. 4) Only one inventory page and one stash page is given at the start, additional pages cost gems which increase at alarming amounts, reaching a few thousand gems at the back. 5) I'm not stating that the game is bad, I supported the devs cos I liked the feel of the game, however I feel that there is a lot of room for improvement, especially for people who are f2p
I really love this game because the equipment can be seen when you equip it to the character. You just need to fix some lagging issues when the game is resumed in the dungeun. And it must have a cloud to save the progress of every player in the game. Plus, add more character designs like body sizes. Please improve it more. Over all i love it. The cloud save is a must.
Mixed feelings. Its fun, graphics are great. Only issue i have is like others and its needing gems to upgrade the gear past the first 2 levels. I have a feeling you'll need quite a bit of gems and getting a pay to advance vibe. Im in the beginning and barely made gems so unfortunately it may be a p2w game, which would be sad cause its fun but p2w isnt. Didn't notice bugs, devs probly fixed them. Change tbe upgrade costs to gold and youll get more stars. I want to buy bundles cause there affordable and i like the game but i made a vow to never support energy/stamina base games and p2w games. Please change it so i can help support the game and not greed.
I think it is adorable! Me and my daughter both play. All it needs is a cute camp/base feature where we can upgrade a home and earn decor through gameplay, and more customization features we can earn as well, like more eye colors, skin patterns, etc. Maybe some hobbies like fishing or bug catching, smithing or odd jobs like repairs? Or an encyclopedia of all the enemies we have faced thus far? Something to make the world less static. The music is cool! Does need some expanding, as the more times it loops, the harder it is to keep playing. Overall I would love this for my PC, where it could be enhanced and so on. Would definitly pay for a more fleshed out gaming experience. Translation does need work, but it doesn't really detract from gameplay. Hope it sees morr development!
I didn't finish the first level, due to the poorly written texts, the grammer, spelling, and text segmentation errors and choices made it really hard to read the instructions or understand the plot of the game. The movement of the character is determined by a single click (not very exciting) and the combat is automatic (not very excting). To be fair it was only the first level, but the poor spelling and grammar really was distracting and unclear.
This game is great BUT, its pay to win. You NEED gems to upgrade your gear. The ads you can watch to gain gems dont work. The only way to get them is by paying outrageous amounts of money to get the amount you need. If you don't upgrade your gear you will NOT progress. You can grind lvls on your character but it wont give enough of a boost to compensate for your max f2p gear. If you die you lose everything you picked up and the boss has 60000hp you do 400dam you have 1200hp boss does 600dam
Was good... until it asked me to give it a high rating (I'd assume 5 stars) for a reward then send proof in to the devs that I did it. Good ratings are supposed to earned for having a good game, not by especially forcing your players to do it if they want a reward. I will give you four stars since it was a pretty good game up until that point, but I will be uninstalling.
English needs a lot of work, but I'm just going with it, what self respecting goblin would speak perfect english after all? The IAPs are pretty darn heavy. Nearly the whole crafting mechanic is reliant on the premium currency, which is obtained via log in bonus, sys messages and watching ads, 20/30sec. It wouldn't be bad to ease up on that, since it is currently putting a good amount of content behind a soft-but-tall paywall.
This is the most AMAZING game ever, exactly what I been looking for all my life and it's perfect, I love the characters and the story and the adventures, I only think it would be cool to have like a book in the game like the other one used for the notes we find in the adventure, but like a book for all the creatures we discover and come across and have a lil bio about them and picture and stats, that would be super cool, so that I and we could see and look back on those creatures we came across and figure out the best set and weapons and stuff to defeat them. Love the amazing work! Much love 😊😊❤✌✌
I really love and enjoy the game, there only a few smartphone games that does not require internet connection to be played and that it is actually good and entertaining, can be played again and again. A few suggestions, i wish i could spin the wheel while I'm offline when i return after clearing some floors, and i wish mails should not suddenly disappear, add an option where we can choose to delete it or not, keep up the great game!
I really like this game and it has amazing potential. But I've run into an issue where I cant purchase diamonds or watch the ads for diamonds. Even when I'm using 4G mobile data. It kinda sucks because I'm missing out on the chests in the dungeons that REQUIRE gems to open. It's also saying that I need to update to the latest version of the game when the play store doesnt even allow me to update it. It says it's the latest version. Help?
The gameplay is amazing, it's similar to The Enchanted Cave and I adored that game. But the English is atrocious, it's like someone used Google Translate. Get yourselves a real translator and I'll bump up to five stars. In the meantime, however, it'll be impossible to enjoy the storyline.
Was a fun game. My issue was that it would close at times so I uninstalled to reinstall and see if that would fix the issue like some other games and ended up losing all progress. Just bought the monthly from goodie bag and it's gone as well. I don't feel like restarting over again after I spent some money and lost 1410 diamonds.
The daily rewards system mybe need to be extended to more than just 7 days or if it limited to just 7 days perhaps the icon can be removed after all the rewarda have been colected. And if i may suggest to you that every 5 level or so there will be option to alter our avatar. Mybe give us a set of different arms or head or body to choose like the skill section. As you game are based on the monster dna. That way we can have a sense of individuality in the game and mybe someday u guys can patch up some pvp.
I really like this game and it's style, but there are a few issues. When opening missions or other things that require network updates, the process is a bit slow. You guys should really invest in some spell proofing, the text is hard to follow due to the typos, but hilarious at times because of it. The fact that powering up items past +2 requires gems is a real letdown, especially since gems can only be bought with real $ or are received as a login reword for 2 days (day 3 and day 7 for me. You should try and implement some way of getting them through looting, it would really help you keep a bigger player base. But the biggest and most annoying thing, god forbid you get a notification (or omg 2 of them) while playing. The game just stops for like 10 seconds and then continues. Really let down by this. I'll revisit this soon, maybe in a gew updates, if i see them getting some issues solved.
Very similar to that Dungeon Gumball game. Except instead of revealing parts of the floor you actually tap spaces to move around and can pick and choose your battles. Or skip to the next floor if you find a staircase. There are chests or breakable items that can contain items but they might be block by an enemy. There is a skill tree which offers you a choice sometimes on which perk or ability you want to spend your points on. Armor pieces you can equip. One of those games where you can leave with all your loot or continue on and risk losing it all if you are defeated. Runs smooth, everything works. Hoping new content will be provided.
Just installed the game yesterday. But cant even pass the tutorial because it crash many times. Looking forward for the developer to fix this. Graphic is nice and the gameplay is interesting even for the tutorial. Keep it up. 3 star for now and more after the problem has been fixed.
Huge potential but corrupted by greed. After you enter chapter 4 thats where the p2w stuff comes in. Huge gap between last chapter, boss can 1ko you even with fully upgraded epic armor. Health is like 10 times the last chapter 3 boss. Upgrading to lvl 3 also requires gem and the only way to get it is paying or watching lots and lota of ad... really great game, I enjoy the gameplay and graphics. Too bad its runned by greedy people
this was the best game I've ever played I was at level 15 epic armor. but because my phone was on low battery and turned off mid game so I charged it went back on the game and everything was delete. Ya so don't play this game unless your PHONE IS FULLY CHARGED or everything will get delete just like mine did. Man I really loved this game but now I have to delete it because I don't want to start all over again.
I really like the game, the only real problem is that I had to figure out a lot for myself as much of the dialogue seems either wierdly translated to English or not proof read by the developer(s). I probably wouldn't spend any money on this game for that reason even though the rest of the game seems fine.
The game is fun and all and all would be fun and games if it weren't for the feature that diamond upgrades(upgrades past level 3) have a chance to fail. I spent all of my diamonds to upgrade a legendary I had not realizing as I'd never done it before and poof it failed and I'm out 300 diamonds. Would be 5 stars if it weren't for this, it's still a great game just wish it was advertised more as a chance or something else so I knew to use my stuff to buff the chances.