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Hunt Royale: Action RPG Battle

Hunt Royale: Action RPG Battle for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by BoomBit Games located at BoomBit Games Office 102 - 2 London Bridge Walk SE1 2SX London. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
One of those that downloaded because they were pretty frank with the ads. But delighted surprise in game. Not over flown with ads. Only ads are ones you press yourself. Many people to choose from with different abilities. Rather interesting.
Really fun to play, lots of heros to unlock and buffs. Plenty of options to eatch a ad for extra coins, gems, and refresh item shop. The cons the store is a bit pricy $9USD being the cheapest package. After playing daily for a few months i usually drop the $9 for the membership its worth it.
I loved this game until they released the update with the clan release. It crashes and causes you to lose your trophies and stats for the game you are in. The new character is very good but it takes too much ram to function properly. I would have much rather seen a different map for co-op play. I will change my rating when this crashing problem is fixed.
Good concept but so obnoxiously pay-to-win that it stops being any fun after about a day. Unless your idea of entertainment is to fork out a bunch of $$ in order to make up for your pathetic lack of self-esteem, look elsewhere.
This game is such a cool idea. This is the funnest Battle Royale type game I've ever played. To be fair I don't really like BRs but this one is so unique. If you like Archero the controls are very similar. It's extremely easy to learn and so fun to level up and get stronger and unlock more features. Free to play so give it a try you won't regret it!
Originally would rate this 3 or 4, but after buying the Hunter Pass once, it just automatically renewed it without telling me, charged me again, and now won't even load the game. "Please check internet connection". Updated it, still broken. Quite upset, after I had a good time with the game for a month or so.
Pretty fun game that's fantastic for killing time. Reminds me of Hero Seige but this actually works unlike the broken mobile port. Multiple modes, many classes that all play different. Majority of game modes are PvE and last a few minutes. Contains roguelike elements where each match you level up from lvl 1 and get randomized upgrade options some of which are class exclusive. Don't be chased away by the juvenile graphical style.
The characters and modes are fun. The events are meh unless you are maxed lvl. The distance event sucks because I only see myself getting hit while the bots don't. So idk how you're supposed to win that event. After any character reaches lvl 6 the upgrade goes to 1000 coin, however unless you play over and over and over it will take a while to get that then even longer for the next level.
Why it is a 1 star review For starters I really do like this game and it really wel me put together but their is a small problem that puts me off and away from the game. I live getting band from a game mode fo inactivity and well I was just leaving the game because of all th stupid people I leave the game and I'm band for 20 min fo in activity please fix because me leaving the game is not inactivity in any way at all. Also when it's fixed I'll change my review if not my mind is made up.
Game was enjoyable now I am just fed up and annoyed. I paid for VIP which auto renews they have taken the paymen and removed the VIP from me! Other than that, people glitch, or just stand around in coop you leave you are given a 20minute timer as punishment they continue to play. Balance is a growing issue and game is buggy, I have died for no reason In coop it was respawn move a few feet dead! Here wait 12 seconds to respawn because the 10 second counter is incorrect seems the Devs here bad.
The game is not bad, it lacks depth to it though. Easy game. But would like to see these easy mindless mechanics with a little more content. It needs an expansion pack. For hunt, more monster types. More levels. Something to keep it fresh. It gets quite repetitive. Ive been enjoying the game, but I find myself backing out from playing it because of how fast it gets stale. Each game mode has this issue.
Pretty good i like it but seems like its gonna get old really quick. I think called the battle pass is expensive at 10 bucks for something youre limited on pregressing by the day.
Fun game to enjoy and pass the time on. Mechanics and scaling are well done and the variety of hunters to choose from are also fantastic.
These little characters sure are fun. They are like your own Avatar. You hate to lose one but, they can have alotta lives to make a come back in the next battle. At age 66, I have to pace myself with the game because I get so excited, and then breathing faster and faster trying to keep everyone off of my Avatar. I love being a woman wizard. 😘πŸ₯°πŸ€ͺ🀣 Really, tons of fun.
Talented developers held back by corporate real-money transactions for gems that buy lootboxes. The gameplay itself is easily a 5 star rating, but the predatory lootbox gambling model prevents it from being an amazing game. If they cut the lootbox junk and presented the game with a demo and unlocked the full game with an ideal progression system for $5 or even $15-$20 on console or pc, I'd buy it easily. My previous review was removed by someone so now the score is lower.
I absolutely love this game, its so fun to play and the mechanics are awesome! However I have spent countless hours playing and am very disappointed by the lack of rewards from chests. I don't need 1000 elf archer pieces. What I need is a new hero that actually has decent skills so I can fully enjoy the game. The hero drop rate from chests is appalling. Also you glitched the clan chest and now I recieved nothing for all my hard work. Why did I earn thousands of trophies to earn nothing.
After a week of playing, non stop grinding, for a limited amount of in game resources for the time spent. I decided this development is ok but needs work still for hours of actual enjoyment. Good for a quick game here and there. Developers end season early on and players lost out on a good character in event. New characters are super op in conparison to older characters and this makes for off balanced game play during solo hunts, bounty hunt boss hunt and only frustrated the ones in co op hunt.
I started playing this a week ago and i've been grinding through that week to get the seasonal hero(Zeus). I calculated it and was supossed to get it a couple hours before the season ends. And what happened? They ended the season early and i couldn't get Zeus. Even 1 star is too much for this.
Its quite the enjoyable game. What ruins it completely is the amount of hackers/cheaters you have on leaderboards and in-game. Absurd amounts of damage/shooting whilst running. No chance of placing first in anything because people with 4 minutes of gameplay have apparently mastered it. I will continue to play it in hopes of a cheater not crashing my game or ruining decent competition but I hope the developers can sort this out or I see this game dying very soon.
Downloaded because the Facebook add was honest and polite. Definitely pleased with the download. This is a high quality time killer, and really good gameplay. No ads unless you chose to watch them for optional tickets, sure it has a season pass, but if you don't get it, your gameplah will not suffer. Best part, this is NOT pay to win! Well done all around devs, well done. 10/10 the best game I have on my phone.
Not a bad game, wish that the time to gain more tokens didn't take so long though. Some of the events are impossible to win, exp snipping is also an issue. A bot or player shouldn't be able to steal the points to my kill. If you buy the $9.99 or any other pack there shouldn't be as many or no advertisements. I understand needing money to make updates and create content but it starts to make the game less fun.
Hi, I love the game and have an absolute blast playing the game. The only problem I have been having the past couple of days is playing the coop mode it takes forever to find someone and than when you do it can take sometime 5 minutes and than when it loads to play you sit their and wait and you get coins and then you have to log out and try and do it again. I think I have been successful 1 or 2 times this past 24 hours.
I love this game. It's fantastic! The only reason it's not 5* is because of an issue in co-op. Please implement a severe punishment system in co-op for individuals that leave mid game. 90% of my matches in co-op the other player leaves the game. Makes me not want to play that mode at all. And it's frustrating. I know I could go way further in waves in co-op of the other person would just stay instead of leaving after 3 or 4 waves. When it's fixed my review will be 5* Thank you AuthenticSalmon
The new trading mechanic is questionable. Two trades a day isn't nearly enough. That's my only gripe with the game but it's a big one.
Just started playing 5/15/21 game is fun and simple, its a game that requires alot of grinding or is a pay to win. Game has issues with Coop game mode, I've been unable to find a game.
This game is AWESOME! Hunting competitions, co-op, PvP, and boss hunting competitions. Tons of characters to choose from, abilities and power ups to customize your hero. Probably the only game I still play regularly without uninstalling out of boredom at some point.
Reminds me of the game Archer, but any game after or like this is just a copy haha. It's actually a one of a kind right now. The choice of PVE, Co-Op, and PVP are pretty great. I would like to say I believe the amount trophies it takes to reach all the game modes is a little to high, but I will admit It might be my patience fighting with my excitement at the moment πŸ˜‚
Some people thinks the multi-player aspect of this game is fake. It's not true. While you will be matched against bots at the beginning of the game, you will start facing real players after you reach a certain amount of trophies. It actually is a pretty cool concept, as it will protect you from being matched against pro players while just learning the ropes.
Purchased premium and it charged me but didn't renew the service. Had to cancel the subscription and resubscribe to get premium to work. Also purchased the season pass like I usually do and didn't receive this month's hunter. Pretty frustrated.
Coop and invitation works after i reinstalled the game. Overall it is a solid game. Great job on listening to reviewers (from previous games). This game gives us diamonds and golds!! This is NOT a pay to win games. I can complete quests for diamonds, new characters and golds. It is a bummer that my invitation button has been bugging since 1.0. I see there is an invite but when I go to the invite menu, I don't see anything. Co-op also doesn't work for me.
Really good little timekiller. Definitely not pay to win. Enough variety of hunters and 4 gameplay modes, to keep you occupied. Nicely balanced. Ads are there if you want them for the rewards. Graphics fairly basic, but that doesn't mark the game down at all. Nice job.
Good game, but matchmaking needs to take longer. Yes, I said longer. There is no reason for the game to matchmake for only 2 seconds and then put 2 Guests (Bots) in your game. Make matchmaking longer so it can find more real people. Also, the time between waves needs to be increased in co-op. Even 2 more seconds would be great.
This game is my fav of all time yo. But after 100 rounds in coop my game just exits on its own for some reason. It never did that before the update so there's something wrong. I can't seem to get past like 130 because the game just closes and I get NO REWARDS!!! NOT COOL!!!
I want to like this game but it has so many issues. Very poorly made hit boxes, tons of ads, greedy loot boxes that are shoved in your face all the time. Characters animations don't go off half the time which leads to choppy game play.
Exactly what you asked for The game is exactly what the ad looks like and that's a big accomplishment now a days. You can play the entire game without watching any ads. Lot of fun also and tons of heroes.
It's a cute game, certainly entertaining. I just wish there was a little more control over your character. Basically tho, the game is a battle-royale STYLE game where you hunt NPC monsters instead of other players. You level up standard to a typical RPG. Victory conditions are having the most kills at the end of the game while also staying alive yourself.
A great game but it mentioned time desynchronized and no longer to reach tokens. Whats wrong? The problem fixed by couple hours later. Good for quick action. Amended for 5 stars already. I hope no need to amend back to 1 or 2 stars in future.
Monster and Hero design flaw, but good game! Melee characters are completely useless on whatever is not the basic starting monsters, unless! Unless you upgrade the heroes to at least lvl 8, at lvl 6 they are OK i guess, I'd say give some melee characters some passive effect? Maybe not. A lot of monsters outrange you af, even if you play a medium range character, some archer type monsters are unbearable and make you wanna rage quit. I wish there was a 1/2s delay on ranged type monster attacks.
Why did this have to be a fake multiplayer game instead of a simple singleplayer game. Love the general idea and I probably would have continued playing the game if the bots simply weren't there Edit: So you are telling me I can disconnect my internet mid round and the players stay connected huh? Yea right!
Terrible game. With last update I went from 3700 gold coins to -114k coins. Last update was trash. The entire game community is in an uproar. I'll be looking for a refund on my membership soon. DO NOT UPLOAD THIS GAME.... Terrible.
I want to see diffrent levels with new enemies at them. It would make the game a lot more ineresting. Maybe even a boss spawning in at the last 30 sec mark. Because i feel that the monster on hunt mode feels a little too easy sometimes especially when players team up in a corner of the map. Also a tournament or PVP mode with the clans for chests. Honestly still love the game though and thank you
Love the game but clan still doesn't exist and no update on my end, tried reinstalling didn't help ( clan update got sorted) (could really use some sorting out on ppl you play coop with, as they are almost always afk, or just doing daily and runs off to the edge etc)
Wish I had the ability to reroll the level up perks at least once, would help with proper skill building as some characters need certain skills more than others.
Decent game, no cash grab, one reason why my review lacks one star is that I don't see the whole point. What do I need to pursue? What am I expected to do? Got a character now that makes me win 100% hunts, and it's gets repetitive very quickly. What's the goal I'm after? As for coop, tired of people who join and leave their character and just stand, they afk farm, I struggle clearing waves.
A very nice and fun game honestly. I can see lots of future updates and hunters being added and changed. Clans are somewhere in the horizon which is great as well. It is a simple concept but a fantastic and satisfying time killer. Would recommend!
Very much a p2w here. Everything and I mean everything requires an ad or to pay for it. Even after you win the match to get the chest you have to watch an ad. After every match your probly going to watch atleast 1-3 ads.
I love the game it's really fun. Why did I rate one star? Well there's only 30 min of game play, then you gotta wait 3hours for the "chips" to recharge. I can understand trying to make a profit... limiting play time to that extent. I'm sorry I cannot give you my support. I have no issue spending money on a mobile game. I have a max clash royale account. Make the game more friendly to free to play players and I'll give you my support.
Such a perfect game. I like it that to enter each games tokens are needed; it makes me stop playing for an hour or two and get to do other stuff. I have five characters by now and they are mostly short range. I know the game has many characters but wouldn't it be better that at least the wizard be a long ranged? By the way these events are pretty cool. They kinda make the game feel different.
Fun game, interesting premise. The fact words like "am" and "dumb" and "master" (which is a character in the game lol) are censored in the clan chat is absolutely asinine though. Fix unnecessary censorship and I'll give it 5 stars.
Great game with fun game modes. Only complaint is how hard it is to level up hunters. The new trade feature really helps but it has some issues. Personally I feel you should be able to request 1 trade a day, but then accept as many requested trades as you like. If people are talking in chat, your two trades get wasted because you can only scroll so far back. Would be fine if you could still accept other trade offers, but as is, it is quite annoying. Trade fix would earn a star ;)
Game is fun been playing it for a few months now. Recently I purchased the season pass to unlock the new character and it wouldn't unlock for me to play though
This is a great game! Well balanced and very fun. The different game modes and leveling up your heroes lead to hours of entertaining and competitive game play. I've spent MANY hours playing and still haven't unlocked everything. The new clan feature has also opened up a whole new aspect of team work and competition. I highly recommend this game.
Been looking for a good game and I found it ^^ can't stop playing and it's not completely pay to win nor is their a pay wall although a subscription but that's by choice I hope to get better at this game and see many good updates in the future to come, definitely worth 5 stars or more
Game is fun for about 1 hour - 1 week after that you are bored and just farming the events to get the new characters too tedious, top players seem to go up at 3x the rate you do no matter how much more you play they seem to notice and just boost in trophies. Pretty sure most people are robots about 9/10 and the few who aren't usually suck and are new. Overall I'll leave the app downloaded another month to see what updates are introduced then bye bye for good you are gone from my phone.
Some days I spam watch ads, but you can slowly progress by not watching them. At the end of the day it's fun and challenging. I think a simple recolour of the higher level mobs in co-op would be cool and make me feel more badass for deathstriking 20 bosses. The kiting mechanism is hard to learn but it's possible to get good at. The variety of characters you can play lets you find a way you like to play. I do think even 10 coins for a win is a fair reward instead of nothing.
This is actually a fun,awesome game Although I have 1 question mind if you could add one more player in co-op.Its OK if you don't,I just find it hard when its two ppl protecting the king
Its addicting and fun, i love it. Had to change my original review due to the fact i wish there was a little more ability to earn coins faster, once you level up a character to level 7 it becomes next to impossible to get the amount of coins to level them further, add that to the fact i play with multiple characters it's a pain to even get close to leveling one.
I am getting a time desynchroized message and could never connect to Google play or facebook.Facebook. Thought if I uninstalled it would reset the connection issues. Did not think since I could not sync to Facebook or Google and lost all progress and this is on of the few games I put money on. I figured it out. As long as I turn off the wifi on my phone it runs with no problems.
3 stars for now! It is a good game to play pass time. But there are a lot of things that I would suggest to fully enjoy this game. 1. Sell or recycle HUNTER FRAGMENTS then convert it into a different hunter fragment. It doesnt matter if it will take 10 fragments to exchange into a certain hero fragment. I have a lot of those other hunter frags. 2. More COOP dungeon game. 3. Team/clan battle against other team or clan 4. Team/Clan boss hunt 5. Boss hunt must drop skills. 6. more event
Bad support and feedback times. Purchases aren't always delivered, and gameplay is spotty even in great Internet reception areas. They bit off more than they can chew, and expect players to make up for their shortfalls. Just another money grab game with tons of ads and not much to show for it. Don't try. Just move on.
Good game but me careful if subscriptions. They say you can cancel but there is no way on game to do so. Reinstalled game to turn it off cause I got charged and now waiting on support to figure out how to cancel the thing!
Great and addicting game! Great and cute charactes like lego. And also their skills. Its just that, its hard to find their special abilities in the box.
Fun but shallow game. I've been playing for almost a month now and it's well made, rather fair but a bit to shallow as a long term game. I like that there's reasonable ad-less subscription. Would recommend giving it a go but don't expect too much.
white horse problem fixed, still having the problem with Co-op partner quitting as soon as it starts, which is extensively annoying. I also tend to have a lot of issue with Boost selections giving both boosts as speed boost or such( it tends to really mess up Co-op and Boss Rush when it consistently gives poor choices)
Good game, but not without a few bugs. A relaxing and lightly competitive game without the anxiety of hard core competitive gaming. Definitely one of my new favorites for a bit if a distraction .
So the response team seems really active and the games fun as hell but theres a lack of grinding methods after little time of playing your out of ways to grind money and character cards when this is cleaned up itll be 5 star
I'm impressed with the creativity in hero design. I like that certain heroes excel in certain arenas and fail in others. I do wish the game made it more clear who was considered a support and work those descriptions into the game itself in a meaningful way to help guide others. Would love a "dungeon level" where you go solo and can get to level 20 and generally cause mayhem clearing levels. Sometimes it's nice to let loose for more than 30, seconds at a stretch.
It is a fun little game to kill some time with but it has one of the greatest flaws mobile games have...an energy system. You can play this game, but only gor as long as they let you. I think it would be pretty great otherwise.
For some reason it doesn't let me connect to the internet. Which means I can't play ads or get free rewards or sign into my Google play account in the game. But other than that it is alright.
This game is awesome! Simple yet fun mechanics, lot's of different hunters wich give gameplay variety and not p2w at all. You progress faster paying money, but it's totally manageable without it. On top of it all, the devs are really helpful. I'm loving it!
Overall fun. Co-op respawning needs tweaked. Needs to be an xp lock at least during boss raid otherwise hard to compete with the p2p players. Also wish shop had more options than 5+1 freebie. Also wish all hunters had some sort of heal to compete with skele/vamp tanksπŸ‘πŸ‘
Nice to see good update, and i wanna say why we lost our token when we see an ad to level up by 1 , it should not be happen please fix that and fix ad problem sometime ad plays more than half and gets cuts and we don't receive rewards and please bring some more features i got bored playing same and improve events too and event rewards are worth , events rewards are like common match we don't feel that we have played an event , event should like an event not a common match.... Delay bug after ad,
Great game. It's like achero except you get different characters with different abilities. Most importantly is their range shirt medium and long. Different game modes but its mostly hordes of enemies coming at your they also have this awesome versus mode thats an all out battle between players. Not sure if its AI or actual other people but it's fun and simple to play. Just like achero, just move the cursor and when you stop you fire. Love this game. Also no need to p2p. Win and watch ads to play
I am totally against the way mobile devs sell things in their little mobile games for the same price as a triple a game and then they still bombard you with ads. Not this game, while their prices are still high these devs show more respect to you as a player than any I've seen. The game is super fun, super addicting and if you ever thought about paying for mobile games this one is probably one of the rare few that deserves to earn your money.
im sooo sorry after the update of season 6 the Co-Op is really wasting of time ... even have more less trophies !! monster moves faster and many times go direct to King ... 😭
Stars lost for not just excessive ads, but the trashy long ones that usually have 2 parts so they're practically a minute long. Easy to spend more time waiting for ads than playing. Uninstalled for that reason. Its not a bad game, though its also too simplistic to invest any real time into. If there were more battle points or they regenerated faster maybe. There is a subscription to remove ads, but without more complexity to the game that sounds very unappealing.
The overall feel of this game is wonderful. The gameplay is smooth, the controls are intuitive, and easy to use. It's on its way to becoming great. The ranged attacks of enemies are a little too fast from the start. From the time you begin to attack, to your attack actually being executed, is so long that most ranged enemies have enough time to hit you at least once. 8.5/10 Shorten the time it takes for the players character to execute an attack, from the moment your character stops moving.
Very cool game, ads aren't intrusive at all. Lots of differents characters to fit many builds and strategies.
Very addicting game. I love the format. I love the competitive manner. I downloaded the game yesterday and have spent 3 hours on it. Crazy! The game runs by ads so there are lots of ads, but they aren't intrusive. We get rewards for watching ads. This is so much better than many apps and games I see where they show ads between games and between clicks. Those are terrible. This game is executed right. I like it. Please keep up the good work!
Really fun. Pick a hero and grind competitively. At each level pick from a random set of skills while hunting various mobs over a small map against 3 other players. There's also a cooperative mode where you fend off waves with a partner, and a couple others.