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Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World

Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Sulake Corporation Oy located at Kaarlenkatu 11 00530 Helsinki. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Sex/Eroticism, Explicit Language, Discrimination) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Nice game. you really have good ideas tho. some glitches happens but still 5 stars for Hotel Hideaway. I made to lvl 44 almost to lvl 50 <3 but theese players can be rude when they are a noob because you are on a higher level than them and that makes them angry and frustrated so I hope they get to a higher level tho. You are a great creator cya later~! (Have a Nice day~! ^^)
Updated: So been Playing for over a week now went from 5 Stars to 2 Reason ran out of things to do. Would be cool to let players sell items instead of a machine recycling them. Many players would open up shops and stores and that would be cool and better to socialize with players
The update ruined the experience. Whenever I go to recycle items it says "sorry it wasn't successful" blah blah blah, I lose everything I was going to recycle and then I have to start over. It happened 3 times in a row! And sometimes you can't recycle certain items, and those items glitch out when you try to recycle 4 at once. This is awful, and even though it doesn't charge me I should get the items back or still recieve an accessory.
It was a nice game but I would really enjoy better internet and also this game is very boring so can you add more places in the hotel.
I love this game!!! The only thing that puts me off is the room ranking, otherwise It's awesome! The gameplay is so cool, but there's still a few glitches. Otherwise, all good! πŸ‘πŸ‘
Tried to play it over and over. Uninstalled and reinstalled like 4 times, but no matter what the game kept crashing before I could even enter the hotel. Crashes on the loading screen.
I'm writing a review for an important reason. PLEASE add some type of EMERGENCY BUTTON in-game. I just had a situation where a friend was talking about personal and mental struggles and running away from home and suicide. Having had a rough go myself, I know how serious these things can become and I had a bad gut feeling. This friend's character stopped doing things and sat there in sleep until the avatar was kicked. I tried far too long to contact emergency services. PLEASE add a button.
Ok the graphics are really good and I love the locations and making new friends I love this game so much I play it all the time but there is 1 annoying thing every time I try to customise my room when I save it it logs me out and nothing saves if this was fixed I would certainly give 5 star
I like this game a lot. I would have given it 5 stars, the only thing is that since the last update, the ads aren't working. I have to watch 3 or 4 ads (instead of 1 or 2 like it should be) until I can finally get my extra spin, or double rift money, or w.e the reward is. It's pretty annoying. I've tried messing with my settings but it didn't help. Please fix and I'll give 5 stars πŸ‘πŸΌ
okay so this game is probably really cool and fun, but apparently I wont be able to experience it myself because the game just freezes right after that lady gives me the key for the hotel. I've downloaded and deleted this game 3 so I can restart it and try again, but every single time, it's the same outcome. I'd really like to play this game and see what it's all about, but I can't do anything if it freezes the second I open it. please fix this.
Okay uhm i see that a lot of people has been having trouble with the current event? Why can't we no longer play/open the game after the sudden update? Does that work on all andriods? CUZ DAMN i really loved this game! Pleaseeee fix :(
The update got me disconnected from all of the friends, I made in game Please help me restore my progress or I might have to stop playing the game. Also there's a retarded glitch that makes the game reject the update after it's done downloading, I had to uninstall the game first then install it again, that problem never happened with any other app I have and I've plenty of space in my internal storage Overall, devs fix your stuff please and add the ability to connect your accounts before updatin
What's up with the wheel I have gotten literally hundreds of 1 stars back to back whats up with that its months worth of spins and not a single spin higher than an occational 2 star add a pity system or something i havent completed some of the sets that been in the game since forever ago
Not a game, I repeat this; IS NOT a game. This is a social APP (Virtual life simulator). The app itself has no gameplay (with the exception of rock, paper, scissors gestures). ///The only gameplay is user created content rooms, often found in public rooms search. ///This app isn't for children, mature audiences, be warned, or prepare to be offended. ///Current state: ads don't accurately reward for watching them. May lose your 4XTokens, and rare circumstances ad watch too. \\\Further updates.
the game is soo good and that means a lot from me cuz I don't like anything. but the only thing I don't like is how the upgradeing is. it can be easy to upgrade and it can be hard. but u have to understand that it is worth it. cuz I didn't really have much friends and this game helped me. and u well find that out if u just play the game;))
because we get to make new friends and there's a lot to explore and 7/8 is getting likes close your eyes sleep today little baby you crazy need my prescription filled do you like my cookies they're made just for you poison to show me a video of me 12 Apple alarm clock Soca ashes 6 get anymore Alexis is that bad word mini II says Alex's Alexis is the bad word network jaystation is funny that money is mine do you like my cookies and major for you and lots of poison too Santa going down Santa going
i’ve done absolutely everything to turn on my notifications, i went to settings and went to the app, pressed receive all notifications, amd still NOTHING. my notifications work fine for other apps. atleast when we first start the app have an β€œallow notifications” button so they can manually be turned on or just something to fix this please. when my friends want me to come online i want to be able to. also i dont understnad why you guys dont allow trolling? the games boring without trolls. thanks
I love the game its so unique and creative but sorry for bothering you. I always get kicked and reconnected from the game i clearly don't know what i'm doing wrong.My internet connection is fast and fine. And a big thank you creating this game you worked so hard on it. Keep up with the positive vibe and ignore all negativity😁
This is an awesome game, I would highly reccomend. If your a person wanting to hang with friends but you have to stay home, you can easily just get onto this and hang with them.
This game is cool, but I'd suggest that you put minigames which will be another source for coins/diamonds. A lot of us want something like that, and add more two player gestures <3 Like ya know UwU moree kinky HHSHAHAHAAHA. Thankyounfor reading this. Very nice game :)) ❀️ MINUS TWO STARS β€” Please read this and please add loading bars on loading screens :) its stupid waiting for 10++ minutes on loading screen without seeing P R O G R E S S
So hotel hideaway is one of my favorite games to play! Just because you can make multiple players on one acc! The controls can be confusing at first but once you get the hang of it your good! The gameplay is good if you have friends. If you don't have friends the game will get boring or you'll just be standing around not talking to someone. The graphics are good! Its a good game to boost your confidence to make friends. Some people will troll you but get used to it! Hoped this helped!
The game gets boring after a while, SOME tasks are almost impossible to complete. takes too long to load and too long to develop a friendship, one should be able to do as pleased not on your time to develop friends. Update 8/7/29 I've lost interest in the game, developers lack keeping us on.
The game is great I have played it for just a day and I'm already on level 9. I really enjoyed playing this game but now(next day after installing the game) it's not opening I have tried many times but whenever I click the app it just take me back on the home screen πŸ˜•πŸ˜•. Please fix it. πŸ™πŸ™ I'll give five stars if it will be fixed.
I would absolutely LOVE to have this game but when I play it, in the beginning when she says there will be many people to meet, it lags and then gets stuck on that screen. I wish I could keep going and play it, but I cant. Pleeeeeaaaaase fix this. Until then, it gets one star.
Too much updates making phone memory slower than ever. The latest update is not good. It won't let us, users, open the app again. I uninstalled and installed the game again but then I get the same note "New stuff has been added please update the game blablah" I HAVE UPDATED IT ALREADY. Fix this please.
My rating is based on speed, controls, and interest. I can not seem to get bored of this game. Very easy to make friends. Nice if you are having a bit of boredom. Daily check ins are a huge plus for me, because I enjoy routines. Minimum lag, and when I encounter it, it is short lived. My single complaint is that this game is too addicting. There is a gems currency you can buy, but they are not hard to accumulate for free if you are active. :)
great game everything is amazing the only problem I have with it is the tailor of Fortune it has so many Grays that it is completely unfair I've spun 25 times in a row and every spin got gray there needs to be less gray and bit more of something else otherwise great work with the game 5 stars
Its not that easy to make coins to buy more clothing. When you start off your allowed to spin a wheel that gives you clothes. The clothing that you get is sort of ugly. This game has online dating so if you think this is appropriate for your kids, heres a heads up. The game is nice for trying to make friends and when your bored. They should add mini games to this app so people can make coins.I rate this a 4/5
The recycler eats my items. When i got a 3 star item from t of fortune. And i checked my recycler.. it was not there. Multiple times it happened to me. Like when ill convert items it said no items were removed but items are gone and did not convert into higher one and i also noticed that an item was gone without reason. Also some of the rifts are fake. I updated the game but it gets worse.. wat is this?
I really find myself having a good time on this game but it does drain my battery. Away this app has very good grafics and multiples of things that you can do. You don't do the same everyday you get to explore the rooms and find new games.
This is a good game because I have please before I my old tablet and this is an awesome game but then I kind of accidentally pressed the wrong button so I have been finding Hotel Hideaway forever and I haven't even found it I didn't know the name and I think this game awesome
As someone else had said, I get an error message saying "having trouble joining friend" when I'm not even trying to join a friend. I get this message when I'm just switching rooms. And there is also an issue with rifts, it seems. There hasn't been rifts at all. Please fix these issues. Aside from this, the game deserves five stars.
Twas' a normal day today. I was using the recycling machine, then all of a sudden I went out of the machine and it said something like "problem occured, no items were removed" but when I checked it my four items that i recycled for a three star item were gone! It did not happen once, not twice, but three times. I was very frustrated at the fact I spent approximately 5000 coins on the lucky spin to get items for recycling but all I got was nothing.
I'm sorry I'm giving this a one star review do to the bugs and glitches happening, for example if I have just logged in it says " something weird happened & unable to take you to your friend. Sorry!" when I'm just trying to go somewhere like the lobby and now some of the rift are fake it really pissed me off when I saw a new diamond rift that was fake, please fix this soon I really enjoy this game a lot, please and thank you
I just recently came back on after a few months from being absent, it was very laggy once I got back :/ Very annoying, it can still be laggy even now. Also whenever I watch an ad for loot boxes, Spins or rifts it doesn't work! It doesn't take away my ad as though I've already used it but it's still very annoying.. this is coming from an Android/phone user so please fix this! I don't know if it's the fact that I am an Android/phone user but if it is I'd greatly appreciate it being fixed, thanks.
Guys this game has lots of errors When I need to see video for rift cashes and gift boxes etc. I just see the video only But I don't get any of the rewards Your Sponcers are cheating you My vedio is working but I don't get any rewards simply. If this is not going to be fixed then I am going to delete this game My name in the game is lemon fresher
It used to be a lot faster and used to consume lesser battery, but now it seems to be too heavy for saalon 820 with 3GB ram, what the hell? why is it so laggy? It also hearts up the phone too much, even while playing PUBG my phone is not so hot, please optimise it developers.
Best game ever! The only bad thing about it is that everything costs so much, and there needs to be more ways to get cash. Also it let's people say CUSSES and even worse words, it dose not hashtag them out for little kids.
This game is overall really good.Its great to be able to do so much with outfits or whatever and its a great way to talk to friends during free time. I will say ive been brsinwashes by the in-app purchases lol
The game looks fine that's why I downloaded it. Although, it take so long to download other files. The files are like 1MB but it still took time. My internet is fast enough and the only this game acts this way.
fun and exciting this u should be probably play this because you don't need real money to pay this game just play and play and wait no that longer,to level up and u can buy awesome new clothes and makes some friends and chat it from the real people if you have interest you my like or not you may none like thanksπŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜
I liked it alot but theres a problem..I dowloaded this game on my Android Phone but then last time my game restarted without my permission but i just ignored it.. and after i updated Hotel Hideaway; my game wont start! Please fix it. Fix the game. It wont let me in the game its always say theres an error and that i have to restart it!! (β—£_β—’) FIX IT. im so tired of waiting for you to FIX IT its been along time and you havent fixed anything yet!!
I really like this game and I love seeing how it has progressed and developed through the years! It'd be really cool though if the tasks didn't require you to do things like have friends in your room bc I don't talk to people much in the game and having tasks that make you use things other players use causes a lot of drama. Like I get you wanna make the tasks difficult but it gets old to ask somebody to use the mic and they refuse to get off like so many people do it to purposely annoy others
hi this is riley. .i love your game but the latest update is not working. im unable to open the game and im not the only one affected. . my friends were also affected by this error on the game. . . i hope you can fix it soon or have another update. . thank u. .
I downloaded this app excited but as soon as i click the play button it just loads for hours. i tried restarting the app, restarting my phone, deleting the app and installing again. Nothing will work. The game doesn't work.
Enjoyed the first day but there's something wrong with the code. It downloads stuff in your background and now it won't stop crashing. I legit uninstalled several games from my phone just to play this one but it won't even launch now.
I love this game. There is still room for improvement though, for example it constantly crashes (especially while watching ads). Anyway, this game is great because I have met so many freinds but they are not online very much (but that's not your fault). I love the event, I absolutely love to buy new items and clothings to fulfill my closet. But please add the minigames back if you can. Also because the game is getting boring. Thank you!
It could have been an amazing game if: 1. It doesn't disconnect me. The game keeps me disconnected like every 3 minutes. 2. Male avatar is more masculine. Dude, they look so girly. Lol
I'm unable to play the game. Everytime I open Hotel Hideaway it says the the app has stopped, and when it doesn't say the app has stopped I am able to press play but then it freezes as it's on the loading screen. I've done everything possible through my phone settings, I even resetted my entire phone by Factory Reset but still nothing. I am unable to login, this begun after the recent update and it's frustrating at this point. Realized it's not my phone because I see people have complained here
I gave it a 2 star because I couldn't even get into the game let alone sync my google play account because it would always freeze and I would have to close the app. I will keep it installed cause I want to play it once I am able I will change my review to better suit the game and its gameplay. thank you very much.
This game is probably the best game I've downloaded on my Tablet! There is a lot to do but for some reason whever I try to do a diamond rift, it takes ten minutes or longer to claim the reward but once it is about to claim the rift ends. Besides that, This game basicly cures boredom!
i regret for update this app. i can't open this game anymore. why?! please fix this asap. i miss my friends. after u fix it i'll give u 5 stars
It's a really good game, I think everyone should play it, the quality is smooth, its fun and you can socialize with friends. I really enjoy the game. Thank you for creating Hotel Hideaway!
This game is great I love it but can you make it easier for people to get a five-star clotheing item on the wheel I bought 100 spins and the only things I got was 1 stars and two stars that is absolutely unacceptable I was so happy thinking I would get a five-star every single time I almost got a five-star it was always a one-star and that is not okay that is absolutely unacceptable please fix that please make it easier to get a 5 starπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
well I tried everything to fix this app. I even used the FACTORY RESET for this app to work. And it absolutely didn't do anything at all. The app keep on CRAHING. I've done everything to fix it but NO It still keeps on CRASHING. i've been patient since I've update this in June 24 waited for every update to just keep on crashing. can You please explain? is the game broken or what? I LOVE the game. It's just disapointing. I'm really upset, I've wasted my time lvl ingredients up. your losing players
honestly when you first start out playing its super fun but once you've been playing for a while you run out of things to do. theres also ALOT of under age people playing and i wish it was easier to ger coins and diamonds....
I really like this game, but I often get rid of herman:'So I got annoyed about it. But because of this game I was able to meet my new friends;)
Amazing game and great features! It's a great way to meet new people especially if you're not a social person I love every thing about the game!
Rifts started giving problems. For example a diamind rift appeared earlier tonight and everyone was complaining about it not working as well as other rifts. I sold a few items at the recycler and it glitched and appeared again and i did not receive any compensation. I exit and logged back in and the item was gone and no diamonds was in its place. I am so disappointed with this game. I also recycled a few items, i did not gain and coins and once i logged in back 1/4 items disappeared. 😑
Editing my review. Today I was very disappointed in this game. I was talking to a possible new friend and then the app crashed. I looked and looked and looked but I couldn't find her. So disappointed, HH. Yall need to fix this game please! πŸ˜”
crash i hate it. it keeps crashing every 3 mins can u make like not crashing!? if u put away a crash i make 5 star oh and btw im playing HH your game on a iphone and a ipad but reveiw on samsung so i hope u fix it on a iphone and a ipad instead but if u do thx!
It was good at first but after some time and after i got to level 50, it just got boring hope you guys make the game better because asides from talking to friends its the same routine over and over you and also there should be more interaction around the hotel with some hotel items and appliances (not only the public rooms) e.g. like in the kitchen for example there should be a variety of thing that should be done there,like actually eating and serving food SOOoo hope u make the game better
Great game! The graphics are good, but maby add a gesture book (that shows how to do gestures when you discover them), a wishlist (people can give you the items on it), a secret room tab were it shows you the secret rooms you discovered so you can access them easily, and a trading option
week should be able to have pets that walk by our side like a dog or a cat or a lion and you could have a bird on your shoulder and you can make a new room where in like a dog park and then it could only be available and seen to people with animals and the animals could do things to like another gesture pad comes up when you click on the dog
This game is very interesting for me, we can't do anything in this game, but there are some things I don't like in this game, the first loading takes a long time to get moss :(
Pretty great game, I've been playing since 2018. I saw a comment on here mentioning mini games and that is such a good idea. Like in the lobby, there could be sort of a, "minigame stand". The players would be able to play a few minigames for extra coins! Personally, I think that'd be great. And if this proves too easy for players to just get coins, we could get something like mini game tickets everyday, maybe around 3 each day.
Never had so much fun in a game like this since sims first came out (: what makes this almost as good as sims is the fact that it's online and you can play with people from all over the world!
I'm getting pretty irked with this game more. I'm still annoyed by the fact that I continue to get 1 star items on the wheel, and I am at level 38. Now you have room glitches, where you can only see the words being sent out, and nothing but a tan/white screen! STOP WITH THE NONSTOP UPDATES, and LISTEN to the game players for once! You're not fixing ANY bug/s, with the constant, and annoying "Bug Fixes Updates"! You're making it WORSE, to be honest.
You could pets that walk by our side like a dog or a cat or somthing & you can make a new room like a dog park & it could only be available & seen to ppl with animals & the animals could do things to like another gesture pad comes up when you click on your dog. When ppl who speak diff languages speak I wish it would translate it to you language like you have it on english mode all the ppl that spoke Spanish or somethin gets translated to english for the person in English mode
idk why this game is not working anymore after i press play it takes FOREVER to go into the game πŸ˜’ which it doesn't even go into the game im tired of this. but i have a question too if i uninstall this game and instull it back. if i put in my name i had before would it go back to the exact same avatar i had before because i came way to far just to delete it and when i come back its starts over.
I really like this game it has great graphics and nice movement from the character. One thing i dont really like about the game is that everything cost so much and not everyone has that much money in the game or real life to afford the things. Besides that the game is amazing!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP. I updated the game and when I got to open it, it didn't wanna open. I uninstalled it then I installed it again. It still doesn't work. I even tried to restart my phone but it still doesn't open. PLEASE HELP ME. Please when you see this please answer me as fast as you could.
This game is awesome i just wish the elf ears could go through the hats/hoodies/beanis and i also wish that the login rewards would be more Valuable Like Furniture and it would be fun if u could make a brand and start makeing ur own clothes at a certain rank and yes im on my dads phone
It's a nice game and you see new players coming around, but like the players that have played for a long time are getting tired of the game(I'm not making this up). And basically players are leaving/quiting HH, and all I want to say is if you want to keep your older and newer players, you've got to add new things to the game, not the same old things different times. You've got to put new things in the game(stuff we as HH players never seen before). Things that will keep us interested in the game.
Really not a fan of all the trolls and bullying nonsense, though I know you have no control over these people.... Please make clothes unisex, I'm begging you....I'm sick of the female avi's getting looks I can't and visa versa....its 2019 and I want my male avi to wear a dress or a skirt. Bite me. Also if something is offered, I shouldn't have to pay real money for it, that isn't an offer.
I love this game you should really play it as good controls it doesn't barely has ads πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ€ͺ I spent 5 hours playing this game once and I didn't stop new friends it's free you can make new friends and thank you for reading this I hope you make this post rreally helpful
Hi hotel hideaway I really like the game but there's just 1 problem every time I log into the game it kicks me out and I check my wifi and everything but everytime I try it kicks me out can you do something to fix it plz oh and sometimes I manage to get in the game and it pauses it and it doesn't allow me to move and and kicks me out plz fix this problem
About a year ago, I made an account on my iPhone, which I use frequently. The game as a whole is fun, but when I tried to access my account on my tablet, which is an Android, the app kept redirecting me back to homescreen. Why can't I access my account across phone companies?!
Its fun and additing for those of you hesitaint of getting it well, GET IT you have so many things you can do like ,make friends, customize your profile, change clothes, interact with people & so much more its very much worth you time 😍
only giving this rating because it wont let me update HH so i cant log in and i was currently interacting with friends until i was instantly interrupted and kicked from the game with no warning what so ever. i thought the game was going to update at midnight july 1st but im still sitting here waiting for this "update". please fix this because ive been waiting to play this game all day and then this happens.
A really great way to make friends and talk to people! You can change your avatar and have your own appearance! You can make your own bio and let others read it and you can also interact with others using two player gestures. You can make your own room and invite others in that are your friends. Then you can publish it and let everyone see it. A really great game!
This is an excellent game! Between the characters customization, the room decorations, and the goofy nature of the game it's a must play for people who like interactive games!
I love this game. You can chat to people so easily without putting yourself on the line. The graphics are amazing and are always working. My only problem is that it wastes a lot of battery. Otherwise, it is the best game I have ever played.
Recently, I can't log in, when I tap "play" it either goes back to the main screen and say "can't log in" or it just gets stuck in the loading screen. Please help, it hasn't been like this last week
OMG... when I saw the ad for this app I was going to download it to see how stupid it was but I found my self glued to my phone for hours there are so many possibilities for this game and I love how how you can customize everything I love this app ❀
Its loot box lift off today i opened 52 box and used diamonds to get gold and crystal box and i got nothing im highly dissapointed why this keep happening to me maybe its a bug or its just the game doesnt give me anything anymore 😐😐
Best game ever, totally recommend this app if you don't already have it, such a good game, not a lot of adds and good quality, 5 stars from me
I really like the game....except for the fact it keeps glitching, and kicking you off the game....every few minutes...Also there are too many one star items on the wheel.. .and not enough four and five star items....Plus I really wish that they would add a kitchen sink and stove to go with the refrigerator....
I really love this game i love how u can meet tons of people and also customise your room and character. I also love how this game has many hidden rooms and other rooms like the velvet room. I recommend this game if u love to meet new people or roll play or just have fun customising things. great gameπŸ˜πŸ–’πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ
Amazing Game!You can make new friends everyday on this game!You can make your own avater the way you want it to look like!
I had the game for nearly 4 months but when I go to log in, it keeps saying that there is a problem. I tried turning Wi-Fi off then back on and even tried restarting my phone 4 times but it keeps saying there is a problem
Amazing game, has tasks to complete, 3d, fun, very, very social no ads. One thing thought is that the wheel of fortune spins too many commons, I would recommend taking out some of thecommons on there and replacing them with the next tier up at least. Otherwise really fun game
I love this game game, I've been playing it for well over a year. As you get to be a higher level I thought it was going to be boring but because the creators always add new stuff it is still fun. Also just a suggestion, I think you should be able to trade things from your rooms.
Is it just me or is my phone glitching because of the game this is my freaking 2nd time reinstalling the game and it won't let me enter the game!?!Also,everytime I exit out of the game the music still plays!?!The person who made this needs to fix the bugs again,like seriously what were they thinkin!?!?
Wish there were minigames to earn money and more gameplay oriented features. Otherwise this is just a glorified chat room. But I do enjoy decorating my character and room and collecting stuff. It's on the right track!
This game is amazing i love it its addicting to play and you can meet new people but hh can you do me a favor and Please give me a 5 star box my user :first name:Xxking-lukasxX :last name Xxking-lukasxX
publishing an edited room results in a crash now. (Disconnecting) Not only that but random DCs are common, especially when doing gestures. Now I can't edit my room even if I make a new one. This bug has been present since about 3 updates ago. Love the game otherwise. On a side note, I wish they would bring back the beta concept with the cards and RPG style.
Game was good when I first played. Recently I have been having troubles with it. It takes me at least 2 times to watch vid to earn a free spin/claw/rift sometimes even 4 videos to just ever one of those. They recently had a cookie event and I bought the bear mask and donated cookies. And we won! But I didn't get my mask into gold. Disappointed!
It's awesome, I love how you can edit 3D rooms and use different colors for each item and the character personalization that allows you to buy each color, but avatar accessories prices are way too high and items are kind of normal for that price. Add more haircuts and furniture and games to get coins, not just the boring rifts to watch ads, that will make the game better! So far I like it, I hope you don't forget about habbo too. That idea of selling colors separately could work on habbo too.
I so freaking angry but I like the game but the update can't make me log in the Facebook pls fix it I love to play but I can't play I get trigger when I can't play and when you play the first time when you teleport in the kitchen velvet or some place you gonna go in there but you can only go there if you already done the 5mb :(
this game is AMAZING!! But, i still dont know why you cant exchange coins for diamonds, but u can exchange diamonds for coins. if HH sees this review, it would awesome if they can add in the game where you can exchange coins for diamonds.
i played this game for almost a year, then around the spring update (im pretty sure)it something happened that made all my colors invert in the game?? all tthe colors were messed up but when i exited itt the rest of my phone was fine. smh yall gotta fix this
Its a very fun game . you get to custom your charater, move up levels, chat, but the only thing that i dont like is that when you r a new to the game they talk bad about about u being a noob but if you are one of those people just ignore and think that there were noobs in the past. 5 Stars
The intro sucks... after every sentence I have to exit the app and open it again, I have tried tapping and swiping the screen but it freezes every time. Although I have an excellent connection it still exits randomly without me leaving purposefully. This is RIDICULOUS! Please fix this!
Its so dull. No one talks unless you know them already. Everyone begs for cookies that serve no purpose. The wheel cheats you out of higher ranked items everytime by turning just that little bit longer than usual. The game is all about cosmetics for your room and for your avatar. Other than that there is nothing to do. If you wait 24 real life hours you only get maybe 3 to 5 spins of a wheel and thats it. Which will give you low grade items 95% of the time
Hotel Hideaway is the best Virtual game I've ever played you can meet with other people from Different countries and you can buy stuffs too Especially during events You can play Rp and many more. The only thing I don't like in this game is when the game is so laggy during new updates but I don't actually really mindπŸ™‚. I meet other people from different countries and they are really nice. And you can also Complete sets and do task and earn daily award. So Far So Good I Really Love This Game😁✌️
I absolutely love this game. Most ppl who give it hate dont play it long enough to get the full gist of it and/or learn all of the content of the game.
ALL the rifts are gone today. does not make any sense. other than that, the game is either for trooling or supperficial ppl who only care about theur looks
might change later but right now, after the update, most android devices, including myself, can't open the app therefore can't play
I thought we're gonna manage our own hotel while having the ability to chat with others.. though, the game is just another chatting world created with a Hotel as the venue concept, and there's nothing to do except collecting clothes/furnitures and chatting on different venues available. I hope to see this game improve though, the main idea was great, but the execution lacks lots of things that I think should have been a good selling point.
Too many underage users. Not enough activities to do in game. I would suggest adding more mini-games to get coins. Clothing options are great. There aren't enough diverse facial options (only a few look good but a lot of them look similar)(a lot of the eyes look cockeyed, they really need to be fixed before they can be used). Art style is good. The room update is great. The microtransactions are a bit expensive for what you can get.
overall the game is great but I gave it a 4 star because everytime I try to play the game It takes FOREVER to load in it, and right now I deleted it and downloading it back to restart it or something! Sometimes it takes a minute to load in. But most of the time it takes a long time to load in and it freezes
The app is great overall. I really enjoy it, dressing up and all, but my problem came yesterday. So I've been holding off on saving my account purely on laziness, and I didn't know how for a while. So yesterday I updated it for bugs & fixes and now I can't open it. A message will pop up and say its not responding right now. If i could possible get any help, with an option thats not deleting I'd love that, because hence not saving my account, I've worked really hard.
This game is soooo bad that ever time i trynto get in it just play the stupied music and don't let me in don't get this game it will waste your time i am not playing this game made me mad all day don't get it i sat on my couch waiting for it to lrt je in but it.....UGH just don't get the game if i could i would rate this a BIG FAT 0
My daughter enjoys this game so I would love to give a better review however we made an in app purchase and never got the diamonds, spins and coins. I have been trying to get in touch with someone since last week. Very frustrating!!
I love this game and I've been playing it for more than a year now! BUT whenever I watch ads to get more loot boxes, it doesn't give me the loot boxes so maybe fix that :/ and a new shop or even a new public room would be great!
The game was not working for a month, but when I reinstalled it, it worked. Ok I must give it 5 stars the game is ossum, but somethings like- Takes forgever to load another ad, crashes, freezes, kicks me out and sometimes also doesnt works. But overall its awesome and I prefer it from ages above 13. Friend me overthere- Teresa Spears. Lvl- 37
Hence I'm from India... I want some Indian clothing options in this game... I hope people will like that too... truly loved this game... please think about my suggestion please please please... thank you... regards 😊😊
its really fun and i love how we can make new friends but i wish we were able to get married and were able to own a house instead of just an apt. and i wish we didnt have to only have one choice in a house. I hope u take my ideas into consideration
Been playing this game sconce the start of 2017, it has been my favorite game by far, and the time you spend leveling up and getting new stuff is worth it, you don't even need to play to win, it just takes a little longer. I highly recommend this game, even though some people might be rude, you can simply just block them and continue. I call my friends while playing and I %100 know you will make friends in the game. My username is sΓΈlâ’’ if you want to come see me in game! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
it's a great game, but i have some problems, it is hard to get diamonds and everything is so expensive, ik you want money but still, and also the Starfish back accessory is invisible to me, idk if it is to others as well, but i can not see it on someone or on myself
I like this game, it does a lot to me, chat with people and new stuff, and I play that in my iPhone, and I don't like it when the internet connection ruins everything like this, and shutting of
This is a really good game. I really like it when you make new friends, start a relationship lol and all that but I had to rate it 4 star because of the Tailor of Fortune. The Tailor of Fortune should remove all the clothing you already have because its annoying when you land on a 1 or 2 star over and over again. Other then that, I reccomend it!
I honestly really love this game!! I do have an issue though.. I wish I could sell all of my old furniture instead of only duplicates of them. I just find some of the old furniture a waste of space because its furniture I dont like or need. Or I could use them in the recycler to get better furniture. I just want a way to get rid of the old furniture I dont want or like. Other than that, the game is great and I highly recommend it!
HH is a great way to make friends and be yourself ,I have spent several weeks playing but most of it is talking to new people ,I do wish there was more places to go and more things to do and more ways to spend time with friends ,more control of your avatar with emotions, looks , movement. Besides that there is cussing but that's it (Wish it had more then just cussing when it's rated M) so I recommend HH to teenager and older . Btw it kills battery and time
if i could give this half a star i would. the game doesn't even load in. it sits there on the loading screen. i was excited to start playing this but the damn thing doesn't even work.
Before the latest update, I downloaded Hotel Hideaway and I played the game, but after the update, I update the game but can't get in. I dowloaded the app on my android phone several times already and I still can't open it. It says that an error was occured.
i'm not gonna lie i love hotel hideaway i made amazing friends and memories there but i just have one dislike abt hh which is the items are very expensive especially when it comes to events like alot of people don't have that kind of money to buy diamonds and $20 is a lot to some people and just for 5,000 diamonds i'm sorry that is a rip off other than that hh is a great game just hope they see this an lower their things.....
the rift lag is unreal. even after they "fixed" it you cant even use a rift and its during an event and haven't had money in 2 days. Fix!I pay for this game!
Yea I will say it's very fun but.... It keeps glitching. By glitching I mean, IT KEEPS KICKING ME FROM THE ENTIRE GAME it keeps telling me I disconnected which makes no sense. Plz fix this
I honestly love this game!! Its fun and easy to control. But I'd like it if there was an option for the little action things that you can get help with. It gets really confusing.
You guys really need a new bug fix. When I try to go to the lobby now it automatically says... "Couldn't follow friend!" "Something weird happened, and we're unable to take you to your friend. Sorry!" Best part is.. Im not even trying to join a friend. I just want to spin the wheel! It's a good game. I just hope you find this bug and are able to fix it.
there's been tons of shutdowns but I like the game a lot. hope to see more gestures added. And there should be a break period between events to buy colors and stuff in stores.
It's a really fun game, good graphics and a great time killer. I have a few requests for the app though. It would be really cool if we could give gifts. Like we can buy something and give it to one of our friends. It would also be nice if we could return things we accidentally buy. I would also like if we could use emojis while typing. These are just a few things I think would make the game better. Oh, and and me- Ethereal- πŸ˜‹
Game is becoming extremely glitchy. I got this earlier this year and it has gotten progressively worse, from it crashing to disconnecting me. There is also extremely long waiting times to be loaded from the start, and when trying to begin rifts it will glitch and will not pop up for a long amount of time. I hear it happens to a lot of other players, as well. A new back piece for the recent event is also glitched. Please fix these issues! I love this game but not in this condition.
hi my name is Anggita, in my opinion this hotel hideaway game is very good and fun but unfortunately if there is a new one it has to be updated so may it not if it's not updated? Because my memory is full even though it's only because of one application only.
I love this game cause. the graphics and I also like it cause theres alot of people to make friends with and i want the love bed cause it looks so cool so if u could bring back next one I will take it and I love the creator and I am a level 46 almost 50 and I like the items I just want more wings and I want the 4 star hair in lot machine but I still havent got its upsetting but that's okay
its fine but after awhile it gets boring, theres new stuff every now and then, but you see the new sruff and thsts it, it gets boring again, the only thing that keeps me going back to this game is my friends, other then that i would just uninstall.
I loved this game sooo much!!! but now it's not playable for me it always says sit blah blah blah I have an android phone and it says no connection when my connection is fine!!!! ! ugh please fix this!!! fix this and I will change my rate to 5 stars!! please..
I really love this game! I met a lot of new friends and I learned all the gestures. I personally don't think there is anything wrong with it. though the tailor of fortune mostly plays with your heart by thinking that you're gonna get a 5 star item then just goes to a two or one star- I'm very happy about the blinking update! I was thinking about adding actual hotel hideaway pictures to the polaroid photos thingy.. If you can make it possible then that would be great! It would be so awesome-
It's a good games but I can't give it more than 3 stars bc when I go to watch a vid it makes me watch more than one to get my prize and when I do the recycle thing it says sorry something weird happen nothing been removed then when I go look my stuff is remove and when I go to a certa room my game glitches it turns black and my keyboard starts to lag pls fix the glitch
Having a blast! This is my favorite of this genre of avatar chat games! Keep up the good work and new customization items! More the better
UPDATE: i rate 1 star.. this game is boring... all u have to do is Spending money for nothing.. also the spin is SCAM. its 100% automatic wont let u win. and all u have to do is flirting other player.... thats the only way u enjoy this game. and for decorating ur room u ned to spend money if u want to win ranking
Very active community with lots of little circles of people . If you can't get into a conversation with them then there's little point to this social app. With no way to really keep with a conversation unless stood near the group it's hard to get involved . A lot of decent features but still could do with a few interface improvements. But I like it
so I just updated it and my game keeps crashing :( ! like even the audio cuts and repeats. and I can't see anybody else's Avatar! pls fix it
pls fix were my android phone can play this cuz when I load it it gets me out of it and I would play this a lot but now it won't let me play and I lost 3 of my favorite accounts because of this >:(
Ever since the update my game has been getting worse. Rifts pop up and u can't even use them, sometimes it won't let me watch ads to get my free reward; not to mention my game has kept on crashing A LOT... My game never has crash before and it does now and I have plenty of room on my phone. Hotel Hideaway, if someone ever reads this (cause u have terrible customer service as well...) Pls fix this and I'll maybe consider changing it back to 5 stars cause I truly love this game with a passion...
I am Really into this app and i had it for a year now without any problems(excpet form a couple of crashings.) But lately When I want to watch an advert it wont let me and tells me that i cant watch it but it still gives me the reward. It wont let me watch another advert, it would just load for ever! This has caused me problems in the loot boxes, rifts, talior of fortune(spins) and any other thing that uses an advert. So can you plz fix this error. But otherwise the app is amazing!?! LOVE IT:)!?
So the past week or so my ads have not been working for the Loot, Tailor of Fortune and the Rift's. And I would like to be able to use the ads again. Please fix this.
Am amazing game! I don't know what to complain about.. because there is nothing to complain about! except the fact that you got rid of the cat whiskers.. or will they come back? Please bring them back, thank you β™₯️
This keeps on happening 3 times in a row i go to craft something and then it says sorry was not complete and then it says no iteams were removed yet iteams have been removed please fix this and fix kicking out errors. Otherwise this is a good game would highly recommend.
My experience was amazing in this game so fun,easy,and additcting! So much to explore and do! I made real life friends on this app! One thing though is that is it soo cool graphics are amazing! I really recommend this app to anyone who is bored! :3
so, this game is everything but it is a little hard to figure out but leveling up is pretty easy and you get really cool stuff right off the bat. it's very good I reccomend!!
There is alot of drama and whenever the drama ends up in your personal life now thats where i draw the line. There are many UNDERAGED people i have seen many 7,8,9,10, and 11 year olds and They shouldnt be involved with this type of app although it is VERY addictive i would love if u would put some of the old stuff back like the stiched mouth thanks for taking the time out to read this.
My main issue is not only the amount of kids on the game, but also the lagging, and I just was muted by the game for no good reason when all I was doing was giving suggestions for the theme game. Nothing bad either just suggesting YouTubers as a theme smfh. I'm pretty pissed honestly.
I've had this game forever but now I can't load into the game at all. Very disappointed. It's been months now and they still haven't fixed this issue. I've spent tons of money on this game to now be unable to play it? I've posted a review months ago stating my issue and they haven't done anything about it. I'm very upset.
Ok this game about a year ago was fun I loved but now it sucks it's so frustrating when you find a diamond rift and then your game crashes btw there customer service sucks you cant even email them instead of saying there sorry for our troubles on Instagram or somthing there just making the game sound more fun it seems all they want is money
I rate this game 5 stars, the game is pretty fun and making friends is easy :), the only thing I got to complain is the timer on the friends but that's ok, I play this game a lot and I recommend this game to gamers like me :)
The game is really fun but the problem is after the recent update, its not letting me play anymore! it wont even load the game it just puts me back to my home screen! pls fix it. And im also on android. But pls pls fix it I haven't played for 7 days now.