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House of Secrets Hidden Object

House of Secrets Hidden Object for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Big Bear Entertainment located at 2111 SAN PABLO AVE, BERKELEY, CA 94702. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I would say that the game is interesting and the graphic is excellent. I salute the developer! However, it's kind of frustating things when you cannot click the object that is on the very side of the screen and end up losing since you ran out of time. Also, I hope that there would be an option for me to stop the time and just play for enjoyment.
Ridiculously small amount of time to find all the things. I can never find the lizards. It gets very depressing tbh. Uninstalled after an hour wasted.
Nice game. Only 35 levels (each level has 3 parts to it), so you can finish it pretty quickly if you don't pace yourself
I like the game its challenging i give it a one star only because of having it be timed! This makes it very stressful!!
A very fun hidden objects game. The graphics are excellent. I'd recommend this game to anyone kids to adults would enjoy this one.
I enjoy it because it's simple and relaxing looking for the objects,would like more rooms, it does get a bit boring going to the same rooms, but this game is my speed.
I love this game. The scenes are beautiful. Now. The gameplay is relaxing but the time clock is rather intense. But one needs some hints & turning off the magnify glass is rather mean. But overall, its a nice game. And the music is great.
I love hidden object games. I don't like timed games, especially when you can't make out the objects, that's uses up all your minutes. Big bear has nice games but I don't like this one. Games changed the past year, can't enjoy the many more. Many ads, timed, run out of coins.na, sorry
Just started playing so not much to say except i wish it gave you a little more time. And the instructions on how to play went by way too quickly, maybe make it so you have to tap the screen when you are done reading and the next bit of info comes up and so on.
You should have the option to play Timed or Untimed.I dislike Timed Games.Some of us elderly people want to play at our own Pace.Thank You!
This game is kinda difficult but sometime its extremely hard and sometimes its so easy that when you win the level then you feel relaxed but this is a good game and then when you win the difficult or the hard level then you feel a spy and I love everything in this game
This is the best hidden objects ever! Beat the clock 2 mins to finish, but if you are goooood at searching you'll enjoy! The Best i'm almost finish with this house of hidden objects looking forward to downloading the next one JUST HAVE FUN! LIFE IS TOO SHORT! ENJOY.......Happy New Year! Still the best my grandaughter likes to help me with hidden objects we have a lot of fun... Thanks!
I truly enjoyed playing the game I like it 😊 but you can show the obgects you missed so you would know where to find it the next time I love the game and there's ñot too many commercial I truly like playing the game
Great fun! I like it because it doesnt have a stupid storyline with points to get before you move on. Thanks for a fun game
Nice, simple, free. Tons of objects hidden in very small spaces and timed. I only wish I knew the scoring goals and if time matters more or the order they are found in. When I panic at the last minute, high score. When I have a minute left and found everything, low score. Is there something the player does to make the objects on the list earn extra points.
It's an interesting hidden items search game thusfar. They asked for a review extremely quickly however, so I really don't know how well I like it yet... I have only played ONE SCENE! I didn't time out, so that's a plus, I guess!! I can say it's well drawn. You can recognize objects both in the foreground and the background. Which is a real plus in a hidden objects game!! HAHAHA!!
Enjoyable but not relaxing. I wish there was an option to turn the timer off and just play for the fun of it. The graphics are great and the scenes are difficult enough to be challenging but not impossible. Sometimes if the item you are selecting is near the edge of the frame it is difficult to select it. Which is frustrating when playing a timed game.
Challenging but not impossible. Not totally disrupted with ads. Three different ways to find objects which makes it even more interesting. This by far the best Hidden Objects game I have found online. I got hooked on them on aeroplane journeys I USED to take once upon a time. Remember those things .
House secrets is a tricky game. Fun, but sure as you loss concentration, you forget where those items are, especially, when they change them around and you have to go looking for their new location. Some are so. Lightly hidden, that it seems to be no there. Its good for memory challengs. Have fun.
This is the best hidden objects ever! Beat the clock 2 mins to finish, but if you are goooood at searching you'll enjoy! The Best i'm almost finish with this house of hidden objects looking forward to downloading the next one JUST HAVE FUN! LIFE IS TOO SHORT! ENJOY.......
Game itself fine. But what happened to, the old hidden objects game. I like those a lot better than a fariy telling where to go. So if you don't mind please bring back old hidden object games. Thank you
Very poor. Ads after each level and worse. The words describing the object to find are spelled wrongly which makes them impossible to find
It's really interesting because it takes a lot of time to figure out where the objects are. I'd really like everyone out there to try this game bcos it's fun.
Instructions went too fast. I ended up with a screen and no idea what I was supposed to do and what constitutes 100% success. Also the landscape screen won't flip. Only 26 rooms. After that????
I like the app I would enjoy it more if it was'nt on a timer. It could be addictive. Take timer off and let me go at my own pace. Thanks
Your give 3 options per room, game does not tell you the options needed or options cleared. I stopped playing but it is a fun game.
Sometimes easy. Sometimes not. Would like more hidden objects like these. Not the narrative ones. A new hidden object list would be cool. More hints per game would be good. Games are slow loading.
Great game!!! I love playing this game it's also very addictive I have had no problems what so ever.it reminds me of of some of the ones I played in the past. Thanks for a great game
Great game. Graphics are incredible. So much fun to play! I reccomend it to everyone. Good thing my short term memory is wacko...because I play these games over and over and still can't remember where the items are !! Such a great game !!
Uninstalled almost immediately. Every time I found an object and clicked on it, it opened up and ad to download another game right into Google Play. Every. Single. Time.
The app stopped advancing. I had reached other levels in the game, but when I tried to advance back to them the next day it would not give me the option to move forward. This happened 2 days straight. I'm done with this game. I am about to uninstall it. It was a really nice game until it stopped advancing.
The game is fun and entertaining. The sensitivity that is included if you touch the wrong object makes the game less fun.
I am enjoying house of secrets finding the objects in the time frame keeps you alert and its a trill finding them. I did not thing i would enjoy it as much as i do. I must say i Love it! Thanks a lot for a wonderful game.
Great for eye hand co-ordination. I also like to try the same level just to test myself. Cool gameπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
Nice, but glitchy. Few ads. "Bottle Beer," was spelled, "Bottle Bear." Sometimes, you find everything & the round keeps going, & you lose it.
I like this game although some of the items are hard to find to little. Items should be somewhat larger, more free hints should be offered.
I really enjoy the challenge of finding all objects. I would let recommend this game to anyone. I just came back to this game, after not playing for months. It's just as much fun if not more than before.
It's hard to see some of the objects they put up and they're kind of almost impossible to find was to use that hit thing and I'm going to lose you yet and you can only get so far then you can play pay
I like the game, but sometimes the items won't move when I touch them, requiring me to hit them several times.
It's simple and fun. You could play for a few minutes or try to beat your best time. And, most importantly, no annoying ads!!!
Cannot get more than 1 star even though I have beaten the highest score. You should say what it will take to get another star in simple or easy to understand explanations.Now the only reason I return to this game is to kill time until I earn a couple of lives in other games, so yes, your game sucks.
Requires concentration I enjoy playing it you will also. Give it a try if you mess up you'll get more chances.
I love playing this game. I think it challenges you to think and makes you focus by trying to locate hidden objects
Very good game. Objects are well hidden. Unintrusive adverts. Lots of chances to find objects. Pictures are pleasant. Very enjoyable.
like the graphic good puzzle can see the objects great . But you need to give a person a hint points for playing a good score .I refuse to buy hints.
I just enjoy searching for the objects listed/pictured, especially when you have trouble finding the object then all of a sudden that object pops right into your view, it's like an optical illusion. Total fun!!!
I love itπŸ’œ.But the time is kinda hard.πŸ’•But still it is a great game!πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°I appreciate the game.πŸ˜ƒ(I think the creator worked hard).😐😍And i wish i could turn the timing off.Kinda hard to find but it is okay.The creator made a great game.😘
I'm having a wonderful experience because I get NO interruptions and can play it as often as I want and I can play it three different ways. It's great.
Hard to play on smart phone. Sometimes objects do not appear the same as the object you are suppose to be looking for.
I rated this a 4, not because of the game, but I'm still new to the types of objects asked to find. Will rate again, as I become more accustomed to it. Fun though.
So much fun. Plenty of hints if you need them. Objects aren't so cluttered that you can't find what you need.
It it kind of boring. Everything is fairly easy to find. I refuse to spend money for clues so i will be uninstalling it.
I thoroughly enjoy this game and although I'm at a point where I could do it in my sleep because I play it so much I'll continue to play. I do wish you would add on, make it a little longer, if you will , Please My review remains unchanged I'm still playing this game over and over and I enjoy it thoroughly.
Items misspelled (bear bottle instead of beer bottle) items not listed (cleared the list and timer didn't stop had to use a hint in order to finish). These issues were found before level 5. Would not reccomend.
Great way to lose time. Very addictive. Love it. Easy to use, i quite like the timer too, didn't think i would.
I like the game ok.the backgrounds are great. 2 min is an awfully short time to find most of these on lists. It also started me from the beginning. Don't want to start over
Timer gives very little time to find objects and they are so small you cannot see it. Uninstalling now. It's not worth the space it takes up when you only get 60 seconds to find everything.
Enlarging scene is possible and moving works well. The objects are small but graphics are excellent. Speed picks up after awhile. Background music has an upbeat theme. I recommend this House of Secrets Hidden Objects.
Not enough time so you have to start over too many times. It gets boring. Too dark even in a dark room. Disappointing.
Remembering to enlarge the scene is my issue. The objects themselves are small enough for me to recall. Speediness is another need with me. So, it is a good Hidden Object game. I recommend the app. The graphics are excellent.
Great game that keeps you thinking, remembering, concentrating and hoping...110% highly recommended....
Love this game. Just started playing. It's addicting. However, have finished 7 of the games and looks like there aren't enough other games that I would like. It would be nice if you could add more of them. I'll be finished with these faster than I'd like. Hopefully there are more apps from them to choose from. This is 2nd review. Playing off and on for a couple weeks. We need more levels! I'll be finished in a few days. I hope I can find more from this maker of game. More puzzles!!
When you choose pictures the object doesn't even look like what the picture shows when you find it. For example, it showed a chameleon that was green on the picture, but on the scene it was brown.
You need to let players move the pictures around ...staying locked doesn't let you get a true chance.
Love, love, love all of the Big Bear Hidden Objects games and have several that I play daily. I got a new tablet for Christmas and want to transfer the games to my new tablet. Can you please tell how to do this. I can't find some of my favorites to download to the new tablet.
I have to enlarge the screen to find somethings, but it helps that many objects are in logical places in the scene.
Wish there was no timer so you could actually have fun and play. Game's good, but the timer sucks. Ruins the whole relaxing aspect of the game
Doing okay until the bedroom scene and one written clue never appears and the game doesn't end when you find the listed items. Tried hitting all other items that are sometimes listed, and none are the missing item to end the game. So no way to win this one.
Blending the items in with the background is a great thing to me. It helps the brain work harder! CAMOUFLAGE!
Ads after every item. I cannot easily move from one item to the other without having an add after each individual item.
It's ok. Sometimes after I've found all of the objects, the screen doesn't go to the score. Maybe it's my phone.
Somebody needs to learn how to spell & correctly identify objects, i.e. a Cardinal (aka red bird) identified on the list as a Goulden Finch, which is also incorrect, Gold or Golden Finch, Fried Chicken identified as Friend Chicken, these are two of several errors!
I have to enlarge the screen to find somethings, but it helps that many objects are in logical places in the scene. When time runs out, items missed should glow to prove the missed items were in the picture; I don't think some items I couldn't find were ever in the picture.
This game has too many objects to find in such a short period of time. The graphics is great however some objects are too small to identify right away and next thing the player know we're out of time and need to start all over again. Need more time for this game.
A fairly challenging game at first, but room set-up seems to stay the same. As you progress, it becomes easier to find objects. Won't be on my phone for very long.
Timer runs very quickly. Never get pass 1 star. Game is very relaxing but frustrating at the same time. It would be nice if time was longer. I would still play it but some scenes it takes a while since you need hints to find items. If anyone know how to get pass one star please let me know.
It's annoying that you won't see the other objects that you couldn't find. Apart from that I like the idea of searching hidden objects
These hidden objects are really camouflaged and can't actually be found too quickly. There is even one that the name of the object is not shown, but the object is somewhere on the bookcase.