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Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve

Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by SELECT BUTTON Inc. located at 〒150-0021 東京都渋谷区恵比寿西1丁目21−10 代官山デュープレックス 603. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence, Horror, Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I had to restart the game because i upgraded my bamboo rod and made it impossible for me to get the ayu sushi recipe. Other than that its a cute, fun idle game
I honestly love the game. It's cute, simple, and relaxing. However, some of the items/recipes are difficult to attain because of low drop rates.
This game is pretty amazing and I enjoy spending my time playing this but the only thing I don't like is the recovery time for hunt points is just too long.
The game is really cute and enjoyable, quite addicting too, the art style is cute, the whole game is bubbly!!
This game woul6bd great but after you get to level 9 the game KEEPS CRASHING like it shuts down when I'm hunting or waiting for food to cook and advertisements literally pop up out of nowhere with no reward for suffering through them. Like really it COULD be 5 stars but these annoying flaws bring it down to 1.
I love the game! The only issue I have had with it is the hunting points, but they refill quick enough.
Always fun! I've played this game off and on for a while now, I always seem to come back when I need an offline game. ^^
This game is so cute and fun! I love japanese games! And the design and characters are super original, love the cutscenes and interactions! Amazing story line and great game eeeeee!\(^♡^)/
I really love this game; it's cute, quirky, and low-commitment. However, I have one problem: whenever I try to watch ads for rewards such as gems and golden bones, nothing happens. No ads appear. This happened pretty suddenly a couple months ago and it has yet to be resolved. Please fix it if possible so I can submit a five star review.
Great game, ads are not working properly for timer skip and gems sometimes. Shame the game has not updated in 6 months. The friend system needs over haul. Please make more content for the game, it would be a shame to let it die like this.
For Me, This is my favorite game that I wanted to because Its a easy, fun and relaxing game. But I gave a four stars on ratings not because its a boring game but maybe it needs more room for improvement and I also wish to add more specific animals to Hunt, Catch, And Cook With(More Fish and Animals). That's all I can wish not just for myself but also to everyone who plays this game for now.Thank You So Much And Godspeed!!!!
overall a good game, i juat think that things could be done better, such as more hunt points, easier ways to get red cow, and more ways to speed up cooking time, more ways to get gems would be nice and tailors shouldnt be so expencive. in general i really like this game since its really fun! the style is also really cute, the animation is a little choppy but nothing much. 😊😀
It was fun while pretending to hunt and cook. It is also occasionally educational as food trival is shared along. Art is lovely, cutesy and colourful, it might tempt one to make food themselves. And hunting has a catchy tune to it. Only setback is the ads. Besides being bit repetitive and somewhat frequent, the latest flaw crashed the app after an ad... Every Hunt. And app refuses to start after that. So it affects the experience a lot. Hope Technical stuff gets resolved though! 😊
Was a very fun and cute game but ur pantry often fills up. U can sell bulks of items and expand ur pantry. To do this u need gems so feels like every pay to play game. It's a shame I was having fun
I want to give it 4 stars because is a really good game, but the hunt is getting very annoying so I decide for 2. I have to spent energy even when I encounter the old farmer, that it give you ingredients (that I don't need) and sometimes it doesn't give you energy back, but I just want to hunt the f**ng animal and mostly of times is just the old farmer making very hard to get any food, can you make it appear just 2 times a day or something, just this issue want me to stop playing the game.
its a good game if your progressing but when you get stuck it gets boring but overall. I LOVE THE GAME!
I'm so in love with this game. The characters are so cute. It's really fun to play. 💜💜💜💜💜. The graphics were awesome the control was very easy to use.
I was pretty far in the game when i touched a blimp and it glitched out and made no food progress but its a good game
It surprisingly revolves around a lot of luck; animal encounters, the set-up of hunting courses, and the ingredients you get. I wish we had the option to choose which ingredients we receive from Lil Veggie, because most of the time, I end up getting 99 of the same ingredients I traded away. The game also becomes more reliant on gems the further you progress. You'll want to expand pantry and cooking space to hold more ingredients, which costs gems. It's a good game, but can be a little greedy.
love it but your new update keeps crashing my game. i uninstalled it then reinstall it but it still crashes. can you fix it or else i won't play again! Hey! listen to me and fix it you devs!
The game is really fun. But for Android there's this huge glitch where we cant use the "free recover" or get the bird bonuses by watching the videos/ads. There were a couple of times where I played the games that gives free gems such as cooking craze, but I never received the gems.
I used to live this game but I can't I open it anymore. I had the same problem on my old phone as well. 1/27/21 Still can't get the game to open.
Really fun game! I really enjoy the concept of going to hunt for the meats used in the dishes. The game also teaches you some facts regarding the animals you are hunting. However the game is constantly crashing when I check traps- I have a Samsung S9 if that helps.
Concept is fun but so many short ads, most of the hunt it's just oldman showing up which is useless since ingredients are cheap, cooking takes long hours. Unless these issues are fixed I won't recommend this game. I don't mind watching ads when I really want to just to support the developers and there is benefit for my game progress.
This has been the only game that's managed to entertain me for a really long time. This is the best game ever and I'm always looking forward for a new update.
It's a pretty good game about hunting with some cute elements and interesting tidbits about cooking. However, the experience is severely plagued by aggressive ads placed everywhere.
I have been playing this for a few days and now I am forced to uninstall and give up all my progress. The game added 434257 hours to everything so now I am completely stuck because every function relies on time... it was a fun game while it worked.
Waaaaaaaaaaay too many forced ads during gameplay. Every 30 seconds of gameplay gets you a forced ad, and 1/3 Hunts doesn't end in a hunt. Lame. Uninstalling.
It won't stay open for more than two seconds. I haven't even seen a "Start" screen yet because it closes itself before I can. Fix this, maybe I'll give a 5 star.
Its a pretty cute game, controls are easy to use, graphics are appealing. A pretty good game overall. Im still really early in it, but I like it so far
I like this game, but the ability to watch ads to get golden bones and gems and finish recipes has been broken for awhile now without the devs addressing it. My internet connection is perfect and, reading other reviews, I'm not the only one experiencing this bug. This review will stay 1 star until the issue is resolved.
I played this game a long time ago, it's even better than it was then. it makes me want to be more adventurous when making food for myself!
This game is so much fun to play. Specially with the weird and adorable roles of the characters. Like the dog as a boss. I also like the way, the creators made the gorey stuff kid-friendly. I totally recommend this game. It's fun to play, great gameplay, and most of all kid-friendly!!
This is a cute, addictive game that you can check up on every few hours or so. The graphics are adorable. Recently, though, there seems to be a bug where sometimes it says that my time settings seem funny, and all the countdown timers are messed up... even though I didn't change my time settings at all. I'm playing on a Samsung S8. Please fix it soon!
I love the game and how it is realistic when it comes to hunting and cooking the food! I'm surely addicted to this game and play everyday!♡♡♡
I love this game, and would recommend it to both casual players and advanced players. My only problem is that some ads cannot be closed. The blue timer stays full, and in order to exit the ad I have to close the app and re-open it. Please see if you can talk with your advertisers to remedy this!
I love the game, but it has ALOT of errors when it offers to give you free gems for sharing for facebook. ill try to share to earn my gems and it just says "an error has occurred" why offer it if it doesnt work?
It's a very good app! i like how the chef kid instead of talking normally they use face expressions witch is very adorable! one thing i would probably suggest is maybe instead of wasting a lot of diamonds why not spend the diamonds on helpful/important stuff and maybe decorate the restaurant! if you do that i would very much appreciate it but if you dont want to thats really okay! i still love the app.
Uninstalled due to excessive ads. If you guys want the game to be 2.99 just say so,this money grubbing is awful and ruins the gaming experience.
I played this in 2016 and it was a good little game but it feels like they've added some features to it, it's great and the ads are really reasonable for a group trying to make a little money. Content is a weird kind if addicting and with more challenges waiting at the end it seems well worth a few hours at least.
bearhotpot dish not working, I can't finish any order with bear hotpot in it. currently at Collagen Treasure main order.. yes, i have unlocked the dish and finish cooking it, but no matter the amount i have cook, the number still 0 in the order
Not your typical cooking game. Pretty cool game! Hopefully it gets a bit more interesting. i get bored easily ..but still a cool game. I do like that you don't have to use energy, gold, or money to upgrade. That is a plus!
This game is beyond great! I played it two years ago and i found it again! I recommend it to people who are looking for a cooking game!
Hunt Cook is a wonderful quirky cooking game. I honestly installed it on a whim but to my surprise, I enjoyed it. I love that there's a shibu inu dog for your mentor (or the boss) and the artwork is adorable as well as the funny censored catch cleaning scenes. One negative though, it's annoying to find the old man when hunting especially if you only need the meat from that hunt to start making a dish. However I look forward to trying out more of their games as they come out, in the future. :)
it's nice to see a game not afraid of offending people over hunting, i honestly didn't expect to find something like this with such a cutesy artstyle. it does lag every once and a while but i wouldn't give a lower rating just for that. let's hope peta doesn't find this and pee their pants over it
Cute and interesting~ I really should have play it earlier. There's an ads that suggest this game before, I'm so sad u didn't play it. It's alright, I played now~🤣🤣😍😍🤩🤩
Very fun and simple game. I just wish we could earn more gems with commercials because everything takes too long to do/upgrade.
It was fun at first but the long wait times between being able to do things made me lose interest. When I saw I had 10 hours before I could do anything with the game that just broke it for me. Fun otherwise so if you like to play games only for 5 minutes each day go ahead.
I remember playing this in school and its still great except that there is to much of a chance to get the agent
Very cute, fun, and even educational. My only problem with it is that it seems to be crashing a lot lately, but it's probably just a bug that will eventually be fixed. That being said, please hurry and fix it! I want to be able to continue to enjoy the game!
I don't know what happened, but now all my timers (that I have at that time) number will increase and they will reset themselves if I close the app or if my screen goes off. (Like, the boss need to lay down for 850sec, if I close the app the counter will start all over again from 850sec) This happened before, and I have reinstalled. Now it's happening again. It's such a shame because I really love this game. Please help me. Thank you.
Looked fun but I've been nailed with 3 ads in a minute a few times and it kinda killed the game for me.
This game got me hooked. It's fun and the explanations about hunting are interesting, although I can't judge about how accurate they are since I am no hunter. A lot of waiting times can be shortened by watching Ads, which I prefer to being flooded by forced Ads. My game regularly crashes when I open a trap and find game in it but when I start it up again the game is always in my pantry and since you can only open traps 4x a day anyways it's not a terribly big deal.
A really addicting game tbh, but as u go further, it gets incredibly slow unless u have diamonds. The game looks super cute and works fine but in upping the difficulty, u cant even do the full hunt mini game
It is a fun game i can play in my spare time. Most foods on the game take time that i can spend offline doing something else, making it convenient for me.
I love this game and have reinstalled it on every device I owned. It's relaxing, fun, educational, and not overly saccharine. However on my current phone, Huawei Mate 8, the game lags a lot. Going to any menu or section causes it to stutter and the animations to freeze for a millisecond. Could you please look into this? I love this so much, but the lagging ruins the experience.
It's so cute!!!!! I love cooking with my dog, going out hunting, the hunting minigame, finding new recipies, makeing the people happy, and the art style. 😊🤗😊
It's a fun game to waste time on, but maybe make the waiting time for everything that's over like 20 minutes a bit shorter
Game is funny until 25-28 level. Then it started to get soooooi boring because you wait too much for a dish. Also recipes using other dishes that takes hours to cook. Not recommending if ure willing to play for a long time
Honestly really fun to play every now and then, I would recommend this if you're looking for something to play in between work :)
A awesome game that lets you make food im only right now level 5 and I have to have 2 pantrys because in this game you dont run out of ingredients that many times other than meat so an awsome game and I would want more people to play
The game's cute and fun, yet the ads are annoying enough. Please just reduce the recovery time, its such a waste when you have waited for an hour long and didnt get the item you desire.
really fun and engaging game! it has made me excited to try more new foods. however i would appreciate if the train feature was on a timer instead of a clock because i am not diurnal! also, it is hard to get enough diamonds for necessary upgrades without completing offers. it is well balanced once you buy these things, the price is just steep. however it's still one of my favourite games, i have a lot of fun and check it frequently. it's very cute too!! i love all the characters.
It's a very good game, I love it. But it recently just stopped letting me play the game. It glitches me out everytime I try to play.
Very Nice Game!!! I love it.!!! It's so challenging. Love the hunt. You get to cook the food too. Nice graphics too. Fun Game.
Game is cute and definitely an interesting idea that I haven't personally played before When I first opened it I thought the main player looked really similar to the Magikarp Jump model, but brushed it aside - but the rest of the game: the UI, sound effects popping up, etc. All looks just like Magikarp Jump I'm not sure if this is the same company that collabed with Pokémon or just a creator who enjoyed that game, but I feel like I would enjoy it much more if it was original art 😞
Tries to get access to all of your personal information as a requirement to play the game, likely to sell to other companies. There is no reason it needs any permissions more than access to game data. Also the game is horribly forcing you to pay to keep playing by using the "energy" strategy to prevent you from playing more unless you buy gems.
I really do enjoy this game especially bcs its is offline. But I think there's still a lot of things need to be improve. Overall it is among the cutest and intertaining game I had played. Really enjoy it ! :)
This game is amazing! I love this game so much, sometimes it's confusing for some orders but other why's it's good! I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 because there should be more recipes. Also there should be more diamonds you can buy. I love this game so much though, for me the ads are nothing! Super short and sometimes fun ads. Thank you for making this game! It's so cute and useful! 😊
It is cute how the dog is the manager and even though it is sad having to kill animals it is not like it goes to waste. You are in a town where people are not used to home cooking and appreciate the food. I like how there are extra cute characters like the old man and mobster who give you extra things. Even though you have to wait for things to be done cooking I just play other games in the mean time. I love the variation of recipes you can use ingredients.
This game is amazing! The sound effects and the way you play the game is addicting! There isn't a lot of games like this and its amazing because of the unique style!!! :D
Pretty fun game to play on my free time. The only thing that really irks me is the friend system because you have to find people outside of the game to add as friends. Also there are some random ads, but they're skippable for the most part, at least, so it don't bother me too too much.
I loved this game so much. The food looked delicious and the art-style was adorable. The ads werent constantly playing so that made the game more enjoyable.
Simple but so much fun. Just the right amount of waiting and interaction. Nice information on the recipe too about the nutritional value of the ingredients
So the game will just randomly crash and it get annoying. My biggest grip with the game is difficulty. You expect kids to play the hunter trails and not rage smash the tablet or phone they're playing on. I'm in my late 30's and just the journeyman and veteran trails are beyond difficult for casual players. I'm sorry this just ruins the fun of the game and I find out it only gets harder on the trails from here on. I look to see there's a wiki and there's a guide on the how many left and rights you need to make, but if you're trying to focus on following that while pressing the buttons it slows down your reaction time and how fast the dog is going. I don't think the developers played these hunter trails because if they have then i doubt many would get through one without countless frustration or rage quitting. Seriously tone down the amount of rock and holes in these hunter trails or give player another way to earn more ticket and gems that doesn't need the reflexes of some high power being. Others may disagree and say, "Too Easy and Git Gud", but not everyone can keep hit the proper right/left perfectly every time and yes you have to be flawless on these hunter trails.
I don't always write reviews especially for appilications but HuntCook takes the win. If you enjoy creativity and cooking then you should definitely give this game a chance. Ever since I got to the Sunfish level, I told myself that I won't be able to stop playing this game. I already feet at home.
Hunt Cook is a very fun and cute game for anyone who wants a slow time-management restaurant game. It is not pay-to-win, and all aspects of the game can be completed without whaling. That said, it is almost impossible to move anywhere quickly if you refrain from watching ads for gems every once in a while, even after you've paid a few bucks to removal random ads. Best to enjoy it at a slow pace anyhow!
For what it is, this game is a lot more sophisticated than all its other common, tiresome, and repetitive counterparts. Introducing the player to a variety of Japanese dishes and cuisines on par with an invigorating ambition to serve them to interesting customers is far more enjoyable than tapping a screen waiting for rewards. You set out and venture for your resources rather than having them given to you. This intrepid sense of adventure is the real prize of the game.
Overall pretty great! I wish you would get more meat per hunt & certain wait times to be shortened but I really love this!! Everything is amazing & absolutely adorable!!! 💖💖💖💖
This game is a cash-grab game, disguise itself under the shell of a cooking-serving game. The first sign of this is the energy bar. The energy takes while some times to recover, and when you ran out of energy, you will just close the game. The game have some items that reduce the "recharge time" by ~40 mins in total, but they cost lotsa gem, the game "premium currency". The energy is used to begin "hunting", which is RNG dependent. If you are lucky enough, the game will initiate a short catching minigame, which is the same for every single type of animals, and also somewhat easy, and let you take the meat. Or else, the game will throw in your face some other material, useful in the beginning, then just stack up in your small inventory, which can be extended with gems (12 slots, 99 items per slot, you have 12 slots to begin with). With sufficient materials, you may begin your cooking, which is just tapping a single button, then wait for ~10 mins to a whole ~8 hours. Very epic cooking. The game also have a storyline, which is nonexistent and forgettable, that after 10 mins you may forgot all of the story. The game also reward you with ingame gold as you give the "customers" what they ordered 10 hrs ago, which can be used to purchase new weapons to get new meat to cook new food to get more money. Very interesting gameplay that doesn't loop around forever. Oh and have i mentioned the game is very stingy with its gems? You gain 1 gem at a very low chance, while you need +100 to buy a single outfit (for you or for the dog). Ah yes, generousity.
An incredibly cute game....love the look and the dishes you have to make! Sadly the phone I was originally playing on had issues connecting to GooglePlay, so when I got my new phone, I lost all my hard won progress.....so upsetting, but this isn't the fault of the developer!
Cutest game ever! Full of lots of facts and great if your on a road trip one of the best games without wifi!
I sincerely enjoy(ed) this game. Not much to comment on. But there's a serious problem in the balance of getting ingredients. I barely have any onions, whatsoever. I have to keep on wasting my money in the shop to buy onions, when I visit the game enough for every other ingredient to be plentiful. I hope it's just a bug, and not intentional. ALSO, my Google backup data transfer won't work. I was all the way up to the Bison and halfway finished. Now I can't play and I refuse to start over.
awsome game really liked how it was so addictive and cooking the recipes didn't take a long time.The side quests are really fun and its pretty cool how you get to hunt your food!
Really fun. Its slightly annoying that you have to use gems to buy pantry space or more grills but an overall slight inconvenience.
I love it it's really a good game and you should do more and you nice keep going and I read the surprise star because I really like the game it's fun it's really it it really is fun and it is so I'm trying to know what to say right now because the game is so great I don't even know what I'm supposed to say but the game's great keep doing what you doing and love you *kisses* 😚
Recently installed, the game is so cute and very fun to play with! Diamonds are easy to get when you complete some missions and other stuff. Though the outfits of the character are hard to buy since it needs a huge number of diamonds😅 hope there are some outfits which can be bought by coins. Overall, the game is great👍 So far, I never encountered bugs so yeahh thumbs up for that.
First tried out back in 2018. Now it's 2021 and I have a new review: it's still very enjoyable, cute, and fun! Can't complain and it does make me curious about how these animals taste like. I do recommend fixing the bird ad. Say you either get a golden bone or gems. Both years I've played, I've ALWAYS got a golden bone. I'd like gems too please 🙄 Also clicking items doesn't always register. I could tap something 10-30 times before it realizes I clicked it. Oof! 😬😶
It's a cute game, I wish that with all the lvling I've done in the past, it was able to be retrieved, but it seems like I've to start from scratch again. 😢 Reinstalled to play again.
Great game, as someone who loves cooking games, I really enjoyed playing this. The amount of EXP needed to level up in the late game can take quite a bit of grinding but it's all still very fun. Overall, very good game. Love the gameplay and visuals
A fun, colorful little game. I wish I could plant a little garden so I could harvest specific vegetables rather than buy them but overall not much to critisize. Mostly I wish I didnt have to sit through hunt cut-scenes over and over.
The game is pretty great. It has a chill vibe with fun characters, although the dialogues are rather cheesy. The limitation of inventory is discouraging, and the fact that you cannot replenish your hunting energy point consecutively is annoying too. It would be nice to have the option to replenish max, or at least don't force the user back to the main screen after every single replenish.
Honestly the idea of the game is really good, but the execution is lacking. I only recommend this game if you have money to waste. You can only hunt 3 times at a time, most of the time animals don't show up, and a lot of the food takes forever to cook! It's fun for the first few times you play it, but then it's not worth it after that.
Its a really great game. Though it would be cooler if you made it a bit easier to get gems, had daily rewards, daily quests and more minigames. You can also place more animals for hunts and vegetables and dishes. Hiring workers could be a great adding on to the game tooand open more interactions. Aside from that, the game is great!😀
This is the 1st Complete Cooking game, that I have Ever played. You have to Hunt, Catch and then Cook the food. You learn about the food as well. You learn that Cooking is More than just going to the Market, and then Cooking, or Reheating. You learn New Recipes, that you never knew existed. Even TED NUGENT the Hunter/ Rock Star, would love this Game! Excellent!!!
Hunt rate is broken at the moment. I just went to hunt pheasant, I have a 9 star weapon with 85% chance. I got the guy in the sunglasses first time, and got to hunt the 2nd time. Used my 3rd hunt point to hunt Woodcock, I have a 6 star weapon that gives 58 % chance, I got the old man. Then I watched an ad, went to hunt Woodstock again, got the old man again. So I got to hunt once in 4 times. what's this 25% hunt rate with my high level weapons. it happens a lot lately. pretty much can't play.
The game is extremely fun. Not just a basic "cook stuff and serve it to people so you can unlock more stuff to cook and serve to people" kind of thing. I mean, you do that, but there's an actual point to it. The reason why I docked a star is because the game is incredibly buggy. Most of the bugs are harmless, but very annoying.
Fun and addictive but the number of hunt chances and the waiting time are too few and too long. From the 3 hunting chances I usually only be able to hunt once the other two are the unwanted appearances of the gangster guy and the old veggie man. What a nuisance.
Overall the game is really fun and casual, has engaging gameplay and fantastic graphics! The food look appetising! However, I can't get any gems bird chances or other extra rewards because the ads stopped working after a few weeks :'( please restore this feature or fix this bug, it would really help a lot. I have no idea why it just stopped...
Fun concept, but not frustratingly impossible to do things. Very generous with giving gems and such so you dont feel like you're forced to open your wallet just to enjoy the game
Ads ads ads. This thing is exactly like pokemon lets go magikarp and i uninstalled it.also the graphics are HORRIBLE. please PLEASE make it better or I'll uninstall this and i don't want to do that.
Super cute and fun and great to pass the time. The controls and mechanics are very straight forward and I love the art for each food item.
the concept of this game is great but I got bored when the recipe event didn't show up even though I have tried hunting several times and all the orders want it. plus, I prefer the energy point increases along with the level. 3 energy is not enough to hunt that many animals...
The game is very charming and I really love the fact that the developers put in the idea of always using every part of the animal, that's something I've always believed this important if you have to hunt. My only issue is that I'm getting wheat from the Duck level even though you're supposed to get cabbage and stuff like that. I haven't been able to find cabbage free and I'm not at the level to get it at the supermarket yet so that's a bit annoying.
I thought it was pretty good in my opinion it's relaxing and perfect I really do love the dog. The reason I didn't give it a 5 star rating is something I'm not willing to talk about.....yes I'm aware that doesn't make any sense but I really don't care.
I personally love this game. But for some reason, my progress starts ALL OVER again! I once already move the data from my phone to my other one, but now i can't do it anymore! JUST WHY?!
I really like this game! I mean like the game you made. Diamonds are nice and easy to get, and kid chef makes weird faces lol
Honestly a great game, but after some time playing the game it started to repeatedly stop and close. I don't know why, maybe when it tries to force hide google play for some reason, but I'm going to stop playing. Sorry.
Thought this was gonna be a regular cooking game, but was suprised! Really fun and intuative, even the risky full hunts have cute minigames. Easy to level up, and each level gives you gems! 5 Stars👍! But i think that when you encounter old veggie man or the gangster, they should give you back hunt energy.
fun game, cute graphics, but the increasing number of bugs and ads on Android make it hard to play. can no longer complete a single task without an ad
This is one of the best mobile games I've ever played. Sadly, they don't keep saves in Google Play and rely on a dated, faulty password method that can't work if you don't have your old phone. So the app is trash along with hundreds of days of gameplay.
It's a fun way to pass time, until it gets to later levels where all of the products take hours to make, and gathering enough experience to level up takes way too long to play this as anything other than something to do in between waiting for another game to do something. Still, it's cute, and fun for a bit, so I overall enjoy it.
Great and relaxing game but could do with some UI improvements. For example, it would be nice to show what each stage has a chance of giving in terms of veggies and other items. You can only see it if you're missing the recipe or item. Simple quality of life fix. Also recovering via red cow, it should let you recover as many as you want. Not one at a time. Should have a purchase or upgrade option to expand max energy. 3 is nothing. Some scaling required for the different cooktop options
Pretty cute game, only reason for 4 stars is because you have to tap multiple times in order or something to happen. Mild inconvenience compared to the rest of the game.
This is one of my favorite games. It blends action and story together while giving you a surge of dopamine when you catch a hard prey. Love it, 5 stars
This game is so fun! I'm having a great time, minimal ads and im learning some things about where food comes from.
this is the cutest game ever made possible besides i love that the dog is the chef its so adorable and i love how you can make food out of something you'd never think would be edible! (owo)/ 💖❤️💯
A game I downloaded on a whim, played for a bit then stopped, but kept in my phone for a while. I started playing ut again and was reminded of how much fun it was. It's a great time-passer and casual game to return to if you have pockets of free time throughout the day. Levelling up doesn't feel burdensome, and I love it when I get new recipes. I highly recommend it for casual gamers, and for people interested in unusual foods.
It is a wonderful game and I am enjoying it tremendously but I don't have any money that I can spend on gems. I would rather watch an ad but the ads don't open despite my okay internet connection. I hope it's just a glitch not intentional and that you would fix it soon. I won't be able to keep playing otherwise!
Awesome! Just one of the best games on the app store. Youre always progressing and expanding. Just perfect Graphics are very cute and fun, lots of detail for how simple the details are
It is an average game, there is not any skill really involved and it is all about gaining ingredients and waiting for dishes to be cooked. Adding more challenging minigames to cooking and hunting would go a long way to improve the game. Graphics and inputs of humor are well received.
Suddenly with the update it's super hard to get any animals to hunt, it's always the stupid old veggie man. Even when I have upgraded the hunting equipment and the chance is 75% to get an animal, two out of three times I still get the veggie man instead. Getting pretty frustrating because the hunt odds don't align with what actually ends up happening.
As I go more and more into this game the more I love it and the more I feel like you control your growth and it's not just given to you. I appreciate the small details in improving and it still says consistent. After a while I've given up on full hunts but being able to upgrade the hunting tools makes up for it. I do wish we could have more, even if it's by two, hunts as we level. The outfit that speeds hunt refreshers makes up for the lack of hunts in some way though.
Cute experience! Not too many ads or annoying pop-ups, which makes it so i can have the full experience. Cute and enjoyable, not too repetitive (except for the music though). One thing I'd recommend is making it so you can go to different locations, so that it seems not so "boxed in" to one place.
Cool phone game not one you can play for hours due to the time based mechanics but still a great game the premium currency is pretty easy to gather and the art style is really nice
Please tell me what does 57% hunt rate mean when only 2 out of 7 times get the hunt.. will not change rating till they fixed the hunting rate..
This game is really cute. I love the aesthetic, the music, the menus are easy to navigate, nothing is confusing. I only wish that you could customize the appearance of your character, and I wish you could skip the little animations at the beginning of hunts and just give us the quick or full hunt button. But those are just tiny things! I'm really enjoying the game. Great job 😊
I love the concept. The game is addictive and entertaining. But it would be better if the max hunting points is increased or the wait time is reduced.
pretty fun game overall, hunting & cooking put together is a good idea, wish there were more games like it, the waiting isn't that big an issue for me, I usually do dishes that need more time while I sleep. Minor problems I have are the flashing when using lucky bone is an eye irritant, the game crashes if I share too often or if I use the traps 😞 not sure if I'm getting the reward or not, and sometimes when I try to hunt i have to click a hunting area more than 3 times before i get to play it
it was kinda nice at first but as you unlock more recipies they start taking way longer than they should. its still a pretty good game but i just suggest making the xooking times shorter please.
Fun game with memorable music. This was not like the other cooking game. You need to collect the ingredient first and cook it. This is complete with cute graphics. No problem with the ads, it's not annoying.
it's very fun you can go back and do the things that you did before and you don't have to worry about it restarting where you are and it game that you can join back on when you get off and most games it would it on restart you and that's just annoying for some game so I thought that was cool, so it's amazing <3 p.s. sorry for any one who does not have time to read did not like they would see this =( stop why are you still reading this :( you found me
i really love the game due to its concept and gameplay however,there are certain times that when I press share, the game crashes and boom I lose the meat I get. there are also some minor glitch concerns
Super easy and fun to play. 100% reccomended for people who want to hunt but dont actually want to hurt the animal.
This is a great game. I love the art style and Ive actually learned more about cooking. The only problem I have is leveling up takes a while and collecting coins takes time, other then that its a great game for those who are patient enough.
It's nice, however after playing with it for some time I can't seem to open the ads? I thought this was a problem with my WiFi or mobile data but it doesn't seem to be the case, nor was this app blocked by my virus scanner. Hopefully it'll be resolved soon because without the ads option to speed things up this game will be a chore to play.
Very cute design, simple too. You could say it 'copies the magikarp game' but it does many things in it's own style, love that you can learn from this game too.
This is game is so fun! The only problem that i have with game we only three chance to hunt and have to wait around an hour to do hunting again.
Would have been a fun game if it didnt try to sabotage everything with ads or premium purchase... there are other ways to get gems but the bird never gives any as was promised. Hunts are limited and halted by other game events so it can get annoying trying to proceed further, or else just pay up gems. It's bordering p2p for an f2p game...
Good game. Simple to learn and play. Good concept of being able to hunt for what you need to cook but I feel more involvement in processing the meat could add another concept to the game, depending on player choosing to participate, there is an option to watch behind a shadow curtain.
I'm in love with the game it's so cute but I'm having some kind of bug that keeps resetting my diamonds. I'll go to buy something with them and I should have 200, but it says that I have -300000000... Then when I close the app it resets me back to 5 diamonds... I'd love to keep play but not if it does that every time I open it. It's frustrating especially since I spent money on those diamonds
Here is one star for free... But no star points left, sorry developer. You can wait 20 years to get +1 star or buy them for $100 each.
This game is super fun and doesn't feel too slow or fast. The pacing is just right and theres no rush to complete the orders. The gameplay is surprisingly educational. Throughout the game, you'll be presented with tips, tricks, and trivia that apply to the real world. There are tons of neat features to this simple, addicting game! The in-app request for a rating was polite and refreshing compared to the insistent tactics of other apps and didnt even ask for 5 stars, it only requested a rating.
Cute graphics. Fun story. You seem to need diamonds fairly quickly in the story, however, to accomodate just the daily foods youre given in your pantry. It doesnt bode great for the future money-wise. The actual hunting tidbits are a cool addition.
I really want to love this game. It's cute, funny, and challenging if you get to higher level hunts. The problem I have is ads not loading. The post-hunt ads load, as do golden bone ads... The only ads that don't load are diamond ads, and I shouldn't be forced to spend money on something they offer with said ads. -.-
The hunts from squab and onward are simply too challenging. You need to play above 4 taps per second without mistakes to finish. This is unreasonable from a game that has, up until now, presented itself as a cute, 5-min at a time casual cooking game.
Love this game, and particularly how you don't have to work to a time limit to keep the customers happy - way less stressful than other cooking/restaurant game apps. I have a question; why is it that the sunfish is the only animal whose picture is the "dead" version when you go into Notes > Game? Seems a little unfair, don't you think? ;)
its good and fun however when given opportunities to share or have a dish cook instantly or clicking on the bird does not work for me at all. ruins my experience with this game EDIT thank you very much for fixing the bug. everything works great as it ought. enjoying the game immensely!
best cooking game I've played so far. i removed a point cos they need to fix the amount of energy/how long it takes to replenish energy.
This game is so good. Truly free to play. I've been playing for weeks and I never felt like I had to buy anything to progress. Rarely bothered by ads or pop ups. Just fun, free to play game. Love it. Plus they don't bother you to rate the game, I came here of my own volition.
Cute and simple, a fun game to check in on throughout the day. Reminds me of something like Magikarp Jump, but in this you get to learn a little about cuisine, too! Cute graphics and clean, easy to understand controls and gameplay.
I've actually had this game for about 3 years having to Uninstall multiple times due losing memory nothing wrong with the game though! It's very fun and I highly recommend I never really had such a interest and to be able to focus so much on a game and have a lot of fun! It's truly one of the best mobile games out there 🙌
The game is very fun at first and then becomes a struggle for eveything. In this game, you spend a lifetime saving up for one gun to shoot down a buffalo, then a fortune on another brand new gun for another buffalo-like animal (because, that's why). There are like 28 animals.. Then it takes 2 hours to put together a meal that wouldnt usually require cooking (i.e. a sandwich or sashimi platter). If you think I'm joking install it.
After the last update I can't even play it hardly at all it keeps crashing on start otherwise though I love it
Old man veggie needs to mind his business 😆. He's the reason I'm deleting this game after getting to level 24. I had fun with this game but its not a game anymore, just a stupid investment of time that could have been spent elsewhere, but thanks for the couple weeks of "fun"...lol still giving it a two star rating so I'm not too bitter.
When I reached level 10, it had some glitch. I tried restarting my phone and the game several times, but still the same. There's unlimited golden bone and unlimited hunting. It's a good glitch tho, but couldn't earn diamonds through the achievements.
This Hunt Cook game sure is fun to play when you can get to hunt the game and cook the game at the same time to serve to your beloved customer whom is waiting for that particular game menu.
I was hoping the game would be more tasteful, but I can't feel good about hunting vulnerable species like sunfish.
Can be fun game if not because of the constant ads pop up and the fact that hard to progress without gems.
This games countdown system for cooking is incredulously flawed and needs to be fixed immediately! The game kept adding more time to my food and when I left it on idle so I can pass the time until it was done it would reset or it wouldn't make any progress at all. I really like this game and it's disappointing that the game devs didn't notice this big problem.
I really like this game alot and find it very relaxing to play. My main concern is the local recipes and cabbage. For some odd reason cabbage is a very rare drop and I have no way to get it other than hoping the golden bone will get it. Also, the local recipes says set chance and I've been trying multiple times to get some of them. Is there no way to get them if I don't get it within the first few tries?
It's a really good game. Just gets annoying when you have to wait a while for a meal to be finished. The wait probably wouldn't be that bad for me if I actually had a life to go back to to distract me for a bit.
its a very cute and relaxing game, but when you try to log in to you google games acount for the first time after switching to a new device it just keeps crashing...