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i Live - Gold Edition

i Live - Gold Edition for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by LGD Studio SRLS located at Via Bronte 72, 90136 Palermo. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I don't know what happened. The game overall is okay, but the walking with the pram thing has become SO glitchy that it's almost impossible to play. Please fix this as soon as possible. Also, it kept saying that my baby was a "he" even though it was a girl? This made me confused and I ended up giving her a boy name. Please get your pronouns right. Thank you
We should have more clothes and shoes options like nike,jordan,adidas, vans etc. The price of clothes, shoes, toys, strollers, accessories and hair could be lower. We should be able to do more than just feed, walk our baby, put them to sleep, and feed them. We should be able to buy different baby bottles,bottle warmers, baby food, and diapers. Also it would be fun to have more than one baby. If possible can you make it to where babies can interact with different babies.
Hi I love this app its awsome. I have a few ideas. I'd love it if you could like have twins or triplets and if you could like interact with other people's babies if they cant at the moment they could like bottel feed them bath them and that there will be two doors enter your babie /babies or their baby/babies. I had no problem downloading or anything this game allows you to be your kinda parent I love this game very much thx for making.πŸ’–πŸ’–
If in the normal version you had a problem of changing the nappy or changing its clothes, this one is superb! It has all the problems fixed, and and I am very happy with how it turned out. Please make a toy room, where the baby can wake around in, or get some fresh air by going outside. That would be great, but the game in gently without the suggestions are awesome! Thank you for reading my review. Peace out!😊😊
Used to love playing this game. But the game freezes alot. Also when walking the child in a stroller you have to touch the screen alot to keep from the screen locking and then fading to black.
I like this game but I purchased 2of the increments to increase my days and I am still at the same amount of days. It did not advance my game at all.
Great game needs an update *More jewelry *New hairstyles *Black and white jeans *Different color hair accessories
This game is so good and I been using it for 5 years but why 4 stars? So I give them 4 stars bc it has some bugs that have to be fixed... But in the other ways I love it!
I love this game so much and I am giving it 4 stars because of the current bug I am experiencing. Everytime I go on a walk, I loose the money I collected. This is disappointing because I love taking my baby on walks. Otherwise, I absolutely love this game.
Excellent game loving it all 😁😁😁 but u could try to update your game more What will make it more better and more fun and maybe have different birthdays and that
It is a very nice game but can you add a car to drive the baby with so we will have two transferring vehicles.
Would give a five star but can't feed baby and diaper changes most days won't work and 5henit tells u later how u failed to change the baby diaper and didn't feed...bottles baths walks great...great game babies are too adorable!
I would like this game but I felt the controls were a little buggy when I tried to play and sometimes it would not even respond to me. And I kind of feel like some of the stuff in the game is a little just not working sometimes every time I try to get something or anything like that it either seems to not want me to or just not do it
Fantastic game just wish there should be a backyard so these kids can play outside ,, have a swing set , a sand box and the slide it would be so cute thank you. I was thinking I know it's a long shot but is there a way to make these dolls that you can buy at the store? With accessories ?
This is an amazing game! I love how you can pick up and hold your baby, its so cute. The only thing I'd love if you guys could add is if we could have more areas to take the babies to like a kitchen, playroom,rooms we can decorate and such, maybe more clothes. But overall its an amazing game and the graphics are spot on.
Love this game! I have a lot of little ones: Christian, Alex, Chad, Kayla, and Seamus and last but not least little Hugh
It is so fun but I have some suggestions. 1. Add more rooms to the house so the baby does not have to be in the crib all day. 2. Add more interactive items like chairs for the baby to sit on. But other than it is a great game. Thank you so much
Its fun but it takes WAY TOO LONG to accumulate coins. There's not enough things available to earn coins either. Very rarely does the baby need a diaper change also. Making it hard to complete the daily goals to earn coins.
Evry time i try to feed him but it just makes me put him down for some reson and so im giving it 3 stars instead but thank you for making thus app!
This game is good I'm soo happy 😌 real. baby game sooo nice 😘☺️ and . I like I live gold edition 😊 sooo much happy goood thanks
I liked the game so much that i spent actual money on it. Nothing too big. Just the +5 day option. NOTHING HAPPENED! OH! Except the money was taken from my account. I would like a refund please!!!
Every time I go to open the game it keeps on saying error try again or report. I have reported this so many times and I'm getting sick and tired of it so fix this problem or I will uninstall the game
The game is really fun and I got pretty used it if real quick and the baby is so cute you can dress him/her and take care of him/her it's really fun! My sister enjoys it too. But I would like the game to have more rooms so as the baby grows up it can run around and so you can decorate it yourself and have a kitchen to make the baby food that will be really cool. Also when you go for a walk in the park why can't the baby go on the swings and stuff cause if it did that would be awesome! Nice game
I really enjoy it, but I almost never achieve 2 diaper changes in a day because her diaper is rarely dirty that much (believe me, I check it often). It's now been clean for 3 days in a row!
I like this game just needs an update new pacifiers new clothes new designed bottles more toys open new rooms. Take babies to day care for the day. Mini cool games for more coins I wish the baby could turn 5years old not 2years and then stop!!. Yeah I just want An update please then I'll rate it a 5 star . come on its 2020 now plus I dont think baby wants to stay in her crib alday she would wanna play with toys plus she dosnt like going out she always crys when we get back
this game is really fun and i love playing it but ever since i redownloaded it, there has been bugs. like for the first day i played it normally and it was good but then i came back the next day and it just showed a blank black screen, nothing else. i would really love to give it five stars and also be able to play it more than just one day before it shows a blank screen and doesnt let me play anymore unless i delete it and redownload. please fix this.
I play this for a while and I have some ideas, here you can drive her to the store or daycare, the doctor, the park like In real life and, more places the living room, kitchen, bathroom potty training, playdate, maybe Chuck-E-Cheese, I hop you like the ideas. And I love this game, and put the baby on the floor, play with the toys because she or him don't want to stay in the crib all day
It keeps freezing after a few minutes of playing and you can't touch anything when this happens. The explanations need to be better.Fix this and I will reinstall the game.
This game is good but it could use some more features like going to different places e.g. the doctors , shopping ex.
Fun concept; Figuring out how to actually play was difficult, even with a tutorial and the English is poor, lots of typos and incorrect Grammer. The graphics weren't good either. The baby would lose parts of their body/parts would disappear. I feel bad leaving just 2 stars, but if everything I stated above was corrected, and the game itself improved to a point where it actually would make sense to pay for it, I'd consider re-installing it and possibly rating it a more favorable score.
Its amazing and fun theres not much to do after a while i was thinking of maybe adding new places for the kid or being able to read it books and get points for it new clothes or easier way to get coins i always seem to not have enough on either but just suggestions :)
This is a really good game. I feel like really taking care of the baby; he cries, he smiles, he grow every day, etc. Therefore, as one of the gold edition users, it should have more features. - A little menu of food - Other flavors for the milk when he/she is a little bit bigger - Other opportunity to earn coins in the game - More hairstyles - The option to "hire nanny" when we are going to be away of the game for a long period of time (and paying coins for it), so we don't have "failed tasks"
There is a bug with the "decorate" task, and the "learn to walk 4 TIMES" task is impossible to achieve, but otherwise it's a great game HÑ um bug com a tarefa de "decorar", e a tarefa "aprenda a andar 4 VEZES" é impossível de alcançar, mas de outra forma é um grande jogo
As an adult i 4 accounts so i have 4 babies which i spend more money than i should. I love this game BUT when it comes to feeding with baby food i should not have to 5 & 6 times putting these babies in their chairs to get them to take 5 bits!!!!! Also if the game doesnt reset till midnight then why arent all the goals set for that time??? At 8:30pm the diaper goal is failed if 2 diapers arent changed. If i as an adult get ticked off over failed goals then how do you a kid feels playing this game
The Graphics are decent but the game play is meh. There isn't much to do and honestly the controls arent clear nor are they understandable. There is so much room for improvement and more things to do!
I changed this review because when I tried the game, it worked for about 12 seconds then it kicked me out of the game. Everytime I start the game same thing happens ( and I have tried it 13 times ) and sometimes, it doesn't let me in the game. But, I can see why a lot of people download this game but can I ask a question. Can the game work on different devices like Tecno spark 3 or Apple iPad ? Cuz I am using both.
I love this game! But the reason it got 3 stars is because, when my phone broke and I had to re download it onto a new one I couldn't restore my purchases. Also items I already bought with the coins were missing. Another thing is that when you place an item in the room, you aren't able to move it anymore. Once it's there, it's there, so don't make a mistake. Other than that, it's a great game. But I think you should have to change the babies diaper more than twice a day! Poor thing!
Please update this version of I Live. In about a week or so there will be nothing left to buy except the ugly clothes no one wants. The free version of i Live was updated and is excellent!!!
Very unhelpful with my issues with this game thay do not even reply to email. Other than that its a good game
I love this game although the unpaid version has way more clothes and items to purchase at the store, yet this version hasn't updated since October of 2019. Please give us more options and choices.
This game is the most realistic baby care game out there. Theres a big difference between the original and gold edition. It's still glitchy. A little slow loading. I've taken a few breaks (months) but come back. The reason I gave so few stars is because, I have had a few times where I've bought coins or items and the game says payment failed, but my bank record shows the money was taken out and no credit given in game.
Good game, but should be able to walk into different rooms. More free items should be available from start. More than 2 walks should be available when taking the pram out. Since when do real babies only need 2 nappy changes. If they don't poop they still wee. You should be able to layer clothing like on real baby. You need more girls clothes with long sleeves. Mini games for walking, you should be able to choose ones you play. Instructions should be more clear, & there should be more of them.
I am addicted to this game, but In a good way! this game gives you lots of entertainment, but it is really hard to earn money. the controls are not too bad, but it needs some few changes. I would love if we could have twins or triples. thought everything else in the game is perfect! I really recommend this game and you won't regret buying this game or purchasing anything in the game! have a good day! 🌸
Hi, so i came from the free version and ive been playing for a few months now. I really liked the game so i wanted to buy the gold version but i cannot transfer my gameplay into the gold version. I honestly do not want to start from scratch. Please clarify. If i cannot transfer it, i would like a full refund.
It's a really fun game, I love it. I would geve give stars, but there is a problem with the medicine, everytime she's sick and I buy the medication, it never shows up in the storage when I want to give it to her. and I know when I buy it. Could you maybe fix that in the game, so I can buy the medicine and actually give it too her. Thank you.
Fantastic game just wish there should be a backyard so these kids can play outside ,, have a swing set , a sand box and the slide it would be so cute thank you
I wouldn't coll this game bad but I have a suggestion for the game ok so when your baby can walk i would really like the baby to walk when you are on a walk ok dose that make sense
I enjoy this game overall, but think it is due an update. The baby doesn't appear to progress beyond a year old. And it can become very repetitive. Perhaps you could add more rooms for the baby to go in? And maybe you could have more than one baby at the same time? And they could interact with one another as they get older?
I would say the same thing about the game but other wise it's a great, good, amazing and fantastic game to play but it only shows a black screen because it's loading and then it will pop up on your phone, tablet or more anyways so yeah that's the only bug and I'm his daughter not him πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ and I'm only 8 years old βœ… next year I will be 9 years old and then 10 and then 11 and keep getting older and older ok back to the game but yes I wish that to so plz fix this bug and be safe and nice πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
The music nvr stops while yr trying to tend to the goals of the game, it's also confusing on which icon to push when you need to change the baby and buying items I think this would be a great app if you could fix these things.
I can't even play! When I open the app up, I get nothing but a black screen. Really disappointing considering I just spent money for a blank screen
I give 4 stars because there is nothing really to do in the first 30 days but other than that it a great game!
Cool!! More people should install this,it's worth the price, I recommend this,it's very realistic,very cool graphics,amazing!
This is such a great game! I am soo amazed by this app also perfect for quarantine! I just wish it could grow until its 8yrs old.. but its fine by me! Byeee
I woke up to having this random game on my tablet and I thought my tablet was cursed for a sec with this horrid game like I tried playing it to see if it was any good but it froze at the part where I was finished putting info for my horrid child so yeah I never got to fully play it, maybe my brother downloaded this as a joke
Please release an updated version which finally allows the child to grow beyond a year old. The game has grown boring with the limited actions that are available. The graphics could really be improved as well. As an example, sometimes when you put the baby back down in the crib the baby's body disappears under the mattress for a second or two. It is a good game, it just needs some improvements.
to Tanweer cassim you have to select- no selected gender for it to be a girl cause other wise its gonna be random, i live can you make it so the two games can both have the same things cause some things in the i live gold edition you cant get in the normal one even when you pay to become a gold user on the normal one, you can still do stuff that gold edition people can its just stuff in shops there are things that you cant get in both of them please make it so you can thank you
Good although it could have some work done to it because when my baby is which she currently is it won't let me give her medicine I've watched the video over and over again and you know I've done the same thing and when I click the medicine the pills and the cough sryup won't work please fix it.😣😣
fun game but unfortunately my baby just learned to crawl and I have nothing left to buy in the store. there seem to be a lot of visual errors. clothing floating in the wrong place or my baby's feet detaching from her body. plus I can't seem to get the remote control cars controls to work. definitely needs more places to walk. I thought buying a new stroller would open more trails or places and was disappointed.
I love thus app. It's just a few things I dont understand . The time for the baby to be awake is night. So I keep failing to complete task . And I cant change diapers Uou need a better system
I know you don't respond to the veiwers but I hope you read their reviews at least. Anyway I have a tiny or little complain you know when you're going for a stroll the controls are hard to use, since you have to tilt your device certain ways. But that makes it harder since the stroller doesn't sometimes go in the right direction. It would be helpful if you could please ask for an option before you go out such as "Would you like a thumbstick/Joy stick" Then if you were to click 'no' you would have the option to tilt your device. I think that would be helpful with the option to see other directions by moving your camera.
It's a good game but the tutorials dont do anything to help and there are some glitches, the hair is really bad and it takes an actual year to make the baby a year old i don't really plan to keep this for years watching this vitural baby grow up , and the money is a really slow process but other than that it's a good game , just the walking process is a little hard but yeah .
Needs more clothes and toys to buy. When you take baby for a stroll should be at least 50 coins available to collect in walk through prom and more presents to collect in walk through prom. Needs easier way to get more money. I am a vary critical person but I lick this game.
It's a cute game. It's a little glitchy. Baby has not soiled its diaper in over 3 days, the remote car will not work and it takes a long time to load the game. The music while taking the baby for a walk is annoying and baby never leaves the crib. Would be noce to have a play pen. Also, baby's first steps are a JOKE. 8 rounds of impossible steps and then 4 times to complete. Dropped my star rating because of the first steps.
the diaper changing has a glitch can't change it everyday actually I've been playing for 16 days now and only change the diaper 2 times how can I complete goal if can't do it???????
I'm having a problem playing this game. It sucks because it looks like a great game but it keeps getting stuck and I can't feed or do anything for the baby...:(
Love the game but tried buying coins and it processed my payment but then said error with purchase no coins added waiting on a response...
I love the game. It would be nice to get the game updated seeing it hasn't been updated in a year. I have the free version and it upgraded and it's nice. It'd be nice to have the same upgrade to the one I paid for. I expected the gold version to update before or at the same time as the free version. Besides that I love this game
Amazing game but its really hard to make any progress because its takes days to start eating food and walking . I know y'all are just trying to make it real as possible but overall good game
Question,, why so many clothes, shoes, and socks?? The train station is very hard to get around when you have a lot of people walking around love this game πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
Love it but I have spent real money to buy things and now it seems to not be working right can not even pull up her blanket .still not working
Anyone who has issues with feeding. You need to keep the scale close to 100%. There are 4 toys and you can only use them once along with the bottle. If you follow this there will be no spoon refusal.
When you're dragging your eye to the cabinet it won't let me this game is big fat piece of bologna I would cry if I was little this is the best game ever the real Three Real playing this the three Riolu cry 1 * I can't even make it farπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜–πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ 
This game is terrible. I can not change diapers and when I go buy clothes the game glitches out. Don't get the game.
This is a cute game. Not very real but for the price it is good. They do offer a free version of this game that offer the same thing. I played both, i dont see the diffrence. It is the same game. You have pay extra still if you want anything extra.
Please update the first steps simulation... The arrows and the numbers, and the ping pong ball aren't working for the first steps, more ideas.Favorite game for down time!!! The controls for the over all game are good, with the first steps, i wish they had buttons like a joy stick or arrows or a d -pad to help control the first steps, better, in the tutorial i would like a female gender, it seems every tutorial is a boy, i would like there to be a way to get more coins more frequently, great app
So I have issues sometimes when I earn gifts, I literally get nothing. Its just an empty box. Will give 5 stars once this is fixed :)