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Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by 505 Games Srl located at 5145 Douglas Fir Rd Calabasas, CA 91302. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game! And it's so funny if you move or walk 🀣 but I gave this 3 star because if I join a multiplayer server it just don't let me join and if I join it my body is like lagging
"Do not buy this game" The game is very creative a love Solving technical Puzzles. I got pretty far in this game then my battery started to die I was excited to get as far as I can get until I realize. You are not able to save your previous level.. I don't recommend this game at allFree what a waste of time.
Get pass the controls and its a great game. The walk speed and controls are what drive me nuts. The physics are kind of designed to be wonky like that though i believe, so it's forgiven to a point. I haven't tried multiplayer yet, I bet that's a real trip. I waited till i har about 50% off in Google Rewards credit to purchase. Not sure i would have purchased it otherwise.
"HUMAN FALL FLAT" the game i will play every day to test out new theory's. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE GAME! But i want to give some suggestions. 505 Curve digital and no brakes, if your seeing this please put a brush mode so we can draw on our character instead of filling different parts of the characters model. i wish we can draw on our character. i also think you should add an option to get rid of the circle thing when moving your hands. BUT THATS IT, EVEN WITHOUT MY SUGGESTIONS ITS STILL THE BEST!
Very challenging game. Interesting fresh mechanics and beautifull places. Though is frustrates when you are trying to rotate, but grabing activates, because clicking on a screen activates grabing. Why would I want it when grabing is activated by right joystick? Turning it off possibility in options would be very much appreciated.
Actually, it finally works! I just redownloaded it and it started working. Human Fall Flat is actually pretty good! Just I'm stuck on some levels, but I also don't get the climbing part. What I meant to say is that, great job on this! Just need some more improvements and thats it!
Absolutely ridiculous way of inviting people to the game. Completely ruined my experience. Played it on ps4 and it's a great game. Tried to invite the same friends to my android game and it doesn't find the lobby and when you share the invite by certain means it closes the lobby as you send the invite. Why would you ruin the multi-player aspect of the game by the lack of common sense with the invite system
This game is awesome and funny it is also funny when I grab someone and throw them off the map but good graphics and I love the way people work together on this the only problem with this is it needs a CHAT system bad because some online people try to communicate with me but cant hut overall good game
Sometimes the controls are unresponsive, and the friction physics are really wonky. Controls example: when you throw your arms up to cling to a wall or ledge, sometimes your hands won't grab ahold. Friction physics example: when exploring the map, it can be quite difficult to parkour, thanks to your character's inability to stand still on a sloped surface. Also, I really wish you could control each arm separately at the same. (Compared to PC, this is a serious disadvantage to mobile players.)
It is really one of the best game's on the play store and it is so fun. I just wish it had more customizable options maybe they will add that in the future..but this game has so much levels and you can play online with your friends and ofline by your self I hope you love this game as much as I do ok bey ❀ πŸ’• 😊 πŸ’–
I loved this game since it first come out and this version is pretty much identicle the the pc version. The one thing im quite dissapointed about is there is no controller support which makes it a lil hard but the controls are okay and useable. Add the controller support and its 5 stars from me devs.
I have not played yet, but am happy to leave a review anyways! I play this game on Xbox One, and have beat it! I saw some reviews about the controls and expecting to be frustrated about them, but the game is fun anyways, and going to mobile is a big update to the game! (By that I mean that it's a big jump of platforms it's avalible on :D)
I love this game, its not boring, its entertaining, fun, funny and skillful. Can't wait for new maps to come out...... if you ever get the chance, overall, great game and keep up the good work
its a good game, but my wife is using an iPhone 7.. but she's having problems with becoming host and being invited to a game.it says "authentication failed'. can u fix it. i might just refund the game, cause i just wanna play with my wife..
I neared the new levels but I'd like to add a workshop so I can play the costom levels so if you can add that that would be great thanksπŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
I've been waiting for this game to come out on mobile since the first day I played it with my Uncle on his Ps4 we played the first day it came out and I like the challenges like the controls they are hard to use put I pretty much got the hang of them this game is amazing, fun, and a great time killer good work guys I might uninstall it but its cause it's a bit to easy for me cause I already know how to beat all the levels and get the achievements
I keep hearing someone following me and hearing scary "sounds" But it is a really fun game πŸ˜… IT'S COMING AFTER ME-
This is a great game. I find the levels mind bending and had to get thru sometime, but since it is a game where you can go anywhere in the map you can do so many different things. Sometime I like getting some friends and we fight and try yeeting each other off the map.
Very good game! Worth it. Literally like the pc version! This is on point, the graphics, the controls and physics really stand out to many different games! Had tons of fun playing with my brother! I also really wish there were more maps and maybe more customize options for your character, but other than that it's a pretty decent and fun game to play!πŸ˜ƒ
My brother plays this and he beat all the levelsπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ And he teaches me how to beat them but it won't let me load in but still a good game
I would give it a 1 star, but I've only seen my little brother play and he says it's fun. The thing is, ether it's the Samsung 5, or the app that's real junky and doesn't load usually. Please fix this 505 games! Then I will give a better review FYI, graphics are GREAT.
everything is good. EXCEPT for the multiplayer. it's so bad that I can't even invite my friends without the game suddenly disconnecting me. Plus, I can barely join any public games as I always get disconnected for no apparent reason despite having a good internet. Also, you mentioned that this game have controller support? I tried using one (Bluetooth) and it didn't work. please fix the multiplayer and please tell me in regards the controller support.
It is very fun with friends, alone not so much. Not replay-able at least not for me but overall a great game. Also when playing online you have a bad delay with controls of you are not the host so overall for me those inconveniences are enough to make this game a 3 star one but I can see how you can enjoy the game alone or ignore the horrible delay
BEST GAME EVER BUT Theres only one problem when i play multi player its gliches and laggs if u could fix this illd be so glad πŸ˜„
Question this game is going soo good so i gave five stars But i would love if you made a christmas map for free and we could do that i would like a new map instead of factory and thermal i finished two of those levels or maps
Terrible! I have no idea what you want OR ANY THING ON HOW TO PLAY! GIVE ME BETTER INSTRUCTIONS SINCE YOUR GRAPHICS ARE THE COOLEST! I am homeless, and thought this would be worth $2.49...
It's a really really really good game I seriously recommend spending the 5 dollars for this. It was completely worth it!!!!
I love this game but i do not like how scary it is. And i also want some things added to it. A chat too cus l want to talk to them. I someday i will give this app 5 stars but back to the stuff. Also i want better music. Some that is not scary.thxΚ• ꈍα΄₯κˆΚ”(β—•α΄₯β—•)Κ•Β·α΄₯Β·Κ”(α΅”α΄₯α΅”)
I really love that there are still developers that will support moblie with a complete experience. I can buy the game and play it, no ads or microtransactions. So bravo! Update 6/27/19 - laggy controls update! So i have a Razer phone and set the cpu clock to the lowest settings. All seem to be working correctly now! If you are able to underclock your cpu i would recommend doing that if you experience laggy controls.
I like it but every time I uninstall it and get it back I forgot how to get in/sign in bc I press Deny and Deny and it won't let me go in to playing it so plz tell me again β€’
I love this game. Hours of fun! (or frustration sometimes) Factory is hardest dream yet. (but I like it, is great) I'd like to play the Christmas dream, where you collect presents and candy canes, ride a train and shoot catapult. Please...
BEST GAME SO FAR but some things needs to fix...the Bluetooth controller works well but when it comes to grabbing stuff it just can't, even in the tutorial shows you have to press "*" for grabbing... second is multiplayer, I can't play with my friends bcause once they opened the link it shows that the sever is no longer available or smtg... other than that KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
hello admin. i am from indonesia i think this is a good game considering this is a pc game and made on android. I hope admin can provide for Indonesian or Asian servers so that Asian players are not disconnected and I play multiplayer also have to use VPN and for admin I have a suggestion to give licenses to buyers who buy this game so those who play without buying cannot play some features in this game or you can give rules or violations to player not buy this game. i will waiting for update.
The game is amazing and I want y'all to add a few things 1: more maps 2: I have a movement issue it's that when I try to go left I go right fix that please 3: play with more people
1 star because ive been playing this for a while deleted it a long time ago because it was controling my character by its self and my brother wanted me to play with him but i cant cause that glitch is still there geuss i wasted 5$..
Why do you not add gamepad support for rotor riot or gamesir x2, just works via bluetooth? Useless for new generation of gamepads
I love this game,it's a great game!But right now I'm kinda struggling.Everytime I open the game,a gray screen with black dots pops up and sometimes a white screen,I have no idea what to do.Other than that great game!
I like this game very much but we need a new update with 4 new levels. One is a plane one and it can only be on multiplayer. And waht you have to do is grab on the plane while the other player is flying the plain. And we need new hats,shirts, and pants and I have a another idea i,ve had. Drawing on our characters. Yep you heard me drawing on our characters. I think every mobile human fall flat player wanted this feature so make it happen.
Best game I've played on my phone! Thank you so much for this awesome game! Please keep updating it and making it even more fun to play!
Good game it is hard to get used to the controls but once you do that it is a great game and unlike most others you can play any keep up the good work
You can't parkour well and it's SO hard to literally go from once place to another. Here's an example, swinging from obstacles. I highly enjoy this but not so really. If you could Human Fall Flat. Could you make the controls easier for us? Thank you. But from that, it's a very fun and frustration game.
This game is a puzzle and u can play with friends and have fun like riding in carts being funny and falling flat!
Great game but overall mobile experience is not good, bad tactile controls, there is not external gamepad support, and it feels lagged sometimes in a device with 12gb in ram and snapdragon 855 plus, such a bad performance for a awesome game
This game is amazing! I love the graphics, A little slow but i am used to it. One thing i would like to be added (thats why i gave the game 4 stars) Is i wish the 'Paint Character' was added into the Character Creator part again. I loved it when that was there! Please add this back and i will change the rating
Fun game. Only giving 3 stars cause I would love to have more maps, character customization and be able to chat and have more players on multiplayer. Can you fix the framerate on multiplayer?
First thing im using my moms acc but my opinion, The game is amazing, five of five IF the controls weren't trash for google chromebook because it acts like im playing on mobile so I have the joystick! Y'all gotta fix that so I can use my keyboard! But tbh one of the other games I have does that but i don't do anything but flip houses so I really don't mind, but this is just straight up annoying! Also fix the camera I put it at the angle I want and it changes it not cool. Otherwise amazing game
I have the game but I was supposed to click yes on data but I put no and I can't get in the game now so you people getting this game click yes on data
I love this game very much but for some people its kind of hard to control the buttons and another thing it would be a lot better if we can chat & friend request! 😁
I do like it its just me and my friend want to play with each other but we cant Can you please allow for people with ever devices play With ever devices pls if you can this will be awesome any way thank you
The best ever game I played . It's controls are sometimes unresponsive but it's funny .Ex- If you will grab something and do not touch the screen you can not leave . It's a paid game Rs 500 but if you will buy you will realize it's a best game in the world.It also hold ..You should also add 10 to 20 more levels in mobile because sometimes i am also bored playing bowring levels
We could play eoth friends and its good because we can do parkour and learn when you try to scape an Island its so cool I wish I can make my own map and text with friends in the game on phone and I wish that human fall falt could be for free for everyone if you see this coment guys I just want you guys happyass you can see theres a new update I like it but they have to fix the lag thing thats why I cant pass nothing so yeah I like the Human fall flat app game. si les gusta juegenlo. enjoy :)!!!
Love the app. Five star. And also please put a chat where you can talk to your friends and maybe a chat where you avoid bad words or hurtful words. Thanks for looking at my reveiw. Plz respond to my review ASAP thanks. Love human fall flat.I LOVE THE CITY LEVEL ALREADY (I didn't play it yet).πŸ˜…
Bought this because my daughter wanted it after seeing it in several YouTube videos. Apparently it's a hit and has some huge following, but both me and my daughter just thought it was an infuriating, dull waste of time. I don't know if it's because it's an android adaption of a console game, the implementation of the controls, or if both the console and tablet games are equally as pathetic. Either way it's 7 quid I'm not going to get back!
It's a pretty good game for 5 dallors. I find it pretty cool how it has controller support, so you can stream your phone to your tv and connect an xbox controller, then play it has if it you were playing on a console. The multiplayer is a little laggy and sometime disconnects every so often, but besides that, it's pretty fun to play multiplayer (especially with your friends). Keep up the good work devs.
The game is good and excite but it has some problems .. the problem is .. some levels is hard .. but it is very excite game .. Install 😁( Human Fall Flat )😁
I was trying to launch I the catapult but instead I held onto the lever. It made me really mad and frustrated (comment by upset 7 year old).
It was horrible if your buying this on mobile dont waste you money it's impossible to get past level 2 cause I cant climb the train on mobile when you move the other arm the other comes off and they just fall of everything no matter what so you cant do any climbing so if on mobile WARN YOU DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY
Add a play dead button and the latest costimize costumes let me name some for you a baby, chef, redneck looking guy and a chat system.
Too much laggs with the new update Its unplayable... I got so nervous and deleted it in the mean time Hope you fix it soon I was glad when i see the new levels Now i am so depressed 😞
This is a fun game to play with friends. But I have a few things to say 1) some bugs that often happen in middle of levels, once I have the cable car set upside down and we have to restart the level for multiple times till it get fixed. 2) the "share invite" option is not working in private room. The link to share is not a valid one. Please fix it! 3) we cannot save the checkpoints for next game play. If the host disconnected and we have to start from very beginning. 4) slow update for new maps
This is one of the best games ever. The only big reason i rated it 4 not 5 is because its really hard to creat private servers. i really want to join friends but it never works. plus creating a public server is really hard for all my friends to join with out anyone else. so can you please fix it
Love the app I don't know how to get my face please put a video where you can get your face. FIVE star. And also please put a chat where you can talk to your friends and maybe a chat where you avoid bad words or hurtful words. Thanks for looking at my reveiw. Plz respond to my review ASAP thanks. Love human fall flat ten stars.
It is so fun with the ragdoll and the puzzles in this game we have to do it is just so awesome keep up the good work with this game
I love this game so much but there's a few problems with it every time I play on multiplayer with someone it lags and then it just kicks me out I have great connection too if this could get fixed I would really appreciate it C:
Its a good game all it needs is a chat or a way to talk with outhers in multiplayer because there is no other way to talk to them unless there next to you so can you please do that or at least have a voice chat
Its an amazing game me and my friends are haveing great crack playing online. Its great online an offline! The only bad thing about the game is the lag its not very smooth if you are not the host of the server i do understand that it will run better on PC and X box but it is a very good mobile game!
Been watching this game for years and found it really interesting when I saw it was on mobile so I thought I would check it out. Lots of fun, I have alreadyade it through the castle level and gotten most of the optional achievements which seem to work perfectly. Controls are difficult to master, but It seems like they are the best layout you could have mapped, I dont know how I would make them any better, its just the system constraints. Controller support THAT WORKED would be nice :)
Its an amazing port and works well. Love that it has Bluetooth XB1 controller support. The reason why I'm giving a 4 star rating is the game doesnt seem to save. I was playimg this on my Galaxy S8 and i had gotten to the second check point of the construction area and had to go do some stuff. I closed the game when i left. After I got done with my stuff i came back to continue. But there was no continue option only new game. I know you just ported this to android but this is kind of a big issue.
So idk if anyone else is having this issue, I made It to the water level and I'm at the checkpoint where you have to jump and swing on a chain hanging off of a yellow gondola to go across to the other platform, but every time I grab the chain it lags and falls off, and when I restart at checkpoint there isnt even a chain there, It took a few restarts to make the chain come back.
It's great I just wish we had more customization options like the computer version. Like make your own characters instead of just using the premade accessories and clothes. That would be so awesome!
I like human fall flat and I play this game all the time with my friends on there switch the only thing I don't like is I cant get my multiplayer option to work, and when I get off cause I play on my phone it don't save even tho I saved it so I hope you fix that.
I absolutely love this game!!! Ever since it came out on pc and Xbox I've fell in love. And yes I have been waiting for a android version ever since. One idea that I have though. In the next update, can you make it so that you can paint and take pictures and put them on Bob (also known as the player). Can you also make it so that people can share their creations for Bob and levels. Thank you for bringing Human Fall Flat to mobile.
Its very good game and funny also but there is a bug in multiplayer if we joint a room we have to click button 7 or 8 times than our character works pls fix that bug and some new maps also.
it is a fun game but if you like using wasd or arow keys do not get it on chromebook creators of the game fix this if you dont want a mad customor
I love the game but it gets boring after a while. I recommend many more levels and multiplayer could be less glitchy plus a chat system would be wonderful. New outfits would be nice plus i would like it if i could draw on a face. The controls are a little laggy. Other wise a fantastic game! I love it. It's so much fun!😎
Now it doesnt have an updates and please make like maybe an faster update and update like no parkour only supermarket or playground and free ragdoll button and to get is jump and mayve like and update like a 20 homes with stuff in it it will be soo cool And maybe like a world that has shops homes donut shop happy meal or kfc or more stuff like also cake shop pillow shop beds shop or real paper and crayon to touch the crayon or pencil and draw it will actually do a drawing and real remote And
This game is awesome! I recommend you this game its so intresting but i want the all new updates and maps the previous update was awesome and i hope that next update come soon And please give new maps and a drawing option so,that we can draw our character on our own And please give new maps also But it is still awesome! Please reply Thank you😊
It's a great game with a wide range of levels to explore. I bought this game thinking it was similar to pc/Xbox where controllers are supported, however that is not the case. Despite this, the controls are easy to learn and it's overall a great game.
Thanks for adding more maps! I can't remember when, but still! Also, I have a suggestion. A report system. This way, if someone is interfering with gameplay and won't stop, you can report them and have them punished. This could be handled with a record of how many people reported a person and why.
This game is amasing!! The controls were first hard but once understood very easy. Multiplayer feature is functional and easy to join into! Though I wish when your are playing the game that there was a chat or something to communicate with! The customizing feature for your avatar is also very nice to have and you can have very funny outfits! The color pallete used was a bit plain though, the colors were dull and I perferably like more vibrant. Either way a really funny game and I enjoy it alot!!
The game and concept have potential. This could ... some day ... grow into an outstanding game. The controller interface needs some work, and yes I did take the time to get used to the controls. I lost interest relatively quick and then i couldn't find any multiplayer matches. To the developers... Keep up the good work, your opening a door to something awesome.
Ths game is so fun like I can play with anyone and my brothers too like you should download this game and you can make your own outfit download this game and you won't get bored
I wanted to rate it 4stars but I am disappointed now because I just deleted this game mistakly and I am tying to dowload it again and again but it is not working I tried to try it on other games iit is working but when I dowload this game it always sticks at pending I waited for a long time like 2 3 hours cancelled the game now
Best game ever!!! I've been waiting YEARS for human fall flat to come to mobile! The controls are a bit hard to get used to but I have a suggestion in a future update. There NEEDS to be a customize buttons button (aka move the buttons around). Thank you for this awesome game!!
Thanks bro update the game but can you fix the city bowling cannot and can pls fix mutiplayer I join someone serve it lag pls fix this
It was good but goddammit it made me want to throw it every second because its glitchy and soooooooooo hard to control
Why I'm giving a two star is the issue with multitplayer mode it freezes for a sec Bug other than that Its GREAT
It's fun and all but not when it crashes my tablet with the frozen white screen seriously you guys need to fix it it's annoying but I do like to play this game but not when I played for it and it doesn't even load in
Great Game Great Graphics And Pretty Good Customization I Just Wish That They Would be Able To Tell When There Is A Keyboard Connected Because I Bought This On My Chromebook And It Assumed It Was Touch Screen (Which It Wasnt S330) And It Wansnt Working So I Connected A Keyboard Uninstalled It And Re-Installed It And Still Didnt Work So For Dev Please Add Chromebook Keyboard Detection
Best game ever I love to play with other people but one complaint is that there is no chat but I also play with my brother ITS SO FUN!
VERY good game lots of secrets on maps more levels πŸ‘ the only thing I do not like is that on Xbox you get the new maps sooner and I don't have one but my brothers do that make me feel bad enway good game make more maps more secrets one of my 5 games
This game is online and offline which makes it easier to play when your bored in the car or just to play with friends. It let's you create and make you very own Charter.
The game is good, but it can be slow at times. I would give it a higher review but I'm having issues. When I open the game it will switch to a white screen and freeze on it. I've tried deleting it and re-installing it but it does not work. Ive tried restarting my phone, and nothing. Ive tried signing out of my google play account, still nothing. I've tried clearing the game data, and still nothing! If anyone knows what to do please let me know...
Nice fun game but the first day i played it was ok but the second day when i played it so i had to change the level i was not able to do that there was no option like that one can someone tell me what to do?.Umm i loved this game i rate this game full marks thanks for launching such type game .Thanks for reading.
I love this a lot. My main issues are: the Castle level. My god it is frustrating to complete solo, if not nearly almost impossible (metaphorically) however, this game is too charming. Second: Input delay while in someone else's game can be impossible to live with. I suggest having a connection strength indicator next to each lobby. 1/4, 4/4... etc. other than that, I'm giving 5 stars because this game is so golden..
I'm loving this game so far. it's fun and cute :D I watched a lot of youtubers play this game and I been wanting to get it for a while. I do have an issue and it's just a not anything major. The place you have the hand controls are in the spot where I would normally move the camera around in most games. if possible could you make it to where I can change the location of those controls or the size? I mean it's fine and I can get use to it. I'd just thought I'd throw that idea out there. :)
It's a great game, but theirs a glitch where when I try and move the joy stick left, I goes right instead. If that glitch didn't exist or was fixed, I would rate this game 5 stars. Please fix it.
Its a awesome epic game its worth it i only have a few problems and suggestions number one its impossible to beat the dark level everytime i try to cut the tree it falls off suggestions: can u add a paint mode and more hairs and more oufits ohh add accessories option and i wouldn't mind new levels but overall awesome game ill give 5 stars if u add these things ;)
I love this game it is so fun by the way I am on Samsung phone you should play this game if you don't play I hope this game doesn't get deleted human fall flat is fun I love human fall flat
Fun but I don't longer want it every time I refund it says refund can't be approved and to contact developer to see if they help
I love this. Ever since i got it, i always played it! Just 1 Problem. When i do multiplayer its a bit glichy. Over all its wonderful. ( England ) also may you add more maps? Amazing! Keep up the amazing work! β™‘ :D
Best expirence I've had love the levels and playing with friends (always throwing each other off) also I would like there to be more outfits and models i think that would be cool and this is probably best game I ever played I think everyone would enjoy this just like I do
The game its almost flawless, gameplay its amazing but the multiplayer is not the best, its so difficult to find your friends game, and I think you should let us name the serves and let us search them up easier, because it take a long time to join your friends games, but overall great game just fix multiplayer
It needs a chat sistome and it glitches a little and i think that it needs more lile cat , monky soots for the afatar :):):) ofer all its a great game :):):):):):):) and the controls are kimda hard too use :):):)
Whenever i try to turn on the game it has the human fall flat logo and what not, but after that it just went to a white screen im not sure what is happening but some tips on how to get ot running would help a lot. (I know this game just dropped for mobile and probably needs a lot of fixing im not complaining I just need some help, and some help would be very much appreciated thank you)
I love this game so much but there is a problem.when you play multiplayer your controls will show delay of 3 seconds.i cannot play it easily with my friends .but i highly recommend to buy this game. THIS GAME IS WORTH.i love this game and i know in future this game will come in top 5 games
The graphics and concept was so good! The controls however are terrible. You can't separate the controls for both hands? It is impossible to control both hands of the player on phone. Very problematic.
This had lots of fun ragdoll experiences and challenging levels. While sometimes I left the game frustrating I always found my way back to it. This was just as good as the PC game and I consider this a successful port and suggest this to most players. Also there is a problem with chains where if you grab onto them they glitch out and break so just a note to the developers, thanks.
This game is great I love playing online because usually a lot of games are solo and no option for multiplayer this game also has a good hint if you don't know what to do I recommend playing this game πŸ˜„
the only problem i find is that when you play in multiplayer its super laggy and i think there should be custom maps that all 4 out of 5
this game looks fine, no bugs, glitches, or anything. i would like if you add some new features, like chat system, built in friends list, and i don't know if it's already have controller compatible, but it'll be great if we can play with a controller
Add the golf and city level and add a play dead button also the new costomize costumes and a chat system and the drawing on the skins please?
Fun game Its fun playing online with my friends and family, but it takes a really grate signal. And some people don't have a really good signal.(out of four people when one person has a crappy signal the whole game is lagging. Please change that.
Overall I think this game is great. The gameplay, the graphics, and even the controls are fine. The reason I give it 4 stars is because I have a few recommendations. First of all, I would like a built in friends system and an easier way to invite friends to servers. The second thing I would like is a chat system. It would be way easier to understand others with a chat system. Next, I would like to have the players usernames above there head. If you could add these I'll give 5 stars. Thx!
This game is bad you can't play golf or city the controls are hard and when I made it far and I leave and go on it again it restarts its anyoning so play this on a console and don't buy this
i liked the game a lot, once you get used to the controls you pretty much completed the game. But it was annoying and stressful the way multiplayer its so laggy and there is more times where it fails to join a match than actually joining one, and when hosting a game, players dont always join your game. Out of that, the game can have improvements but so far it is great.
It's a great app. But could you possibly add more models? Or make it to where we can customize more freely?
We have purchased this game but only few easy levels are there, this is not affordable. If you add some more challenging levels further it would be nice and I will rate it with 5 stars. Good concept.
The multiplayer is laggy and inputs are laggy as well, though it may seem bad at first it makes for good content in a video and just entertainment for people! If they are fixed though, the game will be perfect! Thank you for looking at the feedback of others.
I loved this game on console and was very excited when it came out on mobile but was slightly disappointed. First of all, when pulling your hands down it wont let you grab what your hands are touching at all. This screwed me over a lot in the game and proved to be very frustrating. I also feel like everything is slippery when you walk on the edge of it. I dont feel like it was this way on console. Over all the graphics are good and the controls are... decent? It is kind of hard to control.
I have enjoyed the experience by and large. The controls feel a little clunky, buts always going to be the case playing on a phone. The issue i have is that the game never saves my progress. I quit to the main screen and can see that an option to continue exists, however, when i then close the game and come back my progeess has gone. Having to replay the same thing again for a third time is a real put off.
When i play Multiplayer. Id like some fixes. 1: Make the lag more calm like singleplayer on multiplayer. 2; Id like some new maps! 3; make multiplayer less laggy. I F&^*ING HATE THE F&&&ING LAG FIX IT!!!!!!
Very nice game but I can't play multiplayer with my friend. Because we can't find each other. Even if we send an invitation, it gives an error when you click on the link. And another problem is the multiplayer participant is plays with delayed. Please fix these 😊
It's.... the... second.... most.. . Epic game yet!! YouTube's even play it I'm not just saying this because a you tuber plays it .. like is funneh, and that's all I know πŸ™„ Human: fall flat is a good game you can like I like it prob everyone does!!
This game is nice but the reason why rated four stars is cuz I'm just going to tell you this if you download it and pay don't delete it then re-download it cuz it charges you more seriously it happened to me the reason why I deleted it is cuz there was not letting me play it but now it is thanks bye
I would suggest changing the font of the game, adding more levels, and/or some game modes. In addition, try to add more customization in the controls, and make an option where you can boost your frames, since on my LG Stylo 4, it runs from about 35-42 fps. Also, try to add leaderboards, a friends list, more customization on your character instead of pre-loaded models. That's all. 16/5
This game it a very good game, It's made the creators of Terraria. The controls may take a bit to get use to, but you adjust them to your liking. This game is about puzzles and you have to use your 3d avatar to navigate, grab, and climb up things. This is the perfect game to play with your friends, and is somewhat complicated just like many other good games. You can also do other things like play hide and seek with your friends or experiment with things. This is a great game.
Great game! But the reason I rate it 4 stars is it's sometimes glitchy and makes you leave the game and rejoin
This game is really fun like so fun this is the only reason I downloaded it well because I had two friends that are YouTubers one is called Mr beast and one is called fgteev they play human fall flat so this is why I wanted to download it please do not update this game unless it's on something else then the trying to jump in parkour because parkouring was hard for me a bit ago but now it's really easy to parkour. πŸ‘‘β™₯οΈπŸ’ŽπŸ‡πŸ¦πŸ¨πŸ₯€
The controls take more than getting used to, as although you've done an excellent job of trying to make them as effective/efficient as possible, the arm control is easy to accidentally tap when trying to do anything else. I also think the hand control could be improved by making a middle section for use of both arms, being an upside-down 'T' so that it's more intuitive to grab something while holding on to something else, versus the simple divider between L/R. Overall though, excellent job!
Its very fun but multi player is laggy (if your not the host of the room) I would most appreciate if you would give us a chat system and fix the lag (if you can please do) and give is another update that will include: *No lagging *Chat system * new skins *bug fixes if you can please do.
After a phone switch, the app will install successfully, but won't run beyond the loading screen. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but that hasn't worked so far. I have everything signed in to the account associated with my last phone and all of my other old apps work. Troubleshooting tips would be appreciated!
Hi I'm not a big fan of this game and I Bought it like a month ago can I still refund it please get back to me as soon as possible thank you
Some touch issues observed (multi point touch issues ), maybe this app might not be optimised for my device yet (Asus ROG Phone 3), please solve this issue and get 5 star rating , But overall the game is awesome and addictive.
I think I have just wasted my money on this game .Can the developers tell me why this human fall flat doesn't have workshop and custom levels in it. Please add them. cuz without them this game is nothing.
It won't even let me save the level I'm on if I'm on like level 1 or 2 it will save but if I'm on a high level when I get back on it will make me start all the way over dont waste your money on this this game its better to play it on a Playstation or Xbox
This game is very fun especially with friends. Everything is perfect except for one thing. The controls are very bad and also the jump is very delayed. 80% of the to.e to try to move the joystick it doesent work and moving the camera is very hard to do. My one and only complaint is the controls but everything else about the game is very cool. Developers I hope you see this and please fix the controls.
needs some serious work, I can understand making a game more difficult to make it more interesting and to give a sense of accomplishment but the controls are garbage. who thought that a dual sliding bar on a touch screen was a good idea when controlling the characters arms? pulling oneself up on long jumps is an exercise in futility where you will have more luck winning the lottery without buying a ticket. concept itself is near however the hand controls are the absolute suck and ruin it for me
It's a real fun and silly game! But there is one thing that is happening to me in the multiplayer, I have Google play, but it wants me to let it in my personal information. And I dont know why. If you are reading this. Whoever made the game. Please fix it. Overall, it's a amazing game. It is actually really fun Thanks for creating this game. But, please fix that. I dont want my personal information known. So, fix it. Please and thank you! ☺😊
This game is really fun but is it possible if the christmas map could stay please i never really got to play it...
This game is dopee. But it would be better if ur developer team can bring friend system to this game because when i want to play with my friends, the share link doesnt really work. and then i try to find him in the lobby but its too hard. U may add a code and password (optional) to the room so we can find our friends' rooms quicker. thanks!!
Well firstly congratulations for the port of the pc gane and consoles for mobile, I know that the game has many bugs of servers and performance in some cell phones, but the servers with so much lag q enough of the anger you go and stops and it continues walking and controls not so horrible cono I would think it would be serious but I think you could improve, the game ta at first hope you guys make the most q to leave the game clean (servers and performance) and gameplay.
The left stick moving controls has a bug if you hold it down swipe left the stick will jump to the right. Needs improvement also levels are long and no way to save place so you have to restart the level over again.
Game is waste of money it always lags when we play multiplayer . Suppose if i press the jump button .it will work after 2-3 second.and same happens with all my friends .i really love This game. But it wasted my and my friends money. I recommend you all to save money by not downloading it. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Me and my brothers are totally in love with this game!! I'm already used to the controls, pretty easy at first. We're glad it came to mobile. We don't have pc, since our mom lacks money, but she gave us a reward after we helped her with cleaning for the wholeeeee month. It's such a silly game and we love it! so worth it!
I'm rating this game 5 stars because I love it and I know what it is. But I have a Chromebook (acer Chromebook 14) and I downloaded it from Google Play. It had the mobile device controls. Mobile controls don't go well with a computer. Also, do you think we could sometim get a level creator on there? it would be fun and we'd have competitions and everything. Please change the controls problem, thanks!
Everything is relatively fine although multiplayer is a little laggy and I would recommend a chatting system and I know it even isnt in the regular game (i don't think..) but it would be nice to have some communication. Though overall I really enjoyed it because it's nice to finally play human fall flat on the go! I also just recently bought portal knights and I love it as well!
I love the game ive been asking my dad to get a computer so i can get human fall flat. But now it is in mobile!!!and i wanna make a suggestion for future updates. Can you add painting the character however we want instead of just model primary, secondary, and tertiary make like a paintbrush mode and also steam levels so i can play more levels of other players .But anyway I just wanna thank 505,curved digital, and no brakes for making hff!!!
im playing on a comouter and theres only like hoint sticks like u were playing on the phone. but other then that the game is very good
The game overall is really fun I just wish you could paint your character like you could in the PC version overall great game hard parkour took me a while to figure out one of the cart puzzles what I figured out you have to do is you have to push the cart on the bottom all the way back then make a high jump and then you put your arms up and then you let go which helps you grab on and then you push the other car all the way over there onto the right and then into the door