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Hot Dog Bush: Cook and Serve Delicious Hot Dogs

Hot Dog Bush: Cook and Serve Delicious Hot Dogs for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by BigWig Media located at 39 Bowline Court Durham Wharf Drive Brentford Middlesex TW8 8FH UK. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
New phone, game not supported on my device. Can I get a refund? Your rating is going to keep dropping if you don't fix this bug.
I enjoy playing the game but now that I have my phone upgraded to a Motorola play g9 it does not play it's telling us that the game is too old and it's not compatible with this device please fix it I would love to play the game again
Instantly crashes. Unusable. I'd pay any amount of money to purchase this game again if BigWig Media updated it to the latest Android version.
This is a great game but once a level is done, it freezes. I had to quit the game and re-run the game to jump into the next level. Please fix
Disappointed. The game won't even load. Just get a black screen then it goes back to my home screen. I used to play this game and was excited to see this app, sadly that excitement was short lived.
I downloaded it perfectly fine, excited to play one of my favourite games that I havnt played in years then I open the app and the screen goes black then kicks me out, I've tried this multiple times and it keeps doing this. Please help.
The games doesnt work. I was super excited to play it since I have before and it says it was made for older androids. Wish there was an update I so I can play it now
i used to play hot dog bush when i was 9 to 14 years old, luckily i found out that there's a hot dog bush app. >.< best game for me
I played this on my old phone and it is working.... Now I download it again but new phone.... Im so excited to play this but when I touch this app it's not working... And the last update is April 20, 2015.
I feel bad for devs like BigWigMedia. The game is fantastic, well balanced, has a good difficulty curve and controls. Review-bombing just because the game isn't free is absolutely ridiculous. It's not expensive, why not work for an hour or skip a meal instead? Every review that gave it 1-3 stars are unjust and are self-entitled people who assume that everything are given to them for free. Reviews that criticize the inability to tap instead of drag are not factual. Reviews that blame their own inability to run the game when everyone else could before attempting to look for support are equally disgusting. If you're a trash like one of the review bombers mentioned above, just move along. Otherwise, this is one of the best reaction-based management games out there in terms of balance. The game isn't perfect. The requirement for stages past the alien are quite disappointing as it resets, becoming almost impossible to fail. It should've had an increment in requirenent quota up to $1k. There isnt a gameplay change past the original six locations either, only a graphic change. It would've been better if there were diffierent mechanics for the different food variety.
For one it took forever to download and then it said its not supported anymore and wont load bc its an older version. So i had to delete the app right away, super frustrating and a waste of my time. Dont download and waste your time.
Please update the app so we can play it like we used to! I used to play this on y8 . com when I was a kid but can't find it now then I tried to search it on playstore and now that I found it, I'm so excited but when I finished installing, it keeps crashing when I'm trying to open it. So sad :<
It keeps crashing. Stop it from being an idiot and I'll increase the stars. I love hot dog bush but it needs work. I should be able to play it on any device and it won't even open on my new phone or tablet.
Don't download this .. i download it, it asks for permission to access contacts and calls unfortunately i granted. Not a 5 second completed it give an error.. older version is not available for thi Android version
Love this game. As an old line cook I find such satisfaction in the digital swift-service process. My personal best of 189280 score for the full game is always on my radar and I generally earn 3 times the asking amount. Hint for y'all drop adding the 'garnishes' as it slows you down and doesn't effect your cost/price score. Happy Hotdogbushing mofos
Actually I love this app..it's so addicting...I used to play this when I was 12....I always go to comshop just to play this at y8.....but when I downloaded it...I can't even play!😏that's so unfair Please fix it...
Used to like this game i played level 1 bronx but it wouldnt let me move on the level 2 yankee stadium says i need to purchacase the full game? It was never like this before sorry im very disapointed as i unstailled this game and ill never play it again
The game keeps stopping for no reason..and I can't even play the other levels because i nees to pay them first..
THANK YOU. Thank you for finally updating the game so we can all enjoy playing it. After I complete numerous levels, I will return with an updated review :)
Why it's not available on windows 10? I tried to find it but I can't find it. I want to play it on my laptop though
It's a good game if you pay to play but if you don't you get a demo of the game that's all only 2 city's. It wasn't always like that
I was so excited to play this game.. So i downloaded it and when i pressed the play button it said app has stopped and i could not play it... Such a classic game gone to waste people need to fix it.. Its one of my favs but how can i play if the game does not even work they need to either fix it or take it off play store im so disapointed..😭
I was able to play it like a year ago? But then my phone broke and I just downloaded it like a minute ago but my phone says the app is stopping :( this is so sad I used to play this a lot when I was younger I hope they fix this.
Love the game but it no longer works with the later Android versions so cannot play it at all. Dispite having paid for the full version. Please update soon.
I used to play this game in Y8 way back in 2006. I was surprised to see it in playstore and download it immediatly. Unfortunately this game here is sucks. Slow, bugs, and u have to pay for another level. Saddly i missed this game
MON 25.05.20 Got it 5 mins ago time 8am now only 2 lvls when I played in on a old PC It was the 1st 6, I thought it might have got fairer since 2018 +19 there are numerous games to play NO as it paying real money can't afford it they're still greedy, I got rid jst now 08:06am. TUE 16.6.20 exactly the same, virus pandemic u want money thousands dead, Tower Hamlets 641 confirmed with Covid-19 yesterday. People mainly coughing nr me at home sheer greed. Deleted 1:15pm.
Very bad experience...as I was very excited that thi game is on play store but what happened when I opened it it's stopped I couldn't play it...
Fix this game and make it purchasable but actually bring back the pc version and make it fair if we are paying to play
This game sucks. I used to love playing this when I was a kid so when I saw it on friv just now, I decided to download it but it won't open. I uninstalled the app and installed it again but it still won't open. This is my first time writing a review about an app because this game really disappointed me.
I was so eager to play this. It is my favourite. When I saw this at play store I got really excited after downloading it doesnt work. It says it was for older version of Android. Please get the latest version so that I can play. 😭
This game was one of the best game ever from longtime but now I dont know what happen but it keeps sending me out and keeps getting blank 😭πŸ˜₯
I was extremely excited for this app since I used to play it when u was younger but turns out it won't open for me. And I am not the only person who experienced this. Honestly though, if the game will open for u it's a great game and absolutely addictive.
Argh this app can't run on new version of android only for those who have older version This one of my favorite please fix and update this
Ahyyst! This game was one of my favorite game and I was so addicted before in this game and when i download it now, I'm just wasting my time, it didn't played on my phone. Sadded. Kindly fix this.
Used to play this game a lot back on my PC so glad I can play it on the go now though the touch screen controls are little sensitive and need some work other than that it's a pretty solid game good πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
Aug 23, 2020. Downloaded a min ago and the app doesnt even open! It ALWAYS crashes. Waste of time downloading it πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Extremely upset that i payed for this game , i had to get a new phone cause my son broke it so i download the game on my new phone and it literally starts me over again an doesn't show me whether my game is still payed for. I refuse to pay again! It is completely unfair to me
Please , this is my childhood game , i spend time with my phone because of this , i love this game so much , please fix this
I love this game and I'm so glad they brought it back. the only thing I would change is instead of having to tap each dog and each bun I would love to just be able to tap the dog put it on the bun and keep moving
Won't open anymore. Says it's made for atm older version of android. Used to love this game before it started doing this. It was so addicting and I like that new levels were added
It doesn't open. I kind of reminicse my childhood game so I thought of installing Hot dog bush to fill out the boredom. However, after installing the app, it does not open at all. I have to restart my phone.
I love this game but I just got a new phone so downloaded it fresh and it won't open... Uninstalled, reinstalled and still nothing. It kind of opens up a black screen for a split second then just goes back to the home screen or whatever. See someone else is having the same issue too.
As stated by other reviewers, the app simply won't open. It will glitch, then a pop up states "app keeps stopping". This has been happening for months. If the game developer doesn't want to fix the app, just pull it from the Play Store - period!
The freaking app won't even open. Everytime I try opening the app, it gives me a message that "app has stopped working". If I wanted to stare at a black screen for half a hour, I could have simply just turned off my phone. Please fix this app so I can finally play my childhood game!!!!
Why isn't it updated in the last 5-6 years ??? We can't play unless it is ..... Please update it .....πŸ™πŸ™
The app doesn't work, just before you click on the app icon an error message appears saying the app stopped working. Hope you can fix it beacause i used to love playing this game when i was younger
Please fix this game I love to play this game when I was 10 y/o until now I love to play this but can't open please fix it
Lousiest game ever. Used to enjoy it years ago when it was on free site. Now every game has to wait 30+5+5 seconds. And have to pay for next level. Uninstalled.
The game is fabulous but it ain't working in my phone and is saying that it was built for an older version of android , please update it ! Really love the game
The game wont run on my phone, instead it crashes and a message with the following pops up- "this game was made for older android versions ~~~~~~~" im on android 10
If the game won't load because it is "for an older version of Android" than I can no give the game a good rating. If it worked it may have been fun like the old PC version.
This game was my ultimate favorite since i was a kid. But now, i cant even open the app. Can someone authorize fix the issues
Why the hell is nobody fixing the problem of the app related to not getting started. Gosh I loved this game . Fix this problem please .
Disappointed this game will not load, it is one of my favorites and few games I was addicted to. I agree with other comments this game should be brought back to life (or sadly deleted from the search). πŸ˜•
I used to love this app. But after recently downloading it again, I can't even open it. I click it, it tries to open and then immediately crashes.
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
The app won't open when I downloaded it! I ised to love this game and wanted to play on my note 10 but it won't even open. Like what the heck! Please fix this ! Thanks ! And to think I was ready to buy the ad free version.
Sincere thanks for updating the game finally so it at least works. BUT the game loop is honestly ruined. I have played this game for more than 7 years and I've never been bored once. It was perfect at its simplest. And extremely addictive. In the update: - there's way too much happening. - Controls and Touch registration is poor. - Hate the fact that you cannot start frying more fries w/o serving one. And it's 2 burgers now and not 3. - the food used to look appetizing now it looks meh.
It asks to install the Spygle (google) Play Games Service. If other games doesn't ask for it, this shouldn't ask for that either. I don't want to enable/install that spy service, the games don't need that.
This is a scam. How come it needs to allow managing of phone calls and contacts before i can play the game?!
Used to absolutely love this game, one of my favourites but i can no longer play it as it only supports an older update. Please fix this, desperately want to play it again!!
I was so excited to download this game when I found that we can now play it on our mobile device,but when I tried to open it, the app stopped/crashed and I can even open and play it.
I've been trying to download this game ( heard alot about it) and it keeps giving me an error message stating the game was made for older model androids. I think it should be compatible to all phones. Wouldn't download on my.kindle fire tablet either. This is terrible.
The app doesn't work. It kept on stopping. I was so excited to play it because I once played this on friv and it was one of my favorite cooking games. But this one disappoints me.
This was one of my favorite game but it is only working for old version of phones, per the error message I am getting πŸ˜“.
I REALLY wanted to play this game again as I loved it before, but it needs updated for newer androids. So sad.
I want to play it again to my android 10 version but I can't because of incompatibility of the phone version and game version. It requires the old version of phone to be installed.. I hope you can update the game.
I installed this game again because of the penguin dinner and I thought this game too is done fixed.. But hope that soon or sooner it can totally work to the new phone
Does not work at all as soon as I go in the app it says "keeps stopping" was excutedto play this game however its poorly as it does not play on my phone. I do not rate it good at all.
This was one of my favorite games but now I'm having same issues as everyone else. I noticed that this game was last updated in 2015, smh. Everyone posts a complaint but no one from the company responds, hmmm.
Great game but you have to pay for it past level one. I used to play this online, then on my android and I'm now coming back for the experience but I have to pay for levels that were free before! Can't even get the Bronx, Wallstreet or the Alien ship free. Disappointing.
The game is addicting, but it gives me frustration whenever Im trying to be on the next level, it just keeps on loading.
I didnt even get to play it. It right away when I downloaded it said it needs an update for a newer version, my phone is brand new.
Idk I've been playing this since when i was a kid but the problem is the last update was 2015 and when you contact the company no one respond...
My favourite childhood game to play and I can't even open the app. Was so excited to play but not I have to play on my computer...hope they fix this
I like this game but it won't work on my phone. It shuts down every time. Developers don't care at all.
Game won't open. This has been a problem for MONTHS according to reviews and you guys haven't bothered to fix it?? Come on now
I have loved this game for over a decade now! Its just as fun/challenging everytime I come back to it!
The game is good.. loved playing it online for years but paying just after passing level 1 seems too much..
I don't know if it's the update or what... But everytime I try to play this game now what it does is freeze then, clicks out of the game & refuses to let me play, it's done with every phone I've had since 2013. So unimpressed.