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Hotel Empire Tycoon-Idle Game

Hotel Empire Tycoon-Idle Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Codigames located at Edificio Lanzadera Muelle de la Aduana S/N Marina Real Juan Carlos I Edificio Lanzadera 46024 Valencia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Alcohol Use) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ok devs...u responded once before so i need your help again; i purchased 500 gems and they have not shown up in my game. I have spent real $$ on this game and haven't had this problem before but I am on the Imperator Hotel and have noticed a few glitches during gameplay such as timing of npcs being off when it indicates services r open and misreads of occupancy. Please help once again and i will be happy to rate 5 stars again.
Really do like the game but have noticed bugs since getting to Santa's Resort. Often I will watch an ad for bonus in game money or more customers and once finished the ad, I won't receive anything. Second bug I have found is if I check on other hotels and have all rooms booked out, when I leave for a min or two, when I get back to Santa's Resort I will lose two customers, though it's the same day.
It's fun but you either pay to win or watch adds to survive. When the guy with money shows up (who I refer to as "my sugar daddy") I'm almost always clicking on him and watching the add, I needed to because for the first 2 hours or so there is no way you can make any profit. For example the kitchen with each chef the daily wage is $200 but, you are charging $13 per customer when you have 4 guests who eat 3 times a day you can't afford to pay the chef and have to hire a new one every 10 minutes.
A fun game, I understand the issues with ads but it's better than most games of its kind. I've seen way worse. I did buy no ads and it's worked so far. Each hotel presents more of a challenge and more effort. which is fair. It does take a lot to get started. Though a tip. If you buy no ads you can boost your double money without watching an ad for it. which really helps.
The game is quite good, typical Codigames idle game, the format works. My frustration is with the events. Every event my cleaners don't work properly and get stuck in the rooms, meaning I need to watch ads to clean my rooms as they are just stood there. Forever. I have contacted support several times, but no fix as yet.
It's a bit of fun, very similar to prison empire. The rewards for watching ads is very low and sometimes they won't load properly so are unavailable. In app purchase prices are way too high for what you get. I don't understand, if you're the hotel empire tycoon, why cant you use the profits from the hotels you are running really well to upgrade the next hotel?
It's unique. This is the first hotel tycoon game I've seen with such unique graphics. It looks good, it feels good. It's awesome! However, i do have a complaint about the sensitivity, the game doesn't respond to my touches/taps sometimes when im in a room, if i press the left/right arrows the game suddenly doesn't recognize any input. If you could fix that, that would be great!
The sensation of being a hotel manager is there. But the strong promotion to watch ads is there. You can't progress much if you don't watch ads or pay real money, unless you can play for hours while focusing your attention in-game. There are bugs on the waiting in-line at the front desk where the second to front always finish the queue first than the one in front of the line. The usage of the facilities are only numbered and fixed on time, so it makes the game less simulator-like. Improve the AI
Game is fun, but not enough updates. There are to few hotels. You go through them and build them way to fast. The event is the same hotel over and over and over. If we could get more frequent updates for quality of life that would be great to. A buy max option would be real nice, I would even settle for a buy 5 at this point. Also there is not much of a difference in looks between hotels. A large variety of decor that fits the hotel would be nice. Instead it's the same bed and decor.
I dig the plot, the graphics, and the goals. my issues are with how much actual money you have to spend to have a decent playing experience. I'm not even saying it would be an exceptional playing experience, just one worth playing. The manager cost $10, the dog to remove ads cost $5. if you watch ads, you get cash/customers, no problem. an option to use diamonds to obtain a manager should be on the table, however he can't cost more than 300 diamonds, when you're only rewarded 5 at a time.
Enjoyable in tandem with other idle games. Does get a bit repetitive. Love the cameos of specific pop characters from Pulp Fiction, Big Bang Theory, etc. It's fun to rack your brain trying to identify them all. Love to see John Wick in my hotels lol Not sure if it's just my experience but the special events seem pretty ridiculously challenging compared to similar events in this developer's other idle games. Not as enjoyable to participate in either since so far each event has been the same.
Game? Very fun. Ads? Quite annoying. Bugs? Bugs need to be fixed right away. When I go to the second hotel, I wouldn't get people to the hotel. Only way was to be offline. Srsly codi? ... it was fixed though. Yeah, spend your money on this game if you like.
Great game no purchases necessary unless you want it add free (small one time purchase which makes it more easy to play quickly). Additional purchases can make game play faster but I have enjoyed playing gradually. Only complaint is that you cannot update a whole room at once- which for those of us who like to play methodically would make finishing a level easier. It is a but tedious to update each sink and each bed up multiple levels. Please include an update all for each room in next upgrade!
Fun game! Nice game to come back and forth to. As far as I can tell, you earn money for 2 hours once logged out, otherwise you have to pay $7.49 or so for a character to increase that to 10 hours. So, I don't know if I would agree that it's an "idle" game, really.
Unlike other similar passive income generating apps (for in game currency) i can go back to my old hotel when i purchase a new one. Thats huge for me and i love the feature Edit: I misunderstood the mechanic in my previous review and you do not pool incomes from your hotels together
It's a fun game but when you unlock the Stanley Resort it becomes boring. I mean, after you finish the Codihotel, what will you do with the money? You won't be able to spend that money on other hotels, you can't transfer money between the hotels you own. If there's an update where you can now transfer money, I'll turn this review into a 5-star review.
So far it's ok, I have played these games for a long time but this one seems deliberately slow paced, especially the special events, it is not possible to go very far in the special events without buying bundles for real cash, that just makes it a waste of time to even start. There are similar games available that are a lot more free and enjoyable.
Its a pretty good dame to pass the time by i just wish as you upgrade the bars, restaurants and other parts of the hotel that the customers can use all the seats available rather than 4 people at a time with 12 seats in the restaurant and bar. Hopefully that's an upcoming update. Most times my customers get angry waiting the 20 seconds
The game was (is) enjoyable but there were a lot of bonuses behind ads and they got annoying pretty quickly. I thought it was worth it to pay to have the ads removed and it really is.
Nice game but you have a bug in your event hotel. The cleaner sometimes gets stuck in the room and doesn't finish cleaning. Also having a buy all option would make the game more fun. There aren't much updates or variation between the hotels, once you finish the hotel there isn't much point in going back to them. Maybe daily quests for each hotel? The event hotel is way too difficult if you don't play continuously for the whole period or buy the package.
Love the game however there are some concerns. I would like to be able to use the general managers with the money from the game and not make an actual purchase, I would like for their to be an opportunity for money to convert to gems, also if their was more advancements once the tasks have been completed would in my opinion make the game a little better.
This game is just what everyone asked for when searching hotel tycoon or sorts, but there is some problems :v first I really really wish I could play this offline because I have some powercuts and sometimes are busy and would like to play this game offline, of course you can't watch ads or anything but I don't mind.The second problem is after finishing the first or any hotels you don't get to use the money, you restart and I want some solution to that. Anyways best hotel game yet thank you.
The queues are too short on larger hotels and the pathings are bad, and the ads are a lot, but once you get past all that, the games decent and the art is nice ///// Later edit: the game is really boring after you get to the 3-5 star range, especially for the later levels. Hell, all I do at that point in the game is boot up the app, watch the ad to double my offline income, and then close the app. Repeat that process every two hours until you get enough money for those last expensive items.
This game is pretty good. I personally like managing games and this one is the one that i will remember. I like that you can have more hotels, that each hotel has it's own special upgrades and that once you watch a few ads to get some money for upgrades you will keep wining more money! Great game.
I love this game a lot, except there are a few bugs that deter me for a while. The video ads hardly ever work lately. For double profit or for the VIP extra money. It's annoying because making money is a slow process when just beginning without the extras. Please fix for 5 stars!
the game is really great, no pressure just pure fun. I used to have no problem with it but now I do. I don't know why but the app keeps on crashing, I've uninstalled it then reinstall again but the same problem still occurs. The other games I have on my phone are working well. Do you have any suggestions to what should I do? Because I seriously don't want to permanently uninstall this app.
It's fun in the beginning, once you reach 5 star level that hotel is as good as junk, cause you can't use that money for any other hotel so it keeps getting accumulated. Basically the developer wants you to spend insane amount of money to keep adding my stars from the scratch for every new hotel. It will be fun for a couple of days and then you'll exit & delete this app.
Hi this is an incredibly funny and cool game.There are two problems I have tho.These both being hacks/glitches discovered by yours truly.Number one is if you close the app and reopen it,if you quickly go to watch ad to get two times money then spam where watch ad would be you get the double money for free no ad.Number two is that if you ask to watch an ad for 2x money and close the ad you still get the bonus.
Editing my review because it's been months since the last release of a hotel beyond the event hotel. I went from playing all the time to only checking to see if there's finally a new hotel... I'd give it higher if there were more levels. I've 5 starred every level and now have nothing to do... I paid for everything that was basically offered and only regret there isn't more...
Great game, lots of fun. However, i wish you could put the money in one pot to use on all hotels rather than separate money for each hotel, as its really hard to get a hotel going with no money especially when your other hotel is completely 5 star with nothing else to improve or buy but you cant use the money from that hotel to help build your other hotels up.
Its a little slow loading the firdt time but everything else is great! Lots to do. You dont get money fadt but steady like a real hotel. You must be smart on uogrades to make a profit. I wish there were other ways to make extra money besides ads but I understand tjis is the developers only source of income.
I love the game its great how you only get ads if you choose to have i mean of course your gonna have ads but most of them give rewards after. I have downloaded this game in the past and you dont get progress fast and nor do you get it slow its more of how you play the game. Honestly i recommend this game just because of how fun it is and how much stuff you get to do. Good job Codigames and keep doing what your doing.
Special events are buggy!!! You see, when you play a special event you have 3 days to make 180m... Even after purchasing one if not all three extras (a total around $25) the game will be playing for you only to freeze and lose a whole days worth of profits. When trying to get to support, you just get a list of known problems. No way to reach out to anyone... Highly frustrating, not worth your time.
Love this game. Nice and calm. Wish there was an option to prestige previous completed hotels. There's no point in returning to once complete. Great game but once you've completed it, it's pointless. Would love to be able to prestige to get higher returns on the hotels
Have now finished everything but there hasn't been a new hotel for ages now. Please add more content. The event hotels are fine but the 5% boost you win for passing the first star isn't really all that worth it for the effort you put in. Plus the cleaners always get stuck in the events, so you're constantly having to follow them round or reset the game. Please sort it out
Its a fun game that helps the time pass when I'm bored. But I've noticed when I watch the ads for "double the cash" when i open the app, it only does the original ammount.... so, literally watching the ad when I first open the app for no reason. Supposed to give double the money while I'm away but it keeps giving me the original amount. A 30 second ad isn't worth it lol (and yes I know ads keep it free but thats not the problem so please don't respond with that) please fix it.
It is indeed a nice game. Thought the fact that you have to start from scratch to build each hotel and there is no option to transfer the money that you are still making in the previous hotels, is really frustrating and definitely makes people eventually delete the game from their devices. You only have the option to watch again and again ads to gain some cash to invest in each hotel separately. What is the use of the money that the previous finished hotels are still making? No clue.
Hi, I think there is a bug with the game. Every time I exit the game/visit another hotel (example, I left Codihotel with all rooms occupied and travelled to Stanley Resort) and immediately return to the previous hotel (in this case, Codihotel), the number of customers is always halved, i.e. there are empty rooms when it should be occupied. It happens to all of my hotels and hence I experience loss instead of profit. Help will be greatly appreciated.
I love this game. But I noticed that with all the chefs hired, they still cant serve everybody or the amount of people that can be seated in the restaurant. Also, its the same with the parking. The parking is not enough for the amount of rooms I have. My last complaint is that in the beach hotel, the rooms on the right side do not match the left side. This causes my guests to go to the other rooms to use the bathroom. And they use the chair and desk without actually sitting in them.
Gameplay isn't very fun thanks to the lagging and one of my housekeepers always getting stuck in a hotel room. The persistent internet connection requirement sucks. I do, however, appreciate that ads are available to make money, unlike some other money grubbing apps that make it impossible for one to progress without paying real money.
This game is ok. The game play isn't very exciting. Another issue is that the employees quit if they don't get paid one time. ONLY ONE. Then they quit so then you have to save up to buy that staff back and waste all of your money that you just earned and it is very annoying and makes the game longer then it has to be please remove this because if that wasn't a thing the game would be playable and not just you spending hours to buy the next room or upgrade.
Its a good game. Slow pace, item price is reasonable, more like a reality game. I agreedthe with most players, watching ads will help in the beginning, but after u updated some items, the cash will keep generating. Just dont over hire too much of employee. And, why cant we transfer money between hotels? It doesnt make sense when first hotel is max, but cant spent the money in other hotels..the event is also impossible to reach 5% without paying, after watching tons of ads, still barely near it
I simply love it!!!! It is not just like any tyccon it adds things that other games usually don't like having to pay wages and having to upgrade the rooms and services to make more money. It requires your attention every once in a while and i love that. 10/10
Addictive and enjoyable to see the hotels grow. Accomplished all missions with all hotels running 100%. But, special event is a waste of time ie NO way to achieve the final target unless spend real $. Imperator Palace has serious known tech bugs but yet not fixed. Graphics cute though a few guests sleeping at wrong corner of bed, and some walked through walls. Thanks for helping us pass time.
The events are nice, but more hotels would be better. We don't need a new manager or to upgrade the ones we have if we have completed all of the hotels that could use them. It's just a waste of time, and definitely not a reason to spend money, if we don't have a purpose for the new/improved managers. More hotels are needed. Perhaps an underwater hotel, or ice hotel. There should be a little more in the hotels to do. What about ballrooms? Perhaps multiple levels of each hotel. It needs more.
Addictive and enjoyable to see the hotel grows. (1) But, special event is a waste of time. NO way to achieve the final target unless spend real $. Imperator Palace has serious tech bugs! (2) Game has ZERO mission for us to earn gems (yet message displayed "all missions completed". (3) off screen for a few secs (eg past midnight) and when on it again, game reloaded with guests missing; ie full occupancy suddenly dropped below 50%.
This game sucks, it has videos to help add money to your wallet,while you wait. This money is given by watching ads. Sad part, it only works 20% of the time. Sometimes it gives a nice reward, majority of the time it doesnt work. It will start the ads then, they will disappear and you wont get rewarded. Sometimes they freeze then you have to restart the game. My other games dont freeze up at all even during the ads. I believe this is just to cheat you out of money and upgrades!
Game play was nice, however it comes to an end. Once the hotels are done there are no more hotels. I spent money to help with the game, however that just expedited the game being over. Took a few months but again once you complete 35 Stars it's pretty much over. Update or allow players to start over with increased benefits.
Love this game. However you have to wait ages for the updates for new hotels to appear. Completed all hotels and can only now play when there is an event on and the event hotel is the same one over and over again. Still waiting for a new hotel. It's been months now !!
The game is really fun! How ever since in a beginner, and don't really know how the full game works yet, I still enjoy it 😊 i also downloaded some other games that is similar to this one! I used to have this game before but I got rid of it because I thought it was not as fun...but when I looked at my library on Google play, I found this app and remembered the time I used to have it 🙃 so I re-downloaded it and fell in love with this game! I HIGHLY recommend this game!
Good idle game, but lately every time I go into the game 3 rooms are empty, I've even waited for them to fill, exited and then log right back in and they are empty again, housekeeping is fully built and staffed so it's not that, others have experienced the same, fix this bug please
Great game, but now I've completed all the hotels. The game no longer intrests me. Which is a shame, cause this was my 1st Tycoon Idle game I actually liked. Those constent clicker games, bore me. Please update and gives us a new hotel each update. Or I may have to uninstall the game :( P.S You can't transfer the money you've earned. To the new hotel, you are working on. Which sucks
Editing my review AGAIN because it's been MONTHS, beginning on a year since the last release of a hotel beyond the event hotel. I went from playing all the time to only checking to see if there's finally a new hotel... I'd give it higher if there were more levels. I've 5 starred every level and now have nothing to do... I paid for everything that was basically offered and only regret there isn't more...
Good little game, I quite enjoy it only thing is once you have upgrade all of the hotels to 100% there is nothing left to do. The Event hotel bundles are a bit of a rip off and not worth the money it. I'm curious to know if the developers of the game will be releasing anymore hotels to manage any time soon? Or is that it? Time to remove the game and move on . No new updates for months on end .
I'm adore all these cute games that Codigames has been throwing out but I'd like to see more variety of decorations and such between levels. The two giant heads and stack of cash in the bottom left corner do not encourage me to buy anything, they just clutter up the screen and are annoying. It would be more appropriate to have them in the store to buy gems.
Very well programmed, planned, and executed. It's an impressive game. I also like that even though they ask for money it's not necessary to actually spend any to rank up and complete missions. Just takes a bit longer. I knocked a star off because the video ads are all 30 seconds or more and that's a lot for fake digital currency (you can watch an ad every minute or two so they add up). Also there's no real autonomy. I saved up enough to buy another room but the game forced me to add a bar.
It is an amazing game! I love playing it. The best thing about it is that it is offline. There is just one thing that bothers me a lot. I have finished one hotel and there is nothing left to upgrade in it, but I still earn money in that hotel which is kinda useless cuz there is nothing left to upgrade. I have around 300k dollars in that hotel and I'm pretty poor in my other hotels, it would be great of u can add a option of transferring money from one hotel to another.
It's a really good game and gave been addicted to it but let down by the fact that when you finish with one hotel you gain money from it that you can't use toward your next , so can have millions building up but can't do anything with it. They could atleast let you withdraw a percentage each day. Fix this !!
Super annoying that you can only have so many chefs, or bartenders or whatever it be, working. because once the hotel is leveled up there's way too many people and the restaurant will stay open for hours making no money, because they've walked away. Also can't really get started at all without watching ads but that's whatever. Better than most Tycoon games still.
Great game. Very fun to play. Only problem I've had with it are sometimes things mess up. Housekeeping in the Stanley Resort do not clean all of the rooms for some reason, and I found a customer in the first hotel that was wearing skis and was stuck in a chair lift. These bugs are mildly annoying and confusing, but overall an amazing game!
This game is so fun and awesome I love it if you can make getting diamonds way more easier it would be better. I wish you a merry Christmas and a great new year but my only problem is that when the customers stand at some kind of table, it makes them get angry 😡. At the chefs place then they leave why then they leave the hotel 🏩 💢 with this headache sighn and also angry 😡 face 😔 wat kind of game did I download?!!! Please fix this
okay here is the thing, after finishing one hotel then what? what will the money be used for? I need a feature where you can transfer the money from one hotel to another. Maybe you can add tax feature for each tansfer so it will be another challenge for us. But really, starting from the start again for other hotels. and everything is 10times difficult? Hmm sure but at least add the feature i asked you: to transfer money from one hotel to another. I watched ads but sometimes its not helping.
Cute game. I loved the graphics and music, but most of the gameplay consisted of watching ads. The game was built in a way to forced you to watch ads. Unless you want to just sit there and watch your money deplete and your staff walk out on you, you watch the ads to boost your earnings. On top of that, there's no offline play. Overall, Hotel Empire Tycoon is a cute game to play when you have access to internet, time to kill, and don't mind watching ads for extended periods of time.
I love the game a great time filler. Fun. But I need more content.. more hotels, some type of on-going game / rewards with past hotels. More opportunities to get v.i.p mangers without spending real $. Special events are to short to get any rewards unless you did purchase the 10.99$ plus packages. As of right now once you finish the current 7 hotels its something you delete.
It a great game but you guys should make it a way to move profits to other hotels since you are managing all of them and you decide what to do with your profits. It hard getting lots of money, you would have to watch several ads before. Some ads don't even give you what you have earned. Pls check these concerns.
Awesome game! Super addictive and you can progress at a good place without having to spend real money. No pop-up ads, you choose whether you want to watch for a reward. If you do choose to watch, the game rewards you quite nicely and helps speed up progress.
Needs to be more optimized, for one. Upgrading pieces is slow on my S7 Edge, which is not a cheap or slow phone. There also needs to be quick access buttons for the Build and Employee Tabs of management like all the other things Edit: Game didn't give me my three star Manager even though I made 180 Million for it. Edit 2: Lowered to 2 stars because it still lags when upgrading my stuff in the Hotel.
I've been playing this for 4 days now, so far I really like it & have no issue playing ads for extra money to upgrade. HOWEVER, I refuse to interact with any ad at any time and that's exactly what the ads have been doing for 3 days now. I do not want to click next nor answer questions to receive my reward. If you had stated I would have to do so before clicking to watch an ad, I WOULD NOT have clicked on it. I immediately shut the app down & am ready to uninstall the game. Fix the ads I'll ^☆s.
I like it... it's fun, but I wish when you finish with one hotel & advance to the other hotels, the extra money should at least go to the next hotels. Plus I wish that the rooms, upgrades, & other resorts wasn't so dang ridiculously expensive!!! Overall, I believe it would be a more enjoyable game if the extra money would carry over to the other new hotels. I'll admit I enjoyed it, although sometimes it can be frustrating, however, I think it could be better. Soo, I will have to give it 3 stars.
Do not pay to remove the ads! They will not give you the reward you paid for and their Customer Service is useless. They just say everything looks fine, fix nothing, and just enjoy the money they stole. This company should be banned from Google! I did contact them before I posted a review. Do not listen to their lies. STAY AWAY!!!
fun game. but doesnt make sense why I cant zoom out. sucks I've gotten to the end of the game and it doesnt seem there will be anymore. and the hotel events are always the same hotel. great concept with a little more work this would be an amazing game. beat every level. it takes a little bit of time. but i can't keep playing the same event over and over we need new hotels. Months later and still waiting on a new hotel. About to uninstall this game.
Is it possible to increase the number of guests that each member of staff can serve at the restaurant and bar? It seems silly that 1 chef can only serve 2 customers. There are lots of empty seats and a small queue of people, and most of the hotel goes without food if you have a large hotel. The prison game was more realistic.
I like the game. I like the style and graphics. Game play is fun and challenging as you progress in unlocking the different hotels. I do hope more hotels will be added. I'm on the 2nd to last one. One request if it is at possible. When upgrading certain areas mainly bedrooms. An upgrade ALL button would be nice. It would work if you had enough money to completely upgrade everything in the room. Similar to how the manager informs you to build a room as you have enough money.
This is not one of those games harass you with constant ads. However you still have to watch ads over and over and over and over. Because the game's in-game economy system depends on the ads. Yes, there is a payment system that removes all ads. However even if you pay the money, it feels like cheating. I wish these mobile games stop depending on the ads and give us proper games. But I am sure developers are happy with this ads based system and will give me a copy/paste reply.
It's fun and relaxing. If you're playing this without paying any money, then it probably has too many ads. I went ahead and got the $10.99 ad free option and it's definitely a lot more enjoyable. I love the simplistic art style and upgrading things feels satisfying, keeping the game feeling fresh. Can't wait to advance further 😊
I LOVE this game, the gameplay is super fun and allows me to relax when I am tense. Its not one of those easy games and requires strategey which I love. It hardly has any pop-up ads and there are only ads when you want a reward. The only reason why it is not 5-star is beacause it is slow in the beginning and if you want to grow fast you have to pay SO much money. Overall it is a great game and I recommened it to anybody who sees this post (if they like strategy games).
I like the game. The only think i dont like is that when my customers go to the restaurant and by exemple the maximum customers is 12 so i have some waiting.. but all the rest of them turn around and leave. They dont get mad or anything but its still money that i could have by them going to eat at the restaurant. Can you fix the bug so they would be waiting instead and maybe extend the time frame before they get pissed off. For now its my only critic.
Brilliant idle game along with your prison game.only game where I'm fine with watching ads because it seems like you did something(bought the no ad thing anyway) My main problems are that 1.the people constantly go to things that are closed for example in the Arabian hotel as soon as I bought the stupid swimming pool now no one goes to my belly dance show, which is what makes so much
This is the most best game I have ever gotten!😃😄😃It never forces you to watch ads, you can choose to if you want double profits or something like that. I also love that the game goes on for an entire hour even after you close it out, so when you get back you have more money than when you left! One question though, even if I have more than 6 tables then why does it only let in 3 or 4 people at a time? Is it because I need to hire more chefs🍳? Please let me know. Thank you 😁😁😁😊
Enjoying it. But since i started the second hotel i would only rarely receive the cash promised by the VIP (maybe 1 in 10). I would watch the ad, he would walk out and i get nothing. Missed out on hundreds of thousands of dollars by now. Really annoying. Imagine trying to make progress in the challange hotel when the VIP doesn't give you anything.
Love the game its amazing a little slow paced at times but it keeps you coming back. A few suggestions, a space themed hotel and a rebirth type thing or an option to reset your level so you can start at the beginning if you chose. I love all codigames they are well made and fun to play thankyou for making them
Game stops after 6 hotels. Why? Seriously... Edit November 2020. They added another level. Now The Game Stops after 7 levels and it's been this way for quite a few months. I just don't get it, it's a wonderful game. Why do you encourage people to stop after finishing Seven Levels.
I'm only rating two due to the fact... 1. Fun game and time killer 2. Very very slow paced 3. Trickery... you have you buy gems to progress. Meaning, you can easily obtain 4 stars for your hotel via cash, but the other star is obtained via gems, just2 unlock the hotel's require stars gathered from others. For example, spend 20 gems for a tablet in one room, you have 6 rooms first hotel. So if you want to progress you have to buy gems. That's just the rooms, there is still the bar and kitchen...
This game can be fun but it does try to push you to spending real money and it is VERY expensive. Its clear the challenge to get a manager is just a gimmick to get you to spend real money because the goal and cost of everything is extortionate but don't worry they have convenient booster packs you can buy to help progress. Gameplay is mainly watching ads. Your money doesn't transfer between hotels and you can only get offline profits for one hour. Clearly only wants your cash.
What's the point in he even having a game on your phone if it doesn't even load up past the menu. For all the time I did play it it was amazing it was really fun but after a week or two it's stopped loading up whatsoever if you want to play this game you need to play it fast but I may warn you there's a very high chance of it never loading up again
I really enjoyed this game but after paying for the full upgrades, I'm a little disappointed that the game was quite short and does not seem to be receiving any further level updates. There also needs to be an option to do a max upgrade by item or even rooms, particularly as the game slows down so much when the levels get larger.
Would be 5 stars but with it being so slow in the beginning and me having a feeling there isn't much to do after you 5 star everything, only 4 stars. Great time killer. Good idle game. Just need more to do to keep up looking forward to what's next that we don't have to wait for unless its a progression level.
I dont know if it is a glitch or not, but im still pissed. When your worker leaves, (which can happen even if you gain money, so its just random sometimes) you lose ALL the furniture in that room. I lost a 30 gem TV, even though I gained money. I lost all that work, because of a glitch!
I really enjoyed this game because of the challenges and finding new ways to optimize my build, but for the last 3 challenges, my resort is still built and earning money while away, giving me nothing to do for the challenge except earn money. Now I'm just bored with it.
A very good game to play which shows real life business strategies etc. But i think there should be an option to use savings from previous hotels to upgrade current hotel which will be a great help. Other than that, it's addictive. 😍
fun game. but doesnt make sense why I cant zoom out. sucks I've gotten to the end of the game and it doesnt seem there will be anymore. and the hotel events are always the same hotel. great concept with a little more work this would be an amazing game. beat every level. it takes a little bit of time. but i can't keep playing the same event over and over we need new hotels. the newest one was a blast but I'm ready for another new hotel.
Bugs on housekeeping staff. Some staff just stand there and not doing any chores, resulting in room not cleaned. Appear on almost every game. Otherwise it would be great. Also, give an option to change hotel or restaurant/bar/room names.
Very fun game. I enjoy the realistic business feel. It forces you to think like a business owner. It's cool because it runs on the background while you're not playing, so your empire grows while you're away. Very fun!
Not too bad just needs far more levels. Completed within 2 week. When are we getting more levels. This is a good game, but lacking quantity of levels. Reduced from 2 to 1 stars. From editing previous review.
All in all pretty good game if you like idle games. I have nearly completed the entire game every Hotel and it took me almost an entire year and I've enjoyed seeing what this game had to offer with the different hotels and fixtures and different gimmicks. So what do I think. Pay-to-win. You won't get far without watching ads unless you pay for double cash like I did. Expect weeks and months of grinding to get to the next hotel without 💰🤑 all in all decent but not without its fatal flaws 5 /10
Ths game is awesome.... But if we can upgrade multiple items in a room at single click it will be way better.... Also if we have enough we must beable to buy a fully furnished room for somelower cost... Some more amenities like kids activities etc canbe added which will make the game more fun
I love the game and its good to pass the time and all but its getting me mad that there a bugs that need to be fixed on this thing. Everytime you log in to click on the video to double the profits it doesn't work or skips it. When the VIP person comes to give you money for a video it doesn't work even to double the points while playing the game half the time videos don't play and it doesn't work. I lost so much extra profit because of these bug defaults of this game and now I can't play it.
Nice game, different hotels. Have been playing for a long time. Gets a bit on your nerves cause at the beginning of a hotel is a bit slow but I have enjoyed it so much. The only thing is you still have all the money and 5 star hotel and can't spend them, maybe trade it for something? It's an idea. Apart from that been playing for long time and it's been really nice 😊
Was fun. Now there are constant event hotels which are near impossible to succeed in unless one spends $11. As a previously paying customer, I'm done. The game is fun but I'm not spending constantly for this.
It's an amazing game! Addicting and fun. My only concern is that you make a lot of money from another hotel that you've unlocked, but you can't transfer any of that cash you've made into the current hotel your working on. I hope more levels come soon too because I'm nearly finished all the hotels. Other than that, the game is very fun and would recommend it. A couple glitches here and there where house keeping staff go into a room, clean it, then stay in one spot and never leave that spot
I do love the game.. it's more realistic, plenty of options, quite generous ad rewards. One thing I hope is that in the future pleass add more features.. since if one has already finished a hotel the money just sum up without anywhere else to spend, I'd love to have options whether the money could be use for helping other hotel (not all the money), or give to charity for certain rewards, also the money can be use to upgrade something more.. I leave this to your dev..
The game is very amusing. Though I would like for there to be other ways to make money while playing instead of just having to wait hours for 2 minutes of enjoyment. The alternative is watching endless adds.
Game got ruined when they added event hotels. They havent added any new hotels in a while. They only do event hotels and You can never beat them without spending actual money. The app probably makes more money off the event hotel's. No point in playing unless you want to spend money on a game.
Love the game! So much fun! Yet once you Finish a HOTEL, the Hotel NEEDS MORE ATTRACTIONS, So, you can spend the cash you continue to earn after it. Plus, NEEDS DESPERATELY MORE HOTELS ADDED. The Game needs Other WAYS to Get MANAGERS than just the Event Hotel, due to it being impossible the get one in the events. Thanks and love your game!
Constantly crashing. Great when it work, but crashing doesn't even let me open the game.... Dissapointed
Even though game is very slow I liked the game concept and started playing. But after playing for couple of months, still I am unable to build 2 hotels. Whenever you login to game it will always be mid night and you need to wait till morning or need to watch ads to skip night. Rediculous. Uninstalling it.. Better improve your game! Good luck!
This would be one of my favorite idle games of all time. It's very fun and easy to play with and there are no forced ads, just ones you would permit in order to earn more money. Other than that, it is all good. Despite changing phones, I still keep it because it's a good game to play in between work and during idle time.
Great game, I used to play the Idle Prison Tycoon game and i found this one to be much more enjoyable overall. My only point would be that the restuarant open times seem way too short for my guests to actually all go and eat before the place shuts down. It's not a big deal because they usually go to other attractions anyway.
It would be very good if you guys added some more minigames or increase our control of the hotels. And sometimes something get hidden by other things, so it would be awesome if you made this 360angle view, i mean it's boring to just zoom in and zoom out. Hoping you guys will show your magic by Improving this game as soon as possible or before i get bored. And one more maybe you guys should make our pocket of all hotels one because hotels we fully upgraded become useless after that. Thank You ❤
45 second adverts are not acceptable. I want to like this game but it's just so buggy, whether that's people flying through walls or logging in at 2am to find everyone starts wandering down to breakfast or the spa. Basically the exact same bugs as in prison tycoon. It's also really tedious that most levels need 100% completion before being able to move to the next.
This game is ok could be much better. You should allow people not getting a room to use the restaurant or bar as a way to gain more revenue. Once you finish a hotel there nothing more until an event which are hard to get anywhere with in 3 days with only 50k to start. Make it a bit more interesting and I'm not buying the same vip package for every event adjust that model.
Firstly let me say I'm no bot or something writing fake reviews. This game is amazing. You can upgrade the little rooms and add to your hotel while making sure you don't lose profit. It's NOT a clicker game it's a really fun game where if you don't make the right choices you can actually lose. I love how the people get annoyed if they wait in the lunch queue too long and how the little people walk around. HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOWNLOADING AS THERE ARE NO FORCED ADS AT ALL. 5 stars easy
This game is so awesome that I have completed it. I am waiting for more hotels to be added. I keep checking backing to see if they add more permanent hotels but they haven't. With all the idle games out there this one is my favorite. They just need to keep adding hotels. Other games have hundreds of levels. Why can't this one?
It's really good! The ads are optional. And it's fun when you understand the trick or what to do first. I've been playing since feb/mar2020. Haven't bored once. I'm glad they keep it updated and adding more hotels to maintain (I was half afraid the game would be 'that's all' after I'm done with 3 hotels that's available when I first played it). Good job!
I decided to give this game a try because I loved Theme Park Tycoon but due to some reasons I am giving it 3 star rating. The ads displayed often do no give rewards. They are being watched for no use and it's even more irritating when the rewrds are not provided. This needs to be fixed so the reward can be provided as promised before watching the ad.
Hello Devo's I just loved this game! But there's only one bug or, we can call it tricks how to speed the ads and take the compensation. Please email me, you can reach me through this email address. I don't want to spoil this game by many, thanks.
I like playing this game a lot but sometimes a few things don't work. Like when you first go in and you can double the money your hotel has earned, the button to watch the ad doesn't work. The ad button to double your earnings while playing and to get the extra investor money doesn't work either. Quite frustrating
The game is fun and all but you should be able to carry over your income from hotels you've finished into new hotels. This would be how building a hotel empire would actually be. It's frustrating to see all your money collect and not be able to use it to upgrade future hotels.
Its a really good game if you like games that you earn and play over a long period of time. Though after the 5th or 6th stage, its pretty repetitive. It took me quite a few months to get to those stages though. Its repetitive but I still enjoy it. Ad's aren't forced on me, and it doesn't feel like the kind of game where you have to pay to win. So its a pretty good game over all