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Horse Racing Manager 2020

Horse Racing Manager 2020 for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Tilting Point located at 521 5th Avenue New York, NY 10175. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I found this game a couple weeks ago and have been enjoying it greatly. It takes a bit of learning however once you get the hang of it things are relatively simple yet take planning and thinking. Planning races and breeding takes time. I find that my horses are usually overmatched in the live races however I win on occasion. Races against bots I win no problem. I highly recommend this game.
The game is fun to play, in the beginning. Then you suddenly realize in order to continue to play you MUST pay real money. No way around it. Go ahead download it and see for yourself. Uninstalled.
Great concept,as a horse racing fan i was bowled over but then the in app purchases that at first seem reasonable start to become the very centre of the whole game,as you spend so much enjoyable time and a few pounds on the journey to having some A grade champion horses only to find out that for some reason these top horses seem to have loads more weight issues,so much more quicker than any lesser graded horses to the point the game stalls unless you buy more horseshoes to pay for more diet changing options,you literally get sold an amazing product which sucks you in with all the quality graphics and game play that you long for in a horse racing game/app only to find they are then standing there with there hand out taking your hard earned cash for horseshoes and other necessary in game purchaces needed to get to the top,until you realise how thick and fast you need to keep buying it all just to stop your horse becoming a fat old nag! Total robbery....on horseback
Love the game. Starting to get the hang of it. The better you breed your horses, the better chance you have of winning the live races.
Game has a lot of potential..but the offline races are too easy and the online races are too difficult. Its always the same players with the same perfect Omega stats for that particular race, and considering that the breeding is based on bloodlines from random 'packs' they must be spending a fortune to constantly have the correct breeding traits to pass on. I get thats the reason they spend money, but hard to breed the right traits without having 50 or more bloodlines to choose from.
Great game and very rewarding if you take your time to learn and progress. You don't need to spend money to be successful and its not about luck - patience is the main thing to improve your horses with each generation.
Funny, easy to play, although money can be a gamechanger in this game but if you play for fun this game is quite good, i must say.
I like it nothing is hidden yyou can play and succeed/Win without using your own money a breath of ftesh air and which is important a good game
I love the game and play it constantly. There are a few things I would like to see added: Buying and selling of horses between players dir sale and auction Chat and friend features Extension of size or number of barns Option to sell breeding rights of player horses Different gender horses and therefore having filly/mare races. I think these would make a great game even better. Great job to the team!
Pay to Play. ive had the game for like 2 days, went through 3 horses in that time. All 3 are now retired and to get a new horse i have to breed, which requires horseshoes (bought with real money) or VS points (won through racing in a certain league). But i dont have a horse to race because theyre retired. Literally no way to play this game without spending real money to buy horseshoes. After only 2 days, that's ridiculous I do have +$700k in game money which you cant use to buy a horse??
I was doing great but for some reason it started over but was HRM 2018 Version and its gone loads of problems. Restarted 6 times now but it gets worse the more you play it. AND NO ONE KNOWS OR HAVE YOU TRIED TO CONTACT ME. I'M BETTING ALL YOUR GAMES SUCK and YOU COULD CARE LESS. EVERYONE! GIVE IT A TRY! FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF!
great game if you like horse racing and easy to use i recommend to all who play the games racing games
This game is great been only playing it half and hour and already bread a horse and have 109k recommend this game fully
It's fun, excellent for burning time or just to relax. Not too complicated and sets a great atmosphere with a good sound and graphics. Only played for couple of hours, so far so good. Going to try my hand at breeding some fine racing horses. Will update review later.
game is unbalanced you have level 60 players in with low level players who have no chance of winning maybe level the field by having level 1-20 players level 21-40 players and level 41-60 players fighting it out more fun for new players
Was good, new update erased entire stable, and they thought this was a good idea, also now, i have to delete the cache prior to opening every time, also the server is down more than acceptable, been down for an hour at this point - again, fun, but its almost not worth it anymore
Its just nice me:i always keep uninstall download,and again and again about so funny tho i always being jealous bc,i wanna be the first like epic combat btw hrm is good better than roblox!,and my phone is downloading it so fast right now i really like ur game hrm!This is a good game ive lovin, horse racing i just really love this is good nice perfecto game about horse racing!i really love it!!!!!!!!!!!!love ur games hrm i could really tell that this game is so good!plis just see this and commen!
Its a very good game very addicting I like it. But i personally think it would be even more awesome if the horses had genders. And if you could change your jockeys gender and name him or her that would be cool!
Fun, competitive, and a great way to learn what it takes to be a trainer, Learn to be a great trainer and breeder. It don't give you enough horse shoes, treats, hay, ect.. Unless to collect anything keeps glitching and not giving you your horse shoe, ect.. If this was Real all my horses would be DEAD or Broke Down.
It is a good game, however i am sad that you cant feed your horse enough or keep it at its "ideal weight". But the foals are adorable and its a pretty good game overall.
Awesome game. Awesome fun. Very addictive. It's a must have game on any device. Ask about the Rebellious Breeding Calculator.
Love this game! A lot better now with the update/new version 2020...Buuuuuuuut...Seems each time I try to start the app it tries to sign into Google first and an error occurs. Only way to get around it is to restart my phone?? Weird right? Where's tech support?? Other than that this game is sweet. So much better than Photo Finish
It won't let me log in and just leaves me in the starting screen I've waited for like 10 min and still nothing please fix this
The best racing app available, without a shadow of a doubt. Ignore the people saying their horses come last in live races... It takes a while to master, & some people have been playing a couple of years. It's highly likely that all of these people were trying run before they could walk! A brilliantly satisfying game if you give it time. Also, joining Discord will help immeasurably. I can guarantee that none of the people complaining here did.
The game is good you do not have to do anything in the game but training and eating I give it five stars because the game is good you can breed new horses download the game
Only if it would load of me. I'm sticking to Rival Star it is so much better. not in less someone can figure out what. please replay back to me as soon as possible 😁
Excellent racing/training and breeding. Maybe making it a bit easier to get more breeds or better horses would be even better.
loving the game so far, some things i think would improve the experience would be hiring jockey, training jockey, improve stable, improve training grounds, improve gear, hiring handlers, training handlers
Losing interest in the game as no matter what I do I can do any better than 2nd last! So leveling up is nearly impossible shame as it is a good game! Back to football manager I think as when I change things at least I see a difference! Played for 26 weeks so have given it a chance!.
The game was running fine I was enjoying the growth of the stables and quality of the horses. Then for no reason the game bugged out. I finished a race that I had won and the trainer wanted us to pick different type of tracks. The game froze and I could not do anything. I shut down the phone opened the app and was right back to the frozon screen. I had deleat the app loose everything to start again and within a couple of races it did it again. So disappointed I was really enjoying this game too.
the basic idea of the game is not bad but its heavily geared towards paying players and in my opinion around $150 for enough horseshoes to last only a short time is way too expensive. if you want to get to the top would cost thousands and hundreds of hours of your time.
wait did photo shot copy this or did this game copy photo shot????????well whatever l hate this so much it wont let mt sighn in or login!!!!!! l am getting rid of this game for photo shot or horse Rival stars 100% hate this game. Oof its not photo shot its photo Finish the horse racing game
An Excellent Management Game But connection / Game stability and bugs of Updates are big problems in this game
I love this game so much. I have a pony and when I can't get to my see him I like to play this game with my self and my sister . When my sister will go back to college I will be at work on my lunch break playing this game for 5 to 15 minutes with Friends.
so it's a great game but when I started to play online with player an not game mode it says all ages of horses but how come I can't run horses in the pasture if it says all ages of horses that's one 1 star... now the money to buy horseshoes an bucks is outta this world u dnt get anything from it... if u fix this a WILL put money on here... can u please let horses out in pasture breed an play online only..
Its a decent game with no glitches. I just wish the breeding options weren't so randomized. I have a few awesome horses in my stable and it'd be nice to breed them with each other for stronger lines as opposed to having to buy breeding rights and breeding foals that have skills that go down instead of up. It would be nice if you could breed, train and keep your own mares. For now I'll delete the game cause its become repetitive and my horse lines are just getting worse with the breeding.
After last update cant even get past the log in screen. tried turning on and off phone, undownloading and redownloading and still nothing.
Great game, I like the breeding part though I can't quite get the dynamics of the traits and attributes, how to mix them up to breed a balanced championship horse. I would also suggest you make this on a higher platform (like PC) so that we can enjoy a more detailed and in-depth breeding/gaming experience. And one more thing, maybe you can make a game like this, but like, cockfighting? Again, great game kudos to you guys!
Getting better and better as the months go by. You need to take care of the little guy a lot more so they will stick around and play this great game !! Little to expensive but for good entertainment its worth it here. I think you guys should put out great specials on horseshoes every few days for players that can't get to the top 50 or 100 only. Thx..
I was receiving an error message when I attempted to advance to the next screen. It said "try again" or contact support. At first if I clicked on "try again" numerous times I was able to advance. Then I started receiving an error message when I attemped to start the app. I notified the geniuses at support once again. The last genius said I need to switch to a different WIFI network or use mobile data. I have the fastest internet available. I guess I need to use my mobile data. Avoid this app!!!
Ive played this game before and it worked perfectly fine. But i loged in and it was loading for 20 MINS STRAIGHT and plzzz make breeding free no breeding rights. This game has a lot of potential FIX YOUR GAME
This game would be great but the way live races are set up take a lot away from this game. Every time i am racing against another person i either win our am in last place or vice verse. Even if i have a horse perfect for the track if i do not have the horse to beat the other person instead of letting me be second or third i am last place. This takes a lot of fun out of the game and makes you not want to waste time with live races and this problem needs to be fixed
This is a loving and cherishing game,Great job from the developers but more features are needed in addition eg,(1)Longer furlongs races 20/25 furlongs (2)Longer retirement ages for horses(3)Voice commentary during HRM tv racing etc,Hope the developers would put this in consideration.
The game is great I love the graphics gameplay is awesome my only issue is if we have to pay for the food anyway we should be able to feed the horse whatever we want anyway
This game is the worst I used to like it but it hard to win the races and when I race I barely get frist and it not far so I like it but not that much plz change some thing just make it a little better I still like it but is not far that all!!!.😑😑😐 I just get 5 stars because it no gliches that all but change some things plz just make is better not worst just make it stop gliches and stop having it load so slow but what I really mad at it when I put a older horse outside I can't put it bac
Game is all about spending constantly bringing changes to game in wake of thr financial profit.. Dev's is about favouring only for certain group of players, 1among 100 will be benefited remaining it's about luck.. thr will be no financial profit so it's not worth to spend real money.. don't even think of playing this game
Terrible delivery for a horse racing management game. it should be considered a short free trial for a pay only/online game. it finishes its "player training" after only a month then in the third month it wont let me be in control anymore forcing me to miss that months race. you shouldnt have it both ways developers, a short training then you dissapear only to return later when you dont like what I decide.then i have 2 breed 2 continue which requires online play or pay-up.=Game over=Uninstall
Love this game, it stays challenging with choices in breeding and which races to enter as well as resource management. Still just as fun as it was on day on
It's addicting for sure, but very quickly becomes pay to play. There are limited methods of getting horseshoes, while horseshoes are what improves your breeding rights. I went from having the basic A rated horse to SS rated in days, stayed at that level until the monthly competition finished and have gone back down to A+ horses because I don't spend real money for games.
Good game apart from the issue of all my horses running in the same race. Done uninstall /install but same problem. Sent message to tech support but no reply.
Anyone here can recommend a far more better horse breeding/racing game? For some reason just dissatisfied with this one.
I've been sitting here for 20 minutes and NOTHING has changed. It's still the EXACT same loading screen. I haven't even been able to play it!
Keep getting thrown out for "connection issues" even though I have full bars on a LTE network. I can stream anything yet this game doesn't work. SMH.
excellent graphics and realism overall. can breed many horses and have up to 5 or 6 racing horses in your stable if expanded fully..only bad thing is app just crashes quite often and dumps u on homescreen. very frustrating especially when trying to enter races that have time limits b4 beginning. i will be entering a big race and it crashes. by the time it loadd, race already started and i missed that opportunity to score points. great game otherwise.
played for a month. new season starting and now the game won't load. Shame as I was enjoying the game. uninstalled.
This is such an amazing game. Though the age restriction kinds sucks... It's graphics are wonderful! The 'controls' are her simple, but it can get a little confusing at first. Overall I really enjoy the game and recommend it to horse lovers!a
It is a very good and addictive game. an option to skip the total months required for a young horse to grow should be added..
It keeps you busy with numbers and stats. There's no real game play and the races are soooooo long when the player would rather interact with their horses. It gets repetitive so it's a semi decent way to pass the time while I wait on my actual favorite game to refill lives, etc. Not a game I'd spend money on though.
Game is okay accept...that you can't buy horses outright with the money you've earned from racing. That's incredibly unrealistic. If your goal was to trap people into paying...good job. Uninstalling.
I promised an update to the developer on my rating. Thank you so much great game. i appreciate you did allot to help me. great game and pleasr continue to make it better and make new horse games.
bad doesn't even load just shows a loading icon ive closed it ooenes it again even restarted my phone and still cant ooen the game shame was looking forwars to playing so future playees do yiurself a favour and dont evwn bother downloading it
Once you figure out everything, it is a good game. I would like to be able to own horses for breeding so I can get a particular colour gene I want. Also, a description for the ranking system would be nice for those who are just starting to watch horse racing.
I love horses & horse racing thats why i downloaded this game. This game is so addicting & loving every minute of it. My only criticism is that we only manage, race, breed & sell male horses. It would be great if we could manage, race, breed & sell female horses too. Hopefully in a future update we would be able to have female horses.
Absolute garbage. Would give zero stars or less but it won't let me. They were made aware of my issue and just flat out won't fix it as nothing has changed for me when I play. Then I asked for a refund as any reputable business would happily refund an unhappy customer if they could not correct the problem. Nope not these people, they flat out refuse to make it right. Contact Google for refund they said even though Google won't refund after 48 hours. They strung me along past that time on purpose
Excellent game all-round one thing i would change is the feeding i cant seem to feed outside of the training sessions.
The missing commentary of the races is a downer for sure. Other than that you could include an option to race for ourselves instead of just simulating it.
could use some work. I would love to see mares and studs added along with the option to geld. would like to see the option to breed to my own studs, or brood out.
this is my first time playing this and its an amazing game and i really recomemend it (sorry for bad spelling)
The only Horse game in the play store that has captured my attention. Very happy with everything the developers do and try to do to keep things interesting.
This app takes your money instantly from your account but doesn't even give you what you tried to buy!!! I can't even transfer money to that checking account because the minute I transfer it, it's gone and put on hold in my account so I'm going to have to get a new card!! I've emailed the support, sent multiple screenshots and explained my situation and he still wants some random "official" receipt number! I didn't even get receipts for these new charges, its instantly coming out of my account!!
was great now cant play after update I have an up to date note 8 os and it just crashes at load screen everytime
Love the depth of the game, not really a horse racing fan but the game looked too good to pass up. Like the concept and this game is clearly made by people who know what they're doing! Also the TV style commentary adds some realism! Maybe add traits to individual horses e.g a horse with a "Timid" trait might lose races it normally shouldn't because it gets spooked and maybe add injuries varying from recoverable to career ending! Also a choice of jockeys with stats and synergies with horses!
i love the gameplay and the concept more than the Rival Stars horse racing...But the graphics of Rival Stars are absolutely Amazing...the horses are more realistic...i hope in 2020 Horse racing Manager will improve their Graphics...and it will be the greatest Horse Racing Game ever!
I loaded it twice a third time Google said load free and play I did still nothing and my data is finish
This game is getting boring, much training for horses getting last place all time is much bad, the developers should make this more realistic for a player to watch other racing as well
Great graphics and gameplay. Need to play more time for seeking balance of the reward system. And foal ages so fast even before they were raced. 5 stars in next update.
The graphics leave a bit to be desired. While the gameplay is quick and realistic, the horses all come out the same shades of mottled grey and brown. I have a horse that should have brown stripes but you can hardly tell. Even though the horses are 3D there is no expression, no differences between them all. No animation on the jockey silks. No sheen to the horses coat. Nothing. Its expensive to play.
Fun and addicting. I only have one complaint.... I would like to see more remarks after the race from the jockey after each race instead of the same boring comment over and over. I also suggest having more than one price frame for breeding rights. Right now you can purchase a breeding right for $10,000 and would be more fun with multiple price frames for buying breeding rights. Otherwise this is definitely my favorite game to play.
Great game but has a few glitches and takes a little while to load, but overall an excellent horse racing game! I love how realistic it is.
Hi I'm really enjoying the game so far and so decided to buy a pack to get more progression but have not received the pack and haven't heard anything from support yet although I have put through a note. Please help. Thank you
crash crash crash theres a problem restart app or contact support. sort it out tilting point im not the only one with issues with this problem. when you think its a great idea to update the game which i know you need to do but it crashes alot afterwards during all the ffffffing time would rate higher as i play the game alot the last few days have been so frustrating.
awesome game... addicting and well done. developers are active and really listen to what users care about.
Excellent game. Just needs genders for horses, gender divided races, and to buy and sell horses to other players and to just buy them for better breeding
Its looking awfully close to rivalstars horce racing. Also the layout is cluttered and hard to navigate most times. I wouldnt recommend anyone to plat this
Looks like am goin to miss a day of racing as game keeps crashing! Gutted!!! Bit otherwise the game is great
Love it. Just wish i could breed entirely in house if desired. Or to real stallions out there from allover with the same attributes as the horse did on the track
I like this game but loading takes forever I get the realistic aging for the foal but that really does take along time when the get up to their full potential it is just about time for them to retire, dislike that i can't get a new horse that is a girl they are male, no it would not kill you to let us breed our horses together to stop using horseshoes food should cost game money and plz don't say the same thing like you do I need to know this game will improve I will give 5* if I see improvement
The game is full of glitches & constantly disconnects from their server, on an almost hourly basis on the worst days. The developers are also untrustworthy & accused players of hacking, when they'd simply taken advantage of one of the many glitches. Throwing players under the bus to deflect attention away from their own shoddy programming. Absolutely disgraceful & cowardly behaviour.
Brilliant game, easy to use interface, would recommend, all round game play is great.....5 stars well done guys
I really enjoy this app. It shows you how to use everything and explains everything properly. It's a great app which is why it's 5 stars. No bugs. Nothing to fix. Great graphics it shows you everything about your horse. You can retire and sell horses too! Overall, you have a lot on this game that is great. And so far nothing negative for me to post about. I would also like to mention I have had this game for 2 years. Everything is great about this app and product and I strongly recommend it.
everything new that's brought out is geared to favour the top accounts so if you're looking to start now you either need to spend fortunes or you will simply not get anywhere. shame really as it could be a great game but it's human nature to be greedy and afterall nothing is really free is it!!!. there are better and less expensive games out there
Network Connection is poor, developers must add some servers or something to avoid network connection issues. The game must differentiate the stallion and mare, the game must have atleast breeding section and let the user to post his stallion globally so he can earn money in breeding. Also, the items in shop must be and can be bought by money so the beginners can adjust.
It was great until I retired my first horse and started with the colt. Then the game said I should breed again. Of couse then it wanted real money so I unistalled it and dropped it a star. Its just I like to try something a few weeks or at least days before asked for real money.
Krystal Kleinschrodt here's loved this game until she passed away of old age but she loved this game so much she bought me a phone so I could play it now I love as much as she did
U was searching for a horse game. I do this a lot and never find ones that I think will keep me entertained. But, this one surprised me. I think it will be a game I can play for a long time.
This app is so bad! I've played it once before, but now I want to get it on a different device. It won't load at all. I push skip to only access it on my device, but it says internet error, when my internet is perfectly fine. When I try to log in through google or Facebook it takes forever and never ends up loading. Fix this and I will give u guys five stars, cause the game and graphics really are great.
It keeps telling me to update but its between Google play and racing dont know why they don't want me to play
I thought it might be a bit complicated but while the stats for racing take some getting used to I'm thoroughly enjoying it! A small suggestion would be making the horses a bit more cosmetically appealing as well as having a few activities (grooming, petting etc) to pass the months by. Otherwise it's a great game!
Fun, competitive, and a great way to learn what it takes to be a trainer, Learn to be a great trainer and breeder.
Enjoying the game! I've been playing for 1 year now,and this game, has kept me going throughout Lockdowns.
was a great game until your horse ages out you cant breed it as you did not make enough currency (VS) to buy rights to breed then forcing you to purchase with real dollars only to proceed your racing future.
This game is great at First but then it gets old real quick. you make alot of money in the races but there are few avenues of spending it. it would be better if the developers added things like betting, buying better horses, properties you can purchase and also show the changing lifestyles of the owners of the horses
Truly it is a fun game, but it infuriates me when I continously get stuck on the HRMTV screen and can not go to my stables to tend my horses. I tried spending in-game currency or even racing in the races but it still will not let me go back! Please fix this, it is incredibly annoying and it is preventing me from enjoying this game. Plus, the menu doesnt even pop-up for me.
Possibly the weakest game i have played coins count for nothing all hooked in for people to spend a lot of cash.
Its very overwhelming with soo much info. I like how there are stats information. Keep the stats info. For the horse thats what made me install it in the first place. Just make some things easier and not that complicated. Or may be a longer tutorial.
I absolutely love this game. I have only been playing for just under a week and in that time I've bred horses from rank D to rank S! I currently have over 3 million cash and I've figured put the mains in the game play. I love how there is a limit to 30 actions as this means that the came cannot become addicting to a high standard. Also the regeneration time being only 5 minutes means that the game can progress at a great rate and I do not have to spend hours to do something. Overall, great game.
Really bad. Spent two weeks maxing out horses and buying in app boosters, yet horses cannot do better than third last. There is no way to keep playing without spending money because there is no way to even place in races. Even with full SS+ horses with multiple golden horseshoes. I dont even want to keep playing because for some reason, my horses are always worse than even the basic computer ones. Definitely do not recommend.
Seemed like it was going to be an amazing game. HOWEVER, when it gets to the screen saying my horse is finally fit enough to race & that we should pick a race suitable to his skills it wont let me tap on anything. It highlights the fast forward a month thing & I'll tap it but then the tutorial lady keeps saying the same thing. I've already restarted my phone, closed/reopened the app & uninstalled/reinstalled the app. Dunno what else to do. Fix the freezing glitch and I'll come back & update.
Good so far. Pros: Stable management interface is easy to understand and laid out well. Online racing against other people! Generally runs smoothly too. Fun mixing and matching different trait and color genetics. All premium items technically are available to everyone. Cons: Not exactly PTW but I can already see where buying premium currency will give you a huge training / recovery advantage. Can't feed horses extra food without training them first, forces you to spend extra or waste time
This game isn't a bad game different training sessions for your horses, the chance, to expand your stables and breed new horses, plenty of offline races to enjoy, good graphics, but biggest con is the live races it doesn't matter how ready and fit your horse is for a live race you will almost always come last it seems apparent that every live race strangely going into the final furlong my horse suddenly dies of stamina every time and I go from 1st place to 6th
It's a fun relaxing game that I really like but just make the crowd better and it would be even better, definitely install this game.
I reinstalled it to try and start a new game but it keeps coming up with a connection error everytime I reinstall and open the app. Please fix this I love the game and will give 5 stars cause I play it a lot.
Addictive game. Hard to keep food up to the horse and unable to log back in after logging out. Have to restart phone. Bit annoying.
You start with a horse that is invincible at 4-6 furlongs provided you stick to the non trophy races, a female for him to breed with but that option doesn't become available til much later, my run i had 23 starts and only 22wins, the average lead was 1.5 seconds only time i lost a race was the game crashed in the middle of a race and it counted it as a second place. On that that, it would be awesome if it didnt keep crashing, locking up, frequently you cant login, it gets stuck on checking credentials You don't control the horse during races it's all just watch it run. You can breed your horse about mid way through his journey but then have to wait til he retires before the offspring is ready to train and you basically start all over again but with a horse that is now barely trained, at point of retiring you can breed a 2nd horse but once again you have to wait 15 months before it to be ready to start training. Typical energy game that you can only do X amount of moves before you have to wait for it refresh or buy more time with real world money, you can use real world money to buy power ups etc as normal I suggest putting races on full speed, it's hilarious.
This game is very very worst game why it is was the net is on but this game says network connection erorr try again
love this game!!!! play as much as i can!! so many variables...so much like true horse training .....acutally shows you how to choose a good horse in furture potential....i have had many friends try this game and all love it....we compare info and results daily ..... awesome game!!!
A fantastic game that depicts real life racing. I have been here for almost 40+ seasons and have topped the league twice now. My advise to all is its a pay to win game, if you plan to be competitive. The publishers here can say what they want but if you don't have deeps pockets don't stick your finger. To be competitive you have to purchase shoes which start from USD100 downwards. The there is this casino style draw where you need to buy rights for breeding. This is where it gets sticky....
This game is very well made , the graphics could use a bit more attention but other than that it is fine. I'd like there to be different camera views that you could choose. This game has a lot of potential and I think you should use that.
This is my favorite horse racing game by far but there is room for improvements. It seems like the makers of the game dont have any idea what horses eat/ what gives them energy. Treats have no nutritional value and would not add any weight (grains would). Also no one pays for their horses food in horseshoes. The breeding rights are extremely expensive and seem to go bad? The horseshoe packages are expensive and dont give you enough horseshoes to buy much. Very disappointed about that.
this game is awesome I love personally for people who love horse breeding and racing this is the game for u
Doesn't really explain properly how to play. Have a horse with ss+ everything yet come last in all online races. Can't even see whether purple 3 stars is good or bad lol Uninstalling.