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I Can Paint - Art your way for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is amazing but after you get to the point where you have over 40 spins it goes back to the beginning and even though it states that you have 63 spins I'm only getting 23 which isn't fair. If this was sorted out the game would be amazing
Worked great until the last update. The game falls apart after level 150 by crashing and stopping after 16 loops even though you have much more.
Hi!! I gave this game a 3 star rating because first, this game has WAAAY to many ads. I don't want to play a game where you press one button and you have to watch 1-2 ads. Also when you create 3d art it looks terrible. Lastly, I wish the canvases would be a little bit bigger so it's easier to paint. So if you fix those things this game would be way better! Thanks!!
I have gone up to loop 45 twice now. This time it's been almost a week and it still doesnt change. Fix this problem and I will rate higher. Love the game but hate that it sticks on loop 45. Also when is there going to be more items. The coming soon stuff needs to come sooner rather then later. If things not fixed I will delete and make known to users to never download this app
Too many ads. The game itself is mesmerizing. Too many ads. Would be nice there were a gallery for the works created. Too many ads. The amount of lines just stops at 36, no matter how far into the game you go, u can't gain more lines. Too many ads. I'd like to see more control in the colors and canvas. Too many ads. Give us an update. Too may ads. (Annoying right)
It needs a relaxing mode where you can do your paintings one after another with no points or money earned or other extras. Just a variety of paint colors and allow the player to start and stop the painting when they want or to add or switch colors when they want.
Its wonderful to use all the colours and let the paint flow I find it very relaxing. I wish it would upgrade things quicker I can only be so creative with what I have. Perhaps some different coloured boards or even multi coloured boards. I would love some more rings. I am up to 45 but would love more and the multiple rings I would love to do more of that. It is a truly wonderful and relaxing game but would just love more colours more options and be able to see my own gallery.
I love this game because it's so satisfying+I love painting 5☆☆☆☆☆. Amazing best game ever you haved to get it please rate it 5 stars. Ps did i say its satisfying and i love painting
I was liking the game , but I can no longer add more loops, and I'm at the limit for new colors. It gets quite boring when there is nothing new to reach.
I love playing this game but a gallery for the paintings you made would be awesome and I can't even play sometimes because of all the ads.
OK so, there's a few things I dislike. 1 - It's just a bad game. The person who came up with this should be fired, but to each their own I guess. 2 - False advertising. From the way its phrased, I thought I could just draw whatever I wanted. Never mentioned was the fact that its a STUPID LEVELING GAME. 3 - Ads, ads, ads. There are far too many ads. Chill with the ads, and make a freeplay part, and maybe I'd reinstall. This is so bad right now though that I wish I could rate 0 stars.
I liked the game until it all of a sudden it didn't work. I was up to 14,000,000. Then all of a sudden it stopped working. This happened twice. I re-installed it and happened again. Ok happened a third time. Unless someone can tell me why at 14 million it stops working then I will delete and not play any of your games.
There's a bug in the game, where even though I spent the in game cash on 60+ loops, it stops at 18. Even if it says 18/68, it will finish and then show me an add I can't skip. Do not recommend.
This is a great fun drawing game but you could add a option of free paint where you can paint whatever you want not just levels
The game is oddly satisfying until you get to level 150.. Im up to 68 loops yet its only doing 18 and then saying the picture is complete. So i bought more loops thinking it would help and nope, it didnt. Ive wasted 80,000 dollars on loops only to get none. Ontop of that, lose 50. It still says 68 loops but only allows 18 to be done. About to uninstall Edit: i cleared data and started over.. Level 150 and up only lets you do 18 loops even if youve bought more loops. It says 64 but only gives 18
10 / 10 would recommend, one of the most statistical games ever. If your bored it takes that away, but, as the for adds There are barely any adds
Fun game if you like to watch ads more than play the game. I get needing to keep the money flow but this is one of the worst game play to ad ratio games I have ever played.
I will give 5 because here you can be a professional painter I'm amazed at my work And it was really satisfying. Last but not the least good for quarantine it's 𝙉𝙊𝙏 boring to play. I love the maker of this game. Thanks for making it. And i have a suggestion can add it on the next update that we can make names for our paint. Please....🌿
Wished there was a free mode where you can just choose everything yourself. Mostly the amount of loops though. That you can just paint and then push a stop button at the moment it looks perfect owo Edit: You are welcome, I love your game! It gives me great wallpapers and inspiration to draw myself. If you could add a free mode I would be really happy Cx
It is a nice game, but my problem is that every time i get to the bonus levels it pauses, but either than that i love this game
I kept playing to get more and more loops. When I finally reached 40 loops to start making cool patterns, it glitched and only gives me 18 loops, even though it says 40.
Once i got to level 150, the colors of the paint and canvas that they want you to use no longer matches what i actually paint with. For example, they would say to use white and purple paint on a black canvas but i would get teal paint and a red canvas. And then the finished product will be on a completely different colored canvas. I don't know if that's intentional or not, but it's a bit of an issue for me. Really needs to cut back on the ads. Also, having a sandbox mode is a great idea.
I am SO happy with the last update! Not only are there tons of cool new painting options I could spend my saved up money on, but the "share" and "gallery" features I was craving were implemented! I felt immediately compelled to share my first shareable work of art with my partner, and now they want the game too! I am extremely happy with this game, it is a very relaxing and simple game that distracts me with pleasant colors and patterns. I highly recommend this for relaxing!
Before the update, where the fast forward button was put on the game, I loved this game. I was near level 500 and had over 1,000,000 coins. I also had no problem getting all of my loops in. Since the "update" I was forced to restart my game 4 times, which caused me to lose my progress that I originally had. Since the "update" no matter how many loops I have acquired I can very rarely get past 18 loops. Would be nice if someone could fix this issue. And yes I have cleared the cache.
I'm hooked on it...would like a a mode without constraints for number of paints, loops, and type of canvas. Regardless, this app is one of the places I go to relax. Thank you
I love this game but when it's a VIP costumer it says as are not ready yet and we need to skip it but I love this so a lot. 😊
I enjoy this game and it would be 5 stars if they put less ads. If I want to just do a new painting that the (electrical) customer wants you see an ad and when there's a VIP customer you have to watch an ad then you only get 1 loop. Get the app if you want an app were there's ads around the corner every level. I would enjoy the game more if there were less ADS.
Ads ads and more ads Litteraly an ad after everything you do, pick a level ad, pick a color ad, finish level ad
Its ok but when i actually want an add like for the new update i cant even do the vip customers or even the 3x claim so i might just uninstall it cause its getting on my nervs with that.
Could be a cool game but you spend WAY more time watching ands and trying to opt out of adds then you do playing. Watching 2 adds just to play the game for 5-10 at a time is just unreasonable
A good game, kind wish you didn't have to watch a video every time you play a new level though ngl but tbh that's all I'ma say keep up the good work! :>
Its ok. I really like being able to do these pictures even if its set colours . I just wish we could choose how many loops you do so we could do more. Also a gallery of previous pictures youve done would be good. Most annoying thing is the add after every single picture you.
This update has made this game so much better.. I love all of the new additions and backgrounds along with more control over what to do. My only recommendation would be allow the amount of loops to be reduced after you add more.
My experience with this was really good and not only that this game is so freaking fun and sometimes it doesn't come out right but it will still count it as good so don't be afraid that you did it wrong..
Did love this game until yesterday's update, now I can't use colour and all my paint is white on black canvas and i don't get as many loops as I did before?? Also would like to have paintings where I get more than just two colours in my loops.
I love the app although it is a little bit hard to get what you want on the paper other than that I love this game
I love this swing paint style, but have to say the lack of options were disappointing. Then when l looked at the app in google play store it claimed that I could do much more than the game let's me do. Even the sample pictures show differences from what I have. Any explanations?
Is it just me or does the game keep freezing every time i try to play the additional level? One star.
Great app my only problems are that getting more circles takes so long and every time I try and get a new bucket or something by watching an ad I press on it and it always says ad not ready, it's just really annoying but I haven't seen anyone have this problem so I'm just wondering what's going on.
I really enjoy this game especially since, to an extant, it gives you creative freedom. The only problem I have with it is that for any amount of loops you have after 18, the game will still only allow you to complete 18 loops. As a long shot to possibly fix the issue I cleared my data for the game and started over, but I'm at 19 loops now with no extra loops bought and it is still only allowing 18 loops to be completed. For now I guess I will have to unistal the app until this gets fixed.
The games good, but after i do maybe three paintings the game freezes and kicks me out. Please fix it.
I really enjoy this game, but I would make a few small changes. I would make it so that you can look back on previous works, or take pictures of your work. I also think there should be an option to do your own piece, not just what's being paid for by customers. Choose your own color paint(s) and canvas color and make your own piece. It would make it a lot more fun and I'd probably spend more time in the game with options like that.
I love this game but think it is missing some features that are important. There currently is no way to view or share your completed paintings. Perhaps a way to implement this without having a massive gallery of paintings (which you might not even like) would be having the choice to "Add to Portfolio" any complete works. Then the customer would receive their painting, and you could have a Photo Album which you could then externally share your works from. Other than that I adore playing this!
1. Theres to many ads 2. Qhen i play the game my phone glitches alot 3. I thout you can do whatever you want but you have to have a number of loops. Pls fix those things
It's the perfect game to come down withand it's a great way to do bucket art without messing up your floor or having to worry that you're going to make a big old mess really fun and definitely worth thedownload even though there are few as they're not as frequent as you would think they'd come at the end of things and when you want to get new paint cans but I can't find anything really wrong with it except for one thing if you have a free range of the colors that you were use instead of not.
Instructions from npc are impossible to follow due to lack of available options. Some options are available via watching ads but when attempted a notification appears that says the ads are not available. Frustrating.
What drew my attention to this app was how mesmerizing the paint was in the ad. I felt it would be a good way to calm down my anxiety and panic attacks. However, there is no free play or a way to simply do as you please with the paint. It's just fulfill the customers' orders. It makes me sad. I think this game/app would benefit from a free play mode. Other than that, I have no complaints. It is a pretty decent app/game otherwise.
Really fun to just let the paint flow. It would be better if we had a way to save/display our completed paintings, like in a portfolio. Otherwise, I can't wait for updates. Super fun if you turn on airplane mode or get the ad free version, but ads themselves aren't as intrusive as in other games.
The way that the game is advertised is inaccurate like no other! They make it seem as if you can freely paint but no! They tell you what colors to use and how many loops you can do. Pretty much you have customers who want to buy your canvas art but tell you what colors to use. It's lame and not at all as advertised! Bummed about it. Don't waste your time seriously!
Fun for little bit. But the more loops you unlock, the longer it takes for the painting to be finished. Making it a looong wait for the painting to be done. Neat concept though.
I would give this game 0 stars if it let me but when I try to install it the game won't install it says it is installing but it doesn't install at all so if they can fix that I will rate it differently. They finally got it fixed so I can't wait to try it out!🙂. Thank you!
Update: the update is good, which is why I added a star, but there are still only 2 options when it comes to colors. Either you get 1 color choice or 2 color choices nothing more. The additional special customer is a nice twist but I still want more than just 2 colors on the canvas instead of the same old 2 color options.
This game is SO visually appealing! This has got to be one of the best games I have ever played! It's super easygoing and fun. Also amazing because this app won't ruin your real life floors! Awesome game, would totally recommend!😀
I love this app so much .It rocks come down load it and you will see it's so easy to get stuck on this app that is so good. love you guys you rock. Lisa k.sac.ca.
I downloaded this game thinking that it would a fun and relaxing free paint game where you can do whatever you want. Turns out this is just another terrible mobile game. The canvas and colors are selected for you at the beginning of each level, but the worst part is that it also has a set number of loops. What's the point of the game if the paint can can only loop around 10 times before it tells you you're done and gives you a 30 second ad. Fix this game and I might give it another chance.
This is a fun game except I would make the people more real looking but I do love this game!!! Thank you, bye. 👋
Its very lagged so you can't make a very good design. And there's so many ads. It makes your whole device lag. Also its not realistic at all. But other than that its fine. I just hate the lag I never really minded adds but lag... thats a whole nother level.
This game is great i dont even mind the ads except the ones that I have to close the whole app because it doesn't let you close the ad please get rid of the ads you can't close
Its really fun! I like painting, but my problem is that.. it adds extra loops even tho you didnt press the ad. Its like it automatically adds more loops. But its a fun game. 4/5👍(still legit awesome👌)
The game keeps kicking me out after a level. I tried a 2nd time and then it kicked me out again. 3rd time it kicked me out once again. It's really really really annoying so please fix that. Ok so I tried re-installing the game to try and fix the kicking but it still kept kicking me out. So basically no matter what I do the game still kicks me out every level.
It's a great app and it's super cool and satisfying to watch the paint bucket swirl around but around level 145 even though it says you have like 51 how ever many loops you have it will only do 18 loops and then say you're done. I really hope that this is fixed because I find this app really fun.
Ok fun game but let us paint what we want to pain like all we do is drag it around. It's not fun now. Way way WAY to much adds pls fix these roomers
I like this game but the The paint stops in the middle of the painting so it kind of looks bad if they can fix that and make it stop at the end of the painting where it goes off aboard they'll be way better so it stops in the middle and it just doesn't look right
I find this game to be very hypnotic and calming but we need to be able to do a bit more then spiral art, unfortunately I have found the game is becoming repetitive and is in need of new canvases, paints and backgrounds. Before the update I had gotten to a level that allowed me to make up to 100 spirals but now I'm back down to 45 and thats with the extra 9 loops I purchased from the shop. Please add more options to spend coins.
So it's not really what I thought it was and yeah it's the paint can but you can't twist it like if you were actually doing this in real life and it wasn't really realistic and paint splatter when there was multiple holes it was just to ad provoked and there was not much playing without having an ad every 3 seconds
Literally 2 minutes of play time in 15 minutes. The rest is Ads and self promotion. Total waste of time.
Ridiculously addictive......for me. Now that said most people might find this boring but I can donate hours to creating random things. I cant paint any more than 17 loops and I'm at lvl 150+. Please fix this like creating a changeable range. Also can you add upgrades like maybe a rotary pivot table that moves in other directions like a figure 8, square, triangle or a host of other shapes. I hope I'm clear on the pivot point being able to move because I think that would be great.gallery?
I love this game just there is one problem they sell for to cheep and the loops are exspencive to buy but i will give the game 4 stars it is a good game you should get it its fun!!🤗
I think the game is great the only problem is when it at the end of a loop it just stops so there's a random line on the canvas and my OCD doesn't alow it.
This game is okay not a paint game anymore call it add game and the controls are not the good the only they should add like when we paint a painting we could have it save the thing I like in this game is the cool testers when u do the loops this game is worse than a game that said to many adds and the worst reviews this game sucks!
I love this app but when it gets to the bonus paintings it freezes and I have to literally shut it down and start over and some times it won't restart.
I like the game, but there's a problem that brings the whole game down. More often then not, it will randomly glitch out and start painting all over the canvas, ruining what I made, and you can't use it to your advantage because you never know when it might happen. Please fix this!!
Fun enough, would be better as a free play given that their is no criteria to pass or fail and the amount you get seems to be fixed regardless of what the canvas looks like
all i got was ads and horrible lag. would be good game if they took out some ads and mame it smoother. it's a shame cuz I've played great games from the people who made this game. 🥺
Would be more but the game keeps freezing up... I have missed out on many vip levels and bonus level due to this problem
I did love this game as it was so relaxing but there are way too many intrusive ads and you're no longer allowed more than 18 spins with the new update. I have 32 spins but can't make a full circular image because the game stops at 18. There are lots of options to watch an ad for a reward, the intrusive unskippable ones are just annoying and ruin a game which used to be able to put me to sleep but now just irritates me.
It's nice but after few days you will know that it's so Bad like baby games the same result in every challenge just changing colours and loops.
I like it a lot, I think it's a very good game and I love it. I'm in level 207 and it's a little bit glitchy but I understand because the game isn't finished. I'm looking forward for new updates!!! Keep going Crazy Labs, you can do a very good job with this game!! Please, don't leave it, keep upgrading it!! Thanks!! ❤️❤️
Would be a relaxing game to play whenever if it wasn't for the fact that the creators did it just to earn money from ads. Two ads per 10-second level? Seriously?
I think this game is amazing it has a medium amount of adds and personaly I think that adds are helpful they warn you or help you find new games but that's get back to the real point here huh ok the game is satisfying I started out like a noobie I was barely good but now I've gotten a bit better you can get better in like seconds! I LOVE this game SO MUCH!!!!
My main complaint was fixed :) I'm giving 4 stars only because you can't choose your own background and there are too many ads - but I suppose, after some time, you have to get used to how many ads are in the average mobile game lol
I would give it a 5 stars but everytime there is a VIP customer and I have to watch an ad it says (AD NOT AVAILABLE) it is really annoying because those are so cool. Besides that it is an awesome game, it's so relaxing and i am glad that it doesn't tell you what to do.
This is a really bad game, and there are way too many ads. The only reason I gave this 2 stars is because of how hilarious the translations are. "Thanks, miss it out" is a great example.
I was up to 71 loops and $89,000 and things started having glitches. I couldnt look at new items or unlocked items. The colors it said were going to be on the painting would change once I completed it. And I went from getting $700 for a painting back down to $100 for a 71 loop painting
No exaggeration the ads are making my game unplayable I'll click the x and it will send me to the playstore, ill press my arrow and it will send me back, I'll close the playstore and click on the game tab and it will send me to the playstore dunno if you can fix this but if ya can PLEASE do
I like the game but there are way to many ads. Then it would be nice to have like a sandbox mode just to create the paintings. Also it would be better to buy colors with money instead of getting them buy leveling up i wanna choose my own colors. I had to edit after playing some more i really like the game but there needs to be a free play mode where i can choose the colors and let it spin as much as i want it would be a really cool game then.
Pros: I love the pendulum motion, it's satisfying and cool to watch, and I like watching the colors switch in between each other, creating a gradient Cons: It keeps saying "ad not ready" with vip customer, so I can't play that, and when it said make 19 loops, it only made 18
Honestly a very enjoyable game overall. As others have suggested, adding a gallery of works you like, as well as the option to create your own work of art would make this game 5 stars. There are definitely ads, but don't let that stop you from downloading. They are quite manageable compared to some very popular games I know of, and if the creators listen to the reviews and add some of the suggestions, I would be willing to pay for an ad free version for a reasonable flat $ without hesitation.
It's a fun game, but no matter how many loops you make or how you make them, the game corrects it to what it wants to see. I wish you had more control. 🙃
The concept is amazing but the opportunity to be creative is limited and what do I spend the $ on?. I would love to add more colours, spin the can and choose what I want to paint rather than being told use "use this colour on this canvas" UPDATE OK I am officially bored with this game after 3 weeks. It has become very monotonous. It has so much potential but there is no option to be creative.
Why do we have to swing the thing and then the paint comes out? This is so anoyong. EVERYDAY I PLAY RHIS GAME I HAVE TO WATCH LIKE 7-8 I DAY WHAT THE HELL! This game is tradic.
Great game! I would suggest letting the final "loop" to finish off canvas. The end lines on the canvas are what makes this game no fun.
I really enjoyed the game, but like other players are saying, I also would like to see the game with more updates such as more colors and canvases. A mode where you can make your own paintings with the colors of your choice and canvases with unlimited loop spins. And when you do poorly it may give you a choice to replay the level and get better pay verses if you dont make a good painting you get less money. And maybe stencils to change the pattern your painting, or something of that sorts.
Great game, and with the new update it's made even better. The colour changes happen faster so your spirals are even more eye-catching, and the fact that the suggestion of customisation with colours is perfect! My only recommendation now is that you could create a full sandbox mode, where players can increase/decrease the number of spirals, change the colour or paint and canvas, that sort of thing. Definitely recommend this game to everyone, great job!
One can of paint with one color, the most colors able to be used in the first few mins is 3, most other options have to be unlocked with coins u earn from painting, limited painting that is. swing the pendulum and once it's done you can't add anything to it that's it that's the art. The customers never say they hate it if it turns out bad, and most of that ads to watch are unavailable, making the option non-existent. Overall not a great experience.
Honestly a good game . I have always wanted to do this paint style in real life but just dont have the space or money to try it out so playing this game is the next best thing as I get to see what it would be like in real life. Well made app and lots of fun definitely recomend and worth a play keep up the good games look forward to seeing more games from you :)
This game has so many ads, half of them are so aggressive, like when you finish a painting... Ad, when you want to collect the money ether wait 3 or 4 seconds for the "no thanks" button to appear or watch an ad, when painting you have ads playing on the bottom of your screen... This is not a game, this is a money grabber. I know and understand that ads are necessary, but I spend more time watching and waiting on ads rather than playing the game. Overall rating: Not playable.
It's fun but you can only do so many patterns it gets boring fast. I ran out of things to buy so my money is just piling up. Would be nice to have more customization. Also wish I could do the chalk paint more often. We could even customize it would be cool. Wish there was away to get rid of ads.
Whats with this bug in-game? It says I have 34 loops, yet it only loops 21 times. Then I buy another 13 with cash and yet it's still stuck on 21 loops. Pls fix this, I dont wanna have to uninstall and restart...
Dissapointed. I started playing and realised the controls arent working the paint wasnt moving the way i moved it so the controls have a mind of their own. Also the repetetive characters are annoying its always the same woman offering me the same money everysingle time its just a failure. Too many ads i get long ads that are unskippable. The game looked good but it really isnt at all dont get this game.
This game is complete and utter garbage, the concept itself is good but with how many adds they force down your throat and all the "advantages" they try to give you makes this game completely unplayable. If I could rate negative stars, I would.
Had given you more stars !! But suddenly game haa stopped opening today...Thought once to delete it ? But, since I have loved it too much, so decided to write a note for your kind attention...Let us see , whether it can be fixed or not...
Took 10 loops from me. I had 31 loops, and it's now only letting me loop 21, and asks me to watch an ad to get the rest.. lol no.
its fun. its also an offline game so you can play it without wifi (too stop the ads) it does get boring a little bit, but its fun when you are bored in the car or just wanting to create something.
This game is amazing. I've had no ads and the way the colours blend is SUPERB. Never played a better game. Keep it up guys.❤️
It is very relaxing and I have not really ever had any app or game that I had to do basically nothing at all. Super cool game and I wish I could do nothing at all but play this game.
Its has so many long adds and lets you spin like 7 times or you have to pay for more with game money and just isnt fun.
The game is really good and really fun but the amount of ads is really unnecessary I was in the middle of a round and it showed me and ad and there's an ad after every game 🤦🏿‍♀️ maybe if you fix this the game will be better
It's great, but no updates. I would love to see a redo button instead of completely exiting the map. I just want more colors for paint and canvasses.
Kept asking me to rate. Last time I clicked rate later and it brought me to this page. Wasn't ready to rate but if you make me then I am going to give you a rating based on 3 minutes of play. Not good. Then it won't let you be creative and paint freely. There needs to be a free paint mode where you can make decisions on what you want to paint.
This game is fun but when u play it for an amount of time it gets a bit boring, some adds but not to many which is good. I think this game could improve by adding some more detail in the paintings but other than that it's quite good. 🙂
This would be great as a game just for making paint with the can and expanded on that instead of making it for costumers. Having no room to create because of the limit really destroys the point. From what I've experienced and what I've seen, this is false advertising. Telling people that you can be creative and explore this cool conception of can painting, then leaving almost no room for expression. I was extremely disappointed. This has great potential, I hope that is used to make this great.
Its a good idea but they killed it by not allowing us to play with unlimited loops and stuff its false advertising with pictures of awesome creations with like alot of loops and when i hopped on the game hoping to be able to do the same but they F you over by putting a (customer loop limit) and just killed the vibe i played more unlocked pass purple color but now i had enough it not worth my time doing 10 loops with colors i dint pick with a canvas color i dint pick just so i can get coins...
I really like the concept of the game it's easy and can be fun for any age. The problem is, this is a really basic free game that you can purchase items that you could get free if you watch the Ads. ( Big PROBLEM The AD'S WON'T PLAY Most of the time)Fix Bugs please.... maybe I will reinstall another time...
I really really love this app it is simply wonderful and also very very entertaining but it has only one problem it shows a ad every round making it not so pleasurable to play i understand that showing ads is the only way to earn money but i would just love if someone would look into this problem. It is also fine if you guys give a ad every alternative round other than that there is no other problem and looking forward to playing many more rounds
I used to think this was a GREAT game but now its just an ad grab... the more you play the more ads you have to watch. You watch ads to get rewards just for them to say you have to watch more ads. 56 loops turns into 18 loops please watch an ad to get 20 more. I used to use this to help me sleep now I just get stressed. UNINSTALLED
I like this game everything was perfect however when I showed my completed art on this game and she askes if I can save them I was sad because I couldn't if you would fix that I'll rate it a five star.
It's a good game... Though to many adds :( and when i dont hit a add for extra money it makes me still watch the add for nothing. It's fun and cool to make cool arts just TO MANY ADDS. Please fix the adds. For now 3 stars!