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Hurricane.io for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by HiFineApp located at Adazu, Latvia. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I did play this quite a lot but I stopped due to the fact that it's just not as high quality as I expected. It was still good so 4 stars
Too bad I had to uninstall it because after bought some coins with real money the game just malfunctioned. A square white shape appeared on top of the hurricane and it doesn't work.
This game is amazing but one issue, people are making this game like an M rating game. They are causing and putting stuff in the chat making it uncomfortable for children. Please fix this immediately because E rating games should not have this issue.
i think this game is wack because there is this player named frugs and he helped developd this app and he keeps killing me because he has unlimited coins and he will kill anyone to be first by using his unlimited coins. i hope the people who created this game kicks him out.
Great game. Would be even better if you could let the wind speeds get above 999 mph. And also let the storm reach category 10 or something
So boring. You start too small to compete with massive hurricanes (whose size it doesn't seem you'll ever match). And the missiles? Really? What a fun killer.
Why do you have missiles that destroy your hurricane in the game that's on realistic if you want a realistic game then remove the missiles
i would give it 5 stars but tgere are way too many people that are rude and curse. you need to have a filter for this game. a lot of people are getting bullied and try to ask the other person to please stop but it just makes it worse. so have a filter for the messaging and the names that people come up with. thank you
It's good, but it would be better if you can add Typhoons, Cyclones and other tropical weather to the game. You should install The Weather Channel for more details. It also can't die if hit by a rocket. Make it more realistic.
This is only to get attention from the developer, Does this company have any Relation with a person named Brick Boone? Because they took down my video of this game on YouTube. Your help would be appreciated.
At first this game was gonna be bad, but it's the opposite. Everything is great, it's fun. The only thing is that the symbols should be cheaper. A .io shouldn't be that grindy.
This is one of my favorite games. It's a challenge without time limits and involves some strategy. If you play often enough, you become familiar with other players and form something of a community. As far as language goes, it's now harder to communicate in chat because so many words are now censored. This game would be 5 stars if you could transfer progress (coins and points) to another device.
I've given this a few chances & hackers everywhere that ruin all the fun. Also you get about 2 minutes of play time than you're kicked out and have to start from the beginning. I'm unistalling and going somewhere else. Horrible experiance.
In live mode the joystick will stick and keep going the same direction please fix this I want to play live mode
i like the game but the thoery of a nuclear missle being able to remove a storm has not been proven. this game would be better if you removed the missles -someone who had a massive storm but nukes ruin game
It's cool until someone who has hacked the controls enters. They move around freely and kill all the fun.
I wanted to rate this 10 stars but there is none so i rate it 5 instead. Nice graphics and cool sound effects. It would be nice if u put giant robots to kill hurricane so gods can kill the hurricane for my new robux btw i have a delivery robux today but u can have tomorrow for free if u foloow roblox or put robots likr roblox cuz u wont get any obbies ot new gsme modes like murder mystery ajd moe sruffs but my grsmmar bad cuz im on. A phone do yeah is bad becuze of the lego progaming nxt 2.0 hol
Love this game. Well, that is, until I found that nearly all of the offline hurricanes spin the way they do. Please fix that. Plus, maybe add more "skins" or changing skins for how strong you are, or make it so you can select your hemisphere you spawn in and what you look like. And it would be nice if you could actually scroll through the leaderboards!!! (server leaderboard) and make it zoom a bit out if you can barely see what you're doing. Really, VARYING sea surface temperatures replacing clouds is all I'm asking for. This game is great otherwise.
It's great 😊 Edit: But wish there was a restore purchases button or where your progress stays if you uninstall the game and reinstall.
Probably the best game played on phone but needs some work maybe touch of reliability lighting storms that pop up in sections of map in the survival mode make it challenging
i love the game but i think it would be better with modes and 3d realistic graphics this is 2d. there arre different mododes but i mean ground survival from the hurricanes,etc. but people who want destuction this is more of a competitive game but im more towards destruction but i still like this app. graphics are more cartoonish than realistic.
UNINSTALLED!!! PLEASE FIX THE DISCONNECTION PROBLEM...Multiplayer is unstable when many players are online. Its lagging and sometimes you'll get kicked out of the game without warning. I dont think that I'm disconnecting from the game because im using fast internet connection. The graphics of this is not really an high end type so its impossible that the game is lagging to my phone.
Four stars because of the missiles. I mean, if a missile could destroy a cat-5 hurricane, don't you think we would be doing it already?
G-R-E-A-T-! Love it in party mode you imagine nobody's out there but yourself. YOU'D WANT TO DOWNLOAD!
It needs work specially cuz it keeps kicking me out to main menus. Update. Now I cant even play it it was working fine for a little while please fix it I love this game!
today in real life there was a a terrible thunderstorm so I played this game.the real thunderstorm was a storm with rain and lightning and hail and if there were strong winds there would be a tornado
You always spawn on a huge hurricane and die, you start with something on your screen causing you to die, the game lags, it randomly crashes and shuts down, and the joystick gets stuck, the game freezes up, and it crashes. this game is trash, I CAN'T EVEN CHOOSE MY OWN USERNAME! You don't deserve a single star
a little bit glitchy but absolutely an amazing game. it can be fierce and competitive, or it can be relaxing. my fiancee introduced me to this game a month ago and i have been obsessed since.
Dont like the fact that the robots don't lose strength while on land in offline and live modes. Should be equal to both players and robots.
This is a really cool game its really addticng i wish you could add a freedom mode and destrucion and a missions
its a truly fantastic game that i really enjoy playing! however, theres one things that kinda ticks me off. when i hold doen the move button, i let go and it wont stop. i would really appreciate it if you could fix that bug. thanks!
GREAT GAME!!! But i hate the missles take the missles out this game will be so much funner plus please say that the cuss words are not allowed in the game
good for recreating real hurricanes in private servers. But in public the big ones kill you and say bad words
I really like this game. My record strong wind speed was 9998 what i would prefer is once your winds reach 1000 mph, you weaken very quickly once you touch land.
Great app! Made for pros! Although I do wish it had 3D realistic graphics. Other than that it's fun hard which it being hard makes it fun and good!!!!
I really like this app its very complex and i love it but the only problem is i have an problem for zooming out if you get bigger my record of winds was 30000 MPH I still love it and whenever im bored or theres no internet i can really play with it but the ads are really annoying but still i love this app its the best app ive ever seen 😁😁
Why not make it so you can choose what hurricane structure you want and also Supersizing a Perfect Storm. Making it stormy is whatever, make it phenomenal.
I love the game. It's best hurricane app on the market. I think two future features that could be added is better 1) atmosphere weaknesses & defenses which is another component in competition of fate of your storm against opponents.
The AI gets mph way faster than the actuall player,its not point downloadinganf wasting your time on this game if all thats happens is you just get killed bc you didnt want to play fair
The idea is cool, but it is just unreal, you may have to add subtropical high, cold front, windshear etc to make it more interesting and challenging. Otherwise, tropical storms cannot pass equatorial, they don't have much Coriolis force to do so. High latitude circumstances doesn't support tropical storms as well cuz the SST, OHC is too low, storms doesn't eat clouds, they are supported by the oceans heat. What's more the stroms rotate anticlockwisely in the Northern half, clockwisely in Southern half. And the wind firgues is ridiculously high, the Earth doesn't support that speed higher than the speed of sound.
Loved it I spent two hours playing my last round. It's awesome! Some bugs I found: 1. Sometimes the camera goes out of bounds and I see space(black background with white dots) 2. When my hurricane gets big enough to cover Asia, the SAT CAM isn't making any difference to my FOV.
DEVELOPER OF GAME PLEASE READ!!! I really enjoy playing this with my friend but what needs to be adjusted or fixed is the camera ....my highest recorded wind speed was about over 7000MPH or more and i cant not see where im at across the map .. please fix or have a zoom in and out buttons so we can adjust the camera height anytime during a session ! But other then that it is a really fun game to play and kill time !!
Please expand. Maybe storm evolves after 9999mph. Level up enough and you can transform into a galactic storm travel space and grow. Then be able to morph to go to other planets. Great game, I play this with my son!
It what you expect and is fun overall. But the move control gets stuck quite often, and when you get above around 3500 wind speed or so, it fills your screen. Should zoom out just a bit as you get larger. Also nerf the misses, they're waaayyy to powerful.
game was fun.. but.. full of flaw.. 1st, enemy hurricane dont slow down when on land.. 2nd, green defense orb does nothing.. 3rd, when turn into perfect storm level 9999mph , it fill your screen and cant see where your going.. 4th, after defeat all other storm.. boss is coming and he start at 10000mph but player stuck at 9999mph.. hows that possible?? 5th, storm killer missile?? seriously?? and only affect player?? i'm uninstalling and not going to recommend to others.. tq..
Well great app but I wish that there could be a story mode like u can do a whole season and I wish nukes would get removed and that there was a mode by ur self if that happens five star app
First of all, if somemody joins when there is nobody else there, they will likely remain number 1 no matter what. Second of all, i keep dying randomly because of nukes spawning literally right on top of me. Third of all i spawn inside hurricanes and immediately die and also had someone spawn inside me and same thing. Fix the spawn system for players and nukes please and i will give you 5 stars.
Not the most detailed, epic, or realistic (simulator) game in the world, but it's oddly satisfying and relaxing to play. Would recommend it to anyone seeking a game that offers such feeling.
This game does not make sense to me all you do is go around trying to do something...I am confused on what to do 1 star
I suggest to install this app. Because of this app I meet new friends for around the world and I thank also to the creator of the app. Thankyou for making this app. And suggestion Also the creator please improve the app. Fix the disconnection problems And add some more powers Thankyou.
I would give 5 stars if it weren't for the missiles. Its so annoying and i dont like that feature pls Remove it and i will give it five stars.
should put a save system that you can continue your game another time after making a lot of efforts to make your hurricane bigger.
A Classic Tradition! Everytime there is a hurricane threat in Georgia, I always find my self coming back to this game.
The chat is a problem, all it is bad language and I'm keep on seeing people bullying others for no reason. I'm keep on being called bad words for no reason at all and I tell them to stop but they call me bad words again and again. There are also people calling big hurricanes who left bad words because they got killed by them (which is the purpose of the game.) And when I get huge I can not see anything so when you get huge zoom out a bit. And please remove nukes and this game is boring.
So cool!! Also, btw clouds disappear whenever I got near it in Antarctica and Norway, Sweden and made me regen in land and regen faster in water, a glitch tho
When over 5000 mph it cannot fit in the screen and you cannot see land which deducts your wind very quickly
I just ❤ this game so much! I have a passion of tropical cyclones and hurricanes and this is the perfect game for you. If you like tropical cyclones, this game is for you!
This game needs more improvements like how much you take damage when you touch the ground when you have a wind speed of 3000 because i can't move because a little touch on land it takes away a lot of wind speed and maybe when you play offline why don't you make the AI respawn at different wind speed because i can't beat the 10,000 boss and why are the AI's not taking damage when they make land fall like the 10,000 boss that spawn in the middle of asia doesn't take damage it is only making more
it is a pretty decent game and simply enjoy the hurricanes, and loving the new update. what I want to suggest is how about you make offline mode more customizable type like get us the free power ups so we dont have to worry about spending all the coins , and do something special to the land buildings like say if we destroy any of then we can get stronger as the hurricane and other things and more power ups on the side like say we can launch our own weather missiles all around,
I wish I was able to move. I play on an HP Chromebook and I CANT MOVE!!!!!! Before my old tablet broke, I played on that and it was awesome.
idk cuase the people don't rp here and there is no solo mode but at lease it is fun and get stronger over time from clouds
This game is not much fun! The people ruin it! Its not fair how u lose 300 hurricane points from someone throwing a rocket at you. U dont even get to buy one. It costs REAL MONEY (200). Its too much. And everytime i join a scene i dont even get to spend 3 seconds in it. They always place me where a larger hurricane is. What sense is that? On the bright side, u get to destroy ur emenies and get large as u want as a hurricane ( hint: go to the clouds to gain strength ). Just fix these problems.
for an io game it has a good mix of idle gameplay and running around, however although the map seems realistic in scale vs the hurricanes, you can quickly become too big for the map to remain playable
Wow looks very good! so i give you 3 stars because the nuclear bomb is NOT Coming to me or Other Hurricane.. but so. i Install your game because its awesome congrats! Made by: Creator Nuclear Bomb by: PrOBUTItSLuckyfeelsGoOD Going low windspeed by: alex_ander Going high windspeed by: j6sk
This game is super cool! I 100% recomend downloadung this app its really addicting and its an amazing app!
The games AWESOME! And I like it when nobody's playing with you then the game puts (no danger) bots on the game!
its cool! the only thing i dont like is that every time i start to play is that it asks me if i want to download sothimthing.
This is the best hurricane io game but i hate sometimes That I am always killed by others please I hope I can stop killing unfairly
The future of this game is AMAZING but the game seems to be in a halt of developing, but some ideas for the game are: Hypercanes , a buff in speed , vapor clouds and thunderstorms , remove the white stuff that is not there in real life ( where the south pole is ) , and more!