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Hyper School

Hyper School for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Suji Games located at Ayaz Paşa Cami Sok. 6/2 Gümüşsuyu/Beyoğlu İSTANBUL/TÜRKİYE. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Best game ever but the only things I need to fix is after every like level or whatever get there you need to get rid of some of the ad like every two levels are three
This game is the worst 1 star im ok with adds but it keeps kicking me out the game 😡😡😡😡😡😡
This game is so cool it's really fun and so I raised it five stars because it was really cool and I liked it but there's one problem I didn't get it a little but then I caught on every game every like around I got it and it was like so fun I loved it
Way to many ads I don't recommend the first 7 minutes I played the game it was 60 percent ads the game itself is very enjoyable and its entertaining but Too many ads
To many adds I love this game and the gamplay but there is just way to many adds, like when I am offered a mystery backpack for a add to watch and I press no thanks it just sends me a add
It's good but bad almost every Mini game takes like a hour and there's an ad in it Every Time you fail so it makes it so much longer Otherwise it's fine just wish there was not that many ads and the please make the Mini games shorter (Edit) I Uninstaller it now I don't have to Waste my time
It is kind of fun but it just does the same levels all over again. I'm sick of doing the bus now. Please fix this otherwise it would be a 4 or 5 star
The concept was fun but the laggyness and the ads are horrible I had to turn on airplane mode just to get a game with a normal amount of ads its sad that if the game wasn't so laggy and didn't have half as much ads it might actually be a fun game to play
I absolutely LOVE this game!!! It is so fun and there are so many mini games to play. I would DEFINITELY recommend it. :)
This game sucks. It's very glitchy. I'm okay with the ads because all games are like that and I'm use to it by now but it's too glitchy! It freezes all the time and I always have to close out of the app. It happened multiple times today and I'm thinking about deleting the app. If you like games that are glitchy then I recommend but if you don't, like me, DO NOT RECOMMEND! IT SUCKS!
Repetitive after a few minutes and you spend more time waiting on ads then you do playing. 10 second level followed by one or two 30 second ads.
I like this game alot! I cant really say much bad about this game! It's very entertaining when you're bored!
the game is fun, but there are WAY too many ads. if there werent so many i would change my rating to 5 stars.
If your going to play ads either way then just reward for the ads continually played because it negates the point of having the option to avoid an ad for a reward if instead your getting an ad just to get an ad and no reward for it. If it wasn't for this then I would give 5 stars.
The game repeats the same challenges over again and has waaaaaaaaaaaaay to many ads more than a normal mobile game the is so much stuff you offer by watching it buying stuff you never offer anything for free and it's very glitchy it also shows kids playing in the hall and cheating do not recommend and the instructions on what to do aren't very clear sometimes 1 star
You should definitely play this game it's so great it's like the only ones that is so great it's like the teacher that is like but the teacher spying on you and there's a red light and she knows when you're trying to see and try and do the password so there's like a password that you have to figure out
I've only been playing for a little bit, But I really do enjoy this game. The advertisement is a little misleading Because instead of just cheating off other people's tests. You are also Stuffing children into buses There are a lot of ads but that's understandable because it's newer game. So the developers need to make money not off just the players but from advertisement. For now my response is a 3 because of the amount of ads But I will continue playing the game.
This game is horrible! I had to wait 1 hkur for it to work. Ads won't load in! ITS SO ANOYYING! PLEASE FIX THIS
This game is a copy of another game called "Classroom" there's Classroom 1, 2, and 3. Classroom is an amazinglyyy fun game with an insanely interesting story line, I was excited to download and play this game but its NOTHING like the original. Theres ZERO story to this game, you just keep repeating the same THREE missions. None of them are fun, there all insanely easy. You get coins but can't use them to get anything? Usually I can play a boring app for weeks. This app only lasted 1 day for me
The adds told me I would just be cheating but I barely get to do the same on the ads. This game isn't the best and I don't recommend it.
I don't get level 5. What do you mean sort the same items into the locker when there is only two spaces in each locker?!! Please make another level 5 or I'm deleting the game. Edit: I passed level 5 but for those people who are struggling: the 4 basket balls go in the pink locker then it closes, blue locker is for water and put 4 of the things with pencils on the dark green. And you get passed it.
I loved this game but a problem occurred. Whenever I completed a level, it got stuck then I had to clear that game then try again. It gave me a different level but the same problem occurred. Please reply. - A Frustrated User
Too many ads!!! Oh my goodness, you play one level and have to watch two ads. I watched at least 15 ads in less then 5 minutes. Not worth it. Deleting game!
This game lags has a lot of ads and glitches a lot even if you have full bars of Internet I would have rated it at 3 but I just don't think it deserves it for being so bad I like this game it's fun but it also doesn't teach you anything would not install again I do not recommend this it kind of kills brain cells I'm just overall is a bad app this is why I rated 2 stars
Most of the game isn't the ad as described but cheap easy minigames. You can click to not get advertisements and it still shows you them! More time watching ads than playing the game...
My only problem is that I'm to a point in the game were it freezes after the level and won't unfreeze.😠
This game is awesome! Its a game but many other games in It! But the ads are just kinda annoying. But its great game!
Way to many ads after every level and I don't want a second chance and the game tells me Okay here's a ad AD SIM deleting don't waste ur time don't download it takes alot of space and to many ads
This is not fun as i thought because their a lot of ads and it's waste of charge not don't tried this game out i had vires and it's not cool 👎not the best game i had to get a new phone because it was trouble and I couldn't even answer the phone and it's very glitchy I had no fun on this game 😭 it's also very slow loading
As soon I played this game I fell in love!! BUT. The amount of ads are ridiculous. It would mean alot to minimize the ads. Its annoying and disruptuve. Please get rid of the ads... Exept that its a very good game. Please work on the ads... Bye, have a good day!
I LOVE this game! It has a decent amount of adds its fun. Sure its a little bit glitchy but nothings perfect so i love this game its really good and im not judging too hard because its new but also maybe add in more stuff to do? Other then that great job on making this and i recommend this game
This game has way too many adds for example, option to watch a add to restart from a checkpoint but if you tap restart you will see a add. The game is repeated multiple times but the level goes up. Its repetitive and tedious.
A fun game, but oh my God it is laggy. You'll be on a level and when you complete the goal it'll freeze for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Like what the hell
The game sucks, there is so many ads, the game would be good if there were more games and less ads, but you can just turn off your WiFi and mobile data, and then you get no ads.
Has potential to be an alright game. I like the don't get caught cheating part but the rest aren't fun. Also, like a lot of games with bad ratings, this game has WAY too many ads. Come on developers, figure it out already. Players hate ads. Have a No Ads offer. That's great. Keep that. But don't show us so many ads in free play that it just makes us mad and want to uninstall your game. Also, have most the ads be 5 second ads. Longer we play, better chance we will purchase the No Ads offer
This game is very repetitive, you just do all of the same tasks over and over again, there is no interesting objective, some of the games are infuriating with bad controls. Entertaining for a while but would not recommend.
this game was fun at first. as i played it there was more and more ads, and the games were just not fun. i would not recemend thid game
" It cant be that bad" IT IS THE 2 BESST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED ya the ads but the game is fun 😛 download it and have some fun toooo!!!
I like this game.But pleeeeeeeeeeeeease, REMOVE THE ADS. There is a HUGE amount of ads. Then I can rate 5 stars 🌟 ✨. I'm telling you, puh - lease remove some ads.
So many ads you can't even tell what the game is really like. Constantly getting the "load people on the bus" 10 secon long level sandwiched between 30 second ads so you end up with 60 seconds for every 10 seconds of actually playing the game. Terrible balance.
Picture games so much because it has so many ads and the ads keep repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating and I do not like ads that keep going over and over and I heard them beforeand it doesn't stop getting it was it don't do it add that has games or something that I can download again and plus nobody wants to hear it add that keeps going over and over and over and over and over and over and it makes me feel like I want to hair out of my head and I don't want to get my hair 😠👿😾
As soon as you download the game it lags, this a great concept gor a game. It just needs more work. The controls also glitch... A lot.
So I downloaded this game with caution reading the reviews. Thinking this couldn't be as bad as they say it is with the ads...was I wrong. Unbelievable amount of ads. So they give u a decision watch an ad and get an item or skip it. So you think skipping it you wouldn't have to watch the ad...wrong. Ad after ad. It has potential yeah it's fun for a minute til you have to watch an ad. Uninstalling sorry. Your massive amounts of ads really are unnecessary. 1 star
This has to be by far the most repeatable game I have ever seen in my entire existence in life it is literally four stages over and over and over again with nothing different between each level whoever made this game is mentally retarded.
This is a very fun game especially if you are going in a trip and u are board u can play this game it's very relaxing I will totally recommend for every one 👍👌
DawnIaad WHAFF App. Mke Unlimited MONEY Daily. Absolutely, love it! Cool & genius level game.Am in lavel ms. There are many games that giveyou a lot of stuff just for participating. Very relaxing and fun filled game, but there is a lotof fun. You will enjoy it you go to the city tocity country to country.The reasonl am givinga mstar is because when you get a nonthe pitch bar you have to watch a video to getit. Really it's great online news reading and gaming app. It's news article was realistic andenjoyable.I am so happy WHAFF.
You spend more time loading kids onto the buses than playing anything else. Tag has bad controls where you are barely in control. The locker sorting and jump rope are overly simple. Airplane mode to bypass ads because there are so many, but then you have to give up the backpack prizes.
Oh My God yep...Had enough of it this game is so a scam I recommend you dont install this game please ITS A SCAM I hate it at first it looks really fun to play and then when u acctually play it it has a lot of ads every time I retry or I die it's annoying please sue this person who made it I hate this game 🙄😤🤬🖕 I ahte thiserson who made it and the person who put the ads it tempts you to play it I reccomend 0 rating
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it is sooo fun and is kinda challenging but I like challenges sometimes and this is a very nice challenge hyper school is the best game in the world and also if u want some real good games like this one VOODO makes some like this and the animation is grey by the way!!! GOOD JOB!!!! VOODO has animation like this and I love this kind of Animation it's so cool!!!!!! and by the way plzgive me a shout out. #this game is great!!!!!
Nothing like the ad. There is literally a 30 second ad after every mini game. Don't waste your time or money on this.
I got an ad every 20 seconds. The game creators suck at making fun games because all they make are ads.
Come on what are you guys talking about I can already tell this is going to get bad I mean I don't have a good feeling about this it's the middle of the night and I start playing games not this one the amount of ads yeah it's just a lot of ads please remove all the ads you have enough money please respond to this one please remove the ads I'm begging you please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please ok
I would give it more stars, but I'm on level 61 and the game freezes when ever I pass a level. I haven't received any prizes since level 55. Sort your game out!!! 😠😠😠😠
this is a really fun game although there are a LOT of ads and I like games that don't have a lot of ads but so far I LOVE this game but could you fix the add problem? If so that would be great! I really recommend this game it helps me with my border and that's it.
I would probably enjoy the game if it wasn't for the ad overkill.... After every level even when you say no thanks to the bonus, they still make you watch an ad. 🤦‍♀️
The game is fun, but there are way too many ads. every time i start a level, it shows an ad. There are only a few mini games that are fun, and the one that is advertised the most (the one where you try not to get cought looking at other people's papers) is bearly shown.
It's a fun game to play! Although, it's filled with so many ads and sometimes hard to play when you're stuck on a bus level. Good game though! 😁
It was great when I first downloaded and I bought the no ads version, it is now stuck in level 138 and after you complete it, it freezes. Not worth the download or money. If you buy no ads, you are flushing money down the drain.
The game was good until level 81, its impossible. The line where the pen has to go through touches the axis of the spinning obsticle, therefore, always failing the level.
The game is very glitchy, when I finish a round it freezes and can even crash. It's also very repetitive, I suggest a science or outsiglitches, but I don't think even that could spice it up. The ads are extremely inappropriate and constantly pop up. I get you make money from the ads, but this is ridiculous. If you want a good game, this isn't the way to go.
It kicked me out of the game for no reason which is why I'm rating it one star the most thing I hate in this game is the fact that there's so many ads, sorry for whoever love this game so much but this game is the worst for me,the kick me out of the game as soon as I went in the game the first time,the most thing I hate about this game literally so much is the fact that it's so hard to cheat 😡😡😔 there u go that's the end of me writing this for absolutely no reason because I'm uninstalling it
It's ok! It's kinda fun! I like the different things you do. But. It gets repetitive. Also when you have to catch the kids, the controls are very poor and it's like your not the one moving. Also wayy to many ads I constantly have to exit out and go back in just to remove the ad. Other than that it's a good time waster. Not too shabby 👍🏽
I played this game one more time and it sucks that ads play ads during airplane mode ugly graphics you games and ads for those ugly games are just bad thinks this is fun but it's not am deleting it. I mistake you for voodoo their ads are over top for example: a game where you pick up colors: OMG I played this 4 hours straight I may come back if you do better than voodoo
This game sucks in lags way to much and there is a lot of adds it ia getting to the point i cant even open the app thays how glichy it is every time i hey to another level it kicks me put of the game and non of my other games are like this and its jusy this game if you lile adds and glichy games this for ypu but i dont so im gonna uninstall this app because it sucks
I think the game overall is very good and fun but when I payed for no ads it continues to keep giving me ads after every level
I know kids on here complain about an ad every minute like it dooms their life forever but you get an ad on this game every time you beat a level, and that's pretty wack NGL. I'd suggest that you don't even think about downloading this game, oh yeah BTW it's pretty laggy after an ad. You're welcome gamers ;)
Horrible you never play the actuley do the real game copying and soooooooo glitchhy ads do not get Me started
There is atleast 57% ads. It's annoying. Please remove atleast 24%. Otherwise the game is entertaining. But please fix/improve the movement in the “catch all the kids” level. It's hard to move around cause it's like the ground is slippery but it's grass. Thanks!
The game is really fun and quite challenging. You basically copy peoples test without the teacher seeing you do it. And after every test you do, you get some recess to play games. If you're wondering about the ads, they come after every test. Definitely would recommend. 🤠
The game is really fun but there are so many bugs that need to be fixed. The first time I downloaded it, it froze after EVERY level and I had to close it and reopen it. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Now the back stays in the middle of the screen with the continue option. I am supposed to play the level in the background. I really enjoy the game, but it's frustrating to the point I want to delete it permanently.
-1000000000/10 no Its annoying ads dont do anything second level is challenging the bus one why do u need 20 people in a bus cant even add three more I pressed second chances FIVE FRICKING TIMES AND GUESS WHAT IT DIDN'T WORK Work on u games please so I can enjoy them😡😭😤☹
If i was able to rate this 0 star i would have it is ridiculous how many adverts they have between eversingle thing you do in this game there is an advert it is so stupid if this had less or even no adverts maybe just maybe there would be a chance this game would acc go somewhere...cuz rn this game is terrible 💀
a lot of games choose to advertise 1 good level and make the rest of the levels bad, it wastes phone space.
Honestly, this game was super fun! The ads are exactly like the game so if you've seen the ads, its like that but with more levels than just that.
On like this again because I can just get people's answers and everything so slike it's like is sperience is like this app is great for kids people to learn how to do their work And I answer or so dumb still but the we have to make it happen
The is app is alright. It's just the adds and the glitches that make it bad. The game runs smoothly through an add but not through the game itself. I can't wait until the day games stop making up excuses to show you adds. "We need to show you adds to make the game better." No you don't.
I looked at the ad and thought it would be a school cheating test game. NOPE! It was minigames with ads after EVERYONE!!! It was confusing and kinda glitchy. All I wanted was to play a cheating test game Now I know to look at the reviews 1st
Ok so, I totally agree with the others, this game has A LOT if ads. Plus it's so annoying knowing the fact that if you want to get a reward you have to watch another ad!!! 🤯🙄
It's a good app I guess but it just has to many ads and that sucks, whoever made this app need to take those ads out because soon no one will want to download the app. 😞
There is WAY to many ads I am sorry I just can't we only play two or 3 rounds and then an add pops up that is ANNOYING!!!!😐😠🥱
I agree with everyone else. This game is just too easy and its kinda obvious this was only made for money. There is SO many ads! You guys are just greedy. And also why is there a second chance even though you can just retry? This game is SO easy you don't even need second chances. I'm uninstalling
So annoying, it lags every single time for me, it doesn't even work, and then it said, continue it, didn'tI didn't say no, thanks, like literally worst game ever
Game is so fun sure is hard and there's a lot of ads but this game is definitely one of my best games I've ever played I am addicted to this game so much you guys have to try this game who cares what other people say this game is amazing I will play every single day every single second oh my gosh it's such a fun game and it's hard and I love the challenge
Ads everytime you pass a level.. Wouldn't recommend. It makes you want to buy it but I can't get anywhere without constant ads. 🤷🏿‍♂️
It is fun but there r to many ads nd it basically where you play the game over and over again it's like you go to school and do the same thing every single time and I want you to add more stuff to the game because of right now I'm uninstalling it because it is the same thing over and over and that's just really boring I don't want a game that makes you do the same thing every single time different levels but the same exact thing so I'm not playing the game not to be rude
I liked it but when I got to level 81 I had to uninstall it because you cant beat that level because when your drawing you hit the green part of the spinner and it say failed I tried multiple times and it didnt work pls fix this :/
This app is REALLY getting on my nerves.😤 I have spent about two or three minutes watching ads.🙄 And there is not too much gameplay.😕 There is even an AD DURING THE GAME. So really annoying. And, it kicked me out of the game because it FROZE.😡 And then it sent me to another app. This has to be one of the worst ad apps on the planet.😠 Immediately uninstalling. What a waste of my time on this stupid app. 👎This app isn't really worth playing. 😐☹
I love this game!!!!!! It is so much fun. I highly reccomend it. My sister always wants to play it and i play it all the time. The only thing is the ads. They are really annoying, and I know it is the only way the app can make money, but seriously, slow it down on the ads. But overall, five stars!!!!!!!
Its literally impossible to get past level 81 and that's not just me being dumb , the game literally puts an object that you cant get past
Didnt look at the reveiws, i went in thinking it was a good game. Its not. The ads dont show sll the minigames, so i went it thinking it was just a cheat game and nope! Got a minigame game and all of them get borring after a while and get really repetive. Hyper school? More like hyper ads. The controlls? Nope thats bad too. Rating 1 star and uninstalling. Thanks devs.
Its a fun game, but I got tired of the ads. I bought the ad removal and everything was great, but now I can't get past one level. The screen freezes and doesn't let me go on to the next level.
I like this game. It's funny, ACTUALLY hard(unlike some other games.😑)But anyways it is REALLY I mean REALLY glitchy. If it goes to a certain ad it just FREEZES. I have to turn off the phone. Please fix the bug. But other than that I recommend this game.
I thought this game was about cheating and as long as I've played there's only been one level of cheating!!! And do you know how many ads are in there? Most of the time is ads And I'm starting to think the only reason you made this game is for advertising and money
Ok game but nearly every level is the fill up the bus. That one is so boring and I nearly throw my phone everytime that level is on because it is on so much. The game overall is not that fun. Suggestions: add different modes for levels and DONT PUT ON FILL UP THE BUS SO MUCH!!!!!!!
The adds. There is one ad every single mini game. It would be a cool game if the developers would not put so many ads to me the game is just trying to get you to pay ad free DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON THIS GAME. I do not sport those developers eney more I uninstall it now I know to look at the comments now before installing a game
Controls are awkward and inconsistent. I guess fun to do if you're bored, but you're playing the same 6 or 7 games over and over again.
Even after paying for add free.... I do need to see ads and more Importantly after paying for ad free version game stops working after every level.
Amazing game the problem is ADS but I have every game with ads so it's not a problem amazing game super great I would recommend it downloading it and they have fun mini games too
I had fun just for playing 10 minutes of this, but the ads drive me nuts. After every retry and level I need to watch an ad. I suggest you put an ad after you fill the bag, or every 3 or 6 levels. I did honestly enjoy it but, again try to slim down on the ads, its annoying to need to watch an ad after every single level.
The game is great. It's really fun. Just the thing that bothers me is that they are too many adds. For me every round there are adds. And the round lasts like only 1 minute. So that's why it's kinda annoying. But a great game (sorry english is not my first language. :/)
When I saw an ad for this game I thought it would be amazing I first played it did the first level easy then an ad same for the next 10 levels ads ads and even more ads and its way to laggy to on the skip jump thing it lagged every time sooooo I don't recommend looking at the good reviews (unistalling BTW)
I like this game alot. It's great but it keeps freezing. And I keep having to close the app and open it repeatedly just to clear a stage. Going to wait for this bug to get fixed, then I'll change the review. Love the game, bug sucks.
Paid for no ads because the ads were literally every level. Now I can't play at all because it freezes after 1 level. Would have been at least 4 stars if I can play a game I spent money on.
Too many ads and it laggy and sloppy and it, is a good game but to many ads also octopus a higher rating but it's too laggy and too many ads so 3/5
So im giving this game 🎮 rate a one because all you do is hold on the screen,tap and move your finger around. And in your room its so BORING 😴 it makes me go to sleep 💤. And the only reason I rated it a one was because you can't rate it a zero.Which i think you should because its just so BORING!!! And isn't it meant to hype you up i mean the name is Hyper School 🙄
It is a great game other than it does not let you finish cleaning the White board it just stops when it is mostly clean it might not bother some people but I have OCD so it is a great game. thank you!
I think this app is amazing and my little sister loves it too she is always like sissy can I play on your phone and I'm like sure and she plays and plays and plays she even said once can I have a phone mummy and our mum said no U r too young to have a phone
After every mini game, there's an add, and the second level is OBNOCTIOUSLLY hard. For the second level, to! This game sucks.
This game is so fun!it is also time consuming i could play for hours if I could I recommend to get this game it is definitely fun so go click that button that says download because you will love lith game just click that button and play you will not want to stop... oooooo I just phot a notation from the game gtg so I can go back to playing my game P.s.you relly should get this game it helped me when we were in corente0en gtg 👋
The ad for it is someone cheating on a test and level 1 is, but then you get past it you never get to do it again. For me its annoying. That's the reason why I downloaded the game. That's why it is a 2. Also TOO MANY ADS!! It makes me go crazy.
It isn't a graphic game and is a fun game it can get annoying but it's a laugh once you notice you mad so you laugh at yourself for being mad!
This is horrible game like I turn off my phone to do something I already watch an ad so when I turn my phone on it has an ad on after I got done watching it right when I finna move an ad pop up I know y'all need money but it ain't that serious now like after doing 20 levels that's when an ad pops up 🤬😡😡😒
too much ads. personally i don't leave reviews like this on apps but this game is way too much. when they ask you if you like to claim 3x the amiunt of coins after a level by watching an ad and you click no thanks, an ad will still play. worst thing is that the ads are 30-45 secs long with no skip.
I think that the game could be better I mean fill in the buns bus isn't that fun or that recess isn't that and like you got to be very very sorry about it or else he will find you and we'll get you some it's easy for me but I mean it could be harder it's fun truly fun
Got an ad that said " don't want to play with ads?" And it was only like 3 bucks so i thought wth of live to play this without an ad blocking my screen. I pay for it and then it brings me to a download for their other game hypermarket i download it and this game has just as many ads as the first once. This game would have gotten a much higher rating if it wasn't a scam artist who made it.
Ok, So I read the reviews before installing this game and I though "Hey, This doesn't seem to bad".. I WAS WRONG. These are my complaints: 1) THE LAG. It was so laggy I couldn't even complete a level. OK sure I have a laggy phone BUT STILL. It was so laggy! 2) THE ADDS. So many adds!! Way too many for a fun little game. I suggest the Developers remove most of the adds and actually the game is good for a fun little game if they would just make it less laggy and remove most of the adds.
It is so laggy and it has so many ads I really don't know what to think it looks so fun on the ad and I did really not know that it had different parts I really just like the classroom part. The game isn't really too fun I can play it and have a good time but I will have to turn off my Wi-Fi because the ad are incredibly long and there are so many of them.
it's ok I guess so but why does the bus explode and looks like a box the bus looks like a box? It was weird at first and it blew up that's why I'm giving it only 3 star hope this is helpful -_-
I hate this game cuz it has wayyyyyy to many ads and also i have to do the same thing over and over and if u want to get rid of ads u need A LOT OF MONEY!!!!!!!!! Like oh no i will give this game 1 star if only i could make it 0 stars.
Super cool, but I reccomend turning your WIFI off because there is an add every single game, and mostly they are very quick, but I like that, so I turn MY WIFI off.
This game was fun I liked playing it until it started freezing and not unfreezing. I am stuck on the cheating level and when I finish it it freezing and I can't go to the next level! Please fix this glitch.
It is sooooo frustrating and it is getting on my nerves. It is also so bad and while playing the game ad's comes up. I rate this a 0 but I can't do I rate this 1
It's a fun game at first it's easy once I reached level 200it became hard until suddenly a few months later the game was broken I couldn't pass stage 202 what's wrong with the game I've slmost completed please fix the bug on level 202 other than that it's a good game
Way to many adds even if you don't choose the second chance there's still a add every single time u click something
It's simple, yet not a very big game. Several objectives to be played over and over, and it gets boring after the 50th level.
Hi, this app is super all over the place and I barely got to play the one minigame I liked. There were so many other minigames that made no sense and weren't very fun. Everytime you try to do something, there's an ad. I do not recommend downloading this game, it's not worth it. Overall, 1/5.
Do not download a waste of time every time you play ad after ad after ad if you like ads play this game I deleting after playing it just do not download very very very bad
This is a very fun game, but there are ads after every level. One way to fix this is to turn on aeroplane mode. Very fun and occupying.
Dont get me wrong this game is really good but,the game is really laggy for me at first and sometimes in between levels, even though I have really good wifi and everytime I loose or retry I will get a ad,and this happens over and over again.so if you could put an ad in there after every 6 to 4 levels that would be great! Otherwise I would've rated this 5 stars.
Don't waste your money on this game because I saw you just asked your buddies on this game but it has all kinds of rounds and I don't like that and their ads so don't waste your money on this game please don't. And Dad's ideas so that's why I gave it one star.
It's bad and it even lags on the page, also lags in game all the time.when I try to move it around it lags ALL THE TIME WHEN YOU PLAY.Not good game 😤😡👎
I really like the game,but the ads come on every minute so I give it a 4 the ads are so annoying and stupid,I hate and like it at the same time, ugh I'm so frustrated😡
Like bruh after every mini game THERE IS A AD!!!! And there is too many mini games I want to play whats showed in your ads more! When your cheating. The ad is what I thought the game would just be, but its mostly mini games if you can make a like little part of the game where you can do mini games for keys and coins that would be great and slow down all the ads I've watched too much if you do I will put five stars
It was a fun game but their is a lot of ads,its one of those games you get and get rid of within a week😅
I love this game because it has so many cool things in between the games do not listen to these other people this game is great and has no ads maybe 1 or 2 but that is it and If you are looking at this game and saying to yourself I dont know about this game I give this game my 5 out of 5 star rating.
Super fun no adds and it is awesome so many mini games and they are all so fun loving my experience. : )
The ads. It could be a great game, but there are just too many ads! You get played an ad after EVERY minigame! It's incredibly excessive and I would recommend the makers of this game take out at least some of the ads. Thank you 🍗♥️
I love the game, but recently every time I go to play, the level freezes as soon as I pass it. Now I have to exit the game and restart it after every level I play. It's starting to get really old. Other than that it's a fun game.
This game got 2 stars cause of the ads. If there wasent so many ads then i would love this game. Thats all thats wrong with it. I know that the people wont fix this cause they havent fixed any of there other games. Bad game
First 2 levels are fine, then the 3rd level comes along, gotta fill the buses up with kids, VERY HARD, because you need to get it right without letting go of the screen otherwise the bus drives off, too hard, maybe make it so you can verify by letting go of the screen and press a " Send Bus Off" button, uninstalled for now, tell me if you fix that, i will consider reinstalling
Found out there is a super new app called hide online you should probably play that instead. That is because they are working out how to make you lose every time your trying to play because that happens to me and I am still on level one trying to work my way through on hyper school. My name to let you know is Alina Batlys . It is still good though.
(for the people that give this game a 5)Is it just me or I can't even open the game? When I tap on it, There's just a black screen, but even when it's off the black screen, and gets into the game, it's so laggy and there are way too many ads. Please work on that.
this game sucks, dont waste your data. first off, there are ads everytime second. 2 there are so many bugs and three, its not interesting
I LOOOOOOVVVEEE this game alot!!! I can play it for houres very day without a break! ( exaggerated , I can play it for a long time though) anyways I love the game, but 1 thing that I DONT like about it is that when I drag the thingy to cheat, it glitches and the teacher looks straight at me, and how there are so many adds in round! (level)
This game is really fun but this game is heavy with ads if you can fix this i will give it a 5 star but there is too many ads other than that it is a really fun game! But don't download if you hate the ads