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Hunter: Master of Arrows

Hunter: Master of Arrows for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by WhaleApp LTD located at hasadnaot 8 Herzeliya. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So far it's ok. It is def a copy of archero and does do a few things better like rewards and graphics/theme. Overall there are a lot of small issues like just how monsters hitboxes dont touch you and it should or same for you hitting them, they also hit harder & no knockback, glitchy and laggy. I also think the RNG is not so random. I get the same things alot or when I had boomerang the entire day I got speed but I havent seen 1 ....literally 1 in 2-3 days of the axe....ok game has potential
TipTop a very good game. Of a course:I watch,,TV and play games: differently than anyone. I can explain betterment. Bettering. Best 👍.in person_;
I love the game has much free ads can upgrade stuff,but am stuck on chapter 1 stage 10 ,i keep crashing trow middle of the stage on same spot every time ,i reinstall open again still doesnt work ,can you help i dont know what to do!!!
So many ads. How can you justify all the available cash shop purchase options and also show 1 OR MORE ads every single level? Like seriously I play a 20 second level and then two separate 30sec ads... This isn't even pay to win, you're just gonna be watching ads half the time. Does that sound fun?
Love this style of game visuals are good but the inventory menu constantly freezes to the point I have to hard reset my phone. I have waited for it to unfreeze, but never does. Mainly happens during weapon leveling or inventory tried different weapons and still freezes my entire phone.
😢 game is good but every time I fuse equipment the game get stuck, same when I go to chest opening. And also every time I finish the boss at chapter 1 stage 2 the game also stuck. How am I going to progress in game if the game get stuck after I kill the boss.
This actually can be a good game. Quite easy and fun at early level, the weapon upgrades at normal pace, but when you reached red rocks, it became three times harder, need massive upgrades, and don't bother to spin for lucky wheel (with ads!), very mostly you will have the lowest gain / gold in of course after Watching Ads! This is a pay to win game. The app is not stable, many bugs, lag when return to game after ads. Archero is simple, but still the best.
Trying to understand the point of clan wars or battles with no ranking system. Want to keep playing, but to what end? Besides that its an entertaining game.
It could have 5 stars but it logs me out for no reason. When yall fix this I'll come back and give it 5 because it is a good game.
Haven't been able to play in over a week due to issues with the game. Zero help from developers in fixing any issue other than them telling me to be patience. I have been patient, now it's just kind of irritating.
Game is great and too much adventure but when ever i go 10 level the game gone held.. can explain any one
Uninstalled ,installed and uninstalled again only for the level 10 , stupid game Also stucks every time , and is very very slow when played I dont know how i cant give 0 stars
Game froze and now I'm stuck on fusion the bows together. Will not let me get past that part even though I've done it. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it and still does the same thing.
Pretty good game I've managed to beat 94% so my only issue is that if we could befriend people, because trying to team up and hoping random people will find your code while you wait just to coop is ridiculous
I am hooked. Great game. Love the quick leveling with all the options. Simple with nice graphics. Love it. After playing for some time, fusing gear gets really old and the gear itself is not too exciting but the game play is great. I love the potential of this game format and future variations.
Game is not bad, it has some things that I like and that Archero has not, visual side is great but game was bit laggy compared to archero for my Xiaomi MI A 3. Those lags even got me killed few times so you gotta make game run faster, that's my advice. I would prefer it over archero if it was faster and if it had more characters, for now I uninstalled it . Good luck 👍
Im still getting these random shut downs. Its pissin me off because it happens in the middle of receiving my awards. And u say use the in game button and i did but i got nothing. Just a press thats it. I beta tested this game and didnt have these issues. I unistall and reinstall got 64 gig of internal storage and 32 gigs of extra space on my xd card. So iys not my device. Can this issue be fixed?
I haven't played this game. Ok so it's just fun Wright? But you said there was to many ads all you have to do is enable airplane mode and no ads will show up. I mean that simple but if you need internet to play it than I see!
Nice arcade shooting game. That's my last post, but now after update, I got trouble to loading the game and got stuck. I've checked my wifi, everything is fine but still stucked on loading game. So I just uninstalled the game
Ads cause crashes so there is no way to progress with the game without spending money. Don't waste your time.
Though challenging quickly it's an enjoyable game. Ads are pretty much optional but are rewarding. Revive cost is a little steep. Still the graphics are good and you can have fun playing. Nothing negative to say, still a good game. I'm only uninstalling because I can't get past a certain level and it's not getting any easier. Maybe add small health packs every now and then? Tried again and seems like it got harder lol
Very fun and extremely addicting. The ads are basically optional but if you choose to watch them its actually helpful so you don't have to pay to win. Only reason that I didn't rate 5 stars is because you're usually so buffed up by the time you get to the boss fights they're over in literal seconds. Maybe give bosses an additional health bar per chapter you are on, plus varied attack patterns and attack combinations as the fight goes on. Other than that this game is awesome!
The big question is, "does this game measure up to others like it?" For the most part, I will say yes. The graphical upgrades over others in the genre is a refreshing change and, while a bit unpolished at times (mainly on menues,) the game runs smoothly. It needs to expand to earn a 5 star rating as I have already beaten the most of the game in a fairly short amount of time, but I would be surprised to not see more levels and modes release down the road.
Good fame. But keeps crashing on level 4,at the moment it asks u to choose a upgrade during the game The screen freezes
The tutorial lasts FOREVER!! You can't change equipment or do anything else without losing the levels you already completed. No pausing between levels. Constant interruptions. This game is no good and far from being playable.
Great graphics and game play. Only issue I've experienced so far is I seem to be losing connection to their server, or maybe its on my end, still checking. Great game anyways...
I love the game 🎮 💙 and there technical support is fast at responding with very helpful results 😀 if the rating could give more stars 🌟 they would get 10 out of 10
This game is a joke even after u spend money you still get stuck with vidoes every other lvl it seems to do anything not to mention the stages are over populated with stuff on the screen 2 or 3 things charging u and 3 things shutting stuff over the hole map this game is a joke and not worth the time or any money spent
After I watch an ad, I still don't receive my reward. Also my hunter doesn't shoot the red monsters with the big nose, when it's close or far from them, I literally have to move around for 3 seconds for him to start shooting them. Same goes for when there's a monster closer to me, the hunter won't shoot it but the furthest monster away which is protected by a wall. This paired with the fact that the game gets hard extremely quickly, makes it very unenjoyable to play!
Pretty good game, seems to get way to hard early on, I assume this is to force you to spend money. I.e. By level 6 with fairly upgraded armour 1 hit almost takes away all health.. Also the advert rewards are fixed, it lands on green and purple boxes but I only get the normal grey box...
It's a good game, but the frickin tutorial is so annoying because it forces you to to stuff, it should have an option to skip it
Very poor game. Will not even go past loading screen. Don't waste your time downloading. Also keeps saying connection error and ik it's not my internet I'm on WiFi and have perfect connection.as I stated can not even get past loading screen it keeps freezing have had to restart my device five times and does the same thing. Very disappointed was really looking forward to trying this game.
I played a lot Archero and this game manages to be an almost perfect copy, but with better graphics. Tbh I think I still prefer the original title due to the fact that the game file weights half the megabytes. EDIT: also I want to add that there are 2 things that need attention: 1st, the exp bar sits on top of the level number, thus not easy to see which level you are in without moving around, sometimes dying in the process. Second, there is a bug with the pop up messages such like "pay gems to revive" or "watch a video to unlock", that is, when you activate this pop up, it does nothing and when you press a second time it shows a second video or you spend 50 more gems (in total 100 for a function that requires 50) and you lose a 2nd chance to revive. Please fix.
As has been mentioned, this is just an Archero clone. Visuals are nice, but gameplay is not as good as the original and I had the game lock up trying to run an ad. They say 'same genre', but it isn't just a 'small area, automatic shooter game', it has the same skills, same in game events with angels and demons and wheels, end-of-level portal, helpful pets, etc., etc., etc. I am going to stick with the original, thank you. Response: Your team went out of its way to rip off Archero, you mean.
Downgraded to 1 star after update. Game won't even load anymore, and I'm not going to start all over again after a clean uninstall. Need to add Google or Facebook account syncing.
The game has quality graphics from the character to the enemies and through the bosses, I loved it. But, I really hated that it suddenly my game froze when I'm playing. Late reaction from my character when move him. When trying to dodge, my phone would lag and froze the game, not giving me the chance to dodge the shots. Hopefully fixing these errors. 😣
Really disappointed after that hugely announced update. Not balanced at all, amount of gold drops is ridiculous, all items on epic, one legendary, cannot fusion items because they're not on highest level, to do that I need around 100k gold and missions are giving 1500 gold, not mention items drops ratio. Clearly looking for gamers that are willing to spend $$$ for gold and drops. I did enjoy the game it the past but you hammer down your own potential by trying to cash out so badly.
Good game but an EXTREMELY blatent rip off of Archero which has been on the store for a while. But i guess thats how it works now. Find a popular game, re create it as an almost carbon copy, add IAP's and wait for the cash to roll in. Despicable. Edit. If thats not the most ignorant corporate response ive ever read... Did you even read my review? Im talking about you blatently copying another game and you talk about how you are trying to be original.. Pathetic
Note 2 self: To much work for little reward and it get repetitive after a few minutes. I got to the second boss with homing missles or in this case a strings of balls on my first try. It was so lame since the character can't dodge fast enough due it having 1 sec lag on it movement. Do you know the term fade away in basketball? You can't even do that here in a Archero clone. I barely able to see the white monster that fires gray bullets at me all. It's a cheap shot from this game. Uninstalling.
Ive lowered from a 5 star rating to a 4 star because Since the latest update the game constantly kicks me out & sends me back to my Samsung Galaxy A10's home screen. It also has issues loading & running In game ads. Very upsetting. Please fix these issues!
Simply fantastic! Why yes it does have the same game style as archero but the whole damage, exp and graphic systems are completely different. Plus I love how the upgrades are well detailed and tell you exactly what they do, it really helps deciding what to use. Fantastic job guys! Please continue rolling out upgrades and make the game bigger!
I'm up to Abandoned Castle level 10 and the red twirling guys are giving me a hard time. I aim but the archer doesn't shoot. The twirling red guys are close to me and the archer didn't take aim until they are super close. I think there is a problem.