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Hundred Soul : The Last Savior

Hundred Soul : The Last Savior for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by HOUND 13 located at 06141. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood, Suggestive Themes, Partial Nudity) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Favorite game have to check everyday. I pray you all consider this: A mode in challenge that has endless waves I have so many battle keys ya know Endurance mode if you will and give it the equinus battle system, 3 equipment types. And what's it take to be an influencer? I want merch to show my console family why I went mobile😎
I just love this game. The grinding is relaxing and you can actually get stuff. Also, always updates and new stuff.
This game is good i guess but i like more free games so not everywere u go is "MONSTERS" And a free world game were y can play with your freinds so i say no its not a simulater.
Its has potential, but I like it alot but the missions are so short its not even funny. They are so short it actually ruined the game for me. If they would expand and make the missions a bit longer this would be an even more epic game. I was sadly disappointed. And that is the only reason for the 3 stars.
It's like the game is in the edge and trying to get as much money until it dies. Almost everything that can be bought in game currency before now need real money. Really like the skins but sadly its paid game now. Its fun, but having to pay stuff that should be available for in game currency push me away from the game now.
Surprisingly a very good game. The complexity makes this game good, great graphic, great storyline. Also this game can running smoothly on phone with 4gb ram. 5 stars!
WHY THE HELL LONG RANGE FIGHTERS ATTACKING AN ENEMY FROM SHORT RANGE???!! There is no command buttons for companions like regroup, retreat or spread. And they always fight the monsters from front position. Camera position sucks, I can't read a big monster's movement at all. Players who started early or spent money are always on the top because of ranking system. Catching up to them will take months if not years. That's why this game doesn't have much players. Learn from pubg you idiot developers
4 stars because it was a good game and it was cool from the start but after that it was repeatedly dungeon and I thought that the characters are continuously talking when its chatting time but it wasn't. Overall it was a Good and cool game.
This is a lot better than I thought. Nice graphics. Gameplay is depends. Mission is not too hard but have difficult mode for more challenge.
I usually love this game and play it all the time, but ever since the lastest patch, the game keeps crashing and no matter what I do. I have a Google Pixel 4 with only a fraction of my hard drive used up and have all of my other apps closed when playing it. My phone can easily handle anything I throw at it, so I know it's not my phone since it never fails at anything. Please fix this patch because it's literally rendering this app useless.
The game kept on lagging while other online multiplayer games does not. There's no problem with my phone and network connection thou. Hope you fix it soon.
Obviously this game's graphics is beyond limits for a mobile game. I became a fan of this game the day I saw it 3 years ago. This game is awesome to put in words without a doubt. Thank you hound13 and Korea for making this game. Greetings and lots of love from India.
Fun to play as a F2P. Good Drops of items and Crafting results. Hope it keeps getting better with the coming updates. Thank you.
I have to say that it was great experience. It's really good game but often you have to face the same monster it's why it's boring sometimes
Love this game but u cannot use ur airtime to pay for ingame purchases have to use your bank card for purchases and I was playing the game before it came to SA Google play and I cannot load my save game data I was like level 68 on the game and spent about R3000 on the game for items and now I cannot load my game progress....
Has great potential but I will never know fully, I never made it pass the first fight because of all crashes trust me it's not my phone, fix the crashes and this will be one for the record books
No pay to win, plenty of modes to obtain rewards and level up. Combat is great and responsive with a wide variety of armour, weapons and characters to unlock and above all it's free! Great visuals and longevity πŸ‘
I really love this game, but after the latest update, it crashes alot.. its driving me crazy, I can barely do anything in the game.. I re-installed the game several times, but the problem still presist.. I'll rate it back to 5* again after the game s back to normal.. Im sute tha other players got the same problem...
Pretty good game.but leveling up takes forever even in conquest fight even experience numbers take forever. I won't buy any in apps- to exspensive and probably don't help.much. so it a constant repeat of levels and conquest mode. Probably uninstall - sorry but you do advertise as free but that's your hook - the in app purchases. Never pay for what is advertised for free. too bad.
Want to give this 5 stars but game crashes constantly. I click my mailbox, crash? Summons, crash? Anything I do it crashes. Can you all fix this because I'd like to experience this game fully. Worked the first day after crashing twice but now it constantly crashes.
I am currently playing your game and I just want to say that I don't want to hear sorry or apologies about how I'm displeased. There were too many download requirements that kept me waiting. Shortly after that the app dropped twice. So I launch it again and after claiming some rewards it dropped again. Or crashed is better said. If the app is fixed I'll change my rating. I'm giving it another day if nothing changes I'm uninstalling.
~Updated -- Really awesome game - wish more people would try it out to see how awesome it is. Definitely still a wait between updates, but the developers listen and make the wait worthwhile! The games new and enjoyable the only downside i have is that updates are so slow that there are weeks of doing pretty the much same content over and over again. I know the other servers have a years of content that the NA version doesn't, so I wish updates would be faster so content isnt so limited and gameplay repetitive .
Its a really good game its unique and it has good graphics.these are my suggestions to make the game better though 1.make the game a bit more fast paced 2.let players run and be able to attack or at least move a bit faster while attacking 3.take of auto play because whats the point of playing a game like this with auto play on 4.make it slightly more challenging and more skill based by (skill based i mean by relying more on how good a player is by adding aoe skills that bosses have etc)
Is the NA server buffed so that we would progress slower and spend more money? How is it possible that I watch videos on YouTube where the bosses go down much easier on the Asian servers? They have worse equipment than I do btw. It's killing my enjoyment of the game and forcing many to quit.
I love this game so much since the beginning but im experiencing a black lining bug in my game all over the place every time i finish a quest and go to home screen, pks fix this issues its very annoying everytimr i finish a mission, i love this game so much, all about it the graphics and gamrplay but that black lining that appearing eveytime stop me from playing: (
Love the game played the KR b4 global I just have one issue is the timing ranking some players have 1 second on bosses where as u require atleast 4 seconds to reach the boss and for it to appear that apart the best game F2P Very F2P farm ur own materials and enhance your equips really a amazing combat system
It's the best...no not only best but also the most fantastic game I have ever played , no cost , nothing required just play and play, awesome characters, graphics and storylines just like my dream character....Thankyou for making this type of game 😊😊😊😊 lots of love and support πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
Im just a 2 days player but i somehow like the gameplay..i like how cinematic the story made..and even in battle though your in autoplay still needs a little bit manual but its still good..even non top up players can still enjoy playing.
Game's difficulty is exaggerated. The only way to power up your character is to spend money. Will not recommend this for f2p out there.
It's a brilliant game but i have a problem with it it's telling me there's an update then when i press ok it sends me to the main page where i can uninstall or reinstall I've reinstalled twice but still can't get it or get onto the game I've uninstalled it because it want let me play the game shame. games working brilliant now cheers guys keep up the good work
I'm playing this game it's very cool game great graphics and good controls but i have only one issue with this we cannot with friends or in guild we cannot chat much please improve the chatting with friends, groups, guild and world chat please please.
Everytime i finish the dungeon it disconnects all of a sudden and i need to re-launch it, fix it please its very frustrating
Loading screen is absurd bluntly saying. On wvery click you have to wait extra 5 sec as minimum. Fix this bs before games dies out and u wont have for whom to fix it. In our say and age with the competition u have it should been done swiftly. Garbage devs. P.s using asus rog 2 phone so regarding phone issues its not possible.---------- Edit: from 1 star to 4 since quality improved drasticly.
The game is force closing after I finish tutorial it force close. Then I created character again it force close and now after character creation loading it force closing. I'm okay COD on my mobile without any problems but this game I just download almost 3 GB is now disipointing me. Old fix this it took me long to download this from Ur personal server which are slow as hell..
Crashing login screen ..i love this game almost i got level 53 now what happen every time i login screen is scrashing
The game us really good and I loved it. They are also generous with the rewards and you can freely grind. You also don't need to spend a tone of money like those f2p. Game's almost perfect especially the graphics. My only concern is the targeting system and camera lock. The character attacks the backlane of enemies by default making it hard to take them in one fell swoop. The camera lock also makes me dizzy coz the angle is going down when faced with big enemies. Overall this is really a great
I love this game so much thank you.❀ also forgot to tell you it would be a great thing if you'd add 60fps in the home as well. Love y'all and keep it upπŸ’ͺ🏾
Everytime i opened this game it crashes. When im in menu it closes and will go back to my home screen. Fix this.
Nice gameplay with lots of grinding for materials. At least there are progress unlike other MMO grinding 12 for 1% exp. This game could stay with me for long
I like the gameplay and character design. Graphic not bad. The skins are too expensive bcuz there are only few of them. The game itself like a Beta version. Need more more development for this game.
EDITED: Dec. 17 update is keep on crashing!!! Its hard to progress if you dont spend money. You will experienced difficulty in later chapter and you stuck at Silver C rank in PVP, some players didn't get even managed to step in Silver. Pandoras produces random low level gear. This version is difficult compare to Korean server. I think they make it harder to force us to pay.
For now a good 3.5 outta 5. Enjoyed the well made cutscenes, character designs. The music choice overall quite fine. I'm liking the graphics, good auto camera angle movement. The action style, dogding and all that is what caught me liking it even more, feels pretty quick and skill based. Though, would've been better to not see an auto action option, it kinda takes the challenging/skill based fun away. To put it in short, obviously a fine fun game, try it.
Sorry for giving 1 star when the game is great. I cant even play it. It always crash after a couple of seconds. Cant even finish the tutorial. Pls fix it. I want to play this. Thanks
Love this game the fighting style is sick . Just wish there were more options on how your character looks
I never expect this game to meet my expectations. When I started playing it guess what! This game is awesome! F2p with good quality game! If you haven't try it!? Try it now! The reason I like it. You can build your char to a different weakness of your opponent that makes it even more challenging to the player who is going to play this game. 5 star for the developer who created this game!
Overall I like game from the graphics control etc, one thing I notice is its hard to boost your battle points and the resources needed is limited, even if I go back to previous stage to get it its not enough or somewhat not allowed and I cant do a sweep previous stages so I can upgrade equips and doesnt give much of a boost of battle points ulon successfull upgrade pls do some fix to that and just a suggestion doing an english of the voice over of the characters will be a plud on the game.
Developers are 2 greedy, their offers ( rewards and items far from best ) are overpriced. Arena s**ks, you have to "chose" 1 of 4 way stronger players than you. They literally forcing you to pay... Deleted.
I have been playing this game for a while now and I really like it. But, after the recent patch the game keeps crashing. Please fix this issue and I will give more stars.
It's a decently fun game: good graphics, easy controls and a somewhat generous supply of play time compared to other games, but it does lack that which I would like to see more in games. Diversity of gender and ethnicity and lack of customization and exploration puts it below the bar level for me. For the game you guys wanted to make, you did good, but for the game people want to play and praise, it comes short. Hopefully there are more maps and chars in the future. Good luck team!
I love both the graphics and the gameplay of this game. However the game crashes on my several times while I am playing. Hope you can have this fixed. This is going to be massive let down if this issue is not fixed.
I just recently started playing this game, so far it's a decent game. The only issue I have and the reason why I only gave this game 2 stars is cause there is no option to change the Audio to ENGLISH. Everything else on the game is in English but when the characters are talking they're speaking in a language I don't understand. I would like to have the option to change the Audio to English so I don't have to listen to a language I don't speak.
I really want to play this game but It keeps on flickering. And now i have a headache. Already reinstalled it., restart phone, connection is strong. How to fix this?
The graphics are great, gameplay is easy enough and the most interesting factor is.. This game is not MATERIALISTIC! You don't have to be a p2w player, just stay consistent and persistent, and you'll get a significant progress. So please dev, stay this way, I'm sure more ppl will come to play. Just a little bit feedback, please lower your price a bit, overall this game is great! that's all folks!
Legit!! Nice Graphics! Smooth controls and gameplay is just awesome! Awesomeness is the word that describes the game! I just Hope that I can buy a new phone just for this game because I want to experience BEST QUALITY GRAPHICS. But my current phone can't 😣 sad. Anyway,. Applause for the developer!!!! If there's a 10 star rating... I will surely rate it 10/10!! Hopefully you will notice this review. Stay safe !
Game in the style of "Deadly battle", without auto battle. There are many combinations and tactics for passing bosses, even with a lack of GG power. Donat moderate, many events where you can gain strength GG. There are annoying moments, such as the arena (there is no balance, the development stage). You can easily swing in the Guild, and also introduced a secret store. Game in the style of Dark souls.Look for communities when you start playing. FarEdgeRus Guild (*discord white image#6604*)
Game is good, no need to spend to win as long as you know how to play hack n slash game, i give 3 star cause i experience micro stutter in game already lowering the resolution but didnt fix, my device is poco f1
Waste of time... p2w and pay to upgrade equipment... in short money grabber game... i dont recommend this game... there a lot of good game to find... ur game is dead end if you dont use real money in this game... ahahah... shame on this game...
It's an awesome dungeon crawler amazing graphics and gameplay about level with darkness rises which is a massive compliment. Only issue for me is there seems to be no comunication with other players so it gets a bit lonely. I mean no-one uses chat features lol
The gameplay is like one of those fake action pack mobile ads about rpg but this game was really like that lol. Didnt expect the graphics were good and gameplay was fast paced and focus a lot in combo. Just make the main campaign more difficult and remove autoplay. Allow autoplay on rerun only. Also add more attack boss pattern and add more weapon like lance, halberd, scythe, spear. You can also consider adding sub weapon for magic. Lastly add a real time/live pvp and more male companion. GG <3
Im enjoying this game since i download it last week..because its no p2w kind of game..but when i login just now...its so laggy i have good internet connection but its so laggy in SEA server...please fix it
Love your game but absolutely hate your guild war update you added hpw are guilds supposed to participate if a lot of guilds are trying help new players like are we supposed to just kick them to the curb and only have high levels? Should of stayed mainly pve now seeing some blame one another for not progressing as well in the guild war
my only issue is it keeps cutting my internet connection. Idk what happen, my internet is stable and all. i tried both mobile data and wifi and the problem is the same. why only when i play this game? Please fix this, i cannot enjoy much playing
A great game with great graphics and gameplay, the chat feature though is a real let down: only avg. 6 words per message which makes it super hard to chat. This should be improved to longer messages then I'd vote 5 stars
This game is decent. Graphics settings don't work properly and sometimes during changing graphics options it just freezes until you force quit the game. Also it sometimes crashes during gameplay. Edit: My device operating system is Android 10.
V0.10.0 Good: - Excellent graphics and environment πŸ‘ - Greate Crafting options - Good rewards. Some times You can get 500 gems per day. - Gives you more key to play and coines to use on items to upgrade. Greate I like it πŸ‘πŸ˜Š Bugs: - with stunt needle sub weapon attack some times plyer goes in ground - Player can't get through from companion. That is very irritating in illusion hall and more places. - when enemies are in air with 0 helth player and companies are still attacking in auto mode
Too many bugs the game feels like its still in BETA. Lots of missing mesh. Where the models will just be a black shadow. Lot of network issues with the servers on or off the wifi. Had to uninstall.
played it for 5 days now and found out about this premium currency in game which is can only be obtained through paying and you cant get it unless 3$ or so you can use this currency to get way ahead of others it seems and thats bad
I love this game and have put many hours into it. The only thing I dont like is recently they put in the pet system. I love the pets I just dont like how cartoony they look compared to the graphics of the actual game. I would of loved it if they would of put alot more detail into them like they did with the rest of the game. But hey thats just me. I still love the game though. Also I love how they keep adding characters to the storyline.
1 star for now since i dont really know what to expect. Just installed yesterday and have not been able to connect. Always stuck in loading screen and can not connect to game server. Some loading even lasts for more than 1 hour. I already uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, and still no luck. Edit: tried what the developers suggested and reinstalled, still same problem.
The game is awesome but it constantly crashes on my phone from time to time. I can tolerate it for a bit, but I would be glad if it is fix. thank you.
This game is good, but unplayable with my S20 Ultra Exynos 990 variant android 11, it will always force closed when the tutorial happening. Please fix it immediately and i'll give 5 stars rating
Excellent graphics, great battle scene and combo nothing else i have seen before. But it often crashes. Black screen will appear before the battle and if so you get into the battle black screen again after the battle. 2 star only. Uninstall this if all is still the same after few more logins. And downgrade it to 1 star with much worst comment. ✌️😎🀘
Beautiful graphics, fluid action, smooth UI, easily one of the best MMOs on the app store. However, the battery usage is extremely high, too high to play on my mobile device...
This game just draw the last straw.. its really BROKEN.. my points is 9186 and the enemy in the arena is 5124 and easily beats me..WOW.. the annoying part also is that, bossess can turn full 180 mid-air towards you while targeting your companion.. EPIC.. this should have been named Broken Game: We Dont Care rather than Hundred Soul: The Last Savior..
Great Graphics, Great Gameplay. This global version has different method in managing novastone, but so far so good.
Only played it a couple hours, I did had problems but it was only on my side, need a better phone. game wise, I had a blast with nice graphics and a cool story, too! Best wishes to new players, and the Team working on the game! Κ•β€’ο»Œβ€’Κ”
Best mobile game after HIT. (for me)I like this type of rpg with no full auto skills. Only the chats system tats too short.Keep up the good work.
Gameplay is great and this is what i've looking for. But the game itself seems unstable and causing so many performance instability, randomly crash, sometimes it's lagged, and unresponsive. Until then, i'll keep 3 stars for ya.
Grapics are good but to many bug and glitches, unstable server you keep out in the game everytime finishing some stages, absolutely p2w game, not friendly for F2p gamers...
I have been playing this game a little over 2 months now and am surprised. Usually these kind of games draw you in for a week then you hit a pay wall. I have YET to purchase anything. The game supplies plenty of materials. I have 22k keys(stamina) and thats from all the rewards and events. I don't feel pressured to buy anything, I sometimes need to grind a monster a bit to upgrade but that's the type of game it is! You grind, you upgrade, you progress! The graphics and gameplay are top notch!
The game is really good and really easy to follow,the graphics are good and it isn't pay to win however there still some small bugs that need to be fixed like when u get a champion u can't see them and when it doesn't give u the option to equip a weapon these bugs need to be fixed immediately please and thank you
Like the new update but still having problems with the game glitching/freezing in the middle of boss fights, it's driving me crazy when I do a special attack it freeze for 2 seconds than it skips like I did not activate it, and I lose in the end. I would like to raise it back up to a 5 when this issue resolves. I was going to give it a 2 rating because I was frustrated because it happened so many times but I still love the game so I just want to inform your team what's going on.
The graphic is really good.. I just play this game 3 days, idk if there any, but i hope there a mode like dungeon or raid that i can play with party... Thanks,, i really like the graphic..
It's hard to find these types of games where you dont have to pay absurd amounts of money to get decent stuff. I love this game. Easy to control and follow the story, good graphics, tons of collectable armors and weapons that are all obtainable without spending money. It takes some time and a little grinding to get some things, but not so bad that you have to spend every hour of the day playing it.
The best action rpg game out there. You can actually be strong and competitive without spending a dime. No auto skill is the cake. Gameplay, graphics, animation, all 5 stars
Do your dailies, and look up some guides. Not really a pay to win game, because all contents are (eventually) beatable as f2p. Your weapon becomes your class, and I'd suggest using basic Nightfall. The game gives you a lot of gems, you can save up and buy companions. Best graphics and controls (no auto clear, bosses are hard to beat). Yes, there is grinding... I wished more people knew and tried the game!! So good!
Hello dear developer's after update all is going like same not so much deference 3 star rating and thank you developer's for replying I really appreciate it hopefully you'll give something special designed deference from now onwards graphics in future more higher 5 star rating
Combat is really smooth and unique. When navigating some menus especially mail, the screen flickers. Edit: it has been fixed
Tower sweep useless. Boss combos advices on game is useless. Some bosses are impossibly strong even though ur power is over theirs considerably. Arena fighting win is by chance and not by power. No variety in mail rewards. Sweep in conquest is useless. Otherwise its ok if u have time on ur hands to grow ur savior and ur companions.
It's a really fun game and you'll enjoy this until the level increases, you'll stuck. After 2 weeks, their recommendation of player power is more than the player's actual power, so, if you still want to try, you'll loose the battle and I'm a completely f2p player, I'll not give a single penny, but really liked this game, now I leave from there, didn't play since months, and maybe someday I'll uninstall it, if devs fixed the issue and make it more easy, it'll be enough work, until then, 2 stars.
Fantastic game, one of the top hack n slash games, I have no issue with this game it's amazing, but it would be much more enjoyable if attack or hit effects are less shiny or more realistic, because it's ok on boss battles but it's hard to watch when Fighting with crowd of enemies, but still the game is fine ,if possible please look into this matter.πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘
Officially rating it to 1 star. Boss combos advices on game is useless. Some bosses are impossibly strong even though ur power is over theirs considerably. Arena fighting win is by chance and not by power. Equinus change is ridiculous. Otherwise its ok if u have time on ur hands to grow ur savior and ur companions.
Good graphics, good gameplay, fantastic experience..one star less because of a little disappointment, as it is not open world..rest it is fine experience playing...
The game is unlike other common pay to win or meaningless idle collector games. Finally a mobile game that I can actually call "GAME". Great quality, great management. I really hope this game gets more attention.
This game has great graphics and is really fun! I honestly wasn't expecting much when I started to play this on a whim, but it has really surprised me. I also love the Korean voice acting. This game does have an auto mode, but it is much more fun to play it on your own as the controls are so smooth.
Its a good fun game to pass the time with. End game material gets monateness but trying to max out weapons takes forever. The pet exp is stupid low is my only complaint. Literally takes hours to level up even the most basic pet. But the game is decent as a morning and nightly routine.
Excellent game that isn't pay to win! Graphics are excellent and the control of characters is smooth and responsive. There is an auto feature which is handy for the grinding lvls but when it comes to the main bosses you are gonna need to play properly. My only complaint about the game is the social aspect of it....its very quiet unfortunately. I think what would help is a village or town where characters can meet up and chat and show off their new costumes. Overall though I would recommend it
Best action game on the market. Decent story, entertaining dialogue, great visuals, responsive controls, significant variety in weapons and playstyles making grind entertaining. Not the best gacha, but recent update came with significant resources and content. And game can be completed with rares, which are common and can outclass legendaries given dupes. Only criticism is they need to spend more on marketing - hidden gem and more should take a look.
Guys! Even after the update, it still crashes! You clearly need to fix it because there is definitely something wrong with your game. Do not tell us to update our software, close other apps, etc, that's all done, but before I start a stage, it closes. After I finish a stage, it closes. Other games work well on my Huawei y9 Prime. It is only this game that crashes. I am not the only one, there are many others who are experiencing the same thing. FIX YOUR GAME. THERE'S CLEARLY SOMETHING WRONG.
1. Game is almost dead. 2. Nothing to explore. 3. Guilds are vacant and almost dead. 4. Too many bugs. 5. Character creation is useless. 6. Not much to do. 7. P2P everything is WAY EXPENSIVE. 8. Character control is horrible! Youre character just automatically targets whatever and you have no real control. 9. Game is fixated on companions rather than youre actual character. No goodies for you. 10. Verdict. Game feels like a broken demo rather than an actual game. Dont bother
Great Action Game, Impresive Combo, And Graphic. U dont need Pay to be strong, just use resource and Pay if u want Premium companion or Swimsuit Skin. Heck, The Normal companion already strong and fill their purpose.
Graphics are good but the game is quite boring, sadly no open world area just a basic hub and you go into very small areas to fight from a pre selected map, nothing new or special at all.
The Game is superb, great graphics(once you set it), fluid & dynamic combat system, epic storyline. I'll say there's hardly any promising mmorpg games out there. It just breaks my heart to see how people rant unreasonably about the game here, go get better phones or just go for another game that suites you, don't come here to review unreasonable reviews with no real points and spoil the market of a promising game. Well done guys, I'll keep recommending you anytime anywhere.
It is brutal action fighting (later with auto combat), for which I am too old. Even on faster hardware such is no fun to me. Good graphics, repetitive chores, and a disregarded main story. Cute characters, weapon choices influence fighting style and special attacks.
Great Action RPG. Great graphics and character control. Well thought out game, runs smooth, regular updates! Been playing for 4 months and still enjoy logging in everyday. You can upgrade your character/companions without paying into game. Of course if you want to progress faster you will need to invest real money. Most everything can be obtained with dedication and grinding for gear items. One of the best action RPGs on play store.
It is an amazing game with good graphics with lots of different monsters bosses.but there is only two server for global i'e Europe and America.i would recommend adding (Asian server) until then i am not going to buy any product inside the game since the game lag often playing on other server. 5 stars with Asian server for sure
Good game, gives a freedom of exploring and matching hero's equipment with companions which is very fun. Still, roughly 90% of players use similar set ups in pvp (arena, guild wars) which narrows game down a lot. It lacks balancing, but most of the games have this issue imo. Game chat is disaster.
So hard to find Gold spite you need much gold to build a different kind gear. And key for campaign/conquest you need to buy it with emerald if you F2p you must wait 20minutes for 1key and for 1entry you need 4-8 keys atleast. And companion if you want strong companion you must buy it use emerald. Even Not for competitive things for grinding only this game will suck your pocket.
I loved the graphics, but am highly disappointed by the total lack of Mage, Healer or Archer capabilities. I came here from a different game, hearing that was a copy of this... I'm also disappointed by the lack of character customization.
Well its not a game if u cant play it.... Come on company players are waiting for you to fix this bug... I just downloaded the game and iam waiting too cause the graphics are pretty decent and the tutorials were so good... Dont ruin a good game's reputation just for a fixable bug
I'm currently playing this game for 2 weeks.. I love it.. please provide us variety job selection, weapon, equipment, pet evolution and etc. I hope there will be more special event . I'll say this game got potential.
This game is one of the most addictive games I've ever played. Graphics are awesome, game play is smooth,the action is great. If I may offer a suggestion. Can you guys add a combining of old or lower grade equipment to make more powerful ones? I think that Wud be a real great addition.
.i like the graphics, gameplay and story so far but lil bit sad about skin stuff because i am only free player... .so hopefully next time you kindly to give us (free player) an skin for free, we'll be happy...
Last update caused the game tu crash and stuttered. After 5 mins into the game it start to stutter and 30mins crash. My android is up to date, 6gb ram. Fix this issue.
Awesome game and graphics! Reminds me of my D&D action days! Congratulations to the Creative Team of this game! Keep it up guys! More action! More adventure! More Fun!
Polished style, skill based combat, F2P friendly. If you like stylish animations and 3D action hack and slash this is it. I've been playing for a couple years and I can say this is a very good game. I personally have not run into any of the issues that others have with the game installation or performance. There isn't an open world, the game is based on stages and areas. The focus is on the combat and being smart with when to use skills. I wish they'd market the game more!
I was impressed at first but, though short, once I realized that the game was going to be to much of an issue constantly crashing with worning or reason moments after launching it. Because I did like the gameplay feel, the graphic weren't to bad & the story line seemed good, I'll give three stars. As to will I ever play this game again, that all depends one wheather or not the developers and tech can fix the crashing issue.
This are pure for my self given perfect star for this game, cause I've been playing this game before inside at playstore, and alr have 3 account then all my account alr deleted, I don't know why, cause i got some email it's said i use plug, but i never use that cheat or another app like cheat lol, this really easy for everything but still hard at some part of mission and defeated some enemy's. Maybe for next update can given more good stuff for f2p. thank you
Good game,graphics...and gameplay..needs frequent updates,the global game version is not having all the things from the korean version...also the prices of in game goods are really high...not all stuff can be bought using emeralds..but overall really fun.