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Hotel Blast

Hotel Blast for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by WhaleApp LTD located at hasadnaot 8 Herzeliya. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love this game never before have I stayed on a game for so long But I have now completed all the tasks I was just wondering when the new tasks are going to be ready
I have been playing this game for over 12 months. I am now very angry, as despite repeated claims you will help me overcome the problems I have been having, you have done NOTHING. Still no wheel of fortune. All tasks completed. I am left with 351 keys, and can't do anything with them. 14/12/2020: well I have been playing your updated version for a few days now, and I am. Bored silly. What's the point in earning all these keys if you can do nothing with them??
Just great! I am master of the universe with this game ..... just scored 8 hours of bonus playing time, gonna be a great night! I really like Hidden Hotel, and have it downloaded as well, but hands down, this game is less tedious, less like a battle, and just more like bad ass me blasting through level after level! There's tons of free boosters, and fun decorating the hotel, which is going pretty fast on only my 2nd day. Thank you for Hotel blast, its going to be fun for a long time !
It's now been 2 months with no new levels. Is this game over? I'd give it zero stars if I could. Very odd It's taken so long to update. Never had a game that didn't update at least monthly. Very sad game and I would pass this one by. Many better games that actually add new levels.
I've played many of these games love this one prob best. Lots of free boosters and extra time to play. Games are fun and easier than others, imo. Right now I have 9 hours of play. Games in the game are cool. As a result, u get 2 do more "decorating", the best part.
Super amazing awesome game it is not boring game having fun game having so much interesting game and I like this game, πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
It will robb you of the rewards, waste of time, gets boaring then just straight tiks a person off... I would not really recommend it to Anyone πŸ˜‰ Ok it robbed me of my reward, what is there not to understand. I did like 500 levels in 3.5 days. Why should I put that kind time into it just to loose it? If you guys don't get me my first place prizes, I will go out of my way to refer other games and none of your
When I first started playing this it was a great game, but I've recently come back to it after not playing for a while. Money flows a lot less now but most annoyingly is that it has been made so the moves aren't enough to complete a level so you have to watch ads repeatedly. It never used to be like this, it slows the game down enormously and puts you off playing it. It should be renamed Hotel Ads! EDIT: Reply to developer:- Engineered to watch ads! EDIT2: Game has reset my progress to level 1!!
I'm new to hotel blast, but absolutely loving it, love that it progresses at a decent pace. I also play hidden hotel, so it's nice I'm able to decorate my hotel in a different style in hotel blast. Fabulous game .
I have been playing for 12 months. Game directs to to update, once you do, it won't allow the game to open, continues to shut down. I've uninstalled and reinstalled with the same results. Sad to be leaving the game. The game crashes before opening, and reverts to the play store. I cannot access the support key from the game.
Game wont open. Says i need internet connection, my phone service is fine and all other games works fine so this app sucks.
Totally suck. I was a new player to went in this game. But when I went in it said I don't have a connection. So I retry. But while later, it said I don't have an active connection. But it's FULL Bar! FULL! OK??? To be calmed down for me, I'll just uninstall this game if no reply for me.
I really enjoying this app. Especially when I'm done doing my schoolworks. It making me more relax after a tiring dayπŸ’“
Some levels are infuriating you know you won't get through the level until the game is ready there is no strategy
Reviewing this badly in the Hope's I see less of this content nothing against the app it's just not my cup of tea
I liked this game was enjoyable, but now it wants my money to complete levels. I am not pay to play. At level 630 and cannot get past it. Been trying for days now. This was supposed to be a nice casual game that has turned stressful. Goodbye Hotel Bast.
I have finished all the levels and I have been waiting for 5months now and still you haven't added any more. I will be leaving this app
I liked the old hidden object format, until our time frame for finding objects was shortened. This version isn't as fun, but, it'll do. It's been a while since I first posted this, Game play has definitely improved. But I gotta say the frog levels stress me out.
I am on level 901. Suddenly there is a Chinese Fireworks game that takes place in the lobby. The instructions are in colored writing that xan't be seen on the background colors. How do you play this game? Bombs randomly show up but you can't do anything with them when you click on them
Enjoying the game so far. The quests do not give enough coins though. Things are way to expensive. I will try it for a while longer.
I love the selection. They gives you lots of bonuses . Yes I definitely recommend this game it's fun I can play for hours
I absolutely love this game the rewards are so rewarding the graphics are beautiful .... I would give it 5 stars but it takes a little while to load
Pretty easy levels , nice decor to decorate with. Would b nice to get points towards decorating With the side games No $ spent.
I Give this Game 4.5 Stars. πŸ‘ Hotel Blast Game Pros: πŸ’–Good Game Story πŸ’–Good Game Tutorial πŸ’–Lots to do: Rich in Game Content πŸ’–Nice Game Control πŸ’–Good Game Art Design. πŸ‘ Thanks to WhaleApp LTD ❀️ My Youtube Channel πŸ‘‰ bettypvp
I used to absolutly love this game until after I finished my 5th level. I noticed that you no longer get 2 keys nor do you get double stars. Also, for the safe to open when you reached 25 stars, now it's 30. And like I said, the amount of stars earned has been cut in half. And worst, the amount of keys needed stayed the same. So now if you need 4 keys, you have to play 4 levels instead of 2. I didn't realize any of these changes until after I spent $50.00 buying coins. Very, very disappointed!!
Have tried this game on 2 different ipads one which had a factory reset and it crashes when I'm playing it. I like the game just want it to stop crashing. I have closed all tabs and cleared cache several times downloaded on a ipad that was completely reset and checked internet and it still crashes. It even crashed when I tried to contact via "support" button. If it continues to crash I'll just have to delete game. Installed tried everything and it just keeps crashing.
Love this app renovated the whole hotel l thought the game would be over but not love it😍😍 very addictive!!
Love love love this game! So many things to upgrade in the hotel! best game ever! I play it almost every day so fun you can be a part of the race and downloads fast!
This game is a ripoff You may have six points left and looking like you can win game in four,but you will only get 2 or 3 moves Watch your points
I like this game alot but why do I have to upgraded to keep playing I only have two other games online and I would have to delete them both to keep playing why do I have to delete
This game is so much fun and relaxing. It offers a challenge without being so hard that it's stressful, as a lot of similar games are. And the Whaleapp Team is amazing, any problems (there aren't many) are fixed so fast it makes your head spin. I also play Hidden Hotel and highly recommend that game too. You can renovate the same hotel in two different styles with two totally different gameplay elements!
After the latest update, the game won't play. If it starts it's in slow motion and I can't play it. Have come a long way and I don't want to delete it. What is wrong with it?
Very accommodating support service. Fast and reliable. If there's any problem you encounter, just email them and they will assist you immediately. I play their games before and lost my progress when I stopped playing, but when I asked them about it, they restore it immediately. Very satisfied here.
I at first gave this game 5 stars and I loved this game until I finished all the tasks. I've waited and waited for more tasks with each update, still no new tasks. I'm tired of waiting and will uninstall.
Could be a great game but it freezes and crashes constantly so playing becomes unenjoyable also lost everything when I played the other hotel game so uninstall that which also could have been a great game without all its faults especially when I spent money on that game
Have had so many problems with this game. Game ID changed between devices and no joy asking to have only one (3 times). Game crashes and trying to get back ID I've been playing is a drama, lost levels, no new tasks for 2mths. Had completed all available levels and now lost over 200 levels AGAIN!!! Problems DON'T get fixed despite numerous emails!!!! Was a great game but I give up!! Will be uninstalling!!!
Phone updated now game keeps crashing. I've been playing for almost 4 years and will likely just delete both this and Hidden Hotel because of the crashing
I just downloaded the game yesterday night. Was just randoml6 searching for a game coz I don't like to play a game more than 2 days. But I literally love this game very much! Y'all's should play this game and you'll love it! I'm sure! It has a lovely story and I love to play this game!! It fills my 2 wishes of playing game and also sattle a new paradise restaurant! I request you. If you like to play games, please play it and all the other games of this. I'm never gonna get rid of this game!
the game was greatt..but the only problem is it keep crashing on the middle on the games and it kick me out of the game..its kinda annoying..and now i cant even open the games it keep telling me no internet connection while i have good connection..pleease fix itt..i love your game so muchh..and i already almost 300 levell..so please fix it
New update sucks. Won't load keeps crashing. Spent so much money to not even being able to pay anymore. Such a rip off!
This game has the same characters, music and plot line as Hidden Hotel. I like it better than that game because you can decorate your hotel faster. The downside is there's not a lot of opportunities to earn money and when there is it's not a lot of money.
Super graphics great story line.Very addictive I can't stop playing it.I'm on level 994 and still going.I love this game brilliant.Keep up the good work.Thanks. Thanks for solving the problem for me you are so helpful.
Having lots of fun with this game it's been 10 months now and I've made it up to level 1955. The story line is exciting and the characters are amazing I'm looking forward to seeing what happened to Johnny Black.
Is anybody else experiencing problems with getting into the game Hotel blast keeps telling me my internet connection is unavailable check my internet connection it'll load up to 10 or 16% on the game and then I'll just keep bringing up this little boxing unable to connect check your internet
You used to be one of my favorite games, not anymore, with the update my phone which is a 4g no longer gets your game in good and this game is now way to hard, bad programming, what you like to call challenging. I am going to play out my stars and coins and log out and uninstall. Way to go with your new format, I am sure a lot of people will get as far as me and quit because you just can't win fairly after awhile
This game is good if I give 1 star less because i want to 1 improvement in this game.This game take a long time to open.Even my internet connection is working then also it stops on either10% or either on 93 %.
Fun game but don't like the fact you can't earn money so you have to use really money to buy anything decent.
Good story, you're compelled to carry on playing to get more details. Update, love this game but wish you would do something about the constant crashing. I persevere because I do love the game but the stressing is gonna me mad. Please help me out here
I love this game,I actually spend real money to play it but it needs an Update still showing halloween theme.
I'm so happy that the new levels and tasks are back.. it was definitely worth the wait.. it's sooo good.. amazing.. love it.. thank u so much guys.. u nailed it.. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ
Its a good game I love how the game play is only thing I cant stand is you need coins to buy the upgrades and the only way to get coins is to buy them or get 30 stars from passing rounds and then getting only 15 coins
I love the game but it's just don't play right flicker is its jumps it won't let me play it then I get lucky and it'll let me play for 15-20 minutes I don't want to delete it but help me out here
Is games of good Eden Hotel game is so so hard and it game is so easy and enjoy hidden hotel with Glass Hotel please download and like
I like this game a lot. But the sad thing is why don't you support this game on my mobile phone please let me know.πŸ₯ΊπŸ™πŸ₯Ί