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Hungry Hearts Diner: A Tale of Star-Crossed Souls

Hungry Hearts Diner: A Tale of Star-Crossed Souls for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by GAGEX Co.,Ltd. located at 東京都墨田区吾妻橋 3-3-2 吾妻橋アドバンスビル 5F. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is a charmer, it's so cute and precious! I hardly review games, but this one deserves it. It has a great story with excellent characters! That ending brought tears to my eyes. If you have time you could finish it in a day like I did, but taking time with it is also a good idea! Highly advise, one of the best games I've played.
I really enjoy playing this game and sometimes get stuck playing it until I need to plug my phone into the charger. I was going through games on my phone to see which ones to get rid of and this one won my heart over. Some of the conversations are really long and drawn out which is where they give you important info. This part could use some work but it does come with a cheat sheet, as well. Again, its an awesome game!
This is absolutely amazing. I love the story, though, i'm still ongoing. The game works really well, i love the graphics as well. The joyful calming music, all those amazing sound effects. I think i found the perfect game :)
This game is very nice because of the old lady and the happy customers and I'm. Notice the old lady is very cute and the shop is small and you can doctorate a small shop Updrage and see a customer name
Very fun to unlock recipes, easily addicting. I was honestly a little annoyed about having to unlock conversations at first, because I just wanted to keep discovering the new food, but I grew attached to the characters and their stories. Very cute and lovely game, didn't even expect some of the sad stuff but enjoyed it.
Loved the game! The game is so soothing with no pressure like other cooking games. And it has all these beautiful stories that are unlocked as you gave them their favorite food. I think the ending for me is the best. The big reveal I never expected. All in all this game is awesome. So give it a try peeps.
I loved it! The stories were heartwarming and because I've been pretty down in the dumps, I at least feel a little better after playing this. Especially grandpa's story? The last words to his story were, "I'll try again for Sakura." And that gave me hope, I hope to live for more days even though I just feel like giving up. Thank you for developing this blessing of a game
Wow! Beautiful story, simple but enjoyable gameplay. Besides the great artwork, the characters and their stories are truly wonderful. Full of unexpected turns and a mix of heartbreak and heartwarming moments. Gameplay is easy and laid back, as well as responsive. For me THIS is the kind of game I wish more could aspire towards. Simple, without a ton of bells and whistles and money grabbing schemes, while having meaningful stories, lovable characters and wonderful art detail.
We need a sequel for this game. The developer owe us another game to tell how is everyone doing right now. That is how good the game is.
simply, this game is the greatest storytelling and cooking game i've ever played. it also have a incredible art, simple but aesthetic. stories captured here are some real life struggles and the end will surprise you for real ;)
I installed this game over a year ago and been playing it only to kill time. This is the only game I didn't uninstall though I'm not always playing it, and today I finished the whole story. The story is great and heart-warming. Planning to install other games from this developer.
this game make me learn more about life, and patience... heartwarming... AND I just re-play the game and it still heartwarming... (Edited)
Really fun game, don't like the unavoidable ads tho, and no option to purchase anything to get rid of them, unfortunate
For such a casual game, I didn't expect it to make me feel such strong emotions. There are some really sad parts, but there's an underlying theme that no matter what, things will be okay eventually. Genuinely one of the sweetest games I've played
It didn't take long for me to think 'this reminds me of that lovely oden cart game'. Low and behold; it's by the same developer. The game's relaxing, has cute and nice visuals, simple gameplay and is easy to pick up and play frequently throughout the day or are rarely as you like. I love meetimg and unvailing the stories of the inderviduals to the point of nearly tearing up at the end. This has become another one of my favourite games on the entier playstore.
This is a really nice game! I only wish I could change the game's language settings to Japanese as I am currently learning it. The only complaint I have is that even when you turn off the notifications it will still bug you unless you turn them off in the game settings after clicking the icon in the screen.
Aaah this is so cute yet so sad :" so much moral story in 1 game. And i didn't expected all of the characters in here have a dark story and end with sad and happy story. Love this game so much!
While playing the game the game's unique storytelling made me feel that I am "Grandma" all this time. I am waiting for what kind of twist in the story will it be. It feels like home too - surrounded by the warm relationship of our loved ones and family. I feel the theme of this game is all about family. In general, we always take our family's for granted. That's why regrets are made as a result of misunderstandings, shame and pride. This game is indeed a hidden gem! ❤️
This was such a roller coaster ride and I love it so much. I kinda wished that there would be more for the ending like characters reuniting with the people they left behind but I guess there are some things that are better left not knowing and I guess its up to us the viewers to come up with it and it really is just a fun and chill ride although there are intense moments in the story but over all I love it! And I hope that all the other people that played this game did so too. Hoping for more!
splendid game! I really enjoy playing it, after a minute of playing I became addicted to it! I'm still at level 14 but this game is so fun! The stories/conversations is heartwarming and enjoyable, keep up the good work! It'll be wonderful if you guys update the game, highly recommend this to everyone I know. Thank you! :)
The second game from Gagex that i play and love. Always love the simplicity of the games folowing with the heartwarming storylines. I really wish for the other games from Gagex (in English please since i don't understand Japanese). Thank you very much for making this kind of games that help the gamers relax and also somehow reminding us many important things in this life which we forgot as we are busy with our grown ups life.
A heartwarming story indeed. I just hope that the conversations will be unlocked after acquiring a certain level. Because I finished all the conversations before unlocking all recipes and buying all upgrades which made me lose a lil bit of interest in the game. Nevertheless, I enjoyed playing it!
Such a wonderful game. I wish there's more of stories going on because I finished all stories in one day. It's so catchy and very simple too. I love this game and all the different stories with each character. The graphics are cute too 10/10 recommend.
Very addictive. The game is simple and very nice. The story is very heartwarming. I keep thinking how to choose a balanced and good menu to serve. Very recommended
Edit:On second replay there's one thing that could be improved. It doesn't make sense that the Shinto Altar upgrade requires the highest level because at that point, you don't really need more money since you most likely bought all other upgrades by then. I actually reinstalled this game again after finishing it, so I can relive it again. It's an amazingly wholesome and touching game! I never would've expected a mobile game to have this much impact on me. I wish I could give the gameplay 100/5.
After I unlocked everything, this is one of the only games I don't have the heart to uninstall. It's like it gave me a memory or an experience I don't want to forget...
Simple; cooking meals and listening to other stories. The graphic is beautiful with relaxing BGM. Now, I know what sort of game I like and Gagex's is one of them.
The graphics is really nice. I like how they created each characters, food, and the environment (store). It's fun to play it, and doesn't cost that much for "add-ons" as compared with other games i played. Also, the story, there's something about it that touches the reality. I had fun, real fun. Although it's short, but totally worth it. This game made me search and download their other creations. Thank you to the creator/s.
Incredible storyline for a cooking game. I love the memorable interactions, the ending, and the graphics. It all contributes to the nostalgic feeling of being in one of the oldest diners in your town. It feels very sensational, to see an old granny working up a diner all alone, and it pains my heart. But I guess we all will be like her one day, old and lonely. This gets my approval and everyone should at least play this game once.
#1GreatOfflineGameExperience. Heartwarming, delighted my heart fully, sometimes it goes funny, sometimes it goes sad and that's what I really want to see,sometimes it is good to see reality through something different. It actually helped and actually worked.
Not gonna lie, I cried when I reached the end of the game's plot. Who would've thought imma cry over a game? THE PLOT TWIST?? OMG SO GOOD. This game is relaxing and moderately paced. I love the music and interactions. Certainly heartwarming. I hope this get updated and the story goes on. I really love it! Thank you!
It's such a beautiful story! and i love the game! I'm gonna miss the customers, grandpa, and the old lady so much 😥✊
It's unbelievable how beautiful and wholesome this game is ❤️ I want to spend all my time in the diner. My only two wishes would be that it was a bigger game and also that I could run the diner in real life. Is that something you could solve? 😘
This game is soooo sweet and relaxing, the music is so beautiful and the characters are cute, I've played a couple of cooking games but this one is my fav, i really love this game and recommend it if y'all thinking about downloading it, overall it's fantastic 💜✨
I LOVE THIS GAME. a very heartmelting story line, cute graphics, a relaxing yet heartwarming melody. I almost unlucked all the menu (yeay!!..) This game not just erase boring feels but also teach us a lesson about family bonding. Please, everyone should play this game. Family is all you need💙
This is the only app that got me to write a review! The story is absolutely heart warming and the visuals are just as endearing. Lovely characters and it actually got me hungry a couple of times. However it's a bit annoying that after reaching a certain level it gets quite hard to prepare enough food, so the playtime gets cut in half. Otherwise, love it and recommend it to anyone who loves a light hearted, narrative centred game! :)
A total must-play! Everything about this is beautiful—the story, the music, the graphics, & more! I've played this years ago & I keep coming back to these games from this developer. I'm simply addicted to every single one of these games. Thank you, developers! 💙💚💛🧡❤️
It's quite simple but never get boring on it and really interesting. It has conversations within the customers and lessons to be learn especially from the monk. Also so touchy I reinstalled it again cause my heart want to play it again just calm and peaceful game it's just you and the game only 💛 the story is so pure and can touch your heart
The story is so wholesome! I loved all the characters, especially because they tried to change for good. Even though it's an idle game, I can't stop playing it! Because I want to know more about its story, but now that I've finished it, it made me think about myself. How am I really doing in life. Thanks for creating this game devs. This has been really a great help 🥰
The story is so good! It captured each of the characters happiness, sadness, struggles and their resolves! The development of the conversation is so nice! I almost cried in several stories, but I really love it! Thank you for your hard work and hopefully you continue to grow even more beautiful games from now on. Once again thank you and good luck!
i literally never send reviews, but this is the best mobile game i've ever played. graphics are adorable, the story is painfully cute, the characters are all different and well written, background music so so peaceful. there's no rush in completing anything, you can go at your own pace and enjoy everything. i really adored playing this game and i'll admit i teared up a little at the end. wish there was a sequel !
I really REALLY love the story in this simple game. Every characters have their story and it's really nice.. and pretty emotional. The background music is really nice and calming also fits perfectly for this type of game. I really enjoy this game eventhough it's a really simple game. Thank you so much for making this game :)
Oh my god this game!!!!! I had no idea what I was getting into when I downloaded this. The stories are so poignant and I spent like a day crying when I finished it. I cannot believe a mobile game got to me like this. It's fun and the story is perfect and you dont have to spend a single penny to progress through the game. I'd give it a million stars if I could.
A calming game with a great story and surprising twist. Idle restaurant game with lots of food you can try, interesting characters that I got surprisingly attached to, and a great vibe. My only critique is that I wish there was more places I could put food especially late game, but overall a great game that I thoroughly enjoyed.
This was so great!! One of the best games ive played!! Loved it all the way to the end! Its sad and sweet at the same time!! I didnt think a game was gonna make me cry 😅I realllyyy recomend this game!
first time playing this game in 2019 before the pandemic but forgot about it since i changed my phone. it just popped up in my mind again. this game is heartwarming and i feel deeply nostalgic whenever i open this game because of the bgm. i don't recommend this for softies out there (like me) who can be really sentimental even with just a game storyline.
The game has a really cute artstyle and a surprisngly interesting story for a cooking game! I was kind of annoyed by the dialogue at first but i got much more into it towards the end and the final ones even made me tear up a bit <3 Overall it's a really fun game if you love the more idle tapper type games, i super recommend!
A very peaceful game that I would love to play on a rainy day. It's so satisfying, serving delicious food and getting coins to buy furniture etc. This is exactly the game for me. Go by your own pace, relax, you can take time off it anytime you want, there's no quests, no daily goals or anything like that, just a peaceful and relaxing venue. Great game!
I spent two days obsessed with this adorable game. Everything from the atmosphere to the characters to how good the food looked was absolutely perfect. It gave me a sense of nostalgia, despite never playing it before, and I loved every moment 😊
This still melts my heart ! I've played this game 3 years ago,, and it just suddenly popped up in my mind so I thought I'd give it a try. again. The background music is so calming,, it gave me a peaceful vibe. And the stories! All them are so heartwarming! The food (and drinks) looks yummy! Last but not the least,, the art! The characters are so so cute! Especially Mabo! This game deserves more than 5 stars in my opinion. Wonderful game!
Dang. The developers didn't have to tug at my heart strings like that. It started off as light and humorous but ended with pain in my heart. This is a game that will make you crave it all over again.
I actually played this game and finished it last yeae and hands down this was the only game that I enjoyed until the very end of the game. It's very relaxing and the graphics somewhat feel nostalgic. Might redownload this in the future since I just wanted to leave a review here because it deserves a good rating!
Relaxing game, great to pass time. Surprisingly interesting and touching storyline. The frequency of ads was acceptable, much more tolerable than other games. Love this game.
It's a short game.. roughly only 2 days of grind, but man does it hit hard. While there is an energy bar that you will need to refuel, I believe its 30 seconds per. The music is nice and calming, but it's the story that really hits you deep. This is my second play through of it, as I had recently rediscovered it after a year. Overall just a great game, wish it was longer..
I played this game twice now. The first time was years ago and the second just now as I'm writing this, each time is still as heartwarming and touching as the first. This is a rare gem amongst the many games here and it's worth to see it to the end.
I've finished this game twice now and cried each time. The story is beautiful, as well as the graphics. Learning about Japanese foods is fun, too! I wish this lasted longer or had a sequel... Are you listening, developers?
It's an idle game, it's best to experience it slowly, so the experience gets richer. (Still doable within a few days but it's not a nice feeling though) The storyline is very good. Somethings are surprising once you connect the dots. The characters all have unique personality and story, some correlate with each other. The music is very calming. Things that you learn in game, can be applied to real life, as to how you look at life.
I finished the game and it made me tear up😭 I love the story, i like how we look for what the customer is craving at the moment so we'll know what to cook next. The conversations with the customers are heart-warming. or maybe I'm just a cry baby thats why. Kudos to the writer and the developer of this app!
This game is a temporary experience, but a good one. Once you've dealt with the story material, there isn't anything left to do. Upgrades are few and simple, gameplay is very easy. I feel though, personally, that it could be a prelude to another, more complicated game. That said, this game is relaxing, and the character stories are nice to follow. Though, I wish it didn't have the ad bar at the bottom, which is ugly.
Hey you, who are reading this ,Don't think twice. Just Download it.you can feel and find peace in it, evn short stories which are designed with dialogues.♥️ Edit : - I've downloaded this game over and over (after completing). So obsessed with the bgm .so calm and beautiful story I just love this game ..I hope you make various gamed like this. Btw m playing wooden cart too ❤🙌🏻
Me just ok. I can see why the developer has abandoned this game. Though it's cute. It does require u to be in the game constantly babysitting it. Which can get a bit boring after awhile. Otherwise with events n stuff I'm sure it'd be very cute. I'm keeping it for when I'm bored. Yes people it's probably been abandoned as no updates since 2018!
How sad I am that I just completed the game:'( I'm literally crying right now:)) Leveling up and buying things were easy, the story was heart warming and sad, the drawings looked very nice. It was a really good game. Thank you for the experience. I don't want to delete the game..
CUTEEEEEE. LITERALLy perfect. Theres no bug and all. And the ads are not that annoying that much :) just the prices for furniture are expensive af tho but still I can buy it without spending any real money. Thank you. I hope it wont change in the near future ♥️
Absolutely amazing! I would really reccomend this game. It is so relaxing. The graphic is super cute and the food makes my mouth water. I beat the game already but I want to restart and try to beat the game again. There doesn't seem to be this option. Please add an option where we can start over again! I want to play again because it is so fun!
This is a very wholesome, thought-provoking and very sweet game. I didn't expect to cry this much 😭 every story is so wonderful and im shocked with the ending, it hit me hard. Im sad the game ended too soon bc i want more 😭 for everyone looking for reviews to know whether to download it or not, this is the sign that you should. The ads are not intrusive as well, it won't bother you and it can be played offline. Highly recommended 10/10. It captured my heart 💖
Just playing this game for a tiny bit every day, I finished it in a little over a week. Such a sweet story and beautiful art. I would happily play it again but man it's too early in the day to cry! The ending was beautiful.
this game.... wow. it was a relaxing game to me, i enjoyed the convos and the cute atmosphere, never imagined the ending would have me bawling my eyes out at 1am LOL the other day i caught myself ordering gyozas because i kept cooking it in-game and that got me craving it :P i really enjoyed playing this game, i wish there were more customers to keep the story going... thank you for this experience 💜
I LOVE this game and i am feeling it when engage conversation with the customers. Every walk-in has their own stories. Is also good to know more about japanese cuisine. Some food name ive never come across or eaten before. Well design game, relaxing music, entertaining due to some funny conversation and nice graphic. Hope i can play this as long as i can.
Soothing... Love the music and the calming atmosphere in the game. Love the cute tiny chibi granny as well as the other characters. Love how the food looks too. Its a great game to pass the time to maybe drink a cup of tea and learn ppls stories
I love this game. It makes my heart warm. I love looking for hints with the realtionship of each character to each other through their conversation with grandma. I love the twist in the end, too. I love each character's stories. The music adds up to making the story realistic, a bit painful, but comforting. It somehow let me think about how other people live their lives. Salute to the developers of this game!
All over it is a nice and heart warming game,I give it a five Star. And I love the idea of conversation which were sweet. And nice background music with interesting gameplay and a sweet, wonderful twist in the end. And a small little problem of the add bar in the end but because it's some time not there, So, it's ok. . And in the END it is a WONDERFUL STORY of a OLD LADY.
A really lovely and heartwarming game, it made me teary towards the end. Characters felt real and I really enjoyed the dialogues. I finished the game in less than 2 days and wished it could go on forever, with more characters, stories, scenes and food. ❤
This game is really emotionally compelling. Once you start the story you'd know you'd be grinding to cook every single meal for all the customers to see where the story goes, how their character develops, and how it all ends. Such a wholesome lovely game.
Such an addictive and cute game. It's simple and calming, you can put some real deep thought into your decisions or just listen to the music and relax. The characters are so charming I genuinly enjoy listening to their stories and making their fav foods for them to get excited over! Very atmospheric i'v recomended it to all my friends that need a relaxing game!
Eye opening kind of game if you'll just look deep in every character's story. The words of wisdom they say will get yourself realized a moral lesson.
Such a beautiful game, the story is original and can be sad or heartwarming, the grapchic is beautiful and the gameplay is simple and easy but i do wish there's more character and stories because i almost finish all of them and there's one thing that confuses me, some of the characters craving is not on the menu, but after awhile it appeard on the menu so i'm good now. I had a great experienced and i love this game
This game is really fun but sometimes when I watch the energy refill ads it doesn't work but other than that I love this game. I really hope you add new characters.
It was a great story relaxing kind of game! I love the little unlocking food for specific costumers and their story was 👌👌 especially grandma and Grandpa's. I saw it coming but it was still something to smile about ~ great game.
I love this game, never in my life have I cried over an app game, I just beat it today and I was truly impressed with it, I loved the grandma, I loved the grandpa, the gameplay, the stories, the cast of characters, the music, the food, I loved it all. It's relaxing. The ending is happy and at the same time sad, I cried over it but I'm happy too. I was not disappointed with Hungry Hearts, thank you for such a beautiful game like this! ❤
This game is very touching! I love the storyline! I'm not done with the game yet, this is meant to be a slow process to the end because you get to unravel many secrets that the customers say to you once you've raised up their satisfaction based on the foods you serve! I really like the game, and I hope that everyone will experience this feeling of home and joy.
This game is relaxing and I love it including the short stories of each characters. The only problem I see so far in this game is the visuals. Whenever I open the game plates are out of place they are off the counter XD but other than that it's a great game.
It's soooo good. I just finished playing it and I can't stop my tears to fall. It's really heart-breaking and at the same time really pleased in how the game and story went. I hope you still make other games just like these and summer memories I also loved that one. It's really intriguing and enjoyable game. Thank you for making it.
I do have issues due to the game being older, but I honestly LOVE this game!!!! I have completed all the upgrades and now I'm just working on maxing all the different dishes. I would be so excited to see a second game come out just like the other 2. It is worth the little glitches here and there, adorable characters, lovely stories. 100/10 love love love it, deffinetly watching out for more games!
Amazing. I loved every bit of it. Definitely give it a try! Very immersive and cleverly written. Thank you
This game is so much more than you could ever expect and it's definitely an adults game! It's calming, it's fun, it's sweet but it goes so much deeper. Its a slow burner that leads by breadcrumbs. Each characters story is beautiful in their own way and the protagonists story even more so. It hit me in the feels over and over and when I figured out the ending it hit me even harder. Over the weeks it's made me smile and it's made me cry. Honest, thought-provoking, wholesome and beautifully sad.
It's fascinating but there's sum bugs where when you log out and come back, your cash goes back to how it and your purchases and dish unlocks reset too. Which isn't that much of a bother cuz everything else is fine except for that. It's just infuriating sometimes
I don't know what to say! I've never seen a free game that was so delightful that didn't make you have to pay for anything to progress easily, but I digress. This is one of the best games I've played on mobile. The recipes are described wonderfully! Its absolutely cute and funny, but as you progress and learn about each character's life, it gets a bit sad and it really pulls your heart strings. The ending made me tear up! If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Definitely worth it!
It's such a beautiful game. The plot is beautiful and the conversations in them hold so much even if it may seem simple. The every day Life of normal people was very much portrayed in this game. Thank you so much for this. Considering that this game is free, AMAZING. ❤️❤️ Kudos to the makers!
I'm so inlove with this game that the first time I played it, I hardly can leave! It just didn't gave me an insights about Japanese foods but heartwarming stories. I don't know how it won't make anyone sentimental. It just impacted me in ways I didn't expected from a game. A refreshing change of typical cooking apps. It's nearly perfect besides when I opt for a full-screen while playing, half of my progress were gone, able to regain energy just by forwarding the time too. And not enough!!
A Very relaxing game.... The stories are always something kinda new and funny 😆 I like the game a lot because though it’s not THAT challenging but still it’s cute , fun , relaxing , and VERY cute!!
Great art and sound, it is a very calm yet engaging game. Wish there was more gameplay involving making the dishes itself, but it's still pretty solid as it is. I loved my time with it and the characters in it. I came back to revisit this game after watching Midnight Diner, I'd recommend the show to anyone who enjoyed the game. They're both enjoyable, character driven and have great food.
For me, this is not a 4.8 game. Everything is very slow so that you watch ads. There's absolutely no need to have 3 tables because there's always 1-3 customers! Why have so many places? I tell you why, just so you watch the ads and MAYBE get a boost of customers. Even so, everything is very slow. Even dialogs as clicking next is always has a useless delay. It builds character because of the story, but that's not enough for me.
This game taught me how important our family. This game treated my anxiety, thank you for making this game. I hope there is an update because the story is just a short story but in the end this game was nice and heart warming. I recommend to use earphone when you are going to play, the background music is very relaxing to hear.
Graphics are adorable and great while the background music was so soothing. The game was relaxing and entertaining. The best part was it didn't take long before you fill up the hearts. The storyline is heart-warming. I was just expecting a simple cooking-serving game but I got so deeply enveloped to the characters and their stories, it makes you think about things💯/💯
I finished the stories of all the customers today- the game itself is calming, ads are not intrusive and even the few ads I get I watch because I'd like to support the game in anyway I can. The stories are realistic and heartwarming, you really do feel invested in the gameplay. Only complaint? It ended too soon
It is just a wonderful game and one of the best games I have played this year till now and yes,,,, the conversations between the games and the type the game is made and designed is just awesome... I just wish that the game would be more long and a bit big game...as I just finished the game in 4 days.... So I wish it should have got more stages or levels.... And last I would say that it is just a wonderful game...and I wish I would have got a chance to give it a 6star. Keep it up.. 👍👍👍👌👌