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Hotel Dash

Hotel Dash for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Glu located at 875 Howard, Suite 100 San Francisco CA 94103. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
its amazing game but the mop is annoying. its hard to get it! please fix it i bought this game cause i love playing time managment games. please its always hanging
Love the game, like all dash games. But something about the design makes it not fit on the screen. I only get half of the third story. I can't see what those on level three want and thus the game becomes less fun.
It always tell me to buy the game,but I hope that it will be free for the consumers who have waste their money to by GB and still want them to buy their game.
good game but basically requires you to keep buying more to play more than a few levels. Doesn't have much replayability. Not really worth spending money.
The game has started freezing up one me. I have read comments of others who are saying the same thing. Are you administratos reading about these issues or are we being ignored. We pay money for more levels and being overlooked. im gonna try one more time to play, if it freezes again, I'm uninstalling and not recommending it to anyone.
This game was working fine till i payed for the full version now it won't let me finish a game it keeps freezing up in the middle of play and it's really making me upset because I wasted my money on the full package when I just should have just kept playing the same one over and over instead of paying for it and then it's just freezing up on me now I think that sucks
This game sucks!!!!! Bought the game, it glitches up and freezes tf up. Stupid purchase a this game waste a good 3 bucks could of bought a better one!!! 0 stars!!
I love this game sooo much it's so addicting too. The best part is, theres no adds! My only complaint is that you HAVE to get an expert goal on level 6 to continue. But overall really fun game and please make it so you can just have to reach the goal on level six to pass and not the expert goal. I would recommend this game to a friend and all the diner dash games, especially the Spongebob one. Thank you for reading this. 🤗
Pls fix the bug!!!! Why it's so hard to click for the moping service? How can I retrieve the purchased game.
it's a good game but I can't reach level 7 only. I passed level 6 then again and again I need to do level 6. so I rate it only 2 stars
Its very addicting but when you get to level 6 and finished it , you need to pay to get to the next 4 levels. If you can make that free i will give a 5 star rating. Have a great day and thank you for reading this.
this game is so good but it lags a lot and makes a person irritated and hence "bad words" to this game. Ban it .....
because you need to spend your own money to upgrade the next mission. but the game is really interesting and challenging im just dissapointed.
it is really fun to play this game, the problem is when we come to 6th level we have to clean d spilled water, the mop does not operate at all,or else its d best game ever.
Waste of money.. I cant believe I paid almost $7 for a game that only took like 5 hours to complete.. dont waste your money people
I wish it doesn't cost money to open or to upgrade to the next levels! Personally I don't think or know if can pay the requested price or SRP price. But I love this game so much, I wish it didn't cost to much money
It's a good game: fun and challenging, but there's one problem and that's upgrade. It makes absolutely no sense to upgrade at level 6 and then you can't play the rest of the game unless you upgrade. I know you gotta upgrade at some point in the game, but why level 6? You only get to enjoy the game for a little bit.
Two concerns- I did pay for all additional maps(I would not have with these issues). Every level freezes eventually.The spamming needs to stop.I play the other Flo games including Diner Dash and Cooking Dash. Almost after every level it has pop ups to download those games- even at start up. If I already invest time and money on those games also-shouldn't it make sense to stop making those popups occuring that frequently or at all? Its all frustrating.This is supposed to be a fun stress reliever.
Since I paid for the extra levels the game keeps crashing. I don't usually buy extras but was enjoying the game so thought I'd give it a go.... definitely NOT money well spent ☹️
this game is among the best games ever, but it always hangs and stops for no reasons! Please fix it immediately. I'm going to delete this game
Horrible! Six levels? You have to be joking! Such a fun and challenging game, but you have to pay 3.00+ dollars just to play this game for 15 minutes! If you are willing to pay for short entertainment this game is perfect. If not DON'T GET IT.
Good game,not much ads like much games but you have to be very quick to not lose patience with your customers.Overall, it's very fun to play to pass time.
Game is brilliant no problem m&s playing although u can only play to level six then have to pay. Really annoyed me the fact they haven't said anything on here about that as I kept playing level six multiple times thinking it was a different level
DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. As much as it is enjoyable, but ironically, once you get to the levels that you already paid, there are certain items that are really impossible to use. (cleaning mop, I am looking at you). And I thought it might just be my phone, but when I did a research on it, I found Plenty of forums wherein other users are experiencing it as well for a long time already and yet the developers of this game still have done nothing to correct it. It is full of bugs unfixed for years!
I've loved all the diner dash, wedding dash, and hotel dash games. I'm on the hotel but can't find the special treat or food that some customers want. Help!!
Whenever I press the mop it doesnt work sometimes it does but most of the time it doesnt work. whats the problem. I even payed for the full version
Please bring back flo in her Diner Dash games(the old ones)! You can format it to gameplay and keep it Updated!!! All her Adventures ones too! Love this game and is a Supporter of all her games, always have been. This game needs an UPDATE PLEASE!!! I don't care for her newer ones that are out now....too much going on in those games!! Thank you!
It's enjoyable but cannot pass level 6. WHY DO YOU NEED AN EXPERT TO GO ON OTHER LEVELS! Don't get this game if you are an impatient kind of person (Like me)
the game keep freezing real bad. when you turn the music or sound off it wont stay off it comes back on by itself. the dogs freeze barking an wont stop barking after feeding them. you have to keep restarting the came because it freezes when you almost to past a level.
I can't play the game. when I pressed on the play button, nothing happens. please do something. thanks.
I think it's retarded to purchase the game just to have to end up purchasing everything you need for the game I also think it's retarded that retarded people think that's ok and do it anyway what happened to games just being plane ol fun now it's all about a piece of paper so no I will not ever purchase a game to go ahead and keep paying for it that's just dumb think about it use your brain
I like this game, BUT I cannot click or use that mop thing ! I don't know what's wrong with it, when the customer ask to mopping their room, I cannot use that mop to clean it.. I don't know if it's maybe I installed this game on my phone and not on my pc. this is so frustating, I uninstalled
I keep on getting stuck in level 6. it requires me to "clean up before the customers get mad" and I did exactly that despite the mop icon not immediately recognising my finger. I don't know if it's because I need to upgrade to proceed but I've barely had time to enoy the game...
love the game I could play all day but I wish they made more levels and it tends to have problems, I could be in a game and it freezes or lags and for whatever reason the colors are all neon pastels not the normal colors blue, green, red, yellow. They need to make some upgrades to this game.
I sent a message to creator do to being charged twice and it said since it is an older model game they will not reimburse me. I want a refund since it charged me twice
Nice game but it keeps freezing and then I have to close the game and restart the level. I'm not even past level in the first hotel. I'm disappointed since I spent money for the upgrade and then some.
I already paid for the 5 hotels, since then, the game's lag. and I have to restart again. please do something for this. i really like the game though. it's kinda addicting.
Definitely not worth purchasing. Very easy. Hate the fact that nothing new is really presented when going from hotel to hotel. The fact that your money doesn't transfer either sucks. Don't buy!