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I Love Hue Too

I Love Hue Too for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Zut! located at Zut Games Ltd Unit 1, 258 Kingsland Road London E8 4DG. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pretty interesting game, it messes with your eyes and is quite a challenge as you progress. It does get a little reppettative, but never gets easier. My only problem is that I'm partially colorblind and so I don't recommend it for other colorblind people, but even so, I like the challenge.
Better that the prequel for the obvious reason that it doesn't have limited plays per day. Still, I feel like it could do with some improvements, particularly the animations which take up too much time and are unskippable. An option to speed up or skip animations altogether would be great.
Love this game, I hate that I have to be connected to the internet to use it. I downloaded it to be something to play on trips and I can't. Edit: it won't load at all now. Gets stuck on the first screen even after force stop and opening again.
I really love the game, it's a great game to just relax for a while. But unfortunately, I can't access it anymore. It happened once before that the game didn't load further than the initial heart loading screen but last time I was able to fix it by closing and opening the game again. Now it's happened again and nothing works, I even uninstalled it and installed it again but it still won't load. Please fix this issue, because apart from that this app deserves 5 Stars!
Absolutely beautiful game! I played the first one and had to download this one as well. Very soothing and relaxing after a long day. There have been a few issues with ads not working correctly, for example the skip ad button no longer works and there is no way to exit out of certain ads when they are done playing, meaning that I have to exit and reopen the game. Hopefully I can find a way to fix this because it really is a wonderful game.
Pros: the game is very beautiful and fun to play. It's creative and keeps you guessing. I like the different patterns and colours, they're so pretty to look at. Cons: eventually the game gets too hard past level 70, I think. The mystical messages are kind of negative and scary. Which would be fine if the game was marked as a scary game, but it's not. The game is still worth trying out. I think I'd give it 5 stars if it weren't for the scary mystical messages.
Thanks to this game my brother found out he's partially colour blind :D In all seriousness though, it's really fun. There's a huge variety in colours and Patterns and I love the daily challenge Feature! Definitely the best time waster I've ever played.
I love this game as well as the first one, and highly recommend either one (or both!) to anyone who enjoys puzzles. Some of the levels are actually fairly challenging, and it's always fun to see if you can solve the levels in the least moves possible. Every time I open this app I find myself glued to it, determined to at least finish a full set of levels before exiting. It's a great time killer and all round a well made game.
It's a really relaxing game, and it's addicting. The colors are pretty and sometimes it gets pretty challenging. But it glitches once in a while; sometimes it loads a new level but it doesn't rearrange the tiles. And it gets really repetitive. They use the same levels... a lot. If they included different shapes like animals or literally anything that would be great.
Really like this game took away one star because of adds but you can get rid of them for a one time charge very cheap. You will probably pay a lot less than some of the games that get so hard you can't make progress without paying. Its also a great way to train your eye to recognize colors.
I can not explain how good this game is, it connects with you spiritually and mentally it makes your mind work in numerous rays and it's fun. Normally when you try to connects those things together it can become a little confusing, but in this game it's not. For me it helps me with my eyes because of how bad my vision is, it helps me identify colors more as well
Unlike anything I've played before, even far different then the first. The aesthetic is incredibly soothing and mysterious and sleek and the game is entertaining for hours. I wish there was less clicking between levels to go from one level to the next but other than that, perfect.
I love this game and the first one a lot. It's a good concept, and a lot of fun. I played it once, and then closed the app. After that, it wouldn't load. It's just the same loading screen that loads two dots, and nothing else happens. I've seen others who have this problem, you should really fix it.
I absolutely love this game. I even paid for the add free version. I don't always have wifi or data and it is a great way to relax for me before bed. But since June 2020 the game stops loading when I open it. I have emailed the support contact with no response and read that other people are having the same issue. I would love to get this game back. Edit: The game has loaded for me. I'm not sure what has changed and I still didn't hear back from support but I'm happy it is back
I downloaded I Love Hue probably 2 years ago, and was very excited when the second one appeared on my appstore. Both are great games, something simple to do when I'm kinda just chillin. But the ads in this one specifically are the kind that stop my spotify from playing, which might be my fault, but none of my other games do this. It can really annoy me, because my spotify will close, and I have to reopen it, which also causes the game to go back to the title screen. :// still a great game tho.
I've had a very nice experience so far it's very soothing and I love playing before bed, gets me right in the mood for sleeping. There are ads but not nearly as much as in most free mobile games. Sometimes you'll go a whole session without encountering one. The concept for this game is great and executed perfectly.
It were because," it shows your talents by reviewing your abilities from forming the colors that matches the puzzles plus it interviews the persons character envolving itself including the game from showing what the game I love hue too could be about afterwards make it seems more interesting from letting play the more often than other games finally that would be more convinient than other ones which I think it would be a better option could or from rating a 5 on the game correct or not.!!!!!!!!
Not for the colour blind. I played this just because I wanted to see how well I'd do. Failed the first level. It's a good game with a good concept, but if you're colourblind like I am, maybe skip over this one, folks. I envy those who can tell the difference in the colours, lol
Absolutely wonderful game. Challenging, yet calming. Appreciate the delightful graphics and gentle spirituality woven into it. Really like the upbeat, positive, encouraging messages after completing a game. Nice touch of humor, also, but elegant throughout. The music is also very relaxing. Perfect to put you in a happy, relaxed mood before bedtime. Love both versions. Well thought out, integrated, positive experience. All elements work seamlessly together. Great work, thank you!!!
I absolutely love this game and the first one too, but only one star because it doesn't load. It just stays in the loading screen for ever. I've uninstalled this game multiple times, restarted my phone, deleted apps, and got rid of cache. It hasn't worked for a like months now. I really hope you guys fix this because I used to love playing this game.
i really like this app! it's super fun and a great way to pass the time. my only complaint is that there doesn't appear to be a way to permanently save progress, so if i ever want to uninstall the app for a bit, i lose all of my progress. i do get bored of things and it's nice to know that if i uninstall for a time, i can reinstall whenever i want and pick up right where i left off.
This is a relaxing yet stimulating game! Colors are my language and it feels like this game was made for me. The music is very relaxing, the shapes are pleasing, the design is incredible. Seems to borrow from Monument Valley a bit. Gorgeous game!!!
What can I say... Fun, entertaining and has a sense of.. Of like meaning. Like it's mystical and deep and stuff. It's not just a puzzle game, it has like deep and meaningful stuff contained within it as well. And I mean.. That's all you really need. Those 3 things Fun Entertainment Purpose
Incredibly simple, incredibly beautiful, it's a good experience. nice timewaster, but good in it's own right. wouldn't quite put it on the level of narrative masterpecies like "cat is liquid" but it is still an incredible experience that I could recommend to everyone. Ads aren't terribly intrusive, and is quite cleanly made. Only issue I could see is that some of the animations are slightly jagged, but I don't think it takes away from this game that much if at all.
Lovely game! I've played some of the previous versions, and I like this one the best so far. The different shapes in the puzzles add some extra flair to the experience. The free version has ads, but not so many that it becomes annoying.
This game is amazing & great for relaxing, & above all it's enjoyable also I don't get bombarded with ads all the time. However, there is this unusual glitch that occurs after finishing a puzzle where it would slide to the next puzzle but it would go blank and then reappear but switch to the next puzzle without my touch. This started happening after level300+ its not a huge deal but thought I should say it, also it would be even more fun if the puzzles could get more challenging as I progress :D
I have played the first game, and so far it seems to be a great improvement over it. For instance, I like how now I don't have to grind the same square puzzles and more interesting stuff is mixed right in the begginning. Thr first one was a relaxing game, but this time i feel like it is somehow better in that aspect, as well as being more fun.
I personally love this game. It's relaxing and fun. And while it gets more complex with each level, it is never to challenging to complete. Which helps to maintain a light atmosphere that you can continuously enjoy.
If you like the relationships between colors, this is a game for you! There are loads and loads of fun levels, and no adverts! Advanced levels get more difficult as the color range narrows to a very subtle range. People who have difficulty distinguishing between very slightly different hues of a color may be challenged and possibly frustrated. Soothing ethereal music plays but you can toggle it off if you prefer silence.
So far this game is awesome. It's such a calming experience and fills you with a lot of happiness when you complete a level. Although if your colorblind this'll be a rage game. The music makes you feel so calm and it truly enlightens you. The game is just a color matching game which the premise seems just boring but this game makes it cool and different. Your matching several shades of the same color to make a fluid image. It make you feel really good once you complete a level. I recommend it.
Exceptional! This game is amazing. Stellar graphics, clean interface, relaxing music, and beautiful colors. This is anyone with autism or synethstesia new best friend. And not to brag, but I get the fewest possible moves on almost each puzzle 😊 so it boosts my self esteem too. All day people tell me I'm dumb and insignificant, so at least at the end of each level, the game tells me I'm awesome!
Very meditative puzzle game with a pretty aesthetic. The puzzles can be challenging, but in a very non-stressful way. The only drawback is wrestling with the ads that pause my music/pods every few puzzles, but that's most free games.
Great game, really thoughtful and beautiful. Unfortunately there is a bug just as I'd got to the more complex puzzles so it won't load now, I deleted some stuff to make room but still won't load, I'm hoping this resolves itself because I'm hooked on this gorgeous game.
It's a very addicting game, fun & time consuming. And the designes colors are magnifacent. I would recomend this game to anyone with a home painting or decorating backround, you like coloring books, or if you just love color like I do. And the bits of phylosophy the game throw in here and there adds a nice touch. Excuse my spelling. Thank you for such a beautiful game.
Absolutely love this game! Please add the ability to lock pieces into place (and unlock) with a double-tap so I don't keep accidentally moving the wrong ones. There are times where I know for sure where I want a piece to go and it would make my life way easier.
Very nice idea. Beautiful music (however could have one unique track per level) The puzzle becomes interesting somewhere after 130 points, and after a while it to becomes boring. Would like to see a more complex progression.
This is the first time I've loved a game so much that I paid for it to not be interrupted by ads! I played and loved the original version of this game, and now this second installment is even more beautiful and interesting and challenging than the last version. I love that they introduced new shapes and variations to the puzzles. It makes it more challenging for me without being annoying. Highly recommend to anyone who liked beautiful colors and relaxing.
I was so amazing for a game, though there is a glitch or something. Sometimes when i click play a new round it just get in and then out immediately for no reason and switch "play" into "continue", but when i continue the game was unsuffled so i have to restart or it would stay like that forever.
I really enjoy the colors and shapes and find it really relaxing. However, several times now the app has crashed. It crashes while loading. It crashes introducing a new level. I frequently have to exit out of it and try reopening it. This latest round of crashing has left me completely unable to open the app for the last 4 hours. I have restarted my phone twice and have been able to open other apps on my phone. I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't so stress inducing just trying to open the game
I've taken this down to 3 stars because I am pretty far into it and it has gotten too repetitive. The patterns are all the same, so the strategy to complete them regardless of color is the same. I expected it to get increasingly more difficult, but sadly, that is not the case. Beautiful and super relaxing ... in the beginning. Really loving this game!! I did end up buying it to get rid of the ads, which were annoying. But I'm glad I did. It's relaxing, challenging, and the colors are beautiful.
I've been playing this game for roughly a year, I would guess, and I'm still as addicted as ever. I tend to get bad anxiety, but this game is so incredibly soothing, it calms me. The music is subtle but relaxing, and the premise of the game is simple but addicting. I love testing my eye to see if I can adequately match colors where they belong. My phone says I've logged 32 hours in the game - not at all surprising. The ads do get tiresome, so I recently paid to remove ads and don't regret it.
I absolutely love this game! The music is chill and it's user-friendly, but the transitions to unlock more levels and opening the "Daily Divination" can take a while. The ads aren't invasive and you can skip them after a few seconds. My only complaint is that there's no easy way to reset my progress and restart the game. I would buy the full version if it had that replay value. Other than that, this is a clear improvement on the first I Love Hue and a great game to pass the time!
The absolute best for your time and relaxation. An app that gives focus and serenity. A must have app for anyone who has the necessity for finding tranquility in the midst of a cluttered noisy environment.
This has to be one of my most facourite games of all times the thing that makes this game so amazing is that the background music for one is very peaceful the colors they use is so pastel and bright which makes it so much better and the challanges are not to hard but not to easy at the same time which is excellent i personally think this game is amazing for all ages 😁😮🤩
Love it! Beautiful and relaxing. I like how different it is from the first one. Worth paying to support the developers and remove annoying ads! Please bring this game to tablets.
I love this game. I love colours. I could see this being very boring for someone who doesn't love colours and puzzles but I find it very entertaining and relaxing. It's very satisfying to finish each puzzle. I especially love the ones with less clues and less fixed blocks.
I loved the original and was excited to see a sequel. Beautiful game, great for slowing down and practicing mindfulness. It's also helped considerably with my understanding and intuition of the relationship between colors. As a watercolor artist, I'm always mixing hues and this really flexes those mental muscles. I can't recommend enough!
I love this game but the increasing ads are starting to ruin it for me, for both my eyes and mind. The change from the nice visuals and audio from the game are jarring into the white background of the ad.
It a good color/hue matching game. As long as you play one puzzle a day you will never experience any issues with ads(sometimes you can get away with multiple). I have no complaints as the game gives what it offers.
Flipping heck! This game is just soo relaxing I cant even put it into words and I am top in my English class at school!!! Try this game out guys, it really fun and enjoyable and very relaxing, the levels are easy at the start but get harder and the finished effect of each puzzle you solve is stunning can really helps me with the color scheme of my Art work! My brain is still recovering from the beauty and wonder of the last level, I think my brains already wiser from playing this game! Try it!!!
I'm not a game player in general but I was addicted to the original I love Hue and wondered how I would fill the void once completed. And then I love Hue 2 came along with even more complex challenges with lots of new shapes. As a creative I find them so relaxing as each puzzle is completed. It has sharpened my colour skills. No time pressures or need to gain rewards but I do love to try and beat the world average. 2 also now shows you the minimum moves to work towards. I love I love Hue 1 & 2
LOVED the first game. Played about 500 levels (lost all my progress when I switched phones) and when I went to redownload, found this one. The look of this game is a big improvement from the first and the different shapes in the puzzles make it a little more challenging. Very useful to be able to zoom and pan around. Looking forward to another 500 levels! Edit- i beat it please give me more lol
I love this game. It's entertaining and relaxing, and I love the puzzle mechanic and color schemes, really good overall, but like many people unfortunately the game got stuck on the loading heart screen. Fortunately, I've found a solution: for some reason, it's related to the google games account save. You just need to reinstall the game and open it without connection, then establish connection again and sign in to load your save file. It will crash the app, but work later on. Hope this helped
this game has helped immensly with my anxiety! the daily challenges make it something that i look forward to every day, the music is relaxing and completing the puzzle feels so rewarding and makes for great phone wallpapers :) i enjoy the variety in puzzle shapes compared to the first one as well, and i cant wait to see what new features might be included in future updates <3
This is a relaxing, fun, game. I enjoy the fact that the challenges involve colors (as well as shapes). I would recommend this game if you enjoy peaceful, somewhat cerebral challenges, colors, and focusing. It's basically a series of puzzles.
I loved I Love Hue, and played every game in it. I Love Hue Too is beautiful and the new patterns are a good idea. However, I found the early levels so easy they were boring. It would be good to have the ability to skip levels. I was hoping for patterns with 200+ moves to solve, and there's very few in the whole game. Also, the last few levels get EASIER not harder. Huh? So, it's lovely and relaxing and great for colour perception, but not as challenging as I Love Hue.
Very nice. The soft music is calming and relaxing. The ad frequency isn't annoying and I don't have to wait too long to skip. And the ads aren't super abnoxiously loud either. They are usually set on silent with the option to view or listen in. And is optional. Good game for color lovers or OCD or people who just like organizing colors and shapes. It's perfect to play before bed or when you're killing time and don't wanna commit to an intense or time sensitive game. 👍😸🌈
This game is relaxing and pleasantly challenging. The puzzles are challenging but not so hard you can't figure them out. The music is pleasant but not in an elevator kind of way. I'm a graphic designer so I love color and work with it all the time. I love how I can just tell what pieces need to go where. It's a visual intelligence thing that I usually don't get to exercise except at work, so I'm really enjoying this game.
Game is very simple, calming, and nice to look at. Nice level of challenge that isn't too easy or too difficult. Patterns will repeat, but the colors and number of moving pieces will vary.
*UPDATE* for some reason the game won't load at all. It just sits on the opening screen forever. I've cleared cache and data and no improvement. 1 star until it gets fixed. Amazing game. I loved the first one, but it felt boring and tedious after a while. This one stays interesting because it varies by shape as well as color. I also love the style of the menus. It's just a fun, engaging, and relaxing game.
Pros: A great, peaceful timekiller to play in bed or on long journeys. Relaxing music and very simple controls and interface. 450+ levels, hours and hours of replayability Cons: Vast majority of levels are too easy. "Bonus" levels are a challenge but take too long to unlock. Must complete 48 levels of one group before unlocking the 16 bonus levels for that group. Not worth the time. No indicator to show that you've already achieved the lowest score possible for any given level.
Great game. I am very colourblind so i use this game to train myself in a way to allow me to pick out colours from each other.This makes the game extremely difficult for me but it is still enjoyable. I played the first game as well. Very aesthetically pleasing games, and I do enjoy that this one has a sort of story line going on.
Super satisfying and enjoyable! I really like the theme and design, and the positivity! Really relaxing as well. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a smooth pastime
I played over 500 levels of the original, and I'm about 150 levels into this one, but I'm not enjoying it nearly as much. Issue 1: The different shapes actually make the puzzles easier, since colours can't change shape, so you can't make as many mistakes. Issue 2: The majority of the puzzles are way too easy, the only ones I actually find challenging and satisfying are the ones unlocked in the centre circles, but I have to play 48 boring levels to get to them. Love the concept, just too easy.
It's so satisfying when you complete a level and see the color gradient laid out. The variety of shapes is an interesting twist to the original formula. Not sure how I feel about the pseudo-astrological fortunes you have to go through to get to the daily challenges.
This is different! Very relaxing and zenlike. There are ads, but they seem to be relevant, i.e. for similar games. They are not all that intrusive, but I'll probably pay out of them. 5 bucks isn't hiway robbery. One word of caution, if you are colorblind or do not have good color perception, you will struggle with this. This is really a very classy and beautiful game, and pleasantly low key.
This app is so beautiful and calming. Very straight forward and gets tough at a reasonable rate. I also enjoy that it tells you what the average number of moves it takes vs. the smallest moves possible vs. the number of moves you've made. You are also able to play each puzzle again if you wish to decrease the number of moves you used.
Similar to the original, with more variety of shapes in puzzles, and shapes that change orientation. It's more challenging, definitely, and it adds different shapes within the same puzzle. Scoring also compares against the lowest possible number of moves, which is great. Excellent game, and I'm enjoying it greatly. ETA: it would be great if the developer would add a hints feature. (I'm completely flummoxed by one board, going on two days.)
Like the first, but with quality of life improvements that really make the game better. I got stuck on the first game because my phone couldn't differentiate the colors enough. With the zoom feature the guess work is completely removed. It's now such a game of skill that you realistically can solve every puzzle in the fewest possible moves
I downloaded the original "I Love Hue" app a few years ago and was so sad when I eventually completed it! So I was thrilled to stumble upon this follow-up, which is as serene and lovely as the first, but with an added layer of mysticism & symbolism. Overall I think this game is just so incredibly challenging, satisfying, and rewarding.
Really relaxing game and easy to concentrate on due to the stylish design and premise. The music is sooo peaceful and the colours are really fibrant. Overall it's a really sensory experience but still gives you a clallenge to keep your brain active.
It's fun and has improved on a lot of aspects of the previous version, but to advance from one level to the next you have to solve a lot of puzzles and you have to do the same one multiple times, which makes it boring. The experience feels prolonged in an unnatural way so that you have to watch more adds I guess.
I LOVE THIS GAME. It is super relaxing and I always play it before bed and thinking about the colors in my sleep calms me. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a lot of colors and interesting shapes. The levels are fairly challenging but its not too hard. Almost every level has different color varities and its so calming. Definately get this app. 5 stars from me.
Excellent A zen game that doesn't promote meditation or crystals. We all experience some form of the spectrum. For those who can see, this game might help them pick out differing hues in a sunset or a picture. I played all of the first game and loved it as well. Solid gameplay. Solid story, if you can call it that. Great graphics.
It's a great game and I really enjoy playing it. I love the design and the sounds, it really helps me to relax and it's nice you can turn off the score, since I'm a perfectionist which makes it difficult to relax if there is a reference point of how good I am. Sadly somehow the selection now doesn't get saved and in random intervals I see scores again, if that wouldn't happen it would definitely deserve 5 stars, because it's a great game with lots and lots of levels in varying difficulty levels
This game is so relaxing. It helps me calm down as I absolutely love colours and it's a good pass time. I'm nearly on level 600 and will go further just for the different colour hues. You do notice some of the patterns are the same, but it's still fun nonetheless. I highly recommend this if you're looking for something to pass the time or something to calm yourself after a biology exam, or if you just love colour matching in general! The big patterns with multiple moves are my favourite.
First time ever writing a review for a game, and honestly this game deserves a five star and a rave review. It's so simplistic yet so fun. It's the perfect go-to app, whether it be during lectures, on the toilet, waiting aimlessly somewhere or even just to de-stress after a long day. I definitely recommend it. The only criticism is that I need more levels. I'm on lvl 750 and I don't know what I'm going to do when I'm done :(
This game is so beautiful. It's so relaxing and the levels are very fun to do. It can calm me down in minutes. Unlike most games there are no hearts or coins, you can play as much as you like without any purchases. This is an awesome game and I highly recommend!
A visual paradise in an oasis of colours. I was not expecting this and I am completely blown away. If you are looking for a puzzle game with a sensory experience, this might be your end game because I have found nothing else that delivers what this simple yet challenging enough game offers. You can feel a growth inside you as you delve deeper. I've been lost in a reverie with the gorgeous music, the minimalist yet symbolic design. The focus is real and hypnotizing. The music helps me sleep. 💯
So satisfying. Not at all like other games were you are on a timer or were you have limited moves. In this game you basically just move around the colourful tiles so that the puzzle is correct, after they are all in the right place a white heart shows up so you know that you are finished. Love it!😀
I don't usually do reviews, but this game is just incredible. It's relaxing, offers an interesting and almost dreamy take on a very basic game! I'd advise anyone who needs to just sit down and relax to download it.
This is such a great game, it is challenging(in a good way) and is really relaxing. At ballet, my friend asked if she could play it and she was sitting there for hours lol. The best thing is that the game is not addictive and it works well with stress. Best game ever