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I Love Hue

I Love Hue for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Zut! located at Zut Games Ltd Unit 1, 258 Kingsland Road London E8 4DG. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Beautiful, relaxing, happy-making game! I downloaded it ages ago and have played all the way through multiple times. I only get short ads after every few levels and can skip them after five seconds, which is way better than most game apps. I've never needed or been asked to spend a cent. If you log in each day to get your daily prisms, you can build up a balance pretty fast. The praise when you finish a level is charming and always makes me smile.
Really cool and relaxing game to pass some time while waiting. Love the idea and the design and handling of the app. Paid 2 bucks or so to remove ads which I find really reasonable to appreciate the effort put in to the app. Other than that you won't really have to pay more if you don't play for hours every day. Have fun.
i appreciate the opportunity to work with colours which are so closely graded. i am an amateur photographer and colour is obviously crucial to what i do. the mechanism of ad watching to gain extra points to spend on puzzles is a good one. it is your option watch extra ads or not. Also nice to get extra points each day.
So far this app is so amazing. The colors are so satisfying. If you beat the world record it tells you cute and positive messages. It's put together very well and is easy to use. Nice to wind down with or pass time.
Well Shucks! I was really enjoying this game. It's good practice for working with colors, it's fun and it's soothing. Unfortunately once I got all the way through the 1st 10 of the beginning levels and moved on to game 1 of the next level, or however it works, it seemed to glitch out on me. The colors are seemingly incorrect. As in, oddly one of the colors seems to be overstated while another appears to missing. *scratches head* Anyway, I'm not sure how to proceed.
I absolutely love this app! It is super calming and very satisfying to finish a level. I play during my time between calls at work since it's great for de-stressing. Highly recommended if you are not colorblind! ^w^
This is a beautiful, relaxing(while challenging), straight forward color matching/placement game. The music and sounds are wonderful and spa-like Chimes. When I play, I feel kinda zen. :) Thank you to the creative people behind this! I've played others similar to this, but I ended up keeping this one only. <3
I love this game. It's essentially a puzzle, but its beautiful design makes it feel fresh and different. Plus when you beat the average it says things like "you sparkling rainbow, you did it!" which makes me smile :). There are ads after every level, but it's like 5 seconds in between completing one level and starting another so it doesn't really bother me.
Very indulging... Game is simply awesome. It runs without internet and its quite compelling. If only there was an indicator of how much moves we have made so that we can keep track of our progress, that would be awesome.
rhe only thing bad about this game is signing into Google play and it not saving your content and crashing, I used to have this and I was pretty far but than it crashed and lost all my data but its whatever I'm okay with restarting the game now. overall it is probably on of the best games ever and it's really relaxing.
This is a great puzzle game and I am all for puzzles. But, I never really liked how you had to pay gems to unlock a level. This is very good and very challenging. Probably wouldn't recommend to a friend.
I absolutely love πŸ’• this game, it's very different than any game I've ever played. I'm a colored pencil artist, so this game is like putting together a drawing. Putting the right colors together to create the finished piece. It makes you use your brain to figure out exactly where each color works. There aren't too many ads. Two thumbs up for the creator.
I love color and this game is relaxing, non-competetive and challenges me to take a good look at and understand how the colors "reach" each other. 😊
This game is great, it helps me with focusing as I tend to be a scramble brain. I can always tell when I'm thinking to much compared to actually focusing by how many moves it takes me. It's great for calming the mind & freeing up thoughts 😌 I πŸ’™ hue
It's so relaxing and genuinely fun, the sound effects are the most satisfying and therapeutic thing ever and its overall just nice. Me and my cousin even have little competitions on who is farther and who can complete the levels in the least moves and even just showing eachother the prettiness of the levels we're on, it's a really nice game, highly recommend as a in the car long drive bored type of thing also. And even the menu music is super nice and could be used as a lullaby to help you sleep
I love almost everything about this game. Pros: The colors are beautiful, I love the sounds and the music. I love that I'm not racing a clock or any other outer measurement of success. Cons: the ads are a bit long and it's hard to get all the way out of the game when you're ready. My phone's navigation buttons disappear unless I'm at a certain screen in the game (maybe that's just my phone though?) Overall super happy with this game and looking forward to playing it for many moons!
Simple and relaxing. As long as you can see colors okay, this is an amazing time killer and an enjoyable one. I thought I would tire of it, but I honestly haven't. It's the one app I didn't know I needed. I love it while waiting, while relaxing before bed. I'm so glad I got this and highly recommend everyone at least try it. I've played for a while and no intrusive ads either.
I love how I get to explore my inner creativity and brain power. I play one or two rounds each morning to get my brain up and running for the day. I have only had the game for about two weeks, and I alrealy am starting to notice the smallest differences between colors all around me. I totally recommend getting I Love Hue!
Omg this is so good. I was very sceptical about this game. At first i thought you would draw. But it isn't, you actually match the colors. I totally recommend, it releases stress and all my friends love it!
I usually don't rate any apps but this one is really great. This game is so calming. I never thought but It helped me a lot with my Anxiety and stress and helped everytime to calm myself down. And I really loved how this is a game of perception and not logic. Thank you the developers for such an amazing game.
This initially looked like a calming game the beginner levels are good but once you get into the actual game, you get UNSKIPPABLE ads after finishing every level and it's INFURIATING! There's also this "prism" system where you have to use those to play the levels, why should I have to pay for those on a FREE APP? Last of all, I have the same problem with loving into the game on my Google account with the mysterious "connection error" constantly popping up, uninstalling!
Wonderful, a challenge but not sressful! I just found this game and love it! Since there is no timer, you are free to move the pieces around, take your time, and figure the puzzles out at your own pace. The colors and puzzles are just stunning. My only comment is that I wish I could admire my finish puzzle longer before the game wants to mpve on! I would love to really study the colors and how they fade in and out, but the game is too quick to move on. Bravo, great game.
This quickly became my favourite puzzle game! I love that there's no failing in this game, you have unlimited moves and there's no timer, so it's much more relaxing than similar games. If you do solve a puzzle in less moves than the average you'll get a cute congratulations, but if you don't that's ok! It's easy to learn how to play.
i love the app, it's very fun and relaxing. great time waster and it's challenging but not stressful. my only problem is that it progresses too fast. it's only my second day of playing and i've completed beginner and apprentice so now i'm on disciple but i've unlocked mystic (2 levels above disciple)! it's still a very fun game and i'd definitely reccomend it to people who want a simple, satisfying, and calm game with not too much to it.
Edit: my edit went down from 5 to 3 stars because the ads have become obnoxious. I'd be willing to watch all of them if they didn't shut off my Spotify every time, despite being muted. please fix this or you'll be losing money. I originally downloaded this as a game to play before I sleep but I now play it all through the day. it's a great game for artists as it sharpens your ability to identify hues. it's generally very easy but still fun. so relaxing as well.
I absolutely love this game. It has a smooth and inviting UI and it runs really well. My one problem is that I want to clear the data connected to my play account. I played this game a really long time ago and had it signed in. Now I just want to start over and still be signed into my account but I haven't found a way to do so.
Ad. after. every. level. (30sec unskipable) You have a currency system in which you have to spend to play each level (with no quick way to get it besides spending actual money) Then you keep getting pestered to buy the game so there's no ads, not like the game developers couldn't tone those down out anything... Basically the Raid Shadow Legends of the zen games.
This is my third time through playing this game. Love the game itself, it's challenging enough to keep my attention but not so much that it's frustrating. The ads are definitely much more frequent now, which is aggravating. The gradient within the individual boxes bothers me a bit a bc it isn't solid, but not enough to stop me from playing.
Incredibly user unfriendly. Great game, but forcing you to pay to play and marketing it as free is disingenuous. Also what kind of game makes you pay to replay/revisit levels? What kind of BS is that??
I personally don't play mobile games often, but this game is incredibly soothing! From the simplistic yet pleasing UI to the compliments that genuinely bring a smile to my face, this game has become one of my go-to options for killing time or simply cooling down after a stressful situation :)
A lovely game. It is a thinking game without the stress of most games. Has peaceful background music. It is a great game that relaxes and de-stresses. I love the sweet notes th as t are given to the player. A wonderful game.
I love this, it's calming and I'm amazed just by how different my perception of the colours is depending on their placement. I'm pretty sure this is good for areas of my brain I don't use much. Once a row is right it just seems to settle in place, not sure if thats the game or my brain
This game is an amazing pass time. It's such an engaging game that has an interesting way of satisfying you. I always feel so accomplished after beating a world average score on a level! I recommend this for anyone who gets bored waiting at places for long time periods.
This game is really relaxing. The only reason I give this game four stars is that they should dial down the ads a bit because there's an ad after every level. Which doesn't make this game as relaxing as it could be.
Okay, the game is fun and interesting until you have to watch an ad. You can buy "tokens" at any purchase amount resulting in taking the ads away. Aside from worrying about being colorblind with some colors, this game is awesome and super entertaining for my device.
this is not your super entertaining game, this is not your challenging or raging game...THIS IS THE MOST SATISFYING GAME YOU WILL EVEN PLAY. this game just soothes your soul and mind. soothing sounds, soothing game levels with no tension. literally the most beautiful game.
I really like this game! It's very soothing to play, and there's something so satisfying about arranging colors perfectly and seeing them all lined up. I wish I could play more levels before running out of prisms, but overall awesome game!
Enjoyable game. I didn't think I'd like it as much as I do. It is somehow calming, I do it before bed. The ads are slightly annoying but what to expect when the app is free? Plus, they can be skipped through after 5 seconds and only appear once a game is completed.
I really like this game but it doesn't have enough levels. I have beat them all over a month ago. I will give a 5 star rating if you come out with more levels on a regular basis. I check this game daily and get disappointed every time. The only good thing about that is I'm building up my stars. Please please please add more levels.
I love the game and I've gotten very far on my old phone. I would like to access my old progress, but everytime I try to sign in to sync my progress the game crashes and won't reopen. I've tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it twice and the same thing happens. Could this bug be fixed or is it just a problem with certain devices?
I love the game itself, been knowing and playing it for years, i would just wish that the ads weren't that annoying, I'd voluntarily watch ads to support but an ad after every game is quite nerve taking
I can tell without a doubt that this has become one of my favourite games in very short notice. Not only is it satisfactory see the colour blocks alligned, but it is also a grear source of inspiration for colour palettes. The ratio game:advertistments is appropriate.
Like a jigsaw puzzle, but with 2D color spectrums. Fun, relaxing, and challenging. It has a clever system that gives you a choice between speeding ahead to the harder levels or slowly moving through the easier ones. It also keeps track of the world's average number of moves for each level, telling you if you beat it. It has ads, but not obnoxiously so, and it has a limited number of "prisms" which are used to unlock levels, but they give you plenty every day and I've never had a problem with it.
Its a great game, but not only do you have to watch an ad after every level (which would be fine on its own for a free game), but you also have to watch ads to get points to complete more puzzles. Disappointing. Also lots of micro-transactions to access specific levels, which is just greedy for such a simple game. There are better alternatives out there.
Its Great app. I love the concept, love the visual but... The ads ruin the exprience. They are adds that come up every 2 levels, they interupt your music in the backgroud, and they are not skippable... Its very irritating
This is one of my favorite games. It challenges your mind and I love that you don't have to complete it in a certain amount of moves because games like that stress me out. This game actually tends to relax me. Its nice. And there are literally no ads which makes it even better!!
Ok, so I just downloaded this game and it's so addictive and fun! I really love it, it's so relaxing and for some reason it just puts me in a growth mind set. I really didn't think this game was fun before. Now I recommend YOU to get it! Now this is just my opinion so if you don't like this app, I am not here to tell you that you are wrong if you have reasons. I just teccomend this app a lot. The colour spectrum used in this game is so cute and fun too.
Addictive. Free to play, with the option to buy extra turns (after the first batch runs out, you get 5 more every day. Enty for me.) Very soothing game play. Some puzzles take longer than others, but you eventually solve them all, and it's a satisfying ride each time.
This game is the nicest looking and slickest of the color hue games, but it sells an in game currency equivelant called 'prisms'. I would be willing to pay for premium, but the pay for play prism unit is just too much. Im switching over to a different color hue game that haz the traditional paid premium set up
I've been avidly playing this game for a few years now. It's a great time killer, makes me look smart in front of friends, and all around nice aesthetics and game design. The only minor problem I have is the ads stopping my music lol. But I'm more than willing to support the dev and team with some good ad cash. thanks devs. good job
Sooo calming. I absolutely love this game. It really helps with my anxiety and even ADHD. The adds werent too bad in the beginning but as you go on, you get an add after every level which I'm actually totally okay with. I play this game all the time. When I'm stressed, I like to play this game to calm me down. It's amazing. Love the colors, the nice compliments and the music. Absolutely wonderful.
ads will always hurt a review because theyre annoying but i get that its how the developers make money so, depending on the game, i can get past it. Hue is one of those. im at the Pilgrim stages and they take me a good 20 minutes each to beat. great game to sit back and play while you have something on the tv in the background. also useful for anyone into art and colour palettes. seems like theres a ton more levels for me to get through too so its something you can play over the course of a year
A charming, low-pressure puzzle game. Diaplays the average number of moves for each level worldwide, adding some competitive satisfaction, but for the most part this game is excellent for those who want a satisfying little puzzle to pass the time. There are quite a lot of levels, so this one will keep you occupied for some time! Edit: There are some micro transactions. However, purching a single one will completely remove advertisements. I find this a reasonable way to support the developer. :)
Great Puzzle Game. Very rewarding to make order out of chaos. Very nice balance, it gets much harder as you go, but in line with how your skills improve from practice. Hands down my favorite game ever. The. down side is their revenue model, they seriously limit play unless you buy more plays. I prefer to just pay once up front. But hey, they have to make money.
This is a therapeutic and mind stimulating game. Relaxing and beautiful to play! My only wish is that there would be no ads because it ruins the tranquil experience.
An absolute delightful game very casual easy to play and quite relaxing. Wish the gems to play came in more than once a day aside from watching ads or paying for them though. Otherwise a great game to play before sleeping or just something to unwind to the music is soothing the colours are lovely and puzzle complexity is versatile.
Pretty good game! The levels start out easy and progress to be more difficult really well. The game is simple to understand and easy to play. My only compliant is that it doesn't work very well when offline, and is a bit laggy.
This used to be my favorite game to play and just relax. It was so zen, so wonderful. And now they've wrecked it with ads after every level. Gone are the days of pleasant relaxation, kicking back and letting my mind wander into colorland. Now I'm brutally assaulted with violent ads every few minutes. The one app that wasn't like the others changed its mind. Decided to wreck itself... Seeing my old oasis destroyed is heartbreaking. This is part of why I have trust issues!
Very good gameplay and aesthetics. No stakes and there's built-in affirmation with each completed level. It somewhat simulates the mindless scrolling with a less stressful underlay (?) than social media apps or many other tile swapping games. So it's great for my anxiety. Ads are more frequent than I like but buying any prism pack gets rid of them (maybe permanently?), so that was worth the low cost investment for me personally.
it is super challenging it works you brain very well and at the end you get to see a beautiful picture of the hue you created. it's most definitely worth the space it takes on your device. and its perfect for inspiring young artists and it helps them get ready for art school. it's also super fun. my best friend told me to get it and now I play it on the daily. so tell your friends
Very enjoyable game, super relaxing and no pressure. It is a bit much to watch a 20-30something second ad between each puzzle (especially when you wanna just jam through the pretty colors), but if that's the price of a pretty nice game for free that's alright too.
I love this game! I am NOT a gamer at all but this game is interesting i never realized how many different shades of colors there are. And it's kind of soothing too. I fond when I get frustrated for example I take 15 and sometimes go play this and I feel calmer.
Amazing game! It's very relaxing, and it's a fun game to play in general. Before this game game out, I saw this concept within a stress-relief "game" full of different activities under a similar name, but it didn't have many levels at all. I was really happy to find out, months later, that this game existed, and that it was filled to the brim with levels! And to those of you who are struggling with ads, just turn off your WiFi and mobile data, and you'll get little to no ads. <3
Great for honing color skills! As youtube illustrator I play the game to relax, get inspiration for color schemes, and unwind at the end of the day. I'd like to feature the game on my channel in the near future but I haven't reached out to the developers yet. I definitely recommend and I've not come across any issues while playing.
I love this pretty nice plalette color game, I find it unique. It also helped me find out I'm slightly color blinding. There was a point in the game for the life of me there was 2 blues that looked exactly the same so I'm glad it helped me realize that.
Very chill & aesthetically pleasing game, especially if you like gradients. I'm glad that it provides the option of hiding scores, since there is an inherent tension between playing to relax and trying to beat the average.
First time playing it & I am hooked! The levels are challenging enough to keep you focused on solving the puzzles but not too difficult that they can't be beaten. The colors are amazing and so vivid! I'm already at level 15 on Apprentice & I'm definitely going to download I Love Hue Two!
Just like every game, its been ruined for profit. You are limited on how many levels you can play, because you need the in-game currency to play a level. It forces you to play the first 10 levels and after that you can only play 5 levels per day. You can purchase more currency to play more. But before you were able to play forever and there were way more user-friendly features. Sucks when a developer ruins their game, micro-transations to even play the game defeats the point of FREE APPS.
So far it's a pretty relaxing game. The only downside i have is that you need something to unlock the stages, and you only get a handful each day, plus replaying stages uses that currency, but if you're not planning on going through all levels in one go and take you're time it's pretty good.
I wish the music played during the actual puzzles and not just in the menus, but otherwise this game is great. Other games about blending and color gradient sorting exist, but the clean design of this app and the quality of the puzzles keep me coming back for more. It's my favorite one. Buy the full version to get rid of the ads.
Awesome way to de-stress and also keep your mind feeling sharp. I have ADHD and this is great for helping me focus or something to do while my meds kick in so I don't hyperfocus on something I can't break away from. One-time inexpensive in-app purchas removes ads which I opted for because it makes the experience so much more peaceful. I like that I'm not timed and there isn't a limit of moves. If I feel I can do better, I can replay a puzzle.
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟I love this game. It's really fun to play when you're bored. I have a minor suggestion, though. Instead of clicking start on the home screen of the game, you should make it that you have to switch the two colors that are out of place. I think this little detail would really enhance the playing experience, and would make the game seem more in depth. Thank you, and I hope I will see this feature in a future update.
I literally have constant, never relenting, head pain and usually games cause my pain to increase because of sound, extreme brightness and contrast, or increased adrenaline. This game is quiet, not stressful, and keeps my mind gently engaged. Two of my children under 12 can also play this and I'm not worried about content. But I advise paying the $2 to remove the ads if littles are playing. Thank you for a great game!
This is the only game i have enjoyed enough to actually spend money on. I like that it counts the number of moves it takes for you to solve the puzzle, but it does not time you. This keeps the game relaxing while also being able to measure your improvement.
I like the gameplay, but even if the easy puzzles stumped me. I could swear puzzle #6 was completed correctly, but I'm not able to move on. The game provides no hints, so if you get stuck, you're kinda up a crick without a paddle.
This is an excellent game for anyone interested in colour theory. Visual artists will find this not only entertaining but it will help strengthen their understanding of hue, saturation, and value. It will help you see how colour is warmer or cooler depending upon what colour is next to it. I hope this will strengthen my already good understanding of colour. Excellent just excellent! Thank you!
If you love colors you'll going to love this game. It's simple and relaxing, yet challenging to some extent. I played in between my works (as a pizzeria owner and a writer/editor) to refresh my eyesight. I could proudly say that my points are FAR below the world's average, many times only one fifth of them, but I do believe in my eyes and brains. You also get 15 new puzzles every day, so I love it! I only took one star for the annoying repetitive ads even when I shut the data connection off.
Love this game! It doesn't try to overcomplicate the mechanics or anything. I'm enjoying pacing myself through the levels. but I do wish I could get prisms faster. A minor inconvenience. I would love to see more expanded statistics options, for example leaderboards, or personal best/worst amount of moves on levels, something like that.
A delightful, relaxing puzzle game with a notable but comfortable difficulty increase. I play 3-5 levels every night. My color vision is exceptional, so I enjoy flexing on the average scores, but the game doesn't punish you for taking many moves to solve a puzzle either. No timers, which I LOVE.
Relaxing and challenging, wish it had a back button but it's very well made. So many levels it looks great and easy to use while being difficult to play. A nice learning curve
It's a pleasant relaxing game. Totally helps me chill. Love the music. Only drawback is that the ads don't default to muted even though they show as muted. You need to hit the mute button twice to silence them. Kind of wrecks the zen feel.
This is a very simple colour sorting game which I find very relaxing. I quickly decided to pay for an upgrade to get rid of the adverts which override the app's sound settings interrupting whatever you are listening to. Also, the other app doesn't restart afterwards so you have to switch between apps to turn it back on. That said, the developers deserve every penny of the upgrade fee :)
I really like this game. I'm super into art and colors in general so I feel like it's good with ... color detecting? Being able to tell what shade of blue is the ocean and never getting it right until you add a dash of yellow or red to give it that perfect shade you're looking for. I doubt I'll be trying it any time soon but I really enjoy this game. A game I would pay for tbh.
Just a lovely casual game. Starts with plenty of prisms (basically keys to open levels). I did the lowest purchase amount to get rid of ads after each level and it was cheap and worth it. Even before that the ads weren't too terrible! The levels do seem to be pretty similar. I'd love a little more variety but they differ enough that doing a couple feel pretty different.
Loved it but now there's an ad after every game and no way to cancel the ad, really distracts from the vibes of the game. I understand the ads but they come way too often and aren't skippable, leaving the app at all restarts the ad as well
very fun!! for a free game this is very nice. ads are a little annoying but if you buy anything within the app (such as more currency to unlock puzzles) it removes ads permanently. you get some free currency every day you open the app. if you close the app before finishing a puzzle it loads back on the unfinished puzzke. have had this for several months and still enjoy it! :^)
Relaxing and challenging. I enjoy this game a lot. The mechanics are simple. All you do is swap colored tiles until the colors line up properly. It took me a while to figure out a good strategy (concentrate on one area at a time), but now I can typically beat the world average fairly consistently. That's a rewarding feeling.
I love this game. Sometimes, when I am offline for a long time, this game helps me to spend the time. Yes, there is an ad problem but turning off mobile data or WiFi, works like a charm and gets rid of all the ads. βœ”οΈBut, one thing I wanted to say, a feature can be added such that we can earn the prisms after playing each level or quest. Please add thisπŸ™. Otherwise, great app. No complaints. I love this app and those who would play it will also fall in love with it.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I can't stop. it's beautiful, relaxing, fufills my love of puzzles. I'd rate it 4.5 bc only two complaints...you start with 60 prisms, each level takes three to play. Once you beat a level, you still have to pay 3 to replay. They give you 15 a day though, and you can watch an ad to get 15 more 2x a day...so its not that terrible. 2nd You have to watch a 30 sec ad after every level. The game is free, but every level feels excessive. I would switch this to 5 stars if it was every other level
It's a very relaxing, low pressure puzzle game. It might get frustrating if you don't see subtle difference between shades too well, but I really like this game. I find it helps to focus on certain qualities like putting all of the warm colors together and then sorting out whether a square is closer or further away from colors you've already figured out.
I'm not usually one for phone games. this one is nice because it's low stress and keeps my eyes sharp for when I'm creating art. I REALLY wish you could just buy the app. The ads suck and the in app purchases just try to get more and more money from you with little payoff. I personally just endure the ads by keeping my screen on and putting my phone away while they play. Great great concept... money hungry execution.
I adore this game; it's challenging at times but so beautiful and rewarding when you figure each puzzle out. And the little compliments when you do are oddly inspiring. It's a treat and a test for your eyes. Just stunning. Plus, it never even had to ask me to review it, I just wanted to. And I swear I only had one ad since I started playing and I'm on level three, probably 20 puzzles in. Love it!
I really enjoy this game. Is genuinely different from other games, not just a ripoff of a different successful game. I also hope that playing it will improve my ability to see colors and subtle differences between them. You are always making steady progress toward finishing each level, the only difference is how long it takes you.
The game overall is relaxing and smooth. Except the ads but I ignore that. The game doesn't lag at all and the gameplay is sometimes tricky. You'd think its one color but once you move the tile to another side, it changes color. I would give it a 5 star but I tried logging into Google Play and now when I open the app, it closes. Now I can't play it at all. Guess I'll try to uninstall it and reinstall it then if it works then I'll give you a warning. Edit: Yep it works just fine now.
Used to love it, found it calming and interesting. Now I can't play without constant ads. Every puzzle is immediately followed by an ad. I'm uninstalling the game as a result.
This app is super calming and I love to play it! It's not a challenging game but it does require some thought and messing around with each of the colors. I've only played a few levels, but I've enjoyed it a lot! Some users seem to have issues with too many ads, but I just disabled WiFi for the game and that seemed to get rid of all the ads.
This is a very fun game. The game is 5 stars. The adds are too much though. After every board there is an add. I think I'm spending more time waiting for adds to go by than playing.
Uninstalled at level 12: no ads until after level 10, then just not acceptable to me. Please consider making a paid version for those who don't want to spend their life watching ads. Thanks.
i use this app as a distracting/relaxing tool when im having a panic attack or a flashback, very good :) i don't mind the ads. someone had to make the game after all, and they deserve to be paid
I love this game but everytime i open the app, it creates a folder in my photos named UnityAdsCache. Inside the folder are large size photos and videos. I delete everything and as soon as i open the app, another folder is created. I have not found a way to block it and it makes me not want to play the game.
Game itself is beautiful and soothing, but extremely long interstitial ads with jarring sound - totally defeats the game's relax vibe. Also, you're supposed to get a few free prisms every day, but you don't?
This game is very relaxing, it has a great aesthetic, and I love the fact that it has a ton of levels. I'll be sad when I finish the game. Tho I'm kinda disappointed how in order to play a bunch of levels in a day, you'd have to watch quite a lot of ads, but really it only takes a minute to get like, a hundred prisms so you don't have to watch ads later.
This is the one game (if you want to call it that) that I never get tired of. Almost all others I've become bored with very quickly. This one I really don't, plus I feel like I'm actually accomplishing something... as if I'm exercising a part of my brain working with my eyes, dealing with color subtleties. I've been using it for a long time now, still haven't gotten tired of it and doubt I ever will.
I like the gameplay, but I'd rather pay once to play as much as I want than being forced to choose between paying for packs of prisms or having to watch ads to play for free. I don't like this business model. Ironically I would probably pay 50 SEK for the game itself with unlimited play, but I hesitate to pay 21 SEK to remove ads because I really hate this business model with being forced into microtransactions or ad watching.
Played for awhile, enjoyed it, uninstalled, came back, uninstalling again. Way too many levels. I don't have the time to waste my life doing hundreds of levels. If each game costs 3 prisms to play why can't we start anywhere? Why can't I start with octagons, or triangles, and not have to play the hundreds of other levels to get to them? I've had my fill of this type of "how do we make them watch even more ads" game strategy. Shame. Its a really good game otherwise.
Great game once you buy any prism pack, which gets rid of ads forever. Otherwise the game would be unplayable. This game really makes you see how much your perception of a color is based on its surrounding colors. It helps train your brain to see colors better in real life, so it's great for artists. I wish they would give you more then 15 prisms a day. That's only 5 puzzles a day without spending more money.
addictive, honestly. never known a more calming yet focusing game, it puts me at ease and settles me down when i'm overwhelmed and just want to focus on something enjoyable that doesn't require excessive concentration. it does have a few ads, but they're usually short, and the game mechanics are just phenomenal. a personal favorite of mine, for sure.
I love this game. I'm a sucker for color based games like this and Blendoku. It's a great way to pass a little bit of time here and there. Plus I love that when I beat the world average, it calls me things like iridescent moonbeam or shimmering unicorn. There's no time limit pressure and it doesn't auto start the next level when you finish one, so no panicking for me and my anxiety. Highly recommended.
Just to clear, I love this game. It's wonderful for downtime when you want something to help you develope color theory and understand colors more clearly. However, I already bought this game to stop ads twice, and to which the app would stop them for sure, yet I still get ads after buying the package to stop ads. This is a wonderful game, but this frustrates me to no end.
this game makes me feel good. colors like soothing candy to my eyeballs. I'm sure it will help me with color choices when I paint. I think saying this game makes me feel good is worth repeating... this game makes me feel good. πŸ€©β€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’–πŸ‘πŸ§  update: this game has literally stopped me from committing suicide on a daily basis. its simple, no pressure, visually soothing, and distracts me from my suicidal thoughts. I'm not sure I'm thanking you for that yet, but I thought you'd like to know.
I love the gameplay, but not the arcade-like business model. I wish I could just buy the game. Having to spend prisms each time I play a puzzle, with no way to earn prisms in-game, means the more I play the game, the more money I'd need to spend (or ads to watch.) This is especially frustrating because I really like the game itself! It's challenging yet relaxing and satisfying. It's like no other game I've played.
The game itself is good, one thing that gets under my skin is that the ads cut off my music (Spotify or TuneIn) even when it shows the ads are muted. Unless that gets fixed, it will eventually lead to an uninstall. Before dev responds with "buy a pack to remove ads," I haven't decided that the game is worth my investment right now.
This game is so much fun. I was recommended by a friend, and I recommended this game to my husbands aunts and they enjoy it as well! Its simple enough to understand but challenging enough to enjoy. And the part I love most is when you beat the world average it calls you things like "magnificent moonbeam," or a "glorious ray of light" but if you don't beat it, it still says things like "triumphant," or "brilliant". It is super encouraging and is my new favorite game! And I've only played 4 days.
This game is less like a game and more like a soothing & pleasurable process. There's no timer, no beeping or lound, constant sounds. But there is a beautiful minimalist interface and gorgeous rendering of colors. I feel like this process changes and heightens my perception of color. Highly recommend the in-app purchase to play without ads.
This game is very low-pressure, calming and beautiful. I like the music too. Easy to buy no-ad experience. I spent like 2 bucks, no biggie. This is a good game to refocus if you have anxiety.
Great game for spending a bit of time when you're otherwise occupied. Only reason for 4 stars is that this game seems to have an issue with lag spikes when switching tiles which start in the middle of a game and persist until the end of a level. Not sure what the problem could be, but it only seems to be caused by tiles switching. If that bug is fixed then it'll be a 5 star review
Delightful quick, but addictive game. Just wish there was more competitiveness - keeping track of best times or challenging a friend would be fun. Even without that though, the gameplay provides a nice sense of delight of having placed things in order without actually having to get up and do anything. ;-)
Excellent game! To avoid watching ads for more gems, I recommend opening the game without playing any levels some days, and you'll start to build a stockpile. I have 400+ gems because I open the game everyday to receive 15 gems even if I don't play any levels. Soothing music, wish it played during a level. Being careful and perceptive is definitely more important in this game than speed, especially if you want to beat the world average on higher levels.
This is the least addictive app I've downloaded and I mean that in a very good way. It feels so nice to enjoy something that isn't overstimulating and I can put it down when I'm done. I don't feel trapped or manipulated, just relaxed. It's also the least money-grubbing puzzle game app I've seen so far in that you don't have to spend money to play at all & there are ads but not many :^) great design, 10/10 for me!
I love this app, but I miss the old days with the sound and harmonies. please bring those back, even just as an option! I came back to the game after getting a new phone and losing it and I was sad to see the harmonies gone :(
I am so addicted to this game. It is very relaxing, and It helps me with color perception a lot. Being called a glorious moonbeam or butterfly truly makes my day too. I recommend this game to anyone who hasn't tried it. Barely any ads, no crashing, and you will love it, promise.β€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ
App is great. I love the game. It's great fun. However getting 2-3 ads per level PLUS one before and after each level at 30 seconds long is a little overboard. It wasn't always this bad. I can understand the need for ads and to make a profit, but its overkill in the current state. If ads weren't so common, I'd rate it 5 stars
It's a really fun app that's not that hard but will still give you a challenge. I really like it. BTW im not a bot or anything its genuinely a good app. I do not recommend it for color blind people.