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Hyperforma for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by HeroCraft Ltd. located at Leninskiy Ave, 155a, 4th floor, 236039 Kaliningrad, Russia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Giving it a single star until the cage levels are fixed. I have absolutely no idea how the prism prison mechanic works (activating all 3 triangles just makes the core bigger, but it still kills me). The laser walls in cage 0.2 are also completely broken. I have no idea how they're supposed to be opened and I just phase trough them most of the time. New mechanics need to be taught better. Even more so if they have some weird hidden features like the core in cage. Feels like I got ripped off.
It's a beautiful game and has a lot of potential. However, it gets difficult very quickly and there's not much of a learning curve. I was hoping for more relaxing gameplay, not frustration at constantly dying. Also, I was given a choice to watch a video to "remove lasers", but after watching the video, nothing changed. If this is a bug, I hope it is fixed quickly. I'm keeping it installed, for now, in hopes that maybe it's easier than I thought and I'm just a dummy.
I love how the game blends 3d and 2d, I love the visual aesthetic and soundtrack and the core gameplay seems interesting but the tutorials teach almost nothing. For instance, it would be helpful to be told how exactly each swipe affects the hack, and how using two fingers affects the game, and it would've been nice to have been told that the red zones kill. A performance review menu for each level would also be helpful so I know exactly which levels I died in. I'm still enjoying it though.
The level of quality and dedication to tgis game is stunning. In addition to all, its pretty much a free to play with an option to thank the creators and get bonuses. 10/10. Whish there'd be more games like that. Not my type of game, but will return sometime just to buy sth.
This is wonderful. A couple of glitches here and there like the end level display showing up over the game itself but other than that I love everything I've seen so far.
The gameplay is a little confusing before you fully understand how you need to angle the objective before you can hit the core, but now that (I think) I've figured it out it's an easy five stars. I'm a sucker for the sound design of this game, and the visuals are right up my alley as well. Haven't had any problems running it so far, and I'm looking forward to playing it more.
The forced ads really hinder the level of immersion. I get it, but c'mon. Otherwise this is a pretty cool game. It's a new twist on the brick breaker concept and their vision is nice.
Everything is great about this game however there is one problem for some reason the previous levels results screen appears on top of level 2 in the oracle chapter making the level unplayable please fix this so I can continue the game I'll give 5 stars once this is fixxed
The graphics are insane..!😍😍😍 Music is also great..the 3d rotation physics is also good. Nothing to complaint about it yet.
I've been obsessed with this game for the past two weeks. Best game I've ever played on a phone. The game play is excellent, but the story and the music score really push it into a category of its own. I listen to the score in my car, it's so good. Well done to the creators. When's your next release?
Fun gameplay. Ads are basically non existent if you don't click on them. Not sure what experience is used for gameplay wise but no timed lives system and no "save me" system. Great game.
Interesting variation that reminds me of breakout but your breaking in instead. Storyline is also interesting and the sound and graphics are awesome. Only trouble I have is it's kinda hard but isn't that what makes it fun and challenging? 4 stars
I like graphic of this game a lot and sound, rule of game control is complicated but its makes game fun to play and there was storyline 'bout 1 guy hacking stuff in head.
Your game is very cool and interesting but too many cutscenes and takes too long to load for a game level that is so brief and easy. Fix and reduce ur cutscenes. It takes forever to load and the cutscenes would only make sense if it was like an open-world game, which it obviously isnt. So please cutscenes not necessary✌
Highly polished and very immersive. Easy to understand controls but takes some time to master. Very enjoyable to create interesting combos by actively manipulating the rotation
Completely changed my perspective of arcade games. I was just blown away after hearing music and graphics. This seemed nostalgic for Tetris from my childhood. Love this game. Thanks very much.
great game. the futuristic feel I'd awesome. the sound track is awesome to. headphones are a must. might I add. possibly making actual character in an open word type setting
Enjoyable game with great visuals and soundtrack but could benefit from better instructions. For example, the boss battles have completely different gameplay from the normal levels and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do on Ghost Battle (boss fight) level. I keep trying and dying and so haven't played in over a month out of confusion and frustration. Help us out here, dev! 😬
I've completed IV-I without purchasing anything, I got all the keys to unlock those chapters and it's NOT AS HARD AS EVERYONE THINK. The game is fun, it's not the games fault if you having a hard time with it. :) Edit_3: Finished and collected all the achievements.
It's a beautiful game, great graphics and fun gameplay. I like that the game can be unlocked... However, after the first chapter. It gets practically impossible to get 3* and as a completionist, it's quite frustrating and in the end lost its fun, and became more of a chore.
Its a great game a ton of fun the collecting all stars for next group of levels is a fun thing and a good way to make it so you can either do it all free or somewhat payed for. My biggest complaint is that I have done every level 3 stars multiple times and it is not registering the stars to get to the joker set of levels
This game is different. The music, the story, the immersion. It has completely changed the view of games I had. Despite being at first glance simple, it allows so many possibilities and strategies. Im on fourth stage now. Nevertheless Id take into consideración changing some details. The spheres nucleus seem like, idk. Id do one subdivisión more to make them appear more like spheres. Id also make the menús and transmitió s a little faster. An option could be offered. The game is incredible.
BEAUTIFUL SOUNDS AND GRAPHICS. I haven't seen a game with controls like this but they work. The sounds and graphics are just so well made it hard not to be embedded into the world of this game.
Loved it. Awesome graphics. Always we have to start from beginning and feeling like an actual hacker type mentality is beautifully designed. But the story line may be too small to play for gamelovers. Hope they fix the issue
this is absolutely amazing!!! the graphics is sooooo good, literally soooo good. the story is nice, just oneeee problem, the last level vs the oracle, it was too complicated and it frustrated me so much. it was a big leap from too easy to that. anyways, great job to the team that made this!!! im sure this game will go popular REAL fast. the UI is also so nice and everything is just so good.
4 stars because I turn the sound off yet I get in level and the music is still blaring over my video. I get it, the music is great and is great for getting into the game but let me turn it off when I want to, okay? I pressed 'sound off', if there's a secret second setting for sound then.... there really shouldn't be.
Hooked my attention straight away, I love the art style and the story behind it. I am still working my way though the game but can't wait to see what is in store!
This game is amazing. I love the storyline, great difficulty, would reccomend it to others. Best mobile game I have ever played. Also this review was not paid.
The app looks great, sounds great, but the gameplay isn't great. I just started playing and there isn't any real object of the game other than to smash your player, for a lack of a better term, into the center of the block structure. It's similar to a block breaking game like arkanoid, except there are power ups, and you can move the structure. But there is no real technique other than tapping an attack button. I don't even understand how you lose at the game, because it's too easy. Not fun.
Wow great game but that last level 0.9 is solo hard. 60 seconds? I wish you guys made it at least 2 minutes man. Not fair. After working so hard for the other levels .
Best sound effects I have listened in a mobile game. Stylish looking game. Would buy at an offer price.
Excellent soundtrack. Brilliant gameplay and interesting story. Just controls are a bit complicated for beginners.
So the game is great but it's a demo with 300 MB size, only around ten levels, it's a little challenging I guess if you wanna get all 3 keys each time but just passing a level is nothing special and based on achievements there doesn't seem to be a lot of levels but it's still fun to play, but with game of this size, I expected a lot more levels, like a lot more. Also they should put a (demo) next to the game, now I'm not sure if the demo is actually 300 MB, cause I was done after 15 minutes
Very interesting puzzle game. I love the futuristic take that they went for in this game, reminds me a bit of Tron.
this game is mind bendingly amazing. fast paced and fun as heck! been playing for hours. thanks guys this is awesome!
Graphic and sound is great and the game mechanic is unique ... A little frustrating getting the 3 objectives but challenging.
Basically a 3D version of Brick Breaker (a clone of Arkanoid from SNES) with a cool sci-fi story, nice graphics and good music. It's easy to learn but challenging and interesting enough to keep me coming back for more. I haven't liked a mobile game this much since I discovered PinOut. Nice job! :)
Came for the 'plot' and stayed for the story. Agreeable. The story? Intriguing, very intriguing... The combat based HACKING? Fascinating, very fascinating... Soundtrack? Phenomenal, AbSoluTElY phenomenal... Themes, animations, gameplay,etc? Awesomeness, pure awesomeness, full of maximum badassitude... A most logical conclusion in all respects to engage play in this puzzle game. AbSoluTElY ZERO regrets... Live long and prosper, O Devs MYne~!🖖 Just wish I knew the Protagonist's True Name...
There is no reason a game needs access to files and media on modern android. Especially not to save the game, as this claims. So many other games save progress without similar permissions. Either lazy programming or ulterior motives for that access.
So I had to purchase the game because it's just too much of an amazing scifi experience not too. I was really getting tired of the lasers messing up my game but I realized that you can turn them off by pausing the game and clicking the word hardcore to normal mode. Fantastic. Can't wait to see the end. Gotta get back to it now.
purdy good, simple arcade style, no ads, not incredibly challenging to the point of frustration but definitely like a good puzzle
Comfy puzzle game with nice music. The "Rate your immersion" popup at the end of the first segment is a bit silly in my opinion.
Yeah i downloaded it but as soon as i try to open ot it wouldnt start. It kept showing me the sam (0.0/0.0 Mb) and nothing else
Only problem with it is that the next chapter is locked behind a paywall, unless if you want to go back and 100% all of the previous levels in the last chapter.
What we have here is a game with an interesting world a simple enough story to get you hooked and a game mechanic that makes you feel bad for skipping the first two things so you can play the next level. I've only made it a few levels in but I can see myself blowing through this game and waiting for act two 5 stars the tutorial drags a little for such a simple punchy mechanic and was annoying but the more this game let's go of your hand the more fun I'm having.
I just stumble about this game and perfectly fimished chapter 1. Can't wait to read the story and Great animation... Love all the interaction and boss fight... Keep it up..
Wow. This is wow! As an artist and game developer myself I KNOW how much effort putting together a polished experience like this must have been. The attention to detail is incredible. I'm in constant awe. And the gameplay is extremely solid, I just hate the lasers. I'd love to go behind the scenes and see how you created this artistic miracle of game. Oh and did I say I hate the lasers?
This game got me hooked the moment I saw the gameplay. I shuffled through it and by the end of the first chapter I was excited to continue but I found out I can't progress even if I collect all keys..... Now I'm stuck wanting more but can't get any unless I buy the whole package Kinda harsh :-/ But overall this was an amazing 20 minutes of gameplay 😂😂
Downloaded this yesterday, after the first few levels I was hooked and payed for the rest of the game its really good! The only thing I would change, is that you cannot fast forward the xp buildup at the end of each level. So you sometimes have to sit through a very slow xp progress bar filling up.
I downloaded the app twice and it never loaded, it started up and after doing the opening stuff ut sat on a black screen, this app doesnt work, if anyone had a similar issue please tell me if you fixed it and how, i try to not write negative reviews
Never saw graphics for any game like this. Even though the game is 3/5 but the graphics are like 10/5. They are just amazing. And the gameplay too. The vibration controls and the idea is also amazing.
Only chapter 1 is free, which is around 15 minutes of playtime. You can get other chapters in game for free, but it take extreme grinding. Otherwise this was a damn good game.
AMAZING!!!In this game, you play as a person who has achieved communication with the "Ancient Network." You also have the power of hacking; Which is where the fun part comes in. You have to get the core in the center of a bunch of different defenses. This requires using your square to attack the defenses and core repeatedly (doesn't feel repetitive) You also have many different abilities- well, turns out I have to cut it short (character limit) 10/10 would definitely recommend to ANYONE.
Wow, I really love this game, the 3D UI Design, the Sound, the Controls, Story and Level, it unlocks my creativity. Thanks for building such a game. I hope to see more of it, I understand the part where we have to pay to access other levels it's to support your work in making better games. Thanks
I LOVE this game. The gameplay is so fun, I've never seen a game whith the controles like this before. And the story sucks you right into the game. By the time i compleated the tutorial to the end of the first chapter, the story had my compleat attention. But sidenote, some of the cage levels are near imposible but i finally got through them. Overall a vary awsome game. 👍
It does not load. After the Hero craft logo the yellow loading bar reaches 77/77 and then it freezes. Reinstall did not help ROG3, Android 10
Sure the game is fun and all , but we need to talk about something. Getting to chapter 2. It's either pay to play , or suffer. The amont of time given on the keys you get for completing the level quickly is very low , especially for chatper 1's 0.9 and 0.10 and is nearly impossible to get through. My idea ? Get rid of timed challenges completely. Im sorry if this review was less then nice , that wasnt the intention of it, but i really think timed challenges are too hard.
Awesome. We can feel right from the start that this is a fruit of a lot of hardwork. At this point we players are the lucky ones to play it. Thank you for having made it free.
Good game, good graphics, it's just that when I first started the game the game displayed black screen for a long while. Had to close and open the game for 3 tries until it prompted display. Still good mechanics though, first impression just didnt get me.
Game cant stay running. Constant crashing, both from itself and any ads. Cant even play two levels consecutively. Way, way more effort than worth it. And now ads for each level, even after using add gor doubling, not worth it. Unistalling.
I've never played before except for on the game second Galaxy some of the containers are codded with the same form of combination to open you have to rotate and match the konctalation I've found an easy way to do it fast and simple and that's where my experience comes from and the little hacker is from the matrix cartoon I wonder....I love the story so far a Battle through cyber space like tron the message is only half the Battle
nice app, the developers did well in the game. it has a nice storyline and great graphics. hope this app gets famous and successful in the future.
Amazing and interesting piece of gem this is. Ads are not as annoying as everywhere else, story is quite intriguing and the game is challenging. Loving it so far!
I'm really blown away! The game mechanics are familiar: perspective puzzle and brick breaker, but I've never seen them combined into a wholy unique and fun experience. I don't know what engine drives the graphics but it's smooth, crisp, and beautiful. The astethics are perfectly suited for the game play. Controls are easy to use and challenging to master. The overall UI/UX doesn't feel like a tiny mobile game, but a proper arcade game that I'd gladly pay a quarter a play. Devs deserve an award!
Super cute game. Characters are absolutely adorable. Storyline is relatable and heartwarming. Please make a version for VR. Only being able to travel in a flat plane reduces this potential masterpiece to a flashy brick breaker game. DO IT IN VR!
It's quite entrancing at times and is fun to play over and over. Actually reading the lines and following the story makes you feel just that much more immersed into the game itself, but that's just me and how I feel about this game.
Facinating game, great audio and graphics. My one issue is I can't play anything past the first chapter. It just gives me a messige saying the store is... closed? unavailable? Something to that effect. If I could figure out how to fix this then easaly a five star game.
having 2 move pattern along with timing on attack without a slow motion upgrade or atleast a 2-3 second delay before homing in for the attack is kinda s**tty that's why I 4-starred it but other than that the game is pretty unique and different and can be quite addicting. good job devs!!!
even though the game is simplistic, the graphics, the music all goes well hand in hand. Gameplay may look easy but it gets tougher as time goes by :) really recommend if u are scrolling through the comments wondering if its a good game !
It has everything that you can ask for But there can be some improvements Warrior has the hardest levels in the game even harder that the Core there should be a way of getting a max level character like when you merge with Princess to help beat Warrior The boss fights are way to easy they are not even a challenge And if you beat the game without connection you don't get achievements
Sure the game is fun and all , but we need to talk about something. Getting to chapter 2. It's either pay to play , or suffer. The amont of time given on the keys you get for completing the level quickly is very low , especially for chatper 1's 0.9 and 0.10 and is nearly impossible to get through. My idea ? Make timed challenges optional. Im sorry if this review was less then nice , that wasnt the intention of it, but i really think timed challenges are too hard.
Amazing experience so far! The controls are smooth, its just the right amount of puzzling, I might even buy the premium version because Im invested in the story so far as well!
I love this game, The Story line is awesome, the difficulty is perfect the controls need a bit of a touch up but it's worth it
I've sunk a lot of time into this game, working my way to perfect keys to unlock the next chapter, and I can no longer go any further. Why? In the second Princess chapter V.0.4, you are presented with a three dimensional sphere which you are supposed to manipulate. The problem is, the "glyph" cubes that are supposed unlock the stage DISAPPEAR from all angles after rotating the sphere enough, and with no walkthroughs or guides on the glitch, this level is now impossible. Please fix this.
Great game, left a comment regarding adds, but seeing that the developers have time to respond to so many comments, I really have nothing more to ask for.
Amazing game with incredible graphics. Would be a 5 star if it wasn't for the incredibly intrusive banner at the top. definitely recommend!
not familiar,but i get a new taste on this.this game is different from most commom games. This is the genius one.
Good game. Good games are rare on mobile so this is special indeed. Edit: The way the cube? (I'm not sure what the thing I'm trying to attack/hack in the game is called) controls and spins areoud, it feels like it's a bit deceveing, too me at least. But honestly all aspects of the game are too good not to receive a higher rating. It's really good and has high quality, which is very rare for mobile games.
Don't know how to describe, I just loved it. I didn't know it would be soo much interesting. Worth 5 stars guys. If u thinking about Downloading it just do it. Really awsome bordem killer. But only one problem is, it's kinda hard to collect the keys that we need to go to the next level.
Would of been 5 stars except I didn't like the method choosen TO GET YOU TO PURCHASE THE FULL GAME!!! Instead of just being straight forward or having a price attached to the initial download they decided to let u play a couple levels in chapter 1 the totally block you from chapter 2 unless you purchase. So I went ahead and uninstalled I suggest anyone who reads this not to waste their time! BEWARE these guy a go low... smh
This game is the secind offline game that i rate it five stars, unexplainable,fantastical graphic, Marvelous Graphic and gameplay,no disadvantages and lag and bug or anything,the goal is just to hit the core for a few times to hack the enemy, something like this,this graphic is for gigabit games,but theres it now,TNXXXXXXXXXXX
Worst app . How to play an app if it doesn't start , my phone runs on latest Android. And still it doesn't open
This game's storyline is amazing. I have never found myself this eager to unravel a video game's story. The impressive graphics are a huge plus as well. The glitch which wouldn't let you unlock chapter five with keys has been fixed, and yes, the speed/time goal is difficult, but not impossible. Awesome game.
This game was a amazing and its so 3D.but how can i buy the other level because the ingame store closed.anyways this is a really good game and fun to play.
It's a beautiful game but the core rotation in 3-D and my character moving in 2-D is hard to coordinate
The graphics and the sound oh man! Simply amazing! They leveled up, they are standing out and that's why I am leaving this review. Brilliant work guys! Cheers!
Visually great, but very bland gameplay. You just trigger the ball at the start, let it bounce about to break blocks, then press attack at the end.
I paid for the premium version but still I have not received full authorisation in the game. What's this. How long it will take to check my payment is made or not, I already shared with you guys my transaction ID from my another email. if you can't check it or revert me back then I will raise a complaint against you.
Looks beautiful but the gameplay seems dull. There needs to be a better tutorial as it's not easy to understand what you're doing. I seemed to be beating levels by just continually tapping the attack button like a clicker game. Might get better as you go on but I was already bored and confused after 10 minutes of playing.
Voluntary ads for in game bonus is how games that want to succeed and need micro pays work successfully. Forced ads, turn gamers off. Want people to pay for the ad free version? Make it quality, not beat them into choosing with ads. I have played thousands of mobile games in development, games with forced ads change or die. Good luck.
Not sure about the scenario, but I like the world setting like very much! And every single level is an artwork. They're so beautiful even when crushed. Some of them include some puzzles and I loved them too!
Boring game. It's the old Breakout game remade into something fancier. I thought it was original at first, but naaah, it's the old Breakout in 3D. And you can only play the first chapter without paying. Also the reviews below look fake af.
Really brilliant and beautifully made.!! Love the graphics story music.. Purchased premium.. Worth it. Really love this game.
It would be 5 stars if 0.9 on chapter 1 wasnt so hard to get the time challenge key for, i have spent hours trying to get the key with no luck, if it didnt seem impossible to get id have no problems with the game, the gameplay is fun and the levels are fairly well designed, the boss levels are a bit different but overall in my opinion easy to get a grasp of
Starts interestingly, but you get to unskippable adds and that ruins it for me. And I was in for the story...
The game is fun to play and the sound track is well made, but after just a few levels in it becomes less fun and more tedious with the two moving laser platforms on the side of the screen leading to many a frustrating and unfair death. I also feel the demo was just a touch to short to really draw me in and considering extending it to the first two chapters would help a lot in really experiencing and being immersed into the game before making the decision of the final purchase.
Loving the game so far really makes you think. Great color and visuals. Cant wait to see where this game goes into the next updates.
From the other reviews, I thought that the game would be way more complicated than it is, but it exceeded my expectations. The gameplay is fun, the story is intriguing and the art and music are damn great. Glad I found it
This game has me blown away!!! It's amazingly good, graphics, mechanics, story everything looks so well done. I'll definitely buying the whole version.
2021 and you can't turn music off keeping sound on. Paywall (perfecly legit) after chpt 1, but having forced ads after 10 mins in the game and to have keys to progress. The gameplay is pretty confusing too.. bad luck as the graphics are really nice
Alright, it won't let me write a review in the premium version in play store because i bought it from in game so I'll just edit this one. There's just a few bugs like that and if the game could be more optimized that'd be great, because it's tilting on the performance draining side & I've got a pretty decent phone. Also if possible add a tad more to the boss fights cause it's really just attacking and dodging, no abilities, no nothing and tbh I almost look more forward to the normal levels.
Game is great but one problem. I got all keys for chapter one to be able to open chapter 2 but I wasn't logged on to my google play games account and when I logged on it didn't give me the achievement and didn't let me get through chapter one and since I can't get anymore keys it's just stuck :( other than that amazing game I do recommend 👍
I really appreciate the developer they have done good job if they make battle royal game with same garfics with SciFi style more fun to play this is just an suggestion over all ranking is awesome
Great game, really fun! It is pay to continue from what ive seen though, so if that's a deal breaker, it's not for you.
After the 3 d level the game becomes annoying from random dying and the levels fet annoyingly hard and dont bring joy , atleast the soundtrack is cool
Finished the game semi quickly but am doing the second ending on the most challenging puzzles in the story. I can't get enough. The ending is set up for a sequel. IS there a sequel?
Immersion is off the charts. Great visuals, sound design and music, gameplay, interface, story. Superb game overall. Surprised it is free honestly.
Like the gfx & plot, only negative is about the ads breaking immersion - before I bought the premium, thx...
Very nice game with a really well written story. The controls, aspects, aesthetics, everything about this game is astronomical
honestly this game is not only fun but its interesting and unique. I've never played such a funn game before like this one
This is game that sets its own mood with the music and art and it was interesting story and gameplay. Would recommend
To best I must say it's an entertaining game, it's almost like a 3d pinball game but you can rotate your bricks to get the best possible angle. The only problem is the tutorial it lacks information on what to do actually in the game but overall it's a really awesome and creative game. Thumbs up DEVS!!
Right, the game idea, concept and graphics seem amazing, but clearer examples of skill use, objectives etc should be made as some mechanics are only discovered quite a bit too late.
Saw the paid version while looking at good games and got interested just from icon. Old game concept now 3D. It really works!
I was really entertained, even tho that was only the demo. The levels are hard but still doable, and the graphics is really pretty.
Really nice game with great graphics and sound. I'm uncovering the story which goes deeper while you play it. Highly recommended
Very interesting and unique game. Kinda like brick breaker except the stage is 3D and you have various powerups at your disposal. I don't really understand the story, but that's fine. The gameplay does feel a little too luck based though, and maybe I'm dumb, but some of the mechanics are never really explained. "Keys" are basically the "3 stars" in other level based games, if anyone else was confused as me. Overall really cool game, not sure how long it'll stay on my phone though.
I LOVE this game. The gameplay is so fun, I've never seen a game whith the controles like this before. And the story sucks you right into the game. By the time i completed the tutorial to the end of the first chapter, the story had my complete attention. But sidenote, some of the cage levels are near imposible but i finally got through them. Overall a very awesome game. 👍
I already finish this game especially the very last level which was the core was totally a challenge and i must say that this game is pretty awesome and i really like the graphics the design etc.
The ads don't do what they say, some levels are too hard while others are too easy. Retrying the charge level doesn't let you use your other ability.
OMG! This game is so amazing! The immersion, exciting soundtrack and interesting storyline makes me grind it every single time. It's like a challenge every time, with the perfect balance between proving your dexterity, timing and precise difficulty. I love it.
it reminds me of a very old 2D cube-hacking game (B.B evolution 2) on nokia phones that was top-notch imo and now I'm re-living the thrill in 3D how awesome can that get but tutorial should be more understandable and the hit boxes too i c perfect line and hit a box instead +controls need a little bit of refinement (cool ost btw)
so far I think this game is a must play if there's an award for graphics and animation this game should have it it would be even better if there was more interactive story stuff and less musical boxes stuff it's like two games in one the boxes are chill just a lil repetitive the boxes are chill just a lil repetitive. gameplay is sick just after you get into the story and hypnotized by the graphics what is it? more cool but repetitive revolving rotating ecliptic of exploding musical box's :)
The graphics are wonderful (or maybe that's just my phone),the controls do feel a bit wonky but overall it's not like cheap game from voodoo (nice OST btw) .The only thing I might want to be improved are the "hitboxes" cause sometimes I have a perfect line of sight to the core but it just hits a block. 🤷🏾‍♂️
So the game's idea and whole stuff is great... But after passing some levels(guardian in my case) , the game gets so much hard, It actually gets harder than hell... I prefer to put this much effort on dark souls or sekiro and so on, Than an android game... it's clearly because of making people pay, to get rid of collecting keys and these hard levels. Anyway... Thanks, you ruined your own game, good luck with the money... Btw 4.7 is so much for this... It deserves 4.1 or sth
This game is very futuristic way ahead of it's time. It shows us that if we live in a simulated world this might and will happen. It gives me nostalgia very brainy too i am speechless the graphics and game design is the best for a puzzel game i ever saw and played out there. finished the game and tried both endings but there could be a third ending too i hope. The achievements does not save when you're offline I've played this game offline for like 97%. This game can be a movie :) Pls Respond.
Love the design and graphics. Not too hard to play too :)) idk about the others that are complaining but about the Time Key (break the core in __ seconds) is not quite hard. Just make a few more tries :3
Great,I wouldve paid for this game if I had enough money to spare.This game makes me want to support the devs.Great job.Expecting some complex mechanism based from the company.Keep doing what you are doing.
this is an exceptional game the graphics are amazing and the sound track is a wonderful I am glad that this isn't one of those games where you have to pay to gets the rest of the game once you've done the tutorial this game definitely deserves all 5 stars plus a extra Gold one
Looks like a good game but I won't find out. Requires permission to access to photos and media before you can even load the game. Its 2020, I'm not granting any access to anything. Just make it cloud save like other games do.
It took me a while to get it.. but it was worth it.. Very interesting and theme fitting music and audiovisual effects.. The game's concept is old and classic but this Hyperforma is fresh and innovative enough to enjoy it with surprising excitement
I love the game and the style. I think that I am currently unable to finish the game though. On Cage V 0.3 I can't get to the core, even after aligning the prisms. I can't use skills and I can only rotate the configuration around in a circle. If someone could let me know how to finish this that would be great.
Would be really helpful if you have a music off or on option and not mute the sound all together. I just want to mute the music. Please add this option.
Definitely has my attention. So far has been a fun experience with no real problems with ads, I can understand paying for the next chapters as this game is visually stunning and a lot of work went into it
Great game love it, but the timed keys are so obnoxious; it's so hard to hit the core for some reason even though it's plainly wide open, and the animation plays where he winds up for the "final" hit, but just keep bouncing off and wasting time. Hitboxes need work
Cool graphics, but boring gameplay, at least for the little I've played of it. Maybe I've just not gotten far enough into it but, this seems like all you do is tap a single button until the core gets hit enough. Like, there's no skill involved, no challenge, etc. I don't see what the point is.
Amazing game, what a diffrent concept, controls could use some work, little to loose. But otherwise I genuinely enjoy the game, super high-quality game and can see there was effort put into it
Not only is it beautiful, it also has such an intriguing storyline. Having choices in the game play also adds to interactivity so that adds to the charm of this game! The controls for boss fights are a rad bit sensitive though, so it makes it a bit difficult to stay out of line of fire. But other than that, everything else is gorgeous! Glad I gave this game a try, definitely a unique one in the current market!
Amazing game, amazing finish, with multiple endings according to one's thought and choices of dialogue.
Amazing game. Graphics and all. One thing, in my opinion, you should be able to play without signin in on your google play account. I think we should be able to chose to connect or not. In other things, the game is perfect.
It's good, so good that I paid for the whole thing without ads, but I dislike how I am pressured to rate this game and send feedback every single time I beat a level. Maybe if it was once every 5 levels? But no it's after every level, so I might as well be playing a game with ads all the time. It's a 5 star game but this method of bombarding and pressuring the user to leave a review is exhausting, which makes it 3 star.
The game will literally not open for me. Just opens to a black screen. EDIT: Reinstalling the game worked to fix it. Honestly the game isn't really for me but I could see the appeal. Not really into any kind of story game when it comes to mobile. EDIT 2: I am also glad to see the fast support from the developer.
I really like the puzzle aestithic. However, I could not continue playing fron the first level due to the mission success menu overlapping with the game. I tried every trickin the net and it did nothing. Couldn't play more if this happens.
You will really like this game the animations are nice and it runs smoothly, it's really cool and addicting in my opinion. Colors our amazing love the sound tracks, really good job to the creaters
Gotta give this game 5 stars. Everything is great. I love the story, the gameplay,the graphics, EVERYTHING. Some people may find it hard to get past the boss levels or to play the entire game without paying (I did this) so the game is basically luck and skill. Either way,love it,hope part two(?) Comes soon or more work from this group. Many thanks
So stupid game, it feels good at first but from chapter princess its complete madness. Its impossible to finish, i am stuck at a level for a month now, played daily, even watching an advertisement to get extra life, but its impossible to win. Uninstalled. GG.
It wouldn't let me play saying "Your hardware does not support this application", i'd reccomend supporting this device im on, anyway cant give an honest rating so ill give it a three
At play the level 2 and beyond got to many bugs for example at level 2 have the result from previous level and it so annoying.
I really like it it! The controls are on point, graphics are amazing, and im immersed so far. Really nice work!
Such a neat game! Currently, it's only weakness, in my opinion, is its lack of explanation for how to pass a level. They need to go into more detail about how to win a level and how to achieve "stars" if you will. I've been having to figure it out on my own. I'll keep playing it nonetheless!
Game is good but i recieved an update and it stuck in between 78 mb/81mb i can unistall it but i have played enough so i dont want to lose my previous game data so fix this issue.....
It's a radical concept. Like the old school TRON. Similarities. Very neat and clean. Everything about this game, so far, is exceptable. Will update later.
Different from any other game I've played on a mobile platform. Graphics, music & gameplay come together nicely to create a new experience.
The game is overall good but I just don't like the fact that after chapter 1 I have to pay money for playing more levels or to score three stars in all levels this just really kills my mood.
Visually stunning - easily on a par with games such as Monument Valley and Hyper Light Drifter. But the gameplay is frankly wierd; the main gameplay is a mashup of Breakout with Rez, while the boss levels riff on Super Hexagon. Sadly, after beating three bosses, I still don't understand the main gameplay, and the boss battles are a frustrating nightmare, since you're expected to precisely rotate left and right while shooting. And that's at least one button too many for a touchscreen game...
This game aroused my emotions Due to the special design of the graphics as well as the kind of thinking that made it. This game was completely different and challenging.I think a virus really encounters such obstacles when hacking a system :) Too amazing tnx
Great game. Loving it so far. The graphics are amazing and the characters design are magnificent. I love the look of those robot titans. The keys, so far is pretty easy to get all of them. Tho I expect it to be harder in future levels. The story also quiet interesting. One of the best game I've played this year.
And again, NO you don't need permission to access all my storage. There is local storage in "Android/data/com.herocraft.game.hyperforma.cyber.hack.arcade" which you can access freely without any permission. You made a game not file manager, so don't lie and abuse permissions and people's trust.
A super immersive game, and a really good story. I was hooked on it right when I opened the app, this is an obvious attempt at a good mobile game and the developer's certainly were successful. Good job devs.
Top banner ad destroys the beauty and asthetics of this game. I thought it was the one of the best game on store and I was right until the annoying ad started to appear proved me wrong. It was only level 2, that means 5 mins so far from the beginning of the game. Tell you what, Those ad exp strategy is already is enough and you should take that top banner ad down unless you guys wanna ruin your child.
Great game minus the little menu glitch over the gameplay rarely. The game is cool. Love the sounds and feels very futuristic. I'm having fun. Cheers.
Im really digging this game. I played boardgames similar to this. Im loving the graphics, the music and the concept. Very immersive play.
This game graphics, music, game play all the game is super inmersive, its capablenof saying "Damn mobile games are on a New level" But is a shame you need to pay for the acces to New chapters.
A really good game hidden behind a paywall with no indication of said paywall. They even ask for a rating and review before you get passed the first stage, which is the only free one. I would have no problem paying for this game is it wasn't so deceptive about it's pricing.
It's really good, at first I was skeptical with the gestures then comes handy, you will love the designs and creatively made...appreate man! Respect!
very immersive, aside from the ads ruining it. but for such a game I expected nothing less, but got more than I wanted, and that's definitely good.
Game play is flawless, The game is unique like no other that I seen, and the story line is confusing, but I just cleared chapter 1 with all keys..so far so good.. just wondering if this is just it..wonder how your gonna come up with an update to top whatever you already got going on which is great 👍 🙂 but ill be playing a chapter a day to keep it interesting, Good job 👏
Impressive imersivity with beautifull cyber hacking graphics, amazing sounds, and smooth menu. Definitely recommended. The way the core rotates could be improved by reducing sudden accelerations, without compromising sensitivity. When we acquire a new skill, there is a screen that we cannot use to test it. Nice if we could, otherwise take it out. The appearing lock when hitting the core with a skill is not need. Have GOT ALL KEYS for NEXT CHAPTER, yet it WONT let me UNLOCK JOKER. Keep strong.👌
First of all, the greatest charm of this game is the graphics and the simply complicated gameplay. The art of the game is enough to explain the theme. The music also fits well and the gameplay is simple but hard. Good time killer. One problem I found is the bug in 2nd level. It kinda continues to play even though it is still in level selection. Overall it is a good game. Thank you devs.
Wish we lived in a cyberpunk world. Would be alot Korean fun. Been playing for a few days and haven't come across any issues. The music and sound effects are awsome. I'll be back in a week to update my feedback.
Visually pleasing and unique take on the brick breaker genre. The boss fights definitely were the most enjoyable for me.
This game is essentially a break breaker but it is just so much more. You can rotate each level to stunning effect. The gameplay, the music, the level design. It's all beautiful and very well done.
I like this game so far. Good graphics with I decent storyline. Very creative on the developers part! Nothing like I have ever played before! And trust me I have been playing video games since pong! So I know!
This is a great game. Feels so ominous, yet it all makes sense. Amazing concept, even better execution.
the game is awsome, all the features and symbols are perfectly chosen, the only bad thing Is that the game keeps locking chapter 3 even now that I have 30 keys, why is that ?
My phone sucks ass, can't even play bloody Crossy Road without me device getting all slow and hot to touch. So, I'm so baffled at the fact this highly detailed and immersive experience runs so well. It looks stylistically gorgeous and the effects are spot on. Still amazed me phone isn't melting in me hands with all of this processing it seems to be doing. Whatever they did code-wise worked wonders. Oh and the game is fun to play too, especially since it's not an adpocalypse like other games.
The graphics are amazing, the story is amazing, even the sound is amazing! great game, 10/10 would recommend.
I'll keep it simple, it's a very nice game. Very well made, but put somewhere as a note that it's Lite version like you guys responding to reviews. Also when I passed the chapter one, game didn't accessed to store by saying store is locked, when I tried to go back, it looped again. Just note somewhere about it's a demo version or make it small sized while its only chapter 1, whoever buys the full game can download the rest as premium version. I can't review the game without playing it guys..
I've had this game for a little while now and all I can say is that it's fantastic. The levels are noticeably harder than the others and the storyline is great so far. I have no complaints. ☺🖤
Great game I just can't rap my head around the movement it's quite um ......wonky? I guess like I would somewhat expect it to go in a general direction but it seems to go somewhere I didn't know it could like get stuck between 2 white blocks and bounce at the speed of light. The music is awesome though great job on that.
wow what a beautiful gamez it's smooth it looks great and it's well scripted, very happy with my download, I'm not usually a huge fan of campaign only games but this is a gem for sure, My only suggestion would be to add some more modes or to give the user a little more control over the look of the character that way they can immerse themselves even further but the game still deserves 5 stars, well done.