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Horse Riding Tales - Wild Pony

Horse Riding Tales - Wild Pony for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Foxie Ventures located at 15 Grote Street, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Never mind I do not want to play the game, I was doing my tiers and it just logged me out my net is perfect and it is in the middle of my tiers, it reconnected me. Why ? This game isn't the best I prefer playing star stable and now I will ENJOY staying in lvl 15 also when I feed 100 apples it is still saying stamina depleted, instead of improving this game it is getting even worse! I HATE THIS GAME
I LOVE THIS GAME!! I have looked for a horse game for years and then I played this, and it was suddenly my favorite game! I think it is the best horse game, because other nice horse games cost money, were this is free and online. AGAIN I LOVE THIS GAME, THANKS FOXIE VENTURES
Amazing game! I play this all the time but I do experience some bug. I keep getting kicked off and it says I cant offord stuff I can. Would rate 5 if fixed. Otherwise great
This is a great game! But atleast let us speak of the marvel names. And i was thinking perhapes in wild mode when u first select it you get an option of foal teen or adult! Not membership thing just a fun idea! I have an idea for another game. Its like this only with wings of fire dragons and hybrids. I will let u figuer out if u want to or not. Or any details if u do. But this game is one will keep forever. In wild mode use the horses name also maybe let us change the horses names.
Over all this is a great game. One thing. The chat. The chat has so manny filters on it you cant even say "neigh" any more. witch is kinda hard when your having a role play in wild mode. might as well not even have a chat......
This game is probably the best horse game I've ever played. So why four stars? 1. Way too hard to get money. The only way you can get it is by completing daily quests, and selling horses. 2. Mining takes WAY too long. 3. This game is very hard to play without in-app purchases. Also, one suggestion, maybe you could add online racing where, like, two horses physically race together. But, overall, it is a great game.
Needs an update where we can tame more fantasy horses. I counted all the fantasy horses that you can tame, and there was 7. In total, there are about 30-42 fantasy horses in all if I counted right. And that to me is kind of sad. Along with epic, rare, and uncommon. There needs to be more tame able horses. Because I'm getting a bit tired of saving up all my gems for only 1 horse that COULD be tame able but it isn't. Other than that, it's a good game.
I like this game but if I made it I would make some changes first of all Maybe a bigger map it would be nice if we didn't have to do levels and could go wherever we want it would also be nice if you would make things less expensive gyms are really hard to get so I would suggest either giving us more or making them easier to get pearls are really hard to get to maybe get those on weekend Rewards the club update is amazing but one thing I dislike about it is you have to have a club token thank you
The game has such potential and has such good ideas, however, the game shuts down quite often and has tons of glitches. Ever since the new update I can no longer do competitions because the game shuts down everytime I open up the competition. Please fix!!!
i wish it had wetsern tack and you could do western eventsand it had an outside arena too. other than that iy is a great game.
This game has major glitching issues. Its frustrating cuz its a nice concept, but everytime i tame a horse and sell it, my game glitches and thinks im still taming a horse, but of course there is no horse there. It forces me to close the game and restart. Also, the lack of diversity when creating your character. No male options? No different skin colors? Smh. The glitches are getting progressively more annoying and i just downloaded this an hour ago. Very disappointed
I've been playing this game for about a month or two.i play it on my chrome book and ipad.i have a suggestions for when you play this game on your computer.....instead of us having to hold our mouse on the joy stick how bout we use the four arrows below the "shift'' button on the right....i know it might take a while but if you did that for an update i would love it becuase then for all the ppl that play this game on computers it will make it much easier! (Oh and if u dont answer me i kill u :D)
I love this game so much there's a lot of things that you can do. but I wish that the outfits we're free I know the new update black pearls can be used for that but no one ever plays and I really need a new outfit and I have lots of money so if you can just make us get the outfits with mony.
I'd call this game a great past time and definitely what I've been looking for. A free online horse game where you can control your own horse. But... I think it takes way to long to mine things and its not realistic. There should be a choice to craft or buy tack and other things. The horses are really well animated and the story good. I wish you could sell tack you didnt use though. I had to make two striped green masks and I only need one. but Im stuck with both. Overall its a fun and well made
I love it it's a good game it has nothing bad it's a rlly good kids game! My friends would probably play it I mean it's a good game, but there's a problem with the game wen I get on it disconnects me and it didn't let me in the game and there a problem with saying words like wanna or goes and stuff like that for me. (please fix)
I'm having a slight problem I don't know if it's just me but my chat has disappeared it won't let me type anything and send it. I've restarted the game and checked if chat was off but it's seems to not work and I've done this multiple times.
Horse Riding Tales is a good game but I have played it multiple times and every time I have gotten to a sertain point the game doesnt save my work and i have to start over, i feel like the game should have you creat an accound so if your device needs to updait or something happens to the apps on the device and you need to redownload the game i can just log in and i wont lose my progress. Dear foxyventures, PLEASE consider what I am asking!!! Also please make the quests shorter to accomplish!!!!
In my opinion this game is awesome for 8+ children to learn about horses, and to enjoy having the responsibility to own one of their own! This game is absolutely magnificent.....but when you are on level 6, and you go for your jumping task, at the end it always glitches and I lose all my money! This game would be a lot better with out the bugs and glitches-Thank You!
okay so i just got done with the social Quest and itwent in and out and when i went to put my boxs in were it goes it would NOT TAKE them AT all. Pls fix this !!!! when i get on and for the 4hours and the every 10mins. chests. i have to watch a add. but most of the time i get the chests at all. pls take off the most watch adds. it is worthless. for me!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿค”
HUGE GLITCH: So, I was buying gems for $19.99 that gave me about 460 or 480 VIP points (I'm a level 1 VIP), but the next day I was just browsing the store and I noticed that the 460-480 points had been erased. I'm back at 0 points. I don't know if it's a glitch or if it's intentional. If it's a glitch, please fix it. I've known Foxie Games as a great developer who makes GREAT games. But if this is intentional, that's just ridiculous.
This review would be five stars, except for a few things. The first problem is gems. Gems are very expensive to buy and very hard to earn yet everything that uses them takes a large amount, either make it easier to get gems or things cost less gems. The second thing is glitchy all games have this but this one has a lot. Other than these problems this is a great game I suggest you play it! I have gotten to the highest level and never spent money on the game. VIP rakes are also unfair and annoying
I love this game and I would have rated the game more but this game crashes I was on it a while ago and all the writing went .The chat wasn't letting me send anything either. I think it is the new update but anyway please fix this soon.
Not safe for kids! My 7-year old daughter loves this game but when she goes into the chat room there are always some perverts asking to PM them, thank God she doesn't understand the sexualy loaded hints in there, I freaked out when I saw that, honestly I thought this is a game for kids... be careful if you child is playing, make shure you block the chat feature and lock it.
This game is fun for a very short period. EVERYTHING costs cash. There is no way to keep playing just a few hours into the game without buying gems or apples. Uninstalling happily.
Quite a good game, fun, good graphics, ain't hard to play.. it make my smartphone a little slow tho (sometimes even lag). Btw, it's nice to know that we can get more gold without have to buy them, good job.. buying the gem isn't a good idea for me, but i still able to get what i need by working hard trying to collect all the woods, cotton and else.. so, so far so good.
I think this game is awesome but I do think that adding maybe color changing horses and a level ten area would make me really happy I have to give this game three stars cause of that:)I also think that you need to make your vip price lower please think this though but I do love your game:) please dont take this harshly:)also please make it to where you can breed and have babys and raise the baby foals
I love the game, it has so many features that are exciting! I recently got a new device, so I started over, which is nice since I know how to do everything now, but in the tutorial, and this might just be the device I have, but I can't access the event page without exiting the game, so the game is basically unplayable on my device. Can some one help me with how I can skip the tutorial?
I'm speechless not gonna lie, this is the 5th time I'm buying/purchasing fairy wings that cost 60 black pearls and I gotta wait up to 3-7 hours just for my purchase to proceed and next thing I know when the game is unable to do so it just take all my hard work away and it doesn't even give you back your black pearls you work hard for, this game should have refunds in some situations not to mention the long damn waiting you have to do when you purchase an item
I personally love mmorpg's with story quests, like Star Stable, Pirates 101, School of Dragons, etc.. This app is more focused on competing, collecting and selling horses. Nevertheless, I really like it but I noticed that even after checking in, I wont get my daily rewards. Thats pretty much the only issue I have.
Way too many glitches and bugs that take away your materials, orbs and gems. And almost all the fantasy horses are VIP or you have to summon them. Although the graphics are good, it just doesn't add up to a good review. Please fix this and I'll give 5 stars no doubt!
I really love this game because I am a horse lover. All horses are beautiful. But one thing is that when I am doing a social quests, I almost filled up the block and it says reconnecting and when I was back on it my block wasn't filled, only the other one so this is some sort of cheating. It often does that. My network connection is excellent.
I love the game very much. But you could maybe add some forests to go on trail rides. I also think you should leave out the VIP for jumping, maybe we could unlock it at lvl 7. The forest as well. Also leave out VIP to get a peg. I really want one badly. But I only made it up to lvl 12 right now. I want to be at a higher lvl, because thats when you get a peg or lots of othet fantasy and rare horses. I do like the style of updates about when Christmas is near, you put presents near stuff.Make the.
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!! It is so fun you get to do dressage and show jumping, you can be with friends and you can get pegasus. There are so many pretty horses and pets. All I feel like I need from this game now is a Clydesdale or Sabino, so I wish they could be tamed. So please look into making more horses tameable, and especially more pegs. Thank you so much!!! P.S. thanks for making the chat rules, we really needed those and for the new daily rewards.
Its good but pls make a button to do trades. Go to the friends list. And click on someones username. Then you will see a button that says trade. And then you click on the trade button. And poof you can trade them. Oh and pls write under teir username how much : gold , gems , pets , taiming orbs , pearls , horses , apples , wood , cotton , iron , opal and stone Thank you!
Great game I have been playing for months. And I have some ideas. 1. It would be cool if there were wild herds and you could tame a horse from there 2. It would be cool if there were more areas to explore and 3. You should be able to use emojis just ideas hope you like them!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Update! 5 stars for the help desk! Very quick response Jenna was awesome about connecting my old account to my new device! Game is still a bit quirky, and please loosen up the chat it is difficult to say anything because chat doesn't recognize it. Gems are expensive and vip points should be able to be earned by completing exclusive vip events. Other than that Im very happy thank you!!
Good gameplay. Don't have to pay to play, which is fantastic. Play for hours and never hit a cap. Only have one suggestion: it would be nice to be able to sell tack we've made and won't use again (or at least break it back down into base materials).
I loves the game for the first few weeks! its very addicting to play. My main problem is that I had been working really hard to earn money to build a fantasy stable, and I finally built it. I played for a couple of minutes after that and logged off. When I logged back in, it was gone. This happened with my rare stable too. I'm really annoyed and I probably won't play till this bug is fixed๐Ÿ˜’ Please fix!
I spend roughly a couple hours just trying to find and collect enough resources to make hay, and horseshoes. Now after about 25 minutes, the hay starts to turn bad. That's hardly far considering the time I put into collecting resources, let alone, trying to find the resources I need. We should have more time before the hay and horseshoes expire. It's really unfair. At least make it last two days. When I try to join my friend's room, it doesn't work & I can't add friends using their account name.
I would give this game 5 stars only if they fixed a few things #1 gems: if u buy wild mode with gems it's way to much gems cuz u have to give away 45 gems and there rilly hard to get and th get a common horse and u dont have enough orbs u can give away gems but u have to give away 10 gems that are rilly hard to get like seriously-_- lower your prices #2 gold/cash: the easiest way to get them is selling horses but the commons are 225 or 200 dollors ....I can go on but I dont have enough room
Its a good game but its hard to level up and get gems. And you need gems for everything. One horse i really want i have to have 800 GEMS for its CRAZY. So get it but you'll get frutrated a lot. And i wish it was easyer to get horses that have wings show up more and it should be easyer to make the taming orbes and tame them. Why so HARD. And I would love if they would do a vip day were you pick a vip horse and get all the stuff with that one. PLEASE DO IT I WOULD LOVE THE GAME MORE THEN I DO NOW
It's a good game except I wish you could change the skin color ๐Ÿ˜ก It is not fair, I wanted to make my character look like me but I couldn't, why? Because theres NO option to change skin color.. Please change that to make there different skins.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ก
Couple things missing. 1. You have to be able to sell a horse on its own, even if you put it in a stable. Some cant afford to be selling their stables too. 2. You should be able to sell riding gear for a small amount of gold to clear out our inventories. 3. Gold should be more readily accessible, other than selling tamed horses. The rest of the gameplay is great!
this is a great game but i dont know how to get my friend in the same game as me so i can add her and when i do add her i dont kow how to join her also sometimes when your doing junmps it glitches out when your pressing this button and then you get the jump wrong i also wish there was away to earn black pearls and vip but overall it is a good game and i recomend downloding it.
This is an awsome game! I recomend playing it! Very detailed and fun. But the reason I gave it 2 stars is because there's this stupid thing happening. So I got the game and then I deleated it. I got it again. For some reason (don't ask me WHY I did this) so I deleated it again. And now that I think about it... I want to get it again and it won't install it. And when it does install everything goes black and it is very glichy. I HATE IT!!! Please fix this! Its very annoying!
Let me tell you, this game is amazing. I love how its starstable just different story lines, orbs, taming, and more I downloaded this game and i was amazed. I'm on level 19! and im happy, I never had a problem with this game And the only problem was that when I was doing Quests or Racing it would kick me out And I think they fixed it the lagging/glitches So its all good. Thanks for making this game! its amazing and one question is how do you transfer your account on a different device?
This game is good but some people are extremely rude and I was on a main island and people were calling each other names and including me and I was not even part of it also I got monthly VIP and you HAVE TO PAY TO GET GEMS the only thing is that not everyone has money to buy gems all the time
It's really good for kids and stuff because it doesn't show stuff that is not for children and things , but I have a big problem sometimes I try to play and I wait and at the bottom where the blue load bar is it says "finished loading assets" and I sick of it i wait a hour and a half and it still won't let me play ,second to unlock the wild mode why can't it be just like 600 gems for all wild mode, third the daily thing were you get the stuff it take to long can you put it to like 18 or 19 hours
Its a good game and fun but when i play it and i enter a competition or something i always crash onto my home screen and then i have to load back into the game all over again. I then started playing on my computer and it was fine.
I love this game so much, but the club's have ruined it for me. Firstly, I am always declined and kicked from clubs for no reason! Secondly, when I try create a club, the name and description is not allowed, even if it is kid friendly and all. And it's too expensive, so please fix that. Thirdly, even if my club is on the leader boards, I DON'T get my Champions Chests. I think we need Champions chests, no matter what leader board you are on, because it's not fair! So please fix the clubs
We had this game on our phones for our daughter. We were paying ยฃ10 per month for VIP on each phone. Once we cancelled VIP she cannot access the game on either phone. The game just says cheating detected. She is 6 years of age and very upset. We've emailed foxie twice but they are not responding.
Great game. There are some things that are a bit weird like using wood to make hay and taming a wild horse by creeping upto it like a predator but otherwise pretty cool. Can you make it that the back button doesn't automatically take you out of the game? It should ask if you really want to leave or something because I have accidentally pushed it a couple of times when I didn't want to leave and had to reload the game.
It's so beautiful! I love the graphics! I love the horses! I love the challenge of the game...! But there are a few problems.. 1)The humans are a teeny bit creepy.. (I'm sorry) 2)the quests are a bit challenging from lvl 5 and up. (as in the 1 quest where you have to do ALL tiers with 2 stars...) 3) maybe you could add in breeding with your horses? 4)Able to do more animations with horses And add animations to human 5) Maybe, Just maybe.. Add more horses???? ( I just love the horses!) Thank-you!
I absolutely love this game! It changed my horse experience. It is highly reccommended. But also, if you want to get in the same room as your friends or family, you can both say "Boo!" in the global chat and then freind each other that way! Overall, it's a great game! Highly reccommend it.
Give this game a 4 because it says connect to the intrent When I have 5 bars? what. Anyway the rest is amazing I finally got to level 7 it was hard but I did it and it was fun the other diffuclty is it take 24 hrs just to bulid a rare stable please make it 1 hour and the fantasy stable should be 24 hours.Thank you for the amazing game and I can't wait until it comes out on PC.
I really love this game and all but... I CAN'T PLAY IT FOR LESS THAN 30 SECONDS AFTER I GOT IT OPEN THEN IT WILL CLOSE AGAIN AND AGAIN NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES I TRY!!!!! Please fix this also I think shifting Pegasus should be free.
Aside from story line; absolutely no guidance whatsoever. You spend more hours collecting resources, while having to endure riding in Show Jumping Comps that drag on and on. By which I literally mean the higher lvs take 10+ mins just to complete. Then there's the issue regarding lvling your horses with apples - one by one, there is no shortcuts (fml). Don't bthr w/ VIP - horses acquired via VIP lvls from Gem purchases, get blacklisted until you renew (no interactions) with said horses whatsoever
Good game but the gliches are crazy. I cant even play there for im going to uninstall this app. When i got done with a compatishon the continue button was gone so i cant even pass the level. And, the vip is WAY TO EXSPENSIVE!! It cost 50 bucks just for vip. Im not to happy about Horse Riding Tales' resalts. :( never the less, it is a cool game.
Would have given more but you can't do much in this game without forking out a lot of money. I would rather buy a game out right then constantly pour money into one. Could be a great game, but don't waste your time.
I love this game a lot! I play it everyday but I feel like there are things you could improve like if you get a new phone or something you can't have the same data on the new phone because you can't sign into your account. Also it's very small and gets boring, you should also add more realistic stuff like the horse not wanting to jump or taking off. You could also add ponies I want this more than anything else in the game ponies arenmore challenging and adorable so just maybe think about these.
I would actually give this 0 stars of they gave option, worst gameev ever when I downloaded it, it was pretty good and when this game became easy to me it starts lagging my screen gets freezes, Game stops in between and etc worst thing, so I'm just simply deleting this game, and please fox this bunch of mess in the worst game for other peoples
I love it, it is super addicting. The problem is: 75% of the times I built stables they disappeared afterwards and I basically have to pay twice for it. If there was a horse in it it goes in the paddock. It is a big deal when an epic stables costs you 26000 coins instead of 13000... Otherwise I would have given this app a big 5 stars.
I like it and it's like Star Stable. So if people can't play Star Stable they can play this game. Just one problem I think you should be able to keep the horses you tame in the pen so you can build a stable for them and they will still be there. This is a very limited game and it should be an unlimited game, meaning everything in the game is unlocked. Also the game keeps glitching and crashing and it's really annoying and I can't even play.
So you give us some time to have fun with the new updated stuff and then after a few days y'all will make an update and give it to the vip's I mean yeah they paid for it but some stuff ( Bare back ) just keep thats all. I am also dealing with bullys! Like someone will say some I will awnser back and they will go I wasnt talking to you and you basiclly say ok and they will tell you to shut up! I know it's not a bad word but I dont know if yall are doing anything about it.
It's a good game, theres really nothing to complain about but it takes SOOOOOOO long until you can do dressage, It took me around 2 months to get to a high enough level to do dressage. ;-; I already got to it but please dont let the noobs suffer for 2 months it can take less if you just play this for a week with no sleep BuT No. I wouldn't request playing this if you have a big trigger for LaG and games that kick you every 30 seconds
This would be a fantastic game if it wasn't for all the glitches, lag and connection issues. I have lost countless orbs ,tickets and black pearls due to these issues. Also there are adverts available for boosts but these barely work I have to reinstall the game everyday to get the adverts and they never last the full day. The design,gameplay and graphics are great but the afore mentioned issues sometimes make the game unplayable.
Hello foxie!! I had been struggling getting in the game and it does not let me enter the game...like it loads but then it just stays there and does not do anything so I'm kinda worried but I love this game so much and I hope you can add shetland ponys ๐Ÿด๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ˜Š
I love it, I have always wanted to play this kind of game. But lots of bugs. And can you please add a place for travelling, like mountain, river, forest, grassland to enjoy the view while riding and no mining, it'll be very relaxing. And need a lots of money, can you please add money as gift not just apple from winning academy? And can I mine apples or have a land to harvest apples, the academy was crazy and need a lots of it.
Horse clubs really need to be fixed... My club got a Champion Chest and I didn't get my prize in my inventory after opening it, which is extremely disappointing, and I heard other have had similar problems. Otherwise the game is really good, just annoying at times with bugs like these lingering around ;-;
this is really cool but for some reason.. when i click on something, it freezes. i cant do anything is this keeps going. i think its a glitch. foxie please fix this. i cant level up and i will always stay the same level. i also think this is good for learning about horses :)
I love this game. Especially the new update. The club update. I just wish that you can create a club with out buying it with ge,s or doing it for free if your vip. I give this game 5/10
I think this game is absolutely brilliant!!! It's super fun and the horses are gorgeous and well animated. The one thing that I ask for is that you could trade stuff and give stuff to your friends. But without having to get a Facebook account or anything like that. Over all the game is very enjoyable and I play it 24/7!!!
I love this game. The reason I am only giving 3 stars is because, well, the length of time it takes to achieve anything. I really want to do dressage but I have to complete an impossible amount of time showjumping before I could do that. And unlocking mythical horses without paying for them is virtually impossible. Otherwise, great game and good graphics. ๐Ÿ˜€
I HAD and appaloosa and it was so good and I left and came back and it's gone!! This happened to me 2 times!!! you better fix this and give me my horse back cuz it took me forever to get it I could have been outside instead of wasting my time getting a horse I would just get rid of!! NON VIP PEOPLE CANT RIDE BAREBACK ABD I THINK ITS UNFAIR!!! EVERYONE HATES IT THAT IS NON VIP!!!!!!!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 
This game is VERY addictive. I like that you can have a "fantasy" horse -unicorns and pegasi- because it also puts a make beleive aspect in the game. If I could change a few things, I would change add racing. I know that they have cross country where you do the course by yourself, I wish you could race against others in like a track race where both horses are physically racing against each other. I would also make it so you can have a house/property you can invite others to see your horses.
Honest Review: Game needs something to earn Gems for free. Beyond frustrating that you have to pay for very rare items. Even if I had to watch ads' or collect some rare resource. Game needs to have a better way to make money. Selling a horse for $200-$500 (which takes so much resource to kake orbs) and then charging $1k to enter a competition is insane. I am very quickly losing interest and have 0 intent on paying.
I think this Is a very good game. But there is a glitch where me and my friend are not online even though we are. Please fix this! 2 more things= on lvl 12 you need to craft 10 blue bridles and it takes soooooo long!!!!! Last thing, please add different breeds of horses instead of the same model of horse. Likes ponies or gypsie vanners ect. Please make this better!!! 1 more glitch. Basically in the new update it says that a new area is unlocked. But where? Thanks x๐Ÿฑโค๏ธ
I quit this app. for one thing i ended up leaving the room i was in to look for rescources, when i returned every horse & stable i had was gone. app has potential, but You cant change your skin color, facial features, body type, you cant change its gender & choose to be a boy (why is this just for girls) & it wont even let you create your own name. It litterally does it for you. Its lacks of diversity. Would it not be better if more people could play? This app is borederline racist & prejudice.
I totally love this game...but a couple of bad things in the new update with the christmas trees. So when I enter the eventing screen (the one where you choose the type of competition you want to go to) the game will regularly kick me out. It is very annoying, especially when you are earning club points for a hard working club. Another thing is the chat. No matter WHAT word you use, it says you can't use the word several times. Fix it please. Nice game though
I love the game hut there are SO many bugs and its such a slow have. Even if I'm playing on a Samsung note 10+. Now playing on a smaller phone the problems are even worse. I have spent multiple.gems.on shows just for the game to vrach on me :< this game gets worse and worse.ny the "Update"
This game is amazing. It takes some time and patience to get to where you wanna be but you will love it. I read a review before I played it and she said there is a lot of mining. I will agree but once you get it done it is SO worth it. It's like star stable online but better and that is bad say that this is a mobile app. lol.
TWhen i got the game everything was great until a couple days ago i wanted to talk to my friends but it dose NOT WORK and i thought it would be over the next day so i waited and the next day it was still the same thing and i have waited for 3 WEEKS already and i am SO frustrated right now am on level 4 and i am also trying ro level up and im pretty sure their NOTHING wrong with my connection.I have also realised their are some people that say some that say some inappropriate words.
OK here is the thing. The game works amazing,i like the characters the horse everything. But here is something that bugs me whenever I press the event thing it crashes and kicks me out the game. I searched tutorials on how to help but nothing worked. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM so i can play whit my friend.
You guys need you fix your glitches sooner rather than later. Everytime I go into a new room my screen freezes, when I do jumping and dressage it lags and the chat is ridiculous. Since there is wild mode we are going to have different names. I get some things shouldn't be said, but when a bar pops up saying I can't say any common word it makes me mad. Along with the chat, when I type something it shows up in the chat, but it doesn't show me saying it so no one else sees it.
I love this game but what I dont like is that you have to be VIP to have clydesdale horses and all that tack and also it would be nice if you could buy horses with gold and also pleaae could everyone be able to jump instead of having VIP for it because some people might not be able to have vip or cant afford to pay for it
I love this game but here a some Ideas, first person, make it so you can do something with the abandoned horse, other pets, make it so you can jump and, breeding. that's just some idea that might be helpful. and a barn and halters. it made my rare stable disappear.
This is an amazing game. I love it. But I wish that not so many things were VIP. It kinda feels like we HAVE to pay to gte the good things. One more 5ing is that I wish there was night-time not just day-time. That would make a game a little more interesting but overall, great game, love it.
This is a very nice game because if we make friends so we can also chat with them and if we didnt have friends so we can also make them by talking them and now is coming race so i hava participate in this game and i think that i wil win this race inshallah and i am so happy because i got this cool game from play store. And now i have sisters and friends in this.cool game and now my all cousins (girls) are saying that they will download horse riding tales .I am so lucky because i got this game.
I like this game so much but don't won That is need a mobile data and also one more I hate like is no more like a cat and dog and everything but is no more Fix it up.
Alright, Your Game is Awesome! Except the fact that I have to Log back In, Every five minutes, and One problem that I recently had, When I logged in I headed to my stable and took care of my horse, I Then gave it 30 Apples, then I entered a championship that was apart of my quest with my horse at level 10 mind you, then it disconnected while in the middle of the championship, I Then logged back in and I Went to the same stable But I the horse was at level 8 and My apples were at 0!!
This is a very good game! very good quality but could use a little more bug fixes. I would like to see the game add trading to trade horses and other items such as apples and blackpearls and maybe even gold. Another thing I think would be cool to add is riding each other's horses. you could tap on their horse, and if you were friends you could ask permission to ride their horse.once they dismounted, the horse would either teleport back to you or to their stable.Thanks for considering them!
can you guys make it where we can ride horses without a saddle? and maybe add more horses.....march 27-i updated the game an the next day we cant ride bareback anymore its only for vip?!? we all should be able to ride bareback!!! some of us dont want to wasn't money!!
This Game Is Absolutely Awsome! But One Thing I would Love to see in the game, You Could Create Your Own Horse Using Colors And Patterns, And You Could Choose The Eye color, Hight, Body Thickness, How long the Legs are, Head Shape. This Would Be Amazing! pls Add it! Also It would Be cool if When You Are In wild Mode, People Can Send You Ride Requests! P.s I thought horses that can be tamed will not be in wistles, but still I used a wistle and got a dapple grey, which I already have?
I would give it a 4 because it had no jump button which was a challenge and because I like to jump. Also, the competitions didn't work for me but worked for my sister and PLEASE make it easierto get gems without buying them. So if you could add a jump button and see if you could fix the bug that keeps me from doing competitions and make it easier to get gems that would be great ! Good job on the game.
Awesome! The graphics are beautiful! The horses... oh my gosh the horses... they are wonderful! EDIT: I have a small question about the lifetime membership. For $54.99 lifetime membership, it says "once off." Does that mean you pay for it only once? Not even monthly or yearly? Or do you still pay? Because I was thinking about getting it but I didn't know about paying for it. Please answer my question!
This game is awesome and my personal overall favorite! But two things. it seems you base your horses on color and not breeds, I mean, there's the arabians, fresians, and clydesdales, but the rest of the horses, are the same mold/shape just different color. Could their be more real world breeds? Like Icelandic, Gypsy Vanner, Irish Cob, Fyord. Also everything you want, you have to use gems, couldn't their be stores to buy stuff with coins your not able to use them for anything but shows? Thanks!
Love it!! But also not happy with this game at times. Every time I buy a stable I lose it and my horses go back to the pen!! Sometimes the horses will stay in the stable(but until I log out.) Now this will not make me get rid of this game (yet) I still want to keep my horses!! So please try to fix this!
The game is fine, except for a few bugs. But I have a HUGE problem, I work really hard in my club and I had 87790 points. And I didn't even get to open one chest. Please fix this!!! I love the game but I am super bummed! I don't know how to contact Foxie Ventures. I really want to open a chest and all my friends where talking and showing off there cool tack and horses. And I had nothing....โ˜น๏ธ PLEASE, PLEASE FIX THIS!!! I'M BEGGING YOU!!
i mean, its a really fun game, but why do the stables on un-common cost so much? also, it is very hard to tame horses. please fix it. then i will give you 5. im sorry, i love your games.
Hi Horse Riding Tales developer!๐Ÿ‘‹ There are a few glitches & technical issues. I wish the game was more fun though with like: you can be a human or be a horse, breed horses and have foals, more fun adventures to go/actual dangers more horse colors/breeds, new gears, more controls: jumping, bucking, bitting, make it more realistic, I.e: horses can drink water/graze/they dont run through stuff, can there also be a less expensive way to get diamonds/gold. I really hope you consider my opinions!!๐Ÿ™
i feel like its not fear for the players that are not..V.I.P beauce they can't jump D': like me... can we have female bady horse and pony also males and can put a thing to see if ur horse is a female or male sooo...yeah and more fun quest and , please can we build our own house to 900 please ,and some pets some for gems and gold I rate 3 star...โ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™คโ™คโ™คโ™คโ™ค; > Please CAn we have a animation that says buck of (your horse kicks u off ) and also animation for ur characters
Great game! But, I HATE how glitchy it is. Doesn't matter about how bad or good the wi-fi is. All its does is glitch and freeze. Some times it CONTROLS MY PHONE to the point where I can't even turn it off!!! NOT COOL FOXIE. I have spent almost 30 dollars on this app and this is what I get in return? Not paying EVER again. Don't recommend. ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ 
This game is so good. The only thing that enojs me the most is that there was a up date not that long ago that u could ride bare back but then a nother update came out i was going to ride my horse bare back then it said that i had to equipt a saddle. that annoyed me the moast ! plz fix this! ๐Ÿ˜”๐ŸŽ
I cannot even start the application. At first, it was alright. I could play. Once I turned it off so I could sleep and play tomorrow, it was stuck on the homescreen. One moment it looks hopeful, the loading bar fills, then suddenly, it goes black with a message saying 'Please Wait'. I did. It repeated the same thing with the bar going up and down, and the black screen appearing everytime. Terrible.
I don't really know what the game is like BECAUSE I can't even get past the loading screen. It will stop loading right before one of the flowers and doesn't move any further. If you could please fix this it would be great. :) (P.S It's happening to my friend MUSTACHE CAT as well.)
Mad and Upset Stop spoiling the VIPs with other things that us normal people can't have. This new update is terrible and makes me angry. Please let us have the ability to ride bareback and jump. Also it takes me alone 2 hours to mine resources . And why do VIPs get better treatment than us normal people. Might as well delete this stupid app and say goodbye. Please fix!
I LOVE THIS GAME it amzing! TRUELY I have lots of fun with friends. But Foxie maybe could you add some other things to do in the game. Like your're riding around and doing quests some times it gets boring. And maybe take jumping away from VIP maybe unlock jumping at level 7 or so. But no a fence I LOVE THE GAME still. But maybe add a couple other thing to it. But I have a hard time loging into the game. It gets stuck and glitchs and disconects me so foxie can you fix that please.
Awesome game! I love the new clubs! But disclaimer, thr main server for my club is US. I was in the SA server just because the game always loads me there. But my club was being all wonky in that server. All you have to do is go to the club's main server and it's all fixed.
Horse Riding Tales is AMAZING! The graphics are STUNNING and so detailed! The worlds are beautiful designed too! I recommend 100% getting this game. IDEA: For Halloween, maybe, like Christmas, you can watch an add and get a Halloween costume for FREE! 5his would be great! And maybe, get a horse if you play the day after and a pet if you play the day before! If you do 5his, 8 will give you 5 stars but it all HAS to be FREE and it has to be for ALL riders, not just vips, ok? Thank you!
It is a good game but every time I enter a competition and I finish I have just wasted my money on it and it makes me spend a lot of money so I have barely any money to spend for the game I am not that happy with it happening so please please read this and fix it please or else I will give the game a 0 and I love this game and it is so good so please your company is great I,m proud of all of the realistic things so please,and every time I enter it says (could not find signal)
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!but.......I do not like that u have to be a current lvl to capture a horse u should get to capture any horse the graphics are great it's a great game download it now it's really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BUT IT NEEDS TO ADD TRADING
This game is really good but I wanted the wild mode so I tried buying it I was 9 gems short and it offered me to watch a video to get those gems for free so I watched the ad and when it finished all my gems were gone and the wild mode was still locked I tried refreshing it and nothing happend and that's not fair I saved up for ages for then to just disappear don't waste ur time on it and loose ur gems
This game is good but first of all, IT COST GEMS TO CHANGE YOUR NAME? What If I forgot to change it? Just why? Also before talking about the crashes, lower your quality in the settings to low. Also not going to lie, but it's pretty hard to get coins. The only way to get them is if you get them from a chest or selling horses, and that's the problem. I can barely find a horse that's not a common. Another thing is, why do stables cost way to much for what you sell them for?This is still good though
Honestly this is a pretty good game, however I recommend everyone to play this game with a touchscreen because my computer doesn't have one. The one main thing I don't like is that you have to get a VIP if you don't want to be stuck grinding for countless hours. Also you guys really need an are you sure you want to purchase popup whenever some buys something because I have accidentally bought stuff with gems when I wanted to save them up for something else.
very addictive game. there are a few issues. first you spend 95% of your time mining, which becomes very boring, and then there is never enough wood, and the game can be very glitchy. if you leave or answer your phone you have to start your daily quests all over again. very frustrating. also, it takes forever to open up new areas.
DON'T PLAY!!! ๐Ÿ˜ก This game is rigged. I payed 20$ to open 2 chests from the whistles and it gave me bad horses. For 20$ you should be able to pick the horse you want. Then the horse I've always wanted was available to catch and I had enough orbs to catch it, but then when I went to capture it the game took all my orbs away!
I really love this game, but there are a couple reasons why I rated at three stars. The first reason is because In my daily prize I keep getting stables, but then I can't place any horses I get into them. Another reason is because everything seems overpriced, and when I'm in cross-countrey training none of my horses can make it over the three poled jump. Also, why do I have to sell a stable to sell my horse? I just got a grey andalusian and because of my level I couldn't build a stable for it.
Great game but I wanna leave a few suggestions...(1) I was thinking that we should be able to ride from different camara views (like the riders view) (2) Im kinda upset that blonde hair cant be chosen as a hair color unless you buy it..I have blonde hair and I want my character to look like me... (3) You should add diffent breeds like a paint horse or clydesdale.. Thats all! Keep up the goodwork!!
This is amazing game, it has amazing graphics and the horses look pretty realistic conpared to other games that are just cartoon like. Also a lot of stuff to do. 2 suggestions that i think wpuld be great is. 1. Add a trading system not just for horses but for gold, pets etc. 2. I noticed its only fully grown horses, maybe thre could be a faul that we could raise up ourself. Over all its great, also the updates about the clubs is great. I would totally reccomend this game :D
I like it. It's a really cute and fun game. Very easy to play and understand. There's some lagging here and there if the rooms are full. I would have rated higher if it were for the fact that I can buy some things and not get it. For instance, I bought a pet pack tonight(aqua pet pack) and the game took my black pearls but did not give me a pet. Edit: This has happened before using my gold to enter events but I looked over it thinking it was just lagging.
It's a good game but I don't like it when it hangs like hell today I played and I was looking for race then I got in but I didn't get to play coz I was back in stable I restarted but my racing ticket was less even I didn't race that ticket actually got used! ! And now I went in the dressage are and u wasted my money like 2 times ๐Ÿ˜ก!!!!!
I rate it 3 stars because everything costs gems and because I really wish the uncommon horses wouldn't need to go in the uncommon stables like really 3500 for a uncommon stable is not cool and I really want to have a jump button because only in the races you can have jump buttons I really want you guys to make those changes in the game not that I'll never play the game anymore oh and 1 more thing why does everyone have to be level 7 or VIP to go past the bridge and other stuff. Please add more.
I am giving this game a 2 star because it is being extremely difficult...IT JUST WASTED 800 GEMS. I AM SO FURIOUS. I worked SO HARD FOR THOSE GEMS AND NOW THEY ARE GONE!!! PLS FOXIE GAMES FIX UR GAME!!! Also please add in trading horses with other players and an animation where the horses can graze and more horse noises and please please please add in where the horses swim.
I mean this game is pretty good but the only thing that I want to be in the game is. Maybe at lvl 19 players without VIP can learn how to jump then after being lvl 19 they will still be able to jump the horse. The other thing is maybe u guys could make the horses graze and u know. Also maybe make the human pet the horse would be a good idea. I just wanna say this game is almost like star stable but not really. And this game is probably better than some other horse games but not star stable
I paid for a Lifetime VIP subscription several months ago however after the last game update it appears I am no longer a VIP. (I am unable to ride bareback, jump on the field or create VIP rooms anymore). I would like someone from Foxie Ventures to respond to me about this ASAP please. I have tried contacting via email previously regarding an issue but have never received a reply to that request. I want my VIP status back please and thank you.
Just as addictive as ever. Recently restarted and im doing really good. I am however experiencing alot of bugs. 1. After taming when I go to sell my character stays in the taming spot and I have to close my game. 2. There's still the arena bugs where when you charge for a jump the game will freeze and you end up using more energy. Mining should be like in dino tamers where each mine hit you get resources not every other hit. Our horses could use more animations also new tack for new players
The game is a bit more laggy now but thats fine. But I'm pissed! I had a rare, a dapple smokey Arabian to be exact, caught it myself. I sent it to the pen so I could build it a stable, then the game crashed when I got on again, the horse was gone and the orbs I used to catch it too! This happened not even 7 minutes after catching the damn horse.
The game is fun and adorable but it could use some changes. It has a lot of clitches when pay 2,000 bars of gold then it clitches you didn't even do the competion and you lose the money. When you want to jump with your horse you have be VIP and that dump. All of accsecciors are so expenzive and it takes for ever to mine. You don't need to lock of everything and can't all of the horse just use the type of stable and same type of orb. And one last thing can the dressage competions be easier.
Nice horse game. I love the cross country races and horses but i just want something. I need the stable hands without VIP because many of them have 4-5 horses in the game and does who don't have money can't make all their horses happy for some reasons and the same thing is happining to me. So please fix that one . And also it was said that we can ride bareback. But when we press the ride button only with the bridle it said to put a saddle on the horse. So please fix that settings BEST GAME ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŽ
Me and my little sister can never find the same sever even though we're on the same wireless internet and have connected before. could you please make it easier to play with friends on the same sever. Much apreciated. still love this game. Thankyou.
I love this game so much at the funniest game ever I love horses and I love it how you have to challenge yourself to Quest 2 level up it's a very fun game I recommend it it's free and I love it I love it so much I can't stop saying I love it and if y'all are reading this I really do recommend it sometimes it's a little leggy when I do races and it's raining right now and I don't like rain. When I play I forgot about everything that is happening but it's so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!