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Horse Paradise - My Dream Ranch

Horse Paradise - My Dream Ranch for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by App Holdings located at 601 Union St. #4200 Seattle, WA 98101. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love this game,cause it's been so fun to play maybe once every 2 or 3 weeks I would always race but everyone grows out of a game but I still check on it like every 6 months. So fun game
THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER DOWNLOAD THIS APP I gave it 5 stars and I haven't experienced no lags or glitches but 1 thing I keep playing with friend and it takes me to different servers dix that but ur lucky I gave it 5 stars I couldn't have gave it 4 or 3 ur lucky I didnt😑😁
This game sucks too much if I sometimes go to farm it crashing or something like crashes I will be angry seeing this please if you fix this bugs or crashes I'll give you 5 stars πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ‘Ž
Really good game not tough to play I love that you can play with others and I like that you can do a custom name and it's my new favorite game
it needs to let other people get one day to be able to fly. Like say EVERY MONDAY. That would make thigs realy fun, and i am only 13 but i can't change the game to be able to chat. FIX THAT!!!!
Awesome game! One of foxie ventures best one! Its not 5 stars becuase it glitches and laggs sometimes. Also maybe make events less hard because I need to earn 7500 coins and it's too hard! How am I supposed to get an event horse?! Maybe lower it down depending on your level, like maybe if your under level 12 it's only 4500 coins? And if your over 12 and under 30 maybe 6000 coins and over 30 and under 40 7500. Please make horses cheaper too please.
There is a girl named MistyRose she rooted her phone and is messing with all of your horses, I have pictures taken for proof and I wasnt gonna stand by and watch something illegal happen, other than that this game isnt bad
I love this game its So awesome you can even do a race! So Awesome I Love it and you can be different horses too you can chat with your friends too it's so awesome and fun I can't believe it l am like hi l am a horse I love the way u can live like horse but not really but always worth it l love this game.
I love this game so much, it is so much fun to play, would highly recomenned it, but be warned, the races get harder as you leave up mawhahahaha.
it's actually really fun if you like exploring! and you can race and farm and save up for new horses! no violence! but.. HELP ME!!!!!! IS IT NORMAL for it to take 68 hours for both my crops and the horse shoe drop!!!!! please fix it! it WAS a good game but now...
I love the game but it does not let me play the pegasus in the first level.if the game could fix it that would be awesome!!!!
Would literally only be interesting to a 4-year-old. All you do is wander around the map, grow apples, feed them to your horse, and race. I tried to buy the second horse to level up my stables and make it more interesting, and the horse just disappeared. Extremely boring, VERY pointless.
Really good game not tough to play I love that you can chat and play with others and I like that you can do a custom name and it's my new favorite game
I think this game needs a lot of work. Firstly, tapping weakens my device, so I think you add a proper joystick because the mode is actually bad . Secondly, the horse gaits. The gaits are super unrealistic, especially the trot and canter. But gallop and walk is good. The chat filter is too strong, because harmless words are profanity or special characters. We cannot use punctuation at all. Lastly, the terrain. There should be a bit more land and areas. Like a village or a field. More pegs pls
This game is fantastic .Because barliy eany crashes and if your prises dont get given to you first time you go on more games press the side buten (game) then press prises press the pink butten under neath your horse and you will have it.
To be honest The pics we see to attract players it takes FOREVER to get and the blue and white horse we are allowed to get we never ever get it. If you are willing to wait and take your time on this, this is it... But im telling you of it takes forever or more then 12+ weeks this is It!
i like the game. But some of the other players makes rooms that are NOT appropriate for the game!!!!! And some players Are Bullies to other's. and then they do not want to play the game. It would be nice to Add a. Frend list to the game. So we can make friends and keep them when we are playing the game. Like u do in horse riding tales. PLS FIX THE CHATING PROBLEM !!!!!!
It is super fun in love it and I think you will to I the music relax you're brain and if you're in a bad mood this works and there are no ads I recommend trying it out
I love it but I don't like the camera or how you move. I really like the joystick and that you can move camera. Not a camera facing the top of the horse. Great game tho
It's a good game but I wish we could do more in it. I don't understand why most hate it, it's very relaxing. And I wish some horses are free. But after all it's a very nice game.
So fun!!! So many horses to choose from!! Do quests,face,play with other Players, you got up get it! IT IT MORE FUN THEN IT LOOKS ON THE PICTURES! graphics are very good and real.πŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜
The app is great and amazing! The event is too amazing and u can race ur horse! I had no problems here but sometimes i missed the event and this game has accesories!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
I really enjoyed the game at first but once you reach a certain level it suddenly becomes really difficult to collect horseshoes. You need to race to win horseshoes, to plant the food, which costs horseshoes, to give you the energy to race again. Once you're a higher level, you barely get any horseshoes for winning races, except now there's very few pickups and you don't have enough time or room to jump the objects so you lose and win basically nothing. You end up stuck unless you buy horseshoes
Its alright but after all the people who talked and stuff left its gotten full of random horses (most likely computers) and its kinda boring because there isn't anyone to talk to The banning chat times need to be lower and words like "grass" aren't swear words and getting banned for 3 days just for saying grass is a bit to far The levels are hard and it costs to much to buy horses with horse shoes or gems plus the gems are really hard to collect and it takes a while to get the horse shoes
Horses need to be cheaper food needs to be cheaper horseshoes need to be easier to get even when you have no energy to do free runs or races. Glitches need to be fixed all areas should and need to be unlocked for all levels of players and quests need to be easier. Pls fix when posible Im tired of being left out of everything because of my level.
i like this game but u get banned to much for stuff that dosent make since .You also get banned for to long getting banned for 4 days is redickulis .The good thing about the game is the people u can meet and talk to though I wish u could friend people cause then u could find them easier than making a room for them . It would also be cool if u could acutely eat grass and stuff instead of pretending. The stables could use a little work too. If they had places for water and feed that be great .
I love this game I really want to know how you can get mates and also how can you upgrade new horses that you earn on certain levels why I am really struggling with is how I can play the horses that I earn by doing races Etc how do you play the horses that you enjoy playing and also there is a room that is called Bad Azz girls do you mind if you could report that is not very appropriate name for a room in this game
This is a really fun game!the graphics are pretty good,the controls are awsome and one thing that I love the most is the creativity,there is fantasy horses,beautiful places to unlock and so it is over-all good! :)
It's a great game really, but sometimes it can freeze your whole device not even allowing your screen to turn off. I hope you can/will fix this small issue. Tho I would probably recommend getting this game if you love magic and horses!
This game is really addictive. you can work as a team in the online adventure! Make new friends, do online races, and even have accessories for your beautiful horse! but i would suggest you putting the chat restrictions down a bit, because if you put a word in the chat that has some sort of curse word in it and your not trying to be offensive and you get banned for pretty much NO REASON! please fix this! (Ex. Sassy) If you fix this i would think about changing my review to a 5 star!
Great game! I reccommend downloading this game! You can level up, you can also even get new horses!! But quests may take some time to get past.. Either way.. This game deserves 100 stars out of 10 stars lol ((I went above the star limit)) THIS GAME IS AMAZING!! 2 words, DOWNLOAD IT!!!
Dont get me wrong i love this game but i have some things to say i dont get why u have to pay for stables and pay for food and theres 40 horses that u can collect but u can only own up to 20 you should be able to get at least 30
I like this game &would rate it higher, but it keeps telling me 1. to connect my account. but when I go to connect it tlks me I'm not allowed 2 and kicks my horses back down to lvl 8. when it looks like they might be lol 21 now. I know they are at least lvl 9 several times over ( lost rss). 2. Another big issue, it keeps telling I cant get no more prizes till I get my player lovl higher, but neglects to tell me how I 2 increase playeunruly. 3. isse I want to control camera its unrully.
I dont really like this game,it takes forever to get highter than level 19 I would of put 5 star really bad game Hate it! The graphics are bad and there could be more anamations theres only lay,rear,bow and eat Dont play this game its soooooooooooooooooooo bad!😑😀
THIS IS FUDGING STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant bloody work out how to friking move! this game is cute yea but if you name the horse, it wont accept it and you cant move around i dont know how the other players move but i definatley cant :( it has got a good racing setting though. 2 stars :( :( :( :( :(
I like ot but i would have liked it even more if it was kinda easier to get the peagus or the alicorns or unicorns because its abit of a struggle i downloaded this game more then 10times on differnt devices and i was never able to reach the peaguses my highest level was 11 before i quitted because it was just to hard :( other then that i really do like the game!
I decided to play my childhood game again.:) Very fun as I remember.I like this app,you can chat,race,there is a bit of lag but thats ok! Its probably just my wifi or device.Bravo I really like this app!πŸŽ‰
This game is AMAZING i play it every DAY it is very amazing you can do Races, quests,and farm food, and more you have to down load it if you want to.
It's great but maybe if you reach the final level you will get every 5 days a quarter of a VIP level pls think about this cuz it's a very fun game!!!πŸ¦„πŸŽπŸ¦„πŸŽ
I think that this game should be in the top 3 most amzing games.The omly thing that annoys me is that when you are raceing lets say quest level 15 horse level 25 when you ate raceing when you need to your horse slows down and then for the next jump you couldn't do it because your horse slowed down so then you end up in last or second to last and you don't get a lot of exp and horseshoes which is not fun. And I think that in the feed mode you can interact with the horse instead of just feeding it and walking it around. Please fix that race glitch and on the free run when you use all your lives and when your horse keeps walking it glitchs and when you there to feed it again it keeps going while the race started and when the jump comes the horse goes through the obsitcle and doesn't get damaged and to get out you have to log off and then wast money. Please fix these glitches if you do then the game would be perfectπŸ‘.
Good game, fun to play and beautiful horses, I just wish there was a lot more variety especially in the pegasus. And more maps even, I know the map like the back of my hand and it just gets boring being in the same one every time I play.
I like the little quests and small objectives. Probably should fix the inability to connect to facebook and can't add other users as friends and whatnot though to recieve the full 5 stars from me. Great to play though!
I love this game but there's kinda a problem.... One time i had unlocked everything like horses and unicorns and Pegasus every,and when got on the app to play it,it got rid of EVERYTHING (i still like the app) i was so mad you need to fix it, that just happend a few days ago!
I love horses and this makes my dream come true it gives you things to do and diffrent horses at diffrent levels i love this game!!!
Its an AWESOME game. And im super duper glad that u can a Galaxy Pegasus without MONEYπŸ˜„ (The way u can get a free pegasus is by doing the "Event") Anyway i love the game and it has awesome grafics. (i think i spelled grafics wrong. XD) I LOVE THE GAME!!!!!!!😘😍😝
Hey Developer! I really like this game and its super fun cute and this app is the best! And also if you update this game again, dont forget to add more event horses and more horses! And also more places to explore! When you update this app with my suggestions i would really thank you! Thank you for making the best app ever!❀ Stay safe!
A player named Leah is a really rube one.She made like she killed me and call me bad word li f*** .The adher playets who get in dhe game i liked or feed them,Leah told them to not thank me.Leah,you told me"go to die".Will of you wannna now,i die next week from cancer.From Ruby Mystic Ace.
Personally, I think this is a good multiplayer game for horse lovers you can rp chat to others and more I love it!
The game keeps glitching, it takes the energy but glitching in the race but the race is not counted....or it's all the sudden not jumping or just disappears grrrrrrrrring
Uhhhhhhhhhh πŸ™„ this game gets a bit boring like wolf Evolution with a small place to go in the horses are great though MORE SPACE PLEASE! I'm praying you more space! 😭 πŸ™ ASAP! Everyone follows me around cuz I'm a pegasus AND WON'T LEAVE ME ALONE! so I go in the jumping arena wow good redence to those guys. πŸ˜‚ 😊 >Β€< I prefer Wildcraft that turbo rocket people made. anyway good game ☺️ πŸ‘ high five! πŸ‘
This game is awesome is just that I was playing the new story quests and i was excited to complete them all but when I reached one of them where you had to find Twilight but it was like literally impossible to find him so I could not finish all the story quests and I was kind of disappointing I also looked on YouTube to see if any of the people could find Twilight but nobody could. I just think if you should fix this bug. Im still searching everywhere to see if anyone ever found Twilight
I love this one problam is that i want to chat again but over all its a good app also could you add a like free pegasus like for lvl 6 people with the pegasus include a stable and remmeber its FREE thats my request to make it better.
Best game ever!!!!!I'm about 5o play it but it's hard to get gems I only have two but other than that IT'S AMAZING PLEASE PLAY IT I like the galaxy horse it's the best but 4 star's because It don't have a lot of Gems but awesome game:)
mostly a great game but for about a month the game resets during a race not letting you finish...it costs to race and you cant level up without completing races...when I contacted the support I got an idiotic unheartfelt response and still no fix to the glitch...super lame!
One of the better "horse" games available. The learning curve for Horse Paradise is very short and you can play with friends and family members.
I love this game so much!!!!!!! But the annoying thing is that if u want another horse u have to get a stable with gems and the more stabkes u have the more gems u have to spend and this game is not good for role-playing but over all i love this game so thats all I have to say By: HORSE LOVER 101
Events are so hard i love the horses for rewards but.... hard i want a theme that u can choose a horsie for free at the start please i promise to give you a 5 star rating if ye add this also could you put a "horse designer" thing that lets ya make ur own horse and add a currency called "publish coins" to use them to publish the horse we made now how should it work u ask? First we pick what type of horse we wan make then we make it look how we want it to and last add wings or a horn in any color
It's okay but i just wish there was a Way you could Block People and get on Higher Quest Lvl without Doing Quests..But i also Don't like how you have to lvl up just To Get Horses and Go places But..Anyway I give it my time and it's a pretty cool game so Keep on making More of your Games Bc this game is Amazing and maybe If you can Make a Update To were You can Block People and Make it Better Maybe i will Give it a 5 Star but for now it's gonna Have to stay to a 4Star..i'm really sorry..
I really like the game could some tweaks thoe and I LOVE how easy it is to level up its awesome . My only problem is the graphics are pretty but hard to make out where the hills are from the upper view, but aside from that I love love your guys game!!!!
This is game so cool, but the camera postion is sorta odd for me, so there's nothing and about this, only the camera tho, So good job for making this game 🐎 🐴
Great game,but the first time I downloaded this game then you can chat with other horses but now there is nothing like that,Please do that Feature again,It's so fun chatting with other horses.
I love to chat with my friends but they need to change the the price for the beautiful horses that have wings and horns and more actchin for the horse.
The Free Runs are too difficult because the jumps are way too close together! The faster your horse goes, the further apart the jumps should be! And they expect you to be able to go over 1000 feet?! I don't think so! You can wreck yourself too easily in the Run and it costs too many gems to recharge yourself to continue the same Run. Foxie Games doesn't make their games very easy to play. Their Fish Abyss game really stinks!
I'm stuck on level 5 because the quests are glitched and it won't restart my game when I uninstall and reinstall the game I've tried 6 times. Do not download this game it will waste your time!
Ther is a slighg issue with a quest becuse there is a quest that says "own 2 horses at level 2" I got past leval 2 without having 2 horses that quest does not work now :c. But I need that quest to get other ones :/. Please fix that! :v. Otherwise the game is realy fun!
I'm sorry,I just don't like it,the quest are boring and doing it all over again 24/7,it's just annoying that the max level is 40,and it takes time to get there,THAT'S BECAUSE YOUR DOING THE SAME DANG THING ALL OVER AGAIN!!! I don't understand why it has to be like that.u have to do so many things just to do them all over again,there's people,swearing,online dating and doing the.....yeah,that's why.Your team better fix thisπŸ˜€πŸ˜’πŸ˜πŸ˜ 
This isn't too bad a game. There isn't much to do at first except race and explore a small area. Each time you race your horse needs full energy and to do that you need to feed it. To feed it you need to spend your horseshoes and thus makes it impossible to save for other things which are expensive. And when you race or free run the camera bounces which is more than a little disorienting.
I love this game, it very fun to play, and there is one tiny thing ... what if you were the maxed lvl on horse Paradise and the time on the event horses ran out could it be to where it would go over and over? I'm just asking there is no need to do it -________-''
i love this game because you can race you can talk to people and its just so much so if see this you to get like i been playing since morning and i had so much so yeah get this game now .
I love it! I think its really nice and a great time killer and the people on it are so nice! The game creators kept rhe chat very strict to prevent bullies from hurting anyones feelings, which is a MAJOR problem with some of the other multiplayer horse games ive downloaded. And, if your the lone wolf-er horse type then you can even play offline! This way there's noone else to pester you and you dont have to worry about dum wifi alwayd gettin you down! I think its an amazing game and for free?? Incrediable!!
Its a great game but can you make new places you can explore,and can you make it where it can be night and day,andddd can you make it snow,rain? Please
It's fun I just wish somebody could ride the horses and I don't really like that everything is so so very very expensive but other than that I love the game!!!!!!!!
Amazing app! I really loved it! I recommend this game for horselovers.. i would like if there is a choice that we can change the horse's mane? That'll be fun! Thanks whoever that created this game! Lots of love from me
Hello I really do like this game I used to play before and recently got it back and for some reason it doesn't let me buy horses with gems where when I played before I could plz fix this problem plz and thank you :)
the game is good and all...but my friend was asking me who my favorite singer was and i said " XXX TENTACION" and i got banned?? how? how was that inappropriate?? i got banned for 95 hours πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘... but its a good game though
i dont know what to say about this game really. i love the horses but i dont like that you have to tap and you horse goes there and i wish ALL of the horses where free no gems or gold(money) is there even a way for games to get changed???? (im SO sorry for fussing) but still..........AMAZING GAME!!!! nice work and LOTS of effort put into it!!!! but can you please change it to an dragging (like in horse riding tales.) instead of tap? (^._.^)οΎ‰(;;;・_・)
For a While I Liked this game, until it said to me here is a Limited time STAR FIRE Pegasus! do all these things to get it! I tried. I did everything it told me to do. And then came the free run, it said to run 30000ft, I used ALL my diamonds and I came to 28000ft. And then the log came, it hit, I went down, and I LOST and it said to use 30 diamonds I had 0. And of course, like all things, it ended. So this is why I don't like this game. Thank you. Oh and there was a glitch right When I jumped.
Obsessed. Started so my kid had another horse to play with in game. Now I keep trying to get cooler horses for them to enjoy. It's insane. Glitchy during free runs/races resulting in loss of expensive watermelons. Frustrating. I managed to get the night foal so now Im hopeful for the sunset pegasus I think.
This game is awsome. There are no problems at all. I love freeplay games just one thing. I HATE THE CONTROLS. it's smooth but u have to tap to where u want to go it just annoys me so MUCH! but the best part of this game is that it dosent have adds and it's not glitchy and btw I love the option where u can add accessories on your horse. Also i just wish u can make a friends list so i can make friends and talk to them. Great job this is an awsome game I definitely recommend this game to all girls.
BEST GAME EVER! ! you are just awesome and ahhhhhhhhhhhhh this is my dream come true! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hi this game is epic you should really try this game and its free although you acctually can buy horses and gems and the horseshoes too I have now got a foal too. Although in this game people do choose bad language in rooms though
all i know is i am VERY picky with apps. but this game is awsome i have 5 reasons 1.no ads 2.relaxing music and gameplay 3.the horses look real 4. it is very interactive p.s i love those kind of games 5. its a happy game where u live in peace as a horse! :)
This game is quite fun, but the coins run out very quickly. It would be nice to have a certain amount of ads that we can watch to receive more coins, or receive coins and horse points while doing the adventure tasks. Thanks!
I really think this is a great game for girls that love horses I have no problem with the game.But there is something I want them to add it is you can friend people.And make it to where you can chat to them only.Bit other then that it is a great game.
This game is so much fun. When you first play it it walks you through the game. Then you do it yourself. It is SO MUCH FUN!!! So download it.πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸŽπŸ΄ It's a paradise
pls fix this game is awesome !!! I am over 30 and I play it everyday so fun fast-paced and beautiful horses and scenery the only bad thing that I can say is that I can't farm for some reason now I'm on level 13 and have all Farms upgraded except for one to level 5 and can't beat the quest to win a new horse please help fix this
I really like this game I think that if you like horses you should get this game! Though, if you get this game don't spend all of your diamonds because they are hard to get.
The game itself is very fun untill you reach level 40 theres nothing to do. Also could u add more horses and maps? That would really uprade the game alot
Love this game so much. You get to play with friends and you get to like other horses and you get to race and do free runs. Its so much.❀❀❀❀☺☺☺
This game is awesome , we can feed each other but cannot talk. That's ok to me btw but others idk We can even get a peg or a VIP horse , and do free runs , races with other people , and do some quests and ordinary story which just like some quests and lvl up and we can even plant something in the farm and upgrade stables and farms , but I wish that they can automatically upgrade itself XD. We can travel and unlock some new places like mystic cave an etc. When we lvl up , we can get prizes!
I love this game because it is online and you can play this game with your friends but there is one flaw of this game, I saw that there should be a chat button but there is no chat button so I am a little annoyed but other wise the app is perfect and you really have to post more apps.
Best game ever there's there's a lot of stuff to do if there is amazing amazing beautiful horses Hunter and if you're really looking for a game to play play this one
Don't get me wrong I like this game and its cool horse designs but I HAVE LITERALLY CRASHED SO MANY TIMES ITS REALLY STARTING TO GET ON MY NERVES I'm always in a race when I crash which it anoyying bc my horse gets no exp but I lose energy and whenever I crash in free runs my horse doesn't even jump when I want it to and I always lose energy plz fix this it is literally so anoyying
love this game the best game but my thing was gliched in a free run races my jump didend work but i tryed it agein and my jump worked :}
I like this game alot, it has cool horses and alot of my games come from foxie, just wish it was easier to get flying horses and things, and that the horses weren't so slow. But besides that, it is a great game to entertain yourself!
Actually the one this game was maded you shald also give some updade like unicorns and more seasons like 🌈 rainbow day moonson day rainy days and more this game don't have updade like unicorns and seasons there are no bridle or no humans...even if I try to feed the quest like on first quest a horse that I feed I cannot feed probably..and does not level up fast..that's it.
It's fun but I had this loop where I couldn't level up because I hadn't done 5 races, I only did four but I only had 12 energy not 13 but I was too poor to plant food and I did not get daily bonus, witch annoyed me and I also had already went to all the sites to get free money it was super annoying
I like the game but it needs to have where you can look around too. But other then that love the game.
I amaze this game!!graphics and horses are awesome ! but please give pn a new update !by the way love it! the event horses can be a starfire foal or sunset foal and i have some update ideas what about free gems for 120 eberyday? level ups?
Great game! I hope Enjoys it freely and maybe a update would sum up the gameπŸ˜…. But yeah the foxie ventures company really nailed it!
This is a fun and good game but there is something you could change,can there be a joy stick in the game bc I hate tapping where to go. When I tap to go near the waterfall I cant so I have to click me the horse to go threw bc then u cam move 360.
This game is really good it doesn't glitch you can become little baby horse Pegasus just a pretty glowing horse this game doesn't glitch and I rated it five stars if this had 10 stars and I would wait at 10 if you don't like it then just stay there for a little bit then you'll see that you like it but this game is a 10 star game
I love this game cuz you can level up to so many different horses and buy so many different horses with game pieces it is so much fun πŸ˜€πŸŽπŸ΄πŸ‘πŸŒŸβ­
it's a pretty good game, but if anyone needs help and asks for a refund from something, the developers are so disrespectful!! maybe I'll show this game to my friends if you fix that and make the event horses easier to get.
Its a great idea for a game fun, a well thought out variety of things to do, only reason i give it 4 of 5 stars is because evidently there is a glitch in the game now where, the only real way to make money or "horse shoes" in the game is by racing and it gives out a third less making it near impossible to advance in the game. rendering the game pointless, will update my review if and when the glitch is fixed.
Amazing game! Love all of the games they create ( Still yet to get the fish one )! would be nice if we could own more horses in the game but other than that it is an amazing game!
This game is super fun to play the horses are so cute and you may customize your horse's how ever you want...the only thing that creepes me out is that the horses eyes don't move and there's a time limit on how much you chat but otherwise I like this game and hope there are other people out there who would like to play this game
Hello.Whoever love's horses should install this game I love farming its nice but sometimes I run out of horse shoes but the horse shoe drop saves me and gives me gems I am saving gems and now I have lots of gems its 93.also STORY QUESTS?nice but there's a lost foals quest.can u have a update to have more horses thats crystal like a crystal horses.please review me back about the update I'm happy about it. (My name is fairy by the way)🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎.
Really fun Game and there's tons of Adventures you can get many horses And there's tons of quest If you really like horses I think you should get this game .
I think i agree with what some people are saying not everyone has money πŸ’° so make it easier for free players to get gems and horse shoes because not everyone can afford to constantly buy gems and horse shoes all the time if the run out or are running low on them but other than that it's an ok game
The game is ok but all you do is walk around a small island. You use up your money really quick aswell. I had the game for 2 minutes and uninstalled it, it is a complete waste of time πŸ˜‘. DON'T GET IT!!!!
Love the game, but can u make geting a stable atleast 5 gems instead of 25?cus at the begining it makes u wast gems in the intro. And on lvl 7 quests, u have to have 4 stables. And to get gems u either have to lvl up, or buy them and i get that u need money but its pretty easy to spend gems and its easy to use them. Pls make stables atleast 5 or 6 gems pls and thank u. :D Btw, i hate when develapers get reviews about the game being bad and they wont fix it >:( pls make the game a lil less pricey
this game is very difficult because of quests once your on level 5 quests get harder some reason and I don't have enough horse shoes or gems to give my horse food so it can race again I got really mad and I delete the game it was confusing I got really frustrating please fix quests!!! Thanks for reading my comment
Its fun when youre bored but after a while it gets pretty boring. I would add trading, more quests, etc. It is good for animal lovers when theyre bored just not for all the time
I have to wait 122 hours to get my reward (Gems and horseshoes) I think it's a bug I dont play it much now since this happened...!? Can you please fix it? πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„ and I still like this game by the wayπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ¦’πŸ¦’πŸ„πŸ„πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸŒΊπŸŒΊπŸŒΊπŸŒΊπŸŒΊπŸŒΊπŸŒΊ
So, I have been playing for a little while and I can tell you its good. The waiting for stuff gets kinda boring but then everyone in a lobby makes up for that. The people are nice and the horses are super are cool. So the game is great, but I think you might need to add more skins for the non donatiors. Some kids can't ask there parents to pay for some things. Is there a way to friend people? I haven't been able to find it if there is, if there isn't, can you please make one?
Fun at first but you can't ever play with same players. it would be nice to have a friend list. especially because as soon as you start chatting with a person the game reloads and then the person is gone and you can't find them and plus there needs to be more things to do than just run and race. ex. Paradise cove is nothing special after spending all of your gems all there is to do is run around. You can't see no further than where you are on the game. it would be nice to have a bigger view.
Liked the game at first. But when you need horseshoes to upgrade things for quests, it's imposible. It takes more to horseshoes to feed a horse to race then you get when you win a race. Please make some way to get more horseshoes. I even tried connecting to fb for the 500 shoes and it says page not found.
I think Horse Paradise is a definiet 5 star because you can interact with other people without them finding out your details. I also think it is safe because it lets you into facebook only if you are 13 or over. I think it is ideal because it can be really fun and it if alot for horsey people. I also like how you feed other's horses.
This is the best game it gives u a chance to expand ur imagination and u can neet new people. If i never had of downloaded this game k would never have such goos friends that i do now. Thanks to them i can now push through my pain and explore and have fun. I LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH!!!!
this game is just great!:-) the only problem is i can't log in to Facebook :-( but other than that it's amazing :-) i play it every day but the events are so hard i can't even get a single event horse :-(
I really liked this game I can communicate with other people. There's really good horses and sometimes you'll get complimented by them. I loved this game so much and there's also so many cool quests and awesome locations. I really loved this game I bitterly have it on my phone, my tablet, and my laptop. πŸ˜πŸ˜—πŸ€—πŸ˜‡
I have this 5 stars cause it's my favourite game for these year's so far and I really wished they just fixed bugs and I'm having probs or getting lag or getting spammed it feels like a slam on the chair not seeing the lag and bugs getting removed,pls remove it!
I really enjoy this game but the customer service is bad. I'd been saving up my gems to buy another stable slot - they cost a lot of gems - and I accendentally spent them clicking on the roll-for-an-extra-prize button after I'd levelled up one of my horses a bit. I didn't want the extra roll, I didn't use it and right away I sent them an e-mail asking them to refund me the gems that the accidental click had cost me. They pretty much just told me tough cookies, lol. So it's a very good game, just make no mistakes in it because the customer service is non-existant. And there are no pop-ups or confirmation buttons to make sure you don't accidentally spend your gems on things you don't want - and there really should be.
The game is good, But it's to difficult to earn gems and complete the required quests to earn mythical horses. Overall an amazing game!
i'd love to have more levels and horses. alsothere is no way im buying stuff to get vip horses so please if you can make the vip horses fr us able to buy with gems instead and can you make it to where we just arent in the same place always and can choose from some like a jungle or forest
This is a grateful game, I love the idea to make Pegasus and fantasy horses. And of course the Galaxy horses, thank you for making this game! P.S I'd like to give an idea: Make Alison Clysdales
When I read the reviews I thought this game was not going to be the best, but I decided to give it a shot. When I got on to the game, I was shocked at how amazing it was. It looked all very real and I loved all the horses. The races are so cool, and there is so much that you can do. I love how there is not just horses but magical creatures like Pegasus' and unicorns. Live this game! Highly recommend
I would recommend this to grinders and people that love horses but one day I went in the game and I couldn't talk at all and I can't find it soooo please please please PLEASE add the talk button back if you do I will give 5 star so please please please add it please
the game is good like if you could have more areas like a area that has a ring enter it then you enter the sky dream area but you need a pegasus to do that and its already unlocked at level 1 whatever foxie ventures wouldnt do this why I know this because I heard lots of people have problems in the game what did foxie do nothing so people dont enjoy the game because foxie did nothing about problems nothing I like the glitches they are funny gitches bye everyone
Horrid application. Almost everything costs money, as in real life -out-of-pocket money. You won't be able to get any "good horses"/features without paying a fortune!
I love this game it is so fun, the horses are so cute and the baby's. I got this, because I love horses, I have 11 horse's at my house, when I got this game my friends loved it so much so they got it too. I think you need to get this game,
It's honestly a really good game. Just would change the about of coins you get in a free run. Like a shoe for each jump also. And more opportunities for gems. Other than that, great game!
It has so much adventure and nothing is locked, but you have to get to different levels to get things. This game is so fair therefore fun
Jump,run,lelvl up,and win prizes!This fun game is just right for your kid! But there is to joystick and that makes it a lot harder but if the creates of the game add a joystick I would be VERY happy. Thanks!
I love this game it's so much fun with your friends and family best game ever my favorite you should come and download this game i love it so much and download it for free and you can buy new horses and ailcorns and unicorns and baby foals and you can chat with friends I love this game a lot more and have some fun with this game
I really like this game but its really hard to control whenever I get on it always is really hard to control. When I try pressing something it never let's me press it please fix this.
This game is fun at first then it just gets boring. Doing the same thing over and over again. The only things in the game to do is level up stables, run races, and free runs, grow food. The races and free rubs are difficult because the jumps are almost impossible to jump over. Also there's a lot of glitches. Lately whenever I've tried free running, the game will suddenly pull me into a race, or when I'm racing the horse just disappears and the game reloads, wasting valuable food.
What about horse Paradise? You all just forget it exist you can't even connect to save your game to Facebook. I liked being a horse a lot, I don't want to see people riding on my horse. I like him being free, I really liked horse paradise and I just now found it. So I am new to it, I'm not about to spend money on that and know what I can't save my progress to my Facebook account. And your chat symbol sensitivity, sucks. You can't even say "can't" seriously?! If you're not going to fix a game, are
I LOVE THIS GAME! It is so amazing and fun I love it so so much it is such a fun and joyable game the graphics are amazing and I'm so far on the game and I'm so close to getting a BABY! I just really enjoy this game it's fun and just absolutely amazing I would give this game 100 Stars if I could awesome game thank you so much for creating this! :)
When I started playing it, the game was amazing. Has a variety of horses and unique ones. Not the real horses but the horses that have exquisite designs. I reccomend this game to anyone. And what's best of all every 5 hours you get a payment of 750 coins but in this game horseshoes and 2 gems. Plus when you go on quests down below there are story quests you can do those. Also you can get paradise cove and mystic cave. However there are 2 entrances to mystic cave. There is no other good word.
This game is fun it's not boring even at first when I'm bored the game cheers me up it's so fun I wish there were 2 of these games because it's so fun I'm about to explode my brain you can be a wild horse and race as one to I won and beat a shetland pony with an apoloosea but still sometimes in free runs your horse disappears but it is good.
I love this one so much but one time Sony call me earthquake bad word and I started crying and now we play that game I asked you but they can adopt me but not a little baby it's like I can't get the baby but I think I'm a like I'm a big horse I might at least 7 and it I ask people if they want to adopt me and some of them say yes
It's fun and no adds also I ride horses .the reason I gave it 3 stars is it gets boring after a while and there should be more worlds that you can explore.
I LOVE IT i just wish you could buy the event horses with coins because i REALLY REALLY want the galaxy pegasus the sunset pegasus and the other one that is like the sunset but different and i WISH there was NO vip that is the things i wish for if you update the game foxie venture
I love this game so much! I just got to level 40 and I'm so happy! It only took me a short - time month to reach max level! I'm getting a lot of friends and this game is really addicting! :) To anybody that is a horse lover I suggest you to play this game by 100% it's very entertaining and fun! However.. there are only 2 things that need to be fixed.. - 1. Can you add more levels? The game gets slightly boring once you reach max level. 2. Can you add more things to do? Thanks! :)
it was really good but it's really hard to get new offices because you only get like 2 gems per day that's why I gave it 4
fun game but has bugs... annoying ones. you have to race to get money but often it isnt updated so the time you spend gathering the horseshoes is wasted. not to mention there are a lot of gross people chatting on here. not pg!
Hey there, I really love this game but it needs work... First - the graphics are close to being terrible, why I say this? No shadows, barley any actual grass that pops up, the trees I think don't move. Second - You need more areas to explore. Third - More horses need to be added, I would rather have more horses than more games, because this is getting more popular and there still is not enough effort put into it. Fourth - The chat is very strict, and add a joystick.I still love this game though!
events are super hard. quests get harder as u lvl up plus gems are hard to get why do yall wanna dig our money out? som ppl cant pay and suffer from this plz take away in app purchases add a joystick and a friend list that shows stuff about a player like is the fella online or not? what room is the player in? etc.. can u plz do so? foxie ventures pleeeeeease add somthing to save progress why the f does ur progress dissapear suddenly like ur lvl 40 but u drop down to 4 isnt that insane? we aint paying our dollars us because of nasty and hard to get gems pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease fix tysm as in thank u so much
I'm gonna be straight forward with this. It has relaxing music, easy to play, beautiful horses, nice graphics, definitely for horse lovers. The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because i feel lile they can do more to this game, other than that this game is great, I play it everyday :)
I love this game but I hate that you can only be 12 and under or 13 and higher and sometimes it kickes you out of the server and when you join a new one. There is more likely for nobody to be in your server but I dont mind and keep up the good work πŸ˜πŸ‘
I like this app because you can be a horse or a foal but...could you make the Pegasus free cuz I'm so jelly(jealous) just seeing other ppl(people) on here and...i really just love the idea of having the Pegasus so please make it free and not have to cost horse shoes plz(please)?
Really good game it's really fun and entertaining I love this app but I'm sad the it's going to take me a long to be a pegasus and unlock the hole map
I love this game and its so fun! The only problem is I don't know how to get the event horses! And please make better ways to get horseshoes. Maybe give a good clue on how to get the event horses. Anyway, this is a great game and I recomend it!!
i dont know what to say about this game really. but um.... i love the horses but i dont like that you have to tap and you horse goes there and i wish ALL of the horses where free no gems or gold(money) is there even a way for games to get changed???? (im SO sorry for fussing)
OMG IT WAS SO FUN!!! My fave though was the riding tales but keep up the good work! Can't wait to see what's coming ingredients next 😊
Overall horses look as real as one can get with the options creators had. the quests seem a little odd to perform. Chat could be better, I've seen foul language & fighting while playing.Better options with racing & free styling could be useful. Good for killing time if anything.
++This is my favorite game BUT Tip #1. For this game is to make quests super easy.. Cause they are super hard :( please let level 12 n up have very ez quests.. Anyways please make the Horses that we but "Now" be free by in a month? But the event horses stay their ways.. Tip #2. If its k for u can u make another way to get VIP points cause im never gonna get VIP points .. Cause ill never purchase stuff from this game.. I dont even know how to purchase in the first place Lol.. Thanks!++
Very fun game I rate this 5 stars because the horses are amazing and it's so fun to play when you get used to it