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Human Resource Machine

Human Resource Machine for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Tomorrow Corporation located at Tomorrow Corporation PO Box 640292 San Francisco, CA 94164. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Score - 9/10 Simply amazing ! A sort of programming simulator, brought in a very fun way. If you have ever played and enjoyed World Of Goo and / or Little Inferno, then you'll definitely be pleased with this one too. These are easily a few of the best games for mobile I've ever played. And are totally worth their price. Now it's just waiting for 7 Billion Humans to come to Android 🙏🏻 And anything else they develop in the future !!
Unresponsive controls makes the game unplayable. Got through the first two levels but got stuck on the third because I couldnt select the boxes, not edit lines I already made or clear the existing code. If it wasnt for the control issues it would probably be a good game, now its unplayable/frustratingly unresponsive. Played on a S8+.
A clever game for beginners to computer science. Also fun for kids! A step up from Robot Turtles, but still not, say, Spacechem. The developers do a fantastic job on their games, and charm oozes out of this like so many Goo Balls sent up pipes. If you're already good at this sort of thing, the Optional Completion Distinctions will give you plenty of challenge. And it's worth it for the ending.
Very good if you are wanting to learn the basics of coding, levels drastically improve in skill over time. Would recommend.
Over reliance on jump statements. It makes the solutions very hard to read. I can understand jump statements within a code block but I didn't see any blocks with the levels I played. Also the controls and layout suck. Trying to scroll through code often caused commands to be reordered. The formatting for my pixel xl caused the right hand side of the code window to be cut off.
I am always a fan of world of goo and little inferno, but this game simply refused to run on my galaxy s7. As such I cannot rate it properly. However, enough low reviews may get them to look into these issues I see others having.
No options at all. Eg: for sound control (can't have your own music in the background) or screen lock. Screen rotation is incredibly touchy and severely hampers playing on the bus. Overstays it's welcome. Not updated in forever so don't expect it to be fixed or even work on new operating systems eventually. My 3 star review disappeared, not sure how but that's fishy, so have 1 star instead.
If programming appeals to you even a little bit, you will like this game. It does not involve learning a long list of instructions - the challenge is accomplishing a task with limited commands. It starts very simple, but by the end you will complete tasks you would think are impossible, and the satisfaction gained from that is unparalleled. Got quickly addicted and completed in 2 days. Enough content for price, but for my love of the game, I wish it were longer. Thanks for increasing my IQ!
I used to play human Resource Maschine on PC. When I realized it was on Android I was itching to GET it. Overall a great game.
This game presents a series of puzzles you must solve using machine language for a simple machine. (If you're familiar with programming the machine has serial input and output, one register, typed memory, indirect addressing and simple arithmetic and conditional jumps.) You program the machine by dragging instructions around. Unlike Scratch, the control flow is jumps so you have to manage your traces and branches. Speed and size challenges keep it interesting.
This game is so fun. Makes you really think but you feel proud when you figure out a level. Wish there was more.
Really nice game but very buggy on my phone. There are a few buttons that only seem to work about half the time. Please fix!
Brilliant introduction to assembly-level programming. I'm thinking about using this as a tool to test software engineering candidates. It should weed out the ones that can't program.
A game for programmers. If you're into that, get this. It makes simple problems fun by the smart system it uses to encode the orders. It will make you think about how to multiply two numbers together more than any math class.
This game can teach you how to program and it's silly, dark sense of humor makes it fun. You're rewarded almost as much for your mistakes as your successes. Tomorrowland makes awesome puzzle games with simultaneously dark and uplifting storylines in which the art style meshes perfectly. Most of their games are PC only.
The game doesn't work. It is stuck forever on the "Tomorrow Corporation" load screen trying to connect to Google Play. For everyone that has the above problem, a fix would be to press the back button when you see the loading circle. The menu for picking your Google account would come up. You might have to do this a couple times before it works.
It's kind of hard to describe how much I love this without using expletives. It's amazing. It's the kind of game where you play it. Stop playing it. Walk away from your phone. But secretly you're still playing it in your head.
Great game even if all the content only lasted for 2 days for me. Incredible tool for teaching beginners and consistently fun to work through for intermediate to advanced programmers. The tough optimization challenges seem ridiculously difficult though, that may be the point but I feel there is a lack of content for advanced devs that dosen't jump into the realm of complete impossibility. The story is ominous yet quite underwhelming when compared to other games by the same publishers.
Making Assembly language fun is no easy feat. The game is a lot of fun, and gets quite challenging on later levels
Well worth the money! Loved playing so much I stayed up all night just to see how far I could get! Best the final level after about 12 hours. Still need to do some of the optimizations though. Pretty fun!
This game is amazing, same with all of their titles. Good for people learning programming concepts and still fun for more advanced programmers. I hope that Tomorrow Corporation ports 7 Billion Humans to Android as well. Great follow-up to this game!
I'm putting this one stars so (hopefully the devs can see it, I know the devs tend to sort by low stars) but I love the game, I just need help on the speed challenge for digit exploder. Not even the steam forums have been able to figure it out (except for unrolling the loops). Can I maybe get a hint? I want to find a legitimate way to do this. I will change to 5 stars after getting help
Great game if you love puzzles and logic. Introduces you to simple programming and then progresses to more advanced concepts. Interesting back story in the coffee break levels adds a bit of humour. Optimization challenges keep it interesting. Something I'd like to see, each level has 2 lights in the rnenu to show optimizations achieved, maybe add a third light to show if they were achieved at the same time. And user submitted challenges would be awesome.
Really fun, and a good learning curve. Gets pretty challenging by the end, especially if you want to solve the optimisation challenges. But the most difficult puzzles are off on side branches, not blocking you from completing the story.
And what about the Dutch language.? Are we Pariahs Not everybody on earth is fluent at English. after all a good game ,that's why I bought it. But no rating until Dutch language is added. for now I'm giving it one star only.
Pretty solid game. Felt a little short for the price, but that might just be me having programming experience. Kinda disappointed the "spooky dystopia" thing never goes anywhere.
Assembly programming essentially. This game is great way to get your brain working on assembly programming like problems like taking numbers from inbox then doing math or comparisons with them and outputting a result to the outbox. Great game. Once you merely solve all the puzzles you may not necessarily have them all optimized for most efficient solution. I cannot recommend this game enough. I wish there was a sequel or other games like this on Android. Awesome!!!
No game has ever reflected my day job quite so accurately. OK maybe you could add an element of trying to persuade people that optimising for change is more important than speed or size, but it's fun to manually loop unroll now and again. Reminds me of the Manchester baby
Really annoying that there are no settings. If you want to for example listen to Spotify while playing (and this type of game lends itself really well to that,) you can't...
I like this game, BUT inbox show you not all letters or numbers!!! Only 7 out of 8. Lasts useen! And apeards in last moment when you push button play. Thats make planning impossible. When everething going alright til last simbol you dont know appear and ruined all its very disapoint. It is a bug? I think to planing your steps you should see every simbol from inbox. On level 9 zeros. Be 5 stars if fixed. Thanks.
Well the game itself is awesome and I think a good way to explain programming or at least the way of thinking. But: In the level three sort where you have to sort three elements by size. For the evaluation of the efficiency of the code there is a too small test set with unequal distributed sorting. Resulting in it only being possible to solve the puzzle if you start with the right order. So it makes a difference in efficiency if you put the first element at first or second position. That's a bug in my opinion. That's not what you would want to teach with this game.
This game allows a person to be introduced to base level programming and concepts. It also encourages outside learning and using your personal opinion and resources to find appropriate ways to work through problems. Excellent!
It took me about a month to crack all main levels, not all with the most optimal solution. I would like to blame the creators of the game for the time I spent on it, but this is probably the best game of its kind so I can't blame for this :) Good job, love it!
Fun and challenging. Should be a prerequisite to any programming course. First ~17 levels are doable by a 7 year-old. Gets deep enough to be enjoyable for a professional programmer.
Amazing game Really tests your math, logic and programming skills. Very challenging and engaging. And I'm not even a programmer or software geek!
LOVED World of Goo, LOVED Little Inferno, this game I can't really get into the same BUT.. I still love the work these guys do, worth supporting them in my opinion, so I am keeping it even if i never play it. I wish more developers hid messages in games the same way, good messages, like these guys do, rather than the hateful tripe games are filled with in this day and age. This has to be one of my favorite developers in the play store.
This is a fun and good-naturedly infuriating little game, even for, perhaps especially, professional programmers. One puzzle took me days to solve its optimization challenge, and once I did I felt like a king. This is one of my favorite games
No settings and a really annoying notification in the top left corner telling me to rotate my phone constantly made it impossible to enjoy what looked like an otherwise fun game.
The app doesnt open at times, leaving me at a black screen, but it has opened once, and I was able to play. Please fix this, it seems like I have to open the app multiple times for it to work, other than that issue, the game is fun.
Perfectly fulfills that programming-like puzzle solving niche that I wish more mobile games could satisfy.
Black screen for 10 minutes every time. It opened only oce over the lst two days. Give me my money back maybe?
This is a decent game, yet feels a bit unfinished. I am at the next to last level, and it's too messy for my taste. Like a kindergarten pseudo programming language that makes your head spin for no reason whatsoever. It basically teaches you things like how to do division or mod, when you only have addition. Seems nice at first, but gets you that "pointless" feeling quick. 5 stars, mostly because it's quality made. No regrets buying it. Nice little game. Little being a keyword here.
I was looking forward to playing this game but it seems that it ties to start and gets suck trying to connect to Google Play on the start screen on my Pixel 3 XL. I'm sure this game is great but it doesn't seem to want to open on my phone.
This game is SO much fun!!! I love the coding twist on a puzzle game. It can be pretty challenging so far and beating a level feels so satisfying! I'm going to cry when I beat this game, I don't want it to end! It's a perfect game. Please make more games like this!
I played 8 levels, and the game is fun. But as others have noted, the controls are broken; it seems like the touch calibration is misaligned or something. I just got a refund. I like the game but if I'm paying that price, I expect the fundamental controls to work properly.
Even as a professional coder this is challenging and fun. A great way to intro people who find the concept of coding scary that it's not so bad if you start small.
I've been trying to open the game for 5-10 min and I still have a black screen. I wanted to type a rant in the comment section, but the letter limit is stupid so I will get straight to the point. When I pay money for an APP, I expect great quality compared to good FREE titles. Having buying a buggy mess that deserves to stay in beta for 5 freaking dollars is an embarrassment to the company. Fix this game, the commercial is false advertisement because it should have a label "may not work in S8"
So fun! Drag and drop coding puzzles that make you feel smart AF when you complete them. Honestly, I've been wanting to learn to code for a long time and this really makes me want to start now! Little Inferno is an incredible game as well. Excellent job devs!
Fun puzzle/coding game. My only criticism is that when scrolling it is easy to mix up your instructions. Very engaging and satisfying when you get a solution even it isn't optimal.
I love the experience of being tricked into learning assembly. It does get cumbersome to interact with the instructions as the programs get longer though.
Human Resource Machine is a fun little logistics puzzler, you have a problem you have to figure out and the means on how to figure it out. Just gotta use your brain a little. Fun for some casual play, just need to make sure your brain is ready.
edit: Thanks for fixing the UI bug. But the game still needs a redo button, it is so wierd to have no redo button in a programming game.
one of the best game available on the play store, should be an instant but if you're remotely interested
tried to install multiple times and everytime it failed. samsung galaxy S8. it also seems to have charged me twice, i would like a refund please. such a shame because i watched some really good and intresting reviews of this game.