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Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Ubisoft Entertainment located at UBISOFT MOBILE GAMES 38-42 rue Cuvier 93100 Montreuil Sous Bois FRANCE. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not a bad game I like the resolution of the game and the fps it's not bad but it needs more things to be added to it!!
The game is nice and very fun to play. I have gotten sharks from being on offer. I also have to say it can be very challenging. You need to change one thing though... when you get to Leo or higher it should stay the same when the health goes down. It goes to quick once you survived for 10 minutes or higher.
I absolutely love this game. Great time waster but also can spend hours getting serious with it. Wouldn't recommend on fire stick but that's the sticks fault not the games. And I never HAD to spend money I have a little just to make things quicker but game is entirely playable with no purchases. All in all I'm totally satisfied.
to all the whiners "not a good game omg 5 mins in i get aten by something i cant kill" really? lvl up and you can kill it. I am already at megladon, I did not pay, just played. thos game is Great! you do not need to pay 2 win. you earn all you need by constant play time. you can find special items and gold to unlock more accessories by just swimming around eating things. be careful at start as you are a small reef shark that must evolve to get stronger.
This game is very fun. You have to try to survive in the big oceans and eat things like puffer fish Stingray and people to stay alive. You have to go through portals to get to another dimension it is very fun.You are a shark and you can level up, when you have enough coins and gems.
This game is a great game overall, but there might be few things that's kind of uncomfortable and gets in the way while playing this game, such as.. sometimes the cage spins arround and throw me to another side of the map. Sometimes, it glitched until my screen is full of colorful square-y bits of the game.
I love this game so much but you cant kill sharks like it deosnt eat them for like 2 seconds and takes a while to eat. AND why when you play your shark you only get to eat the same shark you have
I redownload this during quarantine (used to play occasionally a few years ago) and I'm sad to see that it's still having an issue with my shark somehow popping in and out of the map at random, sometimes respawning in completely unusable parts of the map. (like inside of a land mass which messes with the graphics.) I'm still playing it daily bc it's something to do but the ads pop up too often and it gets annoying when I'm playing it while listening to an audiobook. Please fix the issues.
Quite a fun little game, it's managed to hold my attention more than most the other games out there. Some of the rng for the spawns sucks though and I think the health drain at times feels really unfair. The special sharks you can't eat fast enough to keep alive at times for how much it takes to unlock them. Interested to see what changes were made on the next game!
So far so good! This game is kinda my style and the background music of the game is on another level. This is absolutely 100% recommended. Well done Developers!
This is cool game but it will be nicer if you reduce the price of the sharks such as great white and others
The game is already boring the design got bad you can no longer see how many times you ate a specific fish, you can no longer see the old shark lab the sound effects are still the same its also being unfair now it will face you to stronger sharks on 500 000+ like the snappy and lava shark not even the meg can kill the lava shark, the game has a lot of bugs too earning gems is much harder since you can no longer earn gems by eating helicopters, shark man, and para gliders. This game is so sad now
Very fun but game crashes constantly. I like the variety and novelty. Although it is geared towards pay to play as far as add on its very fun. Problem is the game will force ads sometimes ruining a game and causing you to lose what you earned be it the green gems or coins. Fun but needs work.
Has trouble loading ads that help progression, and takes a while to progress without buying or constant ad watching. The game is fun despite everything.
Ads won't load sometimes for continuation or end point bonus of session. Says videos currently unavailable. Kind of simple and repetitive the game could use more features to make it more interesting or new maps/other things besides the warp gate which is pretty cool. Maybe more upgrades, skills, attachments. PvP would be amazing if it is balanced somehow. Deathmatch respawning as different sharks, battle royale.. Decent controls maybe simply because the shark goes fast in general. Still fun.
Was more fun when it was offline. Now that there are other people online with you, there are ridiculously overpowered people who kill you about 3 seconds after spawn. Great for the people who have already gotten things like the kraken, super annoying for the people who are working their way up. My suggestion? Make it optional to be online. It's already hard enough for the people who have just begun with the game, please don't make it harder.
I really love this game! I had it on my iPad ever since 2013. So I want try it on this device! But the museum feature has been removed. And the title screen. Everything looked different from everything I saw as a child. And everything is really expensive, with a lot of ads. But I do play the game, and I do love it! And is surely the BEST SHARK GAME!!!!!
I really like this app for multiple reasons, mainly the nostalgia. I always used to play it in like 2015 and it hasnt gotten boring yet. I just wish there was possibly another map. The old one gets slightly boring after a while and easily runs out of food if you've got a big shark.
This game is so fun because it gives me excitement and i think my friends will enjoy this game too.I also like this game because i get to eat paople but not in real life but still this game is really fun and i enjoy this game a lot. I think so far this is my first time playing this but it is the best game that i have played in my life. I get to collect my daily reward which is fun too even though i dont do much when i collct my daily reward but overall this game is the best i have ever played.
Great game. Many shorks. Moby kind of sucks because he is large and has a small chomp radius. However, I do have some issues regarding some bugs my friends and I have encountered. If you are a Leo or bigger shark, big enemy sharks stop spawning after the second or third respawn. Also, the feature that grants you Trials Baby and Dragon Baby no longer work, so people are downloading and playing those games without getting the pets they are promised.
I love the game and have been playing it off and on for quite a while now. The sharks are all really cool and its fun all around but right now I'm having a slight issue that's hindering my gameplay a bit. The map has disappeared from its corner. I've bought the basic map and the extra stuff to help make the map more efficient but I can't use it. Now if I press on the missions it appears but only in the background, I can't interact with it at all. please reply, thank you.
I found it glitchy. I didn't know that how I unlocked abysshark. I didn't pay any gems for it. I just started the game after tutorial and I found it unlocked. I am not happy πŸ˜’ with it. I wanted to unlock it with my willingness. Otherwise I highly recommend this game
When I first heard about this game I thought it was a game were you just play as a shark and eat fish, but then I saw that there are a lot a types of sharks,weapons,and stuff to eat.Also that you can upgrade your shark it was my favorite game.
This game is so good. I have fun with it and it is appropiate for my age. I am very happy with the time it took to load. It has not glitched at all and the games are very entertaining. i recommened this game to everybody. Thx for creating this game. I think i have become slightly addicted. xx
Actually i find it really good for playing, while you r travelling and for relaxation. It helps me to forget my tension while im playing. But at the same time i find that it has some limitation itself.the facilities of this game should be increased in some way but still i gave it 5 stars😢
I like Hungry Shark. It's really fun, and the portal is of my favorite things about this game. I am giving it a 4 ⭐ because they took the treasure away, but it's still good.
The improvements make the game much much harder. I always die when encountering shark invaders its pretty unfair. But its a good game!πŸ‹
I love this game so much but it always glitching. For example; the human cage is swings so fast and it suddenly hits me and throws me somewhere like to the space or under the water and when it throws me the under the water it says " too much pressure" and I'm not able to go up. Please fix that.
Ever since I purchased the kraken, my game is buggy. It's not counting the subs for the contest and doesn't sum to recognize when the game is over. Kraken will die and no options to pay diamonds, watch videos, or end turn are presented. Game play is suspended, but can't do anything.
Really good game but there is a weird glitch where it randomly teleports me to another location and the controls are a bit hard but overall good game
Your game has become pay to win. Before all you had to do was just play the game normally and not be killed by ridiculously over powered A.I's or players. But now that every single mobile game is pay to win, you have jumped on that same train which was a bad idea. I hope this gets my point and a lot of other people's points across to the developer because the game has just become annoying.
Not a good game at all. As soon as I get 5 minutes in, things I can't kill start coming in and trying to kill me. I avoided them, but 7 minutes later some gigantic mutant shark like creature comes in and eats me and I'm completely unable to stop it. This isn't truly free to play, it's PAY2WIN. I need cash in order to get a large enough shark.
Dear ubisoft, You still didn't resolved my issue, I still can't see my all "maps" but for now this is not my main complain :( My complain is that when I was playing I have eaten 24 "toxic barrels" and 135 gems but when I was dead it didn't save the progress and the game didn't stop, with dead GDZLA shark on the ground the game was still running, I've tried to stop, to pause, to exit the game but it didn't work? Please SVP give me back my progress. 24 toxic barrels and 135 gems and some coins.
good if you like eating stuff. the earlier sharks dont have very good gameplay, but the game is pretty fun after the hammerhead shark. it's easy to progress through as long as you have enough time and know where not to go and the new godzilla shark is kinda glitchy so beware of that, but i will continue to defend this game's extreme superiority than world. also for some reason the reviews are all 6 year olds 10/10
I quickly got addicted to this game, the animations and graphics are perfect! It's occupying, which is very great, considering boredom has become real during these harsh times. Everytime you get a new shark, you wind up being excited to get the next one, making it easy to stay occupied. Tbh, I'm really surprised this app is free. But, it would be even BETTER without ads. The ads is the only reason I'm not giving 5 stars.
This is one of the best games I've ever played! Totally addictive and fun! Moreover the sharks, fishes,views are cool and feel so real! I love to play this game and spend many hours everyday in it!! This game never feels boring at all! Highly recommended for anyone!!!
This is one of the old games at playstore yet there is still so many bugs(death bugs, spinning cages, no display effects for special sharks, etc.). This is also my first review at playstore. Not recommended, specially when buying gems. You'll just losing money and time. God bless.
This game would be amazing if the control's wasn't so unresponsive. Very annoying that my finger, when controlling the shark happens to slide around my entire screen. Maybe add more control settings, such as a fixed anolog in the bottom left. Everything else is pretty sweet.
I reinstalled the game after a while, and though some changes are for the better, I can't finish any game I start, since any ad that appears (being because of double rewards, reviving, or the ones that pop up after each run) causes an issue which turns the screen black, and does not let me close said ad by any means, which forces me to reload the game and lose the progress made
i have bought the basic map and it is not showing in game. i cannot choose to see the map. it is only a problem on my phone/account. i hope someone has the heart to fix this problem.
This game is so exciting..but developer there is a bug in my game..like i have enough coins to buy the shark and it keep introducing that i must buy coins..i am new player and i want to buy the next stage of the 1st shark..the cost is 1, 500 coins and i have 1, 850 coins but it still keep introducing me to buy coins..i cant buy the 2nd shark and stay to the 1st shark..can you please fix this problem??? Only this one thank you, and oh, the game is fun and i love the feeling of being predator
The game was better before all the bells and whistles were added. I've played this game for years and years and I miss when the object of the game was just to get as big as possible. No in addition to surviving the in game enemies, you have to survive agressive other players with over powered sharks that make it nearly impossible to play as anything smaller than a great white. I hope this is a temporary update because I for one am not a fan. This didn't used to be a stressful game
I love it because it shows you what sharks would do in the wild like, hunt for food and it has lots of memories and it might get a little boring somtimes but it's a great game for people that want to learn what sharks do in the wild
Very fun,addicting and JAWsome also can new players get a free shark,I think thats fair cause this is my first time ever playing this game,I DEFINITELY RECCOMEND THIS GAME
Please enable cloud save function which enables user to select either to take the local save or cloud save. I have reached out to support but they could only give me some coins and gems as compensation. All my hard earned progress over the past 5 years gone!
This was a really fun evolution game. Its alot similair to maneater. The thing that I think needs to be a little adjusted is the expensive sharks and items. It is really expensige and gems are super rare. Not being ridiculously judgy but I just think that it should be a little bit twinkered with, Ubisoft, If you're reading this, the game was super fun its just that you need to make things less expensive or make value less rare. Thank you, Oh, and make the bombs do less damage.
I like this game very much but I don't like that the new update shark invaders is always going and never comes.
It's a great game , you can unlock new sharks, go on missions, upgrade your shark , accessories your shark , get a spot on the leaderboard, and you could also travel to different dimensions using portals. There is one shark and it can teleport to different dimensions to find better prey it's called nessie . I love this game such , it's calming and relaxing. I bet you will like this game too if not that's okay.
Amazing shark simulator game with awesome 3D graphics and a really smooth gameplay.This is one of the very few addictive games,comparing to the recent games by which we get bored very easily by playing.Another thing which I love the most in this game is the play to win feature, which is drastically rare in today's games.Deserves 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, nothing less than that.The developers also frequently resolves issues we may encounter.A big success for the devsπŸ’–πŸ’πŸ’•.
I think that if you love action and pay to play games, THIS game is what you will love to play. I used to play this game all the time, untill the day I finally got a new phone, this phone to be exact....when I downloaded this and opened the app guess what.? I DELETED IT!!! cloud save is trash it does nothing. all it does is save your progress for that device only. I PAYED OVER 13.00$ ON THIS DUMB GAME and wasted 6 months unlocking Mr.Snappy and removeing ads. Other then that...good game!
It just gets boring very quickly. They don't allow you to upgrade to any shark even if you have the required coins for buying it, you must play every shark and level it up to the max level if you want to buy the next one. And while doing all of that, the process is very repeatable, there's nothing new, there are no goals in the game, just some small side missions which doesn't reward you much.
Good game. But for some reason i dont have the basic map even though i bought. i clicked buy or purchase whichever one it was and when i played the map was not there. please reply as too why i didnt get the map even though i purchased it. thats the only reason why i did not give it a five stars.
It's fun to a point, but a ridiculous grind after your first shark. Compounding this, is the overly expensive prices on gems and additional sea creatures. It's not a bad game--far from it--but the grind and the high prices ruin it.
This game is great! My brother has it too but..... his looks different. We have the same version but I don't know why his is different. Sometimes my shark won't move the way I want it too and i sometimes can't get out of the area I'm in. Also I think a future update should be making a new spot on the map where you can find lots of gem fish! But you would have to defeat a boss. ALSO! There should be a choice to be multiplayer or singleplayer!
Love it 😊. But I've been playing for months and I'm on megalodon. The one thing I would add if I were you, I'd add the levorithan. I just want it to be in here. And I would lower the price of sharks. And the last thing is my brother has the game but doesn't have abyyshark and the kraken and he has to find his daily awards. Fix this please!
I like that game because it makes me happy whenever I said but if there's a shark other sharks can eat us but if we're trying to eat them why doesn't it work because I've been trying that for over like 2 days but it doesn't work but either way the game is so much fun it helps me to relax myself because sometimes I fight with my sister and then it just comes me down and I just like this game but I just want this to stop and sometimes when I crash it keeps saying loading loading loading but I want
Yes the game is good and I love the new sharks well I think I will haha but the problem is that there are to much ads every time I die an ad shows so I would like to be ads but not to much and the special sharks are in my world and they attack me and I would like them to show but when we are like tiger or great white shark thanks for listening.
I only really have 2 gripes with this game: 1. Some baby sharks are gem paid only, and i feel like it could have been better that, like regular sharks, they could be obtained with coins. It's a bit annoying since unlike hats, they're a pretty necessary upgrade. 2. Fgol really missed the opportunity to put some educational elements into the game, such as a list of enemies with real facts or something like that. Other than that, solid game.
It's a great game I really enjoy it I have been playing it for almost 7 years but It recently laggs, glitches and freezes alot that I can't control my shark anymore it drives me crazy , I'm thinking of quitting this game because of this issue:/ Also I lost everything cause it won't let me sign in with my google account plus the evolved sharks die so fast :/
it's the best game I've ever seen and played. this is the best game for me it's a little hard but fun. the most funest shark is nessie because he gives you a lot of coins.
I love this game I'm playing it since 2012 but I have a problem.. I've got the xiaomi redmi note 7 and wherever I'm playing I don't have the map right corner down.. when I press the pause button I see it but again can't open it.. can you fix it.. or just replay cuz.. I paid to buy the mission map.. and now I can't see it anywhere... πŸ˜’come on it's nice game fix it please..
By far one of the most addicting and entertaining games ever added to the store. But my question is what is the true difference between Hungry Shark World and Hungry Shark Evolution? You made both I just realized and I was wondering if the 2016 one is a reboot or something? πŸ€”
Two stars.. I really loved this game. Using real life money, I brought the Kranken and the baby Kranken. I was using Google Play Games so my progress should have been saved. After deletion and redownloading, I noticed that it was gone. Everything I had collected in the past month or so was gone.
amazing, only problem i ran into and that is that when i did the eye of the tiger event just now i got in the top 5% percent and didnt get my 100 gems, i think its because my phone died while i was playing but its still kind of stupid that i dont get my rewards after 3 days of work.
One of the best games I have ever played in my life. There is only one problem, ever since luminite was put into the game, I have been batted out of the map beacuse of the caged people spinning around due to a potential bug in the game.
This game was really fun to play, for some reason I stoped playing it but now that I installed it now I'm surprised. I forgot how good this game was, the new sharks are amazing and I could reach where I left of which was the Megalodon. With the new update I saved many gems to purchase Sharkjira and he is amazing. You guys made this game much more fun can't wait to unlock the previous sharks.
I really like this game but there's just too many problems. first of all everything is so expensive and you run out of money so fast. Also when I'm chasing after a swimming human or a swordfish they always despawn when I'm like two seconds behind. and I hate it when a seal or a shark that's smaller than you kills you in less than three bites it's so unfair. And when a seal latches on to you you can't do anything about it, but overall this is a good game and I would recommend it
Accessible and simple. good time waster. grind gets a bit much though. gold unlocks most things but takes a while to collect unless you buy a bigger shark. you can get them all by playing but that would take ages.
Still a fun game but the developers have skimped on some features that they once had which is very disappointing. What happened to the Facebook cloud settng? I purchased a great white shark but I can no longer find it as an option. And for all the working we do eating predators, you don't make very much money.
super smooth and i love the detail you added to this game. Any game thats been worked hard on, is good. keep doing what your doing, and happy Halloween!
Good game, I love how its way easier than back than, its easier to level up your shark and get coins, only thing i don't like is after you are alive for a period of time seems like the game adds more sharks you can't kill or eat so you can die
Its a great game, but the sharks die a little too easily. In a game of less than 2 mins, you'll have 2 bigger sharks and a submarine attack you all at once. Plus, there are a few too many jellyfish and bombs, which makes surviving very hard. It's difficult to play a long game, unless you see 2 ads and pay actual money for bigger sharks or powerups. All the money earned in the game goes into buying the bigger sharks, which are very costly and earnings coins is an extremely slow process.
Shame. My daughter have been playing for long time and now everything is gone. Backed up the progress to cloud and lost everything.
Really great game!! But you guys need to make more maps. The portals are great but it's the same thing all the time and nothing changes.
The game is how I remember 8 yrs ago. Except better! I like how it isn't where you are forced to spend money to get sharks (unless you want one without unlocking sharks before that certain one or have gems for.) Its a grind though when you get past Great white And when you spend a Whopping two dollars to remove adds, you get a small amount of money BUT you get permanent double coins which comes in real handy with A: unlocking new sharks And B: Unlocking items for sharks.
I played this game for a while. I got to the tiger shark and play for some minutes when I click on an ad and it starts buffering and when I start playing a little x right next to the compass I think prevents me from controlling my shark. I uninstalled the app and installed it again but I still can't use it. Please help me with this bug
Ok so... I remember when i was like 5 or 6 and this game got big or atleast it was on my moms phone i loved it soooo much!!!!! Ive always enjoyed finding that huge crab underwater when i was little. But there were cool scary ( i s h ) updates! Because i mean there has to be updates or else it would get old fast, keep up the good work and updates!!! Its really fun and a nice game. :)
Had this game long ago. It was a lot of fun. Years later... they changed the controls. Must keep finger on D-pad or shark goes limp. Very dumb. I liked it a lot better before I recently played it. Uninstalling.
I love this game. The gameplay is very good. the sharks look amazing,my favorite shark is sharkzilla. one thing i don't like how many ads their is. it took me one hundred ten ads to unlock sharkzilla. after that, it was so much fun to eat and kill fish and other sharks in game. this game is very very fun to play with the sharks and other monsters. so it's a good game but it has that one problem with the ads. i think you guys should add a new lab made shark.
this game has always been the fun game to me I grew up playing it through the years since 2012 I also like the new one it is pretty fun too but it seems more like you have to buy coins just to get new sharks they are pretty high priced the old one has a good price on the sharks and not everything has to be bought with gems.In general if your looking for a good eat everything game hungry shark evo is the game
It makes fun for me, when i smoke a cigarette and in similar situations, because i'm not really like to play on my phone. But one of the most making fun phone games for me, but all the advertising sucks!!! It's to many, when i doesn't throw my phone to the next wall or to the ground.
Id rather play world than this abomination, it lacks details on the Actual sharks, whenever i try to kill a swimmer in a cage underwater it just launches me up and well... WHAT DO YOU KNOW i ended up on the other side of the map im playing
Great game, graphics are sweet, however like all games there is a few things that could be fixed, such as the controls very loose, eating fish and sharks ect.. you most of the time will not even eat them no matter what size shark you are, it's annoying. If these few things were to be fixed then, this game would be hands down the sickest shark game on a phone.
I really love this game, but i will only give it a 3 because when i played sharkija, sharkija's health drains really quick and i can't find any fishes because they only spawn like 1-2 minutes, and the controls are too small to get control on the sharks and the sharks can't move properly, and i need a new area because the fishes only spawn like 1-2 minutes, and you can't save the game because when i reinstall it all of my sharks are gone, sharks that i worked so hard and its gone please fix this
I love this game. I remember playing it years ago on my Amazon Kindle Fire and love it today. Sadly it seems I cannot get my old data from my game back, which brought it down some. It still retains much of its unique and fun aspects, but although it has added new content, it doesn't feel like it's from the game. It feels like they just took some stuff from hungry shark world and brought it into this game. Wish they didn't change it that much. Overall, great game to pass the time and have fun!
THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!The only thing is that it usually lags so if you can try and help with that it would be amazing. Apart from that this game is a good game for survival games but beware if blood is unsuitable for you or your age!5β˜†
Been ok so far bought a shark apparently 3 times now and still don't have access to it. . .also it's buggy when you get the coins in game and tried to use that as currency and it took my coins though I don't have access to the thing I bought. It's got better controls and feel to it from the original game and I would say is actually fun. Big step up from the basic game and original. They have fair prices too. Still glitchy and I think they really need to check on their servers and work on store.
Fun game, app is full of advanced buck futtery. It will auto press ads (and there's a ton), then you have to wait for a second countdown timer after the first, pause, and auto-press before you can return to the game. And I just lost my place because the game reset after an ad instead of continuing.
this game is fun. Funny thing is that the new shark that was on sale cost 125 gems. I only had like 33. until someone said they watched ads for like 2 hours. si i spent my time watching ads and i actually got it in 45 mins. but worth it now i can eat everything. Highly recommand you to spend the time and watch unlimted ads to get gems and buy cool stuff like the new shark.
Love it 😊. But do you know the second crab? (Giant) you don't get anything when you defeat it. It's not fair me it took ages. And when you die I use my gem but every time I have bout 3 gems and you need that much to revive it just says that you need more gems. I do love it though I've got big daddy
This is a really, really good game. Original, Regularly updated, and (most importantly) entertaining! Please keep this fresh and amazing, keep up the good work!
I downloaded Hungry Shark world before I gave it a four-star to but I play this game in the car because playing with my other games this is bull they're boring without conduction it's really boring so I use this game for more fun because sometimes I go on long trips and I have other games I could tell you about a month has Kick the Buddy
Easy to use and very entertaining. Edit : lowered my rating down to 3 stars because it won't let you switch your Google account or let you choose which Google account to sign in with. Signed me into my second Google account so I lost all the stuff I bought. Please fix this with an update. Edit : The support team handled this issue. I lost the data but they have fixed what they could. I love this game. Thank you! 5/5
What happened over the years? I used to play this game all the time and decided to finally reinstall it to try out the new updates. The amount of glitches I've experienced today alone are horrible. I've gotten yeeted across the map frequently as well as my whole screen turning into an unplayable collage. I don't know how long this has been happening, but I sure hope these are fixed soon since they often ruin my good runs.
This game is cool you can even buy different kind of sharks like Mako Shark,HammerHead Shark,Tiger Shark& Great White there are more sharks but i can't see what color they are i can see there shape but not there color. I love when i chase down human and they scream out. And i eat them up and you see the blood 😁. It's so c😎😎l you can even buy antidote so if you get stung by the jellyfish and you already buy the antidote it automatically gave you the antidote and you can upgrade you're shark.
I had the game for about 3 days and got all the way to the hammerhead shark. I restart my phone every night, but when I turned on my phone for the day all my progress was lost! I need this fixed please, if not i'm uninstalling this game.
Honestly a fun game i did have a problem with raiders but you can go to settings and turn it off but if you play this its a real grind
I am enjoying the game! But I think you should add more places/areas for sharks to roam around. That's only my concern, I hope you can add more or those. Thanks! :)
Why my all unlocked sharks get locked automatically, while I'm playing in my Mi tv? It is very disappointing. Every time I play and unlock 3/4 Sharks, then next day it get automatically locked. My all earned coins, dimonds lost and I have to play with 1st Shark. Please tell me any solution, so I can fix it.
Amazing shark simulator game with awesome 3D graphics and a really smooth gameplay.This is one of the very few addictive games,comparing to the recent games by which we get bored very easily by playing.Another thing which I love the most in this game is the play to win feature, which is drastically rare in today's games.Deserves 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, nothing less than that.The developers also respond frequently to the fellow players, including me.A big heart for the devsπŸ’–πŸ’πŸ’•.
I start to play this game in 2014. Unlock so many shark (that time Big Mama is the greatest). Then Mr. Snappy and Alan came to cheers up the game. But somehow, I lost the progress. Not sure why the sync failed. I stop to play around 2y+. I start to contact Support team after I was notice at the open forum a their website, someone also got same problem with me, and was advised to contact support them. And today, they help me to get back the progress with some new rewards! Much appreciate! <3
I have had this app for like six years. Can't say I'm addicted. Recently my tablet broke and the only thing I remember is my email and like what skarks I had, coins, gems. I have tried contacting the team a few times but nothing seems to work. I would like for someone to help me try to recover my account. Sadly I've been trying to contact them and they never respond. Thats why I'm giving them 3 stars
This game surprised me when I found out it was a move control and your thumb never leaves the screen. To be honest it kind of through me off, but after realizing how much you could find in the game with the sunken treasures and the mission it turned me around. Plus you can level up your shark individually along with leveling up it's different attributes which is quite nice and add some depth to this grind of a game.
I buyed the krakennn!! Very good game.there should be moorree!! Sharks and more prey prey spawn SOOOOO late i died like 100000000!! In the cave of crabs.the giant black crab is annnoooiinnnggggggg!!! He or she will die in 4 to 7 hits!!!!! sharks.items.babys.upgrades Everthings so expensive! This is why i give 4 stars thanks who made this game
Better then last time but I have a idea to improve it for you by using typing can you add a destroyer shark that breathes green anatomic breath and summons Great whites for hunting smaller creatures,Megaladon for boats and Luminate for the destruction and behave as shark pets and make it an awesome extremely strong and big shark and add a jaws shark with the power of rampage rush
This game is horrible. You will constantly be killed by enemy sharks you cannot kill (literally impossible for 50% of sharks. Sharks that can kill it will take months to get) within 30seconds of starting a game. These unkillable sharks will come from anywhere and they are everywhere. Do not waste your time on this game.
Really great! Usually don't play with the sound, it was up one time! Heard the people who were getting eaten. It's really funny, guess im a bit twisted!
I just watched the trailor, and i was hooked! Then i played the game...AND I PLAYED IT 2 HOURS STRAIGHT!!! So its a amazing app. I wpuld highly recommend it for people who love adventure and the ocean. Hope my rating was useful 😊
the game is fun but you play a game, then an ad, want to keep playing the game after you died, watch an ad, go to play a new game, watch an ad. you have to watch an ad between every game and sometimes 2! the game to ad time has almost been completely equal. I want to keep playing but I pit the phone down because there are so many ads!
I loved this game because it has kinds of sharks from modern to ancient. And some of them have there special ability. but the game have glitches need to be fix. i loved using new shark . And now i am waiting for new one.
no glitches. it's offline. interesting. recommend this app may seem boring but it's actually really fun to play while on the go. if you ever feel bored it's fun because you can play this because it's always different never the same animals and people. Also the Titanic mini level Is fun. the 'sharknata' I'd really fun because you everytime get 1 coin and also there's the jackpot which is fun and the sharknata is completely free just like the app in general so go download the app I really β™‘ it!
This game is awsome even a shark that looks like Godzilla but you should have added a orca to it because a kraken is almost like a squid but bigger and orcas eats squids so it would make sense to put it in front of the kraken other then that great job with the game
This game is better than Hungry Shark World. The sharks are more realistic and the graphics is nice and I can play with different type of creatures other than sharks. The only problem is that the map is so small. I hope that the developers can enlarge the existing maps or build new maps.
This is a very good game you must try this game but there is one glitch that is when we play the game if we die in the game then if we use gems to spawn we can't use gems ???? one board will come that internet connection is needed after the game will be stopped please correct this glitch.
The progress in this game is so SLOW. Theres a funny glitch where gold rush teleports you. 2 boats calide and the cage kicks you into space . one time i went into a dev area from it. I like those glitches. Just make progression a little faster like more gold or lower prices. Thats all. Good game
Really nice game got to give it a 5 stars way better than the hungry shark world that is fake but i lkke everything but the only think i dont like is the sharks size it must be bigger and please make more sharks i know the new update they added 2 new shark but i still dont think its enough but this game is really nice please fix the problem and i ams ure that this game would me the best keep up the good work on this game.
I love this game and its amazing, and I only have one problem with it. When you go to buy things, and if you have enough coins. It takes you to the page where you buy coins. But other than that its amazing. =)
I really liked this game but now it is not the same you need to add a offline and online that would be fun for all of us oh and one thing is that you need to add more sharks that cost in game money because if you don't do it maybe you will get a 1 star review so just please do it
Probably one on the best games out there for android...My entire family has been playing it off and on for years..Good way to kill boredom, challenging, yet fun game for ALL ages!!! Nice part is they have changed it it up for (seasons), so it is not repetative. Nice that it is free, has cloud drive and the ads are not that bad either.
I really love this game I have played it for 7 years. Only thing that needs fixing is the difficulty level its very hard to get sharks.
Very fun game but it is very hard to earn coins as a smaller shark. (Should be a bit easier to earn coins as smaller shark.)
Although this game has a problem, is very interesting. It isn't very boring. I think it is better than hungry shark world. The problem is that when I try to revive my shark with 5 gems, it opens the shop (even when I have more than enough gems) and says that it is unable to connect and then the game gets stuck after I close the error message. I lose all my progress and have to restart the app.
I really enjoy this game but for some reason i cant find any mission shells, i just downloaded after a few years of not playing, i really enjoy the new graphics, gonna take time to get used to but not a big deal, and i cleary remember mission shells, i dont remember them being unlocked from the start, overall one of my favorite games πŸ‘
Please I cant access my saved game progress. Help me. Please and please, help me. I've bought Alan the destroyer. I reinstalled the game but can't retrieve my progress from google play games even though my achievements are all there at Google play games. But my game progress isn't there anymore please help me. Or I will die
WAY to many ads, and everything tries to kill you like seals, jellyfish, giant crazy looking sharks, other smaller sharks, a submarine with torpedoes, Chinese shark fishermen. It's nearly impossible to stay alive for more than a few minutes unless you have gems. It's a play to win game.
It's good but it's pretty hard to get the hats and everything but it's good you should try it and you should play it blood try not to like be overboard about the hats and you know the different sharks if you want like the different sharks instead of like the first shark but you should be kind of Overboard about that I try not to like punch the screen or like come on I didn't like you just delete the game please don't do that the game is cool and do not delete the game
Its too buggy, when i die and try to revive for the second time the game just says "can't access the shop" even though I never went online once in the game, then it crashes and all the gold i got from a 30 minutes game is lost
The games good and all but after playing this game for years... I've played it back since when megalodon was first introduced.. I question why the top tier sharks aren't even sharks lol but I'm fine with that.. anyways I've wondered why after all these years there hasn't been new sea life in the open world. Yes there are bigger enemy sharks but those depend on rank you have the shark in (enemy big daddy, Mr snappy...) Why not add something original like whale sharks that don't attack. New life!
This game is hella fun. The sharks you can unlock can vary between special sharks with powers to dominate the competition to the extinct doom machines. And the gameplay is amazing, just going on a spree eating tons of fish feels amazing. I know this sounds like i was payed to say this but it is really fun. If you're reading this then I suggest playing the game.
I like your game it is sad because for a long time the gaming beaver play your game and I have the megalodon but I want the moby ok I have the godzilla toy and I almost forgot about the game is better than most games so I make a 5 star i want like 999999 gams ok love the idea
I love this game and all but whenever i want to play a second game, the game goes on a gray screen and i can't do anything except exit the game, and when im watching an ad for either coins or gems, the game randomly crashes and i don't get anything.
I love this game but the older versions were better, if the sharks 0f today went to the old style it would be a five star
The game got scary actually, i have been playing this game when i think it was fairly new, the game has really changed its scary, the sharks got stronger obviously, i still rate it 5 stars cause its one of the best games i have ever played, this is one amazing game, just the graphics(?), Sharks, textures etc have really changed, its not bad or anything its just new to see a big change like this, but i still love the game so much
This is really fun but I think you should make the map more bigger πŸ™‚ and Also give more coins because I could play for 10mins and only get like 1k coins or less. I also think that y'all should lower the price of the sharks a Little since I can't get enough coins.
I am playing this game from 2018. I love this game but the new graphics of this game is horrible . This graphics made this game a game of 3 year old baby.
This is one of he most legendary games ever made. I've been playing since day 1. I love the new updates and how, even though it's a older game. You developers keep the game new. Only thing is not to put lava sharks were we spawn.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
OMG! This game is SUPER cool, and super easy! ilI love evolving all of my sharks and unlocking new areas! i think everyone wh9 plays this game will have a good time. thier is ONE downfall of the game though. it is harr to make a large amount of money in a short time. in this game you make money very slowly. but other than that this game is amazing and I hope you people th8nk8ng of downloading the game have fun!!!
My son loves playing this game but we recently ran into some issues where the sharks we purchased (which are NOT cheap) were removed every so often... despite having the game backed up to the cloud (with the little green check). I sent a message to UbiSoft tech support and received a prompt reply with suggestions on how to recover the items. I sent back what I could locate and although they were not able to recover my purchases, they WERE able to replicate our account and bring back the sharks that we had lost! I am VERY pleased with their customer service and their help in resolving this matter! THANK YOU!
I hate pay to win games. I miss the nostalgia and the old interface. By including micro transactions you have lost plenty of players. DONT RUIN THIS GAME LIKE SO MANY OTHERS HAVE.
This game has been a staple for me since it's release. I love the game and the developers at FGOL are very determined to make the game the best it can be. Its amazing to see how far the game has become and I cannot wait to see what they come up with next. Keep up the outstanding work!!!
Really good game... However... Far far far too many adverts.... I would much rather pay say Β£4.99 for the game with no adverts... Really ruins the game... There is a 30 second advert after every life... And everything you click is accompanied by a 30 second advert. I would definitely pay Β£4.99 for this game... Adverts put me off it badly... Maybe look at reducing the amount of adverts... Would be 5 stars otherwise
Great game! I never knew I would have such fun with a phone game. Good graphics, music and gameplay! The only issue for me is it takes a bit too long to load and lags when I attack large schools of fish.
I've played this game for years. Ever since the creators put the "missions" button to the bottom left, it's unplayable. I always click on it causing the game to pause. I miss the times when it was at the up left corner. I can't be the only one having issues with that.
I used to love this game, but then it stopped loading my maps and made me rebuy items I had already purchased. Now I get jipped out of almost every sharknata and it restarts the whole app instead. Also any given shark will be unable to eat for no apparent reason at random times, often causing the shark to die. Seals will latch on to my shark when nowhere near it, and larger sharks occationally spawn on top of my shark out of nowhere and kill it instantly. No longer a fun game, just frustrating.
After spending more time with this game I am updating my rating. At first this game is really fun. You swim around eating most things in sight, sating your hunger. You quickly learn that there are some things you just can't eat and pose a risk to you. There are cool secrets and stuff everywhere to find. However it's not long before your progress begins slowing down to a grind. The risks grow and the rewards shrink. You find yourself being one-shot by pay-to-win player sharks or stuff off-screen.
So much fun, great way to pass time, one thing I do wish is for you to unlock the new shark once you reach level 10 on the one you have now. that is really all, and it is not even a big problem! I love this game so much!!! 😁😁😁😁😁❀
It is fun, a time killer, but there are problems with the game. It's this one incredibly annoying glitch. The cage keeps glitching while trying to spawn, throwing you far into another part of the map, you gotta fix that. Also my saves transfered from my tablet to my phone didn't work correctly, so on my phone the current event is restarted. Please fix. Other then that it's a very fun time killer, definitely recommend.
I will only rate 4 stars. Why? Well because this has been my favorite game since i was a kid, when it was first released in fact. But there were glitches that throw you across the map and makes the game unplayable anymore. Please fix the bug. Other than that, this game is very nice.
I get killed by the zombie shark like 1 second in the game and the sharks cost to much I can only afford one of the small ones and I like colorful sharks not green blue or gray pls add like light blue ,pink,purple,yellow, or light green it will make the game more better than plane and add a button were you can put what music you like
Poggers, not a lot of ads, considering the ratio of playing and watchung and when compared to other games, music gameplay are good too. There are bugs, cages flinging me into the edge of the map, clipping through some animals (such as the navy seals). The coins you earn while evolving stays the same while the prices sky rocket, makes it quite boring after the tiger. Still a really great game if you want to grind, a non-demanding game that works even on 2013 devices.
Very expensive game, I don't mind paying for a game but this one is extreme. They have a lot of cool creatures but the game space is very small. They need to forget the sharks for a minute and concentrate on adding more play areas. The ads are not too bothersome, there alot less than other games. It is a fun game to play and it can get addictive. But the number of gems that you need to buy a shark or item is crazy.
Pay to play!! Pay to play!! Way to many ads. Sometimes takes $25,000 to level up, even tho you spend ten minutes and make $27. Do the math. How long will it take to get to $25,000? Otherwise a cool game. The only reason it gets a 2 star.
this game is the greatest,the best game,i really,really,recommend that you download it,it only has a few ads,the sharks are great,i play it daily,if you like exploring games and shark games you would love this one, only thing i want to change is the fastness you get coins/money,keep making more games like this PLEEEEEEEEEEEEZE,i would rate this a million out of 5,i enjoy it,download it guys :D :D:D:D:D:D
I am obsessed with this game. I played this game at launch I got addicted on my iPad and phone. I grinded for minutes, hours and days unlocking every single thing in the game. This is the best shark game ever. I highly recommend installing this game. I am in love with this game I am to addicted to this game. I spent time unlocking item's, shark's, coins, and gemsπŸ’°πŸ’ŽπŸ¦ˆπŸ€©. Getting high scores in this game is a piece of cake. Shredding through the fish, shark and the humans. This is a great game.
It's a very good game. Anyways, I came to report a glitch where the cages just fling you into the sky. It happened to me a few times already. This glitch needs to be fixed bruh.
the game is great and all but i find it boring and while I was chomping in the water for some reason it just launches me into the sky like thats a glitch and another glitch is that the shark cage when I get one hit from it it will just start swinging around everywhere like that's a glitch please fix that
This is a good game. . I took a shark to Megaladon for free a few years ago. My real problem is my shark reverts to a brand new reef shark overnight. I was up to a tiger. It says it is synced. OK support wrote and told me what to do tk get it working right. Hungry Shark Evolution works and i got Nessie. That plesiosaur rocks. So sinuous and slippery. Eats anything almost. And it drives so well. Spend very little compared to most games. They pay gems and gold to watch ads with no limit. Love it.
I love this game and all the sharks! Screw Hungry Shark World. This game has great graphics, and you can play through this game without spending a penny! Once you unlock the Megalodon or higher, it's so satisfying to eat everything. This game deserved five stars from me because it's a great game!
Is it natural to not have an acces on your map? I bought the basic map and doesn't even show at the screen, the only time that map icon shows up is when you click misson or the shell, the map icon will pop up at the bottom left of the screen but you can't click it at all then if you close it map icon will be gone too please fix this sorry for my English I rated it 3 star because it's also a good game and fun but please fix it as soon as possible.
this game is amazing it brings back a lot of memories and the sharks actually look like sharks but I just wish you guys would make the ocean bigger and add another boss and add more creatures like a whale or dolphins and killer whales and more maps and stuff. other than that the game is good.