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I Am Monster: Idle Destruction

I Am Monster: Idle Destruction for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by PIKPOK located at Level 7 Willbank House 57 Willis Street Wellington New Zealand 6011. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
After 3 months and getting to level 39 and one monster to star level 3 I'm tapping out. Not because it was bad, but I really feel like I experienced everything the game as to offer. It took 3 months of playing everyday to get one character to level 3. But there's not much you get with each level up. It opens up the next skill tree level but doesn't add anything visually to the powers. I enjoyed my time with the game and think others would too. Anything beyond level 3 is just too grindy.
Update* i redownloaded the game and all my data gone..all my monsters...how do i restore my game? REALLY FUN GAME highly recomend for rampage fans! and the devs are great at responding to players. love the auto rampage feel great nod to a great game. cant wait to see all the new monsters they come up whith in the future.
The games network connection cut out for no reason while I was summoning at the portal and I lost my crystals. This happened twice I'm on a stable wifi connection! This happened 3 times now. Uninstalling.
every time i use the portal again i got problems with it as it keeps saying that the game have problem
This game is nice but sometimes it pops a pop-up and tells me to spend 8$ overall it's a nice game but another thing is that sometimes it it says can't do that for some reason even if I have the best data it always does it so please fix this and I will rate 5 stars thankyou
Great idle game I am just having a problem with registering a name so I can't participate in some of the contents otherwise good game.
I started playing the game maybe 5mins sorry cannot do that window popped up. It happened everytime I used the summon monster. Its definitely an issue with your game. It was fun the 5mins I played but come on take some pride into making stuff work.
Everytime I open the game and go to portal the summon bar is reset. It doesn't seem to matter if I get on once or multiple times per day, either or results with the bar resetting.
Good game for what it is. There are definitely bugs, but it doesn't make it unplayable. If it makes it past a few more updates it will be a much better game. I'll keep it on my phone a few more months just to see. ๐Ÿคท
don't get me wrong, I love this game, but it could use some more content added to it, also a cloud saving, because i remember playing it two years ago and now that save is gone for, I expect more content and cloud save progress and I'll give the 5 stars back
Fun game and quite fast paced. Good art style as well. Upgrades could be made multiples instead of tap and hold.
This game is amazing!! But sometimes theres bugs still but its ok and dev pls add some cool stuff and and can you add more monster it will be amazing and thank you and i really enjoyed the game also the graphics is so good thats why i like this game
Love this game. Tens stars if i could. 2 suggestions. You should make it so that you can watch an ad for 5 gems. The other is for a new mechanized destroyers monster. It could be like a giant vacum cleaner.
Great continuous fighting game. Missed opportunity to make it a true RPG, letting players take a more personal interest in each creature. Loads of wasting time fun with a cheeky attitude.
I used to love this game but now iv had to start from the beginning again as soon as I go to fight a boss it just freezes and cant go no further iv uninstalled and re downloaded but still the same find it very frustrating please fix the issue and will give 5 stars
Visually this looks good, but the mediocre gameplay gets shot by irritating (sometimes even gamebreaking) bugs and glitches.
Its a realy fun game but the game needs more monsters so please make more and theres a place where you unlock pets so open that too
Game crashes all the time, you don't get the rewards for watching ads, size on the screen not even updated
Always crash... No i cant even play... Will freeze and crash in about 5 sec after it load into the game
Pretty fun for the most part. Monster variety is cool, but it definitely needs more enemy variety. Gets pretty stale after awhile. Like most idle games I suppose. Also I keep encountering a problem where I'll save up my gems or watever to summon a monster but EVERYTIME I try and do it twice it crashes and I lose out on 250 gems. I'd look into that.
It's an interesting game. Mechanics are new, but skills seem pretty worthless compared to just stacking stats. I can't enter any events because the keyboard won't open to let me enter a name. Crashes several times a day, seemingly taking any gems I've spent and giving nothing if it crashes while opening portal.
Few too many things popping up to try and get me to spend $5 on this and that. But all in all a good game so far. Only been about 5 minutes before it asks me to rate it. But what I've played I like.
The game now can save data to cloud.. yaaay~ please keep adding new monsters and contents.. adding hero like ultraman or gridman sss as boss maybe.. ๐Ÿคฉ
Enjoying the game and like the grafics..but would like it if when upgrading the basic attack of one character it effects all.
Sometimes the game will glitch and all your monsters will die instantly and you can't pass the level unless you level up a lot
Take out the damn hacks so unfair what's the point of a leaderboard if you let your users use hacks like you leave hidden menus only u know how to get into to get levels and shards and energy why cant you just make it fair for evryone
I played this game for five minutes. Can't say that I actually played, it was more of a "watch these monsters stomp uncontrollably while you press a button every few minutes or so." It's much too easy to find the dev menu, which causes an immediate crash when you try to use it. At least the graphics aren't too bad.
I absolutely luw this game already supported devs but sadly I'm not getting free gifts ๐Ÿ˜ŸI wrote to devs they working on it and I really hope they fix it cuz it's not fair that other players getting the enhancing stones for free and me no
Game crashed, re-download and it crashed again. Seems like once it works it could be a cool game, but the game won't let me get that far.
Um it is really good but sometimes it does not respond and it tells me that i have no wifi connection even when i am connected to my wifi pls fix the bug and ill give this a five stars๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰
Amazing game, I love it! However, I am currently only rating 4 stars because sometimes when the auto battle for the bosses is turned on, sometimes the game loads into the boss battle, and the freezes and I cant do anything. So I have to leave the app and close it, but when I do this, about the next 2 or 3 times when I try to open the game, it crashes instantly. And then it is fine again until it happens again. So developers, if you're reading this, I would love for you to fix it, then 5 stars :)
Just started and im enjoying the game but when i hit apocalypse for the first time takes me back to the game screen no enemies attacking you see my character standing still with moving around and none of the inputs work but I have to just exit out of the game takes me back exactly where I was.
I love controlling the monster and summoning them and making them stronger and bigger that,s why i rated it 5 stars
This game disconnects while playing and the resources are lost like purple diamonds, monster xp candy, and it doesn't enter game while reconnecting on samsung j2 core
Seems like a decent game. I like the idea of it, but within 20mins of play I found the dev menu and it let's me select any level and put godmode on. Kill all, huge list of things. I don't want to tell how to to do it in this review. But happy to tell the devs if they contact me
i have playing this game for a week, and now went i open this game something about 10 second auto loguot,please fix it
Game is ok, just like most idle games, but what really annoys me are constant connection problems. It happens all the time, especially right after you watched an ad to get a free prize, the connection error pops up forcing you to restart the game, other times it just force shuts, so you loose some of your progress. I'll add more stars once you have fixed these error problems
this game is a really cool game and I really like how you can level up and install everything that you have different powers and you have all types of different animals and also monsters it's really cool and I always hope you'll make another one of these and the thing that I like about it is every time that you never love me you get a new monster and everything it's very cool and you ever make it you did a very very good job and I hope you make another one and thank you for letting me play this
It's a good game. I like the way it evolves. And how you can play and not have to buy gems. But I lost 500 gems on a glitch. Was using the gems in store and the game glitched and I lost the items and the gems. Hope that doesn't become a problem.
Pretty legit game. Like non stop knights but with a rampage like twist. Im currently addicted. Just hope the updates are regular! :)
So this game is pretty fun and a good time waster for me. However, it's getting a 2 star review because I CAN'T, and I repeat, CAN'T, switch my freaking monsters?! There's literally no option to!
Seems my comment was deleted. Again This is a good game. It has a built in cheat / dev mode. I think the developers have accidentally left it in the game. The cheat mode / Dev node do crashes the game when used. Just tap the avatar of your monster twice to access it.
Very great game i love it, but what ruins it is i dont know why it sometimes says internet connection not stable even though im very near to the internet station, and it says we have trouble doing that when i want to summon and other stuffs. This made me needed to restart the game again and again.Hope this will be fixed
It's a good concept, but the execution is a bit flawed. It has a bit of 'idle' gameplay in it, but it requires too much interaction to be considered and idle game. The art is good, animation is good, the idea of the gameplay is good, but the GUI is too flamboyant. Everything is almost *too* animated, and there are a lot of popups that show rewards and things that you can do in game -- but it's overwhelming. If the GUI can be adapted and changed, I think this game could be improved a lot!
Been having fun with the time put in before the rate me showed up. But there's boxes that you can collect to watch adds for big rewards to upgrade faster I do like that. I hope this app is successful because I'm eager to see more monsters than the ones currently in the game. I was hoping for something like a skill tech tree with different branches for different ways to play. But I guess I haven't gotten for enough.
It's a great game but I already summoned 10 times and the game won't give me a monster it said monster guaranteed after 10 summons
Really cool game but instability that can lead to common loss of premium resources was very frustrating. Most of my issues occurred when trying to summon as the game would crash and resources would be lost.
Game is fun and would deserve higher stars, but it constantly looses connections and forces you to exit and restart. It usually happens while opening a portal, which causes you to loose those crystals. Fix the connect issue and I'll rerate!
Crashed and would never load back into the game just kept getting "sorry we're having trouble doing that" over and over. Decent game but apparently a bug has ruined it
Great game just hate how much I have to completely leave and go bvn back in for it to stop saying the failed to load screen
Great game when it works and not constantly freezing. Has been messing up even more since the start of the mechzora event. Game is currently unplayable for me . Reinstalled it and still same problems.